Limitlessness Meets the Material

by Meredith Murphy –

It is time for us to invite you to turn your attention inward, to place your attention and to orient to the flow of energy entering your field. To close your eyes and place your focus in your energy field so that you can allow yourselves to perceive, notice or sense … in whatever way arises for you, the vibration, the emanation, the flow of your being.
As you are placing your attention on this you’ll realize this is a subtle thing and that’s because higher frequency energies are more subtle. It is higher frequency energies flowing into you purely and directly. The more you turn your inner knowing and attention to perceiving and orienting to these energies the more your capacity to perceive them opens up.
With an awareness of the pure energy of you coming into your field and even if you feel that you are simply imagining this, take a deep breath and intend to open further.
Be available to receive more.
Be aware of the sensations within your physicality that indicate these very subtle shifts created by your choice and your focus and be aware of your capacity for allowing, your ability to soften and let things move more easily.
When you are tuned to this energetic expression of your being you will notice it feels delicate. This is not because you are fragile in any way. It’s because fundamentally your consciousness is this higher frequency subtle energy and it is this energy that is interpenetrating your physicality and creating your embodiment.
You are this consciousness that feels delicate and ethereal. You’ve been focused so much lately on embodying your human life we wanted to be in this space together where we returned your awareness to who you truly are and now to say: this is what you are bringing into form!
This energy that you’re sensing and orienting to, this is what you are bringing into form.
You are being encouraged to expand upon your allowing so this subtle energy can enrich your life and your world. This is the blending of which we are speaking.
Most of you are getting very relaxed right now and this is facilitating greater flow. So much of this ability to flow is accomplished by your state of mind. When you are excited or passionate, peaceful, enthused, blissed out, full of love or appreciation your energy flows easily, quickly, directly.

When you are feeling less well, you create resistance. You filter your own flow.
When you are feeling less well we want to point out something else to you – you’ve gotten disoriented. You’re not really in alignment with your own consciousness. You’ve kind of abandoned your own consciousness. 
In some way when you don’t feel well you are focused on the body you live in or the temporary experiences that arise in your awareness and you’ve got some story going about all of them and in fact you’ve gotten disoriented. You’ve made the temporary playground your “reality” and you’ve kind of disengaged from the truth of your being. You’ve given perhaps more permanence or meaning to the temporary uprisings in this experience of focus.
When you find yourself unhappy, stressed out or discouraged, in pain, we encourage you to do what we just did and re-identify with your own true self. Return to your own energy and the subtle field that is really who you are.
You are conscious awareness. 
You are conscious awareness that at this moment is experiencing a blended embodiment, an interpenetration of your awareness with this physicality and having the experience of your focus molding things.
When you return to the awareness that you are consciousness and that you are consciousness that molds to your focus and is eternally abundant you create a new relationship to this moment. One that again feels more powerful, peaceful, expansive and free.
You are the shaper of your experience so use this capacity to your benefit.
Remember when you love yourself, you love yourself. Not sometimes but all the time. In this state and the state into which you are evolving, you love yourself. We want you to feel good all the time.
  • Return to this blending which you are creating.
  • Reorient to the subtle energy which is the truth of who you are.
  • Let yourself as awareness expand from the center of your being.
We’re asking you to do this now. To return to this subtle energy that you are and then as you’re letting yourself expand as conscious awareness from the center of your being, do you notice how you can expand outward in all directions, endlessly?
Even though you might not distinctly perceive things beyond your physical state, without hearing or sight you still can have a feeling, a sense of your own expansiveness and you can have a sense of how your consciousness can just expand infinitely.
There is a limitlessness that is your actual awareness.
Do you notice the way it can expand outward endlessly and in this awareness, as we often say, everything arises. Everything that you experience arises within this vast awareness?
Your awareness is the host in which all experiences arise and this can be more real to you as you tune to the subtle energy you are. Then you can see quite clearly that all of the conflict and all the challenges are temporary arising within this awareness.
  • You can also see that everything can be resolved in your awareness.
  • Everything you want to be different can actually arise differently within your awareness.
  • All the beauty of life can be known within your awareness.
At any given moment there is so much going on and rising up which is beautiful and benefiting you and everything that is and that in essence all of it is rising and falling away and yet the perpetual thing is your awareness.
When we guide you in this way these are not tricks to distract you from what you see as problems. These are pathways to tap into the more accurate relationship to your existence, which shows you that what you relate to as a problem is actually a temporary experience and it’s most definitely not who you are.

We’re encouraging you to consciously maintain that awareness more often while embodied. 

Blending Your Being
Blending your being means embracing your humanity as we have been encouraging you to do and engaging and creating the most beautiful and expressive, free and elevated experience in your human life.
Blending your being occurs by cultivating an awareness that you are this subtle energy, this subtle, expansive, eternal energy flowing into this human life. As consciousness you and let the implications of this broader knowing shape your experience, become so fundamental to how you relate to life and yourself that they implicate fully.
To achieve this is an ongoing practice – to live as a blended being. It’s a practice that integrates light into form and energizes the material while liberating paradigms of love and wholeness. You are the ambassadors of this emerging paradigm of wholeness for human beings. Do you realize this is a brand new experience to be a human being and relate to your life as it is whole?
You are the first collective human experience that is seeing itself as whole. As already good enough. Already capable.
Although you’re identifying more fully with your nonphysical eternalness, and although some of you may struggle to maintain this state of mind consistently, you have tasted its truth. You have moments where you feel this knowing. You are developing an ability to be in your bodies more consistently with this knowing and you are using daily practices to reshape the habits of being human through creating your own experience.
As you live differently, as you behave differently, as you alter the lifestyle of being human by living with an orientation to your fullness rather than fully identifying with this temporary expression of you, you are also transforming the human DNA so that you will experience greater and different experiences through the capacity of your human body and future humans will have a far different experience. 
These future humans also include some of you. There’s a wonderful complex mind blowing co-creation occurring and it’s being facilitated by your conscious awareness opening up while you’re in this embodied human experience.
Practice being aware of yourself as consciousness, embodied.
We encourage you to combine these wonderful, active, doing, enjoying, being moments of humanity with this sense of yourself as this subtle, eternal, expansive consciousness and to play with finding a balance in relating to both of these such that you feel an awareness of the fullness of you more and more often, more and more accurately.
See how much of your limitlessness, your awareness can flow forth here. That is the game.

–Archangel Michael (abridged)

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The Secret to Finding Your True Path

by Gwen Randall-Young –

I have worked with many clients who experience frustration and even resentment upon realizing they have been pleasers all their lives. It may have begun when, as children they realized that life was more pleasant when you did what others wanted you to do.
This pattern can persist into adulthood, particularly for those who are very sensitive or have low self-esteem. The sensitive one cannot tolerate the thought of an angry or hurt reaction coming their way. They will go to great lengths to avoid conflict or even disagreement.
For one with low self-esteem, it has to do with approval. They do not want others to disapprove of them (they do that well enough to themselves). To avoid risking the disapproval of another, they will go out of their way to anticipate the needs or wishes of others, and will act upon those without even being asked.
Over time, the pleaser gets out of touch with what he or she really needs for the self. The approval or good opinion of others has superceded fulfilling one’s own wants and needs. The pleaser will often express the view that it is “selfish” to put one’s own needs ahead of those of others.
The truth is that there must be a healthy balance. 

If we are not in tune with ourselves and do not honor what we know we need, health and wellbeing will ultimately be affected. Depression or anxiety may result, as well as physical ailments.

If you notice there is a discrepancy between what you think and feel inside and what you say and do on the outside, it is time to take stock and correct the imbalance. Harmony comes when there is alignment between our inner and outer worlds .
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True Co-Creating

by Yael and Doug Powell – 
Circle of Light:

Come into My Love. Let Me lift you up and show you how I Love you. Let Me show you how you are perfectly abundant, how deeply you are the miracle to Me, how perfectly you answer the question of just what Love can be and how perfectly I Am ever reflecting your endless life and your amazing beauty.
You are also this one life I Am. 
The breath of life coming alive as you. You are perfect Love unfolding in itself, giving back the endless blessing of the heart’s true self-discovery. You are the tremmoring of the awakening of the universe. You are the light of pure consciousness. And beloved ones, the mind can never understand how you can easily be it all. 
The tender heart which I deeply Love that birthed into creation true giving. The acceptance of My Love and the return, the miracle of our true relationship, while always being part of the living whole. The bursting forth of the possibilities of all creation breathed through you, lived in you and alive in and as your heart in every moment.
Rather than attempting to understand how we can Love each other deeply yet be ever beyond duality, how one life, one Love, one truth can know itself in this eternal moment, here together, let go. 
Open to love. 

There is no answer that can satisfy the mind, but you are already this one life, alive and giving. And your heart is ready to bring the gift of the deep, and powerful, and miraculous experience of what it means to be the heart of God.

Turn away from the old world, from the ideas of the mind and thoughts of separation. Come into My arms that you might feel Me in the pure communion of the living Spirit. Nothing else will show you the truth and nothing else will feed you.
So please take the time to open your heart to Me until you feel all creation living through you. Until you feel the birth of life itself shimmering into full awareness of the gift of life as you. Safe in My arms, whole in this Love, blessed with every heartbeat and awake to the miracle, and most of all born in full awareness, beloved ones, of the power of Love.
Love is the only truth and the only power and all that is Real is birthed here in this moment directly from this place where we are One. 
Where you are Love becoming more, fully alive to the ecstasy of new creation. Only from this place, only through Love’s power can anything that is lasting and of value be created. It is so important, beloved ones, that you understand this and that you recognize that what is created through the little mind – the ego – always holds the seed of its opposite for it is born in the illusion of duality and so it lives.
  • Only when you come to Me and know yourself as this living, breathing whole of perfect Love, 
  • only when you feel your divine resonance, 
  • only when you are awake to this miracle, 
  • only when you recognize the forces of creation that live as you in perfect harmony with all, 
  • only thus can you make manifest the truth. 

True creation, the full expansion of Real Love that it might be birthed into the symbols of the world to be the homing beacon of My heart. To be the arrow pointing to the truth of the one life and thus a world of symbols that speak of only Love.
  • Only when life breathes you forth and you emerge as shining trails of perfect Love, 
  • only when your heart is open wide and you are fully alive to this communion, 
  • only as Love births itself in you to manifest the miracles of Love’s outreach, 
  • only thus can you fully participate in what you know as co-creation based in the true power of Love.

I am asking you to raise the bar high. To keep your vision ever-focused on our union. To make every move only from this place that is the miracle of our communion that you might be the open heart through which that question is answered: 
  • What are the possibilities of Love? 
  • What can be created by Love here in this moment? 

How many ways can the circle of life that you stand for, that great and holy circle of giving and receiving, be made manifest through the heart into the vision of the world that is becoming the true expression of real Love and nothing else?
With all the emphasis on creating your reality and the awareness that life is only energy, it has never been more important to hold the truth, to create from the pinnacle, from the unity of only Love. 
That that which you know as the world can finally reflect the truth of your hearts as the heart of the Love I Am, born into the symbols of peace and beauty and real abundance – the fully conscious and glorious communion of every aspect of My Love.
Come again to Me and be filled with this amazing Light that shines itself forth as your consciousness and beats in rhythm with our one heart to make manifest in the whole hologram the ever-expanding heart of Love.
It is more important to feel this Love, to simply become this divine resonance. 

To feel your heart completely expand, to come alive to the two grand energies that beat as one. To be the life and breath of the whole of God thrumming through your being in pure ecstasy.

To be fully immersed in our communion, filled with gratitude for this miracle of how we know and love each other and yet you sing in harmony with All-That-Is as one life unfolding.

It is more important to feel this and to bathe in it, to come into this place every day, to feel the truth of our communion, to discover yourself as the heart awakening, than it is to envision what the mind wants or what you believe as a human being is the best for your unfolding. 
For the mind sees truly through a glass darkly but the heart is pure Light and the power of Real Love. 
There is no other power in all creation and therefore if you create without this Love, without the pulsing miracle of the coming forth of God, what is created lives only for a time and always holds the seed of its opposite for it is born into duality.
This is not, beloved ones, what you are called to. You are called to be aware of the truth of Love, the one power of good, of God that is awake, beloved ones, as you. That that which has seen itself as separate from Me can at last be returned to the wholeness of Love. That that which has lived in the illusion of time may be transformed into the truth of eternity and the endless good I Am.
Only this Love can truly support you and what it creates is born in the Now. 
It cannot be imagined or even comprehended in terms that the world can yet understand. But oh beloved ones, your heart knows it, and knows you’re here to bring it through and to let it be the Love you are.
It is the vibration of this Love, it is the truth of our communion, it is the way that you feel Me within you, it is the moment when I gift you with the real reflection of your beauty. This, dearest ones, is the seed, the kernel from which true creation flows and Love makes its own way in the world. Love opens up doorways that are invisible to the mind. 
Love brings forth an abundance that the mind cannot imagine that has nothing to do with money or goods but rather everything to do with Real Love. Abundance that will support you as the world is changing. Abundance that will unfold before your eyes as the symbols of Love’s expression going forth to serve every precious heart in its remembrance of the truth of Love – every life in its communion with Me.
It is easy to return to this communion for I promise you it is already occurring. 
It is part of who you are. Your heart always acknowledges it. The only thing that’s missing is the acknowledgement of your mind. And it has tried its best to stay out of the Now moment to keep you rushing back and forth from past to future so you wouldn’t find this one place where it becomes irrelevant and you are All I Am. You are right here as the creative breath, as the pulsing heart, as the power of the Love I Am.
Oh dearest ones you will know immediately when you come into this place where you belong. You will know the rightness and the miracle of being the expansion of the heart of God. And you will be living this trust that Love will find its way in you and as you, as the opening of the world to the truth of Love, as the heart chakra that the world truly is.
Everything is divinely conscious and this astounding communion with all life is ever and always available in your heart the moment that you turn and accept it. 
The moment that you realize that Love is all and you are this Love, all the ways of duality shall simply fall away. 

There is no need for planning, for activism or for distress. The vibration of Love is the creative power of God and when it is made available, everything shifts and the truth of Love comes forth as the world.

Therefore, hold the vision and most importantly hold the resonance for whatever is needed. Do whatever you can to keep your vibration resonating with Real Love.

Feed yourself what you need to shift to your heart and support each other in making this turn. And if the world seems too real to you, come to Me and feel our communion and you will rest in the truth of Love. 

You will be cared for with such reverence. You will be tended by all the angels. 
You will be cocooned in My Love until you recognize yourself as what you’re feeling and you are ready to be only Love, to stand firm in the truth of God I Am even as you walk in the illusion. And as you do so you will find that every step is guided by Love.
Come into your hearts and feel Me. You will remember, you will recognize the Love you are. And everything you have thought to create in the symbols of the world you will find is already yours, vibrating deep within you, affirming the truth of Love as the only Real.
You are here to stand firm as the truth of Love and the opening to eternity. 
You are available as the divine vortex that parts the veil and creates the vision of what truly is and what is possible through the power of Love. Do not be enticed to create with the little mind for we are standing as One on the cusp of Love’s true awakening. All the ideas that are based in the mind, while certainly helpful on the level of the personality, will not bring you the truth you long for. These ideas will not show you your true reflection and cannot affirm for you that you are the power of Love birthed full and complete in this Now moment.
Your heart knows, beloved ones, why you are here. And it is not to heal the stories of the ego. One turn to the heart and all those stories take their rightful place. They are simply the background, the setting of the stage for the powerful and full discovery of who you are as My heart and how you live the power of Love.
Therefore let Me be clear with you in asking you to take no more time to work within the veil of the illusion to try to keep healing the ego’s world. 
Instead beloved ones, make the shift. 
Remember you are the power of Love and in this place of the deepest and most holy communion, I promise you there is no confusion. Every particle of your being trusts Love to be what it is, which is wholly creative. It creates as you. It creates your experience. It creates the vehicle through which I appear as the beautiful expression of life that is now clear as a world of only Love reflecting the truth of the heart.
Therefore place all of your focus, all of your energy on coming home to Me to this communion. To the place where you can trust Love to be the unfolding of that which you live in service to Me. Only from this place of perfect trust and deep, holy communion will Love show you not only who you are but just how perfectly Love is unfolding. 
Your heart is already answering the one question that is the purpose of your existence: Just how much can Love expand and show forth the Love and beauty and the power of God?
You are the answer to this question. It is the fire that is burning in your heart. You are the kindling that allows it to ignite until this whole world is on fire with the power of Love.
In that clarity, that pure awareness, everything Love is, is perfectly present and thus will Love make manifest the truth that only good Real. Not good that contains any opposites but a vast and glorious and wondrous and exciting unfolding of grace. The true cosmic excitement of what Love will create and how far it will expand.
I touch you in the deepest reverence and wonder. 
I know you as My own heart. I am filled with continuous gratitude for the stunning miracle of your existence and for our communion. Nothing could have prepared Me for the gift of you, for the glory of the whole spectrum of this Love we share, for the wonder of how this one Love can show itself as the myriad hearts that are humanity and every life in the whole of God.
Treat every moment as the miracle it is. Wait with bated breath to experience more Love. Look only with the heart that you might see the truth, that you might know this one Love that is breathing in All-That-Is and taking delight in the gift of life.
I Am with you, I Am in you and I Am this Love unfolding. 
If that doesn’t take your breath away then you haven’t opened your heart. Turn to Me and I will assist you to shed the illusion of less-than-Love until you stand, heart open, pure Spirit, alive in My presence and filled with endless gratitude for the power of Love. The out-picturing of your hearts’ divine resonance shall be this world as the glory and beauty of only love made manifest.
Messages From God

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Manifestation as a Spiritual Practice

by Malcolm Hollick –

The practice of manifestation is all too often distorted by individualism, materialism, egoism and greed. In this article I attempt to draw together the threads from the previous articles on manifestation and to weave them into a coherent picture of what I see as appropriate or right ways to use manifestation as a spiritual practice.

Right manifestation

The Secret talks about the importance of health, relationships and happiness as compared to wealth. But, sadly, these messages tend to be submerged in repeated stories and images of manifesting mansions, fast cars and other possessions. This materialist bias is common in modern writings about manifestation, and serves to foster addictive consumerism, greed, egoism and narcissism at the expense of deeper values such as compassion and service. Many people think the alchemists were seeking wealth through turning base metals into gold. But their real quest was to transmute the dross of ordinary human consciousness into spiritual gold. 
The true Secret is the manifestation of higher states of consciousness and spiritual wisdom.
In my view, right manifestation focuses primarily on personal and spiritual growth whilst enabling us to meet our basic material needs. From this perspective, it is a path of service, love and sharing, as these short quotes from manifestation teacher David Spangler reveal:

Often lacking in these descriptions is the idea of the manifestation of qualities rather than just things and of manifestation as an act of giving, as well as of receiving. Yet, manifestation is not the magical appearance of something from nothing. It is fundamentally the act of sharing. It depends on the willingness to be open to be a manifestation for someone else, as well as on the faith that our own needs and desires will be met. … 

… many men and women have found their most creative and empowering moments during times of severest physical limitation, such as being in prison. One need only think of Gandhi …. The number of his possessions could be counted on the fingers of both hands, but he was a source of richness for humanity. … 

In a sustainable society, abundance may manifest in physical ways as part of a material economy, but it is rooted in a spiritual reality. It is based on our ability to develop a sense of accomplishment, to develop skills that honor our individual creativity and allow us to give to our world. Abundance and love are reinforcing commodities; as Shakespeare put it, the more we give, the more we have. Abundance exists as a function of community; to pursue an isolated, individual abundance is ultimately to pursue a mirage. … 

What I set out to find was something like an ‘aikido of desire.’ I wanted a way to use the energy of my desires to take me to a deeper part of my own being that was in touch with the holistic or spiritual side of the world’s being…  Manifestation is a way of using any desire as a starting point for a spiritual journey. … 

Of course, there is much more to a spiritual practice than manifestation. … However, it can be an opportunity, no matter how trivial the desire, to explore connections, patterns, alignments, and the flow of both material and spiritual energy through your life. When you make manifestation a spiritual practice, then the perspectives it brings overflow into other aspects of your life. 

You begin naturally seeing yourself and your world in terms of interconnected and co-incarnational  patterns. The reality of the community in which we all live becomes more apparent. The vision of your incarnation becomes broader, more ecological, more compassionate. Your attitudes and actions reflect a larger, more complete humanity.

Manifestation from this perspective becomes a quality of being rather than a process of acquisition. As David Spangler expressed it: 

“We do not acquire that which we desire; we become it.”

Characteristics of this way of being include:
  • Consciousness of the Oneness of all existence and all beings;
  • An unflinching intention to align our lives and manifestation requests with the flow of the cosmos, or the will of God or Spirit;
  • Recognition that our ability to manifest lies not in ourselves but in the energy patterns of the quantum field, the sensitivity of systems to small disturbances and other properties of the cosmos;
  • Acknowledgement that manifestation is co-creative with each other and Spirit (or God), and that we are manifestations for each other;
  • A willingness to share and a desire to be of service to all beings;
  • Requests based on true needs for a modest but fulfilling lifestyle;
  • Acceptance with gratitude of whatever life brings, even when what we requested does not manifest;
  • Looking for the lessons and higher good that flow from disappointment and ‘negative’ experiences;
  • Refusal to accept or foster war, injustice and exploitation, and dedication to supporting positive campaigns for peace, justice and equity for all;
  • Willingness to go through the fire of personal transformation in order to serve more effectively.
Some of these points are elaborated in the rest of this article.

Attunement to the cosmos

The Secret talks about tuning in to our genie, higher self or guardian angel who says: “your wish is my command.” But what if our wish is not in alignment with the flow of the universe, or the will of Spirit? Our true higher self embodies and expresses values that go beyond greed, selfishness and egoism to love, compassion, generosity and service.
Right manifestation is not about bending the universe to our will. Rather, it is a process of aligning our will to that of the cosmos and working in co-creative harmony with it. 
It’s as if we’re adrift on a wild river. 
The best way to stay afloat and reach shore is not to battle against the waves and currents, but to allow ourselves to be carried by them, simply steering around rocks and whirlpools. When we are in harmony with the song of the universe, our lives flow abundantly and easily.

Wholeness, love and compassion

It may be possible to manifest material wealth for ourselves, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily right to do so. I discussed in my article on abundance how the interconnected wholeness of everything means that what we manifest inevitably has consequences for others. Hence, we cannot escape the ethical implications of our requests.

Love is the highest value of life and the universe. Hence alignment with the Spirit of the cosmos means acting out of love. Love does not seek riches in ways that exploit or harm other beings, or damage the Earth. Nor will it accept riches while others remain destitute. Love seeks material sufficiency for all beings.

In The 15-Minute Miracle Revealed, Jacquelyn Aldana presents her version of the manifestation process. Step 4 includes the following sentence: “If it is in the highest good for me and for All Life Everywhere, please DIVINELY ORCHESTRATE the following in just the perfect time: …” What a difference from the approach of The Secret with its emphasis on self. This attitude, together with one of gratitude, forms the core of the practice that we present in the Gratitude Journal.
In my article on ‘What is manifestation’, I noted that Jesus’ use of the power of prayer sprang from love and a desire to serve, not a quest for personal gain. I also mentioned that manifestation has been a core principle of the Findhorn Community for 50 years. It has not been used as a tool for acquiring wealth – indeed, the community remains financially poor to this day. Rather, manifestation has been used in support of personal transformation and service to the world – what they call ‘work as love in action.’

The blessings of pain, loss and mistakes

Mistakes, pain, loss, and, ultimately, death are unavoidable parts of life. And they bring blessings if only we can accept them and learn their lessons. Looking back, many people realise cancer or other life-threatening situations were a blessing in disguise. Similarly, when Christine and I lost our savings and the house of our dreams, it helped to transform our attitudes to money, abundance and security.
Part of the secret of life and manifestation, which The Secret neglects, is to cultivate an attitude of acceptance, and gratitude for what is, for whatever comes; and to avoid falling into anger, blame and other negative emotions when ‘bad’ things happen or we fail to manifest our visions. The true gift of abundance is contentment no matter what happens, rather than focusing on what we think will make us happy at some time in the future. This is the gift of living in the present, or what Eckhart Tolle calls The Power of Now. This is the gift of personal transformation and the spiritual life.
This article on manifestation as a spiritual practice is the last in the series on Manifestation. For a menu of others, click here

About Author: Following a long academic career spanning many disciplines Malcolm Hollick left the University of Western Australia in 1997 to live in the Findhorn ecovillage community in Scotland. He was foundation Principal of the holistic Findhorn College and is an adjunct Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Water Research at the University of Western Australia. The author of many academic papers he currently works as a freelance writer. 

He is author of ‘The Science of Oneness: A worldview for the twenty first century’ and co author with Christine Connelly of ‘Sustainable Communities: Lessons from aspiring eco villages’ and ‘Hope for Humanity: How understanding and healing trauma could solve the planetary crisis’. He lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife Christine Connelly.

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Growing a Peaceful Soul

by Guy Finley – 

Key Lesson: Learning to step back and to examine your own heart — before you give someone a piece of your mind — is the only way to grow peace in your soul.
Step Out of Yourself and Into the Whole of Life

Real hope for the world begins with discovering what it takes to become a new human being, because when you are no longer who you were but rather the new person that you have been meant to be all of your life, then all of those things that were connected with who and what you once were, cease to be the whole of you. Which means that every single one of your relationships has changed, even if the people in those relationships don’t know that change took place.
No gulf exists between your life and God’s life, except for your awareness of yourself. 
No time, no space exists between you and God’s life — only the level of awareness from which you live determines whether you understand this unity or not. 
That means the task is not to try to change things in time and space but to bring yourself back into the moment where the possibility of this relationship already exists, and where your realization of it changes everything and everyone involved.
For example, imagine you start to get angry at somebody; of course, the reason your anger grows is because you feel you have the right to be angry. In your mind, the other person did something, and you think you see all the reasons why. But in a flash, something new occurs to you: it’s clear that if you go forward with what you are about to do — even though you think you must in order to change the other person so that you don’t have to go through this again — you can “see” that such an (angry) action changes nothing at all. 
In that same moment, you become aware of the whole of yourself… a wholeness that shows you that this anger you say the other person produced “then,” is hurting you now. You see the anger isn’t good for you. You know it isn’t good for the other person. It’s more than evident: this negative state is good for nothing. 
To see the truth of this ends the question of what to do with the person and the problem of the pain being blamed on the other person. The choice to set down this suffering is made for you by the same state of self-wholeness that made your suffering evident to you.
Awareness of the whole of yourself changes the whole of yourself in the instant of that awareness. 
In that moment, all that you were and ever will be with any other relationship, has found a new path. You don’t know what will happen to you if you don’t express the negative state. 
You don’t know what will happen to you if, for the first time in your life, you let go of caring how others might see you if you don’t have the last word. Instead, you’re going to go ahead with what you know is true instead of trying to protect what you sense is false. 
You’ve come to that point in the path where you cannot see beyond the unfolding moment but where you are aware that you can no longer be the kind of human being who acts from what is unkind towards anyone at all. Knowing what you can no longer be, you step into the whole of something because you have stepped out of yourself.
It is there you will find that everything is good. 
It is there you find out nothing can happen to you that isn’t for you, and nothing can happen to you in such an action that isn’t for everyone else, because you have given your life up for the sake of what is whole. 
It’s clear to you. Then, it doesn’t matter where you go, it doesn’t matter what you have to do, the things that weigh don’t matter — all of that simply changes, because now you’re not sitting outside of life trying to figure out who you should be and what you have to do to keep your life in place. You have grown up spiritually. You have decided on the life of the whole, that God wants to give you.
Excerpt from: The Genesis of Love (“Unlocking the Universe of Your True Self”)

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The Quantum Heart of Humanity

Sovereignty and the New Earth Meme:

A meme is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.”
“Ubuntu is very difficult to render into a Western language. It speaks to the very essence of being human. When you want to give high praise to someone we say, “Yu, u Nobuntu”; he or she has Ubuntu. This means that they are generous, hospitable, friendly, caring and compassionate. They share what they have. It also means that my humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in theirs. We belong in a bundle of life. We say, “a person is a person through other people.” I am human because I belong, I participate and I share. A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good; for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes with knowing…
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The “New Earth” meme is emerging from a multitude of voices and frequencies. The generative power of the collective “quantum heart of humanity” is infinite. Enjoy! (Thanks, Tomas)
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Living in the Flow

Letting Go of Control & Surrendering to All That Is

by Vaz Sriharan – 

WE LIVE OUR LIVES AS A FEATHER BLOWING IN THE WIND, desperately trying to work out where the feather will land or control which direction it will take. In truth, we never know where our feather takes us – and this is a beautiful thing – to allow the feather to breeze through existence with eternal freedom and infinite possibility.
If we look at our lives, we see that there may be control everywhere. We attempt to control our thoughts, our actions, our perceptions, our futures, our emotions, the people around us, our careers, our behaviours. It is all a reflection of a philosophy based in fear, where we assume that control equates to security. We assume that if I know the result of this series of actions then I will be safe. If I know what this person is thinking I will be safe. If I know why all this is happening to me right now then I will be safe. If I know what I will be doing in 3 months time I will be safe.
The paradox of control is that all it does is generate more insecurity! For as we continually look externally for our security – the future, other people, facts – we are continually at the whim of the external world – which is always changing. We are also basing our future expectations on past experiences, limiting our future experiences! Because it does not open us up to new experiences, ones we have never experienced before. 
We can never know what we will be doing in 3 months time. We do not know the reasons behind all the things that happen to us right now. It is our fears of the unknown that drive us towards creating a pretence that will satiate us in the here and now.
So how do we Live in the Flow?
Living in Flow requires us to take each moment as it comes and BE within it. What are we feeling? What are we feeling right now? This is the most important aspect of being – it is our emotions. Is it happiness, is it anger, is it joy, is it fear? And we look from our non-polarised eyes and see it without judgement. 
We do not label it, we recognise that all emotions are pure. All of them deserve the attention and expression as any other emotion. And we practice this with whatever emerges. Because it is within these emotions that we are given our divine guidance. Consequently we are allowed to grow at remarkable rates because we are doing all that our soul is asking – to release what is flowing through.
Remember, your emotions are flowing through! Emotions, or e-motion, is energy-in-motion. It requires movement, it lives in movement. When we are not allowing our beautiful divine emotions to flow through us, we are denying a part of ourselves and causing that energy to block in a various aspects of ourselves. This then like any blockage causes us suffering in our lives.
Another step is for us to allow for everything in our current reality. For when we allow for what is currently occurring, we accept ourselves as the Creators of what is occurring. We also allow the energies to flow because it is important for us to remember there is the whole of existence involved in this Creation. We allow, and energy moves and we move on to the next experience. Remembering that each experience is divinely meaningful, which we can use for our growth.
One of the key aspects of living in the flow of life is to have faith in the process. The process is the Universe! To be in flow is to trust that all things have their divine meaning. This is not simply hope, for hope is anticipation mired with doubt.
Faith is to be naked in the knowing that you will be clothed. It is the faith that there is a complexity to life that is beyond our current understanding. It is the knowing that the unknown is a place of true safety, contradicting what our fears (and our societies, reflecting or fears) have taught us. 
Faith can be the process of surrendering rigid fixations on having to know why or how things work and accepting the fact that we are on a learning path. Therefore we do not need to know how everything works! Our fears cannot accept the unknown because the unknown represents in-security and instability. However, it is from this unknown where miracles are born. It is the complete surrender to faith that we open to the deepest truths of the Universe. For we have no expectations, needs, attachments – we know instead that we are part of something magical. It is that knowing that frees us into accessing it.
As we release our emotions we also look at each moment as powerful signs. When we surrender to the moment, we dissolve all expectations and attachments, we embrace our natural state. In that sacred moment we become at One with the entire Cosmos. And it is in this holy instant that we are fully open to all the Divine guidance and loving miracles that are always available.
Divine Guidance
Divine guidance is speaking to us constantly, every moment of our lives. The Universe speaks to us in gentle whispers, never wishing to infringe on our sacred free will. When we surrender to each moment and see each as perfect, we let go of our mind’s control of our reality – in other words the constant revision of past events and future ones. Instead we become truly focused on what is happening in our space right now. 
We see each event as highly purposeful and meaningful, we direct our energies here and now. We listen, we feel, we acknowledge our current emotions and give them validation. We release and express. 
Divine wisdom flows from our hearts. It flows through our being. Our hearts are continually singing our unique notes into the Universe, merging with other notes to become the chorus of Creation. This Creation is what we are experiencing. This note exists in the eternal present moment. The more we are here, in this moment, the more we can recognise, feel and resonate with the sound of our note – and follow its divine guidance.
And as we flow we begin to tap into the magic of the Universe, where by living in a state of surrender and humility, we allow for synchronicity to become a true force in our lives.
Synchronicity is testament to our surrendering. Here we see each moment of existence as immeasurably purposeful. Each moment signposting us to our next stage of excitement. 
How do we look for the signs? It is when we acknowledge the small signs that the big signs emerge – because in truth, every single aspect of our reality is a sign! For all is a reflection of the Universe within. 
As we live and experience and meet others, our heart will pick up and resonate an emotion. Our heart speaks in a simple gentle voice – so gentle, never pushing, just asking yourself “Are we living in love?”
Each moment our heart is speaking about something that it resonates with – “this would interest us”, “I feel connected to this person”, “I like what that person said”, “writing this makes me feel connected”. When we listen to our heart and follow it, incredible miracles occur – for that is what they are – miracles. Profound sacred moments that we honour for the whole of creation has been involved in bringing it to us! Following these signs, lead us to greater opportunities that serve us.
To follow our heart, we surrender to the magnificence of creation, we surrender to each moment – understanding that we create our own reality and we have created all of this. We do not need to intentionally control our creations, we are here to live in the mystery of life, we are here to enjoy. If we have trouble with what to do or where to go, we only need to look at the majestic teachers entering our plane on a daily level. Children are our teachers for living in flow. They bring that knowledge, wisdom and ultimately – being.
Spiritual Human Being
It is being that allows us to live in the flow. Being. Being with every emotion that flows through us now. Being with every action and interaction that is occurring to us now. Being with everything around us now. And Being with all of it without judgment, coming from Love. When we are in a state of being, we are in true joy – for we are recognising that life has literally just been born. We have just been born into this moment, where yet again a new Universe has been born for us to experience.
You may be feeling an emotion related to a past event, yet if you are feeling it now, honour it. Express it. Release it. Releasing can come in many forms, writing, expressing to another, drama, exercise. As long as we acknowledge the emotion for what it is and allow it to flow.
Remember the Universe is constantly guiding you towards your highest goals and purpose – constantly! That is the only way the Universe can work! The Universe is not against you, it is gently showing the way. It is you! When something is blocking in our lives, it is a clear sign it is not working. How do we know? We know because our internal barometer – our emotions – will let us know. We feel stuck, we feel trapped, we feel like we are trying everything and nothing is happening. 
The message is so clear – try a new way, find a new path. Yet we spend so much of our energies trying to channel our feather down a particular passageway! Our higher aspect realises that this passageway may lead to a dead-end around the corner – yet we cannot see this from our perspective. Simultaneously our higher aspect may see other roads leading to wondrous joy that we cannot currently see on the ground level.
Of course our emotions are also signs of aspects of ourselves that require healing, so how do we know the difference between a closed path and one that we are meant to overcome? We know by surrendering to what is happening now. We treat the now as all that exists, for that is the truth! We embrace and release the emotions associated with this current situation and that is where the healing occurs. We will then see paths clear or continue to be blocked, ushering us to find alternate paths.
Accept that you do not hold the answers to everything. This is OK! Wherever you are, whatever you are doing is perfect. How do we know that? Because you have created it! That alone is acknowledgement of its perfection. 
You are a perfect being, reflecting that perfection into the world around you. You are experiencing perfection and the universe is experiencing it through you.
The Universe is You. When you surrender to the Universe, you are surrendering to yourself! You are All That Is. You are all creation. The conscious aspect of you here may not know what is going to happen, yet the Higher aspect of you holds all possibilities. However, the beauty of this plane is that we do not know what is going to happen! Thus we birth pure potentiality and possibility. 
You are capable of anything, any possible outcome – and all, every single path your chose will result in your happiness. For a seemingly negative experience will bring you greater wisdom to increase your happiness for all future moments, a positive experience will bring you happiness in that moment.
There are hundreds of billions of stars in this galaxy, billions of galaxies in this universe and no doubt many universes and realms beyond what we know. This gives us a dual perspective. On one level we are deeply humbled by the beauty of eternity, we are a part of a Grand Scheme of Existence that is playing out on a level totally beyond our comprehension. 
Feel the awesomeness of your surroundings for a moment. Breathe it in and surrender to the magnificence. On another level, we are part of this Grand Scheme of Existence! You are All That Is – you are All of This. This Greater Consciousness is with your every breath, your every action, nothing goes unnoticed by All That is.
Do you realise how special you are?  You are an integral part of this entire cosmos – watched with a love beyond comprehension. When we surrender to All That Is, we realise that there are many other aspects involved in our lives than our conscious aspects on the grounded level of Earth reality can comprehend. 
We are the instruments of Love, playing our notes across creation for purposes beyond our understanding. Our resonance travelling into this infinite eternity affecting everything in its path. And we do not need to understand it!
When we have faith and trust in the beautiful scheme, we release all worry, doubt, fear and sink into the same knowingness that all children are born with – that life is a wonder to cherish andto play within. Each moment born a new world. Each moment born a new paradise for us to create within. Each moment serving us.
Become the feather in your life. Float on the winds of the Universe, knowing that the Universe is taking you into the unknown. Surrender to the unknown and the infinite possibilities that are within your grasp. Feel the eternal safety that you are always cared for by the Great Cosmos, always guided and always unconditionally loved for everything you say, do, think and feel.
Free Yourself, Love Yourself!
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