Attracting Abundance or Allowing Abundance?

by Wendy Betterini –
One of the hardest aspects of manifestation to master is the state of allowing.
Attracting abundance” usually refers to taking daily actions that draw more money and abundance to yourself. Things like focusing on abundance more than scarcity; visualizing; dismantling limiting beliefs, and so on – these are all examples of attracting abundance with the Law of Attraction.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that easily for everyone. That’s because some people (a lot of people, actually) chronically block the abundance that would otherwise be flowing easily to them. We call this being “resistant” to abundance, or just “blocking” abundance.For some people, this is enough. They don’t really have any big blockages where abundance is concerned, so once they change their thoughts and start focusing on abundance deliberately, it flows easily to them.

A person in this state will see almost no progress in their outer life, despite visualizing, affirming, creating vision boards, and any other actions they take to attract abundance. The actions they are taking aren’t the problem – those are all good actions to take – but they aren’t addressing the DEEPER issue; their chronic blocking or resisting the very abundance they are trying to attract.
Have you experienced this before? You spend time on all kinds of exercises that are supposed to draw more abundance into your life, but they don’t work for you. Or they may work a little bit, but not enough, or not consistently.
If so, you may want to give a little more attention to moving yourself into a state of “allowing”.

What is “Allowing Abundance”?

Allowing abundance” may sound vague and mysterious, but it’s really just the opposite of blocking or resisting abundance. A state of resistance feels tight, stressful, frustrating, irritating, desperate. A state of allowing feels relaxed, calm, open, harmonious, and joyous. It’s the difference between ease and strain.
Have you ever tried to achieve a goal that just seemed SO HARD and you struggled with it for SO LONG that you finally just gave up out of sheer exhaustion? And more often than not, shortly after you gave up, something happened spontaneously – some forward movement, a little bit of progress – that renewed your desire to complete the goal after all.
That’s a perfect example of resisting, and then allowing. You dropped the struggle, stopped trying to force it to happen, and when you relaxed, the results you wanted were able to show up. You stopped resisting them and started allowing them.
That doesn’t mean you have to “give up” on attracting abundance! You can easily learn how to move into a state of allowing without taking the drastic step of giving up on your dreams and goals.
But you DO need to start changing your relationship to money and abundance.
What IS your relationship with money like, anyway? When you think about money, how do you feel? Do you feel frustrated that you don’t have enough or pressured as you try to pay a lot of expenses with not enough income? When you see a wealthy person, do you feel a wave of resentment or disgust rise up within you?
These are signs that not all is well in the relationship you have with money. Does that surprise you? Did you think you had a good relationship with money but you just needed more of it? Ah . . . it’s quite eye-opening, isn’t it?!
If you are truly in a state of allowing, every facet of your relationship with money is great. You enjoy money, you never fear not having enough, you appreciate every bit of abundance you receive and you appreciate other people who demonstrate great abundance too.
If you aren’t yet at this stage with money, it’s okay! It’s not hard to get there but you’ll need to put forth some consistent effort.

How to Start Allowing Abundance

The first thing to do is familiarize yourself with the feeling of resistance. Again, resistance feels tight, stressful, frustrating, irritating, desperate, pressured, restrictive . . . any negative feeling, really. When you notice that you feel that way regarding money, it’s a huge red flag to DO something about it!
Take a few deep breaths, focus on something about your financial situation that makes you feel good, daydream about an exciting financial scenario – but the key is to make sure you are improving your FEELINGS about money. That’s the biggest reason why visualization, affirmations and vision boards don’t work for many people; they go through the motions mentally and physically but they never change how they FEEL.
When you change how you feel, you easily slip into a state of allowing! Yes, it’s that easy. 

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