Vision of Wholeness – Why the Will Matters

by Steve Nation –

We are living at a time when the vision of wholeness is seeping into consciousness, upsetting all sorts of established patterns of thinking, seeing and acting. 
As a species we are, perhaps for the first time in any collective sense, beginning to care about the good of the whole, noticing that the well-being of the individual unit in any system depends upon the well-being of the environment within which it is embedded. 
There are huge challenges in lifting our vision so as to see the patterns of synthesis and order in a whole system. 
Yet we are on the way, aware of the need to perceive forces of interdependence and the primary role of relationships between different entities in any system.
This raises inevitable tensions. 
Established habits of separative thinking (engrained within each and every one of us and dominating modern cultures) rub up against the new sensitivity to the integrity and well-being of the whole. 
These tensions are most obvious in issues of the day such as climate change; competition for available water resources; social and economic inequalities; fundamentalist and inclusive integral approaches to religion, economics, politics, and so on. 
These tensions also live within us as we become increasingly aware of the wholeness of our own being with its dimensions of mind, spirit, soul, and body (subtle and physical).
It is no coincidence that just at the time in history when the wholeness vision is creeping into the thinking of intelligent women and men across the whole spectrum of diverse cultures, professions, arts and sciences, there is a parallel—almost gut-level—awareness that, because of historically embedded pathways of competition and separation, humanity has become an endangered species. 
Nothing concentrates the mind more than imminent danger.
It is precisely in this situation that it becomes necessary to observe the role of the will at all levels of the relationship between the wholeness vision and ourselves. 
How often do we hear the cry that there is a lack of political will in the world and in our own lands? It is a cry that must be answered and is being answered. We human beings in our millions are being called upon to give expression to the wholeness vision with a dynamic will— in our lives, in our groups, in our professions, communities, schools, colleges and universities and in our deepest circles of faith and spirit.
All of us who have been touched deeply by the sense that we are part of a greater whole ultimately have no choice but to become, in small human ways, units of loving will-full activity, seeking to create patterns of synthesis and wholeness in every aspect of our lives. 
The future depends on our willingness to approach the opportunities of our time with a sense of purpose. 
This may be a rather nebulous purpose when we set out, but it is important to imagine it becoming, through time and experience, an unshakeable, rock-like centre of our being. 
If this sounds too ‘majestic’ or ‘grand’ or ‘noble,’ we should remember that the will is all about the intention we apply to small steps in bringing our sense of wholeness into expression in our lives, our professions, and our fields of passion and interest.

Over time, patterns of quiet persistence emerge as we notice and care about the progress we are making towards reorienting our lives and our communities in response to the wholeness vision.

Dag Hammarskjöld | United Nations DPI

In the middle of the last century, soon after the formation of the United Nations, the visionary Secretary-General of the organization, Dag Hammarskjöld, spoke of the Taoist view that the world cannot be shaped by the will and purpose of human beings because the world is a spiritual thing.
No one, Hammarskjöld commented, can foresee with certainty what will emerge from the give and take of the forces at work in any age. We cannot mould the world as masters of a material thing… But, he added, we can influence the development of the world from within as a spiritual thing.
This leads into the central role of the will in our time. 
The efforts to shape the world as a material thing, to be mastered and dominated, are what have led to so many of the environmental problems we face. Partly in response to these problems there is a growing awareness of the spiritual will—paying attention to the spirit of wholeness and seeking to act in ways that reflect concern for the good of the whole.
For Hammarskjöld, this awareness has great significance: As individuals and groups we can put our influence to the best of our understanding and ability on the side of what we believe is right and true. We can help in the movement towards those ends that inspire our lives and are shared by all [people] of good will—in terms very close to those of the Charter of the United Nations—peace and freedom for all, in a world of equal rights for all.
Fresh insights into the nature of the whole milieu in which we live and move and have our being (the physical environment; the human, animal, and plant environment; and the spiritual environment) call us to love… purposively.
They call us to a will to love—a will that leads us to explore how we might love selflessly and how we might grow in our capacity to love transparently and without expectations.
Resistance to this call comes from elements of self-interest and self-absorption that are a part of our human nature. It also comes from the voices of those who stridently refuse to see that the realities of wholeness demand deep changes in our understanding of ourselves and in the way we live, from our response to climate change and the use of energy to our undisciplined obedience to the manipulation of competitive market forces in the economy.
It is these forces of resistance (both within and without) that lead us to draw on hidden depths of will that are beyond our understanding, reaching in to areas of faith, grace and the sense of a Greater Will—for the world is a spiritual thing.
Two qualities of consciousness and of being have been central to our understanding of human development as well as our understanding of the divine: the light of knowledge and the radiance of love and wisdom.
It might be argued that the human meditation on these principles (through time and across all faiths and traditions) has created the conditions in which the revelation of wholeness has now become possible.
Today, in order to respond appropriately to the challenges of the wholeness vision and to the damaged ecosystems that have been caused by our ancient habits of separation, it is the third quality of consciousness and of being, the third quality of divinity, will, that is becoming of primary concern.
Countless acts of will, particularly in its higher dimensions (the transpersonal will, the will to love, the good will, the will to harmonize apparent opposites, and the will to act for the good of the whole) are required today in response to the crises we face. This is not a call to cold discipline. It is a call to re-value the will, particularly in its more refined expressions. 
The planetary life of which we are a part displays patterns of order, harmony, beauty, beneficence, nobility, and joy.
As we first sense the dim outlines of the magnificence of the whole, there is an awakening will to understand and see more clearly and to experience its livingness more fully, as well as an awakening will to live in some degree of right relationship with the joy, harmony, and beauty that are revealed.
The will leads to action—action to awaken and broaden our intuitive as well as our scientific understanding of wholeness and action to move ourselves, our communities and our world into right relationship with this vision of wholeness.
Time to Hold the Will in the Light
In the past, the will was often understood in terms of ‘thou shalt not’ and of power over others—maintaining a stiff upper lip in the face of difficulties and repressing anything unpleasant or not understood. We know that repression doesn’t work and that trying to battle on without addressing issues as they arise or without ever questioning what we are doing simply sets up new problems for the future.
More often than not, problems and issues are a sign of something needing to be addressed—something that is out of alignment. The deeper will is concerned with purpose and with understanding the role that purpose can play in crafting a fulfilling and meaningful life. It is about fostering a sense of direction and nurturing a realistic sense of future possibilities. ‘Thou shalt’ replaces ‘Thou shalt not.’
In a sense, the will is all about the way in which we as individuals and groups respond to our perception of human need and to our sense of the future. 
As problems arise in our communities and in the world as a whole, they provide an opportunity to heal, transform and redeem ancient patterns of separation.
As such, the problems can be embraced. In learning about a particular social problem, we can train ourselves to recognize the forces that are causing the problem (forces in the human psyche reflected in economic, social, and cultural dynamics) while at the same time looking for the individuals and groups that are responding to these forces in a meaningful way—using the problem to break through ancient thought forms of division and to nurture love and goodwill in the community and to empower disadvantaged groups and individuals with a sense of their own dignity and possibilities as human beings.
In the process of responding to the problems of our time something wonderful is happening to human beings. The quality of will is being mobilized as never before. It is happening at the local level in every community on the planet, just as it is happening regionally, nationally and globally.

There is today a vast network of groups of citizens that are applying the will to transform the quality of human relationships. Think of the vitality and purpose of the movement, or of the mindfulness networks that are emerging in health, healing and education around the world.
Think of the One Campaign fighting extreme poverty with almost 6 million global members. Think of the activities of countless Amnesty International groups throughout the world, or of the countless actions by concerned citizens on the International Day of Peace every September 21st. These are just the tip of the iceberg — we are living at a time when people of concern are becoming willfully engaged in diverse ways to transform the quality of relationships on earth.
There have always been periods in history when forces of goodwill coalesce with an unusual degree of singleminded purpose and focus. In the US for example, there was an extraordinary period during the height of the civil rights struggle when a culture of hatred, lawlessness, and violence was confronted by countless acts of individual and group courage.
The anti-apartheid movement (within South Africa and around the world) saw a similar concentration of will. What is different about the will that is emerging today is that it is emerging as a universal force.
Millions of people feel themselves to be a part of the One Humanity and the One Earth and feel a measure of personal responsibility and engagement in building a culture and civilization that reflects this new awareness.
The good will is arising amongst individuals across the face of the globe, just as it is arising in groups and movements in every field of activity.
There is an awareness of a common purpose that links community development groups with human rights groups, those working for the empowerment of women with groups targeting the need for nutritious food, and the massive global movement calling for new economic and political structures in response to the challenges of climate change.
We are witnessing a quiet and steady mobilization of the will in human affairs.
The process of dialogue and negotiation surrounding the definition of a new set of achievable Sustainable Development Goals for the future of humanity at the United Nations is one of the clearest examples of the new role that the will is now playing in the world.
Previous planning initiatives at the United Nations tended to be ideologically and politically driven with high-sounding objectives. In 2000, this began to change with the declaration of a set of eight Millennium Development Goals, each with specific targets to be achieved by 2015 and with annual reports measuring progress on each target.
Now the process has moved forward in preparation for a new set of goals to take us through to 2030, and this time there is a massive process of negotiation between different stakeholders, movements, civil society organizations, businesses, and governments.
The final goals will be declared at a global summit next year.
They will reflect some sort of balance between the self-interest of nation states (particularly the powerful interests of the five permanent members of the Security Council as defined by their governments) and the wider interests of the common good.
These wider interests have already been well-defined within a set of 17 goals (each with specific measureable targets) prepared after lengthy negotiations by a Working Group of the General Assembly.
They include the following:
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Reduce inequality within and among countries. End poverty in all its forms everywhere. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
Goals like this set intentions and help focus the will of different networks and associations (including governments) to ensure that targets are met. They move from statements of principle, such as the Declaration of Human Rights, to become statements of focused purpose where each country and each particular social movement is left free to determine how to concentrate their energies on achieving specific targets and broader goals.
People of concern linked into groups and networks of focused concern (groups like the Commons Movement, the New Economy movement, the Sustainable Development movement) are using the opportunities of the time to bring purpose and will into the centre of their beings and their activities.
There is a vitality and vibrancy about the new movements—and what the General Assembly’s set of Goals demonstrate is that a momentum of intentional activity is building that has the power to lead us into a new era.
1 Dag Hammarskjöld, To Speak for the World: Speeches and Statements. Stockholm, Atlantis, 2005, pp. 145-6.
About Author: Steve Nation is a writer and speaker on meditation and global issues. He is co-founder of Intuition in Service and the United Nations Days and Years Meditation Initiative. He worked for almost 20 years at the London office of World Goodwill and Lucis Trust. Since 2002, he has coordinated an annual global meditation Vigil for the International Day of Peace.

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The Chakras and the Planets

by Lynn Claridge – 

Each chakra and planet corresponds to how you interact on a daily basis with others and the environment. 

Below gives you each chakra and their corresponding planets.
The first chakra is better known as the base chakra and the planet that it represents is Saturn. Saturn refers to the body’s structure. Your skeleton is a structure that holds your body in place, it acts as a foundation. 
Your bones are the security and structure these are the keywords for the 1st chakra. It represents the structure that you need to survive physically when dealing with life.
If you are unable to deal effectively with outer social structures, that can be a very common problem in western culture of today, it could be that you have forgotten how to ground yourself with the energies of the earth. 
If you are a grounded person you will have a strong sense of who you are, and you will know how to acquire what you need in order to survive comfortably. Nervousness and anxiety are conditions that result from not being grounded. Psychologically, it indicates that you are operating too much from your head, your ego.
To open this chakra you need to take a deep breath relax and look around you. Are you safe where you are at this time? This chakra awareness puts you in the mode of fight or flight. This awareness is a serious energy that requires you to make tough decisions. To help you strengthen this chakra you need to establish healthy routines, drink lots of fresh water, eat healthy foods, have a good night’s sleep and exercise.
The second chakra is better known as sacral chakra and the planet it represents is Pluto. Pluto gives you the ability to change and transform. Once you change and transform you start to become creative. 
Doing this in your everyday life, helps you to meet your needs this in turn allows you to focus on what your life has to offer.
To open this chakra you need to honor yourself by finding something that gives you pleasure, so that you can express who you are to others.
The third chakra is better known as the solar plexus chakra and the co-rulers are the Sun and Mars. This is the chakra of personal power. Think of the symbolic energies of the sun. The sun radiates its essence; it can either blind you or enable you to enjoy its presence by honoring your own inner essence. 
Mars becomes the warrior that enjoys pushing others around or responds to life challenges with inner strength. If you lack the will to take risks, it normal means this chakra is blocked, it can show you are afraid to express yourself because you have not learned how to set limits.
To open this chakra you need to practice personal courage. Do what makes you feel happy, not what makes everyone else happy. When you fail to do so, you waste too much personal energy blaming others for not being able to do what you would rather be doing. 
Do it, be yourself! When you do so, others will recognize your individuality, and they will know what your limits are. They will respect you more because they will know what to expect of you. As long as you are allowing others to also be themselves, do not allow yourself to be swayed by accusation of selfness.
Before we move on to the next four chakras I would like to point out that the first three chakras deal with self-awareness. It is also important to point out that these chakras need to be balanced before you can move on to the higher spiritual realms of awareness.
The fourth chakra, better known as the heart chakra is ruled by the planet Venus. Your ability to love (both loving to others and being able to receive expressions of love from others) acts as a fulcrum between the lower three chakras of self awareness, and the upper three chakras of awareness. 
This chakra of balance is the first place where you are able to perceive higher spiritual realms. If you have suffered emotional hurt, you would tend to block the fourth chakra. This is because you are afraid to make yourself vulnerable. This is a deliberate act of creating an emotional wall as a method of self protection.
The way to open this chakra entails having to go beyond who you are. At this level, you need to become aware of the vibrations, magnetism or resonance that you feel when you are around others. Spirit will start to provide you with synchronizations that will attract and direct you to people or events that are beneficial for your evolution as a soul.
The fifth chakra, known as the throat chakra corresponds to Jupiter and Mercury as its co-rulers. When this chakra is, open it makes you very persuasive and charismatic; often you can be a great teacher, a good speaker or a good writer. 
You have a natural ability to sense what others are thinking, and you can put it into words. Once this chakra is open and functioning correctly, you will be able to speak your personal truth with conviction. 
Once you are able to speak your own truth, then you are able to create your own reality through power of words. If this chakra is not working smoothly, you tend to limit your conversations to superficial concerns and when someone asks you for a serious opinion, you may respond with. “If you really want to know”
To open this chakra you need to pay attention to all your thoughts specially the ones you do not express. How often do you bite your tongue? You need to understand that it is OK to speak your mind. Sometimes you do not speak the truth because you fear you will appear foolish. This chakra allows you to speak words that come directly from the heart, and to express your innermost beliefs.
The sixth chakra is known as the bow chakra, however, most commonly it is known as the third eye. The planet that rules this chakra is Neptune. Once this chakra is opened you will become highly imaginative, you will come up with original and insightful ideas. 
This is because you are allowing this chakra to feel incoming messages, intuition and dreams. Usually, the whole concept appears suddenly, and then you become driven in an effort to share and express your message with others. If this chakra is blocked you can have a lack of imagination.
To open this chakra and in order for the energy to function smoothly you must have an awareness of yourself as a spiritual being. For this chakra to work you need to have all the other five chakras balanced, otherwise the incoming visions create a chaotic disturbance of images. Live a lifestyle that has support and a healthy routine. 
Attend to your dreams (keep a dream journal) meditate at regular times and listen to your unconsciousness. Being intuitive is nothing more than paying attention to the subtle flow of energy. Allow yourself quiet moments so you can hear that inner voice, everything you need to know is right here inside your mind. However, it does not and will not scream at you.
The last and seventh chakra is known as the crown and it corresponds to the planet Uranus. At this level of awareness, you are able to see all events as a reflection of spirit. 
When it is out of balance trying to express yourself can be extremely depressing and confusing. Because this chakra operates at such a high vibrational frequency, you must become selfless. Hanging onto your ego awareness brings up images of bleakness.
To open and strengthen this chakra you must become empty to become full. Many spiritual writers refer to the body as an empty vessel that best expresses its spiritual potentials when it allows itself to be moved by spirit. In order for this chakra to function effectively, you need a clear understanding of your purpose on this planet.

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What is the Matrix?

by Keith Varnum – 
The question alone invites intrigue and wonder. The Morphogenic Unified Field. The space-time continuum. The Wave. Oneness. Grace. Home. There are no barriers to the expression of this energy and there are no limitations for it. The limitations are in your own mind and with practice you transcend these limitations.

The Matrix goes by many names.

Some scientific. Some mystical. All magical. Why? Because the mere mention of the word opens doorways! Doorways that can’t be easily shut once cracked ajar. Not because you aren’t able to re-seal the portal. You just don’t want to. Once someone’s glimpsed the City of Light, you can’t get ’em back to the farm! The game is too exciting. The adventure too electric. The journey too enticing.

The Matrix is the master blueprint of the Universe.

The energetic infrastructure of the world we live in. Our human structures aren’t built with wood and nails. Our physical world is created with energy and beliefs. Condensed energy is the basic construction material. Our beliefs nail this energy in place. The result is the Matrix.

Find a way to enter the Matrix and you can re-construct your world!

Why would you want to do that? Well, your daily existence may not be all that you want it to be. You might want more abundance, ease, health or joy in some aspect of your life.

How do you enter the Matrix to change your world?

This is the main purpose of all scientific and spiritual endeavor. This is the focus of every complex experiment and ancient ritual. Cracking the entry code of the construction of the Universe is the goal of all modern technology and of all sacred tradition.


The scientist has found a break-in point via quantum physics! The mystic has discovered an entrance via deep meditation! And guess what, Dorothy? We aren’t in Kansas anymore!

These two vastly different approaches to the same goal bump into each other in the “middle distance.” Strangers in the night. Lovers in the Light. What a surprise. Dare I say shock! In fact, only recently have the two exploratory missions begun to recognize their similarities—in method and in result.

Time to Lift the Veil

We haven’t recognized the common elements between the scientific and the spiritual methods because of the core secret nature of the Matrix itself. The Matrix is veiled! Concealed. Hidden behind centuries of dusty and rusty beliefs! A Matrix explorer has to see through the misleading surface appearance of the way the Matrix shows up in the explorer’s world!
Once you can sense the true inner nature of life beneath the outer forms, you see the commonality of every effort to penetrate the Matrix. You feel the unity of all approaches to understanding life. You realize the oneness of all attempts to find human happiness, health and harmony. And you see that not only is everyone actually using the same fishing line, they’re catching the same fish! No matter how different the surface appearance of the catch.
You see all parties crossing the same finish line. No matter how distant the location in space. You see that they all value the same bottom line. No matter how divergent their expression of success.

You see Einstein and the Elders eating the same bagel. A round symbol of the movement of all life. A representation of the essential nature of the Matrix. – A spiral of free-flowing energy! Our intention to have a bagel focuses free-flowing life energy into condensed physical matter with the label “bagel.”

The Key to Unlock Miracles

The key to merging with the Matrix is becoming fluid enough to flow into the Matrix energy field. Once there, your experience is transformed into whatever your current harmony is. You can become this flexible and malleable by many means, modern and ancient. Your inner guidance or intuition can lead you to the perfect portal for you!

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Connecting with the Consciousness of the Universe

by Jed Shlackman – 

The concept of spiritual energy is as ancient as humanity, with nearly every culture having beliefs and practices related to tapping into a spiritual source for energy and well-being. Spirit refers to the essence of life, the active consciousness that flows throughout all things in the Universe. The Taoists have referred to this prime essence as the Tao, and its expression as the energy of life as qi or chi. Yogis have understood that the energy of life they refer to as prana comes from a spiritual source. Christians engaged in spiritual healing speak of the “holy spirit” and may see the Christ as the conduit or Source of healing power. In Western occult traditions there is the idea of the 5th element or quintessence, the spiritual source from which all the perceived elements of the Universe have arisen. Hollywood producer George Lucas brought these ideas into his epic Star Wars saga as an exploration of the workings of “The Force.”

Everything in creation is a form or expression of energy… including our thoughts and feelings. Energy is guided by consciousness, so when we have different thoughts and emotions they generate waves of energy that actually influence what is occuring on the physical plane of reality. The famous placebo effect is a great example of how thoughts guide manifestation in the realm of matter.

Our beliefs affect what actually occurs in our body. When we are happy and relaxed energy flows freely and our body is likely to remain healthy. However, when we have chronic stress and unpleasant thoughts and feelings, our energy flow becomes disturbed and disrupted, and we may develop illness. Just as an electrical appliance can’t function well if there is too weak or too strong a current of electricity, our body will have problems operating when there is an imbalance in the subtle energy flow that sustains life.

Shamans, yogis, priests, and spiritual energy masters from other traditions have employed practices that help restore healthy life force. Modern science is catching up with this ancient wisdom, exploring the electromagnetic fields around the body that reflect the state of the subtle life force energy.Acupuncture meridians, chakras, and auric fields can be perceived now using electromagnetic biofeedback instruments. Those with expanded intuitive vision may perceive the luminous “light” body of energy or halo around a living being.

Stress relief methods can help rebalance that subtle energy flow and allow the spiritual essence to flow through us in a more harmonious way. Meditation practices help slow down the conscious, thinking mind, which is where much of our stress comes from. We worry about the future, we mentally replay the past, and thus our energy is dispersed and not fully present in the “now.” Meditation is often used with the intention of enhancing one’s openness and connection to a spiritual source.

The Indian tradition of yoga is also designed to help humans unite more with their spiritual essence, providing a comprehensive system of discipline using the body, mind, and spirit. The physical disciplines used in yoga are really the beginning levels of this path toward spiritual union. Those who discover the health benefits of yoga may not even realize that the ultimate goal of yoga is related more to spiritual integration and unification than to physical fitness.

How we express our energy in life affects the balance of energy in our system. People who are very intellectual may have a lot of energetic activity around their head area but have a limited flow at the heart or lower levels of the system. Those who are very compassionate and emotionally driven may have an active heart energy center but lack clear discernment or ability to gain higher wisdom. Those who are preoccupied with power, money, sex, physical appearance, and social status may have their energy focused in the lower energy centers but lack empathy and neglect to seek greater meaning and purpose in life. A more balanced, integrated person would awaken the energy flow in all levels of their being, addressing the needs of everyday life while also addressing humanistic and spiritual concerns. We each can reflect upon our own lives and see where we focus our energy and how we might need to shift our habits and attention to foster more balance.
About the Author: Jed Shlackman, M.S. Ed., LMHC is a professional counselor, hypnotherapist and regression therapist, Reiki master and energy healer, and a sound healing musician and writer who is based in Miami, Florida. Jed has degrees in counseling and psychology from the University of Miami and has been working as a counselor and healer with thousands of clients over the past couple of decades. Jed’s website is, his facebook links are and – Jed can be found on Twitter as @jedishaman and his meditation and music recordings are at Jed’s holistic wellness articles as the Miami Holistic Health Examiner can be viewed at Jed’s book Consciousness, Creation, And Existence: A Guide To The Grand Adventure is available from and other book sellers.
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The Mysticism and Mystery of Life

by Dennis Merritt Jones – 

The deepest mystery and perhaps the one for which there will never be an answer that will completely satisfy the itch of the intellect is the miracle of Life itself. In his book The Living Universe, Duane Elgin writes, “American Indian lore speaks of three miracles. The first miracle is that anything exists at all. The second miracle is that living things exist. The third miracle is that living things exist that know they exist. As human beings conscious of ourselves, we represent the third miracle.”
In the normal course of our daily life, these three miracles are all mysteries we seldom take time to contemplate, if ever. We expend much of our time and energy navigating over, under, around, and through the uncertainties of everyday life, relating to the events, conditions and circumstances that come with the territory of living in a human skin.
People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars and they pass by themselves without wondering. –St. Augustine

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change. –Buddha

Witness & Observe Yourself: You Are A Miracle!
The idea that we can be conscious of ourselves as human beings has profound implications. It means that we can become observers of the miracle of our own minds at work. It also means that we can consciously experience that mystical point in space and time when and where our doing merges with our Being.
Stop right now, take a deep intentional breath and then take a peek into your own mind. Simply witness yourself, observe yourself.
When was the last time you paused to do this? Watch your thinking mind process your thoughts and the ideas being presented here, as you read these words.

Observing The Mysticism & Mystery of Life
The fact that when we choose to be fully present in the mystery of the moment, we can be the observer of our own minds means that there is more to us than meets the eye, or the brain — who is it that is doing the observing? This is the moment when the human self and the sacred Self commingle as one, and it is also the miracle of all miracles; that is, that in any given moment we can consciously witness the merging of the human with the Divine realizing, as Ernest Holmes wrote, “What we are looking for, we are looking with.”
This is the mystical moment when we know we have fully entered the mystery of life at a level where uncertainty of anything ceases to exist. The idea of certainty and uncertainty is a human invention. If humankind did not exist, certainty and uncertainty wouldn’t exist, either, because both are a human concern.
deepest mysteryThe Universe, which is Infinite Intelligence, just Is, and It has been operating in its Divine “Is-ness” flawlessly for fourteen billion years and it continues to evolve Itself, expanding at the speed of Light, with no apparent attachment to where it is going or what its future may or may not be.
As we deepen our awareness of our oneness with this expanding Life Force, uncertainty will cease holding us hostage to what lies ahead in the mystery of that which is yet to be. Then, coming to the edge of the unknown becomes a natural part of our journey that will happen repeatedly, with grace and ease. This does not mean the mystery of that which is yet to be will cease — it simply means we have become one with it as it unfolds.

You Are A Miracle — The Miracle & Mystery of Life
Life, itself, is the ultimate mystery. It is a miracle that we shall never fully understand, nor should we try: We appear on the planet one day, coming from the apparent ethers of absolute nothingness, entering Earth School with many questions and no answers.
As we grow and evolve, we spend the balance of our time on the journey as soul beings learning how to navigate through the human condition, gathering the necessary information to create a life worth living through curiosity, inquisitiveness, and experiences motivated by either desperation or inspiration. As we awaken to our true nature, we aspire to create experiences that offer purpose and meaning for the journey.
Then one day, when it is our time, we depart once again, back into the apparent ethers of nothingness from which we came. What is not miraculous and mysterious about that? It is what we do with the miracle and the mystery between the coming and the going that matters. Another way to say it might be: The most precious gift we have ever been given by the Infinite One is the miracle of Life, itself; what we choose to do with this Life is our gift back to the Giver.

excepted  from:The Art of Uncertainty: How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It

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Universal Consciousness: 3 Essential Practices

by Brandon West – 

The 3 Essential Practices for Consciousness Evolution –

Consciousness evolution is the process of becoming Universal Consciousness.
In order to do so, all that we need to do is simply open up a channel within us so that universal consciousness can flow through us uninhibited, because our highest self, the highest level of our consciousness is universal consciousness.
This is the process of consciousness evolution and it is a completely natural process, indeed one that each one of us will go through at one point or another. It is guaranteed. As you have probably noticed, there is a certain degree of more scientific, intellectually orientated material on this website. But that is only one aspect of this website. Moreover, that is only one aspect of yourself.

Yes I want to convince you that your body is a projection of consciousness and that you choose your genes or at least explore together definite evidence for a whole new perspective on reality. Of equal importance to me is to discover and explore how to make use of that truth in our lives for a new experience and awareness of who and what we are and to actually use that information to heal, change our lives and actually experience a consciousness evolution.

I recently received a question from one of our fledgling community of evolvers asking about the link between healing and meditation, thoughts and belief and how we can use them to our advantage. This article is an answer to that question.
We have two aspects to our being. We have a radiative aspect which is always changing: our thoughts and emotions; and we have an observing awareness which is collapsing towards singularity where we are one and connected with the rest of the universe, all beings, and where we are united with our source of all-possibility: pure consciousness. Awakening consciously to the former is the path of consciousness evolution.
Our thoughts radiate from the event horizon of our being which is the boundary between thought and silent awareness. Yet there is a lens which determines how the pure energy of consciousness expresses itself through us in our thoughts and emotions which directly manifests in our lives and in our bodies.
That lens is belief.

Imagine belief as a lens much like the negatives on a roll of film which creates an image on a screen when pure light shines through. When you change the negative, when you change the belief, the image on the screen changes.

Your body and your life is a three-dimensional hologram defined by your beliefs, and our society is the collective holographic image we have co-created with one another and with the Earth hologram we call nature, within a greater hologram we call our solar system, our galaxy, our universe, and so on to infinity.

Yet the most important thing to remember is not that your belief determines your hologram but that if your belief system was out of the way altogether then pure consciousness which is energy of the highest vibration – love – would radiate from yours being and express perfection and abundance everywhere in your life. 

Not if your belief system was changed but if your belief system was abolished. And that is where thought and meditation comes it. Thought is a natural part of yourself, so there is no reason for you to feel the need to stop thinking altogether. 
We just have to learn how to think consciously when we do think. However, it is important to periodically strive for (and eventually achieve) inner silence in order to open ourselves up so that our thoughts, emotions, and actions can channel through us unadulterated from a higher level of consciousness within.
All beings are expressions of the universe, God-in-action but the reason why we have murderers, rapists, imperfection of any kind and sleeping people of varying degrees is not because some people are inherently good or bad, compassionate or evil. There is no such thing.
The reason we see negativity is because there is so much distortion in the high-vibration energy from the lens of our beliefs and the chaos created by unconscious thinking. The natural high energy of consciousness ends up being distorted and misdirected by so many different limiting beliefs and negative habits, thoughts, and behaviors that it ends up being expressed in harmful ways. Either harmful in an expressive way towards another human being (or yourself), or it is repressed and internalized and it manifests itself as disease in the body.
Therefore peace in the world and health in the body both stem from inner peace and inner silence: clearing out the clutter within ourselves. I know in my heart that everyone can change if they want to. It is just a matter of cleaning out the programming.

Steps To Consciousness Evolution

These three steps are the most essential steps in order to raise your level of consciousness, cultivate personal mastery and thus engage in the process of consciousness evolution.

1. Live on the Event Horizon between Thought and Silence.

“Be mindful of your self-talk; it’s a conversation with the universe.”

In order to live consciously and to think consciously, we must live on the border between thought and silence. Only then are we in the best possible position to be truly self-aware and to manifest because this is the only position where we can follow Deepak Chopra’s succinct process of manifestation: “Slip into the gap, have the desire, detach from the outcome, and let the universe take care of the details.”

Only from this place can we manifest, and only from this place can we be truly vigilant over our perceptual state. When we live in this space we can easily see not only the perceptual pattern we are living from, and change it if we desire, but we can also feel clearly how spirit is moving us, and what we are being guided to do by the unified field of pure consciousness.
Silence is the yin aspect of our awareness, and thought is the yang. When we live right on the border, but deeply centered in silence with a greater tendency to submerge ourselves in infinite divine consciousness than to radiate too far and become lost in the world of things, then we will learn how to live with true power and potency because from this perceptual position our thoughts emanate directly from the highest aspect of ourselves without being distorted by our thoughts and beliefs.
Our actions from this place are aligned with our highest potential, our thoughts are pure and our emotions are of a high frequency. When we live in the event horizon between thought and silence, then we flow from our highest self and there is an immediate feedback of creation between the two infinities of the universe.

2. Let go and surrender the Universe

I wrote an article recently called Let Go and Let God, and I want to be absolutely clear about what I mean by letting go and allowing the universe to take care of the details of our lives.

Letting go and surrendering is not laziness and apathy. It is the process of learning how to live from a place more aligned with the highest aspects of ourselves.

Everything we have ever done, and every experience we have had is leading to our consciousness evolution. It has meaning. If we shift our perspective from being a victim of our experiences to being the recipient of a cosmic education and co-creator of our destiny, which ultimately is consciousness evolution, then we can start to tap into who we really are.
Letting go and surrendering is not laziness, and it is not giving up. It is simply centering yourself in the awareness that your dreams and all of your purest desires will unfold naturally as an expression of who you are, if you discipline yourself to get out of your own way. It is a shift to the awareness that you already are complete, and that all you need to do every day is exactly what you are inspired to do, what you’d love to do, and what makes you happy in this moment. That is the difference.
Wayne Dyer explained the shift to letting go and surrendering to the universe best when he said: “Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. When you do this, you’re also tapping into another face of intention: love. If you’re doing what you love and loving what you do—whatever it is—you make a living at it!”
Letting go and surrendering is a process of getting your ego (what is ego?) out of the way so that your higher consciousness can work through you.

3. Live without desires but by Divine Inspiration

Instead of living from low-level desires such as earning lots of money, achieving fame, recognition, or even respect, try living more aligned to universal principles (and thus universally aligned desires) by cultivating a deep desire to serve the consciousness evolution of humanity, to live your highest potential, and to create as fearlessly and as ego-lessly as you can. This is what I mean by living by divine inspiration.
When we can live consistently in this fashion, every one of our needs and desires will be taken care automatically.

Living by divine inspiration means to focus all of your energy on your love, and the creative self-expression that is your purpose in life, and to let the universe handle the details.

We have been trained to care about the outcome of our efforts through school and society in general. We have been conditioned to seek success. But humans are far too powerful to waste their time with such low level activities.

When we focus all of our energy delving into the depths of ourselves, tapping into the universe through our inner connecting link and then expressing the truth, love, power, inspiration and creativity that we find, then the universe will take care of the rest. 

The more we try and force the world to do our bidding, the poorer the results and the more frustrated we become.
If we instead focus all of our energy on living from inspiration and the boundary between thought and silence, and the deeper we submerge ourselves in that silence which is the cosmic ocean of pure energy/information, the brighter and more radiant and powerful we become. When we live from this space we have true power and the universe responds.
The more that we align with our universal source, the more we become our universal source. This is the process of consciousness evolution.


The result of living a life aligned with these three principles and practices is that we enter into a world of magic; a brand new world and perception of reality that we achieve by disconnecting ourselves from the matrix which exists only in our thoughts.

The perceptual matrix of our society is at a low level of consciousness, and the only way we can get out of it is by thinking from a brand new place within us and living from a new awareness.

In order to live from a higher level of consciousness we must stop taking orders from lower levels of consciousness, our minds. This is not an event but a process. And while there will most definitely be spontaneous shifts, or quantum moments, know that all your previous actions and work accumulate to make these quantum shifts occur.
The universe is speaking to each one of us individually and is seeking to express itself through each one of us because we are the universe … except we are resisting this aspect of ourselves and pretending to be small, limited, insignificant, and powerless. The universe is consciousness, and we are consciousness thus we must be like what we came from. There is no division. When we can continually center ourselves in silence, and learn to let go and allow ourselves to be guided by that silence, a miraculous shift will occur in our lives…

We will cease to desire from the ego. Recognition will become unimportant. Success will not be the greatest pull on our attention.

Instead we will discover a magical connection within us where there is a flow of information, creativity, and knowledge and by tapping into this flow, we will create and discover beyond our wildest dreams.

Tapping into this flow consciously will release the dam created by our minds so that the universal force, the Tao or God can flow through us like a mighty river and this new energy will be of such a vibration as to radically transform our perception of reality. We will live “in a great and wonderful world,” where “dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you will discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be,” as the great Sage Patanjali expressed so beautifully.
This is the potential within each one of us. The limitations of any individuals are in direct relationship to the degree to which they live from their mind.

For as soon as we discover silence, all barriers disappear and the universe speaks through each and every one of us equally.

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The Dawn of the Unknowing

There is a move towards seeking to live in harmony with nature, as was once the case and not to treat the natural world as an enemy or something to be exploited. There is a shift to an integrated, holistic, interconnected and transpersonal way of living and away from the individualistic mentality that stems from a belief in separateness. 
There is transformation from the self-centered and ego-dominant individual to the selfless and unity-oriented being. There is a shift from the competition-based mode of operating in society to the cooperative-minded means of operation. All these shifts are occurring right now and will continue to occur if consciousness continues down its current path of positive progression into the higher echelons of being-ness.
Humanity is at a defining point in its history and it has the choice to shift its collective consciousness away from the egocentric ways of old towards the unifying and selfless ways of the possible future. 
If such a definitive shift does not occur, we may not be able to reverse the presently occurring problems within the environment, global economies and world cultures. If humanity chooses to collectively come together to work cooperatively so that these problems are averted and rectified, the future will indeed be a bright one. There is not much time left to make the choice that will define whether we survive and thrive or degrade and disappear.
The choice is a serious one, but a lighthearted approach can be taken towards it. Staying positive overall is the main aspect of this shift that should be remembered. 
With an overall positive outlook on life and reality, this positivity will be magnified and radiated throughout the collective transpersonal consciousness of humanity in a butterfly effect of epic proportions. This shift is for the benefit not only of the individual localized field of consciousness of each person on the planet, but of the collective and unified whole of humanity.
It is worth mentioning that our overall level of consciousness, as experienced on a day-to-day basis, is a significant factor in how we perceive reality. A person whose overall consciousness state is that of anger may view the world as a terrible and dangerous place and the people in it as deceptive and malicious, whereas someone who experiences the consciousness state of love on a daily basis may see the world and all that it encompasses as being beautiful, caring and good.
Whatever the objective reality may be, each person focuses on certain aspects of reality and chooses to interpret experiences, occurrences and data as defined by his or her own position of awareness. 
The higher the level of consciousness a person experiences, the more positive everything within one’s awareness becomes. Through this positivity, positive change can occur in the world, thanks to the elevated level of consciousness now being experienced.
There may be a perception by some that in order to have a massive consciousness shift to the point where a person becomes Self-realized, there has to be a great deal of knowledge and information concerning concepts and ideas of higher levels of reality. Fortunately, this is not the case and attaining higher states of consciousness permanently involves only a few basic things that a person has to do. 
These include the open-minded awareness of infinite possibilities, the kind treatment of oneself and others and the expression and experiencing of love, happiness, compassion, will, determination and peace.
With this mental framework in place, the doors to Self-realization and even the enlightenment experience are able to be opened. If one were to read and study for hours on end each and every day, one may begin to feel a sense of pride that one knows something or understands more than someone else, and in doing so, the ego would emerge to become a dominant force within that person’s life.

This is not to say that learning various subjects and matters is detrimental or something not to be done, but rather, this is stated to illustrate how knowledge does not bring about a consciousness shift; embodying the qualities of love and empathy do.

As consciousness shifts into higher and higher states, the world and the reality around us become viewed in more macroscopic terms where the specifics simply do not matter as much as the over-arching central aspects.
 It is as if a person is taking away all the various components of reality and reaching into the core mechanisms that operate within it. This is the natural direction of shifts into higher states of consciousness, since specifics are seen as muddling reality and usually just creating more strife and opposition amongst people.
Concepts, ideas and thought forms that are universally understood to be real are focused on within one’s awareness. 
If we are confronted with an aspect of reality that is of a specific nature, such as the verbal legitimacy of a certain political official, it does not even come into one’s mind to attempt to confront the other person concerning such a relatively trivial matter.
A consciousness shift begins when you allow for the possibility of such an occurrence. The will and determination has to exist before such an achievement takes place. 
It is my hope that you will be able to expedite your own personal consciousness shift so that not only will you benefit from it but so will the collective consciousness of the human race.
Experience the shift from fear to love. Experience the shift from anxiety to serenity. Experience these shifts and others like them and become convinced that such a change on a global level is indeed possible.

–Paul Lenda
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