A New Era of Connection, Compassion & Consciousness


by Kingsley Dennis

In the years ahead we are going to see great change sweeping through our diverse human societies. It will be change not only brought about by intentional minds and willing hearts; but also by necessity, by coercion, and from an evolutionary imperative. The 21st century will be equivalent to the dramatic ‘flat Earth to round Earth’shift that was thrust upon humanity centuries before. Some may say we are in the midst of a 3rd Industrial Revolution. Yet rather than referring to this transition as an ‘industrial’ one, consider this profound shift as a Revolution in Human Being – or rather as a Revolution in Human Becoming. The possibility of a genuine planetary civilization – with unity through diversity – and with the participation of an awakened and aware humanity, was never on the cards…until now. We have entered a phase where there will be new forms, new arrangements, new structures, new perspectives, and new emerging states of being.

We are, quite literally, shifting from one set of C-Values – Competition ~ Conflict ~ Control ~ Censorship – to a new set:Connection ~ Communication ~ Consciousness ~ CompassionThe world is re-arranging in order to come together in countless new ways – with innovative changes in our communication, our uses of technology, through conscious awareness, through people-centered action, and more. These are the seeds coming to harvest as part of a re-awakening, re-ordering, and re-balance upon this planet. We should recognize that the issues at stake are much larger than governments – they are global and dispersed throughout the peoples of the world. These issues are also too important to be left in the hands of governments alone. The future will be about visioning beyond our limitations – thinking anew, and in ways we are currently unaccustomed to. This is the new consciousness – not conceiving or perceiving within the old patterns. External change is not enough if there is no real change within each one of us.

The current generation(s) will be the ones who will have to shoulder the mental and emotional responsibility of change as they are forced to let go of both external and internal systems and states that are no longer beneficial to our future development. This is why I have termed our current generation(s) the ‘Bridge Generation’, as it will be required of us to straddle both worlds. Those generations that come after us will be born as change rather than being born into change – this is a slight yet very significant difference. Read More > A New Era of Connection, Compassion & Consciousness.  http://thephoenixgeneration.wordpress.com/blogs/the-phoenix-generation


CoCreating a New Life-Sustaining Reality

by Peggy Black – 
We are here, witnessing the incredible chaos and conflict that is occurring on your planet. Many are saturated with feelings of discouragement and disbelief of the repeated scenarios of violence and conflict. We want to encourage you to shake off any discouragement and any feelings of hopelessness or powerlessness. These feelings actually add to the energy matrix that is being played out on your screen of reality. 
It is important to remember that you are a magnificent creator, you are a being of divine light and consciousness. You are here, so to speak, on assignment to support and transform these misqualified energies.
However, the collective field of consciousness is intense with the frequencies of fear, struggle, hatred and misuse of power. This collective field of energy and emotional vibration infects the thoughts of everyone. Everyone is empathic and feels this dense energy. Most suppress this because they do not know how to deal with it. Nevertheless, they are a part of it.
You could say that there is a pandemic outbreak of the deadly disease of fear and hatred.  It is manifesting in the actions of individuals as well as in the assembly of groups opposed to one another.  This pandemic of fear, helplessness and misuse of power is continually generated by the images that are broadcast in your evening news.
We invite you to step back for a moment and acknowledge who you personally are. You are a transformer of dark, misqualified energies and actions. You are a member of the family of Light. You are a divine, magnificent, multidimensional starbeing who is here on this planet to uplift and shift all that is life diminishing.

The antidote to this pandemic of fear, hatred, and violence is your awareness of who you truly are and your willingness to hold and anchor a new reality. 
Each awakened being who continues to radiate the frequencies of forgiveness, love and gratitude into the matrix and the collective consciousness is offering powerful work.

You are not helpless in this reality. You are powerful beyond measure. 
So step up and step into this personal power. Begin to generate frequencies and vibrations that are life sustaining. When you recognize that you are judging the events that are occurring, STOP!   Reset your thoughts and projections which are only adding to the very thing you are disturbed about.

This is a practiced skill that we are inviting you to master. You know this; it is a matter of remembering. We know that this is what you might call big work. Let us assure you that you are up to the task or you would not be here on this planet at this time.

Your assignment is to observe events in your personal life as well as what is occurring in the collective and to offer an uplifting frequency of your focus of love and light into the very thing that wants to polarize you.

Remember, negative emotions are addictive just as are your processed sugars and other types of drugs and behaviors. It is time for you to be honest with yourself and begin to honor who you are. You are a divine being who happens to be caught in the frequency web of this pandemic of fear and hatred.

It is with your intention and your connection with the truth of who you are as a galactic citizen that you can offer your light frequency into any situation with the intent to transform it.

As you observe the events that are broadcast on your television remember to not judge or condemn. This adds energy to the very situation you want to change.

So begin to watch your news with the realization that you can shift the reality of what is broadcast and fed by the collective fear, judgment and misuse of power. Begin to see or call forth and anchor a life sustaining reality.

See a positive result occurring, a miraculous unfolding happening. Bless each individual that is offering more negative vibrations than a loving frequency. Do your best to see these individuals as the divine spark that they are.

Begin to envision the leaders of the world awakening and offering a harmony and co-creation of peace and well-being for all. 

It is you who can bring this about. When you judge their actions, when you condemn their actions, you are adding to their power. Imagine you could speak to each one of the world leaders in the enteric realms, reminding them of who they truly are.

Begin to call forth their true magnificence. Invite divine beings of light to inspire their actions for good.  When there is a meeting of these world leaders, make sure you have also invited divine counsel to be in attendance to guide the decisions that are made.

Be consistent with this work. Do not be discouraged when it appears that nothing is changing. Trust us when we say that you and others who are holding this new reality are bringing it forth. Call upon the non-physical beings of Light to support and assist in this transformation. 
Call upon the legions of divine beings and angels to minister to these situations of violence.  
It is when each human owns their power and truly steps into that power that your reality will shift. Let us assure you that there are more and more awakened individuals who are beginning to anchor a life sustaining reality. Your numbers are increasing. Each one is adding more light, love, forgiveness and gratitude to the collective matrix.
You are an important element to this unfolding. 

Join this increasing number of awakened conscious beings and begin to envision a reality that supports life, that supports well-being and the honoring of all. In whatever manner and at whatever level, begin.

Each time you uplift your attitude or judgment of another, each time you offer a prayer of gratitude, each time you invite the support of the non-physical beings of light to assist you and the situation you have focused upon, you are making a significant difference.

We have shared all the many ways that you can offer your awakened vibrations and thoughts. Join with others, have your own personal support group of like-minded individuals who encourage you to maintain your highest and most profound frequency and divine power and connections.
Remember to shake off the limitations and the feelings of powerlessness. 
These are just an illusion that is a part of the pandemic. You are the solution, you are the antidote. It is your strongly held frequency of love, joy, and compassion that reinforces and anchors a foundation for change.
We know we have engaged your attention. We know we have stirred your remembering of who you are and why you are here at this time. We acknowledge your courage and your willingness to be a part of this wonderful evolution of consciousness. You are seen and you are deeply appreciated. We are always on call for your behalf, as are all the infinite beings of light, for the healing of this planet.   This transmission is complete. The ‘team’

A comment from Peggy

I have never before made a comment about the transmissions from the ‘team’. I know that many of you avoid watching the news because it is so disturbing. We must remember that we are the only ones who can anchor a different reality. I would like to invite each of you to spend this next month as a Conscious Alchemist watching the news and reading the news with the intention of offering an uplifting new reality to each situation. 
Send your light, love, forgiveness and compassion to every news article that you desire to be resolved and healed. Call upon all divine beings of light to minister to each situation in your neighborhood or any place on our planet where there is conflict. See this resolved to the highest and best for all; envision harmony, and peace. I have been doing news homework at the request of the ‘team’ for over five years and it will be wonderful to have a large group of conscious beings joining me. Let’s make the difference. Blessings of deep gratitude, Peggy

About the Author: Peggy Black – Transducer, Scribe and Witness, is a world traveler and lecturer with thirty-five years experience in the healing field. She has been featured internationally in television, radio and print media. Peggy is a Multidimensional Channel whose gifts as a clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient intuitive allow her to assist individuals to live empowered and abundant lives. Peggy receives transmissions from her “celestial team” which she calls the Morning Messages. These messages invite us to honor our multidimensional Self. Peggy has presented at numerous events and conferences including Women of Vision and Action; Healing Our World; Kauai Wellness Expo; New England Sound Healing; World Sound Healing; and Global Sound. Peggy founded the International Sound Symposium. She offered sacred sounds for the Shamanic Journey tour in temples and the Great Pyramid in Egypt. She conducted morning forums at Tom Kenyon’s Sound Healer’s Trainings. She was Ceremonialist for the sacred water ceremony, Ocean of Gratitude Cruise with Dr. Masaru Emoto. She was featured in People magazine as “Fabulous over Sixty.” Peggy offers a variety of lectures and workshops: Miracles, Intentions and Manifestations; Allowing Prosperity; Sound Awareness; Sculpting Reality with Sound; The Power of Your Words and Intentions; The Creative You; and Engaging Celestial Support.

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Science, Spirituality and the Real World

Deep Wisdom: 

by Gregg Braden – 
During the late 1980s, I had a front row seat to one of the most frightening times in the history of the world — the last years of the Cold War — as well as the desperate thinking about how it would be won. I was employed at the time in the defense industry, working as a senior computer systems designer while the super powers of the United States and the former Soviet Union developed a war strategy that seemed unthinkable to any rationally minded person today.
They spent the time, energy and human resources to develop and stockpile approximately 65,000 nuclear weapons. The combined power of this global arsenal was enough to microwave the Earth, and everything on it, many times over.
The rationale for such an extreme effort stems from a way of thinking that has dominated much of the modern world for the last 300 years or so, since the beginning of the scientific era. It’s based in the false assumptions of scientific thinking that suggest we’re somehow separate from the Earth, separate from one another, and that Nature is based upon competition, conflict and a relentless struggle that favors the survival of the strongest.
Fortunately, new discoveries in the fields of genetics, biology, physics and archaeology have revealed that each of these assumptions is absolutely false.
Unfortunately, however, there is a reluctance to reflect such new discoveries in mainstream media, traditional classrooms and conventional textbooks. In other words, we’re still teaching our young people the false assumptions of an obsolete way of thinking and we’re still trying to solve our problems based in ideas of violent competition and conflict.
While we no longer face the nuclear threat that we did in the 1980s, the thinking that made the Cold War possible is still in place. 
This fact is vital to us all right now for one simple reason: 
For the first time in human history, the future of our entire species rests upon the choices of a single generation — us — and the choices are being made within a small window of time — now.
The best minds of our time are telling us that we must act quickly to avert the clear and present danger of a host of crises that are converging in a “bottleneck” of the early 21st century, including climate change, shrinking supplies of vital resources and the growing disparity between poverty and wealth. 
The key here is that the way we solve our problems is based in the way we think of ourselves and the world. From climate change and social change, to peak oil and peak debt, clearly the thinking that led to the war and suffering of the 20th century is not the thinking that we want the delicate choices of our survival based upon!
Developing a new level of thinking is precisely what we need to do today, and the magnitude of crises that face us may prove to be the catalyst for doing just that! 
The emerging bridge between the sciences that tells us how the universe works and the spiritual traditions of our past that give such knowledge meaning in our lives, plays a vital role in the new thinking that heads off the darkest possibilities of our future. But while the crises of the moment may be the catalyst for such a shift in thinking, something even deeper is emerging.
The new shift in thinking is the gateway to human transformation. 
Because of the sheer number of people involved in the shift and the growing magnitude of the crises that are driving us to change the way we think, we are standing on the threshold of human transformation at a level unlike anything ever before known on Earth.
The spiritual traditions that I’m describing are the core principles of ancient and time-tested understandings — principles now confirmed by 20th century science that include the interconnected nature of all things, the power of the human heart to positively influence the magnetic fields of the earth and all life and the cyclic nature of life, climate, civilization and change. The spiritual traditions of our ancestors got these principles right and embodied them at the core of their lives in their time. 
It’s the marriage of these holistic principles with the best science of today that helps us to tip the scales of life, balance and peace in our favor, in ours.
While the specifics of spiritual principles may vary from tradition to tradition, the essence of their message does not. It’s simple, direct and states that we live in a world where everything has meaning and is meaningful to everything else. 
What happens in the oceans has meaning for the climate of the mountains. What happens in a river has meaning for the life that depends upon the river. The choices that you and I make as we express our beliefs in our living rooms and around family dinner tables have meaning for the people in our immediate lives, as well as for those connected through the fields of the human heart coherence living halfway around the Earth.
By crossing the traditional boundaries that define the science, religion and the history of our past, we are shown the power of a larger, integrated, and holistic worldview. 
I cannot help but believe that our destiny and fate as a species are intimately entwined with our willingness to accept the Deep Wisdom of a spiritually based science.
It’s all about the way we think of ourselves, our relationship to the Earth and to one another. When the facts become clear, our choices become obvious.
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The Dawn of the Unknowing

There is a move towards seeking to live in harmony with nature, as was once the case and not to treat the natural world as an enemy or something to be exploited. There is a shift to an integrated, holistic, interconnected and transpersonal way of living and away from the individualistic mentality that stems from a belief in separateness. 
There is transformation from the self-centered and ego-dominant individual to the selfless and unity-oriented being. There is a shift from the competition-based mode of operating in society to the cooperative-minded means of operation. All these shifts are occurring right now and will continue to occur if consciousness continues down its current path of positive progression into the higher echelons of being-ness.
Humanity is at a defining point in its history and it has the choice to shift its collective consciousness away from the egocentric ways of old towards the unifying and selfless ways of the possible future. 
If such a definitive shift does not occur, we may not be able to reverse the presently occurring problems within the environment, global economies and world cultures. If humanity chooses to collectively come together to work cooperatively so that these problems are averted and rectified, the future will indeed be a bright one. There is not much time left to make the choice that will define whether we survive and thrive or degrade and disappear.
The choice is a serious one, but a lighthearted approach can be taken towards it. Staying positive overall is the main aspect of this shift that should be remembered. 
With an overall positive outlook on life and reality, this positivity will be magnified and radiated throughout the collective transpersonal consciousness of humanity in a butterfly effect of epic proportions. This shift is for the benefit not only of the individual localized field of consciousness of each person on the planet, but of the collective and unified whole of humanity.
It is worth mentioning that our overall level of consciousness, as experienced on a day-to-day basis, is a significant factor in how we perceive reality. A person whose overall consciousness state is that of anger may view the world as a terrible and dangerous place and the people in it as deceptive and malicious, whereas someone who experiences the consciousness state of love on a daily basis may see the world and all that it encompasses as being beautiful, caring and good.
Whatever the objective reality may be, each person focuses on certain aspects of reality and chooses to interpret experiences, occurrences and data as defined by his or her own position of awareness. 
The higher the level of consciousness a person experiences, the more positive everything within one’s awareness becomes. Through this positivity, positive change can occur in the world, thanks to the elevated level of consciousness now being experienced.
There may be a perception by some that in order to have a massive consciousness shift to the point where a person becomes Self-realized, there has to be a great deal of knowledge and information concerning concepts and ideas of higher levels of reality. Fortunately, this is not the case and attaining higher states of consciousness permanently involves only a few basic things that a person has to do. 
These include the open-minded awareness of infinite possibilities, the kind treatment of oneself and others and the expression and experiencing of love, happiness, compassion, will, determination and peace.
With this mental framework in place, the doors to Self-realization and even the enlightenment experience are able to be opened. If one were to read and study for hours on end each and every day, one may begin to feel a sense of pride that one knows something or understands more than someone else, and in doing so, the ego would emerge to become a dominant force within that person’s life.

This is not to say that learning various subjects and matters is detrimental or something not to be done, but rather, this is stated to illustrate how knowledge does not bring about a consciousness shift; embodying the qualities of love and empathy do.

As consciousness shifts into higher and higher states, the world and the reality around us become viewed in more macroscopic terms where the specifics simply do not matter as much as the over-arching central aspects.
 It is as if a person is taking away all the various components of reality and reaching into the core mechanisms that operate within it. This is the natural direction of shifts into higher states of consciousness, since specifics are seen as muddling reality and usually just creating more strife and opposition amongst people.
Concepts, ideas and thought forms that are universally understood to be real are focused on within one’s awareness. 
If we are confronted with an aspect of reality that is of a specific nature, such as the verbal legitimacy of a certain political official, it does not even come into one’s mind to attempt to confront the other person concerning such a relatively trivial matter.
A consciousness shift begins when you allow for the possibility of such an occurrence. The will and determination has to exist before such an achievement takes place. 
It is my hope that you will be able to expedite your own personal consciousness shift so that not only will you benefit from it but so will the collective consciousness of the human race.
Experience the shift from fear to love. Experience the shift from anxiety to serenity. Experience these shifts and others like them and become convinced that such a change on a global level is indeed possible.

–Paul Lenda
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A remarkable change is taking place that will profoundly influence the way we see ourselves and our world. The dominant materialistic, separatist worldview-a perspective that leads individuals to value their own needs over the good of the whole-is giving way to a humanitarian-spiritual orientation. This shift will revolutionize both the way humanity interacts on a global scale and how we live on a day-to-day basis. 

What are some of the fundamental shifts in values likely to accompany the global consciousness shift? An abbreviated, partial list follows:

  • Increased reverence and respect for the earth and all forms of life upon it: The earth is understood as a sacred matrix in which we are deeply embedded, rather than something to be exploited for material gain.
  • Increased compassion rather than prejudice toward peoples whose race, nationality, religion, ethnic group, or economic status differ from our own: This means acceptance and respect for all human beings as part of the same planetary community, deserving of equal rights to health, livelihood, safety, and prosperity.
  • Greater priority given to personal and spiritual growth than to materialistic values of acquisition and consumption: We focus increasingly on finding peace and presence within ourselves rather than striving for outer success. This means recognizing the importance of aligning our personal life with the rhythm and flow of the earth, and indeed the larger Cosmos.
  • Embracing nonlinear, intuitive ways of knowing the world: Such ways of knowing are understood to offer deeper insight into the symbolic or interior face of the Cosmos, than sensory ways of knowing that provide information about the outer, objective face. While reason and logic have their place, intuition offers additional, often uncanny guidance for problem solving.
  • Honoring unconditional love and forgiveness as the highest values in all of our relations with others: If we are all one, then to harm another person is to harm oneself. Thus, we come to recognize that the operative question in any interpersonal situation is truly: “What is the most loving thing to do?”
Yoga -  Healing oneselfA shift toward such values is already evident in many places. Concern about the state of the global environment is much more widespread than it was even five years ago. Humanity has also moved a long way from the racial and ethnic prejudices of the past (such as Nazi Germany), though in certain parts of the world there is still a long way to go. In the West, interest in personal healing and spiritual growth dates back to the focus on Eastern mysticism in the 1970’s, and has increased in the past twenty years through widespread interest in holistic health, yoga, and meditation. Intuitive ways of knowing are gaining credibility through humanistic and transpersonal psychology, a popular interest in “channeling” and listening to inner guidance, and the focus on insight in creative problem-solving. 
While religions have always emphasized the primacy of unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness, these values now also enjoy widespread recognition in popular movements such as the twelve-step programs, Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication, and New Thought churches such as Unity and Science of Mind.


What kinds of circumstances can motivate us to make a shift in consciousness compatible with the emerging worldview? The following are some of the more common motivators. Consider which ones, if any, have been instrumental in your own life:

Life Crisis
After a personal crisis or other life challenges, you may become more focused on inner development rather than material concerns and goals. For example, as a result of a life-threatening illness, you make some major modifications in your diet, simplify your lifestyle, and take up the regular practice of yoga and meditation. Or, after being laid off from an unrewarding corporate job, you decide to live with less income and get involved with a nonprofit organization striving to help the environment.

Burnout with Material Values
At different ages, many people reach a point where they feel exhausted by a lifestyle focused on consumption, status, and material goals. Concerns about how you look, the house you own, and where you live lose their former importance. After realizing that pursuit of material goals does not bring you peace of mind, you may start to search within. Carl Jung described a need to shift values during the “second half of life,” from outward achievement in the world to a more inner-directed focus on personal and spiritual development. It’s possible that such a trend has accelerated in our time, so that people are now making this transition at an earlier age.

Peak Experiences 
You may experience a heightened state of awareness or epiphany in which you come to appreciate the importance of the whole of humanity over your individual concerns. For example, after witnessing the birth of a child you suddenly see the preciousness of all life. In such an experience, you might also catch a glimpse of the entire earth or universe as a conscious being, of which you are but a small, interdependent part. Such experiences may enhance your perception that you are a fundamentally spiritual being having a physical experience on earth—or that your life has a larger purpose beyond personal ego needs. Following such an experience, you may decide to focus more on spiritual growth or get involved with organizations seeking to help the environment or correct social injustices.

Peer Influence
Friends or loved ones may adopt values associated with simplicity, sustainability, concern for the earth, or compassion for human suffering, influencing you to make similar shifts.

We are surrounded these days by books, magazines, and media presentations that provide information about the global crisis, environmentally friendly practices and lifestyles, and alternative approaches to health and personal growth. As you learn more about pathways to healing yourself as well as the earth, you may naturally feel moved to shift your values in that direction.

While changes in basic perceptions and values are essential to the shift our planet needs, they cannot go far without corresponding actions. Thus a critical question arises: What can each of us actually do in our daily lives to embody the global shift? How can each of us personally help bring about a new world in which the beliefs and values listed above are honored? How can we put into practice the perceptual and value shifts needed to help our planet survive the major crises it is currently facing?

One way is to start with ourselves. The global shift ultimately begins with each of us, one person at a time. Each of us is a “cell” in the collective consciousness of humanity. By working on personal healing and inner peace, each of us contributes in a small but unique way to promoting the healing of the planet. In being more at peace with ourselves, we affect many others, both through our example and through our actions. So the very first step each of us can take to promote a global shift is to engage in practices that lead to greater personal peace, healing, and spiritual growth
It is from a foundation of such inner peace and healing that each of us can develop the compassion and sense of social responsibility to move beyond ourselves—to do what we can to help the planet.

Some of the many ways you might cultivate inner peace and healing include:
  • Simplify your life by, for example, living close to where you work or combining errands so that you make only one trip to the mall per week.
  • Learn basic communication skills that promote compassion and understanding in your relationships with family, friends, work associates, and others.
  • Transition your diet away from processed foods toward organic, whole foods.
  • Take time out from cumulative stress to relax every day.
  • Have a daily exercise routine that helps to discharge tension.
  • Visualize and deeply affirm a goal, such as finding your “right” employment or relationship, or optimum health.
  • Reframe your attitude toward a negative experience by reflecting on what it may have taught you.
  • Another way to take action is simply to do things that help the earth. This includes both personal lifestyle choices that directly help the planet as well as contributing time and/or money to organizations that deal with environmental and social problems.

    Examples of personal lifestyle choices that can help the earth include:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of your home (for example, through proper insulation, reducing use of heat and air conditioning, using compact fluorescent light bulbs, and purchasing energy-efficient appliances)
  • Driving energy-efficient vehicles, such as hybrids or compact cars, as well as driving less
  • Shifting your diet away from meat toward vegetarianism (meat production industries are very energy and water intensive)
  • Recycling paper, glass, metal, and plastic
  • Engaging in socially responsible investing
  • Reducing consumption of unnecessary luxury items
  • Motivation for changeBeyond changing our lifestyles and habits, we help when we:
    • Contribute time locally to help impoverished, hungry, or homeless people
    • Contribute financially to nonprofit organizations striving to ameliorate global problems such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, inhumane treatment of animals, overpopulation, and third-world poverty and disease
    • Sign petitions and vote for political candidates who are concerned about the environment and the serious problems that the planet is confronting now.
    –Edmund Bourne, PhD
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    Quantum Physics and the Shift

    Quantum physics is showing us that we have entered one of the greatest paradigm shifts ever recorded in the history of modern man.

    A twentieth century visionary, designer and author, by the name of Buckminster Fuller, devoted his life to answering a fascinating question, “Does humanity have a chance to survive lastingly and successfully on planet Earth, and if so, how?” The answer to that question has huge ramifications for every one of us alive on the planet at this time.
    Most of the workings of all the science of the twentieth century was invisible to the human senses but our experience of that science has been none the less real. The impact of such technologies as electricity, telephony, radio, TV, internet and electronics is clearly undeniable.
    The age of solid mechanics is giving way to a new understanding of quantum reality. 

    Quantum physics describes matter in terms of energy particles possessing a consciousness in accordance with the nature and function of the energy form. Where once we thought all matter was observable and objective, we now know this matter is an energy consciousness, interconnected and holographic. Every form of consciousness impacts all other consciousness. Quantum theory has changed the way we understand ourselves and our universe.

    The fluttering wings of a butterfly change the universe forever through the dynamic ripple effect they produce in the realm of energy. 

    Even the slightest disturbance of initial conditions of a nonlinear dynamical system grows exponentially. This disturbance projects outwards with apparent randomness, thereby supporting aspects of chaos theory in physics.

    I only mention such esoteric theories to demonstrate the relatively new focus of quantum physics on infinitely small quanta of light energy, unrecognizable in the science of the recent past. We are far more complex than we ever realized and live in an energy universe swirling with waves and particles, creating, transmuting, discreating, morphing and in the midst of all this we humans are discovering our role in this creative universe.
    If humanity has achieved such enormous strides in awareness and scientific discovery in these last few decades, how much more will we discover in the near future, given the exponential nature of our learning. Is it possible that we have just touched the tip of the iceberg in understanding who and what we are, and the role we play and will play in the life of the universe in the future?
    One thing we do know, that amid the chaos there is order. Within the unpredictability, there is purpose. 

    That the energy set in motion by our thoughts cannot be stopped and must follow its course. We manifest what we energize by our thoughts, focus and expectation, experiencing the effects of our creations according to the Law of Attraction, the Law of Polarity and the other universal laws now dawning on mainstream consciousness.

    In fact, we are already experts in manifesting what we focus on. The sad reality appears to be, however, that because many of our programmed beliefs are based on negative ideas, most of us manifest lack instead of wealth and happiness in our lives.

    Once we truly start to practice creating consciously and with focused intent, we will be able to create our proverbial heaven on earth.

    The power of our mind to create and manifest, to determine what we experience as reality, is an amazing and exciting study. We have as yet untapped its potential. What will be our experience when we learn how to use the dormant 90% of our brain? In relation to just this one revelation of our human potential, I suggest we have a thrilling and wonderful future ahead.

    It is my hope that day dawns sooner rather than later, that we make that quantum leap in conscious awareness that will herald the Shift and Ascension of the consciousness of humanity into higher dimensional consciousness.

    We are striding towards critical mass, towards that instant when the relatively few will tip the scales of awareness for all humanity. The momentum now building exponentially towards a quantum leap in consciousness cannot be stopped.
    We have, each one of us, become aware of the necessity of change. Humanity’s innate desire to be more than we presently are, is the driving force sweeping us up in its wake. The countdown to our evolutionary leap is well and truly under way.
    How can you help advance this Shift in consciousness?
    Live in the present moment. Be the observer of your own thoughts, listen to the silence between your breaths and develop your awareness of infinite life yearning to express itself through the wonderful person you are. The Shift is at hand and we are privileged to witness and embrace it but it must begin for us within our own heart.

    –Marie C. Barrett 
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    The Winds of Change + International Leaders Update

    Company Logo

    by Adoley Odunton –

    Dear Friends,
    Are you feeling the winds of change? The old structures are dying and new ones are emerging in our businesses, relationships and our lives. It is an exciting time. Things are manifesting very quickly. “Thoughts” indeed “are things” and I find I think of something or someone and it shows up right away. Of course, that also means we need to be very mindful of our thoughts!

    Maybe you’ve been feeling a sense of urgency like I have – the need to complete the incompletions in your life and clear away the clutter. It feels as if the Universe is demanding that our old habits and ways of being that no longer serve us must die.

    So I’ve been underground the past few weeks, clearing the clutter, creating order and listening for what is next. I find many of my friends and clients are experiencing something similar. What about you?

    In the midst of the changes, I sometimes find I have those moments when I lose faith. And perhaps you do too. So I wanted to share a story of a recent encounter I had that helped deepen my faith and inspired a prayer in my new program Prayers that Heal. You can hear it by clicking on the link:

    A Prayer of Faith


    Update for our international readers:
    This past weekend twelve people were killed and 58 were injured in Aurora, Colo., during a sold-out midnight premiere of the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” when 24-year-old James Holmes armed in riot gear, unloaded four weapons’ full of ammunition into the unsuspecting crowd. This is the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.

    The story echoes that of the senseless slaughter of 69 teens on a Norwegian Island last year, continual suicide bombings around the globe and the terrorizing of the Syrian people by the Assad regime. This prayer is for Colorado but it applies to all such situations.

    Beloved Spirit,
    Wrap your arms around the sweet young souls we have lost,
    Hold their loved ones close to your heart.
    Comfort them, love them and help them find peace
    May they feel the love and support we send with our
    thoughts and our prayers.
    May they find comfort in the depths of despair
    And grace in the midst of grief

    We pray for the soul of the shooter
    We place him in your hands
    We pray for his family and loved ones

    Help us all to open our hearts so that we can heal
    the dark places within us
    So we can find the love, compassion and wisdom
    to help heal others
    Give us the wisdom, inspiration and courage
    to actively work to create a loving and peace-filled world.

    And so it is.



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