Awareness & Heart-Centered Consciousness Usher in a Golden Age

Awareness & Heart-Centered Consciousness Ushers in A New Golden Age
 by Stewart Pearce – 
We hold the great gift of creative free will as a precious jewel beyond compare. For at conception after only fifty cellular replications, we become a hundred trillion cells, and this is more than all the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Your whole being is a compass that has the potential to navigate not just this life, but to exist in many dimensions simultaneously, as a way of deducing the ultimate destiny of creativity itself — the art of heartfelt love painted on the vast canvas of creation.
Awareness calls us far beyond the tangled web of the current geopo­litical, social and financial vicissitudes, as we create a new paradigm by restoring heaven on earth. This means we move to new light as quickly as we move from the deepest slumber to the world of waking by dawn arising.
You see, our bodies have been genetically designed to allow self-awareness to surf on the crest of creation’s wave, to allow a projection of eternity to be fully realized on the screen of humanity, fully interacting with the density of Earth’s matter. In this many have evidence of the One, for it is through this power that we may recognize our purpose, our calling, and our ultimate destiny.

Embracing the Vibration of Love 

Through Heart-Centered Consciousness

If we embrace the vibration of love through continuous moments of heart-centered consciousness, with the degree of conviction that gestures ‘love is all there is’, we blast open the furnace of our spiritual foundry full of conviction, and the intelligent compassion of an ancient way of loving sears through our living. With this passion a trajectory to heaven is forged!
Behind us, lies a rough landscape of challenging definition, strewn with the debris of our growth pains, for we often encounter chaos when entering the depths of the shadow. But, when we have brushed off the dust of darker periods, we see that we are freshly illumined by the notion of our soul’s loving consciousness in union with the divine — constant, eternal and forever brimming with the unconditional fervour of the passion that love and creativity bring.

Collaboration Rather Than Competition: 

The Next Evolutionary Step for Mankind

Awareness & Heart-Centered Consciousness Ushers in A New Golden Age
Co-creation is the Angels fervent wish for us, as it already exists for them, and in the belief that collaboration rather than competition is the next evolutionary step for mankind. For within all humans is the vibration of the temporal and the eternal, as we are a galactic species that may span the gulf between the invisible and the visible, between the mystery and the explicable, between faith and doubt. Therefore, through us a new cycle of creation may occur, which brings new worlds into form, and that allows us to perceive we are reflections of a unique connection with the divine.
What creates the great diversity of creation for Homo sapiens is their ability to move freely wherever they will, as they transit these possibilities. It is within this force that all new knowledge is gained, because it is at this level of Earth counsel that the known meets the unknown, and the diver­sity maximizes such learning opportunities.

May Each Moment Become a 

Unique Moment of Love Unfolding

The Angels wish you well with your journey, praying and praising, as they do that each moment for you becomes a unique moment of love un­folding, as you sojourn the extent of your chosen incarnation. For this life of yours is a chosen path, unfolding as your soul decrees, bringing you moments of rare evolution as a force of spirited consciousness within the Cosmos.
The greatest relevance, developed in recent centuries of time, is the consistent evolution of global communication through the medium of the Internet, and as a consequence of communication technology the educa­tion of the Angels has rapidly leapt forward, completing the promise of an age-old prophecy first scribed in Atlantis.

A ‘Viral’ Response to Planetary Awakening

We might achieve the optimal objective of a free-flow, fluid transition into a new Golden Age, because a ‘viral’ response to planetary awakening could occur at any time. We saw such dramatic whispers of planetary consciousness during the early months of 2011, in the release of the old paradigm Patriarchal restraints, within the countries of Egypt and Libya, and beyond. Most significantly, within the surface energy of a mass belief system that holds many from the beauty of unconditional love, we saw a definite change.
Similarly, four billion inhabitants of Planet Earth watched suspended within satellite communications, viewing the gracious and surprisingly in­nocent wedding of two young people who became the Duke and Duch­ess of Cambridge. This was an unprecedented spectacle of imaginative combustion. For through their solemn, yet joyous oath making, these two young people created a force of love and joy that are positioned as oracular devices in all our hearts and souls. This was the stuff that dreams are made on, by which a greater freedom may be known.

A Distinct Phase of Human Evolution: 

New Paradigms, New Management, New Insights

We sit pivoted at the tipping point of a great meta-historical event, where those of our species are triumphantly made conscious, where mankind becomeskind-man , where the love of power becomes the power of love, and the love of life is never the same again. This will signal a dis­tinct phase of human evolution, creating new paradigms, new boundaries, new management, new insights, and new loving – about which the Angels of Atlantis are our constant inspiration, and for which my deepest gratitude bubbles over in the fervent celebration of their truth, wisdom, love and constant unconditional loving support. May your dreams be always fair!

This article was adapted with permission from the book:
by Stewart Pearce

Based on the teachings of the 12 archangels of Atlantis, this spiritual resource reveals how to become aligned with their power and wisdom. A series of exercises awakens the archetypal guidance of each incredible force, creating a spiritual environment in which joy and well-being are sustainable.

About the Author

Stewart Pearce is a world renowned Voice Coach with a career spanning three decades, enhancing the presentations of wonderful people like Vanessa Redgrave, Diana Princess of Wales and Anita Roddick. Stewart was Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy from 1980-1997, and Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe from 1997-2008. Stewart is also an inveterate Sound Healer, Seer and Angel Medium, having received a body of work through Angelic transmission during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. This temple of sound healing teaches the intelligence and compassion of the heart through the breath of the song of the soul. Visit his website at

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