10 Tips for Quickly Relieving Stress

by Sonia Choquette – 
Let’s face it. Life is stressful. And when we are under stress we suffer. It’s bad for our health. It leaves us feeling drained and tired. It fogs our brains. It causes us to disconnect from others. It makes it difficult to concentrate, and robs us of the ability to respond creatively in life. It’s not good for us, and when under stress, and let’s face it, it’s not good for those around us either. So it’s helpful to have a few stress busting techniques to reach for when it starts to creep up on you and take you hostage. 
Here are a few of my favorite busters. They are easy to do and work wonders when I need them most, like right before I give a public presentation or when running late to catch a plane or find myself stuck in traffic or when talking to someone who is being very difficult or when I find myself running behind schedule and am afraid I am going to get in big trouble for it. In other words, at least once a day, every day. 
Try them yourself and see if you find them as helpful for relieving stress as I do.

  • Open your mouth wide enough to hear a click in your ears and inhale deeply, followed by an audible exhale releasing the sound AAHHH! Repeat until relaxed. Three times should do it.
  • Sing the song D-Re-Mi from the Sound of Music. Each note corresponds with one of the seven chakras and calms the entire nervous system and lifts your mood.
  • Breathe in deeply and slowly and as you exhale, notice something you’ve not noticed before in your immediate environment and name it out loud. Such as “Pattern in the rug.” Then breathe. “The scratch on the desk.” Breathe. “The different colors on the coffee cup.” Breathe. “The design on the base of the lamp.” Breathe. Keep noticing and saying out loud things in full view that you have never noticed before. Do this for at least thirty seconds to one minute. This stops your brain from racing forward and back in time and centers you in the present moment, thus relaxing you.
  • Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and right behind your front teeth. Next, purse your lips and exhale to the count of eight as though blowing out a birthday candle. Next, inhale to the count of seven, followed by holding your breath to the count of four. Then repeat. This easy breathing technique calms your thoughts and refreshes your body, inviting stress to flow out and relaxation to flow in. 
  • Anytime you feel overwhelmed by stress, bend your knees and wiggle them back and forth as fast as possible for ten seconds, and then squeeze your buttocks cheeks together while letting out a very loud and resounding “AAAAHHHHHHH!” as though screaming all the stress right out of your body. Then relax. It not only relieves you of the stress consuming your every cell but also makes you and anyone around you laugh out loud.
  • Start naming, out loud, one thing at a time, every single thing that you are or feel afraid of right now. Start by naming the thing you fear most in the moment, and then take in a deep breath. Next, name something you notice right in front of you. Then repeat. Again, name something you fear most right now. Breathe, and then again name something you see right in front of you. Do this until you can’t name any more fears. 
  • Do my favorite yoga pose. Pull the corners of your mouth to the ears, and hold it. Maintain this pose for at least thirty seconds. Then release.
  • Thump your chest with your fist and let out the sound “HA! as loud as possible. Repeat. HA! HA! HA! Then laugh.
  • Sing your favorite Broadway show tune at the top of your lungs.
  • Put your thumb and forefinger together and close your eyes. Breathe in, while saying the words “I am,” and then exhale saying, “Calm.” Feel the calm flowing from your heart, through your body, and out of your fingertips. Do this as many times as needed.
These are all simple, easy, silly, effective and fun. Try them all and see which one works best for you. Most of all, just remember this too shall pass and with breath, it will pass faster and leave you less stressed along the way.

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The Realm of Spirit

by Sonia Choquette –

Listen to Your Heart:

Discovering your Spirit is tremendously exciting and liberating. Yet, to simply hear about doing so isn’t the same thing. Friends can tell you all about their wonderful trip to Europe for example, complete with a video documentary and souvenirs but you won’t really discover Europe until you actually go there yourself.

The same holds true for the realm of Spirit. 
You won’t really know the power of your Spirit until you connect with it directly through meditation, mindful and conscious awareness of your negative ego patterns, conscious breathing to break out of those patterns and the decision to tune in to your Spirit every day.
To genuinely discover your Spirit, stop talking, stop reading and start listening to your heart. Be silent long enough to feel your Divine self within. There is no other way to truly live.
Close your eyes and calmly breathe in and out through your nose. Start with a sigh or two to help you relax. Tell yourself that you will no longer put aside the need to connect with your Spirit, your authentic self. Feel the power of your own Divine creative spark.
With your next breath, let all of your tension go and simply be for a moment or two, even longer if possible. Enjoy sitting and breathing deeply, empty of all thought, free of any agenda and in the moment.  
Feel this vibration of being connected to Source. Notice how peaceful, content and even energized you feel. This is the power of your Spirit and it’s available to you at all times. It is the real you. Remember this.

Take a few moments every day to sit in silence and turn your full awareness inward to connect with your Spirit. It can be a moment in the shower or just after parking your car. It can be as you wash your hands before dinner or while you wait for the train on your way home from work. It can be while folding laundry or watering your plants. These moments of silence can occur anytime and anyplace. The more you learn to tune in wherever you are, the easier it will become.
There’s no need to focus on any particular thing as you do so. Simply listen to your inner voice, much like you would listen to a person speaking to you on the phone. Just give that voice your full attention.
It may take a moment or two for the mental chatter of your ego to quiet down so you can hear. Be patient because it will. Relax as you listen. Your Spirit has powerful guidance to offer, so give it your full attention at least for a few minutes. Be aware of any intuitive hits, bright ideas, flashes, or creative thoughts that may cross your mind. They will arise quickly and leave just as quickly, so it’s important to be aware of their subtlety. You may hear them in your mind; or you might feel, sense, see, or simply notice them. Or all of the above!
Get used to noticing these subtle flashes of insight and intuition, in whatever guise they appear. One effective way to do so is to speak them out loud as they appear in your mind so that you capture them before they slip away. 
Once you vocalize your heart-centered awareness, you don’t have to do anything else. Just feel your feelings, letting them sink in. Allow them to visit you without chasing them away or having to justify themselves. Simply get the feel for your Spirit and how it communicates with you.
Spirit can be best felt in silence. If you pay close attention, you can actually distinguish the feeling of intuition and Spirit from that of your ego-based intelligence. 
Spirit leaves you feeling expanded, peaceful, surprised and inspired; you’re left with an open heart and mind. Ego, on the other hand, leaves you feeling tense and contracted; you’re left with a closed or defensive heart and mind.
The more you practice sitting in silence for a few short moments, the more quickly you can intercept these often highly subtle outreaches from your Spirit. When silent, you feel the inner vibration of Spirit in your heart. It’s warm yet powerful; strong yet kind. It is direct, always unconditionally loving. The more you feel it, the more you will recognize it, and the more you will be moved by it.
excerpt from The Power of Your Spirit


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Using Your Sixth Sense

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by Sonia Choquette –


Let energetic bursts of intuition guide your soul! I’ve spent most of my life helping people realize on an intuitive level that we’re all spiritual beings endowed with six, not five, senses. What’s even more important is that we need that sixth sense to fulfill our life’s purpose and to be peaceful and happy. Our sixth or psychic sense is not a physical sense like the other five—it’s more of a spiritual sense, which is connected to our soul body and centered in the heart.

Having six senses brings with it an innate sense of security, confidence, and courage, which those stuck in a five-sensory paradigm fail to have. We know that our spirits live on after death, so we don’t fight against the tides of life. We don’t fear death and get caught in the undertow of mortal anxiety; instead, we surf the waves of life gracefully and with faith because we know that we have help behind the scenes and that we’re eternal. Above all, people who trust their vibes realize that love is the magic potion that gives us our wings.

Your sixth sense invites you to partner with your Higher Self. And like any partnership, trust and confidence will develop naturally as you get to know one another. In other words, as you become more familiar with your spirit, the trust will evolve on its own.

The best way I know how to begin this partnership is to get a small pocket notebook that you can carry with you at all times. Every time you get a hunch, gut feeling, “Aha!” moment, hit, sense, vibe, or any other input from your sixth sense, jot it down in your notebook. Don’t let your ego censor, judge, discriminate, or in any way edit the information or feelings you receive. Don’t worry if your vibes feel silly, irrelevant, irrational, or stupid; or if you think that what you feel is nothing more than your imagination. Write it all down anyway. Your mind will see that every vibe you have makes sense in one way or another over time.

You won’t have to trust me; you’ll have the evidence. As I tell my students, if you record your vibes faithfully for three weeks, all your doubts will start to shrink and give way to growing confidence because you will have collected solid evidence that your sixth sense is worth trusting.

excerpt from ‘Trust Your Vibes’


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Activating Your Sixth Sense

by Sonia Choquette, Ph.D. –

One of the best ways to assist your evolution into higher consciousness and stabilize your sixth sense so that you become an evolved being is to pray. Prayer immediately raises your personal vibration and ushers more light into your body, opens your heart chakra, which in turn activates your sixth sense and connects you with your Higher Self.

Prayer isn’t complicated or difficult. It is simply the practice of communicating on an intimate heart-to-heart level with your Creator. When you pray you ask your personal ego to step aside and you surrender your personal energy over to a Higher Power, asking it to work through you, to bring about balance and healing. Prayer allows Divine power to do for you what your own personal power and resources operating on a five sensory level can’t.

Just in case you don’t already know this, in blind study after blind study, research shows that prayer works, so even science confirms that prayer is probably a good idea. Prayer heals. Prayer calms. Prayer strengthens. Prayer balances and restores order. Prayer attracts solutions that we could never even imagine possible, which is what we call miracles. Prayer is a direct link to heaven and keeps us plugged into our source.

Some people wonder if there is a correct way to pray. I believe the answer to this is, “Yes, there is. Your way.” Prayer is such a personal and intimate connection with Divine Source that the right way to pray is in whatever way you personally intuitively feel moved to pray. After all, prayer, like everything else soulful, is an art, and your prayer is your art.

The other day I went to my computer to log onto the Internet for something and much to my dismay there was something wrong with my computer and I couldn’t establish the connection I had wanted to. I felt frustrated and really disappointed that I was unable to gain access to this vast and free resource when I really needed it. Praying is very similar to logging on to the Internet, only better. It is spiritually logging on to Divine Wisdom, the ultimate resource for needed support and guidance.

Like everything else that connects us to our sixth sense, prayer is most effective when practiced. That means we should pray all the time, until it becomes automatic. Pray when you first wake up in the morning. Pray when you take a shower. Pray before your drink your morning coffee and when you drive to work. Pray for direction, for the easiest and best way to get through your day. Pray for inspiration, and for your health. Pray for success in your projects and for patience when those around you get on your nerves. Pray for forgiveness and an open heart. Pray for the answer to your problems and where to find your car keys. Pray for creative inspiration and for better health. Pray to release the past and to open your mind and heart to a better future. Pray for the willingness to let go of the old and outdated and reach out for something new. Pray for understanding. Pray for faith. Pray for peace. Pray for a happy heart in spite of everything. That’s just for starters. You can then begin to pray for others, and their well-being. Pray for your family, your job, and your co-workers. Pray for your enemies and your competition. And most of all, pray for the world and world peace. In fact, pray for everything you can think of.

When you pray you instantly raise your personal vibration to a higher and more harmonious energy pattern. This higher vibration has a healing effect on your physical and emotional body. It calms your anxiety, soothes your nerves, and eases your tension. It has helped relieve high blood pressure, lift depression, and cure sickness, although the scientists aren’t sure how. In fact prayer has even been known to cause miracles!

Prayer is basic training for anyone who wants to become a six-sensory being. It not only opens you up to receiving assistance from a higher power, it also relieves you of the stress of “figuring things out” for yourself. Prayer simply turns things over to Divine Source for solution and takes the pressure off of you. One of the hallmarks of a six sensory being is the absence of worry over how things will work out.

There are no instructions when it comes to prayer. Pray whenever you feel like it, about anything you feel like, and in whatever way you feel like. Don’t worry if you are doing it right. God knows better than you what you mean and need. The point of prayer is not so much what you pray for, or how, because we are often confused when we pray, but that in praying we are allow for Divine Spirit to enter into our hearts and into our lives to straighten things out. The beauty of prayer is that with it God does straighten things out and always better than we could have asked for or imagined.


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Feed Your Spirit

by Sonia Choquette, PhD –

Before you can begin to recognize the presence of your spirit guides, you must first recognize your own beautiful spirit. When growing up, my mother referred to us as spirits and we the same to her. She’d often ask, “What does your spirit want?” or “What does your spirit say?” in casual conversation. Knowing I was spirit made it much easier to connect with other spirits on this and other planes who could help me. Learning to see yourself as a spirit may be a brand-new concept, but it is the truth of who you are, who we all are. I grew up viewing myself and others as spirit and readily accepted the concept, but the power of that truth was never made as evident as when my eldest daughter, Sonia, was born.

I remember when she first came into the world how totally calm and serene, even Buddha-like she was, immobile and slightly blue. Then, with a powerful surge she took her first breath, and with a tremendous force she suddenly came alive. Her color changed from blue to bright pink, and she let out a wail to let the world know she had arrived. Right there, before my eyes, I witnessed her spirit enter her body and bring her to life with that breath. Ever since, I cannot look at another human being, myself included, without thinking that we, too, had a similar moment. Recognizing that it is your spirit that gives you life helps you appreciate the formidable force that is you.

Though we all share the same eternal breath of life, it manifests differently in each of us and in all things. The best way to connect with your own spirit is to start by recognizing what makes you come alive. Your spirit has its own presence, its own unique vibration that is totally distinct from your personality, which to a large degree is formed as a defensive shield around your spirit. Begin to wonder what your unique spirit is really like.

Getting in touch with your own spirit is the first step in getting in touch with spirit guidance. How would you describe your spirit? Not your mind, not your body, but the eternal, fiery life force called you. Is it gentle? Passionate? Commanding? Tentative? Creative? Shy? Playful? Where in your life do you feel competent? What activities engage you so fully that you lose yourself? What lifts your spirit?

Next, begin noticing what feeds your spirit. By this I mean, what experiences, activities, and energies give you strength, fortify and nourish you at your core, leave you feeling satisfied, content with life, and comfortable in your own skin? What activities, experiences, and energies delight and surprise you, draw you into life, help you embrace life head-on, leaving you at peace within yourself?

Start by paying close attention to your day-to-day life. Recognize the moments when you feel fully engaged and peacefully involved. What are you doing? Focus on activities that leave you with a sense of contentment and satisfaction. Better yet, note when you laugh, feel light-hearted, and weightless in your skin. These are the moments that your spirit is responding to. These are the experiences that open you up to the larger world of spirit guides.

Start raising your sensitivity to your spirit by being very aware of and honest about how you feel. Responding to your spirit and giving it what it needs leaves you feeling satisfied and peaceful.

For some of you, knowing what your spirit needs may be perfectly clear, so go at it and begin to respond. Don’t worry that feeding your spirit will wreak havoc in your life; a little goes a long way when it comes to being sensitive and responsive to your spirit.

If you love nature, for example, a guilt-free walk or run through a park or nature preserve, or a few hours in the garden once a week is all that’s necessary to feed and restore your spirit. The key word here is guilt-free.

If you love shopping and exploring exotic places, a few hours in new neighborhoods, new stores will do the trick. You don’t have to buy or buy much to satisfy your love of adventure. Just enjoy the variety of the outing without excuse or apology for taking time for yourself.

If you have been so disconnected from your spirit that you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. If you are genuinely open to the idea of reconnecting, with a little exploration you’ll remember.

These exercises are a powerful way to reconnect with your spirit and become sensitive once again to what feeds it. The key is to know there is no correct way to feed your spirit other than to become interested, curious, sensitive, and above all, responsive to what nurtures you at your core. Feeding your spirit on a regular basis helps you become more sensitive to the spirit in all things, which opens the gateway to connecting to and being supported by your spirit guides.

Do you know how to feed your spirit? Try this…

* Listening to uplifting music.
* Singing
* Taking long, luxurious baths filled with scented bath salts.
* Meditating
* Filling your home with fresh flowers and potted plants.
* Doing nothing.
* Taking walks.
* Filling your bedroom with candles and good pillows.
* Reading exotic travel magazines.
* Giving your body a good workout.
* Praying.
* Slowing down in everything you do.
* Laughing


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Listening With Your Heart

by Sonia Choquette –

When my mother was a young woman, she suffered a severe case of rheumatic fever that caused her to gradually lose her hearing in both ears. By the time I was born, the loss was pronounced, so I grew up with a mom who was nearly deaf. She took it all in stride and used to tell us, “It’s not a problem for me because Divine Spirit gives us two ways to listen-with our ears and, more important, with our heart.” In my family, the second approach was emphasized. “It’s interesting,” my mother would say, “that when you use your heart, your ears work better, too.”

My mom’s lesson gave us a six-sensory perspective from our earliest years. It influenced how we took in information and helped us become aware of not only the content of a message, but its intent or essence as well. I learned to listen from my heart both by noticing how my mother tuned in to her own inner guidance, and by experiencing her great attention to what I had to say. Although she struggled at times to discern my words, I always knew that she was keenly interested in understanding me. In short, I felt heard.

Sometimes when we talked to my mom, she closed her eyes and energetically sensed our communication. Her heart-based orientation opened pathways between all my family members-one that conveyed connection and meaning that mere speech failed to register. This channel was open even when we said nothing . . . it was as though our dialogue had moved up an octave and we conversed on a purer, telepathic level.

Inner knowing is actually the art and practice of listening with the heart, for that’s where the voice of higher wisdom speaks. I believe that we all start out in life attuned to this source. Just reflect on kids’ acute perception and natural ability to absorb whatever comes their way-both content and intent-in its entirety. They pick up absolutely everything that’s “in the air.” In fact, I’ve seen them register the truth of a situation, whether good or bad, faster than the adults around them. And babies naturally relax around people who are at ease with them, while they fuss or scream at those who may smile and coo but are really uncomfortable or afraid. Infants feel the difference in their hearts.

I recall that when I was about five years old, I came home from kindergarten one day and was filled with a strong sense of dread and sadness. I worried and wondered what was wrong. Even though there were no obvious signs of trouble, my heart felt something wasn’t quite right.

That evening, my grandmother, who lived with us, had a stroke in the backyard. I’ll never forget that when the ambulance came to get her, I wasn’t surprised. I’d felt that something was about to happen, even though I wasn’t sure what! Now I realized that it was about Grandma. I don’t know whether she or my parents were aware that she was ill, or if her stroke was a shock for them, but I do know that my vibes had warned me.

Our inner source of wisdom is centered in the heart and offers us a broader, deeper perspective and understanding. It brings our attention to the unseen, subtle aspects of life and directs us toward a more creative, loving, and insightful approach to difficulties.

We all feel heart-based connections from time to time because it’s our nature to do so. The problems arise when we tune out or doubt this awareness and surrender to the world of outside appearances and opinions instead.

Many people fear having a point of view that’s different from others’. Therefore, even when their heart gives them clear guidance, they’ll often discount or ignore its message. For example, my husband used to amuse himself by playing a goofy game he made up called “10:15.” When Patrick went to parties, he’d ask other guests, “What time do you have?” No matter what they answered, he’d reply, “That’s funny . . . my watch says it’s 10:15.” Then he’d observe how many of them would question the accuracy of their own watches before doubting his. Sometimes the number was as high as 80 percent! It just goes to show how easily we can be thrown into uncertainty, believing that someone else knows better.

Children are especially vulnerable to losing their faith in themselves unless you teach them otherwise. They need to learn from you that it’s important to tune in to and trust their inner guidance and not be afraid to express what they feel-even if it contradicts what others tell them. When you show kids how to listen to their hearts and honor what they know, you affirm their intuition.

My daughter Sabrina is a naturally spontaneous girl when it comes to following her vibes because we’ve always encouraged her to do so. She never hesitates to communicate her feelings. When she was only three years old, she attended preschool; and one time when I went to pick her up, her teacher shared this story about what had happened that day: Ms. Agnes thought that her young students were being difficult and unruly, and she was having a hard time being patient with them. Finally, she sent the entire class to the corner to take a “time-out.” There they sat, hanging their heads in shame for several minutes, when suddenly Sabrina whispered something to them. They all nodded in silent, enthusiastic agreement.

A moment later, Sabrina stood up, very gently tiptoed over to the teacher’s desk, and quietly said,

“Ms. Agnes, I’m worried about you. We’re all feeling fine in the corner. Would you like to sit with us over there until you feel better, too?”

Sabrina smiled meekly and then tiptoed back to her corner and sat down once again. Her teacher burst out laughing, feeling as though she’d been caught. She ended the children’s time-out and took a break herself.

Ms. Agnes told me that the truth was that the kids hadn’t misbehaved more than usual. In fact, she was the one who had been out of balance. She’d had a big disagreement with her husband that morning and was still agitated when she arrived at school. In spite of her efforts to get on with the day, the argument continued to bother her and made her very cranky. She admitted that Sabrina had been right in sensing that it was her teacher who needed to feel better and that the preschoolers weren’t the problem. She also said that she admired Sabrina’s awareness and courage in expressing herself.

It’s important to understand that children naturally listen with their hearts. As parents, we need to follow their good example and affirm for them how intuitive this is, even if the rest of the world has forgotten how to do so.

If kids aren’t censured or subjected to an environment in which inner awareness is discouraged-and if they’re allowed to feel and freely share their deepest emotions-they’ll establish an extremely solid connection to their higher wisdom. They’ll remain conscious of the vital messages of their sixth sense and look to their hearts for verification.

It Begins with Listening

Learning to listen with the heart begins with training yourself to focus on what someone’s trying to communicate. I recently tuned in to a radio program that reported that most people hear only 50 percent of what’s said, and retain just 20 percent of that information for more than an hour. I wonder what percentage of true attention parents have available for their children.

Real listening means just that-it’s not interrupting, fixing, solving, cutting off, or shutting down your kids before they fully express what they have to say. Don’t let impatience cause you to start speaking before they’re finished, for the great majority of all problems in relationships (including the one with your own intuition) stem from someone’s feeling of not being heard.

When your children are upset or angry, or simply need to share something with you, practice giving them your full attention.. If they’re squabbling with their siblings, listen to each individual, one at a time. Make a rule in your home that when people are mad or need to speak, they can talk about everything that’s bothering them, without censorship or interruption, on the condition that they use a calm tone of voice. They shouldn’t be allowed to scream or insult anyone while expressing their problem. This doesn’t mean that you must always agree with what they say, but you do need to care enough to allow your children to openly communicate their feelings.

I realize that it can be very hard to listen sometimes, especially if you’re overtired or in a hurry. Unfortunately, these are usually the moments your kids will approach you. Because it’s often inconvenient or even impossible to truly pay attention when you’re feeling harried, agree with them in advance on a regular time-perhaps just before bed-when you’ll actively concentrate on what they want to tell you. Then honor that commitment. Pick the best and most realistic time of day, when you can be completely present and won’t be uninterrupted.

Establishing this routine takes great effort and patience, but it’s highly worthwhile and is a terrific catalyst for awakening intuition. In order to become balanced and grounded, we all need to get in touch with and express our feelings-including anger-and be heard. This ritual will clear the air, keep you attuned to your inner voice and your kids’ true needs, and help build the basis for a solid relationship with your own “Inner Teacher.”

excerpt from ‘Intuitive Spark’


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Right vs Wrong Intuition

by Sonia Choquette

As you begin to tune into the world of energy, there are times when you may experience what appear to be false alarms. For example you may have a worrisome feeling and yet it turns out that everything is just fine. Does that mean that your intuition isn’t reliable.

Not necessarily. When it comes to intuition, being ‘right’ shouldn’t be your absolute goal. Especially when you just beginning to become more sensitive to energy. Accurately picking up on energy is a refined skill that develops with lots of practice and lots of errors if you are to become good at it. And besides, if you pick up troubling vibes, you may tuning into a precarious moment where real danger or imbalance does exist but the situation may right itself somehow before it becomes evolved into a real problem. After all energy is not fixed but always in a state of motion.

A client of mine told me about her experience with her daughter. Janice, the very intuitive and aware mother of a 17-year-old daughter named Lisa, offered to chaperone Lisa and her girlfriends on a spring break trip to Cancun. Wanting to give her daughter ‘space’ while still being present, Janice stayed in a separate room during the five days they would be there. One morning, Lisa told her mother that she and her friends were going to the beach and they agreed to meet at 5:00 for dinner. All day long Janice had a terrible feeling around her daughter’s vibration. She felt that her daughter was not okay. This feeling fluctuated from mild worry to moments of real psychic upset. “What s going on with Lisa?” she asked herself, certain something was off. Finally she calmed down, surrounded Lisa with white light and gradually the anxiety passed.

Finally 5:00 rolled around and Janice called her daughter’s room. “Lisa’s in the shower,” said Chris, one of Lisa’s roommates, “Hold on, I’ll see if she’s out”.

While she was waiting, Janice could hear the girls talking and overheard Chris say, “Thank God I stopped Lisa from having sex on the beach today!” Janice almost dropped the phone. No wonder I was so upset! Janice thought. What was Lisa thinking? What were the girls up to? A moment later Lisa picked up the phone, “Hi, Mom!” she said, sounding like her usual cheerful self.

“Lisa,” Janice said containing her righteous indignation and alarm. “I need to talk to you! Please come up to my room right now.” Lisa strolled into Janice’s room a few minutes later and sat down. Unable to restrain herself any longer, Janice blurted out, “Lisa, I overheard Chris say that she stopped you from having sex on the beach! Now what on earth were you doing?””

Lisa was surprised and puzzled. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, mom. We were together the whole time.” “Lisa, I had terrible vibes about you all afternoon. There’s no point in trying to cover up. I felt you were up to something myself!”

Lisa seemed confused for the moment and then burst out laughing. “I’m sorry, Mom! I just figured it out!. Sex On The Beach is the name of the tequila shooters they were selling at the beach bar and I was thinking of trying one. “

Greatly relieved, even Janice had to laugh. Were Janice’s vibes off? I don’t think so. A 17-year old girl should not be drinking tequila shooters, much less in a foreign country! Did Janice’s prayers and visualizations help? Well, Lisa never did have Sex On The Beach.

Picking up vibrations is not about ‘right or wrong’. It’s about tuning into energy in motion and keeping it balanced. Our energy is fluid, mobile and alive. It isn’t static. It changes with the circumstances. Lisa was temporarily in a position to cause damage to herself, which Janice accurately tuned into. But perhaps it was because of Janice’s intuitive feeling and her subsequent prayers that she actually turned the situation around and restored balance. I believe it was.

So don’t allow your intellect to get hung up on “being right versus wrong” when it comes to listening to your intuition. Though you may feel and even look foolish at times the benefit you receive in terms of loving guidance and protection is well worth occasionally playing the fool.