When Worlds Collide

by Evita Ochel –

Understanding the Challenges of Life on Planet Earth:

Right now as you read this, you know yourself to be living on a planet called Earth in a physical incarnation that you share with about 7 billion other people and over 8 billion other living species. In this solar system that we are in, we think of ourselves as being one race of human beings, sharing one planet and one reality. But do we really?
When we examine this fact on a deeper level of awareness, we begin to realize that there are many more worlds within this one world that we envision ourselves to be living in. What is more so, is that there are numerous realities as well. And I am not even talking here about the heavy duty ideas of quantum physics, parallel Universes or multiple dimensions.

I am simply talking about the fact that each one of us, being a physical individuation of source energy, is its own world and reality.

This means that we have about 7 billion worlds sharing 1 planet.

Although the idea may be simple for us to grasp and know conceptually, the depth of this idea has major implications for understanding life here on this planet. It opens up a whole new understanding when we move past the concept, and actually apply it.
If we look at the state of the world today, 10 years ago, 100 years ago or even 1000 years ago, we see that although much has changed, one thing remains the same. We cannot seem to get on the same page of understanding when it comes to life on this planet. Why is this? Why is it so hard for us to apply concepts that should be so fundamental to increasing the quality of life for all, especially when we have the means to do so? 
Take the idea of peace for example. 

It cannot be argued that it would improve everyone’s lives, yet we choose not to apply peace on this planet, both personally and collectively. It can be done tomorrow worldwide if we really wanted to but we don’t. This is just one example of what happens when worlds collide.

We May Be One, But We Are Each Unique

In recent years the phrase “we are all one” has gained increasing popularity. It is used by many in spiritual and non-spiritual circles alike, often indiscriminately. I used to use this phrase too, and sometimes still do, but today in a very different way. What I have noticed is that many who use this phrase, often use it in a way that strips us of our unique individuation and diminishes the purpose of our individuality.
In my experience thus far, yes, we are all one meaning we have all come from the same source of creation, but this does not make us all the same. And although this may seem obvious to you, I feel it all too often gets lost in many spiritually oriented people who are trying to take on a conceptual “love and peace” view of the world, rather than an experiential one. We may all have the same general purpose of spiritual evolution, but our unique purpose and how we see or experience reality is very different.
This is not meant to divide us or make us focus on our differences, rather than our similarities. Instead it is meant to acknowledge the gift of uniqueness that we each are. 

In allowing myself to explore this idea, I have come to grasp why so much misunderstanding, chaos and confusion exists in our world today. We are simply trying to merge everyone into the same reality.

To do this however, goes against the basic law of free will. 

This is why people speak about love, but what the concept of love actually means to each person is so different. The same goes for similar concepts like peace, compassion, equality and so on. We each understand these concepts through our lens of reality, through our personal state of awareness and evolution to that point.
Similarly, this message is also not meant to depress us, but rather to empower us to be more understanding of the different levels of existence and concepts shared on this planet, as to why things are the way they are.

We may think we are all talking about the same things but more often than not, we aren’t. Billions of different worlds are colliding and the final outcome is a rather disorganized state of affairs, where most have to learn through life the hard way.

Artwork by Cameron Gray

You Are Your Own World and Reality

And so, as many of us think that we live in one world, the truth is we do. However, this is not the world we are thinking of. The one world we live in, is our personal world. Each of us comes into this life and physical incarnation at a different level of evolution, we are then conditioned by the various cultural, religious and political influences depending on where each physical incarnation takes place. 
This builds various biases, beliefs and perceptions about the world as we know it. Most of us continue life at this pace, possibly with some small bursts of various awakenings that may change some of these patterns. Others, may have major awakenings and drastically shift the course of their lives, sometimes even multiple times.
The most important thing to note here is that there really are as many worlds co-existing on this planet as there are human beings.

Each one of us lives in our own world, with its own perceived reality. Embracing our unique qualities and individual paths is not a bad thing that should be seen as separating, rather than uniting us.

In order to fully grasp the wholeness of who we are and really put the phrase “we are one” into action, rather than as just a concept, we have to embrace our own unique purpose and individuality first. Just as, in order for a seed to know itself as being part of the planet, it has to experience itself as a plant first. The same goes for us.
When we embrace our unique individuation, purpose and level of existence, we can then begin to see how we fit into the whole. 

This is where I feel many people in spiritual areas have skipped a necessary step. This being, to fully embrace yourself first, before you can embrace the totality of all creation. You get to know the whole by first getting to know the parts that make it so. Thus to understand the external world, we need to first understand the internal parts that make it up.

Spiritual Grades of Evolution

To best summarize what I mean by all of this, I’d like to use a simple analogy that all of us are familiar with based on the current model of education that spans from kindergarten through college. Through this analogy it is my intention to help you see and understand why our Earth is in the state that it is. And again, the state I am referring to is neither bad or good. It is simply a disorganized state, where we are not living from a state of high efficiency or coherence.
To illustrate this, I want you to imagine the following scenario. 

You have just arrived in a brand new country that you know nothing about. As part of your tour of their culture, you are taken to visit a local school. You walk into a classroom and you notice something odd that you have never seen back in the schools of your own country. This classroom is full of kids of all ages and they are all trying to learn together. You notice some kindergarteners, a high percentage of elementary school kids, some high school kids and a handful of college kids. 

All of these beings are trying to learn and coexist together. 

 The teacher is of course trying to do the best job they can by adhering most of the curriculum to the high percentage of elementary school kids, and so this leaves a lot of the kindergarten kids restless and getting into all sorts of trouble, while it leaves the college kids bored or frustrated. 

The older kids often try helping the younger ones understand the concepts before them, and while this works sometimes, other times it is a useless endeavor. The older kids soon realize that the younger kids can only grasp certain things at different levels of their development and there is no point in trying to teach them the same things they are learning themselves, or things they are not yet ready for.
Okay, so let’s come back from the visualization. I am sure you have guessed it by now as to the purpose of that scenario. This is the easiest way to envision very much what is happening here on Earth.

Planet Earth is like one giant classroom. 

It is fun, it is exciting, sometimes the lessons are easy and sometimes they are hard. But the biggest challenge in this classroom is being with kids of all ages and at all very different levels of learning. This is how I have come to see and understand planet Earth.

We may all be one, coming from the same source, but we are all at very unique levels of our personal evolution.

It is this, that poses the greatest challenges on this planet.

Akasha by Elreviae

When we begin to see our planet from this perspective, we begin to understand why there are those of us who like the kindergardeners are only interested in fulfilling their own needs and captivated only by their own existence. Then there are all sorts of elementary school kids who are each at very different levels themselves. 
Some just want to play, while others actually want to learn something. Some are causing themselves all sorts of trouble, not yet understanding how this “school” works but as they want to figure things out for themselves, as kids often do, they won’t hear from the older kids about how things can be done differently.
Then there are the high school kids who are starting to see through the system and rebelling against it in all sorts of ways. They are often the activists who want to make a change, who want to be heard, who feel like they must do something. Then there are the college kids, again all at different levels of their personal mastery and specialization, who are starting to understand that the only way to change the world is by changing yourself.
If we compare life on this planet to other planets where life forms exist, what we know of so far is that one of the biggest reasons why our planet is so unique is because it breeds such diversity. What we know about other civilizations is that they are much more aligned to being at a similar level of evolution. This naturally makes it much easier for their societies to coexist together in peace or work for a common goal.
On our planet, because there are such wide variations of beings, this is very difficult to do. As you can imagine a 4th grader wants very different things than a 10th grader, or even a 7th grader! And so we have those on our planet who want to play with guns, those who have no problem killing others whether it be humans or animals, those who want to create beautiful architecture, or those who are interested in learning all they can about their existence. 
Also, since there is a greater predominance of elementary school kids, just as the teacher in the above example, our society is geared towards these elementary “grade levels”. And instead of “a” teacher, we have a system put in place to keep the majority under control in various ways, be it political, religious, etc.
To make matters more complex, yet fun, we are not all at the same level or grade with respect to every area of existence. 

For example, a being may be at a college level when it comes to mastering personal relationships, but at an 8th grade level when it comes to living in harmony with nature. To add to this, when we speak of people having “spiritual awakenings” or experiencing “enlightenment”, this does not mean one awakening in a conclusive sort of way.

We may each experience a spiritual awakening when it comes to a specific subject or at a whole grade level, which we can equate with graduation from that grade. This would happen when we equalize all areas of existence to be at least at that level of evolution, as we proceed to the next. Even along these levels, as each child in the same grade, we too have different interests and preferences. Even when we reach the college level, we are still not done, for we are then involved in an eternal journey of specialization and further self mastery.
This is also why we can begin to understand why sometimes something as simple as trying to have a conversation with others about topics which we may think we would all understand similarly, proves difficult.

Let’s use some more examples to further understand on a practical level. 

Think about the topic of abortion for example, a 3rd grader will have a completely different understanding of this topic compared to a 9th grader, compared to a college kid. (Remember we are using complex human topics in the context of grade school analogies.)

What peace means to a 1st grader is very different than what means peace to a 5th grader, and more importantly what each is willing to do in order to have peace. And so we can take any topic, the so called economy, politics, ethics, health or nutrition and understand why we have the misunderstandings and miscommunication we do.

We may be talking about the same things but each of our unique abilities to comprehend the vastness of each topic totally depends on our personal level of evolution. Ultimately, I am not sharing this so that you may try to figure out what supposed grade you or anyone else is in. That is not at all the point of this dialogue.

The point is to realize that we are all at different levels of our learning, thus of our personal evolution and spiritual development.
Concluding Thoughts
Although we are currently part of a collective reality on this planet, we each construct our own reality, based on our personal perspectives, past experiences, biases and level of evolution.

Our personally constructed reality is the most influential force in our lives.
We are all at different stages of spiritual evolution, or in different grades. And a 3rd grader is no better or worse than a 9th grader. “Better” and “worse” are simply constructs of an unconscious ego-mind that lives in the world of duality.
We each need to be tolerant of the fact that we are sharing a planet with many other beings of every level, just as kids of all ages in one classroom. The older kids need more patience with the younger kids, for we were all once there. While the younger kids can save themselves a lot of hurt and pain, if they so desire, by taking example from the older kids.
In order to create most effectively, you must align yourself with those that share similar worlds to yours. This does not mean people of the same religion or same political party, but beings who choose to perceive reality and vibrate at a similar frequency to you.
In the end, I do not have a solution for you, because technically there is no problem.

We simply have to recognize and understand the challenge before us, to be able to better get along with each other and create the lives and world we most want to experience. We each came to this planet, this time and many times before, knowing this challenge very well. In fact, this is one of the reasons why we come here at all, as contrast can cause us to learn and evolve the fastest.

It is why we tend to pick the families we do, religions, cultures and such. It can therefore be seen as a very positive, rather than negative thing, despite the challenges that it presents.

As long as we don’t get caught up in other people’s realities but see the bigger picture of what is going on, there is perhaps no better playground or classroom where we can have the chance to spiritually evolve at a faster rate.

About Author: Evita Ochel is a consciousness expansion teacher. Her diverse passions and expertise include being a writer, speaker, holistic nutritionist, web TV host, and author of the book Healing and Prevention Through Nutrition. Her health oriented teaching focuses on natural, whole, plant-based and organic nutrition for optimal health and longevity. Her spiritually oriented teaching focuses on consciousness expansion and heart-centered living for optimal joy and inner peace. Evita is also the creator of several online publications: Evolving BeingsEvolving WellnessEvolving Channels and Evolving Scenes as well as Healthytarian — a lifestyle for the well-being of the mind, body and spirit.

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The Reality of Consciousness

by Peter Russell – 
Wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, the collapse of the wave function and entanglement all point to awareness being an intrinsic aspect of reality. Yet we are still trying to understand them in terms of a worldview that believes the real world to be that of space, time, and matter, and relegates consciousness to some artifact of brain processes.

Yet the one thing of which we are certain is that we are aware. And it is the one thing the current worldview cannot account for. is profound anomaly will ultimately lead to the full paradigm shift to which contemporary physics is, unwittingly, pointing.

With consciousness as primary, everything remains the same and everything changes. Mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry are unchanged. What changes is our assumption as to what they are describing. They are not describing the unfolding of a physical world, but the unfolding of a universal self-aware eld. We are led to the conclusion that the entire cosmos is a vast eld of knowing, knowing itself, and in that knowing creating for itself the appearance of a material world. Why then don’t we see it that way? Why does the material world appear devoid of consciousness?

From the deep pools of Eastern wisdom, to the fast-paced rapids of the West, Peter Russell has mastered many fields, and synthesized them with consummate artistry. Weaving his unique blend of scientific rationale, global vision, and intuitive wisdom, Peter brings a sharp, critical mind to the challenge of self-awakening. The next great frontier of human exploration, he shows, is not outer space, but inner space—the development of the human mind.

He has degrees in theoretical physics, experimental psychology, and computer science from the University of Cambridge in England, and has written ten books in this area, including The Global Brain Awakens, Waking Up in Time, and most recently, From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness.

Published on Nov 21, 2014


Peter Russell was kind enough to post his original lecture, The Primacy of Consciousness, on his YouTube site in full, not just a clip, by request.  It is such a powerful, ground-breaking presentation that the world deserves to hear it. https://youtube.com/watch?v=-d4ugppcRUE

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Our New Earth Reality

by Joanna L. RossPerez –

What a concept we can conjure about our new earth. There are many that allow the notion that a new earth will come at some point and we will all be saved from the corruption and crime, and all the other darkness that suffocates our media channels. While a wonderful notion this may be and in a sense may be true for some, the reality of how Universal energy works is something a little more grand.
For every person on this planet, there is an equally matched reality that awaits for them. 

 This is the beauty of Creation. It is not bias and whatever it is within that we desire to experience, whether we consciously know it or not, will be fulfilled through the Universal laws. 

What we put out is exactly what we experience and that if we have the power to understand Universal laws, and understand the process of planetary ascension that we are moving through, we at least allow the door for new earth to appear before us.
The aspect of living among a new earth glow is one that takes us from what we know of our NOW moment and creating it. This is profound and came to me from something I heard a few months back.
Live in the moment of NOW, as if we are and have been in the new earth glow for years. 

See life around you glowing with potential and promise. See those around you with the glow of spirit and knowingness that all love and light flows through us for the unique experience we have to offer Creation. 

See and feel the bliss, the beauty, the manifestations and new magical experiences that come with an enlightened reality. New discoveries, new possibilities for space travel, new worlds to explore on the distant space shores. 
The possibilities are truly infinite and it all resides NOW.
Allow yourself to use the tools of Creation that we were given;

Free Will   

The power to choose your place within Creation. 


Allow yourself to create whatever it is you choose to bring yourself into the light and alignment of what you desire. 


Know that regardless of what you see, or what you are told, life is glowing, life is responsive, and you are manifesting all that you desire NOW! 


Surrender within the infinite possibility of spirit.  This is the most challenging as it takes that we through away all control and allow our lives to be lead by something higher, lighter, and something that we simply cannot see ~ this is the trust of what all masters worked with.   

You just KNOW that you are being swept into the life that is for your highest and best.  It really is beyond faith, it is KNOWINGNESS! 


Forgiveness allows you to free up energetic space and clear all that once held you in the 3D reality.  Forgiveness is the letting go of whatever it is that holds you back in pain, fear, frustration, hate, distaste, lack of trust, lack of self worth, and so on. 

Forgiveness is the path to the heart and free’s the heart of dark energy from loss and pain.  A way must be cleared for that of love and light. 


Love is light and light is LOVE! The path of remembrance, the path of ascension is the transformation and the transmutation of all that keeps us heavy and limited into that of a lighter being.  The path of ascension, the path to self-discovery is the path of self love.   

As we learn to love thyself, love all that we are in our most authentic state, we allow others to love us, we allow the beauty of the Universe to supply us with all that we need because our heart space has opened to profound proportions.  

Love is the key to open the heart space through which all paths to the Universe and Source can be found. This is how we are all entangled with one another and it is in love that we create NEW EARTH!

The love we have for one another, for all species, for all things, for all beings, for all experiences, for ALL THAT IS is the key to creating the glow, the potential, the expansion into our NEW EARTH! May you love yourself to pieces to know that you are a unique aspect of this Universal puzzle and you are required.

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What Are You Looking For?

by James Clair Lewis –
Whatever you are looking for, that is what you will find.

If you are looking for Truth, Beauty, Love or Wisdom, you will find those things. If you are looking for lies, ugliness, hate or foolishness you will find those things as well. If you are looking for flaws or mistakes, then you will find those things, too. 
It doesn’t matter if any of this stuff is real or not because you will find it anyway… even if it is not there.
You may think in your mind that you are looking for something, when actually you are not. You might be looking for what you believe is there, instead of looking at what is there. 

The mind can convince itself of anything. The mind can make the Truth appear to be false and what is false to appear true.

The mind can also see the Truth and know what is false. The mind can convince itself that it makes decisions and it does this regularly.

It is the Heart which makes decisions and what you hold in your Heart determines what those decisions will be. 
The mind may think it is looking for something, when the Heart has decided otherwise and the mind cannot prevail against that. The mind will only convince itself that it has chosen but what you hold in your Heart will decide what the mind perceives.
Thus, to really know what you are looking for, you must examine what you are holding in your Heart. 
If your Heart holds fear, then you will find fear and fail in everything you try to do, no matter how hard you try. If your Heart holds greed, then you will find greed wherever you look, and corrupt everything you touch. If your Heart holds malice, then you will destroy everything you think you love.
Give up fear, which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be prudent. Give up greed and you will discover what true wealth is. Give up malice and you will find Peace. Look into your Heart and if you don’t like what you see, then throw it away.

The Gaian Dragon I Ching
The Moving Mandalas
Massage & Healing
The Gremlin Pages
Nature Photography

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Envisioning Your Highest Future

by Deborah Zeta – 
During this transformational time, you are free to tap into high-vibrational energies now flooding the Earth plane. The highest and best use of these energies is to build the vision for your highest future. Your highest future is fully accessible as you step more fully into your field of possibilities.

As you harmonize with elevated frequencies, you’re able to manifest from the greatly expanded feeling states of your higher self.

Fine-tuning Your Vibrational Frequency
Your feeling states and your “vibrational frequency” determine your level of abundance – not others and not circumstances out in the world. Those who believe the economy is responsible for any challenges they are experiencing around prosperity are perceiving “in reverse,” so to speak.

You are always the source and cause of your experience of reality. 

What you manifest directly correlates with the essence of your energy. Your feeling states are barometers for your thoughts, beliefs and spiritual understandings.

If you hold negative feelings toward anyone or anything, this pulls down your feeling state and your energetic resonance. When you manifest from a low-vibrational energy, you will experience roadblocks, disappointments, illness, accidents, and overall feelings of being out of sync with the universe. These experiences are not a “punishment”, but wakeup calls to help you see that you need to examine the beliefs, intentions, motivations, visions, and identities you currently hold.

By contrast, when you step into a place of taking 100% responsibility for all your experiences, when you have accepted the power and authority of your role as a Divine and infinite being, you open to receive all the joy and blessings the universe has to offer. You know that you are holographic to all that is.

As a spark of infinity, you contain the entire energetic spectrum. 

Because you contain it all, you can choose to focus on any aspect of yourself that exists along the spectrum of human potential. In other words, you can choose to focus on any aspect of your being and energize that into your physical reality.

Opening to a New Vision for Your Future
In order to wield cosmic energy to create realities, you will need to build the vision for what you wish to create. To move beyond what you have experienced, you will need to step into the unknown and surrender your consciousness to your higher self. Ask for clarity around visions of your highest probabilities.

Keep receiving and building the vision until you have a clear picture of what you wish to manifest. 

In this place of the unknown, you’re able to merge your energies with the vision for your highest future, programming it into your DNA. As you move forward, you will receive daily guidance and assistance to bring this vision into being.

Releasing the Need for Linear Progression
In the physical world, you receive programming that says you must manifest in a linear and incremental fashion. While this understanding may be helpful in certain areas of your life, it can also be a hindrance in manifesting your highest future. During this time, more than any other, you are able to step free of the need to progress in this way.
The greatly expanded energies accessible on the Earth plane now allow you to take great leaps and experience quantum growth. 

As you adopt new and expanded identities your energetic resonance “amps up”. It is in this way that you attract people, resources, experiences, ideas, information and everything else you need to step into new ways of existing. From this heightened state, elevated feeling states naturally flow. This allows you to align with the wealth and abundance of the universe.

Excerpt from ‘Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your Dreams’

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Receiving Your Reality

by Egan Sanders – 

A metaphysical concept that has seeped into the mainstream is the idea of “Creating your Reality”. We see it everywhere from TV talk shows, books, the Internet and all manner of religious and secular authorities sharing a somewhat similar message. From a wide variety of perspectives and in different degrees and words, they say; ‘You create your life’.
Creating your reality can sound like work. It can feel like a worrisome burden to be solely responsible for getting your reality the way you want it to be. When you set an intention, creating actually becomes more about receiving. After you know what you want, the questions then become; are you ready to receive a new experience? Are you willing to receive new ideas, actions and beliefs that will form the new reality you are seeking?
Here are some tips to receive the reality that you prefer.

1. Receive Clarity

Do you know what you want? Take any situation that is not to your liking that you wish to change and tune into it. Ask yourself what is making you feel unhappy or uncomfortable? Once you identify what is not to your liking, then focus on what you would prefer to experience. When you are unclear about what you want to receive, the universe gets mixed messages. If you can simply acknowledge what is not working for you and imagine a positive alternative, you easily create awareness and clarity.

2. Receive Peace

Negative messages bombard us from within and without every day. It can be a challenge to choose peace. You may notice that certain negative thoughts, images and memories repeatedly play over and over again in your mind like TV reruns. Someone might even say something scary to you that activates fear.

You can view these thoughts as if they are like the cries of excitable children who one moment are screaming about something trivial and the next moment laughing joyfully. If anything comes up that disrupts your peace of mind and you can take an action on it, then do so. If it is an abstract, vague fear, feel free to let it pass. It’s an old cliché but very true; most of the stuff we worry about never happens.

3. Receive Love

If only everyone would love us – all the time – no matter what – life would be perfect! Well, that is only one way to receive love- and an unpredictable one at that! An endless supply of love can be accessed from within yourself. Are you willing to receive love? We do so many things to get love; the list is infinite. It can feel as if we are always reaching for it. What if we all really exist in a sea of unconditional love? What if there was a presence all around us that loved us all the time, every time, no matter what? You always have the choice to receive your own love, regardless of the outer circumstances.

4. Receive Solutions

When a challenge is presented it is often accepted as either an unchangeable problem or hard to change. Our minds can tend to look at life from only the ground level, while the Universal Intelligence – which we are all connected to – sees from all levels.

If you let go of any ideas of how something can be changed or resolved and let go of when it will happen, you may see that solutions simply show up. The next time an apparent problematic situation comes up, remind yourself, “There is a solution to this. There is a way I can receive a satisfactory solution.” If you set an intention or a goal to clear something up, be prepared to change your perspective, your actions and/or change some beliefs to receive that solution.temporary.

5. Receive Empowering Beliefs

At the root of any of our life creations is a belief. What you have now comes from your beliefs. When you truly believe something, you act based upon those beliefs and those actions create your life. When something in your life is not the way you would like it to be, ask yourself, “Is there any belief I need to change to get what I want?” The way to receive empowering beliefs is to first question what you do believe. That means looking at what you are actually doing – your actions – as clues to what you truly believe. What you tell other people you believe is irrelevant. What you do – your actions – reveals your beliefs. When you change your beliefs and your actions, you can receive what you do prefer more easily.

6. Receive Abundance

Abundance can mean different things to different people. The way to receive more good into your life comes down to receptivity. Many people never even clearly ask for what they want. When you identify what you wish receive more of an abundance of, keep in mind the availability of oxygen. You breathe in and out all day long, every day, without much thought about the air supply; it is unconscious and automatic.

What if what you wanted more of an abundance of was as easy to receive as breathing air? What if you did not need to search for it, worry about it or store it up for a rainy day? The essence of the abundance you want to receive is available but to receive it you must be aware that it is there for you and abundantly available.

7. Receive Time

Modern life rushes by for most people. It can feel like a blur of movement and activity with few rest stops in-between. Being flexible with your plans and doing what elevates your energy creates more time. When you have a choice between different actions to take, notice how each one “feels” to you. You will notice that when you think of an activity your energy level will either rise or drop. If it rises, this indicates right action. 

Dropping energy is a sign that what you are thinking about is either not the right activity, or that it is not the right time to take action on it. If you choose to do what raises your energy moment to moment you may experience a graceful timelessness where things happen easily and synchronicity smoothly guides you. It is not how much you can accomplish but the quality of how you use time that makes the difference. 

If you are receptive, you can receive the reality that you prefer. When you want to create a new reality, ponder what you can do to receive it more easily.

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The Mysticism and Mystery of Life

by Dennis Merritt Jones – 

The deepest mystery and perhaps the one for which there will never be an answer that will completely satisfy the itch of the intellect is the miracle of Life itself. In his book The Living Universe, Duane Elgin writes, “American Indian lore speaks of three miracles. The first miracle is that anything exists at all. The second miracle is that living things exist. The third miracle is that living things exist that know they exist. As human beings conscious of ourselves, we represent the third miracle.”
In the normal course of our daily life, these three miracles are all mysteries we seldom take time to contemplate, if ever. We expend much of our time and energy navigating over, under, around, and through the uncertainties of everyday life, relating to the events, conditions and circumstances that come with the territory of living in a human skin.
People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars and they pass by themselves without wondering. –St. Augustine

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change. –Buddha

Witness & Observe Yourself: You Are A Miracle!
The idea that we can be conscious of ourselves as human beings has profound implications. It means that we can become observers of the miracle of our own minds at work. It also means that we can consciously experience that mystical point in space and time when and where our doing merges with our Being.
Stop right now, take a deep intentional breath and then take a peek into your own mind. Simply witness yourself, observe yourself.
When was the last time you paused to do this? Watch your thinking mind process your thoughts and the ideas being presented here, as you read these words.

Observing The Mysticism & Mystery of Life
The fact that when we choose to be fully present in the mystery of the moment, we can be the observer of our own minds means that there is more to us than meets the eye, or the brain — who is it that is doing the observing? This is the moment when the human self and the sacred Self commingle as one, and it is also the miracle of all miracles; that is, that in any given moment we can consciously witness the merging of the human with the Divine realizing, as Ernest Holmes wrote, “What we are looking for, we are looking with.”
This is the mystical moment when we know we have fully entered the mystery of life at a level where uncertainty of anything ceases to exist. The idea of certainty and uncertainty is a human invention. If humankind did not exist, certainty and uncertainty wouldn’t exist, either, because both are a human concern.
deepest mysteryThe Universe, which is Infinite Intelligence, just Is, and It has been operating in its Divine “Is-ness” flawlessly for fourteen billion years and it continues to evolve Itself, expanding at the speed of Light, with no apparent attachment to where it is going or what its future may or may not be.
As we deepen our awareness of our oneness with this expanding Life Force, uncertainty will cease holding us hostage to what lies ahead in the mystery of that which is yet to be. Then, coming to the edge of the unknown becomes a natural part of our journey that will happen repeatedly, with grace and ease. This does not mean the mystery of that which is yet to be will cease — it simply means we have become one with it as it unfolds.

You Are A Miracle — The Miracle & Mystery of Life
Life, itself, is the ultimate mystery. It is a miracle that we shall never fully understand, nor should we try: We appear on the planet one day, coming from the apparent ethers of absolute nothingness, entering Earth School with many questions and no answers.
As we grow and evolve, we spend the balance of our time on the journey as soul beings learning how to navigate through the human condition, gathering the necessary information to create a life worth living through curiosity, inquisitiveness, and experiences motivated by either desperation or inspiration. As we awaken to our true nature, we aspire to create experiences that offer purpose and meaning for the journey.
Then one day, when it is our time, we depart once again, back into the apparent ethers of nothingness from which we came. What is not miraculous and mysterious about that? It is what we do with the miracle and the mystery between the coming and the going that matters. Another way to say it might be: The most precious gift we have ever been given by the Infinite One is the miracle of Life, itself; what we choose to do with this Life is our gift back to the Giver.

excepted  from:The Art of Uncertainty: How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It

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