Setting Clear Intentions

Daily Affirmative Prayer:

by Gayle Dillon – 

What a glorious morning to realize that the Infinite Spirit is as close as my breath; for I know that God is always breathing me, breathing each and every one of us. The wondrous Source of all there is manifests itself in and through and around all creation. There truly is not a place where the true essence of the Divine does not exist. I claim this as my Truth. 

I know that we are all have choice to make any decision we choose, negative or positive, for I know that God does not judge; God just IS. The natural world responds to the Law of Cause and Effect, so we are allowed to make any choice we desire knowing this Truth. 

So knowing this Truth of free will, this Truth of the Law of Cause and Effect, this Truth that we are all manifestations; individualized and unique, of this One Source I declare right here and right now that I will choose not to assume anything. 

I take responsibility for clearly stating what I want, when I want and how I want my life to unfold; not only in my earthly relationships but in my relationship with the Divine. I know that when I clearly communicate in my relationships then no one has to read my mind or guess at my meanings. 

I also know that when I clearly communicate my intentions with feelings knowing only the highest and best for myself and all concerned that the Universe provides. For I know that just as in relationships, I will receive and if I am not clear with my desires I may receive something that I really do not intend. 

I give thanks for this wondrous day. I give thanks for choosing not to assume anything. I give thanks for all that I have, all that I receive and all that I give – for I am so grateful to be living in God’s abundant Universe and for knowing I am living an abundant life. I release, I let go, I let God and so it is.

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Glowing from Within

by Carrie Hart

Today, be aware of the energy you are projecting. Be aware of its effect on others and its effect on you. You are, at all times, projecting an aura of energy that affects your health, your attitude and the way others perceive you and react to you.

If you are overly critical of others, you will be surrounded by critics. If you are judgmental, you will be surrounded by judges. If you are overreacting emotionally, you will live in a world of drama. If, on the other hand, you are peaceful and centered, caring and compassionate, you will find that the others around you calm down and move into a more peaceful state along with you.

Today, be consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions and how they are translated into energy. Then take your energy out of your mind and center it in your heart and your solar plexus. Find there the light that is burning, the storehouse of energy that you are generating. Then open and allow yourself to glow.

From your center, glow with peace and a deep understanding of your personal truth. This is who you are and you can learn to project it out energetically. And from your heart, glow with love. Take your truth and move it through love, compassion and tolerance before presenting your truth to the world.

Consciously cease reflecting energy from others and instead move to your own storehouse of self-generated energy. You will find that the supply is endless. And the more energy you project from these centers, the more powerful and energetic you will feel. The more you glow from within,the less exhausted you will be from trying to fend off other energies you do not care for. Make your glow so strong, that you are never concerned with what others project. You are glowing with self and truth, love and peace, and it is enough.

Here is a little prayer for today:

Today, I quiet my mind and move my conscious presence down to my solar plexus and my heart. I open my heart wide and allow all of the love of the universe to flow in and to flow out. I am love and I feel it completely. I move my focus to my solar plexus and find my light there. I am glowing with an inner light, with a truth and purpose which stem from the very highest and best that I am. I am lit from within and I stoke these fires with every thought and every action. I am at peace. I am centered in peace and Love. Every choice and every action stems from this center of peace, this heart of Love. I am calm and centered. I am deeply peaceful and at one with myself and all that is. I am.

♥Angel Love♥

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Processing Grief

by Debbie Milam –

Although each of us is different, the one thing all of us will experience is the loss of a loved one. As so many are choosing to leave the planet there is a collective sadness that is filling the air. In the past our family has experienced so much loss. So much at one time that we were never able to fully process one loss before experiencing another one. In the past month I experienced several transitions of loved ones.

Believing in an eternal nature of life always brought me peace, I could come up with a plethora of spiritual accolades surrounding the transition process. Being on a spiritual path I was able feel the presence of my loved ones around me even after they had entered the etheric realm. Although this bypass felt better, I still had emotions that I needed to process. I never truly honored how important the grieving process was until now. I never realized how much I missed their physical presence in my life.

As I sat in the holy sanctuary of our temple last night our beautiful Cantor spoke about the collective grief each of us experiences, how grief enables us to face our own mortality and the gift that the grieving process holds. Her words helped me honor the emotions I was feeling.

I do believe walking through our grief is part of the ascension process. As we fearlessly face the losses we have encountered we honor the fullness of our experience. Experiencing the integration of our humanness and divine nature simultaneously we ascend to a higher level on our life’s journey. So at this moment I sit with my grief and accept it with love. I feel my emotions, then I cherish being alive. I appreciate every moment with my loved ones knowing how precious time is.

As I allow myself to feel my emotions this prayer arose. May it bring peace to any of you who are grieving.

Dear God, As I walk through the abyss of grief I know that thou art with me. Through the sadness, through the tears, I sit in the silence and connect to the depth of your love. Held in your loving arms I find comfort and grace.

Thank you for blessing me with emotions, emotions that show how deeply I love others. Thank you for my tears for they cleanse my body and wash my soul. Thank you for the strength to move through these moments with ease. Thank you for the awareness that there is peace beneath the veil of sadness.

Thank you for showing me how to be present in what is most important in my life Thank you for the fully embodied joy that sits waiting to arise once I have released my emotions. Thank you for the knowing that I can use life to reaffirm life at all moments.

Thank you for the reminder of how precious life is and the aliveness that is always ever present. Thank you for the knowing that all is well and you are walking beside me at every moment. Amen.

May the spirit of your loved ones be
forever a guiding light in your lives.

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The Grace of Acceptance

by Stefanie Miller –

No matter where we are on the path to enlightenment it warrants a pause of rest and reflection. We have traveled far and gained so much knowledge and wisdom. Can we give ourselves credit for all the inner work we’ve done? Not only inner work, we’ve had to do a lot on the physical level as well, during this year of renegotiating the terms of our lives. Now is a time to just allow all of the energies around us to settle down and integrate. Be still for a moment and just allow. Fear not. All is as it should be. The grace of acceptance is in the now moment.

Change is here. If you aren’t seeing it on the outside, be sure it is perceptible on the inside. The insides and the outsides will be matching soon enough. For now, be still. Accept the present moment. In this moment all the wonderful possibilities reside.

I haven’t had the motivation to do much of anything. Most all of my relationships have vastly changed. Many people that I was once very close with are no longer in my life. I still love and deeply care for them, however, for whatever reason our energies do not match and we just don’t see each other or talk often or at all. It is very quiet around me as well. Even my guides and angels aren’t around much. I’m used to getting strong intuition and guidance. It’s just not happening the way it used to. The veil has thinned to the point where our higher guidance come from within us, not from any higher being outside of us. We are the higher beings!

It is taking some getting used to. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic or sweat wondering how certain situations in my life will work out. I don’t have a clue as to how to solve the issues. I’m not getting any strong pulls to go in any one direction. After a few minutes of blind panic I can reassure myself that up until now everything has worked out just fine. I truly trust that I am safe and protected. I don’t know how my current challenges will work themselves out but I know when the timing is right the answers will be there and it is then that I will be propelled into action.

I have contemplated for weeks what I wanted to write about and no inspiration came to me. I’m used to being chock full of ideas. Finally it occurred to me to write about my lack of inspiration! There are few places I desire to go. Where I am in the moment and what I am doing seems to be just fine by me. I have experienced just pure blissfulness in really having no urge to do much of anything, or go anywhere. Its just nice being.

Many of my relationships have become very distant and the thing is I have no need to rush out and fix them. I don’t have the energy or the desire to do anything about it. I have spent my entire life trying to people please and make sure everyone else was taken care of and happy. I sacrificed my own needs in order to meet others. Don’t get me wrong I have no regrets. I did it out of love and willingness. Now that the desire is no longer there I can still love and care for them, but without the compulsion to rescue, or fix things. Those who come to me needing my services, friendship, or love I gladly offer them what I have to give. The key is I give what I have to give. I am retaining much for myself right now. I am loving myself and taking care of my own neglected needs.

The good news is my needs are very simple. The beauty is that I am content in just being. I receive joy from the simple pleasures and the little things. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. Intermingled in all of this, is the need for some serious change. I need certain things to work themselves out. No matter how much I try I cannot rush the process or push for the results. I am learning to sit back and wait for divine timing.

I am also learning how to receive. I am learning not to pursue people and situations that cannot give in return to me. There are times when no matter how badly we want something or someone it is not in our best interest or for our highest good. When we are in the divine flow of things we can see what serves us and what doesn’t. When we have enough self worth we only choose opportunities where we are treated with only the highest degree of love, respect, and care. If it doesn’t make us feel good, then it is most certainly not for us.

I think learning how to be and letting go of expectations and our agenda is a difficult concept to master. It seems quite easy, and in fact it really is. As humans our ego gets in there and we think we know how it is supposed to be done and which way things should be heading. We do not always see the big picture. The fear, anxiety, and worry that are plaguing many of us as our lives go through this recalibration can be daunting. We want to take the steering wheel and lead the way. If we can get out of our own way, allow ourselves to be, things will naturally fall into place.

The natural flow of things is when the right people, and opportunities show up, our gut feeling says this is right or wrong for us and we are given prods and signs to proceed or back off. The guidance we’re getting is, in fact, coming from ourselves. We are all One. We are all interconnected. The Oneness of us all puts things into motion when we are ready and the time is right things begin to happen. In the interim, trust, self-care, and mindful awareness are essential.

When the panic, fear, and uncertainty shows up, realize that it is an illusion of the ego. Remember that we are all going through various versions of this massive change. The grace of acceptance is knowing that the fear of the unknown lurks in the future. When you gently remind yourself that in the present moment you have all the answers you need. The present moment is the only thing we really have. Gracefully accept yourself and the blessings bestowed upon you. Accept the good, the bad and the ugly as a momentary state of being.

There is so much beauty, love and blessings to focus on that it is impossible to believe that things will not work themselves out. The grace of acceptance is knowing that all is as it should be.


Dear God, I wake up in the middle of the night anxious and uncertain of how issues in my life will work out. I don’t know how to resolve them. I am afraid. I know when I breathe through it and release the fear that your ever-abiding presence is with me. I know with utmost certainty that things have always worked out in the past. I cannot see or predict the future. All I have is this moment.

All I have is the faith that I am guided and protected. I know that everything will be well. With the assistance of grace I release the anxiety that I am holding, my expectations and fear of the unknown. I gracefully accept the present moment. I accept who I am and where I am at this time. I trust in the divine plan. And so it is. Amen.

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Moving Mountains

by Cheryl Richardson –

A simple act can change a life forever in a moment – This morning I watched a recorded segment from an Oprah Show that told the story of a woman, Angela, who prayed with a young man who attempted to rob her at gunpoint while she worked behind the counter in her office. I imagine many of you may have heard about the story. Out of fear and desperation, she begged the man to spare her life and then started praying out loud asking to be protected. She told him, “You’re too young to do this. Don’t throw away your precious life. You don’t look like a person who would want to hurt someone.” The young man insisted that he had no choice because his family was about to be evicted from their home. He didn’t know what else to do.

Eventually, as the woman continued to talk with him, the man dropped to his knees, began to cry, and asked her to pray with him. And she did. Shortly after he gave her the bullet from the gun and said, “No one’s ever talked to me like this.”

It was that line that stayed with me long after the story was over. As it turns out, the young man was depressed, had attempted suicide in the past, and was now feeling enormous pressure to provide for his fiance and young child without believing he had the ability to do so (and given his state of mind, he didn’t). One simple act of love from a woman who reinforced the preciousness of his life was what he needed to see a different way. Later in the evening he turned himself in and is awaiting a hearing. It is my hope that he gets counseling and guidance, and a chance to help others with a lengthy community service project that will teach him a new trade.

When times are tough and life feels dire, solutions and help can seem so far away, completely unavailable, or overwhelming at best. But, more times than not, the opening to grace begins with an act of love – a willingness to listen rather than criticize, a prayer of forgiveness, an affirming statement that reminds a young woman of her inherent goodness, or an offer of support that sets a dad on a better path.

Today I vow to remember this. In my life I’ve been witness to the fact that a simple act of love contains a kind of power that goes beyond what the human mind can comprehend. It can shift consciousness in an instant and change a life forever. As I go about my week, I intend to smile at strangers more, look for opportunities to speak an encouraging word, or offer a prayer of hope for someone in need. I invite you to join me.

Take Action Challenge

Imagine that within your heart lies a powerful force that can move mountains. Your loving thoughts can heal. Your loving words can calm a worried soul. Your loving actions can do more good than you may ever know. Affirm your willingness to use this power for good in the world. Then, invite opportunities to come to you and keep your eyes open.


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Becoming Light

The Sacred Practice of Alignment:

by Julie Redstone –

In the language of light, and with the understanding that life is filled with the mystery of seen and unseen worlds, ’alignment’ is a practice which allows us to participate in the greater life of the spiritual universe by reaching toward the higher dimensions of light and by bringing light through from these dimensions into the physical reality in which we live. As we do this, we become more able to commune with God’s love, light, and truth and more able to experience ourselves in the larger context of the soul. Alignment creates a bridge between the purely spiritual part of our being and the physical. What is transmitted in the way of light along this bridge depends upon how clear we are in our energy, how much we have become able to free ourselves of both inner and outer darkness, and how open and desiring we are to become an instrument of divine Will and Intention.

A central part of the practice of alignment has to do with the breath. It is based on the understanding that breath is more than the taking in of physical air in order to bring oxygen to our blood and lungs. Breath is that, but it is also the carrier of light, and in that sense it is a sacred messenger which can infuse us with light, restoring and rejuvenating the body, heart, and mind when we need it, and maintaining us in a physical-spiritual equilibrium at all times. This kind of equilibrium is something we know little of today. However, as the body becomes increasingly capable of holding light, it will be understood that the spiritual-physical equilibrium that is maintained by the practice of alignment is how we are meant to live on the earth. It creates within us, the possibility for experiencing ourselves as sacred beings and for bringing to humanity and to each other the same truth.

The practice of alignment is less a technique than a way of being; less a tool, than a form of prayer. In essence it asks God and the higher realms to bring us into accordance with higher Will and sacred Intention so that we can serve the purpose of our soul and of Divine intentionality – the purpose for which we came to the earth. Each breath that we take can be the expression of this prayer – God, make me an instrument of Thy will. Each breath can also be in service to the earth so that we become able, as children of God, to bring to others and to the planet, that which will help it heal and that which will bring it more fully into the realms of love and light.

Where negative or discordant energies in the past may have entered the physical structure of our body, causing symptoms and areas of discomfort of various kinds, alignment with light and with Divine intention also opens us further to healing on the physical plane. It erases any negative or fearful energy that we carry before it has a chance to become embedded in our physical or emotional being, preserving health, and preventing symptoms from occurring. Today, this whole process is being made much easier by the greater presence of light on earth, and any person who seeks a way of expanding their awareness will find it easier to do than it would have been at any time in the past.

Though darkness upon the earth is affecting the lives of a great many today, with a great cost in sorrow and in human suffering, in the midst of this a new reality is being born. This new and sacred reality is asking us whether we are ready to step out of all previous identities we have held and that others have held for us, so that in the presence of greater light we can discover something that is more real about ourselves than we have known, and something that is more central to our hearts than we would have suspected.

’Alignment’ is a practice which allows us to participate in the greater life of the spiritual universe by reaching toward the higher dimensions of light and by bringing light through from these dimensions into the physical reality in which we live. As we do this, we become more able to commune with God’s love, light, and truth, and more able to experience ourselves in the larger context of the soul that we are.

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Divine Matrix

by Gregg Braden –

There is something “out there.” Just beyond our perceptions of the everyday world there’s a presence, or force, that’s at once both mysterious and comforting.

We talk about it. We feel it. We believe in it and pray to it, perhaps without even understanding precisely what it is! A series of groundbreaking experiments in the last decade of the Twentieth Century unveil dramatic and undeniable evidence of a previously unrecognized form of energy, a Divine Matrix, that appears to link each member of our global family, creation, and the events of our lives in unexpected and empowering ways. From the success and failure of our careers and relationships, to family health and the peace of our world, these studies add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that we may actively participate in the outcome of the personal, as well as global, events of our lives. Reported by leading research institutions of our day, the experiments shake the foundation of traditional science, documenting that:

* All of creation is bathed and connected through a field of subtle energy.

* We “speak” directly to this field through emotion, beliefs, and prayer.

* Through this field we are part of the healing in our bodies, and the peace in our families, communities and nations.

Calling it by names that vary from the Web of Creation to the Spirit of God, ancient traditions knew this presence exists. They also knew how to apply it in their lives.

In the words of their time, they left detailed instructions to the people of their future describing how we may use this invisible force to heal our bodies and relationships, and bring peace to our world; they are all part of the same force. Today we know the language connects all three as a “lost” mode of prayer.

Unlike the traditional prayers that we may have used in the past, however, this technique of prayer has no words. It is based in the silent language of human emotion. It invites us to feel gratitude and appreciation, as if our prayers have already been answered. Through this quality of feeling, the ancients believed that we are given direct access to the power of creation: the Spirit of God.

In the 20th century, modern science may have rediscovered the spirit of God as a field of energy that is different from any other form of energy. It appears to be everywhere, always, and to have existed since the beginning of time. Just as the ancients suggested, the Field responds to human emotion!

Regardless of what we call it or how science and religion define it, it is clear that there is something out there—a force, a field, a presence—that is the “great magnet” constantly pulling us toward one another and connecting us to a higher power. Knowing that this force exists, it makes tremendous sense that we would be able to communicate with it in a way that is meaningful and useful in our lives. Ultimately, we may discover that the same power that heals our deepest hurts and creates peace between nations holds the key to our survival as a species.

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