Mastery of the Expanded Self

by Chris Bourne –
To truly realise the depth and majesty of our expanded self, we have to master the direct confrontation of the moment. It’s all about performing inner alchemy. There’s essentially two forms of consciousness that make up our existential being: the separation consciousness that forms the bodymind, and the unity consciousness that forms the soul. If you include various disruptive energies of society’s matrix, everything we experience from thoughts, to emotions and feelings are caused by the interaction of these various flows of consciousness. How might ‘we’ – as presence – be able to positively influence the internal dynamic?…

Creating your own reality?

Some speak of shaping the thoughts in order to master beingness but to me, this is simply a case of the tail wagging the dog. The same goes for ‘creating your own reality’. Sure, we do create our own reality but what do we mean exactly by ‘our’? In most cases the identity doing the manifestation is just a more subtle form of ego – a spiritual identity – that wants to control the situation in some particular way because it cannot accept what is already unfolding.
We are already shaping and creating everything we experience. 

Either the true self – the soul – is shining through and creating harmonious experiences or else the false self is influencing the show, by resistance to what’s currently happening, denial or just plain insensitivity. We might feel a creative impulse for something to happen, only for the flow to get derailed by internal eddy currents of life’s conditioning.

In which case you can’t simply ‘paper over the cracks’, by manipulating the outer pieces on the game board without first uncovering and unwinding what’s really happening inside. To do so, is simply to perpetuate the disharmony through our lives.

Even though the circumstances may change – our jobs, relationships or location – the patterns remain the same. Instead, we need to look deeply into the outer mirror we’re already creating.

This includes our most intense and intimate feelings towards it, no matter how challenging or painful. Then there’s a requirement to notice the blind spots, the grey areas in these points of attachment where presence closes down and gets drawn into the fray through identification.

Grasping the hot coals

The only way out is through. We have to feel the fullness of these retractions from the moment. You have to grasp the hot coals and feel the heat before you drop them.

If you retract in the face of the heat or the pain or the heartache, be it emotional, physical or mental, then in that moment, you have reconfirmed your identification with the heat and with that your separation from the all that is. You have made yourself a victim of the sense of separation and crystalised that as your reality.

The key is transcendence: 

Feeling through the heat of the moment until the coals define you no longer. You become the heat, the pain, the tension, the discomfort and soften into it. 

You become so totally at-one with it, that you no longer build internal references, structures and judgments around the situations. It is in these totally lucid moments you become absolutely authentic and free. 

You have transcended the limitation of identification and dropped into the void of infinite potential. From here, anything can happen. The authentic flow of the soul ignites, fueled by the unstoppable force of the universe.

To master such transcendence is to increase our inner intimacy – to bring absolute attention into our bodily field, to know when we retract, resist and deny. Bringing presence into these blind spots automatically begins to unwind them, liberating the soul as a free flowing spontaneity through the moment. There is nothing that feels better, more harmonious or complete. This is truly living.

The path to Bodhidharma

It is the Openhand Approach to life and I’ve found it very aligned with some of the ancient eastern teachings such as that of the monk Bodhidharma. I came across his work some years ago through a lovely synchronicity and felt to share a glimpse here…
In the old days in China there was a priest called Master Tozan. A monk asked him “how can we escape from this severe heat and cold?” This is not just a question about severe heat and cold. It is a question about the reality we are always facing – a melancholy and difficult reality, a reality that is full of suffering. 

People are sick and in pain: people have lost their homes in disasters and wars and have nothing in which to believe any longer and are suffering in their despair. For those whose belongings have all been destroyed, their refuge in the material world has been shown to be empty and meaningless. This kind of pain is always occurring all around us.

Master Tozan answered the monk, “You have to go where there is no hot and no cold!”
The monk continued, “Where is that place where there is no hot or cold? Where is that true place of refuge for the mind?”
The priest answered, “When it is hot, become that heat completely! When it is cold, become one with that cold completely and totally! When it is painful, become that pain completely and totally, and when you are miserable, become that misery totally and completely! In the very midst of that, go beyond all the thoughts you hold in your mind, let go of all the ideas of good or bad or gain or loss – let go of all of these thoughts – and from there grasp that place of your very own vivid life energy! That which directly experienes that ‘ouch’ – feel that life energy directly, grasp that life energy that feels that pain and sorrow.” 

More important than finding a place out of pain and suffering, or trying to find a place where there is no pain or suffering, is to go directly to that place where the pain and suffering are being experienced, to go where you feel that pain and sadness directly and totally. Touch that life energy directly and with your own experience. Use that actual direct experience which you have grasped as your base, and stand up strong and firm. This is how the master answered the monk.

Phoenix from the ashes

Of course this advice is not just for the metaphoric physical feeling of hot and cold. We may apply it to every aspect of our lives. Especially in relationships for example where we might suffer emotional or psychological trauma.
As it’s happening, we must not deny it, but rather go into the very heart of the contraction and become as one with it – to soften into it – in the way described above. Then the bubble of identification bursts, the void of silence is touched, the soul rises like a pheonix from the ashes and a new, more harmonious reality takes shape.
Finally, the majesty of the expanded self is realised.

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Loving and Living in 5D

Love manifests to us in many different ways. Love can make our hearts explode with desire for another, love can make us weep tears for people we don’t even know, love makes us protect our children even above our own safety, love allows us to forgive our siblings over and over, there are countless forms that love takes.

Having said that, when we talk of love in the 5th dimensional plane there is no relationship definitions, only love. 5D love encompasses all the relationship types of love and simplifies them into one core divine love energy, extending way beyond the walls of the 3rd dimension.

Once your consciousness reaches the 5th dimension you will automatically feel love for all souls. 

You can see yourself in everyone you meet, every animal, every being, the connectedness between all living things. You become protective of all beings and would never hurt anyone or anything. There is a real and true regard for others. You have now become centered in you heart chakra. You have become love.

Your love center extends way past humankind, it extends to the insect and plant worlds and even further. This is why when you reach the 5th dimension you feel an overwhelming interconnection with nature and notice and respect the life force in even the smallest ant. You can feel the soul of animals and can even see the human qualities in them.
Being authentic in your care and love for mother Earth and every living being turns out to be a large component of a 5th dimensional beings irreversible attitude and comes to be an enduring character trait. It will be the foundation of who you are.
After reaching the 5th dimension, the intense joy and passion that fills your consciousness is like no other feeling. You simply love being alive and love life on a whole other scale. This feeling can carry you to uplift and inspire all beings you meet, sharing you love and light, shining brightly and motivating others to also shine.

Just picture how the Earth would be if all beings were conscious in 5D, centered in the love condition.

If humanity were to love each other deeply, with genuine care and respect, we would not fight over land or religion, there would be no detachment or separation, no one would need to commit any crime, there would be no need to compete against each other, greed would not exist, the ecosystem would be protected, everything and everyone on mother would flourish and evolve as it should.

This centered love consciousness flowing through our hearts will allow us to experience a deep comfort and additional peace will be present among all, we will understand oneness to be all we know, people will come together and souls will unite, creating prosperity everywhere in all ways. What a glorious place Earth will be.

When many of us live in the 5D love centered consciousness, we can transmute the 3D negative energy pattern and ascend to our intended plane of pure nirvana and then continue further. It is our birth right, it is our true soul intention, we can have it if we work at spreading our love, shining our lights and inspiring others to give love a try, we can all make it if we want it dearly enough.

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Collective Presencing: A New Human Capacity

Collective Presencing – a New Human Capacity (1 of 4)

This is the first in a series of articles introducing the phenomenon and practice of Collective Presencing, a new capacity evolving in humanity at this time. Great thinkers have foreseen its coming— we recognise it in Aurobindo’s descent of the supramental and Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere. But what exactly do those terms mean? 
Where these gifted individuals intuited and envisioned the birth of this new collective capacity at the dawn of the last century, we are now starting to be able to describe it from experience. While many might recognise the phenomenon from transpersonal group work and other such practices, so far as we are aware, this is the first attempt to articulate it as a path and a set of capacities that can be intentionally developed.

Collective Presencing – Circle of Presence (2 of 4)

Our first article gave an overview of the new human capacity we are starting to articulate —that we call Collective Presencing, the purpose of which is to allow us to systematically achieve collective wisdom. We described the two distinct phases that we see unfolding as a collection of individuals learns to become a collective capable of employing this capacity on behalf of the whole: firstly, becoming a circle of presence, then becoming a circle of creation.

This second article describes in more detail what it takes to become a circle of presence. What is the groundwork that individuals must do, through collective practice, in order to come into presence together as a collective container for a ‘circle being?’ And what is the journey like that brings us there?

Collective Presencing – the New Paradigm (3 of 4)

In the first two articles in this series, we introduced collective presencing as a new human capacity emerging at this time. The first article described a journey of individual and collective deepening and widening through a set of practices that can, over time, allow us first to achieve collective wisdom and later to become generative of more life. The second article took a more detailed look at the first phase in the process: what it takes to become a Circle of Presence.

We promised that the next article would treat the next phase, the Circle of Creation. On deeper reflection we came to see that the transition to the Circle of Creation represents such a paradigm shift that some wider context is needed before we broach that subject. This article offers that.

Collective presencing – Building capacity for Generative Collective Action in Service of Life (4 of 4)

As we journey towards the Circle of Creation, our starting point is a collective with all the capacities learned in the Circle of Presence—at ease with reaching collective wisdom together. Our journey onward will see us moving into the world of potential and generativity—and ultimately of creation in action—without relinquishing the presence and awareness we have achieved so far, but spreading the nets of our collective inquiry further, wider and deeper; opening up in ever more directions and to ever more dimensions; culminating in a truly shared and generative space where ever more of life can happen through us.
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    The Choices in the Middle

    by Jennifer Hoffman –

    There is a purpose in everything, in standing still and in moving forward and there is as much power in a pause as there is in a choice. In fact, sometimes the pause is a very powerful place to be as we allow ourselves the luxury of taking our time to accept or decline an opportunity, as long as we don’t take to long. A short, intentional, conscious and deliberate pause is a powerful statement of our willingness and desire to make the highest and best choice. But when dragged out too long, we get stuck in the pause and then we are in the middle, unsure of which way to go, so we go nowhere.
    Choices and choosing are very important points of transformation because each choice creates another step on our life path and every decision to accept or decline creates a new pathway for us. But we can’t always maintain a strong forward motion because there are times when we need to assess the results of our choices, take an inventory of what we have created and decide what works and what doesn’t. And the only way to do that is to stop moving, stand in the middle and have a look around.
    Now being in the middle isn’t where we need to criticize and judge ourselves, to look at all of the wrong choices or feel that we are at a dead end. It is a chance to be still, to give ourselves time to catch up and take a breath, to view the landscape of our lives from the perspective of accomplishment and celebration. 
    We spend so much time doing and thinking and without the balance of being, we can feel like we’re always in a hurry to the next destination. There is no destination other than the one we are standing in and no more important moment than the present one.
    The middle is a powerful choice, as long as it doesn’t remain our choice for too long. There is a fine line between being an observer from this middle point and being stuck there because we can’t decide what we need to do next. When we take a moment to pause we allow what is happening in spirit to trickle down to us at an ego level, to integrate new thoughts and thinking and then allow ourselves to use that as our life path’s new starting point. 
    Giving ourselves a moment to pause, deliberately and intentionally, so we can consider our next steps is a gift of trust and faith. Then we allow the stillness to become the fertile ground that produces powerful, life and self affirming, masterful thoughts which allow the next path we choose for our reality to express the highest aspects of our potential.
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    Partnership in Conscious Evolution

    We are here to embrace you with our deep gratitude and to once again acknowledge your courage to be the anchor for the divine changes that are unfolding upon your planet and within the consciousness of humanity.
    It is your daily actions that are supporting and bringing about these changes. Never doubt for a minute the conscious power that you have at your request. Recognize, own and acknowledge yourself as the true multidimensional being that you are. This is deep soul awareness and claiming, this recognition, this ownership of you as an aspect of divine consciousness. 
    It is this awareness that you bring and embody in your physical form; anchor this knowing in your body and bones.Your physical form is the vehicle, which allows your multidimensional self to take action in this dense dimension and reality. 
    It is in this divine partnership that you are most effective in bringing about change.
    We acknowledge that the physical aspect of being can and often does take most of your attention and focus. We are just inviting you to merge your cosmic consciousness with your daily activities. It is from this heightened state of awareness that you influence the energy fields surrounding each activity.
    The potent vibrations and frequencies from the galactic and celestial beings are triggering this heightened state of mind. There is tremendous internal activation occurring within each and every human. Many who do not have a framework for what is happening are merely pushing against this awakening. They are resisting this energy that is flooding their own vibrational fields. They are resisting the realization that they are more than a physical body. They are holding on to the dense dysfunctional reality out of fear of change.
    You dear one who are reading these words understand that you are a significant part in the evolution of consciousness. 
    Each and every time that you acknowledge your partnership with the celestial realms, each and every time you claim your ability to anchor a strong vibration of healing, love or compassion, you are doing your work and service. 
    When your multidimensional self is recognized and then anchored into the body, you offer to all those you encounter a vibration and frequency that activates their own knowing. Humans are at all times exchanging energy data, vibrations and frequencies that are beyond the spoken words.
    When you offer a powerful vibration of love, joy or gratitude you are literally gifting everyone you meet with the embrace of a coherent energy. 
    This can and does trigger a matching response within the other. It is entrainment. This is one aspect of service you can offer no matter what you are doing or with whom, this is who you are in the collective, you are an up-lifter, and you are a life-enhancer.
    Now you can consciously add verbal acknowledgments to your encounters with others. Humans long to be recognized and appreciated. Everyone wants to be witnessed and heard. 
    It is from your multidimensional self that you radiate acceptance and understanding of your fellow humans. Each time you offer encouragement, gratitude and compassion to another, you are adding more light awareness to the collective.
    Recognizing your own multidimensional self, anchoring this energy into your physical vehicle and then calling upon the divine beings of love and light to partner with you as you walk in this dimension of reality, is the most powerful action you can consciously take. 

    It is the act of an awake, aware being who realizes that they are a portal, a doorway for divine energy to come forth.
    You are the Inviter

    It is your birthright, to connect and actively work with the beings of light and love. This is a free will planet and as such, the beings of consciousness in the non-physical realms will only observe until they are invited. 
    They will offer their loving frequency, however there must be a human to anchor that frequency, to be the chalice to welcome and express their loving support. Therefore, it is important that you become the chalice, the anchor and the inviter.
    When you realize your ability to connect with the loving beings of consciousness you expand your work and service to this planet and humanity. You can then take an active part in the transformation of consciousness in partnership with divine beings of healing, angels and archangels, galactic brethren, star elders, the consciousness of the elements and the elementals.
    It is through you that they are able to support and assist in your planet’s evolution. 
    You are the human who invites and welcomes their presence. Your heart portal then becomes the doorway for their love and light to come through. Your aware focus and intention can direct this cosmic and divine energy to the various conflicts and tragedies on the planet.
    Each time you witness an event that expresses some aspect of dysfunction, call upon and invite these celestial energies to uplift and transmute what is occurring. There are no limitations here; when you activate the call, when you consciously invite, there will always be a response. 
    Hold the intention for the highest and the best results to unfold for all that are involved. Hold the intention of harm to none.
    Remember to use your personal power to focus and honor all life. You are the inviter; you are the portal, the chalice that is allowing this divine consciousness, these potent vibrations of life enhancing support to bathe this reality.
    It is in this divine partnership with your personal guides and teams that your true mastery is coming about. You are a galactic being here to uplift the consciousness of this planet.

    Step into this knowing, realize that there are no limitations; you are an energy alchemist owning the ability to transmute and transform dense energy in partnership with the celestial beings of light and consciousness.
    When you are in this divine partnership, your every action becomes sacred. You begin to infuse every particle of physical reality with divine light and love. You become a blessing to everyone and everything. You recognize and appreciate your oneness with all.
    You acknowledge the incredible beauty, wonder and exquisite offerings of your physical reality. You honor the unique qualities of others as you offer your loving vibrations and compassion for their trials and challenges. You appreciate the awesome diversity of all life forms. You begin to live in a state of grace, anchoring this vibration no matter what is occurring around you. You hold and secure the vision of a world of peace and wholeness.
    This is why you are here. This is your gift. We realize that the physical reality that is your life with your loved ones, your activities, your doubts and worries, can sometimes push aside your true remembering. We are here to remind you of your magnificence. We are here to remind you to claim your unlimited power as the master alchemist that you are.
    We are here to honor and acknowledge you, to witness and appreciate all that you do. We embrace you with our love and deep respect for your courage. Call upon our support, call upon support and assistance from the galactic and celestial realms of divine love and light. Remember you are the inviter, you are the anchor, you are the portal.
    –Peggy Black and the ‘team’

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    Empowered Perceptions


    by Valencia Ray MD –

    Perception Rules Your Reality:

    It’s empowering to know that I can change my reality based on my perception. Perception is subjective of course, so therefore reality is also subjective. I have truly found that my reality may often not be my friend’s reality. Interesting.

    “To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds” –William James

    This is a beautiful verse that is full of wisdom for everyday living. I used to also believe that the way I saw life was the “way it was”. Well, it is the way it is – for me. I have learned to change my perception, but I must say that your conscious awareness, your ability to stay present in this moment makes all the difference between being empowered to change versus feeling like a hapless victim of circumstance.

    Here are some pointers:

    1. Open your mind to a new way of seeing the world – Beliefs are fluid. We now can say, even from science, that belief is wired into your biology; your body is very subject to change. Just look at how much you’ve change on all levels since you were a baby!

    2. Heal the past, now is all there is – Technically speaking, there is no past or future, only the memory of past and future. Your physical body can only be here now. To the degree that your mental body is not here, you are scattering your energy and keeping yourself disempowered. Past hurts and pain are memories that can be released from your “bodymind”

    3. Now is your point of power – There truly is power in the now. When I am focused in my body, that is, embodied instead of in my head, I can feel more energized and efficient in making things happen. When our sense of now is expanded, creativity also flows more freely.

    4. Choosing to focus on gratitude instead of fear is a powerful antidote to dissolving the fear in your mind. You get to choose what you focus on to the degree that your intention is clear, and your attention is focused. Intend to find everything in your world to be grateful for and your perception will shift.

    Empowerment is truly and inside job. It all starts with thoughts, feelings and emotions that form your perception. Then, once our perceptions form, a feedback loop helps to hold us in unconscious, automatic patterns of belief. What we believe we perceive, the way we perceive, we believe. Have you noticed that you can shift your beliefs through awareness? Think about beliefs you would like to change.


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    The Situation

    Gold  Heart Pictures, Images and Photos

    “When you complain

    you make YOURSELF a victim.

    Either leave the situation,

    change the situation

    or accept it.

    All else is madness.

    Today, let’s shift

    every complaining thought,

    word or deed and either

    accept the situation,

    change the situation

    or leave the situation

    and bring ourselves

    in harmony with what is.

    This is the power of NOW.”

    –Mary M. Morrissey

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