Time as Fluid Flow

by Peggy Black –

Spacious time lives in the NOW. Your beliefs/programs and your energetic stance of struggle creates time that is rather restrictive.

Time, in your earthly hologame, is a sacred belief. It is firmly anchored in your matrix and in all the programs that operate your mental activities. Most humans have some form of this rigid belief about time, with many rules and countless ways to measure time.

Everyone has experienced time being rather fluid. When doing a job in which you are bored, time seems to move slowly. When you are totally engaged in an activity, time disappears and you wonder “Where did the time go?”

This is your perception of time. Remember energy follows thought. Time follows thought. Your thoughts about time arise from your belief system about time.

As humans, you are engaged with the matrix of time. As a multidimensional being you can and do step out of this earthly limited matrix of time. It is a matter of awareness and practice.

Look at your beliefs and question your beliefs about time. Notice how you worship time, how you covet time, how you wrap your activities in limited time. Notice your struggles and seeming stress that is created from these beliefs. Notice how mass consciousness holds these beliefs about time.

Asking you to look at the matrix of time in a new way is similar to asking a fish about the water in which it swims, or the bird about the air in which it flies. The fish is so enveloped by water and bird is so enveloped by air, they cannot conceive of a different reality.

To understand the concept of time one must first know and investigate just how the energy matrix of time controls and runs their life.

  • Notice where time stalls for you and where you allow it to flow.
  • Notice how often you truly stay in the present moment of NOW.

Practice bringing your awareness into each NOW. Notice what you say about time and how you share your limited beliefs about time. “I never have enough time.” “Time is running out.” “Time is speeding up”.

Play with this, allow this to be fun. It does not have to be so serious. Time is not as sacred as you have made it. It is flexible and fluid. Allow yourself to stretch into that unlimited magnificence energy matrix of NOW.

Remember it is from the NOW that you can and do step out of time.

Acknowledge yourself when you experience time as a new spacious form.

Acknowledge when you experience a synchronicity; this is time being fluid.


Aura Fixation


One Man’s Wonder

Reclaiming Curiosity in a “Ho-hum” World

From this increasingly sped-up, dumbed-down, 140-character world of quick, shallow experiences and relationships, a new generation of thinkers is emerging. Yearning for substance, hungry for real, first-hand relationships with each other and with Nature, we are beginning to realize that very little of this occurs without our willingness to notice and appreciate things not readily apparent.

One Man’s Wonder is about looking further, paying attention, making time for discovery, celebrating little things, and being open to wonder. Can we reclaim those qualities that illuminate our spiritual essence and make us truly human? I wonder…

When you’re in a crowd, do you ever find yourself fixating on just one of the many strangers you see? This happens to me all the time. I’m at a party, in a restaurant or watching a sporting event. There may be hundreds of people all around me but one of them, of all those anonymous beings, will just absolutely fascinate me.

Does who we are determine what we choose to see or does how we see actually change what is?

Just this morning I was having breakfast with a friend and pointed out a waitress who intrigued me. He didn’t see it and asked me if it was some kind of sexual chemistry I was picking up on. No, it’s not that, I explained but I do think it’s about beauty, albeit seldom the kind you’d see on the surface. Normally, you probably wouldn’t look twice at most of these people. It’s more like fleeting glimpses of something extraordinary I see shining through those otherwise ordinary façades. Most often, it’s just a way of smiling, moving or interacting with other people. Sometimes I picture it as a sort of inner light that radiates from them.
  • There was a kid on my stepson’s little league baseball team. He wasn’t especially big nor good looking. But the way he moved to pick up a ground ball and throw it to first base was so natural, so pure, that I couldn’t stop watching him. He had, at the age of ten, a degree of that intensity and self-assurance you see in some professional athletes—the Michael Jordans, the Derrick Jeters, the Roger Federers. I hoped he’d grow up using that charisma for good.

She had the refinement of old money, but without the damage.

  • A 17- or 18-year-old girl who was sitting in front of me at a children’s piano recital had an unusual radiance. I picked up on it even though I never saw more than the back of her head and an occasional profile. What was it, the way she encouraged her little brother—one of the performers? Or was it was how she looked at, and listened to, her parents, seated on either side of her. It struck me that she had the refinement of old money, but without the damage it so often inflicts. From those few impressions, I felt I could see the kind of life she would lead. And, while a bit disconcerting, I found that inkling, more than anything, reassuring.
  • I was on one of those “chicken buses” in rural Guerrero, Mexico. A heavy-set, plain-faced, 30-something woman got on at Los Achotes and sat across from me. Something about her just caught my eye. Maybe it was just the careful manner of her dress. But the more I looked—trying not to be too creepy—the more I could tell that her surface beauty went deep. I could see it in her posture and in her eyes. I’m sure this woman had experienced her share of the unrelenting challenges facing most poor Mexican women. It wasn’t just that she wore that abrasion well; somehow she’d managed to gild it—she shone that brightly.
Impressions like these visit me almost every day. A skeptic might say they derive, not from the people I’m looking at but from some need I have to see them that way. But does it make any difference? Does who we are determine what we choose to see, or does how we see actually change what is? Or could both be true? What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments!

Unsolvable Illusions?

Once in a while it hits me. Life is simple, we make it complicated, and then I forget and make it complicated again. But in those brief shining moments it is brilliantly evident that what we know and experience is all perception and that the answer to everything lies in this premise. The problem, of course, is not only do we forget this simple fact, but also that there are those whose desire is to manipulate or confuse us, and we forget that too.

My sister sent me a math riddle that appeared freaky and impossible. I couldn’t figure it out until I did what I remind myself to always do, “Shift your perception, and begin with a different premise.” When I did that, the answer was obvious. The intention of the riddle was to confuse. It started with a perfectly logical premise and one that was easy to accept. But in that premise there was no answer – ever – because the premise began with an error.

When I shifted my premise, the answer was immediately evident.

The worldview is exactly like that. It begins with a premise that appears perfectly logical. It’s a premise that we easily accept. In fact, our five senses tell us that it’s true. Within that premise we search and search for answers. We read books, talk to friends, get counseling, let it go, have faith – but none of these methods provide an answer that works for long because they begin with a premise that is an illusion. There will never, ever, be a correct answer to an illusion.

When we begin with the correct premise, the answer is easy.

I was working on some writing that required me to copy what I had written on one piece of paper to another. I copied and pasted and saw nothing. In the past I would have assumed that I didn’t copy and paste correctly. I would have spent some time being confused and probably irritated at the problem.

This time I paused. I started with the premise that I had copied and pasted correctly. I highlighted the area on the page that I had pasted into and chose black for the text. “Magically” it appeared. It was always there. It was simply that I had pasted white to white so it was invisible to my eyes.

During a rescue attempt in the first Star Trek Episode, “The Menagerie,” the crew tries to blast through a mountain with their phasers. Nothing happens, so they attempt many other means of rescue without success. Finally, Spock and Captain Kirk realize that the Talosians, the inhabitants of the planet, are masters at creating illusions. Kirk and Spock begin again with the correct premise that their phasers DO work. Without additional effort, the illusion of the untouched mountain dissolves revealing the hole in the mountain that had been there all along.

It’s that simple really. The premise determines what we perceive as the outcome. 

 What premise do we begin with when attempting to discover an answer or dissolve a problem? If we begin with the premise that the worldview is correct and that our senses report the truth, we will never see the Truth and what is already present.

It is a lot less work to begin with the correct premise and let it reveal the answer than it is to try and make something work inside of an illusion. The great teacher Christ Jesus has told us all, “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.” Hum. Doesn’t that sound like the idea if we begin with the Truth – the correct premise – that it dissolves the prison of the worldview, without effort?

The effort belongs to the shift of perception. 

The effort belongs to the letting go of false premises. The effort belongs to giving up personal preferences and ego. Once that is done, the work is over and what already is in abundance is ours to be and enjoy. Let’s celebrate together that the illusion has been revealed and all that is asked of us is to let it go and live in Truth.

–Beca Lewis 


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Changing Your Own Reality

Looking at life through a different lens.

by Eldon Taylor —

Often the people that most antagonize us are the ones we need most to teach us what we want to learn. My mother used to say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Call it that, or call it simple attraction, anger attracts anger, hostility attracts hostility, love attracts love, and so forth. What we resist we tend to become. When we see something in someone we do not like, we need to be careful, for often they are mirrors of ourselves. What we dislike in them is likely to be a behavior of our own.

When we are alert to this, it’s quite easy to do something remarkable, something that truly changes your own reality.

When I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, my local post office was always jammed with patrons. They all seemed in a hurry, and the clerks were absolutely rude. Many times heated arguments erupted between patrons and staff.

I decided to try a little experiment. “What would happen if I just smiled and beamed light to all of these people?” I thought. Every day for at least two weeks when I stopped to pick up my mail, I did my best to focus light on all. One day the oldest and grouchiest of the postal clerks, whose line I was queued in, looked up and said, “Hello, Dr. Taylor.” There was a smile on his face and in his voice. From that day forward, every clerk in the office spoke and smiled, laughed and joked with me.

Everything had changed.

They were still snippy with other patrons for a while but the smile and light had paid off. Somehow, unconsciously even, they identified me with warmth and love. Within a few months this post office and its employees were as warm and friendly with everyone as any I have ever visited. It is amazing what a little unconditional love can do. We all are capable of coaching or cheering on our friends and family, but when it comes to strangers, particularly those we think of as rude, it is often another matter. It doesn’t have to be.

This is just another way to do good deeds.

Again, self-responsible means taking responsibility for everything in your life. That does not mean you’re in charge of your environment and in control of all the stimuli you encounter. It does mean that you’re in charge of your own inner environment and you begin to make choices—true choices that are healthy and wise. The so-called bad luck is seen through a different lens.

Window of Perception

by Isha Judd –

A newlywed couple moved to an apartment in a very busy neighborhood. On the first morning in their new home, after she had made coffee, the young bride looked through the window and watched her neighbor hanging sheets out to dry. What dirty sheets! she thought to herself. Maybe she needs to buy a different kind of detergent. I should go and teach her how to wash them properly. Every few days, she muttered the same thing to her husband with disdain while watching her neighbor hanging out the dirty laundry in the early-morning light.

A month passed, and one day the young wife was surprised to see that her neighbor was hanging out perfectly clean sheets. She exclaimed to her husband, “Look! She finally learned to wash her clothes. I wonder who taught her how.”

The husband replied, “Well in reality, darling, the only difference is that I got up early this morning and cleaned the window.”

Each of us has been looking through a window all our lives. Tainted by the beliefs and ideas we have adopted from the past, its distorted surface creates our world and governs our perception of the universe. In most cases, our windows are covered in the grime and dust of a lifetime, clouding our vision, blocking the light of the truth from view.

WINDOW OF THE MIND – The window of the mind becomes dirty when the subconscious is full of self-criticism and fear-based opinions. Unfortunately, this is the case for many of us — erratic, incessant thoughts are our constant companions. Our adult minds are in perpetual chaos and contradiction. Our thoughts jostle endlessly for our attention, as we jump from one distraction to another. This incessant thinking affects our entire nervous system.

We seldom feel complete in the present moment. In the modern world, people at all levels of society and in every walk of life struggle with a feeling of underlying dissatisfaction and unrest. We often find ourselves yearning for something more — no matter what we have achieved in our lives, the fulfillment we so desire remains elusive.

Many of us find that our attention constantly gravitates toward what is wrong with our lives. We hardly ever focus on appreciating all the wonderful things we have; instead we habitually criticize our surroundings, blaming the outside for our discontent. We are seldom in the present moment long enough to embrace the magic of the now. So how do we reverse this? How do we clean our window, and rediscover the beauty of the present moment?

FANATICISM OR FREEDOM? – One of the greatest tricks of the mind that keeps us in suffering is the need to be right. It’s the cause of so much conflict in the world, because when we are attached to being right, we put our point of view above love, above peace, above compassion. I need to be right. Not only that, but I also need you to realize that I’m right. I need you to agree with me; then I can be happy. Because my idea, is better than your idea. My idea is more evolved, my idea is more just, my idea is more brilliant; your idea is not good!

This kind of thinking can spiral out of control: My idea is better than your idea; in fact, my god is better than your god. Your god’s got problems. I read your book, and your god isn’t the same as my god. My god is much more just, he has better ideas, and he’s the only god. I have a good god; you have a bad god. You’re fanatical about your god, and you’re affecting our freedom! So we’ll have to bomb you. That will fix the freedom! But we’re doing it in the name of god!

You create your own reality. You decide what you’re going to choose for. You can choose for the fear, or you can choose for the love. You can make that choice in every moment, and you can surrender to what is in every moment. Does that mean that “bad” things won’t happen? No. It’s not about that; it’s about how you’re being within every situation.

Are you being love within the injustice? Are you being truth within the injustice? Are you taking off your masks and moving through your fears? Are you choosing for the highest point you can be in each moment? That’s the question. How you’re being. So choose for the love. When you choose for the love, everything comes in abundance. We hope for a world free from conflict, but don’t wait for the world to change. Change yourself, and then you will be contributing in the most profound and effective way to a peaceful planet.



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Empowered Perceptions


by Valencia Ray MD –

Perception Rules Your Reality:

It’s empowering to know that I can change my reality based on my perception. Perception is subjective of course, so therefore reality is also subjective. I have truly found that my reality may often not be my friend’s reality. Interesting.

“To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds” –William James

This is a beautiful verse that is full of wisdom for everyday living. I used to also believe that the way I saw life was the “way it was”. Well, it is the way it is – for me. I have learned to change my perception, but I must say that your conscious awareness, your ability to stay present in this moment makes all the difference between being empowered to change versus feeling like a hapless victim of circumstance.

Here are some pointers:

1. Open your mind to a new way of seeing the world – Beliefs are fluid. We now can say, even from science, that belief is wired into your biology; your body is very subject to change. Just look at how much you’ve change on all levels since you were a baby!

2. Heal the past, now is all there is – Technically speaking, there is no past or future, only the memory of past and future. Your physical body can only be here now. To the degree that your mental body is not here, you are scattering your energy and keeping yourself disempowered. Past hurts and pain are memories that can be released from your “bodymind”

3. Now is your point of power – There truly is power in the now. When I am focused in my body, that is, embodied instead of in my head, I can feel more energized and efficient in making things happen. When our sense of now is expanded, creativity also flows more freely.

4. Choosing to focus on gratitude instead of fear is a powerful antidote to dissolving the fear in your mind. You get to choose what you focus on to the degree that your intention is clear, and your attention is focused. Intend to find everything in your world to be grateful for and your perception will shift.

Empowerment is truly and inside job. It all starts with thoughts, feelings and emotions that form your perception. Then, once our perceptions form, a feedback loop helps to hold us in unconscious, automatic patterns of belief. What we believe we perceive, the way we perceive, we believe. Have you noticed that you can shift your beliefs through awareness? Think about beliefs you would like to change.



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The Oneness Thing

by Rebecca Couch –

Message from The Council of Light: Beloved Ones, We greet you in kindness and light. For this is the place you must be in to connect with us and so we remind you of this. Most of the time you remember, but you have your forgetful moments! Always remember the importance of holding your heart in this way, for all that you are looking for comes from this place. It is simple and pure and forever true.

Being kind to yourself is the greatest benefit, for in your deep desire to experience this in your life, you give it to yourself first and all things soften, all things grow and all things are possible in this receptivity. And so how does this really feel inside? It is choosing not to judge anything as anything other than a product of source energy. As long as you compartmentalize and label and sort everything into categories, then you will be limited in your experience of these same categories, one by one by one.

Remember, you get what you believe, and this is a very monotonous, boring, limited perspective from which to live your life. Undo the categories and put it all into one big conglomerate of source energy and Love the whole thing. This will dissolve the differentiations and separateness and allow your heart to accept the whole with Love. This will dissolve the experience of one thing and the next thing and the next as separate, disjointed moments that can bash you around in inconsistency, and meld them into one rich tapestry of life.

Then it is not so exhausting at the end of the day to reflect back on all the wild, seemingly disparate things that happened once you got out of the shower in the morning! The unifying thing is you. The great unifier of all of the seeming diverse experiences is you. So if you no longer keep all the circuits exclusive, you will find they unify quite naturally into one big ball of interconnectedness. You are the motherboard! And then of course, we realize that we are not separate from each other. But we’ll have to undo our separateness one step at a time!

Back to kindness and light. Stay there for a moment and relish its simplicity and purity. If this feels like Love’s bliss to you, decide to stay there permanently, at all times. If we all chose this simultaneously and stayed there, our experience of the world would change profoundly. Let’s do this!

Because of our compartmentalized thinking into time and place and judgment, we keep everything feeling so impossibly diverse and spinning out of control, that we forget that it is so much simpler than this. The Beatles had it right: “I know you, you know me. One thing I can tell you is you got to be free. Come together, right now – over me”. If you can truly come together by choosing in each moment to feel the sense of unity inside you – it is difficult to get there with your brain, but easy to feel in your heart the interconnectedness and inseparability and unity of all life – and really, how simple it is.

Ask to experience the feeling of oneness. Ask for help to anchor this truth in every cell of your being in every moment, and your world – the world – will transform in the blink of an eye. All seeded by kindness and light.

You can get this one. This one is easy, this oneness thing. Just decide that it is the key and so it shall be. This is the heart of the Golden Rule, for if we truly saw each other as the light of ourselves, then nothing would be miscreated. All would be in harmony with The One and the spiral of evolution would be expedited. And so, one heart at a time, we unify into the One Heart, One Love, One Light. Really. It is simpler than you think. Follow your heart, for it always knows the way.