Ending the Violence

by Karen Wright –

I passed a church today displaying a sign, “Resolve to stop the violence.”  Not your run-of-the-mill vow to lose 10 pounds or start eating more vegetables. Stop the violence. How in the world can I stop the violence? Could I have prevented the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary? Can I calm the fighting in the endless Israel-Palestine war? The inventory of violence in our world is crushing. 
What can I do? What can you do?
Virtually nothing – as long as we believe that violence is a behavior. No commad or legislation has or ever will, control human behavior. And lord knows we’ve tried. More police, more laws, more restrictions. Yet, all we achieve is more fear. Year after year we helplessly ask the same question – “How do we stop this from ever happening again?”
Our only hope is to recognize that violence begins before behavior. 
It festers and breeds in our every thought of anger or judgment. Condemnation, jealousy, resentment, contempt, prejudice, hatred, ridicule, loathing, scorn, sarcasm. 
All those lead-heavy thoughts pull us into darkness and ravage our souls.
Perhaps you don’t quite dive to the depths of these black emotions, but what about complaining, blame, grouchiness, accusation or suspicion? Few, if any of us, can say we don’t ‘go there’ on occasion.
Regardless of the severity of our negativity, it’s all energy and energy created does not dissipate. It transforms into a physical reality.
Every thought of anger and hatred is destructive. Even their milder cousins, annoyance and dislike, destroy. First, they attack your own peace of mind and then they add to humanity’s collective state of fear. Each drop of negativity adds to the bucket of fear – and fear spawns attack. Those who do not fear do not injure. 
To stop the violence in the world we must stop the fear in ourselves.
  • Fear urges, “Do unto them before they do unto you.”

  • It beckons, “Take more than you need or they will take it all.”

  • It warns, “Evil is around every corner. Arm yourself.”

The sick-to-your-stomach feeling you have, when you’re cloaked in negativity isn’t confined to your physical body. It’s an energy that is released into the world and bonds with and attracts other such energies. When the collective level of disturbance is powerful enough, it manifests in an outbreak of violence.
This you can do – stop the violence by refusing to let thoughts of harm enter the world through your mind. Easier said than done? Yes. But, let me ask this, “How difficult is it to continually feel the churn of anger in your gut?” 
How delicious would it be to feel generosity and curiosity instead?
Each thought you have is your contribution to the world’s condition. You can end violence by stopping it in you first.

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The Breath of Oneness

by Anakha Coman and James Twyman –

“All the principles of heaven and earth are living inside you. Life itself is truth, and this will never change. Everything in heaven and earth breathes. Breath is the thread that ties creation together.”
—Morihei Ueshiba
“Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their Souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one’s breath.”
—Eve Glicksman
“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.”
—Thich Nhat Hanh

E x e r c i s e

Practice  becoming aware of your breath, expanding it throughout your entire body. Allow your breathing to organically circulate, connecting cells and organs, blood and bones. Feel the beauty and elegance of your body’s intricate design. Through each inhale and exhale, allow yourself to be filled by the Spirit and filled with Oneness . . . then permit yourself to become empty, in Spirit and in Oneness.
The Hebrew word for breath is ruach, it also signifies spirit and wind. It is your breath that connects you with Spirit and your Soul. It sustains your Soul. Now with your breath, animate and give expression to your Soul, knowing that breath and Soul are from one origin. 
Allow yourself to be filled with the breath of Oneness, which is love, joy, peace and unity. 

Exhale separation; inhale Oneness. Exhale fear and anxiety; inhale God’s loving presence and power.
Imagine that you’re breathing with every living being and organism on the planet and in the cosmos. 
Breathe with the trees and with the ocean. Breathe with the children in Africa. Breathe with the monks in Tibet. Breathe with the saints and mystics from the past: Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, and Muhammad. Breathe with your friends, family and community. Breathe with those you consider “different.” Breathe with the planets and stars. Breathe with all of creation and know the truth of “I AM One. We are One.” 
Come alive with the breath of Oneness! 
Dedicate your breathing as a prayer for all sentient beings. Allow a single word or phrase to arise on your lips, and send it out to the world through the breath of Oneness. In this practice, your breathing becomes a prayer and a profound act of sacred activism.
Practice the breath of Oneness for at least five minutes at the beginning and end of your day and your Soul will settle into a heavenly peace. Return to it often throughout the day in order to practice the presence of God wherever you are and in whatever you’re doing.

A f f i r m a t i o n s

I AM breathing Life and Life is breathing me.

I AM forever connected to my Soul in the Spirit of Life.

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Creating a Peaceful Mind

by Christopher Sell –
Your mind is immensely powerful. It may not always seem so, for you can have many different thoughts in your mind simultaneously, and they may not always be in agreement with one another. Your thoughts exist in layers also, so that many thoughts may be hidden from your immediate view by those that are closer to the surface.

Your mind is also a repository for thoughts, and many of the thoughts you might discover in your mind did not originate with you, but were gathered up at some time and stored away. All of this makes your mind a busy place and the notion of a quiet mind may feel like just another thought to add to the busyness.

But a quiet mind is something that you can come to. A mind that is peaceful, in which you can find time to enjoy considering and knowing your wisdom and in which you can experience a oneness with the beauty of the Universe – all this is possible for you.

Knowing Your Thoughts

Learn to observe your own thoughts. Do this without judgement, so that even thoughts you might consider outrageous or reprehensible are viewed with love and compassion.

Behind individual thoughts notice attitudes and stances you hold (and perhaps have held for a very long time) towards reality and towards yourself. Recognise that none of your thoughts is necessarily telling you the truth.

You are not bound to believe your own thoughts. You are changing; a thought that was true for you even yesterday might not be true for you today.

Trusting Yourself

You are a child of God. How could you be anything less than infinitely beautiful? So trust yourself; trust the beauty of your own being. Trust that by loving all thoughts and by knowing that you are free to change your thoughts you are releasing the thoughts that no longer serve you. Let the beauty of your being act as a magnet to draw to you thoughts that uplift, that raise your spirits and increase your ability to share the love that is your essence.

Allowing Flow

Thoughts move; your mind is not a frozen place. Some thoughts move so swiftly they’ve gone before you can catch them, others may move with glacial slowness but they all move.

You can allow thoughts to move more freely by releasing your attachment to them. The slowest moving thoughts tend to be those you’ve been attached to for a long time.

 You can release attachment by saying ‘maybe’ to an idea rather than insisting on saying either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to it. Learn to feel safe not knowing as well as knowing.

Not knowing can be a very high state of consciousness; it is you allowing your mental body to be open and flowing and into that state knowing can come at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Nurturing Peace

Your thoughts travel far beyond you and have a powerful effect on others. Be at peace with this, for all your positive thoughts are many times more powerful than your negative ones.

At this time you can serve yourself and the world well by welcoming peaceful thoughts.

Every single peaceful thought you create or find adds peace to the world. Don’t be concerned by unpeaceful thoughts, simply recognise them as giving you an opportunity to make peace with something you’ve been at odds with. Each peaceful thought adds harmony. Each peaceful thought contributes to your quiet mind. Here is a peaceful thought you may like to use: ‘All is well’.

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Light and Dark in the Public Arena

by Julie Redstone –

When you look at the national or world stage with a contemplative eye, it is possible to see which forces, positions, people, and points of view polarize a discussion, and which perspectives unify and create greater harmony. This is a signpost to the operation of light and darkness in the public arena. Words, positions, and arguments that create fear, that sub-divide a nation into irreconcilable groups, or a planet into groups that are acceptable and those who are not, are infused by the ongoing energy of separation and fear which is another way of describing the energy of darkness.

Light unifies. It creates greater wholes. It builds a willingness to trust and a need to accord to all the presumption of fundamental humanity, based on respect. It seeks to redefine what ‘enemies’ are, and to do away with that term in favor of a deeper explanation of human motives. It recognizes forces that seek to limit freedom and that seek to disrespect the rights of others, but it does not rely on hatred or fear in order to respond to these forces.

The ‘we’ and ‘them’ mentality is a hallmark of the time of separation. We are leaving that time and entering one in which there are no exclusions, since all is held in God. To enter this time fully, fear must be let go of, not activated, and so wherever fear is activated and promoted, the contemplative eye must recognize the backlash of forces that are seeking to prevent the expansion of light.

To see the drama of light and darkness on the world stage and to remain at peace, one must know deeply within one’s being that light is stronger than darkness. This may not show itself immediately in every situation, but the thrust of growth, evolution, and transformation is, and will be, the overturning of all that limits freedom on an individual level and on a collective level as well. All that promotes fear and division is being replaced by light’s purposes.

We enter this time humbly and gratefully, standing with the forces of light that may be seen through the remaining conflicts that are still present on the world stage. Namaste.

A Time Will Come

A time will come when you walk

among people and feel nothing but serenity.

When all men are kindred spirits

and no one is beyond reach.

A time when to listen and to speak

are of equal value and you will

make yourself heard without fear.

And your heart will dance

and your soul will sing and your love

will radiate a powerful light,

And you will walk as though on air

and your body will be an instrument

of expression and youthful spirit.

And you will know great peace

and all around you will know it too,

And there will be passion in your life

of such richness that all

will be of divine inspiration.

And you will laugh and frolic

with your love at your side

with newfound freedom

and your journey together

will be one of greatness,

And love will be young again.


And as you grow in respect

for the world and its people,

you will know great compassion

and your love will touch others

who seek what you know and they

will know compassion as you do.

And the stars in the night sky

will smile on you for you

will be blessed.

Wayfarer International, Copyright ©
–John & Melody Anderson


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The Big Magnet


by Nick Ralls –

Drawing Others Closer:

I change my view on people when I get to know them better, become closer to them and understand them more. When we draw people closer and do not push them away we have the chance to honour and love them more. Changing the way I look at people, changes the way I see the world. I seek to see love, only love.

OUR view on people changes when we get to know them better, become closer, start to deconstruct the barriers that separate us. Our viewpoint moves closer to love.

When we seek to judge people, stereotype them or give them their own special label, we create division, distance and grave misunderstanding. It is from this separation, from this distance that conflict happens, wars take place. And it is much easier to harm or even kill another. But when we bring people closer, seek to dissolve differences, relate and connect, it is so much harder to hurt them.

The moment one side in a conflict can fully explore and relate to the feelings of those on the other side, all war and conflict becomes hopelessly meaningless and unnecessary. To be a true peace maker the aim is to bring the so called enemy closer, to understand him or her, to step into their shoes, to see the world from their eyes and to have compassion for how they think they way to do.

Just as it is possible to love intensely and passionately so it is also possible to hate intensely and passionately. These are the two opposites here. So to better understand those who hurl the bricks at us, we need so much to see how people are driven to hate so ferociously.

We need to see just what it takes to make someone in such a place of fear and lovelessness that they want to lash out and kill. And this is true for all those in the world who seek solutions through violence and warfare. This can happen globally, between nations, within communities and even within households and circles of friends.

The solution is always love. The problem is always being out of love. All our problems in the world happen when we abandon our loving connection, our oneness and we step into another world which dwells on individual power, fear, isolation and separation.

The moment you or I set ourselves apart from anyone, yes anyone, we are helping to bring disunity to the collective of which we are part. The moment you or I set to be different from this human being or that, better or worse, then we are creating dividing lines in the collective which will bring a lack of peace for all of us. But when you and I seek to understand the troubled mind in our midst, seek to include even those most challenging of people then we bring an energy to the collective which reminds of us our oneness and our unity.

So the closer we get to someone, the more we listen to them, hear their story with open mind and open ears, the more we connect our heart to our ears and to our mouth, then the more our view changes towards them. Put simply, the more we fall in love with them for how they are healing and moving in the direction of love.

Love is the big magnet… it draws each of us to itself.

We might perceive people resisting the pull, being drawn far too slowly or seeking to repel the force but ultimately their power to withdraw, isolate and resist will weaken as the magnet relentlessly pulls in their direction to bring them back to their home which is love.

So let’s change our view about people, view them through the eyes of love once we see more clearly where they are coming from so that we can love them more dearly. We as a society fail dismally when we seek revenge against people, even put them to death, build more prisons to keep people out of society and build more walls around our borders to protect ourselves.

The mind is so protective. The heart is made of a different energy. It seeks to heal, to love and to connect. So let us connect our heart to all parts of us including our mind, our actions and our words. So that we can change our view of the world. We can change to love. Then we become real. Because love is real and is all there is.

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by Rebecca Skeele –

Because I choose to be a carrier of peace I practice the presence of peace daily. My inner toolbox includes self-acceptance, observation, compassion, self- forgiveness and loving kindness. If I am quick to respond irritably to a phone call, I take a deep breath, step back and observe my reaction. Then I might accept that a part of me is in disturbance.

Reminding myself that everything outside is really taking place inside, I begin my investigation with compassion for myself. If my disturbance is a judgment I forgive myself for that judgment knowing that self-forgiveness opens up my heart to see with new eyes. If fear has crept into the background of my day, I choose loving-kindness to comfort my upset and ask for truth. When I practice liberating myself from everyday stresses, global concerns become opportunities for greater and greater mastery.

The following list is suggested for your consideration:

*1. When you read the morning paper, read with the eyes of your soul. Send light, compassion, loving-kindness or a “God bless you, Peace be still” instead of upset, worry or negativity.

*2. Place the world leaders that you have an issue with on your altar. During your daily meditation, prayers and spiritual exercises send your light/love/compassion/good thoughts to them. Begin to look for a growth opportunity to accept a disagreement rather than judging it.

*3. Visualize places of terror, war, destruction and killing filled with light. Send light frequently when listening to the radio or watching the evening news. Practice seeing through the eyes of the inner Master – with great compassion and loving for all.

*4. Closer to home, take inventory of your own place of inner war, devastation or terror. Make a commitment to weed out those limiting fears and beliefs that create destruction in your everyday relationships and career. If you choose to carry peace then use the daily practice to liberate and strengthen your mastery of your SELF…even waiting in the grocery store checkout line.

Peace-sharing, no matter how it unfolds, reveals what we have been searching for all along: our magnificence and the ability to improve our life, our neighbors and help build a peaceful world. Turning away from the headlines for a moment to reestablish our intention and calm, becomes a sacred responsibility.

As the French novelist Marcel Proust so wisely observed, “The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes but in having new eyes.” These are eyes that see beyond illusions forged by a limited understanding of who we are—eyes that see beyond the dots, eyes that see as God sees.