5 Steps to World Peace – You In?

by Neale Donald Walsch –

How is it possible for 7 billion people to all want the same thing — peace, happiness, abundance, opportunity, safety, security and love — and be unable to get it?

Permit ourselves to acknowledge that some of our old beliefs about God and about Life are no longer working.  

Explore the possibility that there is something we do not understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which could change everything.

Announce that we are willing for new understandings of God and Life to now be brought forth, understandings that could produce a new way of life on this planet. 
Courageously examine these new understandings and, if they align with our personal inner truth and knowing, enlarge our belief system to include them.
Express our lives as a demonstration of our highest beliefs, rather than as a denial of them.

excerpt from The New Revelations: A Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch
Click here to download a PDF of the 5 Steps to Peace
The Evolution Revolution

What is the Evolution Revolution?

Look, it’s really quite simple. If you’re totally okay with life on this planet right now—or if you think things are sad, but you can’t do anything about it—this is not for you. If, on the other hand, you see yourself as having the power, working with other committed people, to effect real change, then you have come to the right place.
But let’s be very clear at the outset: 

Despite having the word ‘revolution’ in our name, we are not supporting violence of any kind. On the contrary, what we propose is quite the opposite; social change through spiritual awakening producing impactful compassion. We are calling for the most dramatic shift in fundamental beliefs in human history.

Yet this is not about starting a new religion. This is about showing, in very clear terms at last, that there IS common ground, where all religions and non-believers can come together for the benefit of all humankind.
This is about changing the world as it is.
You in?


We are going to do something on March 12 that could capture the attention of the entire world. Do you have a few minutes for me to tell you about it? It will take you approximately eight or nine minutes to read what I have written here and then a few more minutes to accept the invitation I wish to extend to you.
I know that seems like a lot of time in these busy, hectic days when all of us want to read everything in 90 seconds or less — but over the course of your life, you will see it as a minuscule time investment. So if you would grant me the favor of giving me those few minutes, I think it could make a real difference on our planet…and I know it could make a huge difference in your life.
I’d like to talk with you about the cause of the wildly rampant dysfunction we are seeing in our world today, and how — with really very little effort — we can change things so that we do not have to saddle our children and our grandchildren with all of this…or even worse… read more
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Co-Weaving New Life

by  –
It was one of those moments: the kind of moment when you are fully present and witnessing an experience, knowing that something really big is happening. At our cabin on Johnson Lake, we have a steep grass slope that leads to the water.
I was mindfully taking conscious and careful baby steps down the hill as I had hundreds of times before. One quick slip and I heard the dreadful, spine-chilling “CRACK!” and went down. I didn’t cry or laugh as I normally would with a sprained ankle or clumsy fall. I went into a hyper-alert, adrenalin-induced, emergency-medical-response mode.
Everyone else in the boat and on the patio heard the gruesome break as well. They came running. “Get some ice and ibuprofen,” I directed when my family asked what I needed and what they could do to help. “And, get those cedar planks above the washer that we grill fish on. We can use them for a splint.” The ice and ibuprofen came quickly. My cedar planks were vetoed for soft, rolled-up towels and Press and Seal plastic wrap.
The Emergency Room doctor was impressed with my family’s creative ingenuity.
After cutting off the wrap and examining my leg and ankle, he said he thought I broke my ankle. I said, “Maybe, but I know my shin bone is broken.” He touched my leg again and said, “No, I think it’s your ankle.” The ex-rays came back and we were both right. I had a spiral fracture on my left tibia and a break on both sides of my ankle.
When a fracture of the bone occurs, the body leaps into action to begin the healing process. There are three important stages in healing a fractured bone. First is the inflammatory phase, second the reparative phase, and third the remodeling phase. 
I think the second is particularly interesting. The reparative phase begins about two weeks after the fracture occurs. In this stage, proteins begin to consolidate into what is known as a soft callus. This soft, new bone substance eventually hardens into a hard callus as the bone “weaves together” over a six to twelve week period. The genius within the body repairs itself. I often sat with my leg elevated in a heavy, full-leg cast imagining and visualizing the bones weaving together.
I am in awe of how the Designing Intelligence of Creation continues to do its thing – assisting my body to weave new bone. How magnificent. The body has such an extraordinary and complex design. My body knows exactly what to do. I simply have to sit back, rest and allow it to do its thing.
Now, twelve weeks later, I wait for the day when I am able to take my first NEW steps forward on my leg, I am grateful for life’s genius. The lessons from this experience have been invaluable. Life gave me “a break.” It’s been a time of pause, reflection, healing, and surrender – “a weaving of the new” in so many ways. I have learned to literally partner with and trust the Designing Intelligence more completely. In doing so, I have been immersed in the creative flow of the Universe.
The same Intelligence that heals my bones also has my back and desires to co-create more fully with me. The same Intelligence that weaves new bone also holds the material of Creation together – my experiences, relationships, nature, humanity, earth and the cosmos. I am not separate from this Divine Intelligence. The Intelligence is in me and I am in it. I am not separate from the weaving. I am part of it. I am a co-weaver neatly interlaced within Creation.
As I move forward, each new step is entwined with the consciousness of this interconnected reality. The new me listens even deeper for guidance and direction as I practice attuning to the Intelligence. As I surrender to the co-creative process, I midwife and steward new projects, knowing they come through me but not of me. 
I align with the highest good of Creation and trust that the expression of my individual threads is unique and an integral part of the fabric of life. The new me shares my gifts in synergistic play with others to bring forth this new, unitive consciousness and a new world. The more I honor the wisdom and power of the Designing Intelligence, the more resources and opportunities come to me – naturally… organically.
Now, I’m on the precipice of another one of those moments, knowing that something really big is about to happen. I am preparing to leap forward, trusting the Designing Intelligence and saying, “Yes!” to what presents. 
The world looks very different now. It is alive and supportive and interactive. I have an intimate relationship – a sacred union – with the Designing Intelligence that has healed my bones. With gratitude, I will put my best foot forward and delight as Creation continues to create through me. There will be no more careful baby steps. For it is time to leap into full co-creation. With the assistance of my incredible intelligence partner, I am co-weaving new life.


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Vision of Wholeness – Why the Will Matters

by Steve Nation –

We are living at a time when the vision of wholeness is seeping into consciousness, upsetting all sorts of established patterns of thinking, seeing and acting. 
As a species we are, perhaps for the first time in any collective sense, beginning to care about the good of the whole, noticing that the well-being of the individual unit in any system depends upon the well-being of the environment within which it is embedded. 
There are huge challenges in lifting our vision so as to see the patterns of synthesis and order in a whole system. 
Yet we are on the way, aware of the need to perceive forces of interdependence and the primary role of relationships between different entities in any system.
This raises inevitable tensions. 
Established habits of separative thinking (engrained within each and every one of us and dominating modern cultures) rub up against the new sensitivity to the integrity and well-being of the whole. 
These tensions are most obvious in issues of the day such as climate change; competition for available water resources; social and economic inequalities; fundamentalist and inclusive integral approaches to religion, economics, politics, and so on. 
These tensions also live within us as we become increasingly aware of the wholeness of our own being with its dimensions of mind, spirit, soul, and body (subtle and physical).
It is no coincidence that just at the time in history when the wholeness vision is creeping into the thinking of intelligent women and men across the whole spectrum of diverse cultures, professions, arts and sciences, there is a parallel—almost gut-level—awareness that, because of historically embedded pathways of competition and separation, humanity has become an endangered species. 
Nothing concentrates the mind more than imminent danger.
It is precisely in this situation that it becomes necessary to observe the role of the will at all levels of the relationship between the wholeness vision and ourselves. 
How often do we hear the cry that there is a lack of political will in the world and in our own lands? It is a cry that must be answered and is being answered. We human beings in our millions are being called upon to give expression to the wholeness vision with a dynamic will— in our lives, in our groups, in our professions, communities, schools, colleges and universities and in our deepest circles of faith and spirit.
All of us who have been touched deeply by the sense that we are part of a greater whole ultimately have no choice but to become, in small human ways, units of loving will-full activity, seeking to create patterns of synthesis and wholeness in every aspect of our lives. 
The future depends on our willingness to approach the opportunities of our time with a sense of purpose. 
This may be a rather nebulous purpose when we set out, but it is important to imagine it becoming, through time and experience, an unshakeable, rock-like centre of our being. 
If this sounds too ‘majestic’ or ‘grand’ or ‘noble,’ we should remember that the will is all about the intention we apply to small steps in bringing our sense of wholeness into expression in our lives, our professions, and our fields of passion and interest.

Over time, patterns of quiet persistence emerge as we notice and care about the progress we are making towards reorienting our lives and our communities in response to the wholeness vision.

Dag Hammarskjöld | United Nations DPI

In the middle of the last century, soon after the formation of the United Nations, the visionary Secretary-General of the organization, Dag Hammarskjöld, spoke of the Taoist view that the world cannot be shaped by the will and purpose of human beings because the world is a spiritual thing.
No one, Hammarskjöld commented, can foresee with certainty what will emerge from the give and take of the forces at work in any age. We cannot mould the world as masters of a material thing… But, he added, we can influence the development of the world from within as a spiritual thing.
This leads into the central role of the will in our time. 
The efforts to shape the world as a material thing, to be mastered and dominated, are what have led to so many of the environmental problems we face. Partly in response to these problems there is a growing awareness of the spiritual will—paying attention to the spirit of wholeness and seeking to act in ways that reflect concern for the good of the whole.
For Hammarskjöld, this awareness has great significance: As individuals and groups we can put our influence to the best of our understanding and ability on the side of what we believe is right and true. We can help in the movement towards those ends that inspire our lives and are shared by all [people] of good will—in terms very close to those of the Charter of the United Nations—peace and freedom for all, in a world of equal rights for all.
Fresh insights into the nature of the whole milieu in which we live and move and have our being (the physical environment; the human, animal, and plant environment; and the spiritual environment) call us to love… purposively.
They call us to a will to love—a will that leads us to explore how we might love selflessly and how we might grow in our capacity to love transparently and without expectations.
Resistance to this call comes from elements of self-interest and self-absorption that are a part of our human nature. It also comes from the voices of those who stridently refuse to see that the realities of wholeness demand deep changes in our understanding of ourselves and in the way we live, from our response to climate change and the use of energy to our undisciplined obedience to the manipulation of competitive market forces in the economy.
It is these forces of resistance (both within and without) that lead us to draw on hidden depths of will that are beyond our understanding, reaching in to areas of faith, grace and the sense of a Greater Will—for the world is a spiritual thing.
Two qualities of consciousness and of being have been central to our understanding of human development as well as our understanding of the divine: the light of knowledge and the radiance of love and wisdom.
It might be argued that the human meditation on these principles (through time and across all faiths and traditions) has created the conditions in which the revelation of wholeness has now become possible.
Today, in order to respond appropriately to the challenges of the wholeness vision and to the damaged ecosystems that have been caused by our ancient habits of separation, it is the third quality of consciousness and of being, the third quality of divinity, will, that is becoming of primary concern.
Countless acts of will, particularly in its higher dimensions (the transpersonal will, the will to love, the good will, the will to harmonize apparent opposites, and the will to act for the good of the whole) are required today in response to the crises we face. This is not a call to cold discipline. It is a call to re-value the will, particularly in its more refined expressions. 
The planetary life of which we are a part displays patterns of order, harmony, beauty, beneficence, nobility, and joy.
As we first sense the dim outlines of the magnificence of the whole, there is an awakening will to understand and see more clearly and to experience its livingness more fully, as well as an awakening will to live in some degree of right relationship with the joy, harmony, and beauty that are revealed.
The will leads to action—action to awaken and broaden our intuitive as well as our scientific understanding of wholeness and action to move ourselves, our communities and our world into right relationship with this vision of wholeness.
Time to Hold the Will in the Light
In the past, the will was often understood in terms of ‘thou shalt not’ and of power over others—maintaining a stiff upper lip in the face of difficulties and repressing anything unpleasant or not understood. We know that repression doesn’t work and that trying to battle on without addressing issues as they arise or without ever questioning what we are doing simply sets up new problems for the future.
More often than not, problems and issues are a sign of something needing to be addressed—something that is out of alignment. The deeper will is concerned with purpose and with understanding the role that purpose can play in crafting a fulfilling and meaningful life. It is about fostering a sense of direction and nurturing a realistic sense of future possibilities. ‘Thou shalt’ replaces ‘Thou shalt not.’
In a sense, the will is all about the way in which we as individuals and groups respond to our perception of human need and to our sense of the future. 
As problems arise in our communities and in the world as a whole, they provide an opportunity to heal, transform and redeem ancient patterns of separation.
As such, the problems can be embraced. In learning about a particular social problem, we can train ourselves to recognize the forces that are causing the problem (forces in the human psyche reflected in economic, social, and cultural dynamics) while at the same time looking for the individuals and groups that are responding to these forces in a meaningful way—using the problem to break through ancient thought forms of division and to nurture love and goodwill in the community and to empower disadvantaged groups and individuals with a sense of their own dignity and possibilities as human beings.
In the process of responding to the problems of our time something wonderful is happening to human beings. The quality of will is being mobilized as never before. It is happening at the local level in every community on the planet, just as it is happening regionally, nationally and globally.

There is today a vast network of groups of citizens that are applying the will to transform the quality of human relationships. Think of the vitality and purpose of the 350.org movement, or of the mindfulness networks that are emerging in health, healing and education around the world.
Think of the One Campaign fighting extreme poverty with almost 6 million global members. Think of the activities of countless Amnesty International groups throughout the world, or of the countless actions by concerned citizens on the International Day of Peace every September 21st. These are just the tip of the iceberg — we are living at a time when people of concern are becoming willfully engaged in diverse ways to transform the quality of relationships on earth.
There have always been periods in history when forces of goodwill coalesce with an unusual degree of singleminded purpose and focus. In the US for example, there was an extraordinary period during the height of the civil rights struggle when a culture of hatred, lawlessness, and violence was confronted by countless acts of individual and group courage.
The anti-apartheid movement (within South Africa and around the world) saw a similar concentration of will. What is different about the will that is emerging today is that it is emerging as a universal force.
Millions of people feel themselves to be a part of the One Humanity and the One Earth and feel a measure of personal responsibility and engagement in building a culture and civilization that reflects this new awareness.
The good will is arising amongst individuals across the face of the globe, just as it is arising in groups and movements in every field of activity.
There is an awareness of a common purpose that links community development groups with human rights groups, those working for the empowerment of women with groups targeting the need for nutritious food, and the massive global movement calling for new economic and political structures in response to the challenges of climate change.
We are witnessing a quiet and steady mobilization of the will in human affairs.
The process of dialogue and negotiation surrounding the definition of a new set of achievable Sustainable Development Goals for the future of humanity at the United Nations is one of the clearest examples of the new role that the will is now playing in the world.
Previous planning initiatives at the United Nations tended to be ideologically and politically driven with high-sounding objectives. In 2000, this began to change with the declaration of a set of eight Millennium Development Goals, each with specific targets to be achieved by 2015 and with annual reports measuring progress on each target.
Now the process has moved forward in preparation for a new set of goals to take us through to 2030, and this time there is a massive process of negotiation between different stakeholders, movements, civil society organizations, businesses, and governments.
The final goals will be declared at a global summit next year.
They will reflect some sort of balance between the self-interest of nation states (particularly the powerful interests of the five permanent members of the Security Council as defined by their governments) and the wider interests of the common good.
These wider interests have already been well-defined within a set of 17 goals (each with specific measureable targets) prepared after lengthy negotiations by a Working Group of the General Assembly.
They include the following:
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Reduce inequality within and among countries. End poverty in all its forms everywhere. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
Goals like this set intentions and help focus the will of different networks and associations (including governments) to ensure that targets are met. They move from statements of principle, such as the Declaration of Human Rights, to become statements of focused purpose where each country and each particular social movement is left free to determine how to concentrate their energies on achieving specific targets and broader goals.
People of concern linked into groups and networks of focused concern (groups like the Commons Movement, the New Economy movement, the Sustainable Development movement) are using the opportunities of the time to bring purpose and will into the centre of their beings and their activities.
There is a vitality and vibrancy about the new movements—and what the General Assembly’s set of Goals demonstrate is that a momentum of intentional activity is building that has the power to lead us into a new era.
1 Dag Hammarskjöld, To Speak for the World: Speeches and Statements. Stockholm, Atlantis, 2005, pp. 145-6.
About Author: Steve Nation is a writer and speaker on meditation and global issues. He is co-founder of Intuition in Service and the United Nations Days and Years Meditation Initiative. He worked for almost 20 years at the London office of World Goodwill and Lucis Trust. Since 2002, he has coordinated an annual global meditation Vigil for the International Day of Peace.

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There’s No Separation

by Neale Donald Walsch –

God exists by whatever name you want to call it. There’s no separation between you and God. You are a manifestation of the Divine, therefore, God exists in you, as you, and within you and God is having therefore, a conversation with you all the time.
There’s no separation between anything at all. We are in fact all one, and when we begin to act as if we were all one, act as a singular unit known as humanity, we will find our way to the place that we have been invited to go by life itself from the very beginning.
Very little on our planet is working like it should. Our political system is not working as it should… our economic system… ecological system… social system… spiritual system… not working to produce the results that were intended. They are actually producing the opposite of which they were intended to produce.
The economic systems haven’t produced abundance and prosperity for all, but quite the opposite. The political systems have not produced security and safety for all and cooperation among nations, but quite the opposite and so on.
What is the missing data here that we do not have in hand — the understanding of which, would change everything? I think the missing data is quite simple. The missing data is that there is nothing but unity.
We are all one and if we begin to operate politically, economically, socially, environmentally, educationally and spiritually as if that were true and not just an aphorism or nice statement but operating as if that were in fact the reality, all of life on earth would change, virtually overnight.

“The only way to transform the world is to re-think it. It’s not about one of us.  It’s about all of us. It’s not about money, it’s about love, And it’s not about out there, it’s in here. Such thoughts are miracles and they change everything.” –Marianne Williamson

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Transporting into New Realms

by DL Zeta – 
Timelines of Transcendence:
During this powerful time, new energies are filtering onto the earth plane, seeding times of deeper awakening. Seers and other light beings are receiving visions designed to bring awareness to anything that has held them in limiting scenarios. 
Transcendence is a primary theme now as we are asked to move beyond old identities into new and often as yet unimagineable realms of being. The new energies allow us to transcend limiting beliefs that exist at the root of limiting careers, relationships, identities and much more. In a sense, these energies are even assisting us in transcending ourselves – or who we believe ourselves to be.
Post-eclipse energies are lifting us higher than ever before, offering glimpses of timelines of transcendence where we’re living beyond our present limitations.
This is not a fairy tale, not a too-good-to-be-true bedtime story. There are steps to take on the journey of transcendence. Those who adopt the intention to transcend limiting beliefs will face various tests to insure their readiness for a limitless existence.
We are not alone in this journey. The universe is with us every step of the way, providing the resources needed to energize timelines of transcendence. 
All we have to do is be willing to believe in ourselves, to trust our footing on this new path, and to heal and release the past at a deep and profound level.
Intentions to Transcend activate the Obstacle Field
Any choice to transcend limitations raises the obstacle field. Any time we set an intention we activate everything that stands in the way of reaching our intentions. This activation helps us recognize and clear unhealed emotions, limiting beliefs, habits and connections that anchor us to third-dimensional life tracks. 
Inside the obstacle field any fears we still hold kick in and tell us we are not up to the task. 
Some turn back at this juncture. Instead of turning back, we can choose to see obstacles as opportunities to reaffirm and strengthen our belief in ourselves and our spiritual connection. Transforming obstacles into opportunities allows us to fly over situations that previously tethered us to dense, lower-vibrational life tracks.
Self-love and Self-Forgiveness are Essential to Transcendence

Self-love and self-forgiveness are essential in transcending limitations. When the obstacle field activates, younger selves within your repertoire of selves may become fearful. Selves still mired in unresolved emotions may throw on the brakes. During this powerful period you have the ability to heal by working with your repertoire of selves at a very high level. 

Unconditional love for yourself and others is essential to transcending limitations. 
Be gentle with yourself as you transition to unconditional love. This transition will bring before you memories of un-love to be loved and released. When you feel gratitude for moments of un-love, you are ready to step into the real love that transcendence brings.
Be Willing to Re-Parent Younger Selves Trapped in Past Traumas
A high level of awareness will help you past any hurdles you encounter. This allows you to observe yourself without judgment. Forgive yourself if you feel sad, depressed, lonely or fearful. If you resist or pull back, forgive yourself. Let whatever happens be as it is without judgment or blame. Your thoughts hold the power to lift you up or knock you down. 
When traumatized feeling states kick in, send love to yourself. Sit with your younger selves. Sit with any selves that feel abandoned and unloved. Be willing to serve as a loving, understanding parent and guide to these younger selves. A willingness to re-parent your younger selves brings about inner unification, which is essential to activating timelines of transcendence.
Transcending Barriers between Lifetimes

Many lightworkers entered this lifetime with the intention to complete past connections. These completions are instrumental in awakening us to our spiritual purpose of helping with the transition to the New Earth.

Past life connections serve to awaken you to expanded dimensions of your being by weakening the barriers between lifetimes.

The shift to the new earth is built upon a vision of oneness with all others and within ourselves. 
When we see through the veils separating our various lifetimes, we establish a conscious connection with our parallel selves incarnated simultaneously throughout various timeframes. When we establish oneness with parallel aspects of ourselves we deepen and complete our spiritual understanding on many levels. 

This concept of inner unity ushers in a new kind of self-love that transcends the love we have for our present identity self. 
As you open to inner unification with all aspects of yourself you adopt a new focus self that is capable of embracing and working with parallel aspects of your consciousness. You may experience initial resistance from your present focus self in this changeover. Be kind and loving but persistent in this transition.
Stepping into the Role of Wayshower

Inside timelines of transcendence you engage with yourself, with others, with the environment and with all living creatures as the limitless, divine being that you are. Timelines of transcendence bring many powerful breakthroughs. 

Creativity greatly expands and your powers of perception expand. 
You experience radiant health. Your desire to assist others expands. As you seek to help others transcend whatever binds them to limiting life tracks, you transcend your own limitations. This allows you to step more fully into your role as a wayshower and guide into the new time.

For more on timeline and identity shifts:

Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation 
For more on fifth-dimensional realities:

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The Consciousness Revolution

by Marianne Williamson – 

There is a revolution occurring in the world today but it is not fought with armies and it does not aim to kill. It is a revolution of consciousness.

This revolution is to the 21st century what the Scientific Revolution was to the 20th. The Scientific Revolution revealed objective, discernable laws of external phenomena and applied those laws to the material world. 

The Consciousness Revolution reveals objective, discernable laws of internal phenomena and applies them to the world as well. 

The Scientific Revolution improved the state of humanity in many ways but it also fostered a worldview neither ultimately helpful nor deeply humane. That worldview is mechanistic and rationalistic, without the slightest bow to the primacy of consciousness. 

Yet consciousness supplies moral vision and ethical purpose, without which all the science in the world won’t keep us from destroying ourselves or the planet on which we live.

Gone with irony and deep sigh any lingering hope that science will cure all the ills of the world. Certainly science has improved and continues to improve the world in significant, even stunning ways. Despite all its amazing gifts, science cannot give us what we most need now. It cannot save us from ourselves. Science can lead to the cure of a physical ailment but it is not just a physical ailment that needs healing. 

Humanity’s core problem is not material but spiritual. 

It is our insanity — our inhumanity toward each other — from which we need to be delivered, in order to save us from the self-destruction on which we seem so bent. 

Science itself is placed at the behest of human purposes. It can be used for good and it can be used for evil. Of itself, it is neutral and thus amoral. It should not therefore be our god. It’s time to end our strict obeisance to its dictates that the laws of the material world are fixed and unalterable, unchanged by the powers of consciousness. 

The old Newtonian model of world as machine has in fact given way to the realization that the universe is not a big machine, so much as it is, in the words of British physicist James Jeans, “a big thought.” Science itself has begun to recognize the power of the mind but not so a lot of the world it has mesmerized over the last hundred years.

We need to heal our thinking, in order to heal our world.

The Law of Cause and Effect holds true on every level of reality. Thought is the level of Cause and material manifestation is the level of Effect. Change only on the level of effect is not fundamental change it at all, yet change on the level of cause changes everything. 

That is why a revolution in consciousness is our greatest hope for the future of the world. 

What is the Revolution of Consciousness in a nutshell? 

Like all great movements in human history it is based on a single insight; in this case, that we are not separate from one another. We are not material beings limited to the physical body, but beings of consciousness limited by nothing. 

Like waves in the ocean or sunbeams to the sun, there is actually nowhere where one of us stops and another one starts. On the level of bodies, we’re all separate of course. 

On the level of consciousness, we are one.

What that means, of course, is that what I do to you, I do to myself. That makes the Golden Rule very, very good advice. Do unto others what you would have others do unto you — because they will or someone else will.

In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one, affects all indirectly.” 

That understanding is not metaphor or symbol; it’s a description of an ultimate Reality shoved from our awareness by an obsolete scientific worldview. To reclaim that understanding is not blind but visionary. King was not just a movement leader but also a spiritual one, proclaiming that the human condition would not fundamentally change until our hearts were changed. Until that change occurs within us, every time we cut off the head of a monster three more will take its place.

Anything we do to anyone else will ultimately come back at us, whether as individuals or as nations. Once we know that, we cannot un-know it. It changes everything, including our hearts. 

How can we not change how we see each other, once we realize that we are each other? 

In the words of President John F. Kennedy, “Those who make peaceful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” The revolution of consciousness paves the way for the peaceful evolution of the human race. The alternative to that evolution is catastrophic and impenetrable darkness. 

Any species, if its behavior becomes maladaptive for its own survival, either mutates or goes extinct. What arrogance it would be to believe that that applies to every species but our own. In fact, humanity’s behavior is in fact maladaptive for our own survival: we fight too much with too many weapons of mass destruction existing on the planet and are actively destroying our own habitat. Our choice is clear: we will either mutate or we will die.

The mind does not want to hear this but the heart rejoices in it. The dictates of science aren’t so sure about it but the dictates of consciousness are clear. Humanity doesn’t need to make another machine; it needs to make another choice. 

We need to consider the possibility of another way, another option, another path for the human race to follow…one in which we do not bow before the laws of science but rather bow before the laws of love. The mind will no longer be our master but our servant. Science will no longer be a false god but a truer help and humanity will evolve, peace at last will come to earth, and war will be no more.
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Prepare to Be of Service and Ride the Wave


by Tim Miejan –

Messages coming from far and wide are telling us that the reason we incarnated in these bodies on Earth is to experience what is taking place now: the incredible transformation occurring on the planet. We’re witnessing wholesale changes in institutions and social policy, hidden truths about ourselves are coming to the surface and authenticity is becoming the status quo. And that doesn’t even begin to address changes occurring to our planet.
Be True
We are all being challenged at our very core to be true to our soul. 
Many of us are changing how we think about ourselves and are being pulled magnetically to opportunities that align with our inner passions. Change is not easy. Millions of people are encountering challenge after challenge, and many have seen their entire way of life turned upside down.
We’re being asked to reconnect to our inner guidance, the same insight that the rest of nature innately uses in every moment. We’re being asked to collaborate and help each other more than ever before. 
Like a sudden shift of direction by a flock of birds in the sky, our perspectives are shifting without warning, even though a part of us is so inclined to keep doing everything the way it has been done. Some of us are learning, albeit the hard way, that the old way of doing things may no longer work.
The teachers prepare

For decades, those committed to this transformation have readied themselves by cleansing their bodies and emptying their minds. They’ve listened to intuition and have refined their ability to help others who are not yet receiving the innate communication that we’re all programmed to receive.

These are the teachers and mystics and healers and sages, and they exist in every walk of life. 
They’ve become accustomed to going with the flow and many of them have already been living as much as possible off the grid. On the edge. In that place where they can respond at will to something new without ruffling a feather. They expect great opportunities and experience them. They also know that the human existence is finite and that death and decay are just as much a part of life as birth and growth.
Ride the wave

We know that things are changing dramatically. Friends who were never green are now installing hydroponic gardens, and family members who were never open to intuition are finding themselves receiving prophetic insights and dreams. 

Some may naturally know how to move forward and thrive with their new instincts and direction but many others may be left feeling adrift, not sure what anything means anymore.

The ones with much experience on the spiritual path are in the best position to assist others in this time of great change. 
They can help alleviate fear, anxiety and confusion and they can lovingly support those who are gaining their sea legs as everything shifts around them. With mentors who have experienced the dark night of the soul and who have been to the depths only to reinvent themselves through hard work and perseverance, the less experienced will begin to learn how to ride the wave that is this evolution of human consciousness.
What these times call for is a commitment by the experienced to assist the newbies. These times call for seasoned spiritual warriors to not focus so much on exploring uncharted territory as becoming guides for those who cannot see their way through the unknown.
What many of us have been waiting for has been the opportunity to assist humanity in coming together as a whole, each of us supporting each other, knowing that the way forward depends upon cooperation, not competition.
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