5 Steps to World Peace – You In?

by Neale Donald Walsch –

How is it possible for 7 billion people to all want the same thing — peace, happiness, abundance, opportunity, safety, security and love — and be unable to get it?

Permit ourselves to acknowledge that some of our old beliefs about God and about Life are no longer working.  

Explore the possibility that there is something we do not understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which could change everything.

Announce that we are willing for new understandings of God and Life to now be brought forth, understandings that could produce a new way of life on this planet. 
Courageously examine these new understandings and, if they align with our personal inner truth and knowing, enlarge our belief system to include them.
Express our lives as a demonstration of our highest beliefs, rather than as a denial of them.

excerpt from The New Revelations: A Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch
Click here to download a PDF of the 5 Steps to Peace
The Evolution Revolution

What is the Evolution Revolution?

Look, it’s really quite simple. If you’re totally okay with life on this planet right now—or if you think things are sad, but you can’t do anything about it—this is not for you. If, on the other hand, you see yourself as having the power, working with other committed people, to effect real change, then you have come to the right place.
But let’s be very clear at the outset: 

Despite having the word ‘revolution’ in our name, we are not supporting violence of any kind. On the contrary, what we propose is quite the opposite; social change through spiritual awakening producing impactful compassion. We are calling for the most dramatic shift in fundamental beliefs in human history.

Yet this is not about starting a new religion. This is about showing, in very clear terms at last, that there IS common ground, where all religions and non-believers can come together for the benefit of all humankind.
This is about changing the world as it is.
You in?


We are going to do something on March 12 that could capture the attention of the entire world. Do you have a few minutes for me to tell you about it? It will take you approximately eight or nine minutes to read what I have written here and then a few more minutes to accept the invitation I wish to extend to you.
I know that seems like a lot of time in these busy, hectic days when all of us want to read everything in 90 seconds or less — but over the course of your life, you will see it as a minuscule time investment. So if you would grant me the favor of giving me those few minutes, I think it could make a real difference on our planet…and I know it could make a huge difference in your life.
I’d like to talk with you about the cause of the wildly rampant dysfunction we are seeing in our world today, and how — with really very little effort — we can change things so that we do not have to saddle our children and our grandchildren with all of this…or even worse… read more
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Becoming an Intentional Conscious Evolutionary

by Paul Lenda –

For the Sake of Our Future:

Humanity is now experiencing the birth pangs of a global social transformation the likes of which have never been experienced in recorded history. Never in the history of human life on this planet has there been such a grave and serious threat to the planet that we live on becoming uninhabitable because of the actions of one species that has asserted its dominance.

Nearly everyone feels that something big is happening, although the reasons being proclaimed for this are as numerous as the stars, thanks to peoples’ various belief systems, subjective perceptions and current levels of knowledge and information about what is going on.

We are now in a completely new phase of evolution, a fundamental evolution of consciousness, that will change everything. This is an intentional evolution, based upon the shifting of our consciousness out of the ego’s domain and into the unity-oriented domain.

Oneness among all peoples, regardless of how similar or different they may be to our own selves, will be key to this transition.

By uniting together as one species, one family, we can not only ensure that we survive, but also that we thrive and transcend the lower realms of consciousness so that we can have a world that is finally filled with peace, love, and happiness (and not just filled with empty rhetoric). Not doing so will seal our fate in experiencing the most soul-crushing of dystopias imaginable.

Sign of Immense Hope

There is, thankfully, an emerging worldview arising out of the ashes of the old order and it can be seen as a sign of immense hope for the immediate future. In order for our long-term future to be a bright one we must become unified in seeing this emerging unity-oriented worldview as being the key to a future we can all be proud of.

Do we want possible future explorers of our solar system to come upon our planet, find our artifacts and discover how foolish we were in our planetary and species self-destruction, becoming a footnote in the history annals of sentient races that brought about their own demise because of a lack of understanding about the interconnectedness of everything?

Will we be looked upon as being an “intelligent” species that could have avoided imploding on itself if it only discarded its self-destructive positions of awareness? Let’s not become a footnote in a book of failed evolutionary experiments and become something that we can be proud of.

Let’s not forget how many similarities we have. Think about all the social conditioning from the point of birth to the time of death. Look at all the beliefs we amass that divide us as a species and notice how these are not necessarily representative of reality but were learned behaviors that further perpetuated the destructive cycles in human behavior that we see today.
There is a continuously increasing number of people who are realizing the importance of an intentional shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. 

They feel within themselves that they have a critical role to play in this shift if they wish to see it occur. These people see that the entire socio-economic system has to be changed. When they look around and see the egoistic expression of greed manifest itself through the haves taking more and more from the have-nots. They see that 13.7 billion years of cosmic evolution did not intend to end here, with the current sad state of affairs.

The psychological addiction of consuming and acquiring, manifested through materialism seems to be increasingly infecting more minds in a shorter amount of time. We are at a dangerous position in our evolution where the old ego-dominated mentality is fighting desperately to maintain its current level of power because they are far too invested in the current order to give it all up and make the evolutionary quantum leap into a new humanity.
A New Humanity

There is an increasing amount of individuals who are taking the human race by the hand towards the unity-oriented vision of humanity that is the answer to the current problems we face (since it is aligned with the nature of our environment).

These people dedicate their lives to this cause, because they believe so deeply in it and have such an immense love for our human family, and naturally to the rest of life on our planet that is losing up to 100,000 species to extinction every year. The individuals can be called intentional evolutionaries, since they are making it a life goal to help humanity make the shift and transition to the new unifying humanity that embodies the mind states of peace, love, and compassion above all else.

They will not allow these things to turn into cliches as has happened in the past, but will live them and become the literal expression of these higher levels of consciousness for the benefit of themselves and of everyone/everything else. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin had once said, “There is an almost sensual longing for communion with others who have a larger vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendships between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality almost impossible to describe.”
How true this is since the feelings being expressed by these intentional evolutionaries are as genuine and good-natured as can be. There is no ego formulating a hidden agenda or trying to create a subversive attempt in order to get something for themselves. No, they recognize that they have a critical role to play in the consciousness shift that is occurring.

They know that if this consciousness evolution is to continue to fulfill its potential, it now must be deliberate, and they feel with the whole of their hearts that it is their responsibility and destiny to ensure this happens.

Global Cooperation

Unity and diversity need not been separate. It’s possible to be united in the expression of higher mind states such as compassion, joy, love, and peace while keeping the attributes which make each one of us special and unique.

Cooperation on a global level is possible and in fact, necessary if we are to make the transition to a new humanity. It seems as if it’s something a child would understand but unfortunately the actions of some (particularly world leaders in government and industry) demonstrate that this elementary concept is not grasped by the aging remnants of the old world order.

War, famine and environmental destruction would be a thing of the past if only the peoples of the world cooperated with each other to bring about such a world. Today, with various crises extending far beyond any one country’s borders, there is a very real possibility for global unity and cooperation to finally become a reality.

If the human response to crises such as the ones following Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, and the revolutions against tyranny around the world tell us anything, it’s that we can put our differences aside and unify in cooperation with each other to create a positive change. Do not become depressed about the state of affairs currently on our planet. There is a massive awakening occurring — with a realization that it is now or never. We need to shape up or we’re shipping out of this world with no possibility of coming back anytime soon.
Become an intentional evolutionary and take advantage of every opportunity that may arise in order to promote the creation of a fundamental consciousness shift that is global in size and scope. 

Make it a part of your life’s purpose to help in creating a critical mass of consciously evolved individuals that will stop the destructive nature of the current socio-economic order. Our very future and survival depends on it.

Paul Lenda is a conscious evolution guide, author of ‘The Creation of a Consciousness Shift’ & co-founder of SHIFT, a social community of intentional evolutionaries focused on anchoring in the new paradigm and assisting the positive transformation of humanity. With the drive to be aware of and experience the wider horizon of reality, Paul has developed an extensive background in the spiritual and transformative elements of life; one that is both knowledge and experienced-based. Paul has spoken at various events including the United Nations and My Spirit Radio and has had his articles published in magazines and journals around the world. 

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The Intentional Evolutionary


by Dr. Charlie Grantham –

Motivation – Why
This essay is part manifesto and part a call for action. The futurist part of me says that 2015-16 is a critical juncture for this planet. Myself, along with others, are of the belief that humanity has reached an inflection point. It can make some conscious choices to further our evolution or fall backwards in terms of quality of life, planet health and spiritual development.
Part of my motivation to write this is to intentionally seek out, evangelize, recruit and offer support to others of a like mind. In itself this is a demonstration of one of my suggested actions that is to deliberately, with focused intent reform your immediate social network.
What follows is an exposition of the five most general trajectories of change. We can, through retrograde actions and behaviors attempt to slow them down or stop them. That effort would be in vain as the momentum for their unfolding has been moving forward for about 4.5 billion years.
After looking at these forces, I will explore five strategic action initiates that must be taken into consideration to realize our potential at all levels of human organization—beginning with the person and culminating with a planetary self-organizing system.
The last part of this article is an explanation of  four concrete, conscious things you can do to become an intentional evolutionary. And give birth to a more highly evolved order of existence.

The Arc of Evolution – More of These
five most general trajectories of change
Michael Dowd has done a marvelous job of distilling a vast literature on forces of change and boiled it down to five factors. Some would argue some nuances to these five but I believe they serve as a good anchor for this manifesto. For example, one could argue that technology is a separate driving for change and evolution. I would argue that it (technology) is a cultural artifact that enables the awakening of these more general trends of evolution.
This is larger than social diversity – although that is included. Diversity of species, diversity of climates, and diversity in beliefs of the nature of being, how we acquire knowledge and metaphysics itself. A constant expansion in the number of elements surrounding our existence.
As systems evolve into a greater number of parts they also grow in the number of connections among and between those parts. The more connections, the greater the complexity. This implies that a more valid understanding of the dynamics of the system requires a deeper understanding of the very nature of systems – biological, environmental and human.
The scope of our ability to perceive, process and make sense of an ever-expanding universe. Biologically brains get bigger and senses become more finely tuned. For example, at this time human awareness is now creeping into the cosmos. Telescopes expand our visible universe and physical probes extend our sensory ability to planets and even comets. Not to mention the technology phenomenon of the Internet, which now places each individual theoretically in direct contact with every other human being.
Speed of Change
Is increasing no doubt as a byproduct of the first three evolutionary arcs. An expanded base of knowledge and more interconnections between innovators drives this. Speed of diffusion of new ideas, technologies and understanding of systemic processes as we move up the curve of innovation diffusion. At some point this speed will jump exponentially when a critical mass of connectivity is reached.
Intimacy with Self
This is the most difficult of all evolutionary processes to comprehend. The first critical juncture was the development of self-awareness of humans. Sentience. Self-reflection, self-remembering are hallmarks of this evolutionary vector. Perhaps psychology (in the Western vernacular) is the best example. However, Eastern traditions such as Buddhism are having a major influence. We know ourselves, motivations, emotions and cultural influences in an ever-increasing fashion.

Elements Required to Realize Potential – Your Process
five strategic action initiates
The forces that restrain development towards an advanced state of evolution are a lack of understanding what is needed to reach full potential. There are five areas that need to be developed to move forward See figure below.
The first of these is “Direction”. The base question for you to ask is ‘what are we talking about?” What is your focus of attention? There is an old saying “if you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never get there.” Put another way, you need to truly and deeply understand what your personal purpose is. What direction do you want your compass to point?
Capacity is about “what can you do now?” What resources do you have under your control? What is your proven knowledge base and demonstrated competencies? This is your base foundation of your knowledge, skills and abilities. An honest assessment is necessary, not a “well I think I can” attitude. External assessments are a great tool in developing this.
What is truly possible for us? Given direction and capacity, what is it that we need to develop? This is the thing we don’t know, and what we don’t know we don’t know. Answering these questions helps develop a personal, internal development plan. In order to reach your full potential what do you need to obtain, develop and nurture. The typical stumbling block here is fear, uncertainty and doubt. These can be overcome.
Environmental Context
Now our attention shifts to the external environment – everything that surrounds and encapsulates our being. “What will oppose and also help us reach our potential?” Enumerating these begins the process of an action plan to overcome obstacles and leverage helpful resources. Out another way, ‘who can we count on to assist us’ and who or what can get in our way?’
Agility is really about looking into the future. We began with looking at evolutionary forces. Well if those are true what can we expect to unfold before us in our development journey?  What if our personal prophecies come true? What tis the timing? Can we be ready in time and recognize when action is necessary? Further, to begin the cycle all over again, if that manifests and becomes reality, what new opportunities may portent themselves?

Pathway to Your Mastery – Your Plan
four concrete, conscious things you can do to become an intentional evolutionary
The Activating force of evolutionary trends and the Restraining forces of lack knowledge and abilities are reconciled by having a grounded plan of action. That plan has four components.
Self Development
The ultimate goal of becoming an intentional evolutionary to help this realization for humanity manifest quickly and without fits and starts or being sidetracked by delusion. The ideal pattern which can unite all components of your self-development plan into a structured whole. If you now know what capabilities you need, what is the step-by-step program to do that?
Practice Creation
At the other end of the motivational axis is the living out of a ‘practice’ to put things in motion. What are the specific activities you will engage in to go through this transformation? What will be your personal practices such as mediation? What actions, attitudes and beliefs will you act out in your community to reach your goals?
Social Network
What instruments will you need? In this developmental context I believe the most powerful tools is your extended social network. This is your leverage point. Re-engineer your network to provide you with multi-faceted governance; bring you the resources you need; and connect you with pathways to realize your vision. Conversely, this is where you detach from those who would distract you or hinder progress. Don’t suffer fools.
This is the tip of your evolutionary arrow. Action of getting the message out, evangelizing the message and recruiting others to join with you in the journey. When you broadcast your direction, using your capabilities this is how people will look back down the tunnel and see you. You need to be conscious of your presence. How do you look to the outside world? How do others perceive you? Do you need to adjust the perceptions?
Thus Endeth the Trick
Good luck on your journey. It is a never-ending path of personal evolution. Pay it forward.

About Author: Charlie Grantham holds a PhD in Sociology and has a certificate as a Master Spiritual Healer. He is also a Reiki Master/Teacher. You can learn more abut him at his personal website design-comm.net , checkout the blog for current projects. And see his most recent book ForeSight 2025 at foresight2025.com.
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Our New Earth Reality

by Joanna L. RossPerez –

What a concept we can conjure about our new earth. There are many that allow the notion that a new earth will come at some point and we will all be saved from the corruption and crime, and all the other darkness that suffocates our media channels. While a wonderful notion this may be and in a sense may be true for some, the reality of how Universal energy works is something a little more grand.
For every person on this planet, there is an equally matched reality that awaits for them. 

 This is the beauty of Creation. It is not bias and whatever it is within that we desire to experience, whether we consciously know it or not, will be fulfilled through the Universal laws. 

What we put out is exactly what we experience and that if we have the power to understand Universal laws, and understand the process of planetary ascension that we are moving through, we at least allow the door for new earth to appear before us.
The aspect of living among a new earth glow is one that takes us from what we know of our NOW moment and creating it. This is profound and came to me from something I heard a few months back.
Live in the moment of NOW, as if we are and have been in the new earth glow for years. 

See life around you glowing with potential and promise. See those around you with the glow of spirit and knowingness that all love and light flows through us for the unique experience we have to offer Creation. 

See and feel the bliss, the beauty, the manifestations and new magical experiences that come with an enlightened reality. New discoveries, new possibilities for space travel, new worlds to explore on the distant space shores. 
The possibilities are truly infinite and it all resides NOW.
Allow yourself to use the tools of Creation that we were given;

Free Will   

The power to choose your place within Creation. 


Allow yourself to create whatever it is you choose to bring yourself into the light and alignment of what you desire. 


Know that regardless of what you see, or what you are told, life is glowing, life is responsive, and you are manifesting all that you desire NOW! 


Surrender within the infinite possibility of spirit.  This is the most challenging as it takes that we through away all control and allow our lives to be lead by something higher, lighter, and something that we simply cannot see ~ this is the trust of what all masters worked with.   

You just KNOW that you are being swept into the life that is for your highest and best.  It really is beyond faith, it is KNOWINGNESS! 


Forgiveness allows you to free up energetic space and clear all that once held you in the 3D reality.  Forgiveness is the letting go of whatever it is that holds you back in pain, fear, frustration, hate, distaste, lack of trust, lack of self worth, and so on. 

Forgiveness is the path to the heart and free’s the heart of dark energy from loss and pain.  A way must be cleared for that of love and light. 


Love is light and light is LOVE! The path of remembrance, the path of ascension is the transformation and the transmutation of all that keeps us heavy and limited into that of a lighter being.  The path of ascension, the path to self-discovery is the path of self love.   

As we learn to love thyself, love all that we are in our most authentic state, we allow others to love us, we allow the beauty of the Universe to supply us with all that we need because our heart space has opened to profound proportions.  

Love is the key to open the heart space through which all paths to the Universe and Source can be found. This is how we are all entangled with one another and it is in love that we create NEW EARTH!

The love we have for one another, for all species, for all things, for all beings, for all experiences, for ALL THAT IS is the key to creating the glow, the potential, the expansion into our NEW EARTH! May you love yourself to pieces to know that you are a unique aspect of this Universal puzzle and you are required.

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Micro to Macro: Assisting the Acceleration

by Sandra Walter –

The accelerated timeline which Humanity and Gaia activated, triggered by a cosmic alignment for a Pure Source Light Intelligence Gateway, provides new layers of possibility for Humanity’s Ascension. While we shifted to the primary timeline of Ascension many years ago, we continually choose the secondary timelines of our collective experience. We do this as a collective, with the leadership of Wayshowers and those carrying a 5D/6D vibration in their energy fields to draw the collective experience up into an accelerated Ascension experience.
It is a highly creative passage; the timeline Shift brought forth creative stimulation and an active energy. It is a great turning-up on the volume of the Shift and as Wayshowers we take the lead in participating with these new dynamics.
Accelerated Timeline: Higher Choices
As always, our Ascension experience depends upon Micro (personal choice) level, and Macro (planetary) level as collective activity. 
These reflect the greater choices of the Macrocosm of Source, Universe, and Galaxy, but let us focus on our local neighborhood for the moment. Our accelerated timeline provides strong support for action in alignment with the New Light. This continues throughout the Shift, however the recent timeline jump may be giving you the go, go, go for creative activity. Simultaneously, we have a few very physical effects of the timeline acceleration.
Golden Race DNA template activation.
Templates stored as holographic imprints within the planet were amplified during this timeline jump of last October. Technically, they activated during the Eclipse-Blood Moon gateways. 
The Eclipse-Blood Moon gateways act like a sieve for energies, each gateway getting shorter, more precise, more focused on seeking and finding prepared vessels for Divine Human Golden Race embodiment. 
These templates now serve as a grid system, working in harmony with the 5D/6D crystalline grid. It is yet another support system for our Ascension to a more multidimensional DNA.
Pliable Time Dynamics and Creativity.
Time, as movement through layers of light, affects our collective experience. It establishes parameters for our dimensional bandwidth. As we accelerate to a higher dimension, our experience of time becomes more pliable as our vibrational rate increases. Time seems to speed by, then crawl, and sometimes disappear altogether. That has been going on for a while, however there may be dramatic shifts in your perception of time.
Remember that as we engage with higher layers of future possibility, we rewrite our past possibilities. It all gets very harmonious as we create and re-create our personal and planetary timelines. You see this in your own lifestream as you process and clear emotions; expect to see this on a planetary level as we move through the last passages of the Shift.
Part of this time pliability includes a sense of nonattachment, as if anything we are inspired to do may not manifest at all, or simply is not needed. It can make the creative flow feel futile; as if the creation is done already, yet it is not manifest in form. The layers of possibility stimulate our creative ideas, yet the Unity consciousness aspect gives us the sensation that it is already accomplished because someone, somewhere has created it already.
It may be multidimensional you or another being on the planet. 
We are harmonizing as One, morphing our ideas and creations in alignment with the New Light in the Now.
 Have fun with this. Alignment with Divine Flow brings blessed creations with ease; missed opportunities or forcing a direction can cause suffering. You may have noticed your Higher levels encouraging creative activity. The purpose is to align and actively engage with your true Creator-In-Carnate self.
Revelation. This may apply to health issues, personal issues, emotional wounding, relationships, or revelations from others. Accept all of it, rewrite your beliefs and behavior to align with the truth, and do not delay processing/clearing anything that comes up. You have to feel the revelation in order to release the old experience and move forward, as opposed to looping in past beliefs or behaviors.
Planetary detox. As always we support the detoxification of the planet, kingdoms, elementals and HUmanity with our own personal dedication to detoxifying and honoring our bodies, energy fields, thoughts, emotions, homes, land, community, all that is. Respect and bless all the elements within, especially water which plays a vital role on this planet.
Micro to Macro: Accelerating Disclosure
Timeline acceleration includes an acceleration of disclosure and reevaluation of monetary systems. It is quite foolish to wait for dark team players to reveal anything. The participation of grounded teams with the higher realms in creating new systems which serve all of Humanity will provide a best-case-scenario for disclosure. 
The levels of forgiveness, compassion, and divine neutrality upon this planet compliment our progress. We need to have critical mass which agrees with disclosure on all levels; micro and macro.
Most of us understand that a radical change in monetary systems and the reevaluation of currencies upon this planet – especially in the US – will be a challenging passage. The higher realms appeal to those who carry the New Light of service and clarity: 
Please assist the progress of disclosure by applying the micro-to-macro dynamics. Think Global, act local. Remember this isn’t confession energy (not good or bad), it is simply speaking your truth with transparency.
Some prompts for personal disclosure: What can you disclose in your own lifestream?

  • What secrets do you still keep hidden from others? Is there a last hand waiting to be revealed from you?
  • Can you express your fears?
  • What can you share openly to reveal your true self to those around you?
  • Can you be transparent with your personal ideas about money, government, ETs, or personal issues, or do certain areas of your life stay hidden because they would cause injury or embarrassment? Why would you expect others to do that, if you cannot?
  • How forgiving are you of others, or yourself? Have you attained Divine Neutrality?

The energy of personal revelation is needed to trigger disclosure. Start a trend, employ this energy flow. This is not about forgiving others, it is about accelerating the momentum of disclosure.
Share openly, honestly, with integrity, love and in service to all. It energetically supports those in roles of leadership – government, finance, corporations – who have the challenging task of disclosure at hand. Even one small revelation of truth to a friend can support this energy. That’s you revealing you to another person; acting as the microcosm of large organizations coming forward and revealing the truth.
Reevaluate your own interests:
Are they in alignment with the highest interest of the planet, humanity, kingdoms, elementals? Face the fear of disclosure in your own lifestream in order to support a quickening of those dynamics on a planetary level.
Everyone is involved in disclosure; it is not us versus them.
Disclosure and reevaluation have been delayed by the collective decision to hide secrets, tell half-truths to one another or contract/hoard/feel lack when financial issues present.
Light-ground *coming out* speeches for your government representatives or key players. 
How would you present what needs to be said? 
How would you infuse those words with compassion, in the highest interests of all concerned? What revelations could come to light without creating chaos? 
Try this, it is a great exercise in Divine Neutrality and plants the energy in the collective consciousness. Write it down, share it. It creates the energy of movement toward disclosure, and ideas for how to handle the fallout.
Those of us working alongside the higher realms understand that we are creating the most complimentary Shift for everyone. We understand that the idea of change is still very scary to most of the population. Change this energy. Shift the collective consciousness to revelation, disclosure, and reevaluation of systems, by actively choosing to reveal your own truth, personal truths, engaging in acts of forgiveness and personal clemency.
New Paradigm Alignment
Be sure to align your purchases, activities and social interactions with the new acceleration. Money is energy, and maintains a powerful vibration for many upon this planet. When this energy is applied with positive intention, it Shifts the flow to a higher vibration. Send this positive energy – your vote, your agreement – to services and products in alignment with the New Paradigm.
It not only aligns you with Ascension, it assists the collective Ascension and raises the vibration of our planetary consciousness. It is very important to demonstrate your agreements in a physical, light-grounded way as this higher timeline acceleration anchors into our collective consciousness.
All of those in service to the New Light and understand the responsibility we have taken on. That choice is our strength, let us demonstrate what we have learned and earned through the Shift.

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Global Citizenry Rising

“I see the movements for change evolving like a neural net, with each element making more and more connections to others so that eventually it’s a highly integrated network with fast communication in all directions.” –Survey Participant

Our Story of Truth is Changing: 
by Bayo Akomolafe PhD – 

Thanks to science itself, we are finding that truth isn’t an objective referent and that we are not as divorced from the world as we are compelled to think.
Instead of seeing truth as the ‘final cornerstone the builders rejected,’ ‘the arriving messiah with judgment in his right fist,’ or the resolute law of things, we are envisioning truth as a participatory festival, a shared event, a gendered space, an improvisation.
We are seeing that we are not merely connected but that we are derived from the spaces in-between. Thus, a silent revolution is brewing underneath the surface of things, revivifying primal myths, activating dormant modes of awareness and rearranging the substructures of human experience.
Our civilization, built on the myths of isolation, is giving way to heterotopias made possible by potent visions of our real power together. Almost suddenly, the atmosphere is pregnant with different species of hope, a teenage angst, an unsettling feeling of something approaching and a new sense of agency—the very ingredients we have always used to stir new realities.

You might notice it yourself—this natural mystique in the air—if you leaned in for a more intimate view: how people across the world are coming out of their containing consumerist myths and experimenting with living in a wider spectrum of values.

You might notice how a global citizenry is rising to concretize the growing awareness that we are unabashedly and ineluctably one. It is upon this very noticing, this apparently trivial noticing of things and of each other, that more beautiful worlds—ones which our former spin on truth could never have deciphered— are found.

About Author: Bayo Akomolafe, PhD is a clinical psychologist, lecturer and author.

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Manifesting of the Divine New Earth

by Mashubi Rochell – 

A new level of embodied light on the Earth is creating a dimensional vortex that is transforming physical matter at an accelerated rate. This is causing a dramatic upsurge of emotional, physical and spiritual purification and bringing to a head many long standing issues and impasses that must now be addressed.
You are entering a new time that will see a more intensified expression of spiritual purification on the Earth. At the same time, you will also see, feel and experience the largest spiritual awakening on the Earth that has ever been seen. This will not be readily apparent in news headlines but will dramatically affect the lives of all beings on the Earth.
Although all souls who are currently embodied on the Earth have chosen to be here during this significant time of transformation, the human embodied self may be unfamiliar with the new experiences of energy, emotion and spiritual reality that will be revealed in this new time.
Humanity does not yet even have a language for many of the spiritual realities that will be discovered in this new era that is emerging.

The heart, soul and consciousness of each embodied soul on the Earth are being affected by the dimensional shift that is currently in progress and that is transforming the very nature of physical reality on the Earth. The presence of Christ Light on the Earth is creating a large scale manifestation of embodied spiritual light that is anchoring into the atoms and molecules of the Earth and accelerating the vibrational frequencies in a completely new way that has never before been experienced on the Earth plane.

This is an achievement of monumental proportions for the Earth and all those who are participating in the transformation of the Earth. All that is sacred and holy now has a place on the Earth to stand and be seen, heard and felt.
All that is not of love and light now will be completely visible for what it is. The increasing presence of divine love on the Earth will transform all energies of separation, darkness and fear. A new day is dawning, beloved children of God and we celebrate with you the emergence of the divine New Earth that is manifesting now.
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