Our Interplay in This Multi-Verse

For many years we have been preparing for the times we are in now. There is a feeling at the moment of getting our affairs in order, clearing out and organizing our home and purging things that we’ve held on to for years. We are experiencing opportunities for clearing on an emotional level and purging physical items that are cluttering our home is symbolic of this deeper release.

I’ve also been noticing anxiety for no apparent reason – just a nervous buzz of energy. Some have described it as impending doom or waiting for the other shoe to drop. The message I am getting is that it has to do with energy upgrades – meaning higher frequencies coming in. These frequencies bring change. It helps to navigate them by having the conscious intention of letting go of what no longer serves us (the “uncomfortable comfort zone”). We may feel anxiety about letting go of the familiar, even if it is something that we don’t want to hold onto anymore.

These higher frequencies I often write about come in pulsating waves. We integrate the wave, then there’s a pause before another higher wave comes in, and we integrate that and so on. These frequencies are often pulsated through the sun. They are moving through the Universe and through electro-magnetism, the sun draws the energy in and then amplifies it through solar flares, sending it throughout our solar system.

When we start to feel the anxiety or restlessness we can try taking a moment to bask in the energy and breathe into our center, tuning in to our experience as we feel chaotic energies spinning around us. It’s time to let our thoughts go – stop trying to describe what’s going on – embrace the chaos and dance with the messy dissonance of change.

Feelings from out of nowhere
There have been times recently when I’ve experienced painful, negative feelings from my early years being triggered within me. I find it amazing that I can still cave into that place of despair or self-recrimination so easily. This is my teaching, this is where my wound is. Perhaps some of you reading this have been experiencing such moments as well. Practicing compassion and forgiveness for ourselves helps us to navigate the higher energies we are integrating. These higher frequencies bring to the surface the dense energies that we assimilated when we were children. Memories rise to the surface and expand into emotions that can feel like poison.

It reinforces the sense of our true self to witness the opening of our wounds as we stay in our heart center and allow the emotions wash over us like a tsunami. We can grab onto the feelings and be roiled about in this tsunami, or we can stay in our center, steadfast in our knowing of our own true north, as it were, holding our ground and being strong in our truth as the tsunami dissipates.

Awareness and acceptance helps energetic pathways to stay open, so the poison can be purged, helping to heal the wound through deeply experiencing and transforming the poison (fear) into love.

I find that meditation is a practice of awareness that can be focused on at all times during our day – not just when we’re sitting with the intention to meditate. It helps to bring us into a state of presence and witnessing, instead of engaging in emotional turbulence. So that when these moments of triggering dense feelings occur, we can eventually steady and center ourselves with love and compassion.
We are becoming more and more sensitive to energetic vibrations that are radiating through our world. As we release energetic blocks – as in beliefs and patterns that were programmed into us – through this ongoing clearing process, empathy is awakened. This heightened sensitivity to energetic vibrations helps us to quickly discern between what feels good – as in loving, kind, fun, and what feels bad, as in judgment, fear, arrogance. Finding the middle way helps us to navigate the chaotic frequencies that are wafting across the planet. The key to being guided by our own intuition is trust. As we continue to clear away what is not our truth, we have lucid moments of inner knowing and we can tap into that through trusting our feelings and inner voice of truth.

Sometimes we may find ourselves feeling intense emotions for no apparent reason. Some very sensitive people may find themselves feeling grief or deep sadness, bringing on a flood of tears out of the blue.

We are connected to one another through the Collective Consciousness and at times we deeply feel the unrest in the world. Sudden bouts of anxiety, nervousness or a general strange vibe is also part of the heightened perception we have now as we sense each other’s energy. This Collective connection can also be tuned into in a positive way. Breathing and connecting to the grid of light that is our consciousness (as in our Light Bodies) and tuning into one another as we hold the higher vibration of Love, helps us to become grounded and find that peace within us.

Love and Appreciation in the moment of NOW

In this time of opening to higher frequencies and deeper awareness, we can slow down “time” and savor the beauty of where we have navigated our life stream.

It is simply deep appreciation for what is and deep awareness of the moment as moments move into moments in the flow of love and the light of grace. This practice of appreciation helps us to continue to navigate into situations and places that are in harmony with our energetic vibration, so if you’re not quite happy with your present circumstances, know that even the smallest sparkle of appreciation for yourself and what you have learned in your life, can open up a path of sparkling light to help you navigate to higher ground.

It is up to Humanity as a Collective Consciousness to create the world from awareness, inner knowing and love, which is what comes forth from a conscious awareness perspective. Creation happens all the time. Creation can come from fear as well, of course, which is what would most likely arise from the Collective UNconsciousness. There is much at stake at this time in regards to moving forward with creations of love.
The gift of knowing precedes the gift of experiencing
One may intellectually know that Humanity is One Consciousness and we can consider this and bring it into our vibration by meditating and feeling into this understanding. As we continue to do this we will begin to have experiences of telepathy and synchronicity that will reveal to us the depth of this Unity we are all part of.

As we continue to vibrate with this energetic frequency of Unity, birthed through love, which comes forth from compassion and forgiveness, we are preparing ourselves for the Unity Moment – that moment of conscious awareness where we expand into Light, mingling our Consciousness in the One Being.

I believe this is what we are approaching. A flash, a moment of knowing, then coming back into our bodies but never again seeing ourselves as separate from one another. Evolution. When will this happen? I don’t know. Will it even happen in my lifetime? Don’t know, but I do cherish this vision for Human Evolution.

Pay Attention
The Collective Consciousness of humanity is like a fabric of energy and all of us are consciously and unconsciously part of this energetic fabric – which can be seen as a grid-work of energy. This is why maintaining and radiating love is so essential to us. All the time; intention, awareness, focus. Being impeccable with our word. Being centered within the core of our being. Becoming Masters of our own energy is what is most important at this time.

Through all the work that we continue to do on ourselves – the work of taking responsibility for our experiences and feelings, the practice of forgiving ourselves and others, this “work” creates the clearing of density – dense beliefs and feelings.

I use the word density as a replacement of “negativity” in order to release our minds and hearts from judgment. When we are free of judgment, we are able to observe – or witness – what is wafting through our energy fields in forms of experiences that we are creating – or magnetizing – into our lives.

We can see that what we choose to experience in our lives – in our interactions with each other – are opportunities to release the structures and fog of judgment and beliefs or fears that we have about ourselves. Our interactions with each other reveal to us where we are allowing fear to distort our reality.

World Events
We are seeing chaotic energies coming to a boiling point all over the world. This can trigger a mass awakening on so many levels. With our enhanced sensitivity to energy, we need to place our focus on what is nurturing and nourishing to us and what brings us peace and happiness. Yes there is destruction, corruption, violations of human rights – the list is endless – and of course we care and want to help in some way.

One of the most basic ways we can help is by maintaining our own vibrational frequency of love and harmony, because that is the vibration we radiate into the Collective Consciousness – and the world – and the Universe.

When we allow outrage, anger and despair to be what flows through our energy field, we can make ourselves physically ill and that is also what we put forth into the Unified Field so we are essentially adding gasoline to the fire.

This is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp because we also don’t want to sit by and allow injustice to happen. 

Hating and judging and righteousness just feeds the flames of discord. Instead, in the physical we can put forth actions that are solution oriented and love-based as we continue to maintain the vibration of love within our energy field. This is how we create a new world, a world of sovereignty and harmony.

We are evolving into religion-less sovereignty. Love is the joyous expression of the meditation of life.
Many paths and explorations have brought us to where we are now. Some of us have been exploring “spirituality” and different pathways designed to connect us to our spirit and our soul for many years. 
Like tourists in a maze of spiritual practice, ritual and dogma, some have taken pathways informed by certain spiritual philosophies only to come to a petering out of the energy – a waning interest – and then being sparked by a different philosophy and following that path, and so on.

Many have come to a place of letting go of all that exploration, settling in to an inner knowing that is beyond words. It isn’t that those modalities and pathways were wrong, it’s more like we’ve come to higher ground where we are simply be-ing. It is self-respecting to be kind to ourselves and have compassion for the pathways we have chosen that have brought us to where we are now.
Beyond the Unity Moment
There will come a time in human evolution where spiritual philosophies and religions will become unnecessary, as Humanity will be living from the experience of NOW and BEing part of all of life, including one another. Separation will dissolve into an awareness of the Earth and the entire Universe as a living, sentient being that all life force energy flows through, including of course, Humanity. Many of us experience glimpses and moments of this connection and it takes us beyond words. There’s a Cosmic Hilarity that arises when we think of trying to explain direct experiences of One-ness.
With love I dance my words and pictures as an offering to you in the knowing and not-knowing of the crazy mystery of our interplay in this multi-verse.
–Nancy Leilah Ward

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The Wounded Healer

by Nancy L. Ward –

As you traverse the waters of your lives you have experienced the pain and joy of physical existence. You are undergoing yet another trial as the energies are amped up calling you to open and release. Wounds of the past are surfacing; feelings forgotten or feelings you thought you’d already cleared and released are coming up again. As the energy expands you, the wounds are stretched and opened.

Know that your wounds are your greatest teachers and they come up as reminders for you to dive in and love yourself without defenses. The love you have for yourself is the purest healing balm and as you fill the wound with the nectar of love, pure love for yourself, you expand more and more into the fullness of your being. Tune in to your resonance, your unique energetic vibration. You are opening to receive your Higher Self, your Soul, the truth of your being. Have compassion for each other, for all are going through the expansion and feeling the opening of old wounds. It won’t always be this way, this is a chance to practice self love, which is the empowerment of your being.

For those in the place of stillness (some call it paralysis, inertia or suspension) – for those of you who don’t know where to go or what to do, breathe deeply and be still within the silence. The energy is filling you and raising you to a new platform of expression.

Again, self love will help you to be within the stillness. You are being prepared for the great changes that are unfolding. Have faith, you are loved deeply, for you are the courageous ones who have chosen to go down into the trenches, as it were, to be part of the great turning, to assist with the acceleration and expansion. Much joy is coming to you.

Prepare to receive the many gifts that will come in surprising packages. Take heart; celebrate love with one another, practice forgiveness and compassion.

Your Spiritual Heritage

by Nancy L. Ward –

Many of us have been experiencing highs and lows of energy and moods. Sometimes it feels like we are in a whirlwind – as if a tornado is spinning around us and then at other times we are on an oasis — like being in the eye of a storm. So many people are undergoing big shifts and changes as relationships fall apart and income streams disappear. Stress and fear levels can be running very high. We are going through a death and rebirth process.

As part of this process, we are learning to take responsibility for ourselves and to let go of feeling responsible for others. No one is responsible for another’s experience. Blaming others is the flipside of thinking someone needs our help. The best we can do for someone who is in any kind of pain is to hold a sacred space for them to find their way – and offer prayers to those who are struggling. We all have our own individual journeys and we touch into one another’s experience as we co-create our world. In the whirlwind, our stories and emotions are activated, challenging us to forgive, release, and grow.

When on the oasis, it is a good time to radiate the peace we feel out into the world – like a shining nectar of soothing energy to add to the energy of peace that is floating through the Earth’s aura, available to anyone who may need it. I find myself filling up with the energy of love whenever I think of it, no matter what I’m experiencing. Love is healing, love is expansive and love feels so good. This is the high vibration that matches the innocent energy of love that is radiating throughout the Universe, coming directly from Creator Source. We are becoming love… so we can be love.

Many of One – We see gentle waves of energy flowing, constantly flowing throughout the galaxy, throughout the solar system, flowing to the earth and flowing through humanity and all life forms. These waves of energy carry gifts. You are being offered choices. Pay attention to what appears in your own world of consciousness. Look at every offer, every opportunity. What is new? What will stretch you to experience? Be mindful of new people coming into your life. Many offer opportunities as catalysts of change and growth. New doors opening, new pathways to explore. As your vibration increases, you will see much change in your lives. Some of it may cause stress, but know that within these changes is the Phoenix rising from the flame to create a new life of love and joy. New structures are forming to match the high vibration you are embodying.

The old ways are dying. If you find yourself in a fear storm, breathe deeply, it will bring calmness to you. Change can be frightening, but also energizing. Here is your opportunity to create a new life from your deepest truth. What do you love to do? What brings you vitality? Move towards what energizes you. You may not know where it will take you, but trust that doors will open if you are following your heart, your truth.

Every element that does not ring true to your soul, will not be able to be sustained. There can be no more “faking it.” Inauthentic choices will backfire. These experiences are your great teachers. All inauthentic choices contain possibilities for self knowledge.

All are connected. Each and every one of you are connected to each other through the energetic light of Spirit. For you all come from the same source, come down to earth to experience the sensual physical manifestation of spirit filling the physical body with consciousness. Ahh we came down to earth—each a spark of the Divine—each a star shining forth through the physical body, the light shining from our eyes out into the world. Indeed we are coming alive, we are just coming into true aliveness as awareness grows and expands throughout our being… we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Words you may have heard many times, take on deeper meaning, the energy of the words goes to a deeper level… “We are the ones…”

As you allow your higher self, your Soul self to come into your being, you receive energetic shifts and alignments, as has been spoken of before. You may be feeling dizzy at times, this will pass. You may have been experiencing the inner earthquakes as you are stretched and expanded. Flashes of extreme heartburn, swollen or painful feet. All are signs of your expansion. Your physical body is releasing dense energies as your vibration rises. You will find the discomfort will fade away and suddenly you will notice that you haven’t thought about that shoulder pain (or whatever) for awhile because it is no longer there.

As Above, So Below – As you advance on the trail of your journey, it is as if you are walking parallel pathways; all advancing together towards the circle of light at the center, it is like coming out of the jungle into the fire circle. This is a place in the etheric realm and this is a place within your hearts. It will feel familiar; you may see it in your dreams. The light of this fire circle is shining out into the jungle, through the trees, guiding you forward. You may see your brothers and sisters as you peer through the trees. Each has a unique path of light to follow. You are connected heart, mind and soul.

This is why many feel the importance of community – of sharing your experiences together, which is helpful for your individual journeys. It can get very dark and tangled at times and you may find yourselves struggling with inner demons, which are thought forms, memories, energies from long ago, perhaps other lifetimes. You may trip over roots, get tangled in thorns, feel so very alone.

All of your guides are with you to help light your way. They truly are there with you, along with Angelic presences from the realms of love and light. When you call for their help, they come to you but sometimes your minds chatter about what is “wrong” and you are not able to hear the guidance. Breathe very deeply – practice conscious breathing – you will be amazed at how deep, slow breathing will calm your mind. Bring your attention into your heart. Allow your heart to guide you.

All judgment disappears, is sloughed off as you make your journey towards the center of the circle. This is the purpose of the clearing process you have been going through. It is to move you into a place of total self love and acceptance. The center of the circle is the heart of unconditional love. You are raising your vibration so that you can resonate with this center. At the center of the circle, in the Light is where you will blend in Spirit. It will be as if your physical bodies disappear and for a moment you blend together in the ocean of One. This is the ultimate in intimacy (into me see). We wanted to give you a picture to hold in your hearts. This is coming home.

In the center of the circle, all blend together as One. Each of you maintains your unique energetic signature as you merge with one another. You will come through this transformation to the other side and that is when the fun truly begins, for you will see yourselves in other people’s eyes – no longer will you feel the separation that has been part of the human experience for thousands of years. Courage, faith and trust will bolster you during this transformational time as you undergo your own personal death and rebirth.

You are beautiful souls, we wish for you to love yourselves as we do, to see yourselves as we see you. You are not alone and your energy and intention touches the whole as you all advance together in holographic unity. You will begin to witness more and more your interconnections with each other. Celebrate the moments of synchronicity that bring you into alignment with one another.

All are being called now. All are being asked to arise up to receive your spiritual heritage. Much beauty and joy await you. Begin to feel it now. Allow the winds of change to blow away your cares and worries and find that place of innocence and wonder within as you look at the world with new eyes, as you see with the eyes of a child.

The Winds of Change

Soul Transitions Vibe Report November 2009:

by Nancy L. Ward –

There’s so much going on, so much up in the air – many sudden changes – the roller coaster effect has gotten really interesting. It spirals up, moves side to side and takes sudden dips – some influences take us up and other influences drop us down – it can be exhausting and frustrating. But if you’ve been through enough of the sudden changes, you begin to find humor in it and maybe even come to the realization that we’re better off (as always) not taking things too seriously, because you never know what’s around the corner. In fact you never know where the corner is! They seem to be springing up out of nowhere – it’s like being in a maze. It’s helpful if we can find our center and keep grounded and focused as the winds of change blow around us.

There are a lot of relationship difficulties arising as we correct our courses – adjusting to who we are becoming, and letting go of who we were. Many are in transition between their old life and their new life – trying to adjust to the accelerating energies. Add economic challenges and changing income streams to the mix and we have a vibe of fear, insecurity and uncertainty wafting through Earth’s aura. We need to get used to it. We’re on the move and reinventing ourselves. Step lively – make friends with spontaneity.

Some people are in places of peace and stabilization – like being on an oasis in a desert or an island in the middle of a churning sea. These people are holding and anchoring the energies of calmness and serenity, whether they know it or not. Practicing gratitude and appreciation for what we have which holds the vibration of love will help us to find stability. So, gathering together, sharing in friendship – creating the oasis of community – is very helpful for our navigation through the wild waters of instability and change.

As the energy continues to rise in frequency you may find yourselves awakening in the early hours of morning with a disquieting feeling inside. Many find themselves awakening consistently at 4:00 am. During sleep time, the physical body releases resistance and there is no distraction. This is when the high frequencies of energy that are infusing the Earth plane have a chance to enter into the energetic system of the body. Receiving this energy is what is awakening us in the hours before dawn. When our bodies have received all we can hold, we wake up suddenly as waves of emotional energy wash over us. This is the releasing of density. Your first feelings upon awakening may be anxiety or deep discomfort. Your mind will often take you into further discomfort by thinking that something might be “wrong” with you on a physical or emotional level. Bring yourself back to your center through your breath and fill yourself with love.

We are being expanded as we integrate the higher frequencies and it can be very uncomfortable. As has been said many times, this energy brings up that which is not in harmony with our higher self. For indeed as we open to the higher vibration, our higher self, our Soul, is coming into our being more and more. The density that has accumulated through the earth experience cannot exist within the higher vibration. Pay attention to the swirling feelings that float within you. Sometimes you may feel what you would call a “bad feeling” come to the surface. This deep pain is something you have carried for most of your life and often you have covered it up. No longer can we do this.

When you have this experience of pain and discomfort arising from deep within, draw upon all of your love and compassion and allow the wound of that pain to be within you. Witness this feeling; do not try to push it away. Visualize placing it in a golden bowl and honoring it for what it has to teach you. Bring a feeling of reverence and sacredness to this experience and ask Great Spirit for help in healing this wound consciously. That which is arising for healing through love may be your deepest pain, your deepest shame… something that seemed so very big when you were a small child – something for which you were judged and you learned to judge yourself for. Don’t be afraid of the feelings that come up and remember that the integration of the accelerated vibrational energy can be very unsettling.

The ability to face ourselves, our wounds and our judgments against ourselves brings us great strength, humility and compassion and helps us to grow into deep, abiding self love. This is part of the process of evolution. And when we allow the feelings to come up and be, they dissipate. Like a big bubble rising to the surface and popping.

Don’t worry if you are not waking up at 4am (give or take an hour). Everyone is at different stages of opening and we go through rest periods between openings – it’s a pulsation, just like the rhythm of our heartbeat. If you ever have the opportunity to sit by a stream and you place your hand in it you can feel the pulsation of the moving water. The flow of energy moves in a spiraling pulsation, like a heartbeat.

Now, in the recent months many people have experienced strange or “freak accidents” that left them with physical injuries which are still in the process of healing. There have also been many who have had bladder infections, back or shoulder pain, leg and foot pain and general fatigue. These experiences are our physical reactions to the expanding energies. Look within to where you may be resisting the flow. You may catch yourself in habitual negative thought patterns or feeling fear of change. Or you may realize that you haven’t been listening to the promptings of your heart, so something is showing up in your physical body to get your attention.

Practice mindful breathing to calm your heart and mind. Changes are all around, as always, but perhaps more profoundly than ever. Inner changes and outer changes abound – even small changes during your daily activities. You may find yourself suddenly doing something that was not on your list for the day, such as making soup, or cleaning a closet, or visiting a friend. Allow yourself to go with the flow. You will feel the delight of freedom by doing so and as you practice spontaneity in small ways, you will be able to flow with the bigger changes with more grace.

Through the silence of meditation, connect to the vibration of your Soul… this is your energetic signature – the unique resonance of your being. Breathe into this feeling and allow it to permeate your body and all of your energy fields. Call upon your Higher Self or your Soul to come to you. Doing so will allow you to feel the vastness of your being. This connects you to the Universe, indeed the Multiverse from which you are ever being born. For we are all continually moving and growing throughout all of existence – being born and reborn in every moment.

Know that you have much support in the non-physical realm and ask for help whenever you need it. Allow the nectar of love and comfort to surround you and fill you.

You are most brave and courageous to be on Earth at this time. This is the Big Show that you are participating in. See if you can get a feeling or a glimpse of the bigger picture. Consider that if you were to “leave the stage” at this time, you might, on the other side, have a feeling of disappointment – for it all looks and feels so different in the non-physical. The feeling there is that we can do anything we want in the physical – anything that we intend, we can create. Put that in your cauldron and let it simmer!

This is indeed a grand play that we are all participating in. To maintain flow, let go of expectations. To maintain flow, stay in the present moment and follow the energy that brings vitality to you.


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Step Up to Your Destiny

by Nancy Leilah Ward –

Dear Ones, we are Many of One here to bring you messages from beyond the physical realms as we observe your progress on the spiritual evolutionary path that all are involved with on Planet Earth.

We feel the need to give you a strong message here, for you are at an important turning point and it is essential to be vigilant and to make conscious choices. Many of you have learned of the importance of the radiant energy you send out into your lives and into the aura of the Earth. Love is the highest vibrational frequency. The Creator Source energy is a river of unconditional love. This river runs through each and every one of us, whether we are in the physical or not. How is this river flowing within you? Is it choked with emotional and mental density or is if flowing free and clear? You have been clearing and healing your energies for many years now and you are most beloved, honored and respected for the work you have been doing, for as you clear your energy, you clear it for all of humankind.

We wish to tell you now that there is no room for petty grievances and for sending negative energies towards others. Be mindful of your thoughts, your hurts and your angers. Examine what is within you that is in pain and in need of your attention. Practice compassion for yourself and for others with whom you may be having difficulties. When you send out resentful, toxic energies towards others, they are hit with the dense vibration. It is a waste of energy to have to dodge the bullets of other’s pain. You can all do better than this and you are being called to step up to your destiny of creating peace on earth within your own lives (micro to macro).

There is no room for blaming others and for creating an aura of anger and criticism out into the world. All energies are magnetic and this speaks to reaping what you sow. If you are sending out density, it gathers with other dense energies and creates a dark cloud that flies around the earth and gathers more density unto it. If you send out compassion and prayers that the pain within you is healed, that the pain within all is healed, then that compassion gathers with other compassionate prayers and this compassion will flow to wherever it is needed in the world. Your prayers are powerful and so are your curses. Now is the time to be vigilant, to be conscious of what energy you are sending into the world.

Compassion is a healing balm. Own up to the pain within you and open your spiritual toolbox to create the healing and release you need. What you are feeling is within you, it is not out in the world, it is not someone else’s fault. You are on your unique path to the heart and center of your being. Ask for guidance, ask for healing. We offer to you that the simplest tool you have is to fill yourself with compassion, love and acceptance.

We tell you time and again that self love is where you can begin to assist in bringing yourselves and the Earth into a higher vibration. You are in the process of creating heaven on Earth.

There will come a time somewhere in the future where the quarantine that has been around the Earth plane will be lifted and you will indeed meet your cousins, your brothers and sisters who share life in this Universe with you. As you learn to take responsibility for your feelings and experiences and begin to live in harmony with respect for all life on Earth, you are preparing to meet your intergalactic cousins without fear. For they will not come to heal you or to lift you from the muck and the mire of emotional and mental irresponsibility. They will meet you as equals—as creators of the very Universe. When that time comes, you will look into each other’s eyes and see yourselves there.

Every breath is sacred. Every thought, every movement, every deed, every moment is sacred. All life is sacred. Practice this, LIVE this in every moment of your days, cultivating a deep conscious awareness of the fact that the Creator of All That Is dwells within each and every one of you. It is the unconditional love in the River of life that we like to call the Love Force Energy.

As you clear your river and open to your connection with all life, you begin to bring your very Soul more and more into your conscious awareness. You begin to be Gods and Goddesses walking the Earth. As you embody your Soul, you will begin to find you have powers beyond your imagining. You will begin to access powers that you now rely on technology for. You have the ability to grow into super-conscious beings with the ability to manifest all you need to live and thrive on Earth. You manifest out of your vibrational frequency, so if your river is choked with resentment, fear and insecurity, those are the essences that you will create. You have all the help you need in releasing and healing yourselves at the deepest level.

So we say this to you, take responsibility for all that you create. Life doesn’t happen to you. You create all that you experience. Humans are very good at telling stories and it is a wonder to behold. However, sometimes you tell yourself stories about situations and other people that are designed to keep you in a place of stagnation, or a place of pain. As your conscious awareness grows, you will become cognizant of when you are creating a fantasy that serves your pain instead of your joy.

You are receiving wake up calls through your life experiences. This is a time to listen to your hearts. Allow your heart to be your guide. Awaken and take your place as keepers of the flames of love and as you do so, the stars will open for you. We and your Intergalactic brothers and sisters are sending steady beams of love and compassion to you. It is with much love and respect that we give you this message. Blessings in joy and peace.


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Opening Into Your Freedom

by Nancy Leilah Ward –

We are expanding and accelerating. As the expansion raises us up – our energetic vibration is accelerating; our frequency is vibrating more quickly. Through this evolutionary process our wounds are also undergoing expansion, so it may seem like we’re revisiting some wounds we thought were healed; things we have already worked on – old feelings coming up – and this is just passing through, it is part of our expansion – revisiting what we’ve healed to check in to see if there is something that is still left which needs our attention.

One of the best ways to heal ourselves is through self love. Loving the self is like a nectar or a healing balm – as we love ourselves we are loving God, the Creator, All That Is, for we are the physical embodiment of Creator Source. Doesn’t it feel good to know that inside? Breathing and being gentle with ourselves, nurturing ourselves in small ways is important at this time. The energies may feel overwhelming, resulting in fatigue or lethargy. It helps to surrender to these feelings when they come up and give ourselves a time out – to read a book, watch a movie, go for a walk, or simply to rest.

Telepathy – You each have a unique energetic vibration that is your “you-ness” – the way you have always felt – your energetic fingerprint – the way you feel yourself deep inside. One of the ways of communicating telepathically is through feeling. You are all connected to a great web of energy. You can send your feeling-tone to vibrate out onto that web. You can tune into the feeling-tone of one whom you wish to connect with. Send your energetic signature out to theirs by vibrating both feeling-tones together. This is the beginning – a rudimentary stage on how to touch in with each other – the first step in learning how to use your telepathic abilities. It’s also tied in to your psychic abilities – everyone has psychic abilities – this can be developed – you can learn how to use these abilities. Trusting your intuition is also part of this aspect of reaching out and connecting with each other telepathically.

Just as a spider feels the vibration on her web, this is how communication is transmitted. You are doing this already—this message is to show you that you can communicate consciously. Haven’t you found yourself suddenly thinking of someone and their feeling is so strong within you that you feel yourself greeting them and giving them an etheric hug? This is real; this is telepathic communication. Maybe you are not telling a story telepathically, but you are touching in with one another with your feelings. This communication will expand into communicating ideas or messages, however in the beginning it is a matter of touching in on each other’s energy.

This also revolves around feelings of love and trust. Trust that when someone pops into your mind they are indeed thinking of you. You can meet them energetically and send love back to them and amplify that connection. As more and more people do this, when the connection is met, you will all open to trust and knowing that this is really happening. It takes practice, and this is what you are expanding into.

As you begin to develop this you may find that the person you want to reach might not be available. You may need to make appointments with each other to connect telepathically in the beginning. There is also the aspect of privacy – no one will be able to “bust in on you” if you do not wish to be available. You are all living within free will choice.

Manifesting – We wish to talk to you about the seeds you have planted in the last six months. Celebrate what you have created with self respect and self love. Know that you are creating more and more consciously. Whatever you focus your attention on becomes what you create. Make a list of what you wish to create from this time going forward. You are learning more and more to manifest your desires into your lives. You are here at this time of the world for a reason. You amplify your gifts into the world simply with your being-ness, your unique vibration.

Resonance – More and more you will find yourselves connecting with people who carry a similar resonance as you spiral up on the energies of creativity, growth and expansion. You are magnetizing yourselves to each other. You are now entering a time where Power to the People is at hand. You are seeing this power – from the grass roots – playing out on the global plane. Power to the people is getting stronger and your telepathic abilities will feed into this as well. You tap into the Beam – a beam of energy, light, information – a collective beam of acceleration which is also part of the unfolding. There will be more information coming through regarding the Beam.

Gather together in small groups with a purpose, to amplify energy or to create something out in the world, or to simply gather together to share a meal, sit around a fire, share your experiences with one another. Open your hearts to each other – creating community is vital at this time.

Empowerment – What is happening in the world is that the chains that have kept humanity down – the chains of fear and control – are falling away in the light of Love. You will become more empowered on an individual level and a collective level. The powers that have been in control are losing their grip. The energy and power is rising from below up through the bottom of your feet, into your bodies, your energy field, radiating out into each individual’s life. This is a time where you begin to realize how important each person’s individual offering is to the Whole. Celebrate this, it is very good news for you!

Healing Energy – The fear that has held so many down for so long is fading away as more and more people refuse to be caught up in that energy any longer. You can loosen the grip of fear by using your breath to bring your focus from your mind into your heart. The mind is no longer in the driver’s seat! It is the heart that drives your etheric vehicles. Breathe into your heart and into the moment of now. Know that you are not alone. As you find the way to dissipate fear, know that others are doing it as well and you are picking up on each other’s energy telepathically, for you are all One. You are picking up on the healing energy – you gift yourself with it and you share it with others simply by allowing yourself to undergo this transformation.

Communication – This is a time to celebrate your healing abilities and it is a time where there is an opening to communicate with spirit. An opening to channel. As you learn to trust the information that comes to you, you will expand your channel of communication with Spirit and with wise, high vibrational non-physical beings. Self love and respect is what opens this channel. You all have the ability to open to receive information and creative inspiration.

Where do you think the music comes from? The words, the stories, the poetry, the pictures, the movement, the ideas that feed expansion in science, architecture, mathematics? Creative expression is a form of channeling. Feel the smile within as you read these words. Feel the feeling of freedom that comes from this knowing.

You are opening into your freedom, your empowerment as sovereign human beings on Earth and as members of the Galactic family and the family of the Universe and beyond. Again we say Power to the People. You are in a new beginning – discovering a new way of walking on the Earth. Feel your hearts opening at this good news. We send blessings of love and light to you. You are never alone. You are all One.


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Move Into Your Empowerment

by Nancy Leilah Ward – 

Greetings! I find myself drawn to working with the energy of the Sun. I took a sunbath the other day, laying on a blanket on the floor as the sun shone through a window. It felt so nurturing and I was aware of receiving some very powerful waves of energy. I have also been visualizing myself traveling right into the sun and asking for the stuff I’m ready to release to be burned away. I feel the fire elementals within the sun delighted that I’m there with them! 
Another visualization that came to me recently is to bring a beam of sunlight into the pineal gland in the center of my head. Many of One will speak about this as you read on. As I do this work, I know I must be prepared for the surfacing of old feelings as they come up to be released.

LET GO AND BE – There may be feelings of overwhelm at times and we are all being counseled not to overdo it and place unreasonable demands on ourselves. This is a time of allowing as we learn to let go and be, instead of hold on and do. Many people are creating deeper connections with their soul and true purpose in their lives. There are all kinds of healing and energy modalities to assist in this process. As the planetary awakening grows, we’re seeing people turning from a rational, mind-oriented focus to a more circular, intuitive focus.

EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS – Many people who haven’t ordinarily brought their attention to their relationship with their inner selves are turning to meditation to find peace and relaxation and a connection to their intuitive nature. This is the expansion of consciousness and a reflection of the high vibrational energies that are beaming through our universe. For example, my 84 year old mother has started going to a Qi Gong/meditation class, which she really enjoys! The Light is achieving critical mass.

The changes we are seeing in the “outer” world are disruptive and cause fear, for much of the old, as has been said before, is collapsing. This is a good thing and if you let it go, you will be in the flow. If you resist, you will cause difficulty and pain for yourselves. These changes are necessary in order for the new to be created. For, just as the old is dissolving, new growth is sprouting. Be on the lookout for new ideas, inventions and creations in all realms.

Many of One:

TRANSITIONS – Much is falling away yet you are still here. It is time for Humanity to know themselves on a SOUL LEVEL. We have spoken of this before. You have released much and are opening up your energy field to receive your higher self fully into the core of your being. This is a window into the vastness of yourself. 
Many people are beginning to search more deeply into who and what they are and why they are here at this time. You will be finding that you cannot live what is no longer your truth. It is more and more difficult to do those things that you do not resonate with, whereas in the past you were able to live a little more superficially and tolerate situations that didn’t resonate with the rhythm of your heart.
THIRD EYE – All are being called to go more deeply into themselves and we wish to bring your attention to a place in the center of your head. Become aware of your third eye – the 6th chakra just above the center between your eyebrows. If you focus your attention there you will begin to feel a sensation – a pressure. Trace a line straight through your skull and then bring your attention to the side of your head behind your temples and trace another line through your skull. At the center, where the two lines cross is the pineal gland. The pineal gland resonates with the rhythm of the Universe and is activated by Light. Begin to see it now as a star within the center of your head. Focus on that star radiating light. This will begin to activate your inner sight.

Now turn your attention to the star of your solar system – your sun. The sun is receiving waves of energy which it radiates outward. Connect to a beam of light from your sun and bring it directly into your pineal gland. Making that connection will help you to open up to the vastness of your being. It will help to awaken you to the vastness of your soul and your connection to the Universe for, as you know, it is no accident that you are here on Earth at this time. Look to the sun with appreciation. 
Lie or sit in sunlight and soak in the energy of the light. This will help to open your intuitive knowing and your inner sight. Send appreciation to the sun for this perfect set-up between Earth and Sun, creating this place for Spirit to experience itself as Human Beings. The energy of the sun is sending powerful transformative beams to Earth. Another sun exercise is to vision yourself traveling into the sun and staying within its energy. Ask the sun’s energy to burn off all that you no longer need to carry on your journey.

ONENESS – The star inside your head and the awareness you bring to it and the light of the sun that you invite in will activate your connection to your purpose and will allow you to see the truth of your being and the oneness of all beings.

You are star travelers. There’s a vast knowingness inside of you that you are just beginning to tap into. You will witness more and more that you are creators of your journey. As you begin to trust the intuitive impulses you feel, you will find yourself navigating new pathways in every aspect of your life. The struggles that you see around you will take on a new meaning. As you detach from the drama you will begin to feel a sense of freedom.

INNER KNOWING – Challenges may arise when it is necessary for you to function in the third dimensional world but as you detach more and more you will not get caught in drama. A gentle, inner knowing will dawn and you will not be able to hide from the truth of yourself. You will know what it is that you need to do to become fully empowered. As you do so, you will begin to witness the manifestation of that which you are vibrating with more rapidly and more clearly.

TURN YOUR FOCUS – Many of you are finding that you are able to shift from feeling tone to feeling tone as you turn your focus from that which brings you fear to that which brings you happiness. This is a practice. You will still have moments where heavier feelings come into your being. 

This is due to the high vibrating energy bringing up feelings and thoughts which don’t resonate with your truth. You will recognize these feelings as “old” and you will begin to say “no” to them. “I do not want to feel this anymore . . .” “I do not want to create this in my life anymore.” And as you make those statements and find a moment to sit within those feelings and to focus on your breathing and bringing yourself into the moment of now, you can tune into your heart and your mind will become still.

At times it will feel like a struggle because the mind likes to tell stories – the mind tells the stories of your past because that is all it knows. As you sit within the moment of now and cultivate the inner smile you will be able to shift out of the heavier feeling tones into a lighter . . . is-ness. And the more you do this the more you will find creative inspirations rising within you.
If you take those inspirations and put them into action you will create more energy and more happiness and vitality and it will grow exponentially. And so we wish to say that when you go back into the heavier moments, you are simply releasing that which is not yourself. You will know that you are focused in the lighter realm more and more and so do not fear that you are creating more negativity… you are simply letting the old density go and you will find that you will be able to quickly move out of density.

THE NEXT LEVEL – Many of you are here on missions – to shift those denser feelings and live within the lighter tones. As you do this, you bring more light and love onto the planet and you are amplifying and radiating that light into the atmosphere of the earth thereby assisting the planetary dimensional shift. We wish for you to know deeply that Spirit and Earth need you here to do this. To help create … to help bring the Earth and Humanity to the next level of evolution.

EMPOWERING PEACE AND JOY – These are indeed the times you have been waiting for. And as you begin to see much falling away, creating chaos, creating more fear, we wish for you to celebrate these changes. We wish for you to become less attached to what might be happening in the future. We wish for you to find delight in the changes that are occurring and to know that whatever changes are happening in your lives it is for a greater unfoldment of the empowerment of humanity. 

You are on a path towards your sovereignty and in that new world, you will collaborate together and co-create in a healthy, organic way, a world of peace and joy. For this is your birthright and this is what you came here to do.

We also wish for you to know that the prayers and comfort and love that you send out to people of the word who are suffering… it is very helpful, it is very… blessed. It is very beautiful indeed. Your thoughts go out into the world, each and every thought you think. They don’t just disappear… they are energy and they hold the seeds of creation within them. So if you have negative thoughts, you can send out beams of light to transform them when you are ready to do so.
These are times of miracles and wonder. 

OPEN AND RECEIVE – Focusing on the sun and the pineal gland and the star light shining there will also help you to open your minds, to open your energy fields to receive new visions and inspiration and it will bring in a new feeling of who you are. It will bring in a stronger feeling tone to your energetic signature. Within this process it is important to bring your focus into your heart, away from your mind.
The incessant talking in your head will begin to decrease as you embody a deeper knowing. As you tune into the center of the core of your being and send your grounding chord down into the earth, you will be able to flush out that which you no longer wish to carry. The thoughts that you no longer wish to have can be released instantly.

BEING YOUR TRUTH – You will begin to see, as well, many more people in your world questioning who they are – beginning to look inward. Many people are being forced into this focus because aspects of their lives that they identified with are falling away – they are losing their identity. Many of you who are reading this are the Wayshowers for those who are beginning to awaken. Many of you are teachers. 

It is time to step into your purpose in that way. 

Teaching takes many forms. Teaching is not necessarily a job or standing in front of groups of people, sharing what you’ve learned, it is also simply living and being your truth and speaking openly about your awakening experience.

NO JUDGMENT – We also wish to remind you that there is no judgment! Humans are the cruelest judges of themselves. It is essential to bring yourself into a space of loving yourself and not criticizing yourself. This is where it begins. Love yourselves enough to receive direction, information and guidance from your Higher Self and from your Spirit Guides, the non physical beings that have been assigned to you or hired by you to assist you in this journey. These are relationships that were set up before you came into the physical. You come from much more open spaces. Coming onto the Earth plane in the density… it is very different here than where you come from.

LETTING GO – Remembrance of who you are happens when you leave this body. The remembrance of who you are and why you are here. That remembrance will begin to happen to you without you leaving your physical body. This is the Awakening that is happening. It is a very wondrous time to be on Earth. When you feel fear, you get sucked into a dense vortex and you think, “this is all there is” and then you feel the fear of being afraid and it grows and grows until something happens – a light goes on within you – a reminder that you are afraid of something that doesn’t exist and you have to bring yourself back to yourself, back to your NOW where you can change the focus of your attention instantly. 

Your ability to make this shift will happen more swiftly as you realize you are letting go of that which is no longer in your vibrational vortex. As you observe what is happening the connection to the drama dissolves.

OBSERVE – There is much restructuring and rearranging going on. We see this on an energetic level as some things breaking down and disappearing and new things rising and growing up. Do not get too caught up as to what is happening in the world of government. There will be new ideas, and road blocks and ways of getting around. And that struggle will be happening for awhile. Do not get too caught up in the news that you hear or read. Do not take it into your emotional body. 

Remain as an observer… Detach yourself and continue to RAISE the VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY within YOU, for that is how you, every one of you, are changing the world from within. Again we say observe what is happening on the governmental level but do not feed into the dense thought forms and frustrations. Keep the inner smile within you and keep focusing in the light and radiating your truth.

EMPOWERMENT – Sending out a feeling tone of what you want this world to feel like and focusing on waves of joy and freedom will help to take you beyond the struggles of the past. For what you will be seeing is the new establishing itself as the old falls away. There will be resistance. Continue to hold that space of glory and grace and know that by doing so; it will take you beyond the struggles and drama of the present time. 

Trust. Trust your intuition, trust that up ahead is a peaceful world where creativity abounds as all people begin to realize that they are creating their future in every moment and they will begin to play with that and see results and this is how you move into your empowerment.


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