Healing From Different Dimensions

by Jill Mattson –

DIMENSIONS, sounds like new-age mumbo-gumbo that is difficult to grasp but surprising there is much we know about the crazy idea of dimensions
For starters, a dot belongs to the first dimension, whereas a line links to the realm of two dimensions. Width, height and length link to the third dimension. We add the energy of time and voila! We have another dimension.
Seriously, would we really think that with all the possibilities that there are no other dimensions? Even science has shown mathematically the existence of theoretical dimensions.
So what do we know?

The dot is a small part of a line. Let’s use the lines to draw designs for a paper house that we construct that has width, height and depth.

If we were the dot, we would make decisions on the information contained with the dot. If we were the line, we would make decisions based on the “line information,” and so on. But notice that more energy is contained in higher dimensions.
In ancient times medicine men and mages used meditative techniques and brain entrainment processes to allow their minds and emotions to go to other dimensions, and retrieve information.
Back to our example: surely the dot consciousness would benefit by knowing all of the information that the line knows – the line holding potentially infinite dots. Likewise throughout the ages man has gone to higher dimensions to retrieve information to make a “bigger picture” decision.
Perhaps our future selves reside in another dimension or other selves live in a parallel or a higher dimension. Today, perhaps we could go to a meditative state to observe ourselves after we have solved a current problem (energy follows intent – think of Schrodinger’s Cat Experiment in psychics). We could use method to retrieve information, energy and answers to current problems.
Energy flows both ways.

We can go to a higher dimension and retrieve information like our ancestors did. We can also go to other dimensions and leave information. Why would we do this? Would the line care about the dot? The dot is a portion of the line.

Another example is “do you care about your finger?” Your finger is a part of your body. And yes the safety and well being of your fingers are important to you. So we could meditatively enter a higher dimension and leave an S.O.S. for help (is this prayer?). 
We could also work through negative energy from a dimensional twin or become ill, with the soul the root cause. What about entering an altered mental state, connecting to the energy of a person that we wish to do business with and leave a message with them to contact us?
Mediumship is well known today but what about doing it in reverse! The implications and benefits of this practice are staggering! Does what happen in one dimension affect what happens in another?

Are these realms independent or interdependent?

Look at the dimensions that we are sure of – the first to third dimensions.

Let’s take the paper house that we constructed with our line drawings on a piece of paper. Now we will set fire to that paper house. When the paper house is nothing but ashes does the line exist?

Does the circumstance of one dimension affect another? In our example about the body and the finger – if the body dies, is the finger impacted? Of course!
Being very intuitive, many times I have gotten a bad feeling about a situation only later to see snippets of a past life which was the root cause of my bad feeling. For example if I drown in my last life, chances are I am terrified of water in this life.
There is bleed through from one dimension to another.

To understand how this works recall musical studies. With the process of RESONANCE, energy from an E string of a violin will transfer to a nearby E string of another violin. Invisible sound energy transfers on the same note, an octave of it and several harmonious intervals of this root note.

When we listen to peaceful and uplifting music we change our emotions, brainwaves and even physicality. Now we discover that music can also affect us dimensionally.
The famed Music of the Spheres takes on new meaning. The Music of the Spheres is HIGHER DIMENSIONAL WAVE INFORMATION – CODES AND SOUND MATRICES. And we thought music was mere entertainment?

Dimensions are subsets of information. 

Music is also a subset of information, shaping and influencing us – in our body, mind, emotions and dimensions!

Ancient people knew this and used music to incorporate HEALING PATTERNS FOUND IN NATURE and from advanced beings, which I have incorporated into my music!
The ancient portholes are opening up again!
About Author: Jill Mattson, author, musician and composer, seeks to further the use of sound in healing. She is committed to teaching techniques that enhance spiritual, mental and physical growth through vibratory energy, and encourages communication and the universal sharing of new information on Sound Healing around the world. Jill combines her extensive research of modern Sound Healing with the 20+ year study of ancient civilizations and secret societies in her works. Discover a multitude of Ancient and Modern Techniques using Sound
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Transporting into New Realms

by DL Zeta – 
Timelines of Transcendence:
During this powerful time, new energies are filtering onto the earth plane, seeding times of deeper awakening. Seers and other light beings are receiving visions designed to bring awareness to anything that has held them in limiting scenarios. 
Transcendence is a primary theme now as we are asked to move beyond old identities into new and often as yet unimagineable realms of being. The new energies allow us to transcend limiting beliefs that exist at the root of limiting careers, relationships, identities and much more. In a sense, these energies are even assisting us in transcending ourselves – or who we believe ourselves to be.
Post-eclipse energies are lifting us higher than ever before, offering glimpses of timelines of transcendence where we’re living beyond our present limitations.
This is not a fairy tale, not a too-good-to-be-true bedtime story. There are steps to take on the journey of transcendence. Those who adopt the intention to transcend limiting beliefs will face various tests to insure their readiness for a limitless existence.
We are not alone in this journey. The universe is with us every step of the way, providing the resources needed to energize timelines of transcendence. 
All we have to do is be willing to believe in ourselves, to trust our footing on this new path, and to heal and release the past at a deep and profound level.
Intentions to Transcend activate the Obstacle Field
Any choice to transcend limitations raises the obstacle field. Any time we set an intention we activate everything that stands in the way of reaching our intentions. This activation helps us recognize and clear unhealed emotions, limiting beliefs, habits and connections that anchor us to third-dimensional life tracks. 
Inside the obstacle field any fears we still hold kick in and tell us we are not up to the task. 
Some turn back at this juncture. Instead of turning back, we can choose to see obstacles as opportunities to reaffirm and strengthen our belief in ourselves and our spiritual connection. Transforming obstacles into opportunities allows us to fly over situations that previously tethered us to dense, lower-vibrational life tracks.
Self-love and Self-Forgiveness are Essential to Transcendence

Self-love and self-forgiveness are essential in transcending limitations. When the obstacle field activates, younger selves within your repertoire of selves may become fearful. Selves still mired in unresolved emotions may throw on the brakes. During this powerful period you have the ability to heal by working with your repertoire of selves at a very high level. 

Unconditional love for yourself and others is essential to transcending limitations. 
Be gentle with yourself as you transition to unconditional love. This transition will bring before you memories of un-love to be loved and released. When you feel gratitude for moments of un-love, you are ready to step into the real love that transcendence brings.
Be Willing to Re-Parent Younger Selves Trapped in Past Traumas
A high level of awareness will help you past any hurdles you encounter. This allows you to observe yourself without judgment. Forgive yourself if you feel sad, depressed, lonely or fearful. If you resist or pull back, forgive yourself. Let whatever happens be as it is without judgment or blame. Your thoughts hold the power to lift you up or knock you down. 
When traumatized feeling states kick in, send love to yourself. Sit with your younger selves. Sit with any selves that feel abandoned and unloved. Be willing to serve as a loving, understanding parent and guide to these younger selves. A willingness to re-parent your younger selves brings about inner unification, which is essential to activating timelines of transcendence.
Transcending Barriers between Lifetimes

Many lightworkers entered this lifetime with the intention to complete past connections. These completions are instrumental in awakening us to our spiritual purpose of helping with the transition to the New Earth.

Past life connections serve to awaken you to expanded dimensions of your being by weakening the barriers between lifetimes.

The shift to the new earth is built upon a vision of oneness with all others and within ourselves. 
When we see through the veils separating our various lifetimes, we establish a conscious connection with our parallel selves incarnated simultaneously throughout various timeframes. When we establish oneness with parallel aspects of ourselves we deepen and complete our spiritual understanding on many levels. 

This concept of inner unity ushers in a new kind of self-love that transcends the love we have for our present identity self. 
As you open to inner unification with all aspects of yourself you adopt a new focus self that is capable of embracing and working with parallel aspects of your consciousness. You may experience initial resistance from your present focus self in this changeover. Be kind and loving but persistent in this transition.
Stepping into the Role of Wayshower

Inside timelines of transcendence you engage with yourself, with others, with the environment and with all living creatures as the limitless, divine being that you are. Timelines of transcendence bring many powerful breakthroughs. 

Creativity greatly expands and your powers of perception expand. 
You experience radiant health. Your desire to assist others expands. As you seek to help others transcend whatever binds them to limiting life tracks, you transcend your own limitations. This allows you to step more fully into your role as a wayshower and guide into the new time.

For more on timeline and identity shifts:

Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation 
For more on fifth-dimensional realities:

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Shifting to a Fifth-Dimensional Reality Thread

by DL Zeta –

Energies and light transmissions have been “amped up” in recent times, thinning the veils between dimensions and making it easier than ever before to make the shift to fifth-dimensional consciousness. Some lightworkers have found themselves paradoxically during this time re-treading old scenarios. At times it may have seemed they were more enmeshed in third-dimensional experiences than in past times.
This seeming re-treading of old energies is designed to help many bring completion to old scenarios that have bound them to past wounds. 
During this time it is good to stand back from whatever has been going on and examine how this may be the “graduation exam” for situations from the past. It is now, during this time that each person has the opportunity to see what they intended to learn by creating these situations from the past. 
Once understanding is gained, it is time to shift one’s focus and attention to realities aligned with the new time on Planet Earth.
Parallel Realities and Shifting Focus Threads
All potential realities run parallel, spinning off the essence of each person’s core energies. In order to shift from experiencing one reality thread to another, all one needs to do is move their focus from one reality thread to another. 
A focus shift is best undertaken gradually with the intention to bring a loving conclusion to the current reality thread
This means being prepared to move through that completion with grace. 
All that is required in making a reality shift is to make sure one’s motivations are the highest and best for all and without negative feeling for the reality being de-magnetized. If you leave a reality thread with unresolved emotions, you’ll find it necessary at some point to return to it — or one energetically compatible with it — to bring about completion in the future.
Once you begin to “tune into” a new reality thread, you will download information and guidance needed to exist along this new continuum. 
It is not necessary to know a great deal about a new reality thread you are guided to; all that is needed is a love for where you have been and a love for the unknown space you’re traveling into. Beyond this, the universe brings all that’s needed.
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The 12 Dimensions

The Twelve Dimensions.

by Sufian Chaudhary – 

Life begins by entering the First Dimension, which is a very rudimentary existence that serves as the energetic building blocks for all higher forms of consciousness. A First Dimensional existence is generally in the form of a mineral or rock and is completely unaware that it is indeed alive. Very little is accomplished in the First Dimension other than purely existing within the present. After a very long period of time, a First Dimensional existence will undergo what is called a Dimensional evolvement or Ascension, in order to advance to exist within the next Dimension. This evolvement marks the very first Ascension that an individualized consciousness attains within a complete Universal cycle. The need to come into Life sparks the first Ascension and this is coordinated with the naturally shifting Ascension energies of the planet that it exists upon. When a planet ascends its body, everything there is rebirthed into a new state of existence. This new state of existence is known as the Second Dimension. 

The Second Dimension. 

Our souls have experienced the simplicity of plant life, been as passive or as aggressive as any of the members of the animal kingdom and found ourselves completely submersed in the art of nature. Second Dimensional existence comes forth in the form of plants, animals, insects and everything that is considered part of wildlife or nature. Basic processes and functions are now available where movement sets the stage for a definable life. The soul will now reincarnate as many species of plants, animals and insects and gradually start increasing its consciousness one life at a time. 

The Second Dimension also allows for the introduction of male and female energies that first exposes consciousness to the nature of dual forces working with each other. Second Dimensional philosophy was touched upon in Buddhism where the belief that the human soul also entailed multiple lifetimes throughout the plant and animal kingdoms before incarnating into a human body. Living things therefore deserve respect for they are also in the process of learning to be alive. You should never kill living things such as trees or wild animals or hurt nature in any way because we were once in their very same position. This teaching is also a fundamental law for Unconditional Love. We are the Earth we live on. 

Consciousness overlaps multiple Dimensions as a result of the Collective Unconscious housing multiple frequencies of existences together. Cats and dogs often bridge both the Second and Third Dimensions as their human caretakers operate in a higher form of consciousness. The higher vibratory energies inevitably funnel down and help their acceleration into the Third Dimension as well. The same can be said to be occurring with Archangels in relation to human beings. An overlapping of Dimensions occurs in order to tailor for constantly evolving consciousness. Rather than experiencing sudden jumps, the introduction of a higher level of consciousness gradually transitions Ascensions seamlessly. 

The Third Dimension. 

Human beings currently exist within the Third Dimension where our consciousness is now aware that we are in fact alive. This momentum of self-awareness moves our focus out of the Collective Unconscious and more deeply into the Conscious mind. Psychological patterns often spur a construct where physical, spiritual and egotistical needs graph a new behavioral complex. This new behavioral complex allows for the comprehension of much more profound spiritual concepts; however this newfound analytical function has a tendency to completely ignore what it cannot physically grasp. The realization that there exists an ethereal world with Beings who have much greater influence and power is often what initiates spiritual growth. However, so many disharmonies ensue from conflicting psychological behaviors that spiritual growth is often brought to a complete standstill in favour of physical gratification. Nevertheless, the spiritual world still persists. 

The Third Dimension is the first time consciousness is not only made aware of the Duality, but also heavily influenced into aligning with one or the other side. The Third Dimension often establishes the bedrock for major spiritual upheavals due to its spiritual immaturity. This state no longer represents a perfect symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth and is not self-realized enough to embrace Oneness as a whole, so conscious spiritual development often enters into an ethereal war. Beings of the Light and Dark constantly influence souls to polarize and are often only ever embraced because of their heavy involvement in the physical world. Very few people truly embrace the notions of spirituality or reincarnation, let alone whole sequences of lives in non-human forms. If perception and understanding is limited to a singular life, then the continuation of the soul is not understood and Dimensional evolvements become meaningless. Nothing substantial can ever truly be accomplished if you still believe nothing exists beyond that of a singular life. 

The Fourth Dimension. 

Earth is currently transitioning into the Fourth Dimension. The climax of the upcoming Ascension will be felt towards the end of 2012 as the Year of the Dragon spreads its wings, all the way for the next seven years until 2019. Although the Third Dimension is focused upon the physical world, the Fourth Dimension has a primary focus on the spiritual world. In order to accept this new state of existence, profound elements of the Fourth Dimension were introduced into our Third Dimensional society to lessen the sudden impact of Ascension. Profound spiritual concepts such as Enlightenment and aspects of Unconditional Love must be understood as the next steps to progress from the Third Dimension. These seeds were planted and allowed to grow in individuals who have accepted that it is time to open the doors to the spiritual world. As human beings are the most complex forms of embodied consciousness on the planet, we will still retain our current shape and forms. What will change is the importance we place on achieving such profound spiritual objectives. The 2012-2019 Ascension will mark a turning point leading to spirituality playing a much more dominant role in society with less fixation on a solely material world. The Fourth Dimension follows the Third Dimension in its way of life; the difference is what is placed upon the core belief structures of those living within it. 

Ascension utilizes two primary methods in order for a successful transition to take place: Deconstruction followed by Reconstruction. This Ascension is currently moving through the process of a powerful Deconstruction phase absolutely tearing apart what we once considered normal life. What is truly remarkable is how the Deconstruction phase tailors itself to the individual’s needs. Each negative habit, self-limiting belief, fixation upon the physical world and destructive tendency has been or will be uprooted in the most personalized way. There will be personal bankruptcies, corporate liquidations, divorces, tax problems, health concerns and all types of emotional issues. The world needs to embrace Deconstruction as something perfectly acceptable, comparable to the movements of Mother Nature. In the same way that a tree sheds old leaves and grows new shoots, the human being must shed limiting beliefs and replace them with Unconditional Love. What constrains us and shackles us upon this Earth is our egotistical behavior. However, once the dust settles and you realize how little of the physical world there is left to grasp, you will inevitably venture into the spiritual world, and there is no turning back when this happens. 

The Fifth Dimension. 

The Fifth Dimension is the home of the Ascended Masters. It is a very powerful frequency, compared to the Third Dimension. Physicality is now an option where a world of high frequency energy becomes the primary way of life. The human body becomes far too constraining for a high frequency Being who likes to constantly exert its energy and power. It therefore undergoes a substantial vibrational raising until it completely detaches itself from the physical world. There are ethereal planets that house such Fifth Dimensional existences as they still need an ascending planet to give them Ascension jumps into the next Dimension. 

The planetary relationship with its inhabitants is a very crucial one that operates on many levels. One of the most important functions is to initiate a natural curve of shifting energies in a direct incline, or what is known as a “jump.” It would be very difficult for a planet’s inhabitants to Ascend without it following suit and vice versa. Enough time is usually given for everybody to prepare themselves. Many Ascended Masters who operate in this higher frequency have to severely decrease their vibration in order to make an appearance on Earth. This often warrants brief encounters unless they choose to temporarily incarnate here. 

The Sixth Dimension. 

Sixth Dimensional existences welcome consciousness into a state where Godlike powers are expressed. The Sixth Dimension is the highest point of individualization within the first Universal cycle that still identifies and communicates with itself from all of its past lives. If I told you that you currently already exist in the Sixth Dimension as a Higher Self, you would probably be confused because the concept of linear time has defined physical life itself. However the notion of all the past, present and future being One as a Higher Self is an important hierarchy that establishes a route for intuition to take place. Very few Beings maintain a human-like appearance in the Sixth Dimension. 

Most resemble large masses of white energy, have animal-like characteristics or completely manipulate the way they look depending on what emotional experiences they would like to portray. Sixth Dimensional Beings often roam around lower vibrational planets in hopes of exerting influence upon them. This is done to sway entire populations into believing in significantly more powerful Beings or Gods. It is a Sixth Dimensional teaching to sway the masses into their favor to initiate a stronger hierarchy of power. The greater the number believing in them, the greater their powerful presence will be. Famous Sixth Dimensional Beings include Zeus and the Greek Gods and Thoth of Ancient Egypt. 
The Seventh Dimension. 

The Seventh Dimension looks like a magnificent white tunnel of energy that explodes consciousness into a state of existence with the Creator. This large upward flow of energy removes the soul from Creation itself and allows it to exist within a field of Unconditional Love. The Seventh Dimension acts as the last Dimension most forms of consciousness will experience in their Universal cycle. This limitless Dimension appears as an endless field of white energy where everything enjoys heightened ecstasy. Many Beings have never progressed beyond this point and therefore don’t understand that there is a continuing path to further develop their consciousness. 

Those who continue onward have a very powerful destiny to become Creators. Dimensions Eight to Twelve would be considered advanced Creator School, which is experienced by a much smaller percentage of Beings. In order for consciousness to progress beyond the first Seven Dimensions, they are initiated back into the Creation in the Eighth Dimension to take one of two paths–the Masculine progression as a Sun/Star or the Feminine progression as a Planet. The Masculine progression uses the Eighth Dimension to keep propelling forward up to the 12th Dimension, while the Feminine progression moves backward out of the Eighth Dimension and into an alternate existence as a Seventh Dimensional Planet. 

Seventh Dimensional Beings choose to allow their bodies to evolve into Planets to act as a home for other Dimensional existences; from Dimensions One through Five. This is performed to create a stable environment and encourage the relevant self-realizations of other Dimensional Beings. It is important to establish the symbiotic relationship between all the Dimensional Beings on Earth and the soul of the Planet itself (often referred to as Gaia). Without Gaia, life would not exist. A thriving Planet must have a Seventh Dimensional soul in the same way a human body must have a Third Dimensional soul. Without her inhabitants, Gaia would not have reason to create Earth because her spiritual realizations involve sustaining other Dimensional existences. 

In order to create a physical Planet, Gaia needed to learn how to control the elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) and then manipulate them into self-sustaining cycles. Energetic structures such as the process of reincarnation are created well before the physical environment ever materializes. A Seventh Dimensional Being undergoes four Ascensions before reconnecting with the Seventh Dimensional tunnel of energy back into the field of Unconditional Love; Second Dimension to Third Dimension, Third Dimension to Fourth Dimension, Fourth Dimension to Fifth Dimension, and Fifth Dimension into a pure energetic existence capable of moving back into a state of Unconditional Love. 

The Eighth Dimension. 

We were created from the stars and we shall return to the stars. Eighth Dimensional existence within a Masculine progression is when consciousness takes the form of a Sun. The Sun in our Solar System has a gravitational pull strong enough to revolve around multiple Seventh Dimensional Planets and therefore, all manner of lower Dimensional inhabitants living on those Planets. Its primary function is to provide a stable Solar System for lower Dimensional Beings to undergo their relevant self-realizations. 

The Sun’s light actually consists of multiple colors with a visual predominance of white, even though it may look yellow from Earth due to the blue atmospheric contrast. The Sun is literally burning thoughts into the Manifested Creation on such a powerful level that it produces an extreme amount of light and heat. These thoughts are also referred to as the overriding archetypes that govern a Solar System’s precise rules of governance. The Sun anchors the Collective Unconscious. The Collective Unconscious connects these overriding archetypes with the individual’s Subconscious mind. In such a way, we are born with set rules that determine the construct of the physical world. We feel the effects of gravity because the overriding archetype subconsciously details how our bodies must abide by the Law of Gravity. The Sun is creating and sustaining life as the alpha Being of this Solar System. If you understand the inner-workings of this concept, you can easily see why many ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Egyptians and Greeks chose the Sun as their supreme Deity. 

The Ninth Dimension. 

The Ninth Dimension is entered by exploding your elements outward into a powerful ball of churning energy as a Supernova. The Ninth Dimension signals the first of two complete Dimensional existences that sustain Deconstructive cycles. A Sun dies down into what is known as a Red Giant after it runs out of hydrogen to convert into helium via nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is what generates heat for the Sun. When the Sun stops producing heat, it starts collapsing in on itself until the helium atoms join with carbon atoms expanding its outer layer, causing it to cool off and eventually casts this outer layer off as a planetary nebula. This Deconstruction phase allows for essential building blocks in the planetary nebula to be ejected out of the Sun into the surrounding Galaxy. 

The planetary nebula is a product of Deconstruction that has been recycled out of the Sun and allows for new stars and planets to be created. Gravity continues to pull carbon atoms together until the Red Giant’s core is solely composed of iron. At this point, fusion ceases and the iron atoms are crushed together causing the Red Giant to explode out a shockwave and form a Supernova. Another path occurs when a Sun gradually dies down into a White Dwarf and attracts another Star into its orbit. Matter is gradually stripped off the smaller Star, which causes enough volatility to then also explode into a Supernova. The Ninth Dimension is about embracing the element of Deconstruction. 

The Tenth Dimension. 

The Tenth Dimension is entered when a Supernova continues its Deconstructive phase and forms a Black Hole. A Supernova undergoes a gravitational collapse directly into a Black Hole after running out of materials to fuel its existence. A second path exists where the Supernova dies down into a Neutron Star, only then to undergo gravitational collapse once the Neutron Star dies and also forms into a Black Hole. Black Holes are one of the most sacred and powerful Universal mechanisms in existence. They are the epitome of the Deconstruction phase, consuming surrounding materials, dust, stars, planets and even light into its energetic core. 

The observable power of a Black Hole comes forth when it joins two separate points in the Universe together. This bridging action creates implicit ties with both sides as energies are now within proximity of each other. A Tenth Dimensional Being understands that to exist within this Universe is to just consume resources in order to experience growth. Growth of a Black Hole occurs as it continues consuming extremely large quantities of surrounding materials. It therefore releases anything other than what it truly means to exist as a consuming mechanism so it can propel into the next Dimension without hesitation. 

The Eleventh Dimension. 

The 11th Dimension can only be entered once multiple Black Holes have conjoined together to form into what is known as a Supermassive Black Hole. This compilation of resources becomes extremely vital for a sustainable Ascension into the 11th Dimension. A Supermassive Black Hole entering the 11th Dimension starts to emit a powerful torrent of energy outwards from its stockpile of resources into what is known as a Quasar. A Quasar is a ring of bright fiery light that sits above the Supermassive Black Hole and illuminates the entire Galaxy. The amount of energy in a Quasar is so powerful that the entire Galaxy clusters and moves within a singular spiralling formation. Supermassive Black Holes are like giant power generators keeping a Galaxy alive by reverse thrusting out all of its previously stored energy. 

A Supermassive Black Hole does not connect two separate points of the Universe together, but acts to connect the Universe to the Unmanifest (also referred to as Nothingness). The Unmanifest is the polar opposite of Unconditional Love. The Unmanifest is where Creators initiate a Universe; it is the place where nothing exists, nothing transpires and nothing can do anything. Supermassive Black Holes are the centers of Galaxies that tie together the Manifested Creation with the Unmanifest, and in doing so anchors the Universe in place. 

As a Galaxy, the 11th Dimension marks the final Dimension of existence in the Manifested Creation. The final realization comes forth when an 11th Dimensional Being discovers the true nature of the limitless state that Creators exist in, rather than the outdated need to mimic Creation by consuming and burning resources to sustain itself and others around it. When an 11th Dimensional Being comes upon its final realization, the flow of resources from the Supermassive Black Hole is allowed to run out and the Galaxy ceases to exist. Remnant particles and materials allow for the formation of new Galaxies; however, the original entity is no longer within the Creation. It moves out of Creation and into a truly beautiful and limitless state, or what is known as Unconditional Love. 

In the beginning, there was only Unconditional Love followed by a seed of light that sparked the first Creator School. Unconditional Love is completely self-sustainable and the absolute highest form of energy known to existence. Creators are obsessed with the field of Unconditional Love. It’s almost like finding a partner you view as absolutely perfect in every possible way. It sparked an incredible curiosity to discover where this field of Unconditional Love came from and what unique characteristics attracted them so much. Creations were brought to life to observe the nature of this energy in the most rudimentary of forms and went so far as to even allow Dark energies into their Creations to observe its reactions further. The fact that souls are still floating upwards towards Unconditional Love despite the Dark influences is what makes Creation truly remarkable. 

The Twelfth Dimension. 

The 12th Dimension is one of Creators. It is the Graduation ceremony of Creator School. The Universal cycle comes completely around and existence itself becomes voluntary. Limitless potential is expressed and you now have the capability to exist as One with Unconditional Love or go on to create other Universes. Mastering the 12th Dimension may take multiple Universal cycles to achieve; we therefore enter Creation many times over. There are 12th Dimensional Masters who have been able to maintain an individualized presence within the Manifested Creation even though their main body of consciousness no longer has a need for it. These Beings are known as the Master complex as they provide a hierarchy for other Beings to follow them out of Creation. 

Nothingness is where the initial idea of a Universe is conceived. From this initial thought, a series of complex inter-weaving energy patterns are replicated into the blueprints of the Universe. This initial design is powerful enough to create a self-sustainable Creation that draws upon Unconditional Love to experience growth. A Supermassive Black Hole is then used to bridge Nothingness to the Universe in order to stabilize the Universe’s existence. This process indicates an illogical jump from Nothingness to suddenly creating the Universe and then bridging the two. The Universal Bridge only appears once both extremes of polarity are created. It explains why an 11th Dimensional Being may not just Ascend out of Creation, it must exit Creation through the extreme realization as a Creator. It also explains why we may not perceive anything before the Creation of this Universe; Nothingness prevents us conceivably moving back out of Creation. The most accepted pathway for any Being is to therefore Ascend forwards and graduate from Creator School. By then, all of this will feel rudimentary in comparison to the amount of Unconditional Love you will be feeling. 

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OBEs, NDEs and Remote Viewing Explained

by Lee Bladon –

Conscious Out-of-Body Experiences 

(Astral Travel / Projection) 

Every time we fall asleep we have an out-of-body experience, but it is not a conscious experience. When we fall asleep our monad (self), along with our emotional, mental and lesser causal bodies, leaves our physical-etheric body. Exactly the same thing occurs in a conscious out-of-body experience (COBE), except that the exit point is different:
  • When we fall asleep our monad (self) exits through the solar plexus or heart chakra, depending on whether it is going to the lower or upper emotional world. Exiting through either of these chakras causes the consciousness thread (which links the monad to the physical-etheric body) to become detached, hence the physical body loses consciousness. The physical brain plays no part in the out-of-body experience, so has no recollection the event. The memories are, however, stored in our emotional permanent atom, which is part of our subconscious and has a powerful influence on our dreams.
  • For a conscious out-of-body experience the monad (self) must exit through the crown chakra. This allows the consciousness thread to remain attached so the physical body does not fall asleep. The physical brain remains connected to the remote monad, which provides real-time conscious awareness of the out-of-body experience and full recall afterwards. When out-of-body, our waking consciousness is no longer restricted by the etheric web or censored by the physical brain, so we can perceive non-physical beings and environments. The “silver cord” that out-of-body explorers often report seeing is the life thread or sutratma, which carries life energies from the monad to the heart chakra of each subtle body.
The Arrangement of the Subtle Bodies 
in a Conscious Out-of-Body Experience
When we are awake, all three units of our triad are connected by the consciousness thread. This allows our monad to be simultaneously aware of perceptions from our physical-etheric, emotional and mental bodies. The same is true with a COBE except that the emotional-mental body is remote from the physical-etheric body. The absence of the emotion-mental body causes the physical-etheric body to become paralysed.
Conscious out-of-body experiences can occur spontaneously or intentionally. The ability of the monad to intentionally leave the body via the crown chakra and maintain continuity of consciousness is called “samadhi”, which is a Sanskrit term. People generally associate samadhi with meditation; however conscious out-of-body experiences are not induced by controlling our consciousness but by controlling the matter of our subtle bodies.
Conscious out of body experiences in the emotional world are only possible when the chakras of the emotional body are fully active, and experiences in the mental world are only possible when the chakras of the mental body are full active. Conscious out-of-body experiences are impossible for primitive people because their monads are centred in the physical atom (1:7), which is incapable of objectively perceiving the emotional world. People at all the other stages of development are theoretically capable of COBEs, although they are extremely unlikely at the civilised stage because the chakras aren’t all active. Developed people are only capable of experiencing the emotional world (2:1–2:6) in their COBEs. Humanistic people can experience the emotional world and the mental world (3:1–3:4). Enlightened people can experience the emotional world, mental world and causal world (3:5–3:7), with or without leaving their bodies.
Being fully conscious in the emotional world is far more reliable than clairvoyance or mediumship for acquiring information about the non-physical worlds or communicating with the “dead”. But practitioners should never forget the illusory nature of the emotional world and remember that they are unlikely to learn anything of real value. Various books and CDs are available for those wishing to learn how to induce COBEs, but a tremendous amount of dedication is required and most will fail. Anyone who is thinking about learning the technique should seriously consider their motives because the time and effort could be put to better use by actively developing their level of consciousness.
Conscious out-of-body experiences can be induced with drugs like ketamine and DMT, or plant extracts like ayahuasca. They work by blocking neurotransmitter receptors in the brain, which temporarily prevents the persona from operating through the physical body and triggers an out-of-body experience.

Near-Death Experiences

A near-death experience is a type of conscious out-of-body experience that occurs at a time of intense physical distress. The stages of a typical near-death experience (NDE) are listed below and explained from an esoteric perspective:
  • You hear a loud ringing or buzzing sound. This is caused by your emotional-mental body detaching from your physical-etheric body.
  • You travel through a long dark tunnel. Your monad (self) travels up the central sushumna channel of your etheric spine and out of the crown chakra. This point of exit allows the consciousness thread to remain connected, which enables “live” perception of the event and subsequent recollection by the waking consciousness.
  • You notice that you are outside of your physical body but still in the immediate environment. You are objectively conscious in your emotional-mental body.
  • You look down on your physical body and feel intense emotional upheaval as attempts are made to resuscitate it. Emotions are greatly intensified when the emotional body is free from the dampening effect of the dense physical body.
  • You realise that you still have a body, but one of a very different nature to the physical body you have temporarily left behind. The emotional body can fly, pass through solid matter and visit non-physical worlds.
  • Other non-physical humans come to meet you to ease your fears and disorientation, then an angelic being of light appears – this is your guardian angel.
  • The angel telepathically asks you to evaluate your life. You are shown an incredibly detailed panoramic review of your life, which includes everything you have ever done, said, thought, felt or experienced (more on this shortly).
  • You are overwhelmed by the intense feelings of joy, love and peace. As previously stated, your emotions are greatly intensified when your emotional body is free from the dampening effect of the dense physical body.
  • The angel tells you that you must return to Earth because your time has not yet come. You return to your physical body and wake up with full recollection of the experience.
Near-death experiences are induced by our guardian angel to awaken us to our life’s purpose or get our life back on track. They show us things about ourselves so that we can become better people, and they show us things about our lives so that we can make the most of them. They show us our true colours; without ego or self-deception. Quite simply, a near-death experience is a wake up call to remind us that our life could have ended but we are being given a second chance.
The life review is often described as being more vivid and real than the original events were. This is because our feelings and emotions are greatly intensified in the emotional world. People often describe being able to sense the other person’s perspective in addition to their own. This is because our emotional bodies perceive every emotional thought-form that passes through them, but most of them are too subtle to make themselves known to the physical waking consciousness. However, the memories remain in the subconscious and can easily be recalled in the out-of-body state. This enables the events to be relived with an added “dimension”.
Some near-death experiencers report being given the choice to remain in the emotional world or to return to the physical world. Everyone chooses to return to Earth because if it really was their time to die they would just die – there would be no NDE and there would be no “choice”. Their guardian angel knows what their decision will be and only offers the choice to those who want to return to Earth, because they are more likely to embrace their second chance if they willingly chose to return. If their guardian angel knows they want to stay, he will simply tell them that they must return to Earth.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is a mental faculty that allows a “viewer” to describe a remote location, known as a “target”, by acquiring information that is not available to the ordinary physical senses. Accomplished remote viewers can describe locations on the other side of the world which they have never visited, describe events that happened many years ago, describe a picture in a sealed envelope, or describe a specific person’s current location and activity – all without being told anything about the target. Remote viewing was used extensively by US government “psychic spies” during the Cold War for classified military projects. It has now entered the public domain and numerous professional organisations have been set up to conduct research, introduce standards and help people to develop this intriguing mental ability, but none of them seem to understand the mechanism behind it.
Remote viewing simply involves imagining yourself at the remote location observing the target. The power of your imagination creates a synthetic image of yourself from the mental and emotional matter of your subtle bodies. The thought-form is projected to the target location where it acts as a remote “self”. Sensory impressions perceived by the remote self are communicated back to the viewer by sympathetic vibrations, i.e. they give rise to identical vibrations in the viewer’s subtle bodies, which can then be perceived by the physical waking consciousness. The process works in the same way that a vibrating tuning fork makes other identical tuning forks resonate.
Remote viewing is a skill that can be learnt and does not require any natural ability or special “gift”. Anyone who is awakened enough to be interested in remove viewing probably has sufficient mental capacity to learn the technique. The clarity and accuracy of perception depends on the viewer’s level of consciousness and how much they practise. With practise, the thought-form becomes better “trained” and the informational pathways to waking consciousness become more effectual. A temporary loss of concentration causes the remote “self” to dissolve, and it must be reformed before the remote viewing can resume. The further away the target, the more mental effort is required to maintain a lock on it and bring back accurate perceptions.
Remote Viewing
The Mechanism of Remote Viewing
Remote viewers generally follow strictly controlled scientific protocols to ensure there is no possibility of cheating. This usually involves “viewing” a target that is identified only by a numerical code. The code might refer to the Sydney Harbour Bridge but the remote viewer will not know that; they will just be told to view location 123-456, for instance. So how does the thought-form know where to go? The person who devises the remote viewing test chooses a numerical code to represent the target he has in mind, so the two are mentally connected. The information that links the numerical code to the target is vibrationally embedded into the numerical code (all this occurs subconsciously and automatically). When the remote viewer sees the code, his sub-conscious mind simply “reads” the embedded location and knows where to go.
Remote viewers can even view events from history because every event that has ever taken place is vibrationally recorded in the surrounding matter (the akashic record). Every atom of matter possesses a degree of consciousness and has an undying memory. The memories of these events can be accessed by our meta-conscious minds and raised up to conscious awareness.

After-Life Exploration

Some techniques for exploring the non-physical realms of the afterlife, such as the one described by Bruce Moen in the Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook are very similar to remote viewing. Moen refers to two components of consciousness which are necessary to acquire knowledge of the afterlife:
  • The “perceiver” is the remote thought-form that is sent to the non-physical environment.
  • The “interpreter” is our physical-etheric brain. It receives sensory information from the perceiver and assembles it into a coherent image of the remote environment. The physical-etheric brain cannot always make sense of information from non-physical environments, so it searches its memory bank for something that roughly approximates to the image it is receiving. The same thing occurs in our dreams.
  • Moen’s technique involves continually shifting one’s attention between the remote perceiver and the local interpreter in order to retain a continuous and coherent memory of the experience. The physical-etheric brain must be allowed to comment on the perceptions it receives, but just long enough for them to be stored in the physical memory. Care must be taken not to let the interpreter get carried away in a chain of associated thoughts and memories, or the remote perceiver will fade away.
As with any method of obtaining information from the emotional or mental worlds, there is a high probability that your own preconceived beliefs and ideas will affect what you “see”. You are also likely to encounter manifestations of other people’s erroneous ideas and false beliefs.
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Loving and Living in 5D

Love manifests to us in many different ways. Love can make our hearts explode with desire for another, love can make us weep tears for people we don’t even know, love makes us protect our children even above our own safety, love allows us to forgive our siblings over and over, there are countless forms that love takes.

Having said that, when we talk of love in the 5th dimensional plane there is no relationship definitions, only love. 5D love encompasses all the relationship types of love and simplifies them into one core divine love energy, extending way beyond the walls of the 3rd dimension.

Once your consciousness reaches the 5th dimension you will automatically feel love for all souls. 

You can see yourself in everyone you meet, every animal, every being, the connectedness between all living things. You become protective of all beings and would never hurt anyone or anything. There is a real and true regard for others. You have now become centered in you heart chakra. You have become love.

Your love center extends way past humankind, it extends to the insect and plant worlds and even further. This is why when you reach the 5th dimension you feel an overwhelming interconnection with nature and notice and respect the life force in even the smallest ant. You can feel the soul of animals and can even see the human qualities in them.
Being authentic in your care and love for mother Earth and every living being turns out to be a large component of a 5th dimensional beings irreversible attitude and comes to be an enduring character trait. It will be the foundation of who you are.
After reaching the 5th dimension, the intense joy and passion that fills your consciousness is like no other feeling. You simply love being alive and love life on a whole other scale. This feeling can carry you to uplift and inspire all beings you meet, sharing you love and light, shining brightly and motivating others to also shine.

Just picture how the Earth would be if all beings were conscious in 5D, centered in the love condition.

If humanity were to love each other deeply, with genuine care and respect, we would not fight over land or religion, there would be no detachment or separation, no one would need to commit any crime, there would be no need to compete against each other, greed would not exist, the ecosystem would be protected, everything and everyone on mother would flourish and evolve as it should.

This centered love consciousness flowing through our hearts will allow us to experience a deep comfort and additional peace will be present among all, we will understand oneness to be all we know, people will come together and souls will unite, creating prosperity everywhere in all ways. What a glorious place Earth will be.

When many of us live in the 5D love centered consciousness, we can transmute the 3D negative energy pattern and ascend to our intended plane of pure nirvana and then continue further. It is our birth right, it is our true soul intention, we can have it if we work at spreading our love, shining our lights and inspiring others to give love a try, we can all make it if we want it dearly enough.

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Doorway to Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

by Deborah Zeta – 

Within the scope of your present moment, you have it all. Right now as you read this you are all that you have been and all that you ever will be. To understand and experience the vast and infinite being that you are, all you need to do is expand your definition of the present moment.
By accessing fifth-dimensional consciousness, you are able to connect with every aspect of your consciousness past, present and future. 
This form of inner connection and oneness allows you to bring about needed healing, view and believe in future probabilities and work in collaboration with your full being to manifest your highest visions into reality. All of this is accessible from your present moment.

If you feel this is not possible for you, it is likely you have bought into the erroneous and limiting belief that all our moments, all our realities, all the aspects of our being are compartmentalized, divided and cut off from each other.

Divisive thoughtforms keep us from allowing the greatness of our being, which is founded in the essence of oneness and unconditional love. Divisiveness keeps us fighting within ourselves and consequently, with each other.

The good news is that all limitations we impose on ourselves have the power to help us move beyond them.

This is just as all “problems” contain the seed of their own solution. This seed always flourishes in the rich soil of our higher understanding.

Expanding the Definition of your Present Moment

The key to freeing yourself of limitations is to expand your definition of the present moment.

Ask yourself, who are you within this moment? Are you limited to what you see in front of you, or do you hold within your consciousness a vast repertoire of possibilities you can activate at any second? Do you hold within you maps of consciousness that point to infinite locations and states you can access at will?

Do you feel your past (in this life and others) is inaccessible or do you feel connected to these past aspects and even assisted and supported by them? Are you able to travel through the doorway of your imagination to visit your future and learn what you’re creating in order to fine-tune your present moment?

Steps to Expanding Your Present Moment

A first step to expanding your definition of the present moment is to examine your present beliefs about who you are.

If you believe you’re a vast, multidimensional being of infinite capabilities, you’re well on your way to expanding your present moment. If, however, you believe your present physical reality is all you have and that you’re limited to the information you’ve programmed into your personal CPU, your definition of the present moment could use some stretching.

When you view the world through the eyes of spirit, it’s easy to see how each person is spirit incarnate. Spirit, with its infinite nature, has the ability to be all places at all times. The word “omniscient” is often used to describe this unlimited potential.
Some of you might say, “But this is the word we use to describe God.” Now we are finally getting to the root of things. Do you see God as separate from yourself or as a part of yourself? We offer this holographic definition: you are to the universe as a drop of water is to the ocean. A drop of water has the same properties as the ocean. It is holographically the same as the ocean, just as you’re holographically the same as God and with the same properties and potentials. This is a second step in expanding your present moment – to see God, all-that-is – whatever word you choose to describe the infinite – as a part of you.
You are an Omnipresent Spark of Spirit

You as an omnipresent spark of spirit have likely been incarnated hundreds and even thousands of times. We say “likely” because some entities in this universe incarnate only on a few occasions and for specific purposes.

Younger souls have by definition experienced fewer incarnations than older souls. (The fact that you’re reading this says you’re an older soul).

You have been incarnated in numerous timeframes throughout history, both past and future. You may find it a stretch to contemplate the possibility that your spirit has incarnated into future timeframes.
You are Simultaneously Incarnated throughout Time

There is no “time” in the expanded concept of the universe. All your incarnations are occurring simultaneously in various realities. If you had a lifetime in Egypt in 550 AD, that “you” is still alive and well in its own energetic coordinate in the universe.

Likewise, if a future “you” is incarnated in the year 2550 on your home planet of Betelgeuse, that being is alive and well within its own energetic timeframe.

Some incarnations are closer energetic matches to your present moment than others. These other “yous” are creating other experiences and understandings in their own timeframes, but they still hold various levels of resonance to the “you” that exists in your present moment.
Your higher self is in tune with all these various incarnations occurring simultaneously.

It is by tuning in to your higher self that you learn about these other “yous” incarnated throughout time. As you learn about them, you can choose to visit them in consciousness. In this way, you’re able to share information, knowledge and skills.

It’s by learning about and connecting with these other “yous” that you are able to come more fully into latent talents and abilities. A Mozart or Einstein is not created in one lifetime.

True genius develops over an arc of lifetimes and culminates in a timeframe where the individual is able to merge with other aspects of themselves to consolidate understandings and abilities honed throughout time.

excerpt from The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness 

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