A Message to Share: How to Sync

Synchronize. That’s what Mother Earth is asking.  Many people around the world are coming together in peace, harmony

via A Message to Share: How to Sync.

Synchronize. That’s what Mother Earth is asking.  Many people around the world are coming together in peace, harmony & oneness. There are many global movements and events of prayer, meditationlight channeling, mindful focus & self-growth.  All are welcome and Mother Earth celebrates you. Can you sense Mother Earth’s wish?

Synchronize our separate, scattered  meditation and prayer for round-the-clock  H.U.G.S* 


H.U.G.S.  Hourly Universal Global Sync

We form an hourly vibrating resonance field of Love, Gratitude, Compassion and Forgiveness that will benefit all, without depleting any resources, across all our diversity of language, traditions, nations and beliefs. Join in with your own practice at a convenient time every day…


Six Steps to a Successful Meditation

by Monique Solares –

A lot people all over the globe have heard of the many benefits of mediation but they don’t know how to meditate. Meditation when done in the proper manner will help anyone achieve their inner peace and focus whether they are meditating for self-healing purposes or for spiritual reasons. Those who know how to meditate the right way are able to relax and open their minds to whatever results they hope to achieve through meditating.
Learning how to meditate properly need not be a difficult venture as long as one is aware of the basic guidelines of proper meditation.
Instructions on How to Meditate

*1. Choose a place that is quiet, the ideal place would be a place that is not frequented by friends and relatives as they are likely to disturb your peace. Most people opt for their bedrooms, bathrooms or even a quiet place out in the countryside. Any place would work well as long as you are alone and at peace. 

*2. Set up your chosen place of meditation with items that will help you focus. Some people will light candles while turning off the electric light for a more relaxed atmosphere. This is because dim light always seems to help in relaxing the mind. 

*3. For those who love it, incense will also help you to relax. Different scents are lit for different purposes, for example, sage incense is said to ward off negative energy. 

*4. Make sure you are comfortable as you meditate, get a comfortable cushion or coach, sitting on a hard surface will break your concentration. 

*5. Pick out an object within your surroundings to focus on. This object could be your candle flame or something that will easily pull the eye. If you wish, you can focus on nothing at all. 

Breathe in deeply after closing your eyes and finding your focus. With a whoosh, exhale your deep breath while taking note of your breath patterns. Focus on your diaphragm and try to breath from it. The diaphragm is located right below the lungs. By breathing from your diaphragm, you will be able to remain balanced which makes it the most popular breathing technique especially for yoga enthusiasts. 

*6. For music lovers, playing something softly in the background also proves to be very relaxing. Others find music quite irritating and choose an area that is totally quiet. For others, the sounds of nature can be relaxing while others find instrumental music quite helpful.

There are various types of meditation and if you find that one is not working for you then it is wise to try another. Another great tip on how to meditate is to take things slowly, begin with five to ten minutes daily and as you get accustomed to it, increase the time span to what you would desire.
About Author: Monique Solares – Interested in alternative and holistic therapies,info, news, tips and resources in 19 different categories. Visit my website:
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Ascended Masters Wisdom

by Rev. Michelle Coutant –

  • What wisdom can you offer to those who are struggling on their spiritual path?
It is a time of great learning and accelerated growth. Each of you chose to incarnate at this time, knowing that the path would be filled with many spiritual lessons and tests for each of you. Do not despair, as you have all the spiritual gifts available to you to assist you on your journey. As you incarnated you asked for and were given, the appropriate spiritual gifts to assist you in your transformation.
You must go into meditation and ask for your spiritual gifts to be activated, to be made aware to you and you must begin to use theses spiritual gifts to assist you. Every soul on this planet has spiritual gifts available to them.
You must hold your determination at the forefront.

You must use discrimination and you must continue to trust that you are up to this challenge that is before you. When you look back upon this lifetime, you will see it as a most blessed gift, the lifetime that you had been waiting for, for eons.

This is it, and the challenges are great. In the human realm you say to each other, ‘that which is worth having is worth working for” and “what is worth having most is what you must work the hardest for”.
Sometimes the spiritual path requires you to release, as much as it requires you to work hard. The hard work you will be required to do, comes to you in the form of educating yourself as to the nuts and bolts of what is required to raise your consciousness. You must do the work to stay within your heart center each Now Moment, which requires the diligence of noticing your thoughts each moment.
There is the work which is required of you, of learning how to follow the straight and narrow path, of always making the highest choices of the Master. You must ask yourself in each moment, if the choices you are making and the thoughts you are thinking are the thoughts, actions, and choices of a Master.
As you raise your consciousness, much is expected as much is given. You are expected to live in impeccability, as a Master. Do not despair, you have not been given more than you can handle.
The process of releasing the old outworn vibrations which no longer serve you will greatly assist you, as you raise your consciousness. 

Releasing the low vibrations will make way for the new and higher vibrations, which will allow you to come into the peace and harmony, and the love and the joy, which you are seeking to be.

Meditate when you are in despair, when your trails and struggles seem so great. Meditate and ask to connect to the Ascended Masters and the angels whom you resonate with. We are here to assist you and we will help you in the moment to return to the love of your Sacred Heart, if you will connect with us.

Ask us to give you a shower of light and love. 

This will greatly assist you to return to the love of your Sacred Heart. Feel our love, and you will return to balance and harmony within your heart. Allow us to assist you. Allow the company of the heavens to assist you. You are never alone and we will assist you to the greatest extent allowed by Cosmic Law.

Bask in the vibrations of the Ascended Masters and feel the love and support offered to you. You will greatly enhance your journey and you will move forward more easily and gracefully upon your spiritual path which you have chosen.

  • How do we come to the place of total surrender to God?
Beloved Ones, you must have a clear knowing of what it is you desire, and your desire must be that which is for your highest good and for the highest good of all. You must be very clear about what it is that you desire.
Many of you vacillate from one moment to the next and you are not at all clear about what it is you choose to create. God is most desirous of fulfilling all your dreams and desires as God knows no lack and limitation. This is the human condition which you have experienced in the third dimensional reality.
You are the God Source so you too, are limitless, having every experience available to you which you choose to experience for your highest good and the highest good of all.
Be in meditation and breathe deeply and ponder upon the expansiveness and the limitlessness of God, of you, of all Creation. Blend your consciousness, your physicality, and your total and complete awareness in this deep, deep knowing of all Creation.
This is you. Feel this. Incorporate it into your very Beingness. For you are all Creation. 

Draw this substance of all Creation into your physical body, your mental and emotional bodies, and fill your heart with the love of the Creator, this unconditional love of Source. Meditate upon this often, and each time you do so, surrender to this unconditional love of all creation, surrender to the God Source. It is you.

Surrender to this knowing. 

Surrender and allow this life force to flow through you unimpeded. This, Dear Ones, is the surrender you are asking for and in this moment you may surrender your desire and dreams to the God Source, to all Creation, and know that you are in alignment with all Creation, as you have asked for your dreams and desires to be for your highest good and the highest good of all Creation.

As you are in the universal flow of life force substance, you are in the flow of abundance, love, joy, peace and harmony and the fulfillment of your desires.

  • How do we find the place of trust and faith?
Trust and faith is a byproduct of raised consciousness. As you begin to let go of that which no longer serves you, you come into the awareness that there is no separation, there is only One Mind, One Heart and that is the mind and heart of God and it is the mind and heart of you.
As you begin to understand and know this truth, you develop the wisdom of the knowing and along with this wisdom comes the ability to trust and have faith that you are One with the God Mind and One with the God Heart.

All that God knows and experiences is yours for the asking. 

God knows only light without needing to know darkness. There becomes trust and knowing and faith that this experience is available to you also, as you are God.

  • How do we “let go and let God”?
Breathe, Dear Ones, with the conscious intention of letting go of all that no longer serves your highest good. Breathe with the intention of filling yourselves with the vibration of the All That Is. There is no need to hold tightly to all that you desire in the human realm. The All That Is knows all your dreams and desires and there is no room for lack and limitation within the All That Is.
Fill yourselves with the All That Is, breathe it in, breathe and breathe continually. 

Breath in the prana, the elixir of life and you will have no room for the lower vibrations which limit you and block your manifestation of your dreams and desires.

Fill yourselves with the All That Is, Dear Ones. It is so simple yet most do not understand how vital is the process of deep breathing, and how this fills your very Being with the God Source. You have “let go and let God”, when you fill each Now Moment in this way.

  • What other wisdom would you like to offer at this time?
Release the old patterns of low self worth. You are the God Source and the Divine Mind. The Divine Mind knows only unconditional love, as the Divine Mind is unconditional love. You are the Divine Mind. Feel it, breathe it, Be it.
Fill your moments with this unconditional love. 

Feel this love in meditation and every moment as you breathe. Know that this love is you and fill yourselves with this love, be this love and fill your field with this love. Look in the mirror every day and see the beautiful Being that you are, and love yourself as you look at your reflection in the mirror.

Love the beautiful physical body which is your vessel which you have chosen for this lifetime. It has served you well and will continue to serve you well if you will shower it with love and take care of it as befitting of a Divine vessel of God.
Love yourselves and as you do, you will radiate this love outward to the earth and humanity and all life forms. 

You will be filled to overflowing with love and your life will be filled with abundance and miracles and you will have a bounty of love to share with all those around you. You will not only greatly assist yourselves in the transformation you desire but you will greatly assist the earth and all life forms in this great shift of the ages.

–Ascended Masters
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The Field of Awareness

by Kip Mazuy – 

Awareness is not concentration. Concentration is narrowing your attention on one particular object, shutting out everything else. Concentration is something you do with effort.

Awareness is not fixating attention on a particular object but rather relaxing attention into attention itself as all-pervading consciousness. It is not a doing but rather relaxing back into what is already here. Awareness encompasses everything, allows everything and in that allowing, everything becomes one. Without the allowing of what is here, you cannot be fully aware.

The beauty of awareness is that anything that is in the field of awareness gets transformed back into its essential nature of peace. 

The sense of separation between object and awareness dissolves and the apparent object itself merges into consciousness. If you feel a particular emotion or a painful experience, in allowing that pain or emotion to rest in your awareness, it gets transformed into peace.

Whatever you resist, whatever you remain unconscious to or distract yourself from continues to hurt you, continues to dictate your life and lead you further into separation and stress. So if there is unhappiness, know there is something there you are unconsciously resisting. The moment you can be honest of its presence and allow it completely, then awareness transforms it into peace.

There might be a tug of war that takes place between the ego and awareness, between resistance, control and surrender. But if you persist in that allowing everything dissolves back into peace, back into its essence of unmanifest consciousness.

In this way, you feel fulfillment in the oneness of consciousness. 

Even outer situations can get transformed. And if you continue to rest in awareness in this way, then even the sense of me dissolves into consciousness. Even the body, the mind, all sense of self, even the flow of energy dissolves into consciousness, to a place of zero-point nothingness; an absence of everything.

This nothingness cannot be defined, described or understood except to say it is transcendent and free of everything. It is prior to everything. In this, you are free from all bondage. Recognizing this to be what you are, you live in freedom.

About Author: Kip Mazuy – After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created Ocean Euphoric, an audio CD that has been proven repeatedly to induce deep states of relaxation and meditation in the listener. For More Information and Free Samples Visit How To Meditate Deeply.
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Energy Transfer & Power of the Moment

Over the past couple of decades, researchers have found the energy transmitted by people through their emotions has a direct impact on those people they come in contact with. There are many cases of people improving the health of others by simply focusing their positive, healing energies on those who are sick. The process of creating change through spirit energy is recognized in many cultures around the world. The practice of using passive meditation to achieve global peace has been used by Buddhist monks for centuries. This practice is now taught in holistic healing centers and centers for meditation across the world.
The connection people have through energy has its roots in science. The field of quantum physics has unveiled a very real energy field ebbing and flowing throughout all creation. This energy has very real negative and positive characteristics which can be seen in the various colors of auras as well as the range of vibration. Studies have shown the influence of positive energy on an object significantly changes the field of energy around it. Groups of people with focused energy can effectively raise the vibration of the entire planet. Higher vibrations are associated with energies of love and peace.

In the ever increasing chaos of the world, few things are under any person’s control. The feeling of helplessness is prevalent as plans and events of the past and the future go by the wayside. People wage a constant war against expectation. One of the few paths to empowerment is paved down the road of being present.

Reaction is an area in which people do have control. The ability to stay in the moment is the key skill in regards to reception. Awareness that a person can only live in the present is the first step to developing this aptitude. The mind wants to jump around replaying the tapes of the past or living in future dreams. This temporal shifting clouds the basis for clear reactions. Attitudes are formed from the mind and not the present moment the person is in.
Meditation and breathing are the components of immersing oneself in the present. A person truly colors their own world by the perceptions they have. The ability to stay in the present allows clear reactions to form. This is the liberating tool that everyone can implement to effectively deal with all facets of life.
On the road to inner peace and enlightenment, the importance of meditation cannot be understated. Worldwide, across many places and beliefs, people know about the value of meditation as a way of relaxing, sharpening the mind, and attaining new spiritual heights. One of the best ways to maximize and quantify your progress is to keep a meditation journal. Many websites offer electronic journals, but they can also be written by hand. 

Whatever seems most natural and comfortable for you should take precedence.Additional information can be found at Primal Perspective Spirituality- Cathartic Meditation. Anyone who lucid dreams, astrally projects or simply wants to record their day-to-day life can tell you the benefit of keeping a journal: it increases your capacity to remember important details in in all areas of your life and improve it. Meditation is no different. By recording various details (level of relaxation, how long it took to reach it, spiritual experiences, and so on) you can better understand where you are in your meditation and actively work to improve it. It may seem tedious to write in a journal every time you meditate, but getting into the habit of it is easy, and it is worth the effort.

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Receiving Higher Guidance



I take a deep breath in and relax my body. I imagine a golden light surrounding me. Any thoughts I do not want are leaving. My mind is filled with peace.

I am going within and experiencing my thoughts, imagination and the serene inner core of my true Self.

I call back to myself any energy I have left scattered out in the universe. I feel more whole and complete within as I do.

I bring my awareness to the center of my being, a place of light, of love and of peace and serenity.

As I go within I can experience the light of my soul simply by having the intent to do so. I allow my soul to surround me with its light.

From this place of inner serenity I can tune into whatever vibration I choose. I now choose to tune into the higher realms of light,love and wisdom.

I now experience the vibration of healing that is always being broadcast from the higher realms. I receive healing into any part of my body, emotions, mind, or life that needs healing.

I think of some area of my life in which I would like to create a positive change.

I open to receive the broadcast of light from the Masters and Guides that will assist me in expanding my consciousness.

I open to new perspectives, insights, and wisdom. I open my heart and bring about changes in this area of my life. I receive this light now.

I think of something I would like guidance about. I ask the Guides and Masters for guidance. I open to receive their guidance now.

I affirm that I will honor and pay attention to the new ideas insights, and revelations that come into my mind about whatever issue I have requested guidance.

I think of my higher path. I ask to receive the broadcast of clarity, wisdom, and light from the higher realms.

My next steps are becoming clearer to me. They reveal to me more about my higher purpose and path. I open to receive this guidance from the higher realms now.

I now focus my awareness upward. I receive guidance from the higher realms. I honor the guidance I receive and I act upon it. My life works in wonderful ways.

–Orin and DaBen

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Miraculous Living

God will replace the darkness with light.

by Marianne Williamson –

Every morning when you wake up, your mind is more open to receive new impressions than at any other time. If you go directly to the news as the world defines it—to a newspaper, to radio or television that reports on the anguish and the despair of the world—and particularly if you add caffeine, don’t be mystified if you are depressed by noon. Turn to meditation or inspirational reading or whatever spiritual source material puts your mind and heart on track—on track with God’s will and on track with the deepest love, for the two are the same.

The level of thought is the level of cause. 

The level of your life experience manifested in the world is the level of effect. Therefore in order to change your life, you must change the nature of your thinking. Often the problem, however, is that this can be much easier said than done. And that is why spirituality supersedes traditional psychology. Sometimes it is difficult to change our thoughts. Sometimes our mental habits were formed very, very early in childhood and they represent the teaching and training of a fear-based world. And that is why we go to God. 

He renews your life by renewing your mind. He cannot take from you what you will not release to Him. 

Take time to release to God all energies within you, all thoughts and feelings, all character defects, all wounds within you, which you know limit your life, block your growth and keep from you the radiance and joy, which is your natural inheritance as a child of God.

As it is said in A Course in Miracles, it is not enough to bring the light to the darkness; we must bring the darkness to the light. If you go to the doctor with a broken hand, it’s not good enough to show the doctor your knee. Rather, we give to God, we place on the altar all that is wounded, all that is dark, all that is neurotic, and all that is painful in order that the spirit of God might lift up all that is low to that which is high, make all that is weak now strong, make all that is poor now rich and all that is bound by fear released into the arms of love. God Himself would replace all darkness with light. 

Make yourself available for the experience—and miracles will follow.


Here is a Morning Meditation for you to try:

We see in the middle of our mind a little ball of golden light. We watch this light as it begins to grow larger and larger. Until now, it covers the entire inner vision of our mind. You see for yourself in this light a beautiful temple. You see a garden that surrounds the temple and a body of water that flows through the garden. You see that the inside of the temple is lit by this same beautiful golden light. And here you are, for you have been born to this day in the spirit and grace of God. We surrender who we are. We surrender this day. May only God’s will prevail. You open your heart to all living things.

Thank you, God, for this day. Thank you for this new chance, this new opportunity for life. We call to mind everything that will happen on this day. Call to mind all the people in your life. For the relationships that are good and peaceful and abundant. Give thanks in your heart and commit within to participate even more fully, even more compassionately, to be even a greater space of love for these people with whom you share the fruits and goodness of your life. We place all these relationships in the hands of God.

Now gently call to mind the people with whom you are not in good relationship, the people or situations that annoy you, the burdens, the questions, the problems that you carry. Do not push them away. Do not allow yourself to become distracted. Rather call to mind all the burdens on your heart and gently, tenderly deliver them into the hands of God. In the mind of God lies a perfect day. You surrender now who you were yesterday. And ask that the spirit of God enter into you and lift you up to the better angel of your being.
May the spirit of God come upon you and smooth out all your rough edges. May the spirit of God come upon you and remove every burden you carry.

A path lies before you of perfect grace. It exists. Take the hand now of your Divine guide, be it an angel, be it Jesus, be it the presence of an amorphous light, allow your guiding light to walk across the bridge from your old self lost in fear and limitation and ego and pain, released now to the possibility of unlimited grace and radiance through the power and presence of God.

Dear God, Give meaning to my life, health to my body and graciousness to my heart on this day and every day, may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, for me and for all humankind. Amen.