Living in Awareness

by Maria Beck –
Creating the World Within Ourselves:

Spirituality begins with awareness. We cannot be good, compassionate, loving human beings unless we live in awareness. Living in awareness means we have to remember to step back, to breathe and to evaluate little things in life. We must also be constantly striving for empathy and selflessness and most of all dropping our egos.

Of course, there are the people who choose to live without being aware. After all, if you’re never aware, you can never be accountable for anything. You are probably thinking–“wow…living in awareness sounds like a lot of work.” Yes, when you first start, it is a lot of work but you will be surprised how quickly it becomes a natural way of life.

Living with daily awareness leads to a truly rewarding lifestyle.

How many times have we gotten irritable with our friends, spouses, children and even strangers? Now if you feel that coming on step back and think “I am energy: any vibe I send to that person is going to effect their day, evening, week, etc.,” therefore you are making a conscious note that you are responsible for part of the energy in the universe.

Bad energy creates more bad energy. 

Good energy creates more good.

As we practice this we move slower and more relaxed, we breathe better and feel better! We become calmer, our decision making is clearer and we are filled with happiness and goodness. Thus, our attitudes and actions towards others change and the world within ourselves becomes a beautiful space and place!

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