Inner Pearls

by Margo Kirtikar, Phd –

There’s a story that the sages like to tell. The story of how the oyster sets about making a pearl and it goes something like this. It all begins with a grain of sand that gets into the oyster’s shell and this irritates the oyster so terribly. No matter what the oyster does it cannot rid itself of the little grain of sand.

‘Oh my,’ says the oyster, ‘this is terrible, I have a big problem here, what am I going to do about this, how can I get rid of this problem?’ Try what it may nothing worked. The grain of sand was there to stay. The oyster spends its days thinking about how to get rid of this grain of sand. 

After a while the oyster decides to pray and meditate and to ask for guidance from the powers above. The oyster meditates for a long time. It understands that it was never going to get rid of the grain of sand. The oyster finally accepts the fact that it has no choice but to live with the problem.

After more reflection it occurs to him to change its approach to the problem. The oyster instead of being irritated slowly and with great love and patience begins to engulf the grain of sand with warmth and love. Lo and behold the grain of sand begins to soften and slowly grow. 

With amazement the oyster watches the little grain of sand as it grows and grows, and eventually turns into a beautiful, smooth, shiny velvety little pearl. When the oyster succeeds in doing this, it is satisfied and is very happy with itself. It has not only rid itself of the problem but has gained wealth and value.

The sages believe that the pearl oyster has been there for thousands of years as a lesson for us humans. It is there to teach us a simple lesson and that is, if we wrap our difficulties and problems and all the things that annoy us with patience, warmth and light then we too can be rich, same as the pearl oyster. 

We can each be like the oyster with a pearl, if we learn to face and accept each difficulty, each obstacle and each challenge that life presents us with. With patience we can transform ourselves to rise above each and every unpleasant situation. With each problem that we overcome we are polishing and developing our pearl inside, our precious true Self. With each success we grow, we gain inner strength and become more self-confident. 
We can look at every problem as another grain of sand that we need to work with, with courage and intelligence, to turn it into a pearl and the more pearls we have the richer we will be. It is a wealth that we have inside that no one can take away from us. And life means us to grow, to strive always in a spiral forwards and upwards.

Now all this sounds very nice and as usual the theory is easy, you might say, the practice, however, in real life is another story. This is true because in reality nothing in life is easy. Nothing comes from nothing and everything takes time. If we look around us in nature everything that grows has to take a certain time. Just as every seed that is planted, even a human embryo, needs a certain time to grow, everything in life needs its time to develop as it was meant to do, by the cosmic Law of Growth.

It is futile to go against this universal law. Anyone who wants to achieve anything worthwhile in life, has to make the effort that is required and then wait for matters to take their course, in order for the outcome to materialize. The same process applies to the physical, the emotional as well as to the mental level. Nothing in life is free. Everything has to be paid for eventually, or is paid for, in one way or another. In accordance with the Law of Cause and Effect, every thought sets things in motion and every action has a consequence.

There is, however, a science to everything in nature and once you understand and apply this science, then everything does become effortless and your success is assured. The science of creating inner pearls in your life and to accumulate an abundance of inner wealth is easy to follow. 

Once you have succeeded in accumulating enough inner wealth within you, you will have activated the Law of Magnet, which in turn will attract all the wealth and material abundance and riches that you desire for yourself be that friends, love or money. Here are the steps in a nutshell that will help you to create the pearls.


a) Shift your focus and forget the inconveniences of life. Only you can put an end to your suffering. Focus instead on the good things in your life. 

b) Be content and speak constructively. To complain is to waste your breath and your energy. Practice gratitude instead. Watch your words, for words are energy vibrating. Are your words constructive or destructive? 

c) Be generous in nature. Be a giver. If you are a scrooge financially, emotionally and mentally now, right this moment, is a good time to change. Practice forgiveness. Forgiveness will lighten your load. 

d) Be authentic and sincere. Be true to yourself. With putting on an act you fool no one but yourself. Don’t underestimate peoples’ intelligence. Honesty is appreciated by the right people. The rest who need to be impressed are not worth it. 

e) Open yourself to good influences. Watch who you move around with and who your friends are. Free yourself of defeating habits, behaviours and thinking patterns. You can accumulate good habits just as easily as bad habits, so why not concentrate on the good habits. 

f) Have respect for life. Treat yourself and others with respect and with love and compassion. Don’t you feel good when you are treated with respect? So do unto others as you want done to you. Sounds familiar? 

g) Be in touch with the Source. Acknowledge and connect to the Life Force, the Source of all Energy. Make the conscious connection daily to recharge you batteries. Call it whatever you like, God or the Absolute, just connect and watch your life change for the better.

Go ahead and create your own pearls and become wealthy materially, emotionally and spiritually. You are the creator of your life. That is what we are meant to do in this life. We are meant to create our life. No one is doing anything to you, you are doing it to yourself.

Enjoy the process, live with passion.

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