The Shadow Side of Manifesting

by Teal Swan –

You know the upsides to creating your own reality but do you know the potential pitfalls? A great many of my teachings are about how the mind creates the reality you live in. I teach people how to create their own reality. Many spiritual teachers do. The benefits of doing that are obvious. I’ve spoken about it in many videos and seminars and workshops but what I want to talk to you about today is the shadow side of manifestation, the shadow side of “create your own reality”. 
I want to outline some common pitfalls that we might unintentionally tumble into once we have committed to the path of manifestation. Keep in mind that there is a lot of nuance in spiritual practice.
1.) The first pitfall is that once we find out that we can make whatever we want to be true, become true for us, we will actually make true whatever we want to be true for us. 
We enter lala land. That may not at face value sound like such a bad thing. But take a look at the downside to this, if we have not fully questioned WHY we want something to be true, or WHY we want something to happen for us, we could be manifesting directly from our suppressed shadow side.
For example, one woman who was an avid manifestation practitioner, but who was also an environmentalist, started dating a man who was an off-roading enthusiast. She loved this man, but the thing that was preventing her from being close to him was that he did not seem to care about harming the environment. He was not open to changing his principal past time so she was in an existential crisis. She decided that to be with him, she needed to have an open mind to off-roading. So she went with him on an off-roading trip. On the trip, they ended up killing a small sapling that was in the middle of one of their steepest routes and they ended up driving over some cryptogamic soil. 
She was thrown into a guilt spiral. She wanted desperately to be free of guilt. So she began to subconsciously and also consciously manifest proof that what she did wasn’t all that bad. Sure enough, she was a match to a meditation experience where she saw that death must occur for anything that is created and that the destruction of the environment was inevitable because it was created. She began to see proof that by adding to destruction, she was clearing the path for new creation and that death could not be wrong so inherently, killing cannot be wrong either. She was right. That is one perspective about destruction. But it is not the only perspective. It is not the only truth. And it is certainly not the full objective truth. She decided to invest further in the past time of off-roading in order to be close to her boyfriend.
Did any of that feel off to you? If the answer is yes, here’s why… You can manifest whatever you want to be true. She wanted it to be true that what she did wasn’t a bad thing. So she manifested proof of it. But the thing to consider is why did she want it to be true? Because A) she wanted to not feel guilty and B) she wanted to be close to her boyfriend. Instead of asking for those two things directly from the universe, she began to manifest justification for something being right that she in fact knew felt wrong to her. She was unaware completely of the shadow aspect behind why she wanted it to be ok to go off-roading.
The shadow aspect must be COMPLETELY unveiled for a manifestation to actually be completely in alignment. A serial killer can convince himself that by killing women, he is keeping them safe from an even worse fate. He will be able to argue that this is true. He will make it true for himself. But does that make it objectively true? More importantly, is it healthy or in alignment for him to make that thing he wants to have be true, actually be true in his own reality?
Being able to convince yourself of anything is only as good a mental tool as it does. In order to really create well, you need to come out of denial and use the shadow to enhance the light. Use the awareness of what is unwanted to design your perfect life and move towards that instead of trying to change the unwanted into wanted.
We need to question why we want to manifest the reality we want to manifest, especially the shadow reasons. This is how to avoid becoming a serial killer who can justify killing people because in his reality, he is keeping them safe.
2.) The second pitfall is that often when we practice manifestation, we begin to disbelieve in objective truths that we don’t want to have be true for us. We go into a state of denial. 
For example, many of us don’t want to believe in danger. But danger exists for people on earth. We may not want to believe that children are sold as sex slaves but they are. We don’t want to believe that there is radiation in the ocean, but there is. We don’t want to believe that the holocaust happened but it did. We don’t want to believe that corporations sway the government, but they do. There’s a great many things that exist on earth that are real and objectively true that people don’t want to include in their subjective reality.
Is there an objective truth outside of subjective truth? Yes. Everyone and everything’s subjective truth combined into one big picture is objective truth. To be aware and enlightened, we need to remain open to seeing that truth. Regardless of how tempting it may be, you cannot progress on the spiritual path and live your life inside a bubble reality made for only one. It is a disconnection.
We live in a consensus reality. Even though we absolutely can create a reality that is separate from everyone else’s reality, we came here to this consensus reality to co-create, not exempt ourselves from the co-creation. Why might I say the opposite to someone who is in a state of victimization and why might you hear me contradict this last statement while talking to someone in the future by telling them to “create your own reality without caring what is objectively true?” I might do that because they are currently thinking they have no hand in creating reality. They are powerless. But that is not where the truth ends.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • Is it a virtue to disconnect from the consensus reality to the degree that you are not even experiencing the same things as anyone else? 
  • How do we maintain a view of objective reality while living in our own subjective realities? 

Last week, I was over at someone’s house and I saw multiple low vibrational beings there, feeding off of someone’s energy field. But the owner of the house is a positive focus junkie who is unaware of the suppressed shadow aspects of himself. Because of his ‘everything is awesome’ vibration, he could not perceive them. The fact that he couldn’t perceive them does not mean that they weren’t there. It just means that he could not perceive them being there.
You could ask why it is important to see what is there if it is unpleasant. I will tell you that awareness is the answer. Consciousness is the answer. When we discovered enlightenment and discovered how to create our own reality and started teaching it to each other, we did not mean create your own reality by willingly becoming ignorant. I will tell you that it is important to open up and become aware enough to see all of what is there, the FULL picture. Not just half of the picture. Not just the light half and not just the dark half. What causes many of us pain is that our eyes are closed to the light half. Not that they see the dark half. Likewise, what causes many of us pain is that our eyes are closed to the dark half, not that we see the light half.
We need to expand on the idea that ‘create your own reality’ can lead us into the pitfall of denial. Mankind is one of the species on earth that is the most objectively self-aware. This has its upsides and it’s downsides. One upside is, with such a strong sense of “self”, enlightenment is often realized in human form. One down side is, with such a strong sense of self, there is strong motivation to have a positive sense of self and world, this means anything about the self or world that is perceived as negative is often denied.
The human consciousness becomes unaware of what is negative because the human consciousness has developed many beliefs which have made negative not ok. When we make something “not ok” we cannot admit to its existence. We must think we are good to such a degree that we cannot open up our vision wide enough to recognize aspects of ourselves that are out of alignment.
Denial prevents us from moving forward as a species because we cannot even admit to what there is to transform. Denial is so much a part of the human consciousness since our species gained the ability to objectively conceptualize of identity, that denial is now a self-preservation function of the human brain. Denial is a defense mechanism. It is fascinating to me (when I am not directly suffering because of it) that human consciousness tries to protect itself from itself.
Why are we unable to admit to an obvious truth we see? 
I suppose I should say, why, (when we are in denial) is obvious truth not obvious to us? Denial allows the ego to protect itself from things that the ego is convinced it cannot cope with. For example, if we are attached to the idea of being the best mother, we usually develop extreme resistance to the idea of not being a good mother. We feel as if we cannot cope with the possibility that we are not a good mother. This is where denial kicks in. The ego protects you from objectively seeing yourself because of the potential of pain. It sweeps the times you were a “bad mother” under the rug and only allows you to selectively remember the times when you were a “good mother”.
You have stopped seeing the truth of yourself objectively. Your reality now consists only of what you want to believe. You have whitewashed over everything unsightly. A great many manifestation experts would tell you “good because your reality should only consist of what you want to believe is true”. I do not agree. I think your reality should consist of things you want to make true for yourself and beliefs that work for you whilst being acutely aware that other equal truths do exist in this world.
Many of our spiritual practices are in fact not spiritual practices, they are excuses not to see or feel certain things that down deep we are afraid exist or are true. We call this spiritual bypassing, which is the next pitfall. Selective focus for the purpose of manifestation is not the same thing as denial. But selective focus for the purpose of manifestation serves as a very good excuse to go into a state of denial. You do not have to deny something to validate something else.
Denial is not only about flat out rejection of an evident truth. It is also about minimizing the importance of something that is already evidently true in your reality. If we are bypassing by denying or suppressing something, it means we are resisting something. So by encouraging someone to bypass, deny or suppress, we encourage them to resist. We need to allow and explore whatever we feel the need to deny, even if it is just a possibility. The longer we are in denial, the harder it is to come out of it. It is possible to positively focus on something without denying the negative.
The rule of thumb is that if we have extreme resistance to the idea of something being true, we are probably in denial about something. And the more committed we are to AVOIDING our painful emotions, the more in denial we will be. We need to practice non-aversion.
A very common thing to see in the manifestation community is people putting a positive spin on everything. While doing that can help you to see the full picture and discover the more objective truth behind what happened to us (and thus not get stuck in negativity), positive focus should not be used to avoid or whitewash over the negative side of the picture. 
When we do this, we are using positive focus as an analgesic. This is symptom relief, not real and lasting change. Our car broke down because we were supposed to see the pretty sunrise. We are proud that our friend stabbed us in the back because she was getting her suppressed anger out. Our mother was a good mom to have because her addictions helped us to find out who we really are. We ignored our own intuition about going somewhere dangerous because we were the hero that was meant to ward off the bad guy. 
There is a very big difference between creating the kind of world we would prefer (which involves admitting to the full truth of how the world is currently for us) and covering a murder scene with yellow paint so it does not feel so bad. Are you manifesting an improved world for yourself and others? Or are you manifesting yellow paint?
3.) The third pitfall is spiritual bypassing. 
Spiritual bypassing is the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with our painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs. Never has a spiritual belief system been invented that opens the door to spiritual bypassing wider than ‘you create your own reality’. Rather than go on a spiritual bypassing tangent, I will simply suggest that you watch my You Tube video titled “spiritual bypassing”.
4.) The fourth pitfall is that Manifestation allows you to step into a judgmental state. 
A state that is void of empathy and compassion because you have convinced yourself that people bring painful experiences onto themselves. 
I’m not going to go easy on this one. How many times have you heard the following… “They brought on their cancer. They are choosing to be depressed and focus negatively. They created poverty. They could just as easily change their mind and create something different”. 
It is easy to convince yourself that people either want to experience the painful things they are experiencing, or that they are ignorant to creating their own reality and that’s why they are experiencing painful things. This is a disconnection in and of itself from others. And a kind of piousness. Just because someone was a match to cancer because of thoughts or childhood pain, doesn’t mean they deserve the cancer and doesn’t mean that the cancer is not real. It also does not mean that they are deliberately consciously choosing it.
Much of what occurs in people occurs subconsciously and to act like it is just a matter of attachment to pain or stubbornness or ignorance that makes someone create negative experiences in their reality, makes it feel terrible to spend time around you. Just because you know that you can create your own subjective reality that feels good to you all the time, does not mean that others (who do not currently know that or who have not perfected that art) are less evolved or less spiritual or are choosing to be attached to their pain and egos. In other words, the fourth pitfall is the risk of invalidating people, trivializing people’s experiences and loosing compassion by becoming an egotistical and holier than thou manifester.
5.) The fifth pitfall of manifestation is the avoidance of negativity. 
Once people learn that they create their own reality, the very next step people take is to avoid all things negative. You can’t think it if it’s negative, you can’t look at it if it’s negative, you can’t acknowledge it if it’s negative, you can’t do it if it’s negative or else you will create negative things in your reality. When we teach people to use their emotional guidance system by following their joy, people do set themselves free to create the reality that they envision. But the trap of this particular path is that all other emotions become “unacceptable” and one runs from unacceptable feelings.
Denial keeps these unacceptable feelings out of one’s consciousness. While our emotions are a guidance system, they are absolutely not guiding us to avoid all things negative. Suppression and denial of the negative abounds as a result of create your own reality. We avoid our entire shadow side. You don’t need me to tell you just how dangerous that is. Suppression and denial will do nothing but make your shadow larger and make it manifest even more intensely externally, regardless of how aware or unaware you may be of those manifestations.
6.) The sixth pitfall is that critical thinking (not to be confused with criticism) goes right out the window. 
The baby goes out with the bathwater. Critical thinking is the act of awakening the intellect to the study of itself. It is an open-minded stance. Critical thinking allows us to see multiple viewpoints before deciding what is actually in alignment to manifest. Many manifestation gurus are directly opposed to critical thinking. But the reason they are opposed to it is because you can and will manifest proof for anything you believe and then call it reasonable proof or reasonable thinking.
But I happen to be of the opinion that our capacity for critical thinking actually makes us better at manifesting. It means we can develop awareness of all viewpoints before deciding a course of action in terms of creation. The more information we have, the better decisions we make. The more awareness we have, the better chance that our manifestations will be in alignment manifestations instead of out of alignment manifestations.
7.) The seventh pitfall is never being able to access the present moment. 
If we are always focused on creation, we are never in a state of stillness and peace. We never really truly experience the now-ness of life or how the now-ness of life feels. We are never really present with ourselves. When we are using the unwanted to move towards the wanted, we are in a state of perpetual movement, always after the next best thing. This can be a kind of suffering in and of itself.
It also makes it so you cannot fully be present with someone else unconditionally as they are right here and now so it can be a barrier to intimacy. If we are living only for what is coming and if we are living in our own LaLa land, we cannot really connect with other people. We can potentially even manifest a reality where we cannot really relate to them and they cannot really relate to us.
We need to practice present moment mindfulness and embracing what is, along with manifestation. We need to stop using manifestation to avoid the current state of ourselves and instead join ourselves in the now with our own unconditional presence. If you are interested in expanding on this concept, I suggest watching my YouTube videos titled Spirituality 2.0 and Spirituality 3.0.
Even the most exquisite spiritual methodologies can become traps of unconsciousness. You are practicing the art of manifestation. It is a practice that is full of nuances and complimentary contradictories. As frustrating as it is to navigate that minefield with no real solid truth to hold on to, it is an art form that brings you back to the awareness of being the infinite creator and teaches you to sculpt reality itself.
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Bringing Your Visions Into Reality

by DL Zeta –

Aligning with the Version of ‘you’ that can Transport you into the New Time Accelerated energies in recent years have allowed manifesting to happen with increasing ease. This is more so than ever as we move further into the new time.

Manifesting our spiritual mission is an increasing desire for many. If you are feeling challenged in this realm, it may be time to examine the process you are following to bring your visions into physical reality.

We’re first always seeking to manifest the version of ourselves capable of existing along the timeline we wish to access.

In a sense, we’re not truly creating or manifesting reality but aligning with a timeline that already exists parallel to our present moment.

Steps to Aligning with the ‘Your Highest Potential’ 
When you reach toward your highest potentials, you allow the “you” most strongly aligned with the timeline where your vision exists to transport you there. We offer here some steps you can follow to align with your highest potentials.
One) The Time to Begin is Always Now

Accept that the time is always now to begin this process. The present moment is always your true point of power. Taking even small steps in your present moment will bring about major energetic shifts that, over time, will transport you to timelines where you access the frequencies of the new time.

Two) Manifesting the ‘You’ Capable of Existing along Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

Open to receive a vision aligned with your highest potentials. When we come into resonance with a new potential, we begin to receive perceptual glimmers or visions of this potential. These glimmers offer insight into how this reality would look, how it would feel, and the types of potentials and opportunities we might encounter along that reality thread. This glimmer on the horizon sparks inspiration and your imagination catches fire. Captivated and enthused about this vision, you begin the quest to learn more about it. Set an intention to observe it. Each time you turn your attention to this intended creation, you energize it and the energetic field of the creation expands.

Once you receive a vision and choose to align with it, next begin the process of cultivating and strengthening the aspect of your consciousness most closely aligned with your vision. This is the aspect capable of bringing your creation into being. The fact that you are reading this says that you’re interested in existing along high-vibrational, fifth-dimensional timelines and have set your intentions to manifest the “you” capable of helping you step more fully into the new time. This “you” represent your highest potentials. When we become the version of ourselves that is able to take us in the direction of our highest potentials, this self will always find a way to access higher frequencies within each moment.
Three) First, Simply Allow a Vision to Exist in Consciousness

Allow your new vision to simply exist in consciousness. Do not concern yourself in this early stage with how you will bring this vision into your physical reality. When a new vision arrives in the doorway of our imagination, all we need do is open to it and welcome it as a potential. We do not have to know how we will carry out the vision in order to open to it and allow it to exist as a strong potential in consciousness. It is a misunderstanding to think that we can only carry out those visions we are skilled and experienced in carrying out. This is yet another version of the scarcity thought virus that tells us we do not have what we need to carry out a vision so we must disregard it as yet another “daydream” delivered up by our fanciful imagination.

Four) Allow a New Vision to Grow and Expand

Nurture and allow this new vision to grow in your consciousness. Day by day and moment by moment, observe this vision as it exists within your energetic field. Ask questions about it and get to know it. As we learn more about this potential, we begin to activate and link with the facet of our consciousness most closely aligned with it. Each time we bring our focus to it, our potential gathers energy and expands. The critical mass for its arrival into physical reality is reached when the potential gains sufficient energetic resonance with the part of our consciousness that is able to nurture its arrival into physical reality.

Five) Release Aspects Trapped in Past Traumas

As a new potential gathers strength in its energetic field, you may become aware of pockets of resistance that exist within you. Generally speaking, these are not aspects that want to hold you back, but rather, aspects that exist within past moments where unhealed and unresolved emotions and their accompanying traumas reside. These aspects are holding energy to “bookmark” this moment in time so a future, more masterful “you” can return to heal and release them. As we cultivate and prepare to activate new potentials, we are shown any areas that need healing and release. As we free energy being held around past traumas, we’re able to refocus this energy toward new potentials we wish to activate.

Six) Meet Future Potentials in your Inner Temple

Create an inner temple and spend time there daily. One way you can strengthen the connection with a new potential is to meet with it in consciousness each day. An inner temple is the perfect place to meet and work with future potentials. This temple can take any form you wish. It can be a cottage by the ocean, a cabin in the mountains, a tree house in a tropical rainforest or a tent in the desert. You can invite your intended creations here to meet with you and spend time together in this relaxed and loving atmosphere. In this high-vibrational space, you will find it easier to bring all aspects of your being on board with new potentials. Higher-vibrational frequencies will always heal and entrain lower-vibrational frequencies. Entering a high feeling state daily even for short periods will naturally clear obstacles to healing and help manifest your visions.

Seven) Resist the Urge to Micro-Manage how Realities Manifest

Allow the universe to bring new realities to you in whatever way it can. It is a mistake to place contingencies on how realities arrive. Some believe they must first manifest a sum of money in order to realize their higher visions. This is a misunderstanding. Placing contingencies and prerequisites on our creations only serves to bottleneck and slow their arrival in physical reality. For example, if you wish to undertake a spiritual pilgrimage around the world, focus on this desire rather than the money needed to make it happen. It’s easy to see how a vision of your journey is far more exciting to your higher self than a pile of money which by comparison is abstract and may hold connotations of meaningless work and enslavement. When you set an intention and remain awake and aware to clues and information in your daily life, you will find the bread crumb trail that leads to your desired creation.

Eight) Remain Alert to Thought Viruses that Sabotage your Efforts

Remain alert to the voices in your head that tell you that your dreams are impossible and unrealistic. These are the voices of thought viruses you were indoctrinated to in childhood and through collective consciousness. Your higher self will never tell you that you’re not able to live your dreams. Likewise, your intuition will never bring you dreams and visions of potentials that are not real and true for you.

Don’t allow yourself to be hamstrung by thought viruses that say you’re not ready or good enough or empowered enough or enlightened enough to live your visions. You can wire around these disempowering voices by choosing to align with the highest vibrational frequency you’re able to access within the present moment and move on from there.
Nine) Align with Desired Realities at Subtle Levels

Release overinvestment in physical reality. Hold in awareness that the reality you see around you in your present moment represents past creations and is fluid and changeable. Don’t be fooled by the solid, concrete appearance of “reality.” When we look at these seemingly solid and immovable structures of our present moment, we may feel powerless to change them. It’s true we cannot change an existing timeline. But we can shift to a new timeline. In order to change our reality and the timeline we exist along, we must go within to align our visions and intentions with subtle energy. Creating is not a matter of moving concrete around but of aligning ourselves with the reality we wish to experience at the subtle level where raw energy is shaped by intention, and allowing ourselves to be transported energetically to the timeline where that reality already exists.

Ten) Adopting a Focus Self Aligned with your Desired Reality

Align with the identity of one who is living the reality you wish to create. When you receive a vision of a new potential, there’s always an aspect of your consciousness that is able to nurture this vision into physical reality and transport you to the timeline where this new potential exists. As you energize and nurture a new potential, it will teach you who you need to become in order to carry it out to the world. In this way, you learn the identity of this aspect of your consciousness and begin to align with and adopt it as your new focus self. If you have become overly invested in your present-moment focus self, you will need to work with your higher self which can teach your present focus self to embrace the concept of service, impermanence and transcendence. As your focus self learns to act in service to the highest good of all, it will step aside when the time comes to allow a new facet of your consciousness to become the focus identity self capable of transporting you to timelines where new potentials exist.

Eleven) Accept that Everything has Happened with Divine Perfection

Refrain from judging yourself as moments from your past come before you to be released. Everything you created/activated in the past was designed to help you learn to grow and become the wise and empowered “you” that exists within your present moment.

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Manifestation as a Spiritual Practice

by Malcolm Hollick –

The practice of manifestation is all too often distorted by individualism, materialism, egoism and greed. In this article I attempt to draw together the threads from the previous articles on manifestation and to weave them into a coherent picture of what I see as appropriate or right ways to use manifestation as a spiritual practice.

Right manifestation

The Secret talks about the importance of health, relationships and happiness as compared to wealth. But, sadly, these messages tend to be submerged in repeated stories and images of manifesting mansions, fast cars and other possessions. This materialist bias is common in modern writings about manifestation, and serves to foster addictive consumerism, greed, egoism and narcissism at the expense of deeper values such as compassion and service. Many people think the alchemists were seeking wealth through turning base metals into gold. But their real quest was to transmute the dross of ordinary human consciousness into spiritual gold. 
The true Secret is the manifestation of higher states of consciousness and spiritual wisdom.
In my view, right manifestation focuses primarily on personal and spiritual growth whilst enabling us to meet our basic material needs. From this perspective, it is a path of service, love and sharing, as these short quotes from manifestation teacher David Spangler reveal:

Often lacking in these descriptions is the idea of the manifestation of qualities rather than just things and of manifestation as an act of giving, as well as of receiving. Yet, manifestation is not the magical appearance of something from nothing. It is fundamentally the act of sharing. It depends on the willingness to be open to be a manifestation for someone else, as well as on the faith that our own needs and desires will be met. … 

… many men and women have found their most creative and empowering moments during times of severest physical limitation, such as being in prison. One need only think of Gandhi …. The number of his possessions could be counted on the fingers of both hands, but he was a source of richness for humanity. … 

In a sustainable society, abundance may manifest in physical ways as part of a material economy, but it is rooted in a spiritual reality. It is based on our ability to develop a sense of accomplishment, to develop skills that honor our individual creativity and allow us to give to our world. Abundance and love are reinforcing commodities; as Shakespeare put it, the more we give, the more we have. Abundance exists as a function of community; to pursue an isolated, individual abundance is ultimately to pursue a mirage. … 

What I set out to find was something like an ‘aikido of desire.’ I wanted a way to use the energy of my desires to take me to a deeper part of my own being that was in touch with the holistic or spiritual side of the world’s being…  Manifestation is a way of using any desire as a starting point for a spiritual journey. … 

Of course, there is much more to a spiritual practice than manifestation. … However, it can be an opportunity, no matter how trivial the desire, to explore connections, patterns, alignments, and the flow of both material and spiritual energy through your life. When you make manifestation a spiritual practice, then the perspectives it brings overflow into other aspects of your life. 

You begin naturally seeing yourself and your world in terms of interconnected and co-incarnational  patterns. The reality of the community in which we all live becomes more apparent. The vision of your incarnation becomes broader, more ecological, more compassionate. Your attitudes and actions reflect a larger, more complete humanity.

Manifestation from this perspective becomes a quality of being rather than a process of acquisition. As David Spangler expressed it: 

“We do not acquire that which we desire; we become it.”

Characteristics of this way of being include:
  • Consciousness of the Oneness of all existence and all beings;
  • An unflinching intention to align our lives and manifestation requests with the flow of the cosmos, or the will of God or Spirit;
  • Recognition that our ability to manifest lies not in ourselves but in the energy patterns of the quantum field, the sensitivity of systems to small disturbances and other properties of the cosmos;
  • Acknowledgement that manifestation is co-creative with each other and Spirit (or God), and that we are manifestations for each other;
  • A willingness to share and a desire to be of service to all beings;
  • Requests based on true needs for a modest but fulfilling lifestyle;
  • Acceptance with gratitude of whatever life brings, even when what we requested does not manifest;
  • Looking for the lessons and higher good that flow from disappointment and ‘negative’ experiences;
  • Refusal to accept or foster war, injustice and exploitation, and dedication to supporting positive campaigns for peace, justice and equity for all;
  • Willingness to go through the fire of personal transformation in order to serve more effectively.
Some of these points are elaborated in the rest of this article.

Attunement to the cosmos

The Secret talks about tuning in to our genie, higher self or guardian angel who says: “your wish is my command.” But what if our wish is not in alignment with the flow of the universe, or the will of Spirit? Our true higher self embodies and expresses values that go beyond greed, selfishness and egoism to love, compassion, generosity and service.
Right manifestation is not about bending the universe to our will. Rather, it is a process of aligning our will to that of the cosmos and working in co-creative harmony with it. 
It’s as if we’re adrift on a wild river. 
The best way to stay afloat and reach shore is not to battle against the waves and currents, but to allow ourselves to be carried by them, simply steering around rocks and whirlpools. When we are in harmony with the song of the universe, our lives flow abundantly and easily.

Wholeness, love and compassion

It may be possible to manifest material wealth for ourselves, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily right to do so. I discussed in my article on abundance how the interconnected wholeness of everything means that what we manifest inevitably has consequences for others. Hence, we cannot escape the ethical implications of our requests.

Love is the highest value of life and the universe. Hence alignment with the Spirit of the cosmos means acting out of love. Love does not seek riches in ways that exploit or harm other beings, or damage the Earth. Nor will it accept riches while others remain destitute. Love seeks material sufficiency for all beings.

In The 15-Minute Miracle Revealed, Jacquelyn Aldana presents her version of the manifestation process. Step 4 includes the following sentence: “If it is in the highest good for me and for All Life Everywhere, please DIVINELY ORCHESTRATE the following in just the perfect time: …” What a difference from the approach of The Secret with its emphasis on self. This attitude, together with one of gratitude, forms the core of the practice that we present in the Gratitude Journal.
In my article on ‘What is manifestation’, I noted that Jesus’ use of the power of prayer sprang from love and a desire to serve, not a quest for personal gain. I also mentioned that manifestation has been a core principle of the Findhorn Community for 50 years. It has not been used as a tool for acquiring wealth – indeed, the community remains financially poor to this day. Rather, manifestation has been used in support of personal transformation and service to the world – what they call ‘work as love in action.’

The blessings of pain, loss and mistakes

Mistakes, pain, loss, and, ultimately, death are unavoidable parts of life. And they bring blessings if only we can accept them and learn their lessons. Looking back, many people realise cancer or other life-threatening situations were a blessing in disguise. Similarly, when Christine and I lost our savings and the house of our dreams, it helped to transform our attitudes to money, abundance and security.
Part of the secret of life and manifestation, which The Secret neglects, is to cultivate an attitude of acceptance, and gratitude for what is, for whatever comes; and to avoid falling into anger, blame and other negative emotions when ‘bad’ things happen or we fail to manifest our visions. The true gift of abundance is contentment no matter what happens, rather than focusing on what we think will make us happy at some time in the future. This is the gift of living in the present, or what Eckhart Tolle calls The Power of Now. This is the gift of personal transformation and the spiritual life.
This article on manifestation as a spiritual practice is the last in the series on Manifestation. For a menu of others, click here

About Author: Following a long academic career spanning many disciplines Malcolm Hollick left the University of Western Australia in 1997 to live in the Findhorn ecovillage community in Scotland. He was foundation Principal of the holistic Findhorn College and is an adjunct Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Water Research at the University of Western Australia. The author of many academic papers he currently works as a freelance writer. 

He is author of ‘The Science of Oneness: A worldview for the twenty first century’ and co author with Christine Connelly of ‘Sustainable Communities: Lessons from aspiring eco villages’ and ‘Hope for Humanity: How understanding and healing trauma could solve the planetary crisis’. He lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife Christine Connelly.

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Keys to Practical Conscious Creation

 The Key to Becoming a Better, Faster Manifestor:

by Jackie Lapin – 

By now you are no doubt familiar with the principles of Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation, and have seen or read The Secret—and you are aware of using the power of positively directed thought to improve your life.
But let’s be honest…How often do you remember to apply these? Maybe once or twice a month? Or when you come across something you really want to manifest—so you get busy visualizing? Have you really made it a way of life? Are you impatient to see things become reality, but the slowness of the process is making you crazy?
Well I have news for you. Transforming your life through Conscious Creation is not a sometime thing… it requires rewiring your thinking and your lifestyle–and it requires consistency.
It mandates becoming proficient at Practical Conscious Creation, applying the principles of Conscious Creation to everything you do—in decision making, energy management, relationships, attitude, mindset, rituals, activities, habits, communication, self-care and daily chores. When you do, the reward is in becoming a better, faster manifestor, day-by-day and ultimately, enabling you to live a life of YOUR choosing.
In writing my first book, The Art of Conscious Creation, I began to apply “frequency management” to my life—managing the frequency level of my thoughts and emotions so that I would increase my success at manifesting—and indeed I could directly see the correlation between that and the realization of positive, successful developments in my life. But, I often got caught up in daily activities and let my vigilance slip. Lo and behold, so did my consistency of manifesting what I wanted.
So I realized that there had to be a way to inculcate the key principles in daily life, so much so that it would become a WAY OF LIFE…not an occasional thing, when you just happen to have time for a little meditation. And so Practical Conscious Creation was born!
Practical Conscious Creation isn’t a system. It’s simply applying the wisdom of the process to your daily activities.
Key elements in Practical Conscious Creation

  • Setting Intentions/Visions – In starting any project you want to clear a smooth pathway. Setting an intention is like laying your Yellow Brick Road. It gives you and the Universe a shared direction and destination.
  • Being Clear on Where You are Heading or What Outcome You’d Like to See – You can’t get there from here if you don’t know where you’re going. Be very clear about what you want — and that your heart and head are in alignment. (i.e. your subconscious beliefs aren’t undermining your forward motion.)  True clarity allows the molecules to form into a specific reality related to your intention.
  • Checking Your Mindset for Negative Thinking – You’ve got to root out any vibrations (thoughts, emotions) that are sabotaging your pathway. Negative thinking comes in a whole rainbow of colors–fear, anticipating all the reasons things won’t happen, limitations, distrust, lack of self confidence, feelings of unworthiness, blame, remembering the past experiences, needing to control, anger, etc.)
  • Selecting Your Energy and Applying It – Once you’ve recognized your negative thoughts, you have the ability to choose an alternative vibration. What’s it going to be? Optimism, Trust, Assuming the Best, Faith in Self, Faith in the Universe, Cheerfulness, Love, Compassion, Willingness, Acceptance—or a combination of these?
  • Being Cognizant of Your Words – You must be vigilant about the words you use both in your mind and in the world because these have a tendency to become your reality. As you go about your project, what are you saying to yourself, to your colleagues, to your partner, to your friends, to your family and to others you’d like to influence?
  • Opening Yourself to Assistance – Too often we think of ourselves as loan wolves, everything falling on our shoulders, but if we only open ourselves to assistance, or call it forth, it can be ours. This can be in the form of tangible aid from others–people pitching in–or the Universe putting exactly what we need in our path to help us.
  • Being True to Yourself – We must be honest with ourselves and others, and be true to our desires and our values in order to fulfill our goals and our destinies. We can’t live a life of compromise for others, because that diminishes our true passion. It is the energy of passion that manifests and moves us in the direction we seek.
  • Allowing What Happens to Be OK and Being Flexible – Where many aspiring Conscious Creators fall down is in their rigidity of holding to a chosen outcome or expectation. While setting intentions and visions is important, being flexible with what manifests is even more important. Learn to adjust, accept and flow. Without resistance you can maintain a positive, gracious and happy outlook.
  • Accepting the Wisdom of the Experience – Find the gift in the experience, no matter how it turns out…what lesson, benefit, positive spin can you derive from the experience?
These are just some of the key elements, but there are so many ways to apply them. You can apply Practical Conscious Creation to money, to relationships, to love and romance, to work, to family life, to health and healing, to all of the things that hold you back, to living life more deliciously—to anything.
And here’s the fun part… You can feel the difference in the FLOW of everything. If you are like me, you’ll soon start seeing things manifest far more quickly for you in all phases of your life—small daily things, large achievements, wishes, hopes, dreams.
There is something so delightful in thinking you’d like to see someone you’ve been missing and the next minute they are calling you to say they are coming for a visit. Or pondering where your next client might come from to fill the gap in your cash flow and you meet someone at a party who has the perfect project for you. Or, as in my case I asked the Universe for a FREE vacation—and a month later a girlfriend invites me to stay at her new house in the Bahamas for a week!

Practical Conscious Creation is the key to fast-tracking your manifesting. Make it a lifestyle and you’ll be astonished at the change in your fortunes!
About Author: Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Practical Conscious Creation. She is the bestselling author of “The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World” and “Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires.”  Filled with specific and imaginative practices, Practical Conscious Creation offers 70 articles with step-by-step actions to achieve greater empowerment and a more satisfying lifestyle. To learn how to become a better, faster manifestor, secure a free chapter of “Practical Conscious Creation” or receive Jackie Lapin’s daily manifesting tips. Jackie is also the founder of, the Virtual Village that is the Marketplace, Directory and Information Resource for the fast-growing Consciousness and Transformational World .A place where mind/body/spirit entrepreneurs and self-help experts connect with their next customers and clients worldwide.

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Manifesting of the Divine New Earth

by Mashubi Rochell – 

A new level of embodied light on the Earth is creating a dimensional vortex that is transforming physical matter at an accelerated rate. This is causing a dramatic upsurge of emotional, physical and spiritual purification and bringing to a head many long standing issues and impasses that must now be addressed.
You are entering a new time that will see a more intensified expression of spiritual purification on the Earth. At the same time, you will also see, feel and experience the largest spiritual awakening on the Earth that has ever been seen. This will not be readily apparent in news headlines but will dramatically affect the lives of all beings on the Earth.
Although all souls who are currently embodied on the Earth have chosen to be here during this significant time of transformation, the human embodied self may be unfamiliar with the new experiences of energy, emotion and spiritual reality that will be revealed in this new time.
Humanity does not yet even have a language for many of the spiritual realities that will be discovered in this new era that is emerging.

The heart, soul and consciousness of each embodied soul on the Earth are being affected by the dimensional shift that is currently in progress and that is transforming the very nature of physical reality on the Earth. The presence of Christ Light on the Earth is creating a large scale manifestation of embodied spiritual light that is anchoring into the atoms and molecules of the Earth and accelerating the vibrational frequencies in a completely new way that has never before been experienced on the Earth plane.

This is an achievement of monumental proportions for the Earth and all those who are participating in the transformation of the Earth. All that is sacred and holy now has a place on the Earth to stand and be seen, heard and felt.
All that is not of love and light now will be completely visible for what it is. The increasing presence of divine love on the Earth will transform all energies of separation, darkness and fear. A new day is dawning, beloved children of God and we celebrate with you the emergence of the divine New Earth that is manifesting now.
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Finding New Love

Are you determined to begin the journey of finding new love?  If you haven’t heard the song; Love Potion Number Nine, go to YouTube, search for it or click on the link.  The song itself is not meant to be serious yet everyone seems to be looking for that magic potion or secret to finding new love.  Is it time for a new relationship? Are ready for a new adventure?  Maybe you have been alone for a while and are seeking a person, partner, companion or whatever means to you, who will match your personality, desires and belief system.
We all love love; We love to love and we love to be loved.  What are you looking for?  What does your perfect partner look like?  How does it feel when you visualize it?  Create that feeling of what would it feel like to be with your perfect partner.  Imagine what kind of personality you’d like to see in them.  Love, what it’s all about!

Here’s a great idea: Create a “Finding New Love” journal and write with intention exactly what you are looking for.  It’s visualize and focus on what do you want?  What do you want to feel?  How does it make you feel?
Somehow there is magic in writing down what you desire, what it looks like, what kind of person are you looking for?  Also don’t forget what are you bringing to a potential relationship?  Do your homework and take the steps to improve things in your life.

Manifesting your soul-mate could almost jump right off the page and into your arms if you are specific enough and believe they have already shown up.  All you have to do it put yourself out in the public arena and at the right place and the right time it will manifest for you.  Visualize as already accomplished.

It’s important to reach a point where you absolutely love yourself and stay in love every moment of the day. Remember, this is your visualization!  Create what YOU want!  Here are some quick tips!
1.  Stop the Pity party!
Stop speaking negatively about yourself.  It’s not helping you at all!  Self-depreciation will only validate and reaffirm to the universe your state of lack.
2.  Believe in Yourself!
You’re a wonderful, magical and terrific being who deserves only the best of everything.  This includes finding a new love that perfectly matches your desires.  You have to Believe in yourself!
3.  Raise YOUR self-worth!
You are worthy of manifesting happiness and your soul-mate in your life and more.  Know it, believe it and live it!
4. Do the work on yourself everyday

Are you truly walking your talk and living what you speak to others?  Be your authentic self because your only want someone to love you for who you really are. When you discover someone who interests you, find out what makes them happy. What are their interests? 

When you enjoy the same things, you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot, and if you are only mildly interested in what they like, you can go with them and give it a try. Perhaps they’re into scuba diving and swimming although you simply cannot imagine getting your hair wet.  Just support them in their interest and stay on the boat, lying in the sun, then have a fabulous lunch waiting for them when they surface.

Every day do something loving to surprise them with how amazing they are as a person.  Slip little notes in their pockets with uplifting quotes or even personal “why you are so special to me” messages.

Do a bit of extra work and figure out a few things both of you are interested in and take turns sharing the time together.  There are so many things two people can enjoy together.  Just figure out what it is and you’ll have a wonderful time finding new love to manifest bliss in your life!

“Surrender and let the love flow in.”
–Lori Moreno

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Becoming an Intentional Evolutionary

by Paul Lenda – 
You would be hard-pressed to find someone that does not feel that there are massive changes happening on our planet, whether they are environmental, societal, political, or otherwise. The reasons for the cornucopia of paradigm shifts are often many and involve a high degree of multi-faceted complexity.

Now that we are collectively at a crossroads where our decisions will define our future perhaps more significantly than at any other time in history, we can find ourselves faced with the wonderful opportunity to transition away from the current modus operandi and co-create a world where unity is the underlying basis for society and its actions, not separateness or division.

As Buddhist teacher Doug Duncan once said, “You cannot have outer revolution without inner revolution.” If we are to see humanity experience a higher collective quality of life, both physically and spiritually, there needs to be an internal transformation that precedes an external transformation.

The reality of things as we see them in the world is a reflection of our collective level of consciousness.

If you look around you it will be easy to see the consciousness of desire, greed and pride influencing and guiding many of the systems that society relies on. All three of these are a reflection of a mindset rooted in division and separateness as well as an overarching philosophy of duality within the minds of the powerful and influential elements of society.

Conversely, the ancient Golden Rule, which is a philosophy for life that permeates almost all major belief systems, is based on the idea of interconnected unity among all people and reflects a message of non-duality that is aligned with the true nature of reality.

Replacing the paradigms of disharmony with those coherent with our environment and its systems paves the path for positive intentional evolution. 
We should not feel powerless in the face of the problems society and humanity faces today. The keys to our future are in our hands (or our minds, rather). Transforming the world is not supposed to be the responsibility of a few enlightened sages.

Creating a better world is the responsibility of each one of us. Together, we can either stand on the sidelines and watch as the consciousness of greed, pride and desire take us down a dystopian path or we can alter the future by together making a shift towards things that increase peoples’ well-being and promote self-actualization.

MIT and the University of Melbourne have recently predicted that the world economy will collapse by 2030, a prediction foreseen by the Club of Rome back in 1972.

Perhaps this will be helpful for a genuine reboot in how humanity conducts trade or maybe this can be avoided if a radically different kind of thought is applied to the structures that support the mechanics of the present economy at large. 

What is certain is that as intentional evolutionaries, we have the power to co-create a better structure-process that can replace inefficient models that stagnate our collective growth and tend to increase the level of suffering in our lives.
Siddhartha Gautama once said that, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” 

By being intentional evolutionaries we harness our mind power in a way that creates positive and meaningful change for our collective good. 

One person alone may not have a great effect on the whole but if many of us come together and focus on co-creating the same result then we will certainly see a monumental societal shift reflecting the power of a collective consciousness with a conviction for making the world a better place that has more balance and harmony.

The world is changing…be on the transition team.

This article by Paul Lenda was originally published in Mind, Body, Spirit magazine, issue 33

“Alone we can do so little; 
together we can do so much.”
–Helen Keller

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