How to Mentally Clean your Auras

by Lynn Claridge – 

How to remove the stresses and strains that everyday life can bring.
There are 7 layers in our auras. When we use meditation and try to ‘clean’ it, we have to clean every layer. Many new age mystics just tell you imagine and visualize a white light coming down and engulfing your auras, this sometimes doesn’t work well. I usually clean every layer as I go along.
To Mentally Clean your Auras start by doing some kind of relaxation procedure like counting 1 to 10 or say to yourself, upstairs, downstairs, over and over again until you feel bored and sleepy or you can get some relaxation music to help you get to alpha or theta brain states.
Once you done that, mentally say to yourself and quote; ‘I am at level 1’ and move your awareness from head to toe or vice versa, the idea is to scan your level 1 for blockages, once you sense ‘something there’ move your awareness to it, it should ‘melt’ or disperse.
If it is still there, try breathing it colors, you have to experiment with the color that will remove the block, repeat the same procedure with all other level, e.g. I am level 2, I am in Level 3…
When you say this, you are telling your mind to adjust to the next level using intent; Intent is the force that changes the level. Sometimes if you are at level 1, and you sense something 1 feel in front of you and you cannot get it off, and you try the usual color breathing method, This could be due to the fact that this blockage is actually at some other level e.g. Level 3 and you can usually remove the block if you move your awareness to level 3. 
Sometimes when you move your awareness into the blockages, you get ‘impression’ like a past event or sometimes it plays like a movie in your mind’s eye; this is usually the reason for the block.
The stresses and strains of everyday life can bring with it a variety of emotional health problems. These can include depression, anxiety, insomnia, irritability and panic attacks.

Potential problems and suggested solutions to overcome them

I am sure that we all become depressed at different times of our life, I certainly do. It is easy to let things and people get us down. We can start to feel sorry for ourselves and to think that the world is working against us.
The brain has two halves, positive and negative. In these periods of depression the negative side assumes control and it can become very hard to get out of this rut.
I see the positive side of my brain as an apple and the negative side as a pear. If I only ever eat pears, I will not be able to experience the joy of eating apples. In short I have to give the positive side a chance to help me to reach a state of happiness and I need to learn to ignore the negative.
Anxiety and panic attacks
At times people start becoming anxious about their future or even about their present situation. This can in certain cases even lead on to panic attacks.
In my opinion worrying does not help the situation, it only makes things worse. I have to say that I do worry and that the cloud of doom does descend over my life at regular intervals. When this occurs I try very hard to break the cycle and I even talk to the demons in my head. I have a battle of wills with them. I tell them that they will not win and that I will not stress anymore. This is not that simple but is what I try to do.
Having trouble with sleeping at night can happen for a number of reasons, the main one of which is stress. Other causes are snoring, an intake of too much caffeine, a noisy environment or depression.
I have written about stress and depression already, it is also time to cut down on the coffee. A simple suggestion in potentially solving insomnia, is to read a book in bed before attempting to get to sleep. This book should help you to get your mind away from any anxieties you may have, it should relax your body and should also tire your eyes.
When people lose sleep or work to hard they can become over tired and this can lead to irritability. This can cause people to have a higher pulse rate, making their muscles feel tight and can leave people also feeling anxious and lethargic.
It is important to therefore ensure that you obtain a good amount of hours sleep per night (at least seven) and that you only work a certain amount of hours per week. Money is important to people, however in my opinion health should be the priority.
Solutions to these emotional health problems
I have come to realize that I need to treat myself from time to time. I have always found it difficult to relax and would often feel stressed and under pressure.
I now use various methods at different times of the year to help me to chill out a bit and to reward my body. These include aroma therapy, using herbal products, attending tai chi lessons and I have even tried Yoga. I must admit I could never get to grips with Yoga, however have heard it can prove to be very beneficial to people who can.
My favorite form of relaxation is by meditating. I do this by sitting on a straight back chair and by basically concentrating with my eyes closed. I pay particular notice to my breathing and it has certainly helped me to see things in a much clearer way.
In conclusion there are many ways of reducing emotional health problems and with determination you are able to see your way to a better and brighter future. Keep your auras clean and you will have a better healthy life.
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The Chakras and the Planets

by Lynn Claridge – 

Each chakra and planet corresponds to how you interact on a daily basis with others and the environment. 

Below gives you each chakra and their corresponding planets.
The first chakra is better known as the base chakra and the planet that it represents is Saturn. Saturn refers to the body’s structure. Your skeleton is a structure that holds your body in place, it acts as a foundation. 
Your bones are the security and structure these are the keywords for the 1st chakra. It represents the structure that you need to survive physically when dealing with life.
If you are unable to deal effectively with outer social structures, that can be a very common problem in western culture of today, it could be that you have forgotten how to ground yourself with the energies of the earth. 
If you are a grounded person you will have a strong sense of who you are, and you will know how to acquire what you need in order to survive comfortably. Nervousness and anxiety are conditions that result from not being grounded. Psychologically, it indicates that you are operating too much from your head, your ego.
To open this chakra you need to take a deep breath relax and look around you. Are you safe where you are at this time? This chakra awareness puts you in the mode of fight or flight. This awareness is a serious energy that requires you to make tough decisions. To help you strengthen this chakra you need to establish healthy routines, drink lots of fresh water, eat healthy foods, have a good night’s sleep and exercise.
The second chakra is better known as sacral chakra and the planet it represents is Pluto. Pluto gives you the ability to change and transform. Once you change and transform you start to become creative. 
Doing this in your everyday life, helps you to meet your needs this in turn allows you to focus on what your life has to offer.
To open this chakra you need to honor yourself by finding something that gives you pleasure, so that you can express who you are to others.
The third chakra is better known as the solar plexus chakra and the co-rulers are the Sun and Mars. This is the chakra of personal power. Think of the symbolic energies of the sun. The sun radiates its essence; it can either blind you or enable you to enjoy its presence by honoring your own inner essence. 
Mars becomes the warrior that enjoys pushing others around or responds to life challenges with inner strength. If you lack the will to take risks, it normal means this chakra is blocked, it can show you are afraid to express yourself because you have not learned how to set limits.
To open this chakra you need to practice personal courage. Do what makes you feel happy, not what makes everyone else happy. When you fail to do so, you waste too much personal energy blaming others for not being able to do what you would rather be doing. 
Do it, be yourself! When you do so, others will recognize your individuality, and they will know what your limits are. They will respect you more because they will know what to expect of you. As long as you are allowing others to also be themselves, do not allow yourself to be swayed by accusation of selfness.
Before we move on to the next four chakras I would like to point out that the first three chakras deal with self-awareness. It is also important to point out that these chakras need to be balanced before you can move on to the higher spiritual realms of awareness.
The fourth chakra, better known as the heart chakra is ruled by the planet Venus. Your ability to love (both loving to others and being able to receive expressions of love from others) acts as a fulcrum between the lower three chakras of self awareness, and the upper three chakras of awareness. 
This chakra of balance is the first place where you are able to perceive higher spiritual realms. If you have suffered emotional hurt, you would tend to block the fourth chakra. This is because you are afraid to make yourself vulnerable. This is a deliberate act of creating an emotional wall as a method of self protection.
The way to open this chakra entails having to go beyond who you are. At this level, you need to become aware of the vibrations, magnetism or resonance that you feel when you are around others. Spirit will start to provide you with synchronizations that will attract and direct you to people or events that are beneficial for your evolution as a soul.
The fifth chakra, known as the throat chakra corresponds to Jupiter and Mercury as its co-rulers. When this chakra is, open it makes you very persuasive and charismatic; often you can be a great teacher, a good speaker or a good writer. 
You have a natural ability to sense what others are thinking, and you can put it into words. Once this chakra is open and functioning correctly, you will be able to speak your personal truth with conviction. 
Once you are able to speak your own truth, then you are able to create your own reality through power of words. If this chakra is not working smoothly, you tend to limit your conversations to superficial concerns and when someone asks you for a serious opinion, you may respond with. “If you really want to know”
To open this chakra you need to pay attention to all your thoughts specially the ones you do not express. How often do you bite your tongue? You need to understand that it is OK to speak your mind. Sometimes you do not speak the truth because you fear you will appear foolish. This chakra allows you to speak words that come directly from the heart, and to express your innermost beliefs.
The sixth chakra is known as the bow chakra, however, most commonly it is known as the third eye. The planet that rules this chakra is Neptune. Once this chakra is opened you will become highly imaginative, you will come up with original and insightful ideas. 
This is because you are allowing this chakra to feel incoming messages, intuition and dreams. Usually, the whole concept appears suddenly, and then you become driven in an effort to share and express your message with others. If this chakra is blocked you can have a lack of imagination.
To open this chakra and in order for the energy to function smoothly you must have an awareness of yourself as a spiritual being. For this chakra to work you need to have all the other five chakras balanced, otherwise the incoming visions create a chaotic disturbance of images. Live a lifestyle that has support and a healthy routine. 
Attend to your dreams (keep a dream journal) meditate at regular times and listen to your unconsciousness. Being intuitive is nothing more than paying attention to the subtle flow of energy. Allow yourself quiet moments so you can hear that inner voice, everything you need to know is right here inside your mind. However, it does not and will not scream at you.
The last and seventh chakra is known as the crown and it corresponds to the planet Uranus. At this level of awareness, you are able to see all events as a reflection of spirit. 
When it is out of balance trying to express yourself can be extremely depressing and confusing. Because this chakra operates at such a high vibrational frequency, you must become selfless. Hanging onto your ego awareness brings up images of bleakness.
To open and strengthen this chakra you must become empty to become full. Many spiritual writers refer to the body as an empty vessel that best expresses its spiritual potentials when it allows itself to be moved by spirit. In order for this chakra to function effectively, you need a clear understanding of your purpose on this planet.

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