Medical Intuition

by Lori Wilson – 

In the past few years, more and more people are asking themselves … where are these ever increasing “hits” of wisdom coming from. You may be walking in nature or driving your car and hear a little helpful message pop into your head. You may be at work or greet a loved one and “sense” that something is not quite right.

Can the body really talk? 

This is a question that has been asked and studied in numerous ways over centuries. Energy is everywhere. Energy can be measured, felt, communicated and changed by interacting with other energy sources. So why has it been so hard for us to imagine that the body can communicate with us energetically, as well?

Medical intuition is a field that is recognized and growing as a way to tune into the body’s wisdom. While this field of study is relatively new by way of public and professional use, many healing practitioners, intuitives, psychics, channellers and people in general have been “tuning” in for eons. So how are they tuning in?

If you asked 1,000 medical intuitives how they do their work, you would likely get as many different answers. Consider the body to be an electrical system. Both the body and the energy field surrounding it are electrically charged. Within this charge, or energy field, all information about its past and present — and some even believe its future — are stored. The body remembers incidents, feelings and thoughts, and it stores information about outside influences, as well.

People who are intuitive or have trained themselves to pay attention to energy may perceive what the body is “saying” to them in a variety of ways. Some may hear, see or sense words, symbols, pictures, movies, see X-ray images or sense physical sensations within their own body.

Styles of Perceiving

Some medical intuitives do what is commonly referred to as an intuitive/psychic reading. They may focus on their client’s energy field, and specific areas either randomly present themselves or information comes forth when it is queried. How can information “come up”? 
In this energy field, many blue-printed memories or conditions are very “loud” energetically. Strong emotions, trauma, physical injury, accidents, sickness, disease and even strong beliefs work their way to the forefront of the energy field and can often be sensed or perceived by sensitive people.

Some medical intuitives are channeling information from their “Guides.” Guides are most commonly people, animals or other energies who are not in a physical form. This third party, in its place of higher wisdom, reflects upon the client and their body.

Many practitioners who work with the body find that information literally jumps out at them as they interact in a healing fashion with their client’s body. Some medical intuitives use their insight gained as part of their healing tools, while others use it for information gathering only.

Other medical intuitives are trained to follow a specific system as they approach the body. They may notice an area that draws their attention, or has energy blockages, and focus their attention using specific tools, which they have been trained to use. Many look at the body under the lens of pre-established maps, such as auras, chakras, meridian lines, colors or fields of study, that assign specific emotions to designated areas or organs in the body.

Still other medical intuitives are trained to scan the body in a systematic fashion, yet discipline themselves not to use established maps or modalities to interpret what the body is sharing. These practitioners use the physiology as an entry point and are open to whatever shows up as they maintain their focus on the client’s unique energy field as it chooses to present itself.

This leaves at least 995 more styles and definitions of medical intuitives for you to explore! This work can be done in person or at a distance.

If you are considering engaging the services of a medical intuitive, do be an educated consumer. 

Currently this is not a regulated field and it is very easy to be impressed by an intuitive practitioner who can pick up on things in your body and life. Ask many questions. Have a clear understanding of how they are doing this work. Ask how they are receiving this information, what is their background and training and what is their knowledge base in physiology. 
 If they are providing diagnoses or recommendations, are they trained to do this? Are the recommendations coming from your own body or their own practitioner knowledge base or personal preferences?

Be a discerning consumer, as we all work together to bring credibility, research and professional and ethical standards to this exciting field. You deserve direct and clear information from your body and do not need anyone else to interpret it for you. 

Trust yourself. After all, you have lived with your body 24 hours a day since you were born. Medical intuition can provide important pieces of your wellness puzzle. Take the information gained through this work to members of your own healing team and explore what pieces of the puzzle hold value for them.

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