Life’s Paradox

by Dorothy M Neddermeyer PhD –

The Self is neither small nor big; it is both simultaneously. Your spirit is like a drop in the spiritual energy ocean, yet it is an integral and significant part of the whole.
You have a spiritual Self that animates your body and infuses your thoughts and feelings. Your language is limited to what you perceive and descriptions are one dimensional based on the perceptions people comprehended at the time. Thus, only metaphors approach the expressions that give a true sense of a spiritual nature.
The paradox lies in opposing concepts and perceptions, all of which are true at the same time other concepts and perceptions are operating. In the context of harmonizing the opposites, you begin to know the wonders of the spirit.
The Self is neither small nor big; it is both simultaneous. 

Although, your spirit seems small, separate or disconnected part of the whole, it is still comprised of the same things and can become part of the vast spiritual ocean. Your spirit seems to inhabit your body like a passenger in a vehicle, however, at the same time is not bound by your body.

Spirit can reach across the miles to touch the heart of past, present and future or expand to become one with all energies. You might feel small and insignificantly young when you look up at the stars, yet you are made of the same basic elements – Energy.

Looking at the stars is a mere reflection of what is going on within each atom and cell of your being. Your spirit is ever renewing, yet ageless and eternal. Thus, the Self is not new or old; both are simultaneous.

Your spiritual Self is neither small or big nor new or old. 

You may experience life as good or bad, right or wrong, happy or sad; however, this is the experience of the linear world of dualities, not the truth of your spiritual nature.

By going within to touch the eternal and changeless energy at your core, you can go beyond the contrasting metaphors to the experience of oneness. 

In that connection you can know big and small, new and old, movement and stillness. By accepting the paradox of life, you open yourself to the fullness of your whole being – Who you truly are.

About Author: Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD implements a highly effective protocol called ‘Transformation’ to discover the root cause of all issues both personal and professional. With more than 30 years of experience, Dorothy facilitates Transformation that is direct, focused and combines creating success while changing old habits. The results are precise, powerful, empowering and an accurate, sustainable way of changing the landscape of your life and business. 

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The Way of the Phoenix

by David Karchere –

Upon the death of the monarch in many European nations, this statement is often made: The king is dead. Long live the king. If the monarchs involved are female, the statement is modified to this: The queen is dead. Long live the queen.
These declarations address the physical death of a monarch who is head of state. But the same statement might be made related to all the little deaths that occur in the life of any individual—all the times in a person’s life when who they have known themselves to be dies in favor of the new person they are destined to become.
The king is dead. Long live the king. 
The queen is dead. Long live the queen.

This is the Way of the Phoenix that rises from the ashes of what has been. 
This is the way offered by Emissaries of Divine Light. This program is offered by people that have gone past the death and the dying of the old in their lives. Together we are part of a cycle of experience that has gone past our own collective death to rise from those ashes and fly in the air of awake consciousness.
It is a rare person who has the experience of having their old world and their old identity challenged by life to the point that who they have been dies and who is then not obsessed with the drama and the tragedy of what has passed away. It seems so easy for most to lament what is no more, to become nostalgic about it and to resent what seems to have been taken from them.

The life of the Phoenix is never about the ashes. 
This is the story of the risen Christ—not just Jesus, but the Cosmic Christ within all people. It is the story of the spiritual reality that carries on after the death of what has been. Yes, there is an old reality that disintegrates. But awareness can ascend and there is a state of consciousness past the veil that keeps most people earthbound, without the spiritual awareness that is natural to the Phoenix.
Under the veil, there are all the aspects of common human behavior and experience. 
There is human trying and, along with that, there is human spiritual practice and human goodness. A person ascends through that veil when that experience breaks. Who they were as a person who is trying to become something that, in their heart, they believe they are not, dies. Ascending through the veil, they are entering the joy of the reborn king or queen who embodies the reality of the Cosmic Christ in life. 
I understand that, to many, it is not obvious what is happening for Emissaries of Divine Light. They cannot see the Phoenix flying above the veil, high in the air of spirit. But that is exactly what is happening and it is miraculous.
I think of all the remnants of the spiritual teachings that went before us, whether you call it religion or spirituality or even our own spiritual teachings from out of the past. Some of those teachings are useful as a point of reference for the Way of the Phoenix.  The excitement is being in the fresh teaching now. And when I say teaching, I do not just mean what someone might say in a classroom.

I am speaking about participation in the evolving consciousness of Being and then having the opportunity to bring that experience to other people and invite them into it. 
The thrill is to be in that and to let the creativity, the intelligence, the inspiration of Being flow through. That is the real teaching. There are remnants of that teaching left as we go along, and there are remnants left from enlightened teachers who went before us. Those remnants can be useful in various ways, depending upon the clarity of them and the relevance to the situation we are in. But we are here for the fresh teaching now.
I am filled with the wonder of what we have the opportunity to do and what we are bringing to the world. By its nature it uses form, but it is not a form, so it is not a religion. It is not even spirituality. It is just Being.

It becomes a spiritual teaching, or it could become a religion, but in its essence it is not all the forms it becomes. Yet we create forms that give a context for people to be in, so that they can experience something deeper and higher themselves. But within the form, the magic is the inner thread of unfolding meaning that is within us and within all creation.

There is the wonder of Being that knows no end. 

And yet there is a veil in human consciousness. That veil includes limited religious beliefs and spiritual practices that are substitutes for the flight of the Phoenix. They may be from the East or the West. Some of those beliefs and practices are clearer windows for the truth of Being than others.

Yet none of them are an adequate substitute for primal spirituality, which is the Way of the Phoenix.

Primal spirituality is when you die in your life and you keep going; when everything you thought your life was about dies and you keep moving and find that life did not die and you are alive and love is alive. You are just moving into something else and it is not even about the death; it is about the continuance.

It is about the eternality of life as you are knowing it and as you are living it and the beauty and the wonder of that. And then the fact that all that you thought was so essential could die and you did not.

I am not a negative person by nature, so I am not advising anyone to go into negative experiences for the sake of doing it. I am just saying that in life there is spiritual teaching but the ultimate teacher is life itself.

Life is teaching us all the time and in that teaching, life is breaking who we have thought ourselves to be so that the greater reality of who we are can come forth and we can know that we are not that persona that broke. 

There is an inner eternal reality that is perpetually and eternally strong and beautiful and wondrous, that never breaks and that never dies and that is who we are. 

We are the Phoenix.
The king is dead. Long live the king.
The queen is dead. Long live the queen.

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Why Is Life So Hard?

by Cyndi Dale –

Probably the most often asked question my clients ask of me is this:
Why is life so hard?
A few weeks ago I heard the question so often that I decided to take a poll. I first asked my eleven-year-old, only to be told this. “Well mom, it just is. Of course it would be easier if I had an IPhone4.” I asked my oldest son, who replied, “It’s not always hard, mom, except when you’re broke.”
My girlfriends pretty much said they have no idea, although men can sometimes make it worse and jewelry, better, while my men friends suggested women as the root of the disasters and toys, especially in the form of Porches or Camaros, as improvements worth noting. Jokes aside, life often does seem dark rather than light and the brightest of lamps can sometimes flicker, leaving you with smoke and mirrors.
Having spent the month reflecting, the answer I can now give might open Pandora’s box to more rather than fewer questions, but it is this.
Life, Choices and Reflections
We walk this earth to own the dark as well the light.
I think of the one time I took fencing in college. The instructor was masked and armored, I, not so much so. As he explained, I was the least trained. If anyone were to get pricked, it would be he. He then worked me until I dropped, a motionless ball of Jello.
I asked why he pushed me so hard, as I’d never done this before and he said that I had to learn that the “enemy” was not one. That which we fight is usually just a worthy opponent. In the course of the interchange, one’s sword arm develops but so does one’s ability to shield and dance, move and shift.
I don’t believe for one moment the true blackness of this planet is “supposed” to be here. Perhaps, as it is said in spiritual circles, we select our parents before birth. We do not, however, desire that they would be abused as children so that in turn become abusive to us. If there are choices, it is so we learn how to treat each other with love and care, no matter the circumstances.
There are different climates on this country and because of this, crops that grow in far-flung places. This is not so that the people of one area can starve, so another can thrive. It is so we learn to hold hands, form a distribution line and send food and compassion from heart to heart and country to country.
The Balance of Light and Dark
To own the dark — to recognize the hardships and the suffering — is to become a light within it. We can’t always see the light around us, nor perceive the light that we are. Sometimes we are looking ahead and the light shines on the side. Sometimes we’re at the bottom of a well or the thick of a tunnel and the light is hidden from sight. But sometimes our eyes are closed and we’ve only to open them.
Just for today, I am promising to open my eyes and my heart. I vow to see the light that is around and within all others and to share the light that I am. Perhaps this will make it easier for me to own the darkness and know that it is being restored to the place of grace it really is.

About Author: Cyndi Dale

She is the author of The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy and eight other bestselling books on energy healing, including The Complete Book of Chakra Healing. She has worked with over 30,000 clients in the past 20 years.

Receiving Your Reality

by Egan Sanders – 

A metaphysical concept that has seeped into the mainstream is the idea of “Creating your Reality”. We see it everywhere from TV talk shows, books, the Internet and all manner of religious and secular authorities sharing a somewhat similar message. From a wide variety of perspectives and in different degrees and words, they say; ‘You create your life’.
Creating your reality can sound like work. It can feel like a worrisome burden to be solely responsible for getting your reality the way you want it to be. When you set an intention, creating actually becomes more about receiving. After you know what you want, the questions then become; are you ready to receive a new experience? Are you willing to receive new ideas, actions and beliefs that will form the new reality you are seeking?
Here are some tips to receive the reality that you prefer.

1. Receive Clarity

Do you know what you want? Take any situation that is not to your liking that you wish to change and tune into it. Ask yourself what is making you feel unhappy or uncomfortable? Once you identify what is not to your liking, then focus on what you would prefer to experience. When you are unclear about what you want to receive, the universe gets mixed messages. If you can simply acknowledge what is not working for you and imagine a positive alternative, you easily create awareness and clarity.

2. Receive Peace

Negative messages bombard us from within and without every day. It can be a challenge to choose peace. You may notice that certain negative thoughts, images and memories repeatedly play over and over again in your mind like TV reruns. Someone might even say something scary to you that activates fear.

You can view these thoughts as if they are like the cries of excitable children who one moment are screaming about something trivial and the next moment laughing joyfully. If anything comes up that disrupts your peace of mind and you can take an action on it, then do so. If it is an abstract, vague fear, feel free to let it pass. It’s an old cliché but very true; most of the stuff we worry about never happens.

3. Receive Love

If only everyone would love us – all the time – no matter what – life would be perfect! Well, that is only one way to receive love- and an unpredictable one at that! An endless supply of love can be accessed from within yourself. Are you willing to receive love? We do so many things to get love; the list is infinite. It can feel as if we are always reaching for it. What if we all really exist in a sea of unconditional love? What if there was a presence all around us that loved us all the time, every time, no matter what? You always have the choice to receive your own love, regardless of the outer circumstances.

4. Receive Solutions

When a challenge is presented it is often accepted as either an unchangeable problem or hard to change. Our minds can tend to look at life from only the ground level, while the Universal Intelligence – which we are all connected to – sees from all levels.

If you let go of any ideas of how something can be changed or resolved and let go of when it will happen, you may see that solutions simply show up. The next time an apparent problematic situation comes up, remind yourself, “There is a solution to this. There is a way I can receive a satisfactory solution.” If you set an intention or a goal to clear something up, be prepared to change your perspective, your actions and/or change some beliefs to receive that solution.temporary.

5. Receive Empowering Beliefs

At the root of any of our life creations is a belief. What you have now comes from your beliefs. When you truly believe something, you act based upon those beliefs and those actions create your life. When something in your life is not the way you would like it to be, ask yourself, “Is there any belief I need to change to get what I want?” The way to receive empowering beliefs is to first question what you do believe. That means looking at what you are actually doing – your actions – as clues to what you truly believe. What you tell other people you believe is irrelevant. What you do – your actions – reveals your beliefs. When you change your beliefs and your actions, you can receive what you do prefer more easily.

6. Receive Abundance

Abundance can mean different things to different people. The way to receive more good into your life comes down to receptivity. Many people never even clearly ask for what they want. When you identify what you wish receive more of an abundance of, keep in mind the availability of oxygen. You breathe in and out all day long, every day, without much thought about the air supply; it is unconscious and automatic.

What if what you wanted more of an abundance of was as easy to receive as breathing air? What if you did not need to search for it, worry about it or store it up for a rainy day? The essence of the abundance you want to receive is available but to receive it you must be aware that it is there for you and abundantly available.

7. Receive Time

Modern life rushes by for most people. It can feel like a blur of movement and activity with few rest stops in-between. Being flexible with your plans and doing what elevates your energy creates more time. When you have a choice between different actions to take, notice how each one “feels” to you. You will notice that when you think of an activity your energy level will either rise or drop. If it rises, this indicates right action. 

Dropping energy is a sign that what you are thinking about is either not the right activity, or that it is not the right time to take action on it. If you choose to do what raises your energy moment to moment you may experience a graceful timelessness where things happen easily and synchronicity smoothly guides you. It is not how much you can accomplish but the quality of how you use time that makes the difference. 

If you are receptive, you can receive the reality that you prefer. When you want to create a new reality, ponder what you can do to receive it more easily.

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Top 5 Ways to Build a Wonderful Life

1. Live Below Your Means
There will always be temptation to forsake the future for immediate gratification. We all want to buy that new piece of technology, treat ourselves to an expensive night on the town, or take out a loan for the flashy car we can’t afford. It might feel great at the time but rash spending eventually will build and hurt a lot later on.
Enjoy life’s simple pleasures and save as much as you can. Expensive things don’t create lasting happiness and security. Careful spending will bring you greater leisure and enjoyment in the long run.
2. Put Your Money to Work
Saving is great, but to make the most of your money you need to put it to work. Good investments can be the difference between retiring in your 40′s or in your 60′s.
A post today at The Simple Dollar really got me thinking. According to Trent’s projections, if a person in their early 20′s invests 20% of their income in an S&P index fund, the interest they earn will equal their current salary when they reach their early 40′s. They could retire without a drop in income!
Wise investing is the surest path to financial independence and it’s something everyone can work on. It’s definitely an area I’ll be devoting more attention to in my personal life and on this blog.
3. Educate Yourself
To be happy we need continuous growth. The best way to grow is life long education. This doesn’t mean you need to pursue a doctorate or spend 2 hours reading every day. 
Self education can be anything that takes you out of your comfort zone. The important part is keeping an open mind and searching for fresh ideas and perspectives.
Education builds over time. It might feel like the bits of wisdom you acquire don’t mean much but over the years they add up to form a wiser, kinder, more interesting person.
4. Develop Lasting Personal Relationships
Suppose you had everything you wanted. Would you be happy without anyone to share it with? The personal relationships we develop with friends and family members are the greatest source of happiness in our lives. Don’t forget about them.
Taking the time to cultivate and enjoy personal relationships is essential to longterm happiness. Without the people you care about you’ll probably be miserable, no matter how successful you become.
5. Work Towards a Dream You’re Passionate About
Even if your life isn’t perfect, you can always build towards a goal you’re passionate about. If you aren’t building towards something, you’re probably stagnating. 
When this happens to me I start to feel like a victim trapped by my own life. The best way to reverse this is working towards a goal.
We can’t control everything about our lives but working towards a goal gives us something positive to focus on and lays the foundation for future success. No matter what your passion is, get out there and start doing something. As Lao Tzu said, even a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.
Bonus: 6. Stay in Shape
You only get one body. Once it’s been ruined there isn’t much you can do about it. Exercise to keep the rust off. Avoid excessive consumption of damaging substances and unhealthy foods. It may feel like terrible self denial at the time but enjoying good health in your later years is worth the sacrifice.

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Mastering Time

by Jennifer Hoffman –

We fear time and what it can do because we equate time with death, the ultimate end. Our fear is not with time itself but with what time can do. So within everything we do, time becomes the factor we can’t control, the ultimate end that will eventually catch up with us. When we’re in a race against time, time usually wins because we see it as something we work against or that works against us. It is responsible for the deadlines we don’t meet, the things we don’t accomplish, the opportunities that pass us by. But what if time, like many other aspects of our reality, was an illusion that we could master?

What would be possible for us if we were masters of time?

To master time we must be able to view it from the perspective of it working with and for us and one of many aspects of life and the third dimension that we can control because time is just another element of our reality. Time is an aspect of doing and from this perspective we will never be in control of time because we will never be able to ‘do’ enough. In today’s 24×7 world, we seem to have too much to do and not enough time but how much of what we do is useful, aligned with our intention?

Mastery of time begins when we align time and intention, which also aligns timing and outcome.

Today’s world offers a wealth of life options and while many are possible, they are not all useful, effective or efficient uses of our energy. Time aligns with energy movement and the path of mastery asks us to consider all possibilities within the scope of what is aligned with our life purpose and highest good.

What we find is when what we do is aligned with who we are, time moves in an effortless and easy flow towards outcome. Being in the flow happens when we are fully aligned, body, mind, emotions and spirit, with our intention and then we’re in control of time.

Time is the movement of energy through density, so the more density we put into a situation, which includes meeting others’ needs, expectation or fears about the outcome, the more we expand time and its effects, which also shrinks our options.

Time is a factor if we empower it and it is irrelevant if we don’t. 

Although time will occur in our life, how much it matters, what it can affect, and how long it lasts all depend on whether we have learned to master time. When we are ‘being’ ourselves, consciously intending our reality into being, focused on and in the present and fully aligned with our being and our truth, we have learned an important key to mastery and the limitations that time creates are no longer part of our reality.

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Making Peace


by Christopher Sell –

It is easy to assume that in your world peace is simply the absence of something: turbulence, distress or war. Perhaps, even, that peace suggests an absence of life – ‘may you rest in peace’ you say for those who have died.

I suggest that peace is not an absence, but a presence. 

 It is something positive that you can and do create, a state of harmony that you contribute to with your thoughts, your words, your actions, your feelings, your love, your light and your joy.

Peace is not a fixed thing, a single note. 

 Rather, while it may be serenity – a moment of still joyfulness – it may equally be a time of laughter, playfulness or exuberance. It may be a time of intense and measured creativity or a time of relaxed free-flowing expansiveness. It is whatever brings you most deeply and perfectly into alignment with the flow of the Universe at that moment; whatever gives you the fullest expression of your Divine Essence.

Learn to observe and sense the energies about and within you at any moment and notice your ability to find and focus on those energies that most contribute to an overall experience of peacefulness. 

Recognise that all the time, in every moment of your life you are adding to or taking away from the peace of the world.

But if you find you are detracting from the peace; that is, moving away from it in some way, be at peace with that! What you recognise and acknowledge you can more easily change. See yourself, perhaps, like a sailor who’s been blown off course. Who knows what wonders you may discover? When you are ready, reset the compass, trim the sails and adjust the tiller, thankful for all you have learned.

In other words, know that you are an energy presence in a sea of oneness, that you make a difference to the oneness and the oneness is glad of the difference you make.


Making Peace by Being Peace

• Pause and notice the feel of the space around you.

• Let your awareness expand outwards as far as you please, sensing more and more of the different qualities of energy that make up your world.

• Notice the many different kinds of feeling and the different qualities of energy that make up the being that you are.

• Now sense or imagine yourself as a presence of light in a world of light.

• Observe how your light interacts with this world of light.

• Notice how you can play with your light to enhance your own experience and to add to the beauty of the world. Notice the feelings that come as you do this.

• Ask yourself how you might express those feelings in the outer world and notice the answers that come.