Letting Go: 5 Truths About Surrendering

by Alex Blackwell – 
At times, life may feel like it is spinning out of control. You feel completely powerless over the circumstances being handed to you. During times like these, it may be easier to give up. But you do have another choice – you can choose to let go, surrender control and reclaim the life that belongs just to you.

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go.” Herman Hesse

Perhaps the greatest contradiction is realizing when you surrender control to the Universe you are in a better position to get what you need to fulfill your life’s purpose. 

Surrendering isn’t about giving up; it’s about letting go. Surrendering isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength.
Surrendering allows you to feel less stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. It creates mental space to be present in the moment.
Take a moment and consider this question: 

What do you need to surrender today? It is a relationship, a business venture, or a person you lost in death? Is it a medical prognosis, a painful memory, or the idea of having the perfect life? Do you need to surrender a past failure, a thought or stress?
Surrendering control is hard to do because the need for control is rooted in fear. The uneasiness of not having direct control over what happens is frustrating. Even when the warning signs are clear, you continue to think if you keep trying harder, if you keep doing everything right; if you can just get one step closer to perfection, then you will have want you want.
“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Lao Tzu
Unfortunately, the universe doesn’t work like that. Instead, the Universe gives you exactly what you need.  The sooner you realize pushing back against the inevitable only makes you more anxious; the sooner you can go about the business of living your life according to the plan the Universe has for you.
Letting go has been difficult for me, too. The thought of allowing control to a higher power was terrifying. By letting go, I was giving up – or so I thought. Today, I have learned if I’m going to have the life that has been planned for me; I need the Universe to help me find it. Today, I have learned these five truths about surrendering.
These five truths don’t contemplate the absence of self-responsibility; they actually encourage it. The five truths will help you understand that it’s your responsibility to follow your personal destiny – no matter how out of control it may feel at times.

letting go


1. Pain doesn’t have to define you 

Holding on to the pain only keeps you stuck in a place somewhere in the past. The pain no longer has to define who you are. It’s time to let go of pain and welcome confidence, strength and peace into your life. 

2. What you pay attention to grows 

Even though you may not be responsible for everything that happens to you, you are responsible for how you choose to react to what happens to you. The expression like attracts like is especially true when it comes to positive and negative emotions. 

If you chose to remain positive, then positive results are likely to occur. Alternatively, if you decide to be negative and critical, you can expect more negative circumstances to happen. 

3. Begin today, right now 

There is no better time to live your heart’s passion than right now. When the nudge you feel is beginning to pull you in the direction of your life’s purpose and your inner wisdom is telling you to go; then trust and let go. 

4. Open the floodgates of hope 

When you open the floodgates of hope and refuse to allow fear to defeat our faith, you are better able to surrender your problems, ask for help and then follow your heart’s desire. 

5. Forgiveness is a form of letting go but different 

The purpose of forgiveness is not to let the person who harmed you off the hook, the purpose of forgiveness is to end the grief it has cost you. Don’t just let go, forgive and truly surrender the feelings of anger and pain. This may seem difficult, almost impossible, until you attempt to do it.

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Your Energy Body

by Steven S. Sadleir –

Your body is energy. Energy is absorbed through the air you breathe. It flows in your nervous system, like electricity flowing through wires, to all your extremities and vital organs. It flows in streams through channels of low resistance and high conductivity called chi or ki. 

Your central nervous system conducts it like a bar magnet, with the positive charge on the top of the head and the negative charge at your tailbone. Arching fields of bio-magnetism flow out from the top of your head, encircle your body and come up again at the negative pole at your tailbone in what is called an “aura.” 

Your thoughts are energy too, literally a movement of energy flowing through streams of neurons or brain cells, in your head. Emotions are a combination of neurological discharges and secretions of brain chemicals whose discharges create the moods you feel. All your senses are picking up energy: 

Light is energy, sound is energy, taste and smell involve energy discharges in your brain as well. Movement is energy, gravity is a form of energy, every state perceived is something changing…energy; perception itself is energy. 

Even the physical mass of your body is energy. Shrink your awareness down into the cellular level and you find the cells of your body are in constant communication with each other energetically; each cell receives and conducts energy. 

Shrink yourself down even further to the molecular level and you find systems of organizing intelligence conducting the energy to create the patterns we call molecules, elements, compounds-the building blocks of life. 

Shrink your awareness down even smaller to the world of atoms and you find that the ultimate constituents of your body are latent potential and realized manifestations of positive and negative energy, which we call protons, electrons, and neutrons. 

Your body is both receiving and transmitting energy. What you think and feel, is what you are creating. Create happy positive thoughts and those thoughts are transmitted into the fields of awareness that link us all together, like cells in the body of God. 

Negative thoughts are also transmitted into the field of collective consciousness and will cause you to attract the people, circumstances and situations that enable you to see whatever is diminishing the light of your own indwelling spirit. Spirit is consciousness in expression or Shakti. That which causes life within you is you. You are the light. Realize this. 

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Attracting Abundance or Allowing Abundance?

by Wendy Betterini –
One of the hardest aspects of manifestation to master is the state of allowing.
Attracting abundance” usually refers to taking daily actions that draw more money and abundance to yourself. Things like focusing on abundance more than scarcity; visualizing; dismantling limiting beliefs, and so on – these are all examples of attracting abundance with the Law of Attraction.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that easily for everyone. That’s because some people (a lot of people, actually) chronically block the abundance that would otherwise be flowing easily to them. We call this being “resistant” to abundance, or just “blocking” abundance.For some people, this is enough. They don’t really have any big blockages where abundance is concerned, so once they change their thoughts and start focusing on abundance deliberately, it flows easily to them.

A person in this state will see almost no progress in their outer life, despite visualizing, affirming, creating vision boards, and any other actions they take to attract abundance. The actions they are taking aren’t the problem – those are all good actions to take – but they aren’t addressing the DEEPER issue; their chronic blocking or resisting the very abundance they are trying to attract.
Have you experienced this before? You spend time on all kinds of exercises that are supposed to draw more abundance into your life, but they don’t work for you. Or they may work a little bit, but not enough, or not consistently.
If so, you may want to give a little more attention to moving yourself into a state of “allowing”.

What is “Allowing Abundance”?

Allowing abundance” may sound vague and mysterious, but it’s really just the opposite of blocking or resisting abundance. A state of resistance feels tight, stressful, frustrating, irritating, desperate. A state of allowing feels relaxed, calm, open, harmonious, and joyous. It’s the difference between ease and strain.
Have you ever tried to achieve a goal that just seemed SO HARD and you struggled with it for SO LONG that you finally just gave up out of sheer exhaustion? And more often than not, shortly after you gave up, something happened spontaneously – some forward movement, a little bit of progress – that renewed your desire to complete the goal after all.
That’s a perfect example of resisting, and then allowing. You dropped the struggle, stopped trying to force it to happen, and when you relaxed, the results you wanted were able to show up. You stopped resisting them and started allowing them.
That doesn’t mean you have to “give up” on attracting abundance! You can easily learn how to move into a state of allowing without taking the drastic step of giving up on your dreams and goals.
But you DO need to start changing your relationship to money and abundance.
What IS your relationship with money like, anyway? When you think about money, how do you feel? Do you feel frustrated that you don’t have enough or pressured as you try to pay a lot of expenses with not enough income? When you see a wealthy person, do you feel a wave of resentment or disgust rise up within you?
These are signs that not all is well in the relationship you have with money. Does that surprise you? Did you think you had a good relationship with money but you just needed more of it? Ah . . . it’s quite eye-opening, isn’t it?!
If you are truly in a state of allowing, every facet of your relationship with money is great. You enjoy money, you never fear not having enough, you appreciate every bit of abundance you receive and you appreciate other people who demonstrate great abundance too.
If you aren’t yet at this stage with money, it’s okay! It’s not hard to get there but you’ll need to put forth some consistent effort.

How to Start Allowing Abundance

The first thing to do is familiarize yourself with the feeling of resistance. Again, resistance feels tight, stressful, frustrating, irritating, desperate, pressured, restrictive . . . any negative feeling, really. When you notice that you feel that way regarding money, it’s a huge red flag to DO something about it!
Take a few deep breaths, focus on something about your financial situation that makes you feel good, daydream about an exciting financial scenario – but the key is to make sure you are improving your FEELINGS about money. That’s the biggest reason why visualization, affirmations and vision boards don’t work for many people; they go through the motions mentally and physically but they never change how they FEEL.
When you change how you feel, you easily slip into a state of allowing! Yes, it’s that easy. 

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The Power of Vision

by Evita Ochel –
Living Out Dreams Through 
Conscious and Focused Intention

Sometimes when we are in the midst of change, we cannot quite grasp the potential, the impact or the grandness of it all. Sometimes, it isn’t until something is “completed” that we look back and marvel at our creation and our creative abilities.
This is a special week for me, as our new home is complete. Those of you who have been readers here on EvolvingBeings.com for a while, know that back in the spring, my husband and I made some drastic changes in our life, and embarked on a new journey.

This included building a home, living closer to nature (more in the wild), in a simpler and more natural way, and taking on an even more peace-filled way of life on all levels.

The last 2 years especially, have seen the most rapid flow of creation for us! Did I always grasp the potential of our creative power? I don’t think so. But fast forward to today and I am in awe of what we have created.

Today, I am free of any official workplace, I am my own boss, I am working my version of the 4-hour work week, I am married to the love of all my lifetimes, we work together from home, living in the middle of nature, in a newly built and custom designed home by us. And last but not least, I am happy, satisfied and filled with inner peace.
So how did all this happen? Was I born under a lucky star? Did I fall into favor with the “Gods”? Do I have some wealthy relative funding my endeavors? Did I win the lottery?
No, to all of the above. What has transpired in my life in the past two years, has little to do with external forces, and everything to do with conscious and focused creation. In inspiring more of you, to move towards and live out your own dreams, allow me to share more about my personal “ how”.
A Vision Was Born
I won’t go back too far, but I want to take you on a small journey of how dreams can and do come true. So without sharing the story of how I attracted my first dream job, found my husband and landed in our first dream home together, I will focus on the transformational power of the last 2 years.
When I first started working as a teacher (the job no one generally leaves until retirement), I never considered doing anything else with my life, but teaching. The furthest I got, was perhaps thinking of one day switching from high school to college teaching. But I thought I was set, secure and that was it, in a perfectly carved out, typical pattern.
So somewhere in the last 3 years, my husband and I allowed various fantasies to pop into our heads.

Key word here is “allowed”. We would think about being free of any workplaces and living life on our own schedules, anywhere we wanted to in the world. This was radical thinking but we did not dismiss it. We entertained it, welcomed it and enjoyed it.

Fall, based on many signs to proceed this way, we put forth the idea that I was going to leave my teaching job, to pursue my passions and creations of being of service to others, on my own terms.
Even though it still seemed like a far reach, I began to talk about it with others as if it was real and I was going through with it. June, the dream manifested.
Late Fall , upon my husband freeing himself up from his employer as well, we began to play with the idea that since we were both ‘free’ from a fixed workplace, we could live wherever we wanted. After some dreaming and envisioning we were called to nature, and thought we would sell most of our ‘big’ stuff, renovate/put a second floor addition on the cottage we had “up north” and live there.
Winter 2009/2010 we draw a picture on a little notepad of how our new upstairs space would look like. We clip the picture on our fridge and appreciate it with joy and excitement, every time we pass by the fridge. We envision ourselves living there and feeling what it would be like.
February 2010, we meet with contractors to find out that we are not renovating or adding anything. Our option is to build a brand new house from the ground up. On that same notepad, we draw what we want the downstairs and outside of it to look like. We clip in on the fridge. With joy and excitement, we appreciate our creation as if it was already real. We envision ourselves living there and feeling what it would be like.
March 23, 2010, we sell our old house in less than 24 hours. April 22, 2010, construction begins on our new house. August 13th, we move into our new house. This week – September 15, 2010 – our house is officially finished, and looks identical to the little pictures we drew that hung on our fridge.
Living Out Dreams Fully

Sometimes we get everything we want, and then some. And what do we do? While most of the time we do celebrate and enjoy it, sometimes we feel it is so good, too good almost, that we sabotage our happiness. We do one thing to lose the beauty of the experience – we don’t take the time to enjoy it. Either we deny its fullness, or move right into another creation.

My greatest challenge right now is really becoming one and fully enjoying my creations. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated and enjoyed my husband from the first day I met him, to this very second. We are both enjoying and celebrating the creation of our new home and life in nature. But the area I am falling short in, is the “work” area.
In the back of my mind, I hear society’s or perhaps my Ego’s voices: “what are you doing with your life?” – “why haven’t you written a book yet?” – “why aren’t you doing more speaking engagements?” – “why aren’t you working towards higher traffic on the site?” – “you are letting your education/talents/gifts go to waste” – and a few other things…
I sometimes forget that I have the freedom to ‘be‘ and ‘do‘ whatever I want. 

My husband and I have not attained financial freedom according to society’s standards but the way we structured our life is to tread lightly on monetary and material objects – needing nothing – and having everything we need – and enjoy – in the moment of now.

We all want various forms of freedom but should it come, we almost feel guilty about it. This is something I have finally decided to face and truly merge with, to be one with my dream of freedom. To focus on “being” and my “personal creative expression” when and how my being chooses, on my own terms, not society’s often confining and unnatural ways.
We Are Not Done Dreaming…or Creating
Having gotten to this point by no means indicates that this is it – that we are done dreaming or creating. Our life is a constant and never-ending creation. It is never done, whether we are in the physical or the spiritual, for we are forever ‘evolving beings‘. So what is next for us? For now simply to take some time, to just sit back, enjoy and take in our creations thus far.
Markus will continue moving more towards working on his own projects, while I will continue building my confidence in that I do not need to be “doing” something, that is defined by society as having enough value, status or worth. Learning “how to be” is perhaps one of the greatest “jobs” we can ever have, and one at which, most of us are failing. I want to learn how to integrate myself more with nature and the oneness that connects us all.
Another big dream of ours is to find ways and means to empower others to make their own dreams come true – to find their own abundance of love and inner peace, that we each so much deserve. We love traveling to nature-filled, warm and exotic places, so we will continue little spurts of creation by putting together new trip ideas.
Will I write a book? Will I go on my own tour of speaking to audiences across the world? I don’t know. I haven’t decided with enough focus or intention how I want that to play out yet. I know I love writing and sharing with all of you here and growing this space into an authentic, spiritually expanding space for all – to continue to reach those who would benefit from hearing what is shared here.
For those of you wondering if we are planning on any other “additions” to our life (hint, hint), we don’t know that yet either. But if we choose to, we will definitely approach it with some serious focus and intention.
So in the end, this sharing of my personal life is in no way meant to elicit any kind of envy or further yet jealousy or meant as any form of bragging. It is simply meant to serve as an example and perhaps inspiration, that everyday, dreams can and do come true.

That we are the creators of our lives. That life need not be “hard” or full of “suffering” to get something “good” or just because. That I am no different, no more or less special than you and that whatever one can manifest or create, so can any other.

We all have our personal dreams and goals. Find yours, and live them out.
All it truly takes is to have a vision of knowing what you want, sticking to it through conscious focus and intention and being flexible with the creative process along the way. Additionally, to also be open to the Universe’s delightful surprises for you, to continue to further your personal growth and soul evolution.
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How to Keep a Positive Attitude

Almost everyone gets days that they feel life is dragging them down. There can be many causes for these negative feelings, but there are ways to overcome negativity and stay positive. There has been a time in my life when I had to work actively on staying positive. I had to find ways to get rid of my negativity at home and sometimes at work as well. This is why I want to share some tips and quotes with you all today on how to stay positive.
Tips on how to stay positive
1. Ground yourself and find your own path: One of the main reasons people don’t know how to stay positive is because they live their lives to please others. Stop. Get to know yourself; who you are and what you want and need in life. Boost yourself by focusing on what is important to you personally. Set achievable goals for yourself and strive to reach them. Remember that exceptional people do exceptional things try to push the boundaries of your potential. Some things in life are just random and what you do with it is what matters. Your life is your own. You can choose the direction you want to take and pursue it one small step at a time.
2. Appreciate yourself: Look on the inside and find things that you like about yourself, even if it is something small. Are you funny? What do you have pride in? Are you good with people? Do you have a lot of patience? When you focus on the positive things about yourself, you might have a positive influence on others without even knowing it. Appreciate your physical attributes. Do you have nice strong nails or beautiful feet? Does your haircut make you look great? Find things that appeal to you.
3. Change the way you look at things: If you cannot change something, change your attitude towards it. It all depends on how you choose to look at things. Let yourself dream and get excited about possibilities. If you cannot change something, do not waste your time worrying over it. If you can’t control it let it go.
“If you change the way you look at things, 
the things you look at change.” 
– Dr Wayne Dyer
4. Block out negative thoughts: If you find yourself in a bad mood decide to change your mind. Do not focus on the negatives. Ask yourself the right kind of questions like what can I learn from this rather than why did this happen to me?. Make your self-talk positive. Get feedback and support from positive people in your life that make you feel good about yourself and know how to stay positive themselves. Do not automatically assume that nobody cares. Realize that most people have ups and down in their life as well as moments of low self-esteem. Remember that there will always be a tomorrow, next week, next month. Some things pass with time and most things tend to get better.
5. Do not stop yourself from feeling joy: Let yourself enjoy life. Take the time, step back and just enjoy the moment. It is important to smile and laugh even if your situation is not the best. Have fun for fun’s sake, even it is not important.
“There are always flowers 
for those who want to see them.” 
–Henry Matisse
6. Reminisce and take time for yourself: This is an important how to stay positive tip. Think about happy memories. Think back about all the good things you have experienced, felt, achieve it doesnt matter how small. Remember that in the future there will be many more good things and do not allow a few obstacles to get in your way. Another how to stay positive tip is to spend some quiet time alone, without any distractions like a cell phone or television and listen to your inner self.
7. Be consciously grateful: Find things, people or experiences to be grateful for EVERYDAY! Take stock of your life and consciously appreciate the people and the things in it. It does not have to be big things but I am sure if you have access to this blog post on a computer any computer you must have something to be grateful for. There will always be people out there that are much worse off than yourself but are still able to stay positive.
A final way I learned how to stay positive is to keep healthy, stimulated and challenged by doing loads of activities. 
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5 Ways To Banish Life Limiting Beliefs

Are Unconscious Beliefs Holding You Back?

Before the age of five, pretty much everything we hear and experience is sucked up like a vacuum cleaner. Our brains, at that age, operate mainly in what scientists call theta waves. It’s similar to REM sleep or hypnosis and works beautifully for picking up language, family nuances, and other things useful for making our way in the physical world.
As I explain in my new book, E-Cubed, this mental, emotional and physical framework is the programming that runs our lives. It’s very useful when driving a car (imagine trying to relearn from scratch every time you get behind a steering wheel) or brushing our teeth but it wreaks havoc on our connection to the higher realms. By relying on these “memes” or cataloged lessons from your family, your culture and your past, you miss the teeming energy available in the atomic now. 
There is great substance within each present moment, just waiting to explode with goodness, magic and blessings.
But by reapplying old, often inappropriate “cultural paradigms,” you miss the magic—you completely overlook all the life-empowering data that’s trying to stream to you from your inner, nonphysical self. This traps you in a web of defensive, limiting perceptions. In fact, anytime we’re not in the present moment, that tape loop kicks in and old constrictions and perceptual habits take over, infecting our thinking, our actions, and our beliefs. They’re also a son of a bitch when attempting to be happy or manifest our dreams.
None of these habits of thought are true but because they stay buried for the most part, living in our subconscious like rats in the cellar, they subtly play out in our life experience anytime we’re not “in the now.” 
My friend Jay calls them BS—belief systems full of that other kind of BS. Unfortunately, these are the programs we use to explain, identify and cope with our lives. They run most of the time even when we’re affirming and intending other things.
Here are 5 of the most popular memes from Worldview 1.0, memes that you might as well as long as you’re armed and actively fighting, take Beyoncé’s advice and “put a ring” on them. Since you’re already in a committed relationship with them anyway. Each meme is followed by a Truth from Worldview 2.0, a Truth guaranteed to take the Mickey right out of your old beliefs.

1. Meme: The world is a menacing place. Our job is to put on our armor and work like hell to stay one step ahead of the terrorists, the supergerms, the dysfunctional stepmoms and of course, the zombies.
Worldview 2.0: There is nothing to fear. As A Course in Miracles repeatedly tells us, “We lay a heavy load upon ourselves with our insane beliefs that pain and sin are real. Pain is purposeless, without a cause and with no power to accomplish anything.”
2. Meme: Life happens to me. “I’m an innocent bystander, a pitiful victim of circumstance, of weather, of disease, and, worse, of my own dysfunction. External events (those things from meme #1) constantly get in my face. The best I can do is learn to cope with these external events.”
Worldview 2.0: Life emanates from me. “I create the world with my thoughts, my beliefs and my energetic frequency.”
3. Meme: Events happen; therefore, I feel bad. Most of our thoughts and feelings are programmed by the culture in which we are raised. We are trained at a very early age what makes us happy, which feelings go with which events, and how our moods should play out. We are trained to experience unhappy emotions, to blame these feeling on outside events, and to cry and moan about the unfairness of it all. We are trained not to expect good things. 
In fact, all responsible people know that “shit happens.” We are trained to worry about letting people down, being disliked, getting sick, being poor. We’re trained to worry about pathogens, carcinogens, microwaves, plastic containers, preservatives, using mobile phones, and on and on.
Worldview 2.0: Without this training, joy is my natural state. As Esther Hicks, author and inspirational speaker, once asked, “How come we only erect statues to war heroes? Where’re the statues of surfer dudes?”

4. Meme: God is an entity outside of me. “Lowly ‘little ole me’ must appeal to His Majesty’s benevolence, with fingers crossed that He’ll somehow find time for me, a doubtful proposition, being as He’s tied up fighting world hunger.” 

Worldview 2.0: God is a state of being, a loving energy that flows through me, sustains me, and surrounds me with light. Although it’s impossible to define or put into words, this “Radiant X,” as poet Stephen Mitchell calls it, is the unnameable reality that causes everything to exist.

5. Meme: I have to do everything myself. Work, strive, keep on keeping on.

Worldview 2.0: The only thing I have to do is follow my joy. The universe will take care of everything else. Limitation and lack is a story we made up, no more real than the Easter Bunny. Trying to force and manipulate reality is counterproductive in the new paradigm. Although the universal field is invisible (making it a lot harder to trust for some folks), it’s actually far more tangible and powerful than forcing and grunting and groaning will ever be. By stepping back and connecting with the power of the universe, everything unfolds with ease and grace.

Click here to try a free energy experiment from E-Cubed – The Red Pill Corollary – and see evidence that you attract what you think about.
Pam Grout

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Wishes Do Come True!

Take back your power by taking control of your thoughts.

Stop for a moment and think about your thoughts. They’re non-stop, aren’t they? I’m sure you sometimes wish you could slow them down or turn them off—but you simply cannot. They come and go as they please, wreak havoc as they see fit and, on a good day, can elevate your mood and make you feel like dancing. How many do you think you have in a day? A hundred? A thousand? Nope. Try 60,000.

Sixty-thousand thoughts in a 24-hour period. Wow!! I just read that statistic and that’s what I said—WOW! I got to thinking: what is swimming around inside my head 60,000 times a day?

More important, how many are relevant, productive and important thoughts—and how many are mindless chatter? How many complaints, rants and trivial issues do I allow to clutter my mind tens of thousands of times a day? I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think I want to either. My guess is you are in the same boat.

Consider your thoughts—how many times a day do thoughts and ideas cross your mind that can birth planets, create life, change someone’s life, heal someone, inspire another or motivate you and others?

Thoughts are like a seed you plant—the question is, are you planting a weed, your favorite fragrant flower or nutritious food? Thoughts are a subconscious magnet—they are the greatest source of attraction, seduction and enrollment.

Picture a fabulous genie in your mind, ready and willing to fulfill your every desire, saying “as you wish” to every thought you have. It’s exciting—and it’s also scary. Because sometimes you have scary thoughts. You have unhealthy, negative, depressing and self-destructive thoughts. The genie in your head doesn’t know the difference, it’s trained to grant your every wish, your every desire, whether it’s healthy or harmful.

Your subconscious simply says, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to your every thought.

The universe answers back, “I’ll have what she’s having.” Soon you give birth to your thoughts. You are about to be laid off from work. You lost your best client. You broke up with someone. You are about to enter into foreclosure. You gained that ten pounds back. You produce all sorts of thoughts without even remembering what you were paying attention to in the first place.

I’ve read that computers can now “read” minds by scanning brain activity and reproducing it as video footage—as moving images of what people are seeing or remembering. You need to be your own computer, always monitoring what you are seeing or remembering. Change the channel if you aren’t entertained.

When you say “I will be—I am committed to being—financially free,” the powerful genie in your head responds, “as you wish.”

Employing that logic, consider what would happen if you said, “I’m horrible with money. I never have any, and I’m always struggling.” The same genie hears that and says, “As you wish.”

Wait, what?? I didn’t wish for that, what’s wrong with my genie?? Nothing. She’s just fine, she’s doing her job to collect her paycheck while you cry about not having any money. You asked for it, you got it.

What happens next? You assume the victim role. You blame everyone but yourself. You judge the person, or persons, that you fault for your misfortune. You point your finger at circumstances. Yes, that’s it! Bad luck and unfortunate circumstances—or “circus-stances”—put you in this position. No sweetheart, they didn’t. You put you in this position.

Accept responsibility now.

The beauty of accepting responsibility is that you are also accepting the power to change your life, yourself and your circumstances. Why would you want to give that power to anyone else? You have spent a lifetime becoming your own person—now be that person!

–Wendy Robbins 

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