Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empathic Troubleshooting

by Krishanti Wahla –

3 Common Psychic Development Problems and Solutions

We are all psychic and we are all intuitive. Everyone has the ability to access some degree of clairvoyance in order to gain a deeper level of understanding and meaning – it just takes a little time, effort, focus and patience with the whole process.
Clairvoyance means clear seeing and involves letting your imagination show you pictures as a way of explaining things. Clairaudience means clear hearing and involves hearing messages as guidance. Empathy or clairsentience, means clear feeling, in the form of sensations that tell you about certain people or situations.
Many who are just beginning to tap into their psychic abilities have a hard time interpreting the information that comes through, and this is where a lot of patience is required.
Psychic info can be tough to decipher, because the very notion of interpretation leads you down the path of analysis, which forces you to use the logical side of your brain to make sense of the information that the imaginative side of your brain is intuiting.
That logical side of the brain loves to label psychic information as ridiculous, un-trustworthy, and weird. But being psychic about something really means letting go of control and trusting that what comes through makes sense on some level, even if it’s not immediately apparent.
Here are 3 common problem areas when it comes to understanding the messages you’re receiving and how to work with/around them.

When tuning in to gather information on an issue or problem, clairvoyant images pop up that seem totally random and make no sense.

If the random images you see are troubling and bothersome, take action and either destroy them by blowing them up on your screen or send them off into outer space or another realm where they disappear.

If the images don’t bother you but just don’t make sense, record them in a notebook so that you can come back to them later. Often, images that seemingly make no sense end up making complete sense later on – we just need the present moment to catch up to them. From my experience, it’s the images that seem to make no sense at all that end up making the most sense of all.


Clairaudient messages (which typically come through as thoughts, not as external voices talking to you) aren’t reliable. One day you’ll be certain you’re hearing that you need to turn off the iron but when you go to check it, it’s already off. Another day, you’ll hear that your friend is going to cancel at the last minute and sure enough, she does.

When first working with clairaudience, it takes a lot of people time to sense the guided messages from the regular mental OCD-type messages. I believe the OCD-type messages are just your ego mind throwing up some resistance into the mix. Many people I’ve worked with have told me they always have a running conversation going on with themselves and have done so for as long as they can remember.

So, imagine how that self you’re always talking to feels when suddenly this running conversation isn’t good enough for you anymore and you’re only tuning into guided or higher-self messages? It takes time and effort to distinguish true guidance from self-talk but what you will notice is that the more enlightened clairaudient messages tend to be really calm, strong, quiet and clear. Non-enlightened messages from your ego mind tend to sound worried, long-winded or shallow.


You get a bad feeling or feel anxious or nervous about a person or situation for some reason but you don’t know why.


Take it from me; being empathic seems more of a curse than a gift, because it’s extremely hard to feel something in your physical body and then try and figure out if it’s from you, the person next to you or the client you’re going to be seeing in an hour. Sometimes you have to just wait for the person or situation to reveal itself to you and when it does, the feeling you had dissipates. If you don’t want to wait, however, you can first just put your hand over your solar plexus chakra and ask, “Why am I feeling like this?” and wait to see what type of guidance you receive either through instant knowing, clairvoyance, or clairaudience.

You can also just sit for a moment and think about the major areas of or people in your life and do a clairvoyant test to see which one of these it is. For instance, create a symbol for your work and then ask, “Am I feeling bad because there’s something going on at work?” and see what you get. Or, think about the people in your life and notice if you feel worse when focusing on someone in particular. Then, use your clairvoyant skills to see what/why you’re sensing this.

If you are working on developing your psychic skills and are looking for a community to practice with, I recommend checking out my teacher Debra Katz’s online group, Seventh Sight, which is comprised of a community of like-minded people working to expand and develop their intuitive skills. Also, remember – the key to getting the most out of your psychic abilities is to quiet your mind. This meditation I recorded will help – memorize it, and run through it every time you sit down to work on a problem you’d like your intuition to tackle, and you’ll notice a difference.
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10 Coping Tips for Emotional Empaths

by Krishanti Wahla – 

When I first started becoming aware of the world of energy and I heard about “emotional empaths,” I thought they were a rare breed of super-psychic, sensitive people who were different from everyone else. It turns out, that’s not necessarily the case. 
Empaths, you see are highly affected by the energies around them.  

Often referred to as “sponges” and they get thrown off by other people’s moods and emotions, sensing their joy and excitement (which can be ok to feel) but also their anger, depression, sorrow and pain (which is awful to feel – especially because a lot of empaths have a hard time discerning whether these feelings belong to themselves, or someone else). 

Nowadays, I’m almost starting to think it’s more strange NOT to be an empath than to be one because most of the people I meet for readings and healings are emotional empaths to some degree or another. 
If you find your emotions swinging all over the place for no apparent reason or start to feel overwhelmed, weirded out or bombarded by energies in different places or spaces, you might (like a lot people) be empathic. 
The following techniques can help you to get grounded, centered and back to your own vibration.

1. If a place feels off to you, leave it. Don’t hang around for any “logical” reason – just get out.  

There’s a shop near my home that has amazing clothes but every time I go in there I get a headache and leave feeling crappy. I’m not going there again anytime soon – unless I’m really ready to risk a potentially amazing fashion find for feeling bad for an afternoon.  

2. Do certain people make you feel “off?” If so, create distance between your body and theirs. 

Don’t keep interacting with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. Get the heck away from them! If any of these people happen to be your boss or co-workers, it’s time to get a new job. 

3. If you’re stuck sitting somewhere and you can’t stand it anymore, get up and start walking around. 

Leave the building and walk around the block if you can – just start moving. 

4. When you’re feeling down or not yourself, listen to music. 

Trust your intuition to tell you what you need – soothing, classical music, upbeat, fun music, or mellow, chill-out tunes. The notes will shift your vibration and bring you back to center.  

5. Feeling totally burned out? Retreat in solitude for a while. 

Take a bath, hide out in your bedroom and watch movies or read books or magazines, or go by yourself to your favorite place in nature. If you can, get out of town for a weekend. The distance will recharge your batteries. 

6. Create an Energetic No-Fly Zone around your aura. 

Envision your aura as it surrounds your body. Imagine it stretching to 10 feet (or more) in every direction, up above your head, down below your feet, and all around your body. Then see a strong, unbreakable, bullet-proof shield around the edges that keeps all foreign energy out. 

If you’re feeling super bombarded and threatened, make the shield into iron and put sharp thorns or spikes in it. The more you reinforce this imagery, the more you’ll find that people respect your space, and your vibration will in turn become less sponge-like and absorbent.   

7. Did you just get slimed by someone? This shamanic/witchy routine may help.

This technique should be reserved for when you really super need help with clearing. It’s called an “egg cleanse.” Take a raw white egg, hold it between your hands, and pray, pray, pray that it will absorb any negative vibes from your body. 

Run it all over your head, down your arms, and circle it around each of your chakras, envisioning at all times that it’s absorbing any and all negative energy from your body. When you’re done, throw it into the toilet so it cracks, and then flush the egg – and the bad vibes – away forever. 

8. Get creative with crystals, oils, and amulets.

There’s a reason these tools have been in existence for ages. Black tourmaline is great for empaths. Hold it in your hand or over your solar plexus chakra and imagine it protecting you from unwanted stuff. 

Lemon essential oil cleanses other people’s vibes from your body, and rosemary, lavender, and cedar help strengthen your personal vibration. Any amulet in the form of a ring, necklace, or bracelet will remind you of your own strength and help you from soaking up, and being affected by, other people’s stuff.  

9. Go into child’s pose. 

This yoga position always helps you regain your own energy. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and ask your guides to help you release any energy that’s not yours so that you can stay centered, focused, and grounded.  

10. Ask yourself what you need right now and then do it – immediately! 

It could be as simple as petting your cat, going for a run, downing a glass of water, eating some chocolate or watching something that will make you laugh out loud. Try this experiment in tuning in to your higher self, and you will definitely receive guidance that is good for you at any given moment.

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5 Ways to Stop Criticizing and Judging Others

by Krishanti Wahla –

Very few people can honestly say they don’t judge or criticize others. I can’t. Can you? In fact, many of us see things in black and white (whether we are aware of it or not), righteously and firmly planted in the belief that we are right and others are wrong…or assuming that we know what other people’s motives are but really, in essence having no idea. 
When we judge people or events we create constricting energy that boxes up our own vibration and even holds back the progress of our collective consciousness. 
Think about it – do you ever really feel good when you’re judging or criticizing someone else? No. It puts you in an ugly, closed-off space. And in order to thrive and grow, you need to feel good, and to be in a strong, positive vibration. When you judge someone for being an ass, you’re the ass, too – because you’re all caught up in criticizing and judging them. And that’s not cool.
It’s not always easy to switch over to non-critical thoughts, though – so here are 5 ways to suspend judgement and get into the zone of all-for-one goodness:

1. Just Knock it Off. 

Easier said than done, right? But honestly, you’ve gotta stop at some point. Try this: the minute you start thinking negatively about someone, stop yourself mid-thought and ask yourself why you’re going there, and correct the action while it’s happening.  

Either pull yourself into the present moment and train your brain to think about and focus on something else, or, if you have the time, take a moment to write down what you think about that person;  if you’re angry, get it out! 

Then crumple up the piece of paper, throw it out and be done with it (until the next critical thought comes up – and when it does and it will, do this again and again and again, until you finally end the cycle.). 

2. Walk in Their Shoes 

Don’t think for a moment that you can know what ANYONE’S life is like until you walk in their shoes. You have no idea – you really, really have no idea – what their experience is. Once you can accept that, you can disconnect, unplug and pull your vibration away from trying to figure out what you think is so wrong about that person’s beliefs or actions. 

Maybe, at some point or another, you’ll experience something that the person you’re judging is experiencing. Who’s to say you’ll react any better than they did, or do? You can’t know their journey until you take it yourself.   

3. Don’t Assume ANYTHING. 

Remember that to assume makes an ASS out of YOU and ME. Don’t assume anything. You could be seriously wrong. 

4. Create a loving heart.  

Work on opening yourself up to being a lover, not a hater. Start by recognizing the people and animals you love easily, and allow your love to grow. Smile more. Imagine the asshole honking at you in traffic is your son or grandson, and send him love. 

Recognize that the telemarketer is just doing her job, and send her love. Each morning, commit to having a loving heart, and to create a loving world. It won’t work overnight, but in time, you will cultivate a loving vibration that is much higher spiritually than criticism or judgement. 

5. Know that it’s not about you. 

A huge reason why we’re so critical and judgmental is that we act from our egos, taking life ever-so-personally. But no matter who you feel critical of – parents, children, friends, co-workers, bad doctors or dentists – pull yourself out of the interaction and truly realize that it’s not about you. 

People will act the way they’re going to act regardless of whether you’re there or not and you can’t change that.

It takes a ton of effort to turn off criticism and judgement in a world that embraces it so wholeheartedly (just turn on the TV or pick up a tabloid) but once you begin to practice suspending these thoughts and vibrations, you’ll realize that you actually feel better and that it’s a lighter way of being.  I’m trying to adjust my thoughts and beliefs and I feel happier when I’m more understanding about people and less huffy-puffy, in a tizzy or mad at them for whatever they’re doing that I perceive is uncool. 
When you’re truly un-judgemental, your energy flows and your vibration lightens up. 
Change starts with one person and you, too, can be an influencer in this new thought movement making a difference that contributes to elevating the vibration of our entire planetary consciousness. 
I’d say that’s worth trying for. Is there a person or situation that gets you all judge-y and critical? I want to hear your experiences and see if these techniques will help – so please leave a comment below.

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