Becoming One with the Oneness

by Julie Redstone – 

We do not have to ask ourselves whether we are breathing because breathing is not a concept. It is a perceived sensation and automatic action within the body.

In the same way, Oneness will become felt within the body not as an idea but as a sensation – a perception of the same degree of reality as breathing brings to our physical senses.

The doorway is open.

The passage has begun. Each consciousness that is willing can become more attuned to the underlying reality that is growing within human awareness.

Let love extend further beyond the limits of the smaller self and its particular likes and dislikes and you will open the door further. Forgive everyone and you will take another step.

This is the time of awakening. Blessings.

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Facing Financial Challenges

by Julie Redstone –

So many have written with prayer requests in relation to a desperate financial situation that we deemed it important to offer this overall perspective to benefit those in need. Please consider these ideas, derived from principles of light and let them resonate with your own inner sense of truth:

1. Trust.

In all instances where life seems to present what appear to be insurmountable circumstances, trust is needed – trust that there is a way through the difficulty and that Divine support and guidance can be found. Trust is a necessary spiritual quality of the embodied soul facing life challenges.

2. Disconnect from fear.

Trust cannot flourish in the presence of fear. It is limited by fear. And so those who wish to improve the chances of finding the way through difficulty need to try to disconnect from fear and believe that a way through can be found.Where fear is strong, one must practice disconnecting over and over again.

3. Seek inner guidance.

Every human being has access to inner guidance from the Divine source within. Such guidance is important in decision-making and in knowing which direction to take.

Light a candle and ask for guidance about the way through the challenges you face. Listen in quiet for the inner voice of truth that you carry. Let your mind become silent. Listen to your heart and to your deeper knowing.

4. Explore possibilities.

Do not believe that you are helpless or that there is no open road ahead of you. Believe that with God’s help you can create a different outcome than the one you most fear. Trust that not all paths are closed.

5. Believe you are loved.

Do not think that because things seem desperate that you are not loved by God. There are reasons for what is happening to you financially, emotionally, and in all ways. This is a time of planetary transition, and many are going through huge internal and external upheavals. In the presence of these upheavals, God is holding you.

6. Monitor your thoughts.

Your inner thoughts and feelings have much to do with what happens to you outwardly. Let your thoughts be of hope and of a positive outcome to your dilemma.Turn to inner guidance and to the deepest truth of your heart for a truth that can sustain you.

7. Value love in all forms.

In times of difficulty, allow love to cushion and comfort you, for love can hold all things and make all things bearable. The valuing of love is in itself a way through all difficulty.

8. Connect.

Do not isolate yourself, but connect with others. Let yourself be part of a world that supports hope, not part of a world that supports despair. Know that no matter what you are going through, you are not going through it alone.

May these principles of light, light your way.
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A Higher Vibration of Light

The Earth is changing in its physical/energetic structure and along with it, all who inhabit physical bodies are moving into a higher vibration of light. What this means is that certain things that were possible before in the way of mistreatment of the body will now have stronger negative effects, and certain things that were not possible before such as being aware of spiritual perceptions, energetic sensations and a flow of emotions that seem to rise out of nowhere, will now become more common.

These effects are part of taking on a body of light, something that is not chosen through an act of will but that can be enhanced through the practices that one now applies to the body and to one’s consciousness. The overall perspective needs to be held that purification of all that is not light within the self is now taking place and as a result, an upsurge of both physical, mental and emotional conditions that have no rational explanation will now more easily appear.

To care for your light-body, there are three levels that must be addressed:

1) Physical. Your diet will have a strong influence on the amount of spiritual light that your body can carry, with those who are eating denser foods or foods that add toxins to the body reducing the amount of light that can be held.

2) Emotional. Your emotional life needs increasingly to be held within a spiritual perspective, since the increasing force of light will bring emotions to the fore that may be difficult to deal with and that have a spiritual origin rather than a psychological one.

3) Spiritual. You need to anchor yourself in a regular spiritual practice that involves prayer or meditation or just being quiet on a regular basis so that messages from your own higher self can be perceived more clearly, as well as guidance from those who are guiding you.

This is the time of change beloved ones and your soul has chosen to be here to take part in it as fully as possible. May your efforts be rewarded by the grace of God’s light which will bring to you what your deepest heart most desires. 

To understand the purification process and the transition into light more fully, read about the Purification Process.

–Julie Redstone

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Entering the Realm of Multidimensionality

The ‘world of possibility’ exists within each moment. It comes into being through our relationship with the Divine which is the strongest creative power in the universe. This creative power flows through all moments, yet is invisible to us when we are closed to it – when we view ourselves as formed and shaped by the roles we play and the past we have lived through.
On a collective level, this past has separated the physical from the spiritual and held visible evidence to be the underlying structure of reality rather than invisible grace. Based on separation from the Divine, our collective past has created a world that predicts from the past to the future based on what has been seen and known. This view conditions our expectations and restricts our hope. It also restricts our hope for the possibilities inherent in each moment.
Today, this worldview is being challenged by the new awareness arising in many. 

This awareness is expanding perceptions beyond the visible and revealing new realities that have never been open to us before. Beyond logic or reason, Divine life and light are bringing into being the confluence of spirit and matter. They are closing the gap between the spiritual and the physical and making what was impossible before, possible.

Our outlook, then, if we choose to flow with the Divine in each moment, must be that something new can take place if we allow it. We can be new, because the fixed identity of the past is now loosening its hold on us. Divine light is causing the heart to awaken, and with it a deeper truth about who we are.

We cannot be new if we are afraid of change or if we believe we are the past. These beliefs must be let go of for they close down the moment and limit the possible.

However, we are being invited to claim our Divine heritage, to join with the sacred core of who we are in a unity that has always existed, however unrecognized.

This movement into unity is the reason things can be new. For we are joining with that part of ourselves that has never left the grace of God, the love of God, the oneness of God.

We are joining with the higher aspects of our selves and entering the realm of multidimensionality. 

This is the world of our higher self or soul, now able to express itself more clearly within our consciousness and within our life upon the Earth.

More than anything else, fear of the Unknown restricts the opening of the ‘world of possibility’. Fear that the Unknown is not trustworthy. Fear that the Unknown will not guide us. Fear that we will not be led, or shown, or illumined in ways that will teach us how to live.
This fear is based on what has been, and also on the transition we are in. And so we are unsure of its stability and its ability to be the firm foundation for a life.
Fear diminishes and confidence increases through embracing the Unknown – through allowing it to teach us and guide us and shape our actions and decisions. When we believe in our capacity to live a Divinely guided life, we have already begun to build the foundation for that life. We have opened the doors so that the currents of creative inspiration can enter.
Today, we live in a time of change and of awakening upon the Earth, of letting go of the past in favor of an unknown future. In this movement, the light within all things is leading us toward a life that is fluid rather than solid, undetermined rather than known, changing rather than static. To be in this new life, we must learn to swim with the currents of change.
Today, we are being called, each and every one of us to embrace this shift and to become fluid. 
For it is the time of possibilities and the Earth itself is now moving from a state of pain and limitation into a new state of beauty and grace.

–Julie Redstone
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Earth’s Great Awakening

by Julie Redstone –

There comes a time in the life of a people, when what has gone before must give way to the new, and what has been thought of as a way of life and a standard for defining the normalcy of days, must adapt itself to a new current of light and life that now enters the picture. Such is the time for America today and, indeed, for the world, for the old ways of doing things are about to give way before a new consciousness that shall envelop both the nation and the world. This new consciousness will shine a light more brightly than ever before on the internal mechanisms by which people think, feel, and make choices in their everyday lives. All that is hidden from the eyes of others will become known to the self, and the motives that are less than desirable will also become visible to the illuminated awareness.

This greater consciousness is meant to be a great gift, though it brings with it the problem of having to finally deal with those things that one would rather have concealed from the self or put away until such time as it seemed more comfortable to take them out. Nevertheless, awakening consciousness to the true nature of the self is of great and priceless benefit, for it enables each soul to finally become free of all that holds it back from realizing its true potential. For this self-constriction is not based on circumstances that flow through life and come and go, but rather on the inner nature of deeply held thought and belief which define the expectancies and the fruits of a life. These are the building blocks out of which the flow of life is created.

In the present moment, the movement toward greater visibility of self is still quietly moving along subtle channels, creating little disturbance of the inner landscape. It is still not being perceived as the wave of change that it is, and only some who are more sensitive to the ebbs and flows of thought and feeling, or those who are suddenly having to deal with stronger surges of darkness and negativity are becoming aware of what this wave is bringing. Yet, within a short space of time, many more will become aware of the things that have been hidden and will need to know what to do with all the levels of thought and feeling that suddenly become part of everyday awareness.

For this understanding to root itself in the place where healing and transformation can occur, it is necessary that God enter the picture. For the phenomenon of illuminated awareness is not caused by the self, nor by any motives that reside within, nor by any external circumstance. Rather the phenomenon of awakening is caused by Divine timing and ordination which has finally moved to sound the call for humanity’s movement forward, and to shine the light of truth into the domain of ordinary consciousness. This is the time of the great purification for mankind, and for the letting go of that which needs to be let go of in order that each soul become free.

There are some who will continue to feel hardened to their own inner process of learning and who will deny it in others, and there are some who will feel abused, or humiliated, or attacked, by their very own self and the inner life that is opening. What is important to remember at this time is that what begins in confusion will end in hope. What begins with distress at things that have never been experienced before, will end in a simplicity of being and an expanded space within the self that will bring greater peace and a greater capacity to share oneself with others in a true way. It will also bring, in the end, a greater awareness of God’s love and of God’s gifts to humanity.

All forms of life are moving into this next step of awakened consciousness, and all forms of nature will be affected as well by the increased light of awareness. Yet it is the human being who will be most acutely affected since it is human awareness that is differentiated in the most subtle and complex ways and that responds most to the emotional domain of existence. Nevertheless, all of nature shall respond to this call to awaken, and both plant and animal life shall feel and seem more alive, more vibrant, and more conscious.

This is the miracle of the time we are in and for which all souls have waited, namely, that the life of God that has existed in all beings without exception, shall finally become more visible, and ordinary reality as it exists in trees, brooks, grass, leaves, clouds, air, mist, earth – shall finally take on the visibility of light that has always been part of the structure of life-forms, but never part of their radiance. Now, life shall radiate light.

For those who fear this time, it is important to know that all who are here on the earth have come in order to be part of this great transition, and there is no one who will not be helped with the process by Divine aid as well as by the light of their own soul. The music of that soul shall begin to sound more loudly in the ears and hearts of each one, and each one shall begin to find the inner guidance that will lead them through the newness and uncertainty of this time.

Blessed are those who have come to share in the great awakening of the earth and of human consciousness that is part of the present moment. May all be blessed and may all perceive the true nature of God’s sacred reality as it arrives to bless the earth.
Justify Full

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The Oneness of the Human Family

by Julie Redstone
An Idea Whose Time Has Come:

There are pivotal ideas that have changed the destiny of mankind and shaped its future. Many have remained unnoticed within the shadowy corners of history until a bright light has shown on them, illuminating them, and making them relevant to time, place, and circumstance.

Such is the understanding of the oneness of the human family, of mankind – an idea that has been part of human consciousness for ages, yet one that has not attained its full status as being real or relevant until today, when the planetary body itself is in danger, and when new possibilities appear within the hearts of many who are being influenced by expanding spiritual light upon the Earth.

The idea of the human family relates not only to its essential oneness in terms of the basic needs and rights of every individual upon the Earth – the need and right to food, shelter, and a way of life free from fear. The idea of the human family relates also to the understanding that there is a basic kinship among mankind, a basic essence that we share together so that in heart, mind, body, and spirit, there is more that joins us than that separates us.

This perception, when taken to a deeper level of truth and reality, has radical consequences.

For it means that we cannot separate the world any longer into those we love and those we hate, those who are with us and those who are against us. Indeed, we must find a way to achieve common ground even with those we hold profound differences with, recognizing their humanity, recognizing, that they, too, have the same underlying structure of needs and desires that define all that is human.

We are in the process of discovering, today, not a new truth about the physical, biological, or chemical structure of what it means to be human – although advances in science are revealing a great deal in these areas as well. Today, we are discovering a truth that emerges from the heart. This truth emanates a sense of compassion, a desire for peace, a longing for honesty and an end to deception, an aversion to all that limits or restricts the rights of individuals to live freely.

These ideals, illuminated by spiritual light, are glowing more brightly within the human heart, so that structures and policies that are detrimental to the right of individual freedom are being questioned, policies that have been long established that have contained hidden motives or agendas are being uncovered, and practices that are restrictive to human liberty are being exposed. These policies and practices may not yet have an immediate substitute at hand. For the vision of the new has not yet fully come into being. Yet the desire for fundamental respect to be accorded to each and every human being because of their humanity, is moving more into the foreground of human consciousness.

An idea whose time has come may have been present in awareness long before this. It may even have been one commonly referred to, yet without understanding the full consequence of its emergence into the light of day.

Such is the idea of the ‘human family’, one in mind, heart, and spirit, waiting to recognize itself as one in body as well. For this ‘body’ of the human family is nothing other than the essence of Divine life and Divine energy that has lived within each human soul from the beginning of time.

It is the essence of truth and of purity that has remained at the core, no matter what the exterior self has displayed. This Divine essence which links all in ‘body’ as well as in mind and heart, means that there is no longer an ‘outsider’ or ‘other’ that we may declare as such. For all are united in a common Source that flows through the spiritual veins of each human being.

This is the new and radical truth whose time has come. It has not yet fully arrived on the human scene, but is waiting in the wings. It is waiting for each one to awaken to the full meaning of being One.

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Intellect and Soul


by Julie Redstone –

Many people who have been closed are now opening to a deeper sense of life and of themselves. The rational left brain is pondering its own experience and the limitations of that experience and beginning to reach for something else.

Often, what slows down this process and makes it more laborious is the way in which the intellect has been used to protect the self from feeling or knowing certain deeper levels of awareness. This protection has worked well in many cases, since with a well-honed intellect one can operate very successfully in the world – at least outwardly.

And yet the intellect is not the soul.

Beneath the rational mind and the outer success is the awareness that something else is missing. Eventually, over time, a reaching for that something else takes place.

Help toward making the shift toward greater feeling, intuition, inspiration, and softness in general can be had by making efforts in the direction of acknowledging whatever fear may be present toward doing so.

Sometimes, the intellect has done such a good job disguising this fear that it is invisible to the conscious self. Nevertheless, the turning of the soul toward a deeper level of truth will produce the beginning changes that need to happen to open up a different level of awareness. The principle of “ask and it shall be given” is true here, for those who desire to know the truth of their deeper nature will find it.