Recognizing Signs from Spirit

by Joseph Eliezer – 

If you have been trying to make your life a little easier and more fulfilling lately, chances are that you have been introduced to many concepts which declare that the way to do this is through Spiritual enlightenment.

From bettering your health to increasing your finances or obtaining peace of mind, most of the books that have dominated the bestseller list and in the media, over the past decade, all agree that the key to living a more rewarding life is to live it with a greater emphasis on Spirit. 

That being the case, the question that comes up is “how is that done?” “How can you make your life better all the way around by living it according to Spirit?,” 
The answer to that is by learning to interpret the guidance that is given to you and developing the courage to act on it.

It is important to know that being communicated to and from Spirit is not something only for the elite. Many of the modern beliefs point to the coincidences that occur in your life as being messages from or communication with a higher deity. Translation: if you are experiencing a coincidence, then you are being communicated to. 

After all, it is literally impossible to plan such occurrences and always, the coincidence has to do with moving your life or helping to move somebody else’s life forward. To this rule there are no exceptions.
I remember one such instance a few years ago. 
I was walking through a shopping mall and saw an old friend sitting on one of the benches there. He looked depressed and sort of troubled. I walked up to him and greeted him with a big warm smile. “Hey Lorne,” I said, “How are you doing?” He answered that he was not doing very well. Lorne had just recently got married. His beautiful wife and he were expecting a baby a few months down the road, and he had recently lost his job.

The day before that, I was talking to another old friend of mine who told me that he was looking for a sales rep for his company. So the next day, while I was talking to Lorne, I asked him if he had ever thought about working in sales. He said that he loved being in sales and would jump at the chance to sell again if the product was right. 

I then told him about the conversation I had with my other friend the day before and suddenly Lorne’s eyes perked up. I gave him my other friend’s phone number and within a week, Lorne was on the road earning more money than he ever had in the past. I got a thank you card from both of them not three weeks after my chance meeting with Lorne in the mall. It made my day.

Signs from Spirit come in all shapes, forms and sizes. 

It is impossible to make a human inventory about the many ways in which Spirit can come into your life, because Spirit is not human.

Another rule of thumb that is held by devout Spiritualists is that absolutely everything that happens to you in your life happens for a reason, no matter how big or small the event is.

Just as there was a reason for me to have a conversation with my friend who owned a business that day, so too was there a reason for me to bump into Lorne the next day. The conversation with the friend happened for a reason; my coincidental meeting with Lorne did too. I interpreted the two occurrences and through action, played the part of the messenger by connecting them together doing them both a favor, which in turn made me feel most spiritual.

The best thing that you can do in learning to become more spiritual is to learn to be more open to the experiences that occur in your life and by not judging them as good or bad. 

There is a reason why things happen to you and as you start to open yourself to the unlimited possibilities to the ways that Spirit communicates through the events in your life, you begin to live the teaching that says, “The Lord works in mysterious ways”.

Your job in making the Spiritual world more physical is not to force these ways to make sense according to how you want your life to be but to be open to them, thus giving the events that occur in your life more room to flow. This will allow events to unfold naturally in your life, which will bring you the health, joy and prosperity that you are wanting. It cannot be otherwise.

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