Love in the Present Moment

The love and the light that is required on your ascension journey is reflected in your reality in each moment. You cannot love in the past for that moment is gone. You cannot love in the future because its details have not yet been created and every aspect of the future depends on what you do in each present moment.

If you want the future to be joyful, fulfilling, loving and abundant you must create that energy in this moment.

Do not be distracted by what the moment appears to be, its outcome is calling you to send light, to shift its energy by allowing your desires to be your focus, acknowledging what you have created and raising its frequency by sending love and light to its darkest aspects.

Each thing you are aware of and judge is part of the past and although it appears to be real, present and permanent, it is only an echo of your most recent manifestation. When you can perceive a result you are looking at the past. When you know an outcome, you are experiencing the result of a manifestation that has already been created.

It is through your focus on creation and manifestation in the present moment, being mindful of the past as a map which indicates where you need to focus your light, you heal the past from the present moment and create the future at a higher vibration. If you perceive your reality to lack love, peace, joy and abundance you are aware of where your love and light are needed to create a different outcome in the next present moment.

Rather than judge an outcome as good or bad, be aware of where you can send more light, be more empowered, and connect with your inner guidance to create a different outcome.

When you judge the past or criticize your efforts you lock your energy into the past and stay in that moment, which is repeated in the next moment. The past is a map of how you have been using your light and energy and your reality reflects an outcome, an echo of your energetic frequency whose purpose is to show you what you are creating so you can choose to continue in that direction or to do something different. It is by being fully grounded within each present moment and using what you perceive in the echo you know as the outcome to change your energetic frequency by sending more love and light to yourselves, which changes the outcome in the next moment. A new future is created from love and light, while the past is re-created from judgment and darkness.

Stand in love in each present moment, love each circumstance you judge as limiting, forgive those who hurt you and send light to each situation so you empower yourself  beyond the past, beyond the hurt and judgment and beyond your own fears.

You are the light of God and the promise of ascension and it is by standing in the light of your own truth as a child of the Light that you allow that light to empower you beyond fear. 

As you love in the present moment you allow the future to become an echo of light instead of an echo of darkness and fear. This is how you create heaven on earth, the promise of ascension for you and for the world and how you become the promise of your own light and create your reality from the potential of your highest energetic frequency and vibrations.

–Jennifer Hoffman

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The Energy of Love

Love brings up so many feelings and thoughts, most of them involving our past love life which may not have been pleasant. We think of love as the ultimate goal of our life but what we are focused on is emotional love, the feeling, instead of unconditional love, the state of being. Since we are emotional beings in our human state, we connect more easily with love on that level because it makes us feel good, from the ego’s perspective, in ways that unconditional love does not.

Our search for love is our desire for instant gratification and material proof that we are worthy and deserving of love versus the willingness to be in a state of knowing that love exists even if we don’t have the physical proof of it in our lives. Physical proof means, among other things, being in a loving, intimate relationship, having people who express their love for us through acceptance and acknowledgement and who let us know, through how they respond to us, that they love us. We have a ‘love agenda’ that clearly defines what love means to us. When others’ behavior and actions do not meet our love agenda we think they are not loving and we are unworthy of love.

There is an element to emotional love that feels temporary, confusing and anxious—does someone really love us, how can we know it will last forever? Every relationship has a temporary aspect to it that we may not want to look at but that we know is there. The person who loves us today could change their mind tomorrow and then we’re without love in our life. So often our desire for love is expressed as a fear of being shown an awful truth we don’t want to consider, that we are truly unlovable.

When we have the fear of being unlovable and unloved, we attract people who mirror that to us. 

On a spiritual level they love us more than we can imagine but on the material plane, they have no choice but to mirror our beliefs about love back to us. In a message from Archangel Uriel several years ago I wrote “You will never receive more love from others than you have for yourself.” Of course we love ourselves, or at least some aspects of ourselves, but are we able to know love in the spiritual sense, as in unconditional love, no matter what happens on the physical?

Unconditional love is one of humanity’s greatest challenges because as long as there is one iota of judgment, we are into a conditional expression of love, meaning “if you do this or act this way or say these things then I know you love me and if you don’t, then you do not love me.” We extend that to how we believe ourselves worthy of love if we don’t receive that confirmation. Are we guilty of confusing love, as in unconditional love, with ‘like’? Because they are different energies even though we have lumped together all aspects and expressions of love into an emotional basket, in order to understand the true energy of love we must separate them.

The love we feel is emotional, the love we are is spiritual.

The need for love from others is really a request for approval. Unconditional love involves acceptance but with emotional love that isn’t enough. We want to know that others think we are OK, worthy of being in their emotional love sphere, that they think we are good, beautiful, considerate and amazing enough to give us their love. All we really want, though, is to know that they like us because that is the emotional and material expression of unconditional love.

If we can move beyond our need to be liked, we can explore the possibilities of having unconditional love and then we are in the energy of acceptance, which is completely non-judgment and we are in this sphere because we already are and have all of the love we could even want or need.

Then, rather than approaching others with our hearts in doubt, confusion and fear, we are confident because we know that we are worthy of love and whether or not someone likes us is irrelevant in the face of the love that we already are.

–Jennifer Hoffman 

Within Your Own Reality

by Jennifer Hoffman –
Any limitation that you feel blocks your path is an expression of a memory you carry deep within your physical, emotional and energetic bodies of times when your efforts were limited by situations in which your light was rejected. These are often expressions of your martyr and victim consciousness, when you offered yourselves as a healing light to your soul groups knowing that they were not yet prepared for their transformation.

Your role in the world is to shine your light in all of its expressions. You can do that, no matter what the world does in response. 

The world will eventually turn towards the light when it has experienced enough darkness. When the world can find power in love it will no longer need fear. It must experience both to make that choice. You can be the love the world needs to have as one choice among many.

All Lightworkers have had lifetimes of service in the world, to be forces for change and transformation. The light was always extended even though there were many lifetimes when it was extinguished because the world wasn’t ready to release its fear. Those times you felt betrayed by Source and the belief that you were abandoned and not supported as a source of light and love was created. This belief has reverberated throughout your lifetimes and it is strongly expressed within your soul group.

Through the ego you have translated this role of bringers of the light to mean that you have come to change the world. You have simply come to be a source of light, a connection to the light and love and Source for those who are willing to see and recognize it to acknowledge it and accept it into their own hearts and being.

From these experiences you have pushed yourselves further into dimming your own light, limiting the expression of your gifts and not choosing the path of powerful creation for yourselves.

If the world does not change and accept you and your gifts, you believe that you are not worthy of the joy, love, abundance and success that are your divine birthright. You martyr yourselves on behalf of the light and yet that is merely an expression of your own fear that by being powerful you are a threat rather than an inspiration. You can be all you desire and want to have, every dream is possible for you when you shine your light and are willing to accept blessings for yourselves.

The path of the martyr and victim is not the highest expression of your energies and limiting your abundance is not in integrity with your truth. You can be all things within your life as you express who you are to a world that may or may not accept it.

Be your truth, that is all you can do and allow the world to follow its path until it is ready to make its own transformation. You have come to bring the truth of divinity and ascension to the world, express that in your own life and you will be the change the world seeks.

Each of you can change the world when you begin within your own reality and shine your light within you, illuminating your own shadows, releasing your fear, connecting to your inner resources and being the light in your life so you can also en-lighten the world.

Mastering Time

by Jennifer Hoffman –

We fear time and what it can do because we equate time with death, the ultimate end. Our fear is not with time itself but with what time can do. So within everything we do, time becomes the factor we can’t control, the ultimate end that will eventually catch up with us. When we’re in a race against time, time usually wins because we see it as something we work against or that works against us. It is responsible for the deadlines we don’t meet, the things we don’t accomplish, the opportunities that pass us by. But what if time, like many other aspects of our reality, was an illusion that we could master?

What would be possible for us if we were masters of time?

To master time we must be able to view it from the perspective of it working with and for us and one of many aspects of life and the third dimension that we can control because time is just another element of our reality. Time is an aspect of doing and from this perspective we will never be in control of time because we will never be able to ‘do’ enough. In today’s 24×7 world, we seem to have too much to do and not enough time but how much of what we do is useful, aligned with our intention?

Mastery of time begins when we align time and intention, which also aligns timing and outcome.

Today’s world offers a wealth of life options and while many are possible, they are not all useful, effective or efficient uses of our energy. Time aligns with energy movement and the path of mastery asks us to consider all possibilities within the scope of what is aligned with our life purpose and highest good.

What we find is when what we do is aligned with who we are, time moves in an effortless and easy flow towards outcome. Being in the flow happens when we are fully aligned, body, mind, emotions and spirit, with our intention and then we’re in control of time.

Time is the movement of energy through density, so the more density we put into a situation, which includes meeting others’ needs, expectation or fears about the outcome, the more we expand time and its effects, which also shrinks our options.

Time is a factor if we empower it and it is irrelevant if we don’t. 

Although time will occur in our life, how much it matters, what it can affect, and how long it lasts all depend on whether we have learned to master time. When we are ‘being’ ourselves, consciously intending our reality into being, focused on and in the present and fully aligned with our being and our truth, we have learned an important key to mastery and the limitations that time creates are no longer part of our reality.

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The Choices in the Middle

by Jennifer Hoffman –

There is a purpose in everything, in standing still and in moving forward and there is as much power in a pause as there is in a choice. In fact, sometimes the pause is a very powerful place to be as we allow ourselves the luxury of taking our time to accept or decline an opportunity, as long as we don’t take to long. A short, intentional, conscious and deliberate pause is a powerful statement of our willingness and desire to make the highest and best choice. But when dragged out too long, we get stuck in the pause and then we are in the middle, unsure of which way to go, so we go nowhere.
Choices and choosing are very important points of transformation because each choice creates another step on our life path and every decision to accept or decline creates a new pathway for us. But we can’t always maintain a strong forward motion because there are times when we need to assess the results of our choices, take an inventory of what we have created and decide what works and what doesn’t. And the only way to do that is to stop moving, stand in the middle and have a look around.
Now being in the middle isn’t where we need to criticize and judge ourselves, to look at all of the wrong choices or feel that we are at a dead end. It is a chance to be still, to give ourselves time to catch up and take a breath, to view the landscape of our lives from the perspective of accomplishment and celebration. 
We spend so much time doing and thinking and without the balance of being, we can feel like we’re always in a hurry to the next destination. There is no destination other than the one we are standing in and no more important moment than the present one.
The middle is a powerful choice, as long as it doesn’t remain our choice for too long. There is a fine line between being an observer from this middle point and being stuck there because we can’t decide what we need to do next. When we take a moment to pause we allow what is happening in spirit to trickle down to us at an ego level, to integrate new thoughts and thinking and then allow ourselves to use that as our life path’s new starting point. 
Giving ourselves a moment to pause, deliberately and intentionally, so we can consider our next steps is a gift of trust and faith. Then we allow the stillness to become the fertile ground that produces powerful, life and self affirming, masterful thoughts which allow the next path we choose for our reality to express the highest aspects of our potential.
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Yes or No?

by Jennifer Hoffman –

No means Yes and Yes means No?

While every situation is an opportunity to accept or decline, accept doesn’t always mean ‘yes’ and decline doesn’t always mean ‘no’. Sometimes we accept something by declining it and what we decline indicates our willingness to accept something else. How can we know we’re making the best and right choice? By understanding what we want as an outcome and keeping our focus on our intention, while remaining open to the ‘extra’ that the Universe can send our way.

Sometimes our most empowering choices can be those in which we intentionally and consciously decide to say ‘no’ and by doing this we are actually saying ‘yes’ to a disempowered part of ourselves that needed to make this choice. Declining can be a powerful tool that reminds that we do have choices in every situation and our ‘no’ to something is a ‘yes’ to ourselves. Through our ability to see that declining is an option we are actually closing one door and opening another, releasing our fear and stepping into love and all of the power that goes along with being in this energy.
Other times, we can accept something that triggers some of our deepest fears and this choice allows us to finally move beyond them, something we may have been unable to do for many lifetimes. Can we accept that we deserve success, love and joy? Are we able to accept an opportunity to do something for ourselves that moves us beyond others’ needs and expectations? 
This can be an empowering moment in our life and one that we may have taken lifetimes to be able to achieve. Are we willing to accept love, joy and success, no matter what has happened in the past? Our deepest fears are rooted in the past and by accepting to move into something that scares us, we are saying ‘yes’ to us and ‘no’ to the fear.
Our reality is created one choice at a time and when we choose with conscious intention, putting ourselves and our needs first, we affirm our divine birthright of fulfillment in every area of our life and move beyond whatever limitations our fears have imposed on us. While they can be very powerful, our desire to be happy, to know what life can be like when we live firmly grounded in our power, is even more compelling. And as we choose through our power and our highest good, we affirm that we want the best for ourselves and our life and are willing to allow that to happen.

Yes to This and No to That

Every lesson is part of our journey of spiritual growth and understanding which we select through our choices. Each choice has its own path and outcome and what we ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ highlights a single path and its potential outcomes. 
As we ‘accept’ one lesson we automatically decline others because they are not available to us while we’re in this lesson. This is an ‘all or nothing’ choice too, because we cannot say ‘yes’ to part of a lesson and ‘no’ to other parts. But, we can change our mind at any time when we are ready to stop and take another path to our healing.
We may regret the path not taken but all other options are unavailable until we gain the level of spiritual understanding that is necessary to know and connect to something else. That said, when we are ready for something new all of the paths we have previously declined become available to us at new and higher levels of vibration. What we can choose from, at any moment, though, is what resonates with us. 
One important note here: we have no way of knowing all of the lessons included in what we decline so whatever we are guided to decline may be in our highest good over the long term. That’s why regret is not the best use of our energy.
As soon as we understand the lesson and its healing purpose we no longer have to follow that path and are ready to make new choices. Although we think that we have to see something through to our anticipated or expected outcome, all we have to do is realize that there are other potential choices for our life. 
There is no divinely mandated end to any situation because we have to decide when a lesson is finished. We choose the end, just as we choose the beginning. And when we realize that a lesson is over, it has achieved its purpose in our life.
Each path contains learning that we need to experience or we would not choose that path. 
There are no accidental choices, each thing we are attracted to has an energetic connection with us which corresponds an area of healing. The stronger the attraction the more important and powerful the lesson and healing. We accept what our soul needs to heal and decline what we are not yet ready for or what we have not yet learned enough to be able to experience. And then we repeat that process countless times during the course of our many lifetimes as we continue through the spiral of learning, healing, growth and transformation that is our ascension path.

Whose Truth is True?

by Jennifer Hoffman –

We spend our lives wanting to know the truth because as we are told, ‘the truth shall set us free.’

But as we search for the truth we begin to see that there is not a single truth, everyone has a different version of the truth and even in our own lives, that which we think of as true can change many times.

So what is true and what is not true? If a truth changes, was it ever true in the first place? Will we ever know the truth? And when we know the truth, what happens to everything else we have known up to that time?

The truth is everything we believe based on all of our knowing and experience up until that moment in time. While we look for the truth as the final answer, it is actually what allows us to ask the next question.

Truth repeats itself, like an endless loop, until we uncover a new truth that allows us to move forward, beyond the former truth. Each truth leads to another truth and for each of us, that truth is highly personal and so individualized that it can only be true for us. While our truth is true for us, everyone’s truth is also true, for them. Can we connect with others from the point of our own truth? We can when our truth has points in common and there is no doubt present.

The truth that we deserve love, for example, is true for us. And we must have an unshakable belief in this truth to attract love. But what happens if we find someone who doesn’t believe we are lovable? Is our truth still true? What about their truth? Is it true for us too?

Our truth is not affected when it cannot be validated by someone else, it simply means that it isn’t true for them. They can’t validate that we are lovable because they must have a corresponding truth-that they are lovable. If they do not hold that truth, then they cannot validate it for someone else. But we take this as a sign that our truth is not true and use it to judge ourselves, our truths, our being and our life.

Whoever we ask to validate our truth must have a corresponding truth. If not, they cannot validate ours. So the person who cannot accept you as lovable has issues with accepting themselves as lovable.

When we want others to validate our truth we are taking truth down a path that it wasn’t meant to follow.

Because when we ask others to establish what is true for us, we are speaking from our doubt instead of faith in our own truth.

If we can’t convince ourselves of our truth, we won’t find anyone to do the job for us. What do you believe is true about you? Can you hold that truth no matter how others respond or react?

Are you able to create from your truth in this moment and know that once you have made this true, you are ready for the next step on your life? Find your truth about yourself, engrave it permanently on your heart and within your being so you hold fast to your truth and use it to manifest your life in the way you want to live it.