The Conscious Creation Equation

 Manifesting Success:

by Jackie Lapin –

Someone recently asked me why I know that I will be successful when I undertake something, and the answer popped into my head so clearly that it astonished me. My response to him was, “Because of four key factors. . . ”
  • I can envision the project in advance and see how I want it to unfold. I see it succeeding as I perceive it;
  • I am willing to put in the effort that is required to bring it to fruition;
  • I have faith in my intelligence, my intention to do something of value, my commitment to achieve it, and my good judgment that this fills a need;
  • I have faith in the Universe and its willingness to respond to my desires and bring me what is in my highest good.
Or simply put:
Vision+Initiative+Faith in Self+Faith in Universe=Your Desired Outcome
I call this the Conscious Creation Equation for Manifesting Success.
If you are practicing each of these concepts when you embark on a new endeavor, you will succeed. I have spent my life creating successful businesses, forming alliances, doing nonprofit work and so on, by operating with these four elements as part of my day-to-day mindset. Let’s look at each of them a bit closer.

If you conceive a vision of something you want to start, you must have a passion for it—or else why do it? So you already begin with the high vibration energies of “birth” and “passion.” This gives any idea or project a great jumpstart.

But as you visualize it, you also place your focus on it. And as we know about the Universal Laws, what you focus upon is what you will manifest.

By creating the high-frequency image in your mind and investing it with your emotion you are generating that “express mail package to the cosmic post office.”


When I first mentioned this equation to my friend, I used the term “hard work.” But then, I took that back and rephrased it. Why work hard?

That’s absolutely not a necessity in the Universe that I am experiencing today. I can work smart. I can work with commitment. I can work with enthusiasm and passion.

What I was trying to say was that I was willing to put in the initiative and the effort to make the project successful. But I can do that without “working hard!” There is no reason to make anything “hard,” when we can work effectively and still work easily.

Faith in Self

This is a big one! People who believe in themselves tend to be very successful in all their endeavors. Each of us has great gifts, but to allow them to flower fully, you must appreciate and honor them with your belief.

This is where you must actually take for granted how talented and smart you are—because the minute you start doubting, that’s when you allow failure to creep in.

Now we are each evolving spiritually at different rates, so you may feel confident professionally but have lower self-esteem in your personal self-view. Where you feel confident is where you will likely see your success. So start taking stock of your assets and being grateful for them. These are the beacons that shine on the path to your success.

Count up your past great achievements—don’t overlook them. Build faith in yourself so you can use this as a springboard to future successes. Where are your skills—in your intellect, your creativity, your problem solving ability, your facility with people, your skill with numbers, your diplomacy, or perhaps your persistence? Keep your faith in yourself and you will be well rewarded.
Faith in the Universe

If you start from a premise that you are supported and that the Universe is just waiting to assist you in your success, you cannot fail.

By demonstrating your faith, you are enabling the Universe to line up all the elements in your favor, unblocked by your own doubt, fear or feeling of separation from the Source. What this also does is tell the Universe that you are open to guidance.

If there is a flaw in your plan, the Universe will let you know; it will either tweak it on its own or steer you in a different direction. This high-frequency energy is a powerful ally that streamlines the path to success.
So this Conscious Creation Equation for Manifesting Success is very simple and unencumbered. You don’t need to make it any more complicated than this if you want to ensure the success of your endeavors. Do the math—then toast your achievement!
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It’s a Universal Redirect!

by Jackie Lapin –

Tired of making or encountering mistakes? What about hitting the wall? How about running into Murphy’s Law? You make plans and God laughs? Then there are ‘problems’, ‘challenges’, ‘issues’, ‘dead-ends’, ‘failures’, ‘disasters’, disappointments’, ‘hiccups’…  I can go on and on.
Now hear this! These obstacles are not what you think they are. Forget those old labels. What you are experiencing are ‘Universal Redirects!’
How many times have you obsessed over what went wrong, perhaps blaming others or yourself? How often do you keep trying to work through something that isn’t working? How much time have you wasted pushing a rock up a hill? How long have you hung onto problem clients or miserable relationships?
These are all symptoms that you have not yet realized that the Universe is offering you valuable information. Try something different! Change your attitude. Change your actions. Change your expectations. Change your team. Change your route. Change your job. Change your intention. Change your partner. Let go of this course of action!
Many people ignore the gentle nudges that the Universe offers until they get hit with a sledgehammer. But all along the way, they’re being redirected to new, more life-enhancing choices. Now here’s the catch: If you don’t do it, the Universe will do it for you!
I experienced this about 12 years ago when I was running my $2 million bicoastal public relations agency. It had become a burden—the fun had gone out of it. Instead of doing creative PR for my clients, I was chasing money to pay my enormous overhead. And furthermore, my heart was elsewhere, loving a hobby business that I had created selling mineral spheres. I saw the signs but just kept trying to juggle clients, vendors, and employees—with challenges everywhere. The business was imploding on itself and I couldn’t cut the cord.
Finally, three clients all went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the same month, owing me $150,000! That was a very big ouch and it was the last straw. I finally closed up the business, found another opportunity for myself immediately and ultimately relaxed into enjoying life again after finding a way to settle with my creditors. 
The Universe was redirecting me to something far more life-enhancing than that stressful meat grinder I had suffered through those last two years.
When you hit a roadblock, instead of railing against fate, ask yourself: “What is this Universal Redirect all about? 
How can I look at this objectively, step aside and think differently?” 
You’ve heard the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason.” Apply that to your Universal Redirects and you will begin to see that each one is a blessing in disguise. There are no mistakes, no errors, no accidents, no missteps, no faults…There are only Universal Redirects!
Use these wonderful nudges as your guide early on and you will find your life being easier and more effortless. Tune into the universal language of course correction and you will be rewarded with greater and quicker success, more peace and joy, less struggle and greater abundance.
Just remember, if it’s too hard, you’re being called for a Universal Redirect!
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The Magic of Changing Your Perspective

by Jackie Lapin –
For most of us, dealing with changes and events that move us out of our comfort zone instantly takes us to a place of fear and negative thinking. It is the rare person who doesn’t emotionally invest the experience with anxiety and assign a negative value to it.
Yet the truth is that all things are neutral, they just are—until we lend our perspective to them and assign value. More importantly, every experience brings with it an opportunity for growth—for greater wisdom, for new knowledge, for redirection from the Universe, or for expansion in some way, shape or form.
The task for us as Conscious Creators is to retrain ourselves not to immediately go to that dark place, but instead to seek the light and—assign positive value to every experience. The best way to do that is to learn new perspectives, and to apply them to each situation. You can magically turn a perceived problem into a blessing by asking the right questions or applying the right filter. 
Let’s expand our thinking and open up to the many new ways to look at things. By having these “tools” in your tool kit, testing the ones that work best for you, then applying them through practice many times over, you will be able to change your knee-jerk negative pattern of thinking to a welcoming and positive perspective that raises your frequency. And eventually will become your new permanent pattern of perspective.
Here are some really insightful questions that will lead you to look at your perceived challenges, problems, and issues as your next opportunities, gateways and gifts:
  • What is the joy to be found here?
  • What is really great about this?
  • What can I learn from this experience?
  • How can I apply this in the future?
  • How does this ultimately serve me?
  • What is the upside to this experience?
  • What is the takeaway here?
  • What message is the Universe offering me?
  • How can I turn this experience into something positive?
  • What is the underlying truth about this experience—what is the reality without my emotional charge?
  • What is the good that can come from this?
  • Who can I help with this wisdom, knowledge, and experience?
  • Where is this experience directing me?
  • What is the invitation here?
  • What new opportunity does this open up?
  • How can I grow from this?
  • Where is my expansion in this?
  • What is this calling me to let go?
  • What burden is being lifted through this experience?
  • What deep calling within me wants expression through this change—even though it may be subconscious?
You undoubtedly know that everything happens for a reason. Here’s an opportunity to look at that reason as Source does. You would not be offered this experience if there was not purpose here for you, your life and your spiritual growth. 
The Universe gives you these experiences out of its desire to help you reach your own truth and highest good. Use these questions for a more objective view of what is in your highest good.
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