Own Your Consciousness

by Isaac George – 

I will begin by stating one simple piece of wisdom I picked up along time ago; ‘forget what you know.’ Another one is; ‘get back to basics.’ As the pendulum of polarity now appears to swing so heavily in favor of conflict and uncertainty, there may be an increasingly pervasive feeling of slipping backwards, of at least of slipping around in any direction except forward.

In the unwinding of the drama and dogma of the ego’s grand game there are essential truths that seem to get sacrificed in the desire to achieve enlightenment and ascension (achieve is an oxymoron here). There is also a growing cynicism about many of the promises held out to many as the way towards a greater sense of empowerment, success and massive abundance. 

 What do you say to some folks when they’re desperate for some answers about why the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to work for them, or why they have been doing the affirmations and the inner work, and the things of everyday, physical life only seem to get more challenging and disheartening? Where are the answers for them?

All the feel-good seminars, gurus, self-help books in the world won’t help unless there are some basic issues faced, and basic truths understood about our natures, the nature of our subconscious minds, and the nature of pure, Christ-like awareness.


Some of the best spiritual teachings embrace the concept of non-dualism, or pure non-dualism. These concepts can be a bit deep and mystical when you are looking at them from the perspective of Mind but essentially non-dualism is like seeing and experiencing the Truth that lies behind the forms in the world and realizing that the Presence that all forms arise from is undivided and absolute, whereas the forms are many and relative, i.e., forms are all impermanent. 
A good example is yourself. You are an ‘individual’, yet that word contains a clue. Place a hyphen between ‘indivi’ and ‘dual.’ The prefix ‘indivi’ is also found in another word, ‘indivisible’, meaning whole, or one, not able to be broken. The suffix ‘dual’ on the other hand, is plainly obvious, and means ‘two.’ So now you see the apparent paradox of yourself. You are both ‘dual’, or of two parts, and ‘indivi’ or one part.

However, pure non-dualism is based on a path dedicated to using the mind to overcome the mind, which because of its built-in difficulties, has only resulted in a few souls approaching something close to ‘enlightenment.’ Once the mind has been quieted, silence, peacefulness and an alert aliveness may be experienced as the dominant state of consciousness. For most of us another approach may be best, and that there is another way.


What does it mean to ‘own’ your consciousness? It means to be in total awareness of your consciousness beyond form, the self-hypnosis of the five senses and any conditioning (programming) you’ve taken on board through your life (or other lifetimes), in other words, the ‘real’ You. 
Who is the ‘real’ you? It is everything, everywhere, all at once. 
It is a bit difficult to express unity consciousness, but that is what the Christ Awareness (consciousness) is. The ‘Christ’ is not an identity or a label. It is the absence of an identity. Now that is a scary concept to your sense of self, because the ego hates competition. In the rush to become an enlightened ‘master’ we are short-circuiting ourselves.

To ‘own’ our consciousness is to be in complete acceptance of everything that is inherently ‘us’, while at the same time learning to accept and love what I call the inner ‘fallen angel.’ We are the angels and archangels right now and we are the Masters and Christs even when we are experiencing ‘stuff.’ That which is not ‘real’ in ourselves, which is Fear with many faces, is also part of our Consciousness, even though that Fear is not conscious of its home within Unity.


I have known unity. It happened in January 1996, while in the shower. For a brief fifteen seconds I felt that I was not just a part of everything…I was everything. During those fifteen seconds I just existed, not as pure mind, but as pure love and gratitude completely awake and aware. It was the simultaneously the most blissful and the most turbulent and emotional-filled experience I have had in this lifetime…so far. I cried off and on for days.

As profound as this experience was, this experience of ‘indivisible self’, I was not equipped to cope with the aftermath in my physical, human life. In fact, having such a peak experience actually amplified the sense of limitation in the body and personality and my mind suddenly rejected ‘normal’ life. It hurt terribly to suddenly collapse back into my ‘self’ after such an episode. 

I had a very strong second dose of this unity state when I was swimming with the dolphins of Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii during the Harmonic Concordance of 2003. After I returned to the mainland, I perceived the world around me as hollow and harsh in comparison to the intense expansion of a few days earlier. 
Even my path and calling meant little to me as I struggled to cope with the powerful emotions that were welling up in my heart and in my body. For about two months I just could not get back into any kind of enthusiasm for what I was being or doing before the encounter. Shortly after, I met Lynn, moved to Scotland and settled into a long healing sabbatical.


With the benefit of my current perspective, Ascension, enlightenment and many other things are now viewed with new understandings and the primary epiphany I have had lately is that without the heart, without an uplifting sense of trust that goes beyond spiritual disciplines, practices and concepts, we ourselves can easily become hollow, cynical entities. 
Mastering the mind or losing the mind, can be liberating if it is approached in a holistic and loving way, one which includes the body and the hidden daemons of the psyche and remains centered in the heart.

The heart is still a mystery, even within the realm of spirituality, for it defies the capacity of Mind to understand it. I’ve done a little research and have discovered that our physical hearts have their own sentient intelligence. Look up the Resonance Project and you will find the results of ground-breaking research into the bigger miracle of the heart. (resonanceproject.org).


Scientists can now measure the electro-magnetic ‘blast wave’ of every heartbeat from five feet away, as the electrical output of the heart is stronger than the millivolts of energy that your brain emits. 
According to human energy field researcher Dr. Valerie Hunt at UCLA, the heart uses the emotional centers of the brain, the amygdala and hypocampus, to organize feelings into measurable fields of energy. 
The use of music, chanting and other forms of sound have a root in heart resonance and emotion, and it is this that forms the basis of healing with sound. As a musician, I strongly feel that music that is cerebral, or only mind-based, does not have the power to heal as effectively as when the heart and emotions are involved.

When the heart and mind are combined together, the resulting electromagnetic field pulse from the heart forms a sonic blast through the tissues of the body and then outward to some significant distance from the body. This is the basis for not only sound healing, but for the potential to transform consciousness as well. The heart is indispensable for ordering all.


Another medium for heart intelligence is through the spoken word and in some cases, the written word. Again, some of the effects of listening to a ‘heart-centered’ person will be to experience tranquility, safety, peace. 
In some cases, hearing or reading words from such an awakened person can actually cause sudden understandings and deep healings to occur. 
Much of this depends on the listeners ‘resonance’ with the person that is doing the communicating, or with the subject matter itself ‘feeling’ like the truth. As Dr. Masuru Emoto (hado.net) has demonstrated, the power of words, and specifically words with emotion, can alter the crystalline structure of water molecules. What a graphic demonstration of the power of the heart!

The feelings of love, trust, compassion and passion are the domain of the heart, whereas the emotions generated from within the mind are fear, and all of its children-control, competitiveness, mistrust, greed, power games, etc. Wherever your focus is, the heart will organize and generate the energy into expressive fields that have the power to heal or harm.


To choose your feelings and emotions consciously can be a revolutionary way to re-order your experience of this reality called Planet Earth. If you’re feeling reactive it is your mind that is dominant and if you just take a moment to breathe and then choose again, to choose love, then you will have ceased to poison your own mind and body. 
Back to basics is choosing the heart and feelings over the mind and rules. Forget what you know, and choose beginners mind, and you will be choosing the wisdom of the heart, the higher Heart of Consciousness.

This Heart is the heart of the Christ Awareness. This Heart is the only re-Source we all have that is effective. Here’s the best part; you don’t have to do anything to have it all. All you have to do is surrender and go back to basics.

If the book you are reading doesn’t touch your heart or generate feelings of gratitude, joy, serenity, empowerment or laughter, you probably don’t need it. If this or that philosophy, teaching or discipline is beginning to feel hollow or cold, then you don’t need it. If you are trying to hard to be a perfect spiritual/human being, then you don’t need that either.


You already own your own Consciousness, so how can you even ‘own’ it again? Just be it, and allow of it to just be what it Is. You can’t improve on that, or add anything else to it. It’s back to basics. Experience it all without resisting. Choose it all without fearing. Live it all with love.