Six Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Natural Intuition

by Nichole Carrington –

Intuition is practical:

Everyone has it no matter what you call it, gut feeling, hunches, eureka moments, knowing, seeing or hearing. Your intuition is a shortcut to productivity, insight, knowledge, innovation and decision making. 

So how do you harness your intuition? How do you become more user-friendly with your intuition? Sometimes we think intuition is an event – like a flash of light. If we take this concept as how it happens, you are left to wonder. 

“The primary force is intuition. In that deep force, the last fact behind which  analysis cannot go; all things find their origin.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you can think of your intuition as your partner, then the two of you can work together into a really rich partnership. I’ve used both and I much prefer the latter. If you concept it as a partnership then it becomes like a real gift and tool to be honed. 


You’ll have your own interpretation or meaning for what your intuition gives you. Why not start a collection of symbols you get and the meaning they are to you. For example: when I feel butterflies that for me means release, evolution, awakening and light touch.

You Have the Ability to Solve Problems Instantly

Have you ever looked at a problem and known the root cause and the solution – instantly – without research? You’ve been taught to distrust that inner voice, right? So you reflect back on all the times you knew and did something different. 

In hindsight (the I told you so of intuition) your intuition was right on, wasn’t it? You have the ability to solve problems instantly if you trust yourself. We all do. So how do you harness the power of your inner guidance system – the voice that cuts through all the blah, blah, blah and tells you the truth of your direction and development? 

Why not use these 6 ways to buff up that guidance system?

Six Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition

1. Use your natural empathy 

Imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes. Better yet go experience what they’re experiencing. If you are working a helpdesk and someone calls from the factory floor complaining about the speed of the printer, don’t sit at your monitor looking at graphs and metrics. Get off your monitor and imagine being down on floor with them, looking through their eyes and see what’s going on. 

Get your whole self involved and it will strengthen your intuition. Great battlefield generals know this. Get out of your bunker and ride up to the front line and see it, feel it, and act on it. Experience what others are experiencing. Just remember to come back to your own body and bring nothing back with you except your intuition message.

2. Allow yourself to name fear 

When you are an empathy, you feel the fear and pain of another. Fear blocks intuition and is strengthened when we try to resist it. When you open to your intuition, it’s important that you not make anything you feel personal. It’s not about you. For one day, make a personal rule that nothing you feel is yours. Nothing. Allow yourself to say, I’m noticing fear. What is the fear? Hmm, I’m noticing fear of making a lot of money through business success and losing it all. Hmmm, whose is this? 

You see, if you are a natural empathy, you will know that the fear or pain you feel isn’t yours if a half an hour earlier you felt fine and were happily going about your business. Name what you feel and it strengthens your intuition. When you name it, the energy information will leave your body because you picked up the message. The messenger doesn’t need to keep delivering the message.

3. Connect with others 

When you engage with another person, face to face, on the phone, or online, try to read their emotions. Name their emotions to yourself. Does the person sound angry, happy, hopeful, joyous, depressed, or sad? The more you connect with others emotions, the deeper your understanding of social situations and the better your intuition will function. 

Intuitive hunches and abstract ideas come from the same place inside you that form your emotions, so the better you are able to read and identify emotions in others the better you will be able to create and communicate via intuition. Identifying and naming emotions within yourself and others is a powerful exercise. 

When you name you become the witness, not the empathy that feels to the point of debilitation. Employ just enough empathy that you get the read. Name them to yourself. I’m noticing sad. I’m noticing anxiety. I sense butterflies. I get the feeling of plowing a field for planting. Connect and notice and name.

4. Shut down internal subjective judgments 

When you find yourself judging someone or something – including yourself – that isn’t intuition, its negative energy that blocks your intuition. When you hear the critic in your mind saying, “he’s stupid”, “she’s ugly”, “I’m fat”, or “I’m gonna lose.” Stop and think – Is this me or am I picking up their self-judgment and internal identity state? You can ask, Hmmm, what am I picking up here? What does this mean for this person? Is this mine or am I picking up their state? 

When you strengthen your intuition, don’t make it about you – make it about what you are becoming aware of. You can check it out – ask, I’m picking up some internal self-judgments. Does that make any sense to you? They will tell you or dismiss it, but pay attention to the energy you feel from their response. Your intuition is not for you to sit in judgment of them, only to recognize what you pick up.

5. Make time for Solitude 

The best way is meditation. Find at least thirty minutes a day to spend alone with your thoughts. Take time to sit alone with your thoughts, feelings, and visualizations. I’ve spent most of my life nearly unaware of all the stuff going on inside me. By taking the time to listen to your inner world, you’ll find out what an amazing magical being you really are. Learning to listen to yourself in solitude will train you to listen to your inner intuitive voice when you aren’t alone and will lead to catching powerful intuitive ideas right when you need them.

6. Ask questions – lots of them – Get buff with your intuition. 

Two thoughts here: 
  • Questioning is the best way to create stronger intuitions. The most powerful creative intuitions will come to you after long question and answer sessions. Get together with a group of curious people and discuss complex issues – philosophical, scientific, sociological, medical, or literary topics. The most power comes not from the answers but from the questions, bringing you down paths you hadn’t considered, spurring further questions and more answers. There is no better way to exercise your intuition than lively question and answer sessions. 
  • Asking questions includes checking in to gain verification that you did indeed pick up that thought, feeling or impression and it’s not just your imagination; “Is any part of this true for you?” “I’m feeling …….” “I’m wondering if that means anything to you?” “Does this make sense to you?” Questions make it so you don’t feel alone in strengthening your intuition.
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Love Conquers All

by John Smallman – 

Go with your divinely guided intuition.

Humanity’s progress towards awakening has been phenomenal over the last two or three years, although, if you are regularly ensnared by the mainstream media and its messages of mayhem and disaster, you might find it hard to believe that this is so. But remember that is all part of the illusion which you are working tirelessly to dissolve through the power of your loving thoughts, words and deeds. 
Love conquers all in Its path, gently and irresistibly and that is what you are all doing as you engage firmly and constantly with the Love field that surrounds you, effectively dissolving all that is not in alignment with it.
You all chose an earthly incarnation as humans in this particular lifetime because you so dearly wanted to assist as powerfully as you possibly could in humanity’s awakening process. But of course when you enter into the illusion by incarnating as humans you also enter a state of amnesia. Deep within you you know that you have an essential purpose in the grand divine scheme and many of you seek help in finding that purpose by engaging with the illusion – taking seminars of various sorts, following wise gurus or taking up a recommended practice that you hope will offer you the definitive answers to all your worries and anxieties.
However, the only way to find your purpose is by engaging fully with Love. 
 If you will do only this all your worries will fall away. You will still have to cope with living in the illusion, and it will continue to present you with problems, but, instead of worrying about them and becoming anxious and stressed out, you will be able to deal with them intuitively guided by the Love that flows abundantly from the central core of your being, and lovingly assisted by those in the spiritual realms on whom you call.
There is a well known saying “a problem cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking that created it,” and attempting to solve the insoluble within the illusion – war, disease, poverty, etc. – does not work because all attempts, however well intended, remain at the level of the illusion.
Love is all that exists in Reality which is far beyond the illusion. 
 It reaches down to you, or, if you prefer, it reaches into the nightmare where you appear to be imprisoned, to embrace and awaken you. Enormous numbers of you are aware of this at a deep level, which is why you are seeking a better way of life that honors all of humanity, but because of the strength of conviction required to see the unreality of the illusion it is extremely difficult for you to truly believe that Love will resolve all of humanity’s issues. However, deep within yourselves you do know that Love is the answer.
Each day, or even each hour if you can, during your quiet time alone in your holy inner sanctuaries, make a point of intending to be aware of the divine field of Love in which you are so tenderly and lovingly held. When you make that intent, without wondering whether it is true and without trying to make a logical assessment of its effectiveness for you – am I really feeling the Love? – know that the field responds instantly to you because that is its purpose.
Nevertheless, your egos are very well trained to deride or rubbish any loving sensations you experience and any awareness you notice that would assure you that you are indeed warmly held in the divine embrace. They will attempt to convince you that you are just imagining those sensations, or that you are delusional and desperately in need of psychiatric help. 
When your logical mind tells you that you are imagining these sensations and your intuition tells you that they are valid, go with your intuition which is always divinely guided. 
It speaks very quietly, while your logical egoic mind does everything in its power to distract you so that you do not hear that quiet and loving inner voice which will never lead you astray.
The ego’s voice can always be identified because it fills your mind, your conscious awareness with a constant stream of worrying and anxious “what if” thoughts, whereas your intuition is always calm, gentle, and comforting. The trouble for you is that the ego’s voice is LOUD, and when you are worried or anxious it is very hard for you to relax and listen to your quiet inner voice of wisdom.
Most of you have had the experience of reacting spontaneously, with intense anger at times, when someone has pushed your buttons. Then, maybe much later, you have regretted it and remembered also having at the same moment had a sense that the reaction you were about to engage in, that seemed to be controlling you in the moment, was at best unwise, and at worst a terrible mistake. As the old saying has it “react in haste, repent at leisure.”
One of the major lessons that all humans are on Earth to learn is restraint. But you are programmed from very early in life that there are dangers that you need to react to very quickly if you want to avoid pain and suffering. And, for human infants, that programming is initially very useful. 
Then as you grow into your power, becoming bigger and stronger than those younger or smaller than yourselves, it can be very enticing to use your power to boost your inadequate sense of self worth – inadequate compared to those bigger than you, or compared to adult authority figures – by frightening, intimidating or hurting others. Doing so gives you “a rush,” a sense of invincibility that is very satisfying and the danger is that it will become addictive.
If your upbringing has been abusive you may never have seen or experienced wise adult behavior, and so you may have learned to rely on yourself and never to trust anyone in order to ensure your survival. Now, however, having chosen a spiritual path of growth, as you all have, you need to move away from your belief in force and compulsion as the means for your survival. If you are still inhabiting an environment where peaceful co-existence is not an option then you probably need to move away.
If everyone on Earth who is in an environment of violence, hate and oppression, refused to engage but instead moved away, then the violence would wind down quite rapidly as those willing to fight or looking for a fight would find themselves seriously short of opponents. But this environment is illusory, and at the level of the illusion these problems cannot be resolved because those involved do not want to remove themselves because they know that they are in the right and they have an intense need to prove it to themselves and to others. And many who would move away are, for numerous reasons, unable to do so.
And this brings us to back to the task in hand, the task that you as Light workers and Light bearers have undertaken so courageously and lovingly. 
That task is to be Love, which is what in truth you are and to demonstrate that constantly in your daily lives. 
You know that is why you are on Earth, you know you incarnated to fulfill this divine task and you know that you have unprecedented help from all of us in the spiritual realms.
You cannot fail because you are divinely supported in every moment, so do not fall for the line of reasoning that suggests that for civilized humanity to survive – it is interesting to see who makes the judgment about who is civilized – bigger and better military and intelligence agencies need to be funded and supported. And of course you will not fall for that line of reasoning because it has been proved beyond all doubt that it is utterly false.
Be Love, share that Love, and watch with joy as those around you do likewise. Tremendous changes are in progress and they are leading you irresistibly forwards to your inevitable awakening.

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Effortless Creating

by Jennifer Louden –

For most of my life, I created what I wanted from an “I’ll show them” stance. At some point in my early life, I decided I wasn’t smart enough to accomplish what I wanted using talent and brains, so I would rely on my will instead. All I needed was one person to challenge me, to doubt me, and I was off. 
When I conceived of my first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book, and a friend said, “You’ll never get that published,” I had the fuel I needed to get published, albeit with teeth gritted, jaw clenched. When the same friend said, “Well, that’s nice but you’ll never sell more than 20,000 copies,” I sold hundreds of thousands. When a guy I went to high school with retorted, “You’re a writer? But you never could spell,” I became even more determined to be a successful writer (but not to learn to spell).
As my spiritual journey deepened, and I reached middle age, my desire and ability to create on sheer will disappeared. When I no longer believed my master assessment, “I’m not smart enough,” the challenge to prove myself became meaningless. I was left feeling flat and lost, without another way to create my list of projects and desires. How would I move forward?
I was in the midst (and perhaps for a long time) of the classic spiritual journey: moving from creating and living from ego-mind, that easily exhausted small “I,” to creating and living from the vast, unknowable inexhaustible “All.” I was learning to access to the deeper well of creativity and meaning. I had certainly observed this same shift in many of my coaching clients and retreat participants, and I came to see it as part of everyone’s essential journey.
I began to build a bridge from where I was stranded to where I wanted to live (not just visit from time to time), by beginning to regularly listen to something larger than myself. By beginning to understand the spiritual principle, “Thy Will Be Done,” does not mean, “If I am good enough, pious enough, the Divine will grant me what I want.” Rather, it means surrendering and being willing to do what God leads me to do and being willing to really listen to guidance, without any guarantees of success or comfort or even doing what I want.
Many of us might complain, “But I listen and I don’t hear anything.”
Not true, says medical intuitive Caroline Myss in an interview at She asserts that most people are already abundantly intuitive but spend their time trying to deny it. “I am now beginning to believe you are so intuitive, that’s the source of your misery. You’re so intuitive you’re imploding, so you try to numb yourself to it instead of going with it. Every choice most people make is to block that level of timeless guidance.”

My personal bridge began to include a stronger dedication to regular practices that dissolve the blocks to the guidance that Myss assures us is right here, right now – and I know she is correct. And dedication to practices that help me remember what I hear, for I’ve noticed that when I do allow guidance through, I can forget it within a nanosecond.
The wisdom traditions offer us thousands of physical, emotional and mental practices to choose from to help us hear past the ego-mind’s chatter, past our fears and stories. 
What’s important is to find practices that work for you – not what you think you should be doing but what you are naturally drawn to – and then commit to regular practice. 
The guidance is always available, right now and you and I don’t need to go to graduate school in contemplative religion to access it but we do need to train the mind to get out of the way. Mindfulness meditation, yoga asanas, contemplative prayer, sacred mantras, and silent meditation retreats are excellent examples.
The insights and guidance come and are probably coming to you even as you read this article. Your next responsibility is to remember to pull the gold from the human sea of forgetfulness. Devise or adopt a system to help you remember and use it weekly – or even daily. 
My favorite way is to use mindful questions and journaling. 
Examples of a mindful question include, “What does my body need in this moment?” or “What am I resisting right now?” or “What am I afraid of?” and “How is that fear shaping my choices today?” I use a few mindful questions each week to stay on track with listening and remembering, and to stay out of pushing and willing. Combined with hatha yoga, spiritual reading, meditation and raising a nine-year-old, it all helps to keep me in the sweet spot of listening and surrendering – most of the time!
In the end, we must “proceed at the pace of guidance,” as spiritual teacher and writer Christina Baldwin says in “The Seven Whispers.” We can only hear as much guidance as our bodies and our minds can bear. 
Let yourself move at the pace that is right for you – because there is no final goal to reach, no big payoff. It’s all right here, right now! 

The unique path of your life is being revealed to you, one step at a time, right now. Gently tell your mind to get out of the way and allow yourself to listen. I’ll join you.
About Author: Jennifer Louden is a best-selling author, creativity coach, and retreat creator. She has created several Inner Organizers to help you hear and remember guidance – enjoy the free and beautifully designed downloadable versions at Her newest book is “Comfort Secrets for Busy Women,” which contains tons of mindful guidance and questions, not to mention the Comfort Queen herself!

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Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empathic Troubleshooting

by Krishanti Wahla –

3 Common Psychic Development Problems and Solutions

We are all psychic and we are all intuitive. Everyone has the ability to access some degree of clairvoyance in order to gain a deeper level of understanding and meaning – it just takes a little time, effort, focus and patience with the whole process.
Clairvoyance means clear seeing and involves letting your imagination show you pictures as a way of explaining things. Clairaudience means clear hearing and involves hearing messages as guidance. Empathy or clairsentience, means clear feeling, in the form of sensations that tell you about certain people or situations.
Many who are just beginning to tap into their psychic abilities have a hard time interpreting the information that comes through, and this is where a lot of patience is required.
Psychic info can be tough to decipher, because the very notion of interpretation leads you down the path of analysis, which forces you to use the logical side of your brain to make sense of the information that the imaginative side of your brain is intuiting.
That logical side of the brain loves to label psychic information as ridiculous, un-trustworthy, and weird. But being psychic about something really means letting go of control and trusting that what comes through makes sense on some level, even if it’s not immediately apparent.
Here are 3 common problem areas when it comes to understanding the messages you’re receiving and how to work with/around them.

When tuning in to gather information on an issue or problem, clairvoyant images pop up that seem totally random and make no sense.

If the random images you see are troubling and bothersome, take action and either destroy them by blowing them up on your screen or send them off into outer space or another realm where they disappear.

If the images don’t bother you but just don’t make sense, record them in a notebook so that you can come back to them later. Often, images that seemingly make no sense end up making complete sense later on – we just need the present moment to catch up to them. From my experience, it’s the images that seem to make no sense at all that end up making the most sense of all.


Clairaudient messages (which typically come through as thoughts, not as external voices talking to you) aren’t reliable. One day you’ll be certain you’re hearing that you need to turn off the iron but when you go to check it, it’s already off. Another day, you’ll hear that your friend is going to cancel at the last minute and sure enough, she does.

When first working with clairaudience, it takes a lot of people time to sense the guided messages from the regular mental OCD-type messages. I believe the OCD-type messages are just your ego mind throwing up some resistance into the mix. Many people I’ve worked with have told me they always have a running conversation going on with themselves and have done so for as long as they can remember.

So, imagine how that self you’re always talking to feels when suddenly this running conversation isn’t good enough for you anymore and you’re only tuning into guided or higher-self messages? It takes time and effort to distinguish true guidance from self-talk but what you will notice is that the more enlightened clairaudient messages tend to be really calm, strong, quiet and clear. Non-enlightened messages from your ego mind tend to sound worried, long-winded or shallow.


You get a bad feeling or feel anxious or nervous about a person or situation for some reason but you don’t know why.


Take it from me; being empathic seems more of a curse than a gift, because it’s extremely hard to feel something in your physical body and then try and figure out if it’s from you, the person next to you or the client you’re going to be seeing in an hour. Sometimes you have to just wait for the person or situation to reveal itself to you and when it does, the feeling you had dissipates. If you don’t want to wait, however, you can first just put your hand over your solar plexus chakra and ask, “Why am I feeling like this?” and wait to see what type of guidance you receive either through instant knowing, clairvoyance, or clairaudience.

You can also just sit for a moment and think about the major areas of or people in your life and do a clairvoyant test to see which one of these it is. For instance, create a symbol for your work and then ask, “Am I feeling bad because there’s something going on at work?” and see what you get. Or, think about the people in your life and notice if you feel worse when focusing on someone in particular. Then, use your clairvoyant skills to see what/why you’re sensing this.

If you are working on developing your psychic skills and are looking for a community to practice with, I recommend checking out my teacher Debra Katz’s online group, Seventh Sight, which is comprised of a community of like-minded people working to expand and develop their intuitive skills. Also, remember – the key to getting the most out of your psychic abilities is to quiet your mind. This meditation I recorded will help – memorize it, and run through it every time you sit down to work on a problem you’d like your intuition to tackle, and you’ll notice a difference.
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What Drains You?

by Tara Roth –

Intuition relies on sensing energy. 

It is a moment to moment communication between your conscious mind and higher self. Energy is all around us. It emanates from people, places and even inanimate objects. A Feng shui specialist I know told me every object in your home is energetically connected to you on an unconscious level. 

When you enter a room, some part of your energy field is scanning every single object, noting if anything has moved or is missing from the space. Given that the average American has thousands of objects in their home, this can cause an incredible energy drain.
Try this experiment:
Walk into any room in your home and really look at how much stuff is there. As you look at your things through this lens of consciousness, you may notice how some items trigger memories or emotions. You might be amazed to realize how many unhappy memories you have are on display!
I encourage you to weigh the dollar value of any item you are reluctant to let go of against the energetic cost of keeping the associated memory present and alive.
Your connection doesn’t stop at your “stuff”. We are each energetically connected to places too. Look around your home again, this time focus on the energy of the actual space and what that feels like. Use all your senses and observe what you see, hear, smell, feel and sense. Does the space feel welcoming and warm; chaotic and cluttered; harsh or cold?

Notice the impact this space has on your energy field.

Another experiment:

Now move the experiment to your mind and think about a place you love to go to – where you always feel welcome and happy. As you think about it, remember what happens to your energy level as you enter that place. Do words like relax, expand and wide open come to mind?

You are being affected like this energetically all day, everyday but are most often not aware of it because this awareness is operating below your conscious mind.
To develop your intuition is to develop more awareness. 

Start to tune into your surroundings. When you enter a place for the first time, imagine you are pushing your senses outside your body to “feel” it. Develop this same awareness around the people in your life, whether they are friends or strangers.

Breathe deeply, center and extend your senses and see what you notice about this person’s energy. How does it feel to you? Every person has a distinct energetic vibration pattern and tone; it may be fast or slow, warm or cold, tense or relaxed, vibrant or lethargic.

Ask how does this person feel to me? Are they happy, sad, nervous, calm, open or hiding something? Don’t rely on what they say to you to decide; this is an awareness exercise of what you sense.
As part of this exercise, notice your own energy levels around this person. Do not judge this as good or bad; this is simply about paying attention and noticing what is in front of you. Noticing places, people, their energy and its impact on you is a huge step in developing your intuition.
Coaching Challenge

This week practice the art of observing energy at work in your life and start to tune into your surroundings.

When you enter a place for the first time, imagine you are pushing your senses outside your body to “feel” it. Develop this same awareness around the people you encounter, whether they are friends or strangers.

The steps to take are to breathe deeply, center and extend your senses and see what you notice about the energy you are encountering.

Remember to monitor your own energy levels in these moments. If you find that someone or something is draining you, step a few feet away and notice the difference. Or conversely, if you are picking up an uplifting feeling, become an energetic sponge and soak that energy up! Most importantly, have fun!

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Perceiving Through the ‘Inner Senses’

by Deborah Zeta –

As you begin regularly accessing fifth-dimensional consciousness, you find inner technologies activating to help you navigate these inner spaces. These include telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other psychic and intuitive abilities that allow the gift of clear-seeing.

It’s this crystal clarity that helps you “see-through” the illusion.

It’s important to understand that information coming through inner technologies does not arrive through the physical senses. It may seem so because inner technologies generally involve one or more of the “inner senses” of hearing, seeing and feeling.

Each of the five senses has a corresponding spiritual sense. These inner senses are the means by which our higher self, guides and angels communicate with us. It’s easy to recognize information that comes through the inner senses because it lifts us to a higher place.

Clairaudience involves receiving or “hearing” messages and thought forms from frequencies and realms beyond the physical. You may actually hear a voice in your mind or a sound frequency that entrains your consciousness to other realms.

Clairvoyance involves seeing with your inner eyes. You may “see” a single image or entire scenes or “movies.” Inner seeing also involves seeing images as symbols.

Clairsentience is yet another form of inner knowing. People who are clairsentient receive guidance and information through bodily sensations such as tingling or tightening reactions.

Another intuitive doorway is claircognizance. Those who are claircognizant may suddenly know something without knowing how they know it.

Each person has access to all of these inner senses, though a person’s natural orientation often determines which sense is used more often. A visually oriented person for example, might pay more attention to their mental visions.
Your Natural Abilities of Inner Perception

As you heal and clear your emotions, as you trust and follow your highest vision and allow the greatness of your being, you will find your natural abilities of inner perception opening and expanding. There will be moments when you know something is about to happen or you see through the surface of physical reality.

You may suddenly catch a glimpse of another “you” in another time and place or you may suddenly know something you didn’t know before. This intuitive knowing will take many forms. If you choose to develop these abilities, you will find you’re able to move between dimensions.

It will become easier to access fifth-dimensional consciousness. Cultivating skills of clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and telepathy will greatly enhance your ability to access fifth-dimensional consciousness. Likewise, as you exist more in the fifth dimension, you will find that your intuitive abilities expand exponentially.

Pay close attention to feeling states as you enter new spaces. You will be able to recognize fifth-dimensional states by the high-vibrational feelings your experience while in them.

excerpt from ‘The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness’ 

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How to Use Intuition

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  –Albert Einstein

When I was in college, I had two career treks: a solid foundation in liberal arts to build on for law school, and my secret pleasures–creative writing and world religion. I would gift myself with one creative writing class and one religion class each semester that I thought of as my guilty pleasures. What I now know is the classes that gave me so much joy and I felt pulled towards were the guidance of my soul. I let my intellect−law school will provide a good living−trump my deepest desires.
My intuitive mind, which I believe is our soul that resides in the heart, was quietly guiding me, while my rational mind firmly controlled my path. Albert Einstein knew we had those two roles mixed up. French philosopher and Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said it so beautifully, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Thus, as we can understand that part of us is physical, we also must acknowledge that another part of us is spiritual. The gift of spirit in our daily living is sometimes ignored or dominated by our rational mind. Yes, we need our rational mind to get us to the market, to remind us to feed ourselves, etc., but the role it should play is that of supporter. The star is our intuitive mind, which is the gift of our divine knowing.
How Do We Recognize the Intuitive Mind?
Have you ever made a decision you regretted and then said to yourself “Something told me to go the other way?” That “something” is the quiet voice of our intuition. The intuitive voice is usually soft and non-intrusive and does not cause fear. We can tap into that quiet voice through meditation and prayer and by placing our hand over our heart at any time and in any place and call forth our soul to answer. Calling forth our intuition is like a muscle. The more we do it, the clearer and stronger that intuitive voice will be.
The Limitations of the Rational Mind
Our rational mind is protective of our survival−the creator of our flight or fight response−and can cause us to have fear and doubt. Our rational mind also mirrors the voices we heard growing up, which causes limited thinking (our Monkey Minds). If we were told we were stupid as a child, the rational mind will remind us of this for on our protection until we tell it otherwise. Gay Hendricks, research psychologist and author of The Big Leap, calls this an Upper Limit Problem. (More about our Upper Limit in the next blog). We can program our rational mind to be in line with our spiritual selves as we grow. We can tell our rational mind that we are no longer the child who was scared, self-doubting, and alone. Remember, our rational mind is, after all, our faithful servant. The key is to learn how to use our intuition by recognizing our soul’s quiet guidance and then reprogram our rational brain to obey the direction of our heart, which is where our soul resides.
30- Day Mirror Affirmation
If you are suffering from the the demands of the rational mind, our survival mind that can indeed keep us up at night with anxiety; try the following affirmation for 30 days:
I surrender to the guidance of my heart, and trust that all my needs and desires have already been given to me. I accept this gift right now in this moment and affirm that it is so.

–Stephanie Payne

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