Healing, Happiness and Harmony

Patricia Rose Upczak

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32 Ways to Make Someone Smile

Lifestyle Guru Extraordinaire Leo Babauta with 32 ways to make someone smile.

Just thought I’d give all of you a nice list of things to think about. This isn’t an in-depth post but more of a thought for the day — is there someone you’d like to make happy today? Making others happy is one of the best ways to have a great day yourself. It can brighten the world around you.

This list is just to spark some ideas and please note that not every item on this list is appropriate for every person in your life. I trust you to figure out which actions go with which people.

Leo Babauta

Make someone happy today!
  • Smile.
  • Help them carry something.
  • Send a thank-you email.
  • Call just to see how they’re doing.
  • Pick them flowers.
  • Cook them a nice meal.
  • Tell a joke and laugh your butts off.
  • Clean.
  • Write a love letter to a loved one.
  • Give them a cherished book.
  • Bake cookies.
  • Praise them publicly.
  • Thank them for a job well done.
  • Listen.
  • Be there when they’re in need.
  • Give a free hug.
  • Spend time with them, having fun.
  • Do errands or chores for them.
  • Say I love you.
  • Help them get ahead.
  • Be proud of them.
  • Babysit if they need it.
  • House sit if they need it.
  • Buy them movie tickets.
  • Create a care package.
  • Coffee. Mmmm.
  • List the things you love about them.
  • Secretly leave them thank you notes.
  • Give a back rub when appropriate.
  • Deliver a nice lunch to them when they’re having a rough day.
  • Love them, completely.
  • Be happy yourself.
  • Any ideas on how to make people happy? 
    Add them in the comments!

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    What Calls To You?

    by Jay Forte –

    If you listen, really listen, you can hear the voice inside you that gives great guidance. It pulls you to things you are interested in and good at. It pulls you to things that activate your passions and abilities. Listen for this because it has very important information for you.

    I have a friend who is an artist – a photographer. He doesn’t see things the way most of us do – he sees lines, colors, textures and shapes everywhere. It is as if a voice inside him says look here, watch for this and notice this. It calls to him. He follows. His photography is amazing. It makes him happy.
    In my life, I love language – I love grammar, rhyme, poetry, prose – even foreign languages. I used to leave notes at home in phonetic transcription (when the note was read, the message sounded like it had an Irish, German, French or Australian accent). Weird huh? Not really. Language calls to me. I don’t just listen for what people say; I focus on how they say it. I hear flat vowels from New England, frontal vowels from Chicago and rounded lip vowels from New York and Long Island. Again, weird? Yeah, maybe, but I still love it. It calls. I listen and follow. I can spend hours writing. It makes me happy.
    What calls to you? 

    When you aren’t distracted by a world that tells you who and what you should be, what you should think and what you should notice, you create the space for your own voice to share its thoughts with you. It guides you wisely if you listen. But for that to happen, you must value its voice and create the quiet to hear it. As I share in my Life Possibilities workshops, “When we quite the chatter in our minds, we allow the meaningful things in life to find their voices.”

    And when you listen, you will be guided to things that connect with the true you. 

    You will find yourself wanting to go to a lecture or read a book on something your friends think is crazy. You find yourself looking for others who share your belief in or love of in science, weather, landscaping, bird watching, paddle boarding, differential equations or tandoori cooking. The Internet can help us find our tribes – those who hear and are moved by a similar voice.

    The other amazing thing about discovering and listening to your voice, is it introduces you to your greatest abilities. Our abilities come from the way our brains (our DNA that formed our brains) spark. Some people like my artist friend sees the details in things that others have no aptitude to see. I hear things in language that others don’t. We are each special – gifted – unique in our way. This ensures that there is room for all of us to live a life that matters, is happy and is successful on our terms. That voice that calls is how we learn of our greatness.
    I find that the voice that calls to us isn’t the least bit interested in fame, fortune or power.

    It is only interested in helping you connect with something that makes you feel successful, happy and joyful. When we stop listening to society’s voice insisting that we be rich, famous or powerful, we’ll connect with our internal voice, the one what will lead us to our treasure, and that treasure will be loving the moments of and the events in our lives.

    Listen to your inner voice. Quiet the chatter to let this voice speak. What does it wish for you? What does it direct you to do, be, accomplish, invent, experience or change. Trust it. Listen to it. It will guide you well.

    About Author: Jay Forte, the president and founder of The Greatness Zone LLC, is an author, motivational speaker and certified life and workplace coach. He and his organization help others discover and connect their unique abilities to opportunities in today’s world to live and work with purpose, passion and power – to know themselves, find their fit and transform their world. 

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    Path to Authentic Happiness

    by Jennifer Kass – 

    The path to authentic happiness involves clearing the blocks to the happiness already waiting within us–we were never meant to search for things on the outside because our wellspring was waiting inside. We don’t have to fix anything or make ourselves better–we just have to brush off the dust that’s clouding and dulling our shine.
    Taking spiritual teachings from the esoteric realm or intellectual level into an experiential level was the catalyst for my personal shift from suffering to happiness. We do this through making a commitment to ourselves and creating a daily practice in which we connect with our higher self in meditation and then throughout the day, so that we are able to consciously observe our life by being “up above it” rather than “stuck within it”.
    From this higher perspective, observe your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions, and patterns so that you can begin to see clearly what changes you need to make in order to clear the blocks to your happiness within.

    5 Things to Release in Order to be Happy
    1. Thoughts
    We begin by identifying the spiritual ego which is synonymous with fear–this means all thoughts that are not love can be released. Loving perceptions feel expansive, inspired and free. Fearful perceptions feel tight, and stuck and doubt, judgment and lack is at the forefront. Choose love over fear.
    2. Beliefs
    A belief is simply a thought that has come in over and over until it has formed into a belief. What we believe in, we create. Are you believing in a nightmare or a happy dream? Identify limiting beliefs and commit to releasing them moment-to-moment.
    3. Emotion
    Feeling is healing–as we allow emotions to surface and release, we clear emotional patterns from our bodies that were energetically blocking us from happiness and abundance. Energy is always trying to flow to us in the form of new relationships, creative and financial opportunities,and even better health. However, it’s up to us to open the pathways.
    4. Actions
    The actions we take directly affect our well-being. When we pay attention to those which lower, or drain our energy, we can let them go; even if it might not make sense on a logical level, it’s important to listen to our inner guide and body because it knows best.
    5. Patterns
    Unconscious activities or behaviors are operating from the place of the ego, not our inner guide, which requires us to be present and conscious to align with it. Create awareness of the behaviors that create self-sabotage and cause you suffering, and have the willingness to let them go. This will allow them to fall away naturally.
    About the Author: Jennifer Kass – Global spiritual mentor, love pioneer and speaker. Jennifer guides clients in one-on-one transformational programs using practical spiritual tools that provide a gateway to your inner happiness, and a holistic approach integrating diet + lifestyle changes, for a radical shift. Jennifer shares her message through her weekly blogs and podcast, live events, one-on-one mentoring, as a writer for WellandGoodNYC, The Daily Love and MindBodyGreen and other well-known blogs, TV and radio appearances.
    Create a life you love from the inside out, download your free copy of ‘The Happiness Blueprint

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    Finding New Love

    Are you determined to begin the journey of finding new love?  If you haven’t heard the song; Love Potion Number Nine, go to YouTube, search for it or click on the link.  The song itself is not meant to be serious yet everyone seems to be looking for that magic potion or secret to finding new love.  Is it time for a new relationship? Are ready for a new adventure?  Maybe you have been alone for a while and are seeking a person, partner, companion or whatever means to you, who will match your personality, desires and belief system.
    We all love love; We love to love and we love to be loved.  What are you looking for?  What does your perfect partner look like?  How does it feel when you visualize it?  Create that feeling of what would it feel like to be with your perfect partner.  Imagine what kind of personality you’d like to see in them.  Love, what it’s all about!

    Here’s a great idea: Create a “Finding New Love” journal and write with intention exactly what you are looking for.  It’s visualize and focus on what do you want?  What do you want to feel?  How does it make you feel?
    Somehow there is magic in writing down what you desire, what it looks like, what kind of person are you looking for?  Also don’t forget what are you bringing to a potential relationship?  Do your homework and take the steps to improve things in your life.

    Manifesting your soul-mate could almost jump right off the page and into your arms if you are specific enough and believe they have already shown up.  All you have to do it put yourself out in the public arena and at the right place and the right time it will manifest for you.  Visualize as already accomplished.

    It’s important to reach a point where you absolutely love yourself and stay in love every moment of the day. Remember, this is your visualization!  Create what YOU want!  Here are some quick tips!
    1.  Stop the Pity party!
    Stop speaking negatively about yourself.  It’s not helping you at all!  Self-depreciation will only validate and reaffirm to the universe your state of lack.
    2.  Believe in Yourself!
    You’re a wonderful, magical and terrific being who deserves only the best of everything.  This includes finding a new love that perfectly matches your desires.  You have to Believe in yourself!
    3.  Raise YOUR self-worth!
    You are worthy of manifesting happiness and your soul-mate in your life and more.  Know it, believe it and live it!
    4. Do the work on yourself everyday

    Are you truly walking your talk and living what you speak to others?  Be your authentic self because your only want someone to love you for who you really are. When you discover someone who interests you, find out what makes them happy. What are their interests? 

    When you enjoy the same things, you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot, and if you are only mildly interested in what they like, you can go with them and give it a try. Perhaps they’re into scuba diving and swimming although you simply cannot imagine getting your hair wet.  Just support them in their interest and stay on the boat, lying in the sun, then have a fabulous lunch waiting for them when they surface.

    Every day do something loving to surprise them with how amazing they are as a person.  Slip little notes in their pockets with uplifting quotes or even personal “why you are so special to me” messages.

    Do a bit of extra work and figure out a few things both of you are interested in and take turns sharing the time together.  There are so many things two people can enjoy together.  Just figure out what it is and you’ll have a wonderful time finding new love to manifest bliss in your life!

    “Surrender and let the love flow in.”
    –Lori Moreno


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    Top 5 Ways to Build a Wonderful Life

    1. Live Below Your Means
    There will always be temptation to forsake the future for immediate gratification. We all want to buy that new piece of technology, treat ourselves to an expensive night on the town, or take out a loan for the flashy car we can’t afford. It might feel great at the time but rash spending eventually will build and hurt a lot later on.
    Enjoy life’s simple pleasures and save as much as you can. Expensive things don’t create lasting happiness and security. Careful spending will bring you greater leisure and enjoyment in the long run.
    2. Put Your Money to Work
    Saving is great, but to make the most of your money you need to put it to work. Good investments can be the difference between retiring in your 40′s or in your 60′s.
    A post today at The Simple Dollar really got me thinking. According to Trent’s projections, if a person in their early 20′s invests 20% of their income in an S&P index fund, the interest they earn will equal their current salary when they reach their early 40′s. They could retire without a drop in income!
    Wise investing is the surest path to financial independence and it’s something everyone can work on. It’s definitely an area I’ll be devoting more attention to in my personal life and on this blog.
    3. Educate Yourself
    To be happy we need continuous growth. The best way to grow is life long education. This doesn’t mean you need to pursue a doctorate or spend 2 hours reading every day. 
    Self education can be anything that takes you out of your comfort zone. The important part is keeping an open mind and searching for fresh ideas and perspectives.
    Education builds over time. It might feel like the bits of wisdom you acquire don’t mean much but over the years they add up to form a wiser, kinder, more interesting person.
    4. Develop Lasting Personal Relationships
    Suppose you had everything you wanted. Would you be happy without anyone to share it with? The personal relationships we develop with friends and family members are the greatest source of happiness in our lives. Don’t forget about them.
    Taking the time to cultivate and enjoy personal relationships is essential to longterm happiness. Without the people you care about you’ll probably be miserable, no matter how successful you become.
    5. Work Towards a Dream You’re Passionate About
    Even if your life isn’t perfect, you can always build towards a goal you’re passionate about. If you aren’t building towards something, you’re probably stagnating. 
    When this happens to me I start to feel like a victim trapped by my own life. The best way to reverse this is working towards a goal.
    We can’t control everything about our lives but working towards a goal gives us something positive to focus on and lays the foundation for future success. No matter what your passion is, get out there and start doing something. As Lao Tzu said, even a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.
    Bonus: 6. Stay in Shape
    You only get one body. Once it’s been ruined there isn’t much you can do about it. Exercise to keep the rust off. Avoid excessive consumption of damaging substances and unhealthy foods. It may feel like terrible self denial at the time but enjoying good health in your later years is worth the sacrifice.

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    Restoring Our Well-Being & Creating With Love

    by Harold W. Becker – 
    There is yesterday and then there is today. How many of us fall into the trap of what we experienced in the past repeating itself and thus destined to be our future? Which of us realizes that in any moment we have the power, ability and imagination to create from a different perspective?
    Life is an unfolding process of our own making. 
    What we think, feel and believe, becomes our experience. Where we see lack and limitation, we create the same in our lives. Likewise, when we see abundance, caring and sharing, we experience this as our reality too.

    It takes enormous courage to go within and question our personal views on life and endeavor to embrace, correct and/or release that which no longer serves us.

    It also takes strength and determination to stop blaming others and accept the responsibility of our own creation. 

    When we recognize and accept that the battle rages on in our mind and nowhere else, we are well on our way to positive change.
    What is the reward for such effort? 
    A more peaceful, balanced and loving life. Isn’t that what we all strive for in our constant pursuit of our daily interactions, relationships and material possessions? We seek a sense of joy and fulfillment in all that we do and all that we are.
    With so many different views and perspectives, challenges and difficulties facing us these days, perhaps it is time to return within and find our own voice and ideas about life.
    Heart and Soul in Everyday Living
    Finding your heart and soul on a daily, moment-to-moment basis is a process of going within and realizing the power you have to create every moment. When you come from balance and understanding, wisdom becomes your true power and your decisions begin to reflect a new way of thinking and feeling.
    To restore our health, wealth and well-being we must come from our personal center and balance – our heart. From this perspective we can base our daily decisions with inner peace, harmony, clarity and wisdom and thereby affect positive change.
    This is the inside-out approach to living. 

    Going within first to determine what is best for us by listening to our heart rather than reacting to life as we observe and witness it from the outside.

    Our individual thoughts and feelings are the underpinning of our reality. What we think and feel is what we create. Unfortunately, most have forgotten this simple truth and we have become lost creators that merely react to events and situations, fears and suggestions, which run rampant in the world around us. We have been adding our own energy to this scenario by believing the outer instead of our inner world.
    It is time to reverse this tragic and often painful reality by simply and consciously shifting our perspective. 
    We CAN move from a fear-based world and reality to a love-based world if we so choose. It is up to each of us to undertake this responsibility and start the journey. So create a new you and experience the peace and joy you crave deep within. 
    We are already creating our life whether we are aware of it or not, so why not choose the life your heart dances to?
    For more thoughts on love, please visit: Special Messages at the The Love Foundation
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