Celebrating the Beauty of Oneness

by Panache Desai –
Have you ever looked at an insect – moth, butterfly, beetle or ladybug – and simply admired its beauty and purpose? Maybe it’s the softness of its body, the frailty of its legs, the lovely color of its wings. It’s remarkable that each creature – from a human being to a fire ant – is on this earth for a reason. We each have a purpose in our oneness on earth.
The simple act of appreciation moves you into oneness. 

When you take the time to see something fully, your awareness escalates and you can become one with it. Maybe you get a rare, up-close look at a Praying Mantis and think, “that’s the greatest Praying Mantis I’ve ever seen.”

When you take a moment to focus your awareness on it and appreciate its glorious green color, bent lanky legs and lovely, heart-shaped head, you become one with the Mantis. Human and insect connected in oneness, if only for a precious, fleeting moment.

It’s important to take some portion of your day to remember the oneness of all life. As vibrational beings, we can always access that connection because we all are the same. When you move into a heightened space of awareness, you can see the common singularity throughout all of reality. 
You can honor oneness every day by appreciating what’s around you – a blooming flower, the turning of the leaves, your family, your pets or a stranger on the street.

As you start recognizing the connectedness of life, you begin to see yourself in everything and everyone you meet.

When someone says, “I feel invisible,” it’s really a prayer – a plea for someone to take time and appreciate all the joy, kindness and love they have to offer.

We all have a purpose. We are all amazing, remarkable creatures. 
When we connect in oneness, we form a powerful union, appreciate each other’s beautiful wings and soar to new heights of wholeness together.
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How to Bring Conscious Change

by Neenat Merchant Syal – 

Pause a moment from whatever you are doing… Be with this moment…Take a slow, deep breath and breathe into your belly… As you read these words notice your breathing… Notice your body… What are you thinking ?… How are you feeling?… Is there any tension in your body?… If so, where ?… Take a moment to breathe into that tension… Relax… Let it go… Just Be.

You are constantly changing. 

Until more recently inner change occurred without much conscious awareness. Now many people are awakening and with this comes a new POWER, the power to change consciously, with your intention.

No longer do you have to believe that you are a victim. As you learn how to co-create with Spirit, you will become more attuned to the laws of nature and the universe. This knowledge will help you navigate through life more skillfully even in times of change and turmoil.

There are many tools to help you make positive changes. Being mindful as in the opening relaxation is one of them. The following are four more of my favorites.


Learn How to Manage Your Energy
Are you highly sensitive? Do you feel what others feel? In today’s world your life gets bombarded with a myriad of outside stimuli, from toxins in the air to the daily stresses of life. Learn what your body and spirit need by finding ways to nurture your inner self.

This means recognizing when your energy system has become overloaded or depleted then taking time to relax and rejuvenate. There are different ways you can do this such as scheduling regular massages, taking healing baths, meditating, practicing yoga and going on retreats. Taking time to recharge your energy will prove to be an efficient tool to help you maintain health and wellness while in the midst of inner changes.

Transform Negative Self-Talk
Become aware of self-doubt, self-judgment and other types of negative thinking that erode your self-esteem and keep you from actualizing your potential. Your thoughts exert a powerful influence on your well being. Consistent negative thinking dampens your spirit and keeps you from manifesting your heart’s desire. It has also proven to lower your immune system thus contributing to health problems
Learn to balance negative thinking with self-acknowledgment. If you catch yourself entertaining negative thoughts, simply acknowledge the awareness, then replace with a positive affirmation. Over time you will find that your negative self-talk diminishes resulting in increased self-esteem, improved health and a better outlook on life. All will ease the process of change.
Add Light to a Situation
You can transform a situation by adding light to it. Light accelerates your growth and attracts your higher good. If you are not sure what you want or how to solve a problem create a symbol for it. Then surround your symbol with a ball of white light.

Imagine the light illuminating your symbol and smoothing out any rough edges. Adding light in this way will bring clarity and ease the process of change.

Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude
Finally, be grateful for every beneficial change no matter how small. You can even begin by appreciating all that you have right now. Expressing gratitude promotes awareness, increases your connection to Source and expands your ability to receive from the Universe. It is one of the best ways to bring more good into your life.

Try incorporating these tools into your daily life. Change, even conscious change, often happens subtly over time. You will need to have patience and perseverance. However, the rewards are great.

About Author: Neenat Merchant Syal

She is the founder and writer of Positive Provocations, which features writing on positive thinking through healing the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. She holds degrees in, and practices counseling psychology, motivational psychology, spiritual counseling, motivational speaking, holistic health and naturopathic medicine. Zeenat Merchant Syal is a spiritual traveler by passion, an eternal student and researcher in the school of life and all of its realities, including the fields of metaphysics and New Age thinking.

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Gratitude’s, Learning’s and Gifts

by Irene Martina – 

I was blessed to have a very insightful and intuitive mother who became my greatest teacher. I would like to share with you a few of her teachings and my learning’s.

1. Choose your thoughts carefully, they are your destiny.
Since the Secret has come out people have become more aware of the power of thoughts and choices but back in the 50’s when I grew up this type of wisdom was rare to get from parents.
We struggled through some hard times but my mother always told me to focus on the good things life could bring and when my sister and I did, we would see how right she was.
My philosophy to this day is that wherever I am in my life each day; it is exactly the blueprint I have created. You always have a choice about who you want to be and it starts with your thoughts so chose your thoughts carefully.

2. Be in the moment always, it’s all you really have.

I so often hear my clients tell me that they will begin to change or manifest or whatever next week or perhaps sometime tomorrow.

When I first started working with guides and discovered that they work on energy only that meant they worked on the energy I created with my thoughts, deeds and actions. It amazed me to know that they did not care if that energy was positive or negative; it was just energy and they worked with whatever it was.
It did not take long to realize that saying tomorrow, next week, and perhaps later or “I will”… did not create a great response in my present time period until I realized there are no guarantees of a “tomorrow, next week or next month” and that our power was always in the moment.
This moment is the only moment in life we are given so it has the greatest point of power we will ever have. By not living in the moment we miss the joys, the teachings, and the manifesting that each day can bring and it is truly all we are ever going to have.

3. You Are Unique – Believe in Yourself!

I remember one day I was hurt by an insult a classmate gave me about my intuitive gifts and my mother’s teachings as being those of witchcraft. I often struggled with being different or strange as so many called me.

There were always wonderful moments before or at bedtime when she would listen to my daily tribulations and smile. One day she asked me who I would like to change my life with for a day if I could do so.

 I told her I wanted to be a movie star like Elizabeth Taylor. Of course she asked me why! On and on I went about how beautiful she was, rich and famous and adored by millions.

As she often did, my mom made me close my eyes and visualize most of my life’s problems or desires. She had me visualize a day or week in Ms. Taylor’s world. I told her what I would want to do and my mom would stop me and tell me that what I was asking for was not possible as I had staff and 100’s of people that demanded time and work from her and I had a responsibility to produce for them. She made me see a side of her life that could have been one of sadness because she had no privacy. She showed me how demanding and at times unrewarding and hard her life must be to become who and she was to the world.

At the end of our game she would smile and tell me how unique I was and that every person on the planet had been given a great gift when they were born; the gift of becoming who they were meant to be. We are all unique she would say and each one of us would have our own “staring roll” in the world if we believed in our own magic; our own inner power. She made me create a vision of what I would love to be in my world and that if I chose to be a star it would be of my making and based on my capabilities, talents and unique gifts.

Sadly, I have discovered so many people that I have met in my life who have wanted to be someone else. They could never see their own talents and gifts that they were bringing into the world. They could not see or acknowledge their own power or greatness.

There is no duplicate of you so how can you fail! You came into this world already special, unique and with one of kind gifts to share with those in this world that you will come into contact with. Each of us has to find that inner power and belief in ourselves and when you do; you will become the star you are really seeking to be!

If you believe God created perfection in all things, than you must believe in you!

4. Love Yourself First.

Have you given yourself a hug today? If not, why not? Do you realize that we seldom give ourselves some kind words, a mental hug, or a pat on the back? Can you tell me if you said this gratitude today, “I am grateful for the strength of my spirit (courage, etc.) and for the wisdom of my choices?” If not, why not?

Realize that you really do come first! You cannot give what you do not have! You cannot give love if it is not in you to give. How do you love your family and friends the way they deserve to be loved if you are not loving yourself?

We are constantly giving away our power and when we need it for us; we are drained and too tired to feed our own soul’s, bodies and minds. Can you write ten things down right now that you appreciate about yourself and read it aloud? If you can great, now have you taught your family and children how do this and why it is so important.

5.The Power of Gratitude

My mother worked about five different jobs a week for years to keep us off welfare. I did my best to make the house run smooth for her and to look after my younger sister. As she usually came home exhausted, she did not have the energy to take over as the housekeeper and chief bottle washer.

It was not always easy to keep up this pace and we struggled for years to keep our heads above water. She never complained and she was so grateful to us for everything we could do. I never really saw my mom sick, unkind to anyone and she was generous to a fault.

When I was thirteen I rebelled one night. I got angry and frustrated at my sister because I could not go to a party and have some fun for a change. My sister told my mother how I had been (verbally) mean to her and why. My mother said it was time we all had a date with each other and a treat.

She took a night off and we went to the restaurant for a meal which was rare and costly to her. She told us to order desserts and that was a real treat! When we got home she told us we had to learn to have “down time” and fun, even if it was not going to parties and out of the house.

My mother told us many ways we could treat ourselves such as long baths, listening to our favorite music, talking to friends and write in a journal to share our feelings. But most importantly she asked us to promise her that we would do something for her for the rest of our lives. I have kept that promise and I want to share it with you.

Every night for many years she had us share at least five personal gratitude’s for the day. These gratitude’s had to include one for each other and for ourselves. One day when we got older she had us add something new to the gratitude’s.

When saying the gratitude’s we had to start with working our day backwards because she said our dreams would be more powerful as we cleared the energy of the day. She added another new step; after the gratitude’s we had to find our greatest lesson or gift from the day?

My mom, sister and I looked forward to the evening when we would play this game and we loved finding different gratitude’s each day. It changed our whole outlook on life and each other. When we were seventeen she added the last and most important step.

After we went to bed filled with our gratitude’s, learning’s and gifts we added a new saying in the morning. In her words it was simply this:

“When your feet hit the floor in the morning, simply say, “God whose life will I touch today?”

From that point on, she would ask us if we first touched our own life that day because we cannot touch a life with love unless we love ourselves first. She taught us how to hug ourselves and how important it was to do it often.

Asking to touch someone’s life each day brings more gratitude into your life than you can ever imagine. When your hearts fills with love for others you know it is because you have discovered how to really love yourself. Our gratitude’s were even easier to come by each night from that day on.

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Reframing Regrets

by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat – 

Most of us regret that we have regrets. We know they make us our own worst enemies. We obsess about past events in our lives and wonder whether or not we made the right decisions or acted in the best ways. We blame ourselves for mucking things up and not listening to our better self, intuition, or conscience. In hard times, when things aren’t going well, it’s very tempting to try to figure out what we might have done differently.

Regret is ready, willing and able to have us second-guess our choices. Listen to the resulting self-talk: “Why didn’t I consult someone and get their counsel before I made that decision?” “Why didn’t I look at the big picture before turning down that trip?” “Why did I rush into that commitment before the relationship had gelled?” “If only . . .” “What if . . .”
Often the result of this mastication of the past is a drain of energy and a waste of time. Most spiritual teachers would admonish us to stay in the moment and realize there’s no way to re-make the past. What’s gone is gone. Let it be, and let it go.
But recently we were gratified to learn another perspective where regret no longer has a bad reputation. In a scientific study, men and women voted this emotion as the most beneficial of 12 negative emotions since it fostered self-inspection and personal growth. 

Here are a few tips on how to proceed with regret reframed as a positive tool.
1. Most spiritual teachers advise us not to get stuck in the past by focusing on our bad decisions. Instead follow the Tibetan Buddhist way of turning things around. Here the key is looking for what you can learn from a past pain or setback in your life. You can then turn your regrets into catalysts for change.
2. If we are consumed by regrets we overlook all the good that has come from our decisions and actions. So when you find yourself having regrets, bring to mind times when you did the right thing and came out happy and fulfilled. Investigate how these positive memories are different from the memories that are filled with regret. Adjust your attitudes so that you are acting in ways consistent with your positive memories.
3. In Judaism there is a rich and deep tradition of blessing all things. You might take this practice to heart and give thanks for all the choices and decisions you have made. By doing so, you can move beyond the self-blame and depression that comes from being stuck in regrets.
4. An attitude of gratitude is always helpful and salutary when dealing with emotions like regret. Regret helps us clarify what is and is not important to us. Be thankful for the spiritual direction this emotion provides. Being thankful for all of the things that have happened to us is the spiritual path in many religions. Don’t exclude anything!
5. Follow this advice from Henry David Thoreau: “Make the most of your regrets; never smother your sorrow, but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret is to live afresh.” 
Move forward in the grand adventure of life and don’t be afraid of taking risks. Take as your mantra for the week: “To regret is to live afresh.”
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The Easiest Way to be Grateful

by Anodea Judith – 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m eternally grateful for all the blessings that I have: work that I love, a new home to fix up, a loving relationship, to say nothing of living in these amazing times. I hope that I never forget how lucky I am, and how fortunate we all are that we don’t have to labor like our ancestors did, to build the roads and railways to create the infrastructure that we take for granted today. In fact, gratitude is part of my spiritual practice.
But these days what I find I am most grateful for is those rare moments of nothing. The sweet emptiness of a good meditation, a day off where I can just putter, a moment of stillness in a yoga pose, a blank to-do list (well, frankly that has never happened but I would be grateful if it did!), a landscape without buildings, a clear sky or a moment of shared silence with a friend.
We put far too much emphasis on things. We think we need more things, better things, different things. We even see relationships as things, something that we have rather than a living process we are in.
Biologically, men have a thing, and women have a place. Men have created a world filled with the most marvelous things: televisions and computers, houses and automobiles, airplanes, and the internet. Thank you, guys, for all your hard work. (I realize that women contribute to this, too, but it is largely the masculine paradigm that has focused on production.)
But in the process of creating things, the place has gotten trashed. The environment is choked with pollution, and resources are disappearing faster than we can replace them. Temperatures are rising, bringing havoc to every natural and social system we have. The ocean is becoming acid and the topsoil is disappearing.
We seem to measure our worth in this culture by what we do, many of us feeling guilty when we’re not busy doing something productive. 
We may be making an even more important contribution by just being. Driving less, eating less, buying less, doing less and making more time for simply communing with what is.
On a wonderful call I did recently on the topic of my global heart book, we had a “Conversation Concerto” in which listeners chimed in about the question:  “What can we do collectively to address the challenges of transformation that face us?” 

Over and over again, listeners stated the need for quiet and emptiness as one of the most important things we can do.

We must disengage a clutch in order to change gears. 
We have let go of what is to open to something new. 
We have to be quiet to listen to guidance. 
Quieting down aligns with this time of year, when the green growing things are resting, settling their seeds underground for a winter’s rest. So treasure your moments of nothing. Treasure the shared silence of gratitude. Take a deep breath and remember to love both the things and the place.
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How to Clear Negative Energy Affecting Your Life

How Negative Energy Affects Your Life:

You know that like attracts like, right? So here’s the deal: Positive people are drawn to positive energy; negative people are drawn to negative energy.We tend to perceive negative energy as something other people have. Sure, sometimes we feel negative – as in, “go away and leave me alone, world!” but did you know that negativity can be so ingrained in you that it goes unnoticed? Negative energy may be so ingrained that you are unaware of it.That’s because negativity sometimes wears a disguise called ‘reality’. It’s easy to rationalize that you’re ‘just being realistic’ in not daring to act on a dream – and believe it!
You may assume that positive people are not being realistic – that they’re being naive, that they are in denial with their heads stuck in the sand, that they put on fake smiles in the face of difficulty and so forth. But are they really happy idiots or is there something to their positivity?
Consider this: since when does ‘being realistic’ necessarily mean that things will go wrong and that you have to accept that as the truth?
That doesn’t mean that being realistic is automatically negative. When you view the world from a ‘realistic’ standpoint, you can’t help but be negative IF your version of reality is negative. If your version of reality is negative, you are conditioned to believe that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong and whatever can go right, will probably go wrong too. Your unconsciously held beliefs make you into a negative person without your being aware of it!

So – if this negativity is so ingrained in you that you don’t notice it, how do you determine whether you’re stuck in a cloud of negative energy that is attracting the wrong people, wrong situations and wrong feelings? And how can you be sure you’re not perpetuating that negativity?

Here’s a quick quiz to gauge the level of negative energy within you:
  • Do you complain? All the time or just sometimes?
  • Do you often discuss what’s wrong in the world more than what’s right? This includes the ‘terrible’ weather, ‘horrible’ traffic, ‘idiotic’ government, ‘lousy’ economy, ‘stupid’ in-laws, etc.
  • Do you criticize? All the time or just certain people?
  • Are you attracted to drama and disaster (can you unglue yourself from the TV when there’s a news story of a disaster and can you avoid getting involved in the lives of dysfunctional celebrities?)
  • Do you blame? All the time or just certain situations?
  • Do you believe that you have no control over most of your results?
  • Do you feel like a victim? Do you talk about people doing things to you?
  • Are you grateful for what is or will you be grateful when things finally start going right for you?
  • Do you feel like things are happening to you? Or do you feel that they are happening through you?
  • This last two points are important:

Gratitude transforms negative energy into positive energy. 
If you’re not grateful except when things go right, you are negative. Gratitude is positive. If you are grateful for what is (including the unpleasant school of life lessons, then you can invite more and more positive energy into your life.
Believing that things happen to you puts you in the role of victim; then it’s easy to be negative because it’s convenient to give up that power. So consider this alternative: who or what is to blame when GOOD things happen to you? Do you acknowledge that you are responsible for the good things – as in, you worked hard, you earned it, etc… but blame external events or other people for your failures? So how come, when good things happen, they are a result of what you do, but when bad things happen, they are not your fault?
Nobody likes to hear that. It takes courage to accept that you create your life experience!
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are holding on to negative energy to some degree! To clear your negative energy and raise your vibration, you will need to retrain yourself to choose a positive attitude.
Here’s another interesting idea to consider: have you noticed that positive people seem to get what they want out of life, and even if things don’t go their way, they still enjoy their lives… while negative people whine and moan about their misfortunes and even the good things in their lives?
You can CHOOSE to fill yourself with positive energy!

To clear negative energy, try this 3 -step process: 
1. Take ownership: “When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.” – the Dalai Lama
2. Cancel negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. This takes practice, dedication and making a decision to see the world through the eyes of “what can go right” instead of “what can go wrong.” You’ll have to catch yourself anytime you are acting out or speaking out your negativity, and immediately change your tune.
3. Use the ‘Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit’ to clear your energy and bring more light and love into your life; visualize the positive instead of getting sucked into negativity; overcome past conditioning; think intuitively from the soul instead from ‘reality’; create a new, desired reality in your imagination and manifest it in the outer world. Nobody wants negative energy to permeate their lives, yet many of us allow it. But we allow it unconsciously, based on past conditioning that suggests an inevitable outcome to certain situations. When you overcome that conditioning and realize that the future is NOT cast in stone but that you have more control over your circumstances than you believe – then you can begin to consciously design your life.
What’s going to happen then? 
Your positive energy will magnetically attract what you consider to be good and right for you: people, situations, things… and you’ll notice a huge, huge increase in your happiness and inner peace. Why not choose positive energy? Make some changes within, and you’ll quickly see positive changes in your life. Enjoy the good feelings and abundance!
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Opening a Vortex of Blessings

Right now angels are looking for willing hearts, hearts that are willing to receive more. For the new light that is entering your world is charged with an abundance of blessings and the greater your willingness to receive, the more of this light of blessings can become part of life on Earth. If you choose, you can, as you read these words, welcome more blessings into your life and sense or imagine a beautiful vortex of angelic love and light opening upwards from your heart and the sparkling light of blessings showering down from above.

Learning to receive – The biggest challenge for you over the coming years may be: “How much can I receive? How much joy can inhabit this human body? How can I allow my life to become even better?” For what are offered are gifts of an intense light that reaches to the core of your being and awakens a new sense of who and what you are. You are learning to let go of old fixed ideas about yourselves, so that more and more of your energy field may take on the frequency patterns of joy.

Counting your blessings – One of the simplest ways of opening to receive more is to experience gratitude for all that you already have. Be imaginative here. As well as all that springs to mind, notice what you might normally take for granted or overlook. For instance, when you are grateful for the food you eat and for the many people around the world who have played a part in bringing even a simple meal to your table, you might include the hundreds of generations who bred and improved the plant varieties that are now on your plate.

Opening your heart – The expression of gratitude opens your heart so that it may hold even more of the love the Source of All has for you. Gratitude brings you together as well and when you come together your heart centres unite. United hearts can hold even more than each of you are able to when you feel that you are separate.

Being the gift you give – Understand that you are a gift. You came to Earth as a gift. You have unique qualities that no other being could bring here but you. When you allow yourself to know this it becomes easier to receive and in receiving you naturally overflow with the gift of your own being. You become a doorway through which the Divine may find a fuller expression here on Earth and your human self becomes filled with your divinity.

–Christopher Sell 

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