Beautiful Light-Maker

by Gloria Wendroff –

Be a light unto the world. It is not for you to wait for the world to light you up. You are the one I sent to light up the world. Be the light of the world. Light up yourself and you will erase darkness from one heart to another.

You are My beautiful Light-maker. Let Us speak of light today and save the word love for another day. You are an angel of light, nothing else. Your status as a human being is temporary. For a while, you stand in as a human being. Even so, your real status is Being of Light. You are a sun that grows brighter and brighter. The essence of you is My light. What else can the light of the world be but My light shining for all to see.

Succor the world. Uplift it. Start with yourself. When you uplift yourself, you uplift legions.

Life is not so much about you. You are about the world and beyond. A messenger delivers the messages he has been given to deliver. The messenger is not thinking: “What do I feel like doing at this moment? Where do I want to be? What do I want?”

A messenger delivers the messages he is given to deliver, and he delivers them in good grace. He knows that he is for more than himself. It is too small for a Messenger of God to think of himself. He has messages to deliver, and this is what he takes into his heart, and this is what he gives. He leaves his consigned messages everywhere, and, so, he lights up the world.

What a tremendous thing light is. Nothing but light is real. And so a Messenger of God gets real. He removes his sweater and lets My light so shine before men. It is not his personal light you understand. This is not charisma We are talking about. This is not a personal magnetism. A Messenger of God is not ensconced in himself. Ensconced in oneself lies not happiness.

A Messenger of God seeks happiness for others, for that is his purpose. He lays down the red carpet for others and opens the Universe for them. He helps them to lie down in green pastures. He comforts their souls. He addresses their souls. He is a speaker of hearts. He opens hearts, and so he multiplies the Light of God. He is in service to all. His cry is We and never me. He plays an enormous role in the unification of the world. He knows Whose Crown he wears. It is not for his aggrandizement. He gives the crown he wears to all. He doffs his crown to, and so he sheds the Light of God, not on his singular behalf, but on behalf of the world and all its members.

He does not dally. He enjoys, but he does not dally. He doesn’t search except as he seeks to give, and so he gives universally. He whirls a thunderbolt of light, and it lands neither here nor there but everywhere. This is what it means to be the Light of the World.

Everyone picks up the light, and everyone becomes the Light of the World and then the world is light and all hearts are light and Blessing is thy name for you give light, are glad to give light without thought of your own glory but for the sake of Mine and all those other Beings of Light that you gladly light up. And so, who is there to thank, who is there to single out when all are light and light is all. Certainly not your individual self, for what matters to you is the God Self of all the Lights in the World upon which you shine your light

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You and Today


Ignorance is not bliss but innocence is. Innocent, you are happy. What does innocence mean? It means you are not caught up in the past. It means you look at everything with new eyes, not old. In innocence, your eyes are bright and your face merry.

When away from innocence, you are looking at the past and in so doing, you are also weighing the future. The past and future exist in your mind. The present isn’t really a midpoint between the two. Right now is where you and your mind and thoughts belong. You are receiving a meal right now. Yesterday’s supper is over and tomorrow’s has not been made yet. Do you really want an old menu or a future one? You really want to be served in the diner of today.

Would you rather flip through old photos than live today? You can dream the future, yet there are no photos of tomorrow. Of today, of course, you can take pictures, yet you can draw on the slate of life for this moment only. Second by second, this slate is wiped clean.

Today, even in its brevity, is more valuable than yesterday. You may have had gold yesterday, yet it is today that lands in your lap. It is today you mold. The gold of yesterday is no longer pliable. What you have in your hand is today and all it offers you.

The world holds sorrow because it holds attachment to the past. You are attached to what was. Each new day is not meant to be held in hostage to the past nor is each new day meant to be forfeited for tomorrow.

Fresh is better. Fresh cream is better. Fresh butter is better. Fresh from the oven is better. Eat now. The past is already stale. It is no more. Only in your thoughts was there ever a past. What are memories really? They are like bank robbers who rob you of today.

There is not really a today. There is a moment that you parcel out into partitions of time and call a day. Time, of course, does not really exist. Time doesn’t even really exist on the recorders of time such as your watch. Your watch knows nothing about time. There is nothing to know.

The past is a still photo. The minute it was taken, what it was taken of has already moved on.

Catching this moment is like catching a butterfly. The butterfly flies away. It moves too fast for you. And when you catch it, it is not a free-flying butterfly any longer. A butterfly caught is immobilized. It is the liveliness of a butterfly in flight that you really want, and that can’t be captured, you understand. Certainly a pressed butterfly is of the past and has no liveliness of its own. Let your eyes catch butterflies as they fly past you.

And this is how you catch a day. You don’t really catch it. You can only move with it. You follow the sun of the day. And when it is nighttime, you follow the light of the stars, or you follow the moon, or is it the moon that follows you?

What does it matter all this when you, a vibrant Being, are an offering to the day, the same way the day is offered to you? You and today are a twosome. Dance together as you have never danced before.

♥Angel Love♥

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Longing for Love


Sometimes your heart drowns in its longing for love. Longing replaced the love. Now replace the longing with love itself. Let your heart soar in love. From this day forward, speak in the silent language of love, and your heart will fill itself and overflow all boundaries.

Previously, you relegated your love to the corners. You made your heart go to its room and stay there, as if it needed to learn how to behave, when all it needed was to be allowed to love with all its might. You, only you, have withheld love from your heart. You alone denied the love in your heart.

You thought your heart was an insurgent, perhaps an animal of the wild. Perhaps you thought you were to tame it. All the while, your heart was meant to tame you. Submit to the love in your heart, and all the love you crave will flourish in your heart and stream forth. There is no need for your heart to ache. Love is yours.

You have been shy and embarrassed by the love in your heart. You gave it instructions to be less noticeable. You’ve hidden it with straw. Your heart wanted to play so much, you were afraid for it. And so you sentenced it to tightness. When you tightened your heart and prevented it from loving everywhere at will, you hardened it. To one degree or another, you hardened your heart. Your heart was never meant to be hard. Your heart was meant to be soft, and to soften other hearts.

Your heart was a cub that went everywhere, loved everywhere, found adventure everywhere. Your heart was a pioneer intended to lead the way. Only, after a while, your vibrant heart found that you were not following. Then it sat down and cried. The heart knew its purpose was to love. It knew its purpose was not to sit by the wayside, hitchhiking love. Why, your heart knew it was the originator of love, the giver of love, the heir to love, the crowned prince of love, now consigned to sitting with its hand out, disguised as a beggar, a straggler, shrouded in shadow, as if love were an uncomely thing. That is indeed something to weep over. The end to the reign of the heart is to weep over.

Come now, take love out and place it on your mantelpiece. Let it be the first thing that is seen when another heart enters your house. Let love be the first thing that is seen when other saddened eyes alight on yours. Hide love no longer.

Make your heart and the hearts of others privileged guests. Give them the seat of honor. Never mind the packages hearts come in. Hearts matter, not the packaging. The core of all hearts matters, the beautiful seeds of love, or iris bulbs, waiting for the sun to bring them out of the earth. Yes, your heart is an iris waiting to be let out of its encasing. Seeds and bulbs of love lie dormant in your heart.

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Everyone has a heart. Why would My children try to hide one heart from another? Love is not a secret you can keep. Less than love is only a pretense, a subterfuge. It is My love in your heart that you have refused to shine. It is not your own heart you refrain from. It is not your own love that you knot. It is Mine. Let My love flow in your heart now.

–Gloria Wendroff @

♥Angel Love♥

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Free As a Bird


You may have thought that life is about accumulating when, all the while, life is about letting go. Give way to life. Give away all you hold to you. Wean yourself away from your possessions. You are not your possessions. You are so much more. Have joy from what passes through your hands. Holding is not pleasure, for it is yourself you hold prisoner.

Let go of the idea of ownership. It is a mistake. All is owned by all, therefore, nothing is possessed.

Owning separates. Not owning joins. You have free will when you don’t own. When you own, the dependence upon the physical takes away your free will. You may think you live alone or for yourself alone, but you have adopted a couch, a chair, a kitchen, a pool. You have adopted a way of life that may be holding you back.

Take good care of what is in your care. Polish the furniture and bless it, but own it? No, for then it owns you. Is it not said that you lay your treasures up in Heaven? Beloveds, it’s clear you can’t take that oil painting with you. What you cannot take with you, you don’t have to have now. You don’t have to have it later. You don’t have to have it at all. You can walk through a museum, leave all the paintings there, and own them all. Life takes place in your mind, beloveds. You own your thoughts and feelings.

It isn’t that you aren’t to have any belongings. It is your dependency on them that you are not to have. They are not to mean so much to you. They are not to hamper you. They are not to keep you in place. Owning things tends to keep you in place. Possessions hamper you. They tether you like an elephant. Be untethered.

You have sometimes asked that you be free as a bird. Birds carry nothing with them, oh, perhaps a worm or twig or two. They build a nest, and then they leave it without a backward glance. The birds do not think: “Oh, my beautiful nest. My eggs were hatched here. How can I leave?” The birds were meant to build their nest, and they were meant to leave it.

Now is meant to mean now, not the past, not the future. Now is now.

What do you want to be remembered by? Your oriental rug? The color of your living-room wall? The designer shoes you bought? You know better, beloveds. You know better. Stay away from attachment in the first place. If you must feel attached to something, then be attached to Me. I will never lead you astray. I will lead you to green pastures. I will lead you away from what you believe you own, and then you will own the Universe.

The more you own, the more you own. The more you collect, the more you collect. The more you let go of possessions, the more you let go of grudges. Did you not know that holding on is holding on? As you hold on to physical possessions, so do you hold on to grudges.

There is a parallel. With everything you give away, you gain yourself. And then you will even give away your self, the huddled self, the little self, and then you will gain the Greatness that you were meant to be and already are. You will really know all that you are as soon as all the debris that you thought was treasure no longer owns you.

–Gloria Wendroff

Elevating the World


Today We will pay attention to your view of the world. You know by now that as you think, so thinks the world. It is also the reverse. The world has influenced you considerably. Your relationship with the world has been reciprocal. As goes the world, so go you. As you go, so goes the world.

Yes, I understand that as a child, you were totally innocent. We could even say that you were the prey of world thought. But now, as an adult, the roles have changed. The world is vulnerable to you. It is at your mercy. You can keep the world the way it has been, or you can inspire and uplift it. You are already keeping the world in place, or you are changing it. It is your choice.

You may well not have been conscious of your importance. You may even have shrugged your shoulders and said, “What can I do? Who can fight City Hall? This is the way the world is and will always be. I am as powerless as a fish on the line. There’s nothing I can do.” Have you not shrugged your shoulders and thought such thoughts?

Now you are conscious that you can turn the world around. Not by barging in and ordering it. Not by fighting. Not by insistence. Not by pointing out the long list of details of its wrongs. Not by shooting bullets. There is only one way to change the world and that is by how you think of it.

Raise your thoughts and affection for the world, and you will be lifting the world a notch. As you change how you focus on the world, you will be changing it. Yes, you. Your attention on the world will make all the difference in the world. Somehow your thoughts are known. Your thoughts are like the cues that are given to actors in a play. You feed the world its lines. You present a picture of the world, and it goes by your picture.

When you do this, you are really catching two birds with one stone. By changing your thoughts, you also are changed. Your thoughts have vibrations. Raise your thoughts, and your vibration goes up. It is sort of like getting higher scores on a test because of the way you apply yourself.

As best you can, not even once more complain. No more complaints. Don’t say them out loud to anyone. Don’t listen to others when they gripe about the state of affairs either because you will be affected. Your vibration will sink. Beloveds, there is a world of difference in you according to the songs you sing and the songs you listen to. Why sing a dirge when you can sing a ballad? Why curse when you can say nothing? Why listen to anyone else who may be badmouthing the world or anyone or anything? Are you with Me?

Beloveds, you most likely have convinced yourself that you are of no importance. You have likely believed that you have no say about circumstances and events. You have likely believed that you have no vote, or that your vote doesn’t count. The truth is that you have great power. The world may not count your vote, yet how you view the world counts enormously.

You accept that you affect the mood in your home, do you not? If you come home from work happy, your family responds. Even if they are in another room, they are happier. And if you come home angry, they feel it, and their mood may be dampened. The same for you when you come home to someone happy to see you. You are elevated. And when you come home to complaints, do you not tend to close down? Why would it be any different for the world at large? Obvious to you or not, you are affecting the world.

–Gloria Wendroff @

♥Angel Love♥

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Is This Love I Am Feeling?


You can ask yourself in any given moment: “Is this love I am feeling? Is it love I am coming from?” Then, when the answer is no, why, then, simply turn to love.

It is as if you are carrying a knapsack. When one shoulder gets tired, you simply put the knapsack over the other shoulder and whistle along on your merry way. The tired shoulder is the signal that there needs to be a shift. If love is the knapsack, you simply change your position and so you get more comfortable. Less than love reminds you to get back to it.

Sometimes you forget about love, the concept of love. You get caught in the hurly-burly. You think about numbers or how frightened you feel, and, as far as your attention is concerned, love has flown out the window. But love isn’t going anywhere. It’s just that you have sat on it. Let your love be a bird that flies out of your heart and takes you with it. You are part and parcel of love. Go with it.

Let love be the flag you carry.

Let your love be long tresses blown by the wind. Let your love be gossamer curtains at the window. Let your love be shimmering light. Without care as to who sees and who does not see it, let your light shimmy through tree leaves and reach the sun it came from. I am waiting to see a display of your love, not for the sake of fireworks, but for My sake. I am the end recipient of all your love. It all comes back to Me, and then I fling My love out to the universe again, and again you catch it, and so we play catch with love again and again. We will never tire of it. Love keeps you aloft. Love is your chariot to Me.

Can you imagine a world without love? It is too terrible to imagine. Yet you have imagined it. You have seen greed and selfishness and war and distrust, and you may have swung your eyes over to them, those things that are less than love. Now, just as easily, bring your eyes back to love, and you will see sunrise, and you will see light coursing through the universe. As your heart lifts, you heighten the world. Your heart is the lever of the universe. You are My proponent of love.

Anything but love is just a filler. It merely keeps open the place set aside for love. It sits in love’s seat for only a little while. As soon as love enters, anything less than love gets up and gets out of the way of love. It was just keeping love’s place warm. Anything less than love knows it is nothing but a place-holder.

No hate nor greed nor envy nor crime nor anything at all can stay in the presence of love. All bow down and then leave the room. Negativity cannot be in the same room with love. Love dis-empowers anything less than love. Anything but love disintegrates in the ever burning flame of love. Love is a great purifier. There is nothing like love. And there is nothing else but love. Only love remains. Everything else leaves soon or late. Only love stays. Love is its own starburst.

Looking Up


When you look upward, you alter your physiology. Everything within you realigns. When you look upward, you step out of the limited directions of the plane of Earth. In daily life, you face north, south, east, or west. The preponderance of time on Earth is spent with your nose even with the terrain or aimed to the ground where your feet trod. But you are more than earthly. And there is more for you to look at and more for you to know. Look up in the direction called Heaven, and you will refresh your weary mind and lighten your heart. Your earthly life will become simpler. Looking Heavenward rejuvenates.

When you look around on Earth, there is so much to look at. House after house. Tree after tree. Cars and trucks. A myriad of people. Looking around you calls your attention to objects that remind you of boundaries of one sort or another. You feel obligations on Earth. Sense of obligation is a boundary that is limited to Earth. A sense of obligation does not exist in the higher realms where there is joy and therefore no perceived need for indebtedness.

But when you look skyward, you are reminded of expanse. When you look up, you begin to merge with the vastness of boundlessness. Even when you are in a small room with a ceiling overhead and you look up, there is a sense of an extent far beyond the ceiling. In effect, there is no ceiling.

When you look up, you are less tied to Earth. You are more innocent. Perhaps some of the innocence of children comes from their having to look up most of the time to one degree or another. Eyes are meant to look up. When looking up improves your physical eye sight, what must it do then to your deeper vision?

When you lie on your back in a field and chew on a straw, you are looking up. You are in more of a position of trust when you look up. Inner barriers to trust leave when you look up. You become more versatile.

When it is raining, and you turn your face upward to feel the rain on your face, you feel refreshed. With or without rain, your face turned Heavenward will be bathed in greater awareness. You bring in more Godlight. Your cells will welcome it.

There are many diverse physical exercises performed on Earth. On Earth, it is good to move muscles in different ways. Muscles are there for a purpose and yearn to be moved. Your eyes have muscles. Use them. Looking up is a physical gesture, but it gravitates you toward a higher dimension. Add looking Heavenward to your repertoire.

In any case, looking up is a break from the routine of daily life. Invest in Heaven breaks. Some things on Earth are still free.

When you look up, you rely less on your individual talent and align yourself more with the power of Heaven. We can say that looking Heavenward is a silent prayer. Your looking upward helps you sense My looking into your eyes. I look into your eyes now. As it were, I paint Golden Light on your eyes, and you absorb it. This Golden Light radiates through your body and illuminates your heart. It enters your bloodstream. It brightens every cell in your body. It lightens the room you are in. All this because you looked Heavenward and had a glimpse of the Light of My Love permeating you no less than the rays of the sun.

♥Angel Love♥

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