Letting Go Into Who You Really Are

Letting go is a practice of releasing; having let go is a state of freedom.  Letting go into who you really are is the greatest gift you can give the world. As you let go of problems, judgments, resentments and most importantly, all the beliefs and messages that are not your highest truth, you become free to express your authentic self with others and share your true gifts with the world.

Imagine a world where all the people have let go of their old baggage – past conditioning, limiting programming, judgments and resentments – and they are light, loving, accepting and joyful.

Imagine the connection between people and the synergy within groups, communities and nations.Letting go involves releasing the past and starting fresh in the present moment. It means trusting that you are more than your roles, beliefs and stories.

Many are reluctant to let go because they fear they will have nothing justify. They cling to problems, unhealthy situations, and outworn roles and relationships because it feels safe in its familiarity. They don’t know who they are underneath. They haven’t experienced their true, authentic Self bursting with energy, waiting to express its true nature in the world.

So how does one touch into this state of freedom where they can be themselves, uninhibited, light and joyful? 

By letting go, bit by bit. By first noticing where they hold on, where they resist and where they struggle and then slowly, gently, releasing the hold and embracing what’s underneath. 

Get into the habit of letting go of stress, tension, problems, the past, resentments, false beliefs and anything that limits you from feeling free in life. 

Spend at least 5 minutes each day at the beginning, middle or end of your day with your eyes closed, centered within, doing the following:

Letting Go Practices

♦ Focus on simply letting go of your breath. 
 Let your breath fill your lungs naturally and then focus on the breath leaving your lungs. Notice the release, feel the relief. Notice how naturally your lungs refill. Letting go of your breath doesn’t mean you stop breathing, it allows life to continue flowing.

♦ Let go of stress and tension. 
Notice any tension in your body – where are you holding? Simply let go of holding and watch the tension release. Scan your whole body to find another place where you are holding and continue letting go until your whole body is relaxed.

♦ Let go of thinking. 
Listen to your thoughts and then let them go. Watch as they arise, let them pass through, and then tune into the spaciousness that surrounds them and the stillness behind them.

♦ Let go of resentments.
Carrying resentments around is like carrying someone else’s baggage on your back. If there’s nothing useful for you in the luggage, why carry it around? Notice any judgments or resentments you have towards yourself or others and imagine placing them on the ground. Feel the relief from doing this. Now imagine walking away into freedom.

♦ Let go of old stories. 
What stories do you keep retelling that locks you into repeating them in your life? Be willing to explore the depth and expansiveness of who you are underneath past roles and stories. Imagine taking them off like a piece of clothing or stepping out and away from them like leaving a room. Tune into who you are without your stories.

♦ Let go of limiting beliefs. 
 What beliefs hold you back from expressing yourself and living your life freely? Bring them to your awareness so you can let them go. Dig deep into the core beliefs such as not being good enough, not having love, not being big enough and so on. Look at these beliefs and know they are just untrue messages in your space. Be willing to release them and discover your truth underneath.

As you practice letting go your body will be more energized, your mind more peaceful and your soul free to shine through and light your way in life.

Are you ready to let go?

–Gini Grey 

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Sweet Serenity

by Gini Grey –


Flowing into peaceful surrender, allowing its softness to gently envelope us, is much like sinking into the warm water of a bath; body aches and pains are soothed and mental tensions are melted away as we slowly drift into sweet serenity.

Many of us know the power of surrender when we choose to let go of our fears by breathing them out and focusing on something uplifting, or when we release our problems by asking a guardian angel or higher power to take them from us and guide us to solutions. Ah, the relief. But most of us have not been guided to live our lives in surrender. We have been taught the opposite; try harder, plot more, manipulate where you can, force, push, resist, and if those don’t work, run and hide. We know too well from experience that all these actions really accomplish is to dig us deeper into turmoil. We burn out, get frustrated, feel hopeless, alienate others, compromise our integrity, and give away our power.

Surrender allows us to own our power; the power of our higher self, spiritual self, creative source or whatever term one uses to describe their eternal essence. That same essence within each of us is within everyone and everything in the universe. This is why when we let go into it, our fears are taken away, our problems are taken care of, and whatever we need is brought to us.

All it takes is letting go; letting go of trying to control all the details, letting go of holding onto fear, doubt or guilt, letting go of old identities that no longer serve us, letting go and letting something bigger than our small self be our guide. From here our mood lightens, our heart opens, and the walls we erected to protect our small self begins to crumble, allowing more light to enter.


* How do you view surrender? Do you see it as a giving up or giving in? Does it feel like things will collapse and get worse if you let go? Or are you able to trust in the divine order of things and feel that you are surrendering into something more powerful? How you view surrender will determine how you experience it so play with different perspectives.

* What is your experience of surrender? Have you experienced the relief of letting go of a fear or problem and trusting something bigger within you or within the universe to handle things? What motivated you to surrender during these times and what was the outcome? What would support you in surrendering more often?

* How do you feel right now?
Are you in a surrendered state or are you in effort, trying, resisting or holding on? Is your body relaxed and peaceful or is it tense, feeling like you are grasping onto something? What about your mind; are your thoughts clear and calm or racing about or spacing out? What about spiritually; do you feel open, expansive, peaceful and uplifted, or shut down, numbed out and closed off? On average, do you spend most of your time in a more or less surrendered state?


* Whatever state you are in right now, allow yourself to move into a more surrendered space. Take a few deep breaths and on the exhalation release any tension in your body. Let your body completely relax into the chair you are sitting in. Close your eyes and bring all of your awareness into the center of your head, finding a still peaceful place within. Notice anywhere in your mind or body where you are holding on – to emotions, tensions, thoughts, worries or problems and let them go; allow them to drift out of your mind and body and float away, or see yourself putting them down on the ground behind you, or hand them over to a guardian angel or higher power. Breathe in softness and trust. Feel that you are being cared for and looked after by a loving presence.

* Practice being in a surrendered state daily by taking time to connect to your bigger self and your higher power. Take time in inner silence or meditation to feel your true authentic self and your connection to your eternal essence. Let this peaceful feeling flow throughout your whole mind and body, supporting you to let go into a place of ease, trust and flow.

* As you go through your day and days ahead, whenever you notice yourself ruminating over problems or concerns, or feeling a tight or holding on sensation in your body, choose to let go and release all of this to your bigger self or higher power. As you do this regularly you will move more and more into an expansive surrendered state.

Deepening Your Connection with Others

by Gini Grey –

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to have a warm and positive exchange with another person? It may be a friend you get together with, an acquaintance you bump into while doing errands, or the clerk behind the counter that looks you in the eyes and greets you with a genuine smile. In this busy world we come into contact with so many people, yet how many do we really connect with? How many people do we give and receive a deep hello, share a real part of ourselves and make a true connection with? It’s easy to pass by someone and give them the usual “hello how are you. . . I’m fine thanks” and move on. But what if we stopped and gave them a real hello from deep within us to deep within them? I don’t think we’d explode, dissolve or disappear into the atmosphere. Most likely we’d slow down for a second, move into the present moment and let go of our hurriedness. And most likely we’d feel a glow of warmth and sense of joy emanating from within as we move out of isolation.

It may be easy to have a deeper connection in our close relationships, but what about with co-workers, colleagues, and neighbors? Imagine how refreshing and fulfilling it would be to be authentic and have a meaningful connection, even if it’s just in a quick exchange. And what about the people who trigger us and push our run, avoid or throttle buttons? If we can put the surface personalities and issues aside, we can see more clearly who the other person is and connect with that truer part of them. Past the persona’s and masks, beyond the wounds and insecurities, lays the beauty and bigness of the true being that is wearing the extra garb as protection.

When we see who another person really is it frees us at the same time to be our true selves. It is from this space that we can make heartfelt and rewarding connections.

Reflect on these questions to gain insights into how you connect with others:

* How does it feel when someone is being present with you, hearing and seeing who you really are? What does it feel like to be present with another and truly hear and understand them?

* How often and with what people do you connect more deeply? What are the benefits of doing this? What gets in the way of doing this?

* With strangers that you encounter such as a store clerk or a restaurant server, how do you greet them? Do you see them and give them a real hello? How do you feel when you do this? If you are in the service industry, how does it feel when customers give you a genuine hello?

Try these inspiring ideas to deepen your connections:

* The next time you are with a close friend or partner, deepen your connection by really listening and hearing what they say, through their words, body language and by what they don’t say. Do this with total acceptance and without your own opinions or stories whirling in your mind at the same time.

* When you are greeting strangers have eye contact while saying hello. If you ask each other how you are doing, truly listen to their response and give an honest response back.

* With people that trigger or irritate you, try to see who they are beyond their behaviors and notice what it is like to interact with them without resistance, defenses or judgments.


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Lighten Up Your Body, Mind & Soul

by Gini Grey –

Do you feel a surmounting sense of overwhelm looming in your life? Do the words ‘too busy’ and ‘no time’ predominate your vocabulary? Do you feel as though you are carrying a 50 lb sack on your shoulders and back? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it may be time for you to lighten up.

Heaviness not only weighs down the body, but it cloaks the mind in a fog, stirs emotions into a dirty puddle, and crushes the soul into a lifeless state. Lightening your load can bring a much needed sense of relief to your tired body, a feeling of peace to your frazzled mind, a soothing balm to your emotions and a re-energizing spark to your soul.

Here are seven ways to lighten and brighten your body, mind and soul:

1) Revitalize your whole self by getting out into nature for at least 20 minutes every day. Let go of everything you’ve been doing, feeling and thinking about and surround yourself with the healing effects of nature. Bring all of your awareness into the present moment by looking at the colors and shapes in front of you, smell the scents in the air, feel the wind in your hair or the sun on your cheeks or even the rain splashing around you. Breathe in fresh air and let the elements clear your body, mind and soul.

2) Lighten the space around you by decluttering your home and your office. Choose one room to start with and throw out anything you don’t need, re-organize materials into an easy to access format, and decorate it in a way that makes you feel lighter just being in it. Once you have accomplished this, move onto another room.

3) Give your body a break by eating only nutritious, healthy foods for a week. If it’s appropriate for you, do a herbal cleanse to detoxify your body and notice how much lighter you feel.

4) Clear your mind with at least five minutes of silence or meditation each day. Close your eyes, let thoughts drift away and move into the stillness in the center of your head. Feel how expansive and light you are at your core. This is a great way to set a peaceful tone for the day, rejuvenate yourself mid-day or reclaim yourself at the end of the day.

5) Create manageable to-do lists. Writing things down on paper allows your mind to let them go, but unmanageable lists can create more tension. Have two lists: one for today where you only write down what you need to accomplish for the day, and one for the future to-dos that you don’t need to think about today. Each day you can take items from your future list to put on your today list and let the rest go trusting that they will get done when they need to.

6) Acknowledge and release your heavy emotions so they don’t way you down. It’s amazing how quickly emotions ease once they’ve been noticed, witnessed or just said hello to. Simply notice when you are feeling angry or sad, or frustrated or disappointed, and without becoming the feeling, just let it be there. Accepting what is helps to open a space for something new to come in, whereas repression or denial keeps things resurfacing over and over again. Feel the heavy feeling and then let it go so you can feel lighter emotions.

7) Laugh as much as possible. Amusement is a potent tool for de-stressing the mind, enhancing the immune system, uplifting any mood, and connecting you to your soul. Watch funny movies, bring your favorite comic strips to work, share your favorite jokes and choose to see the humor in all aspects of your life.

Discover Your True Self

by Gini Grey –

There’s a part in each of us that yearns to be free. Free to do what we want, feel what we want, be what we want. We really shine when we’re just being ourselves. Unfortunately, most of us grow up covering up our real selves. We learn at a very young age how to shift and mold ourselves in order to get our needs met. Combine that with all the comparisons and competitions we take part in, and it’s no wonder we lose ourselves. By the time we’re adults we’ve become so accustomed to wearing a mask that we think we are the mask.

To get back to our true selves we need to uncover the layers of traits and roles we’ve adopted over the years. In exploring our character traits we can discover the parts that are us and the parts just covering us up. One person who feels shy and reserved may be that way because of a negative experience they had when they were young and upon self-exploration discover an outgoing comedian waiting to burst forth in their lives. Another person who glitters like a 1000-watt light bulb may be just covering up a delicate, gentle flower inside that was once trampled.

We often become trapped in the roles we play as well, letting them define us. We all have family roles we play at one time or another, being the daughter or son, brother or sister, parent or grandparent. But what about the other roles we take on within the family, workplace or society? The responsible one, the caretaker, the joker, the mediator, the victim or scapegoat. 

We may pick up these roles in our families of origin, but if we’re not conscious of it we may become these roles permanently or just trade them in for new ones as the group dynamics change. For example, if a person who grew up being a scapegoat, getting blamed for everything and feeling victimized, married someone who plays even more of a scapegoat role, they might unconsciously shift into the role of the over-responsible one to compensate. Either way, they feel locked into their role. Where is the freedom in that?

Exploring our character traits and the roles we play can be the first step in uncovering who we really are. Discovering our true selves inspires us to follow our dreams and passions in life and this is where true freedom lies.


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Energize Your Self

by Gini Grey – 

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the energy in it? Sensed and felt the silence and somberness of a library, the buzz and effervescence of a concert, or the love and joy at a wedding ceremony? In the 60’s and 70’s they called it the ‘vibe’ and now it’s referred to as energy, but it’s all the same thing; waves of energy particles that vibrate at certain frequencies. 
It’s not just in the locations we enter; it’s within us as well. 
We are each filled with energy which is affected by the foods we eat, thoughts we think and emotions we feel. The higher our bodies vibrate, the healthier we are. Therefore having uplifting thoughts and emotions supports our overall mood and health.

Notice how you feel when you focus on problems in your life or judgments of other people or situations. Now reflect on all the things you are grateful for in your life. Think of as many things as you can and notice how you feel. Those thoughts have their own vibrations which affect your body’s emotions which contribute to your overall flow of energy. 

When your energy is flowing with ease and lightness everything within you matches that. 
Imagine how healthy you would be living your life from this place. And because like attracts like, imagine how many wonderful things you would attract into your life from this energized state.

At our true essence as spiritual beings we are naturally in a state of ease, lightness and amusement. This gets clouded over by our analytical minds and emotional bodies. When we forget who we really are we let our analyzers run the show and allow our bodies to over react. 

This can lead to complicated thoughts, judgments, and heavy emotions. 
Yet when we reconnect to our true self and operate from this higher place of wisdom and neutrality, we can easily redirect our thoughts, clear our emotions and shift our energy. It’s amazing how quickly and easily we can do this when we are centered in our spiritual selves. 
Experience this now by playing with the following spiritual energy tools.



Bring all of your awareness into the center of your head, back a couple of inches behind your forehead. Notice the still peaceful quality there. Now move all of your awareness into the front of your forehead. This is often where we are concentrated when thinking and planning. Losing ourselves in this space can feel busy and complicated. Move back to the center of your head and find yourself there.

By being in the center of our heads we are more aware of ourselves as spirit and can access our neutrality and truth. From this place we can choose to use our analyzers rather than letting them run us. We can also communicate with our bodies and be aware of our emotions rather than becoming them. Notice how you view yourself, others and life from this centered space.


Become aware of an energy connection between your body and the center of the planet. Feel this connection flow from the base of your spine all the way down to the center of planet and allow it to be as wide as your hips.

Being grounded supports you in being more present in your body, having an appropriate level of energy, and allows you to release any problems or foreign energy down your grounding.


Your energy space doesn’t just end at your skin. Surrounding your body is an electromagnetic field of energy which is what you see through and are seen through. By owning this space and being aware of the edges of your aura you develop clearer boundaries.

This supports you in having more of your energy in your space instead of spreading it out, depleting it. It also prevents others from moving their energy and emotions into your space. Play with expanding and contracting the size of your aura as a way to get a feel for it. Generally, having your aura about an arms length away from your body, in front, behind, beside, above and below will support you in owning this space for yourself.

Have Your Energy: 

Your energy often gets left with the people, projects and situations you have been focusing on throughout the day. To bring it back into your space you can create an image of a gold sun five or six feet above your head and imagine it’s like a magnet calling all of your energy into it.

Then bring it down through the top of your aura and into your body releasing all of your energy back into your own space. You will feel more refreshed and replenished having your energy with you.

Shift Your Energy: 

Become aware of yourself as a spirit in the center of your head and play with shifting your energy from this place. Tune into your state of ease and lightness as a spiritual being, then say hello to your body and notice how it feels. If your body is feeling heavier than this, set your intention to have your body match your lighter state.

Here are exercises to support you in doing this. 

  • Imagine having an amusement dial which you can turn on and turn up the volume. Allow this vibration of amusement to fill all the cells in your body. 
  • Create a dot of clear gold in the center of your head and let it fill your whole head and then your whole body. 

  • Become aware of the vibration of pure love and let this energy flow throughout your whole body.

The more we operate through our spiritual awareness the more easily we can shift our energy and create a healthy life. As the saying goes, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

It’s up to us to decide who’s in charge; our spiritual self or our analyzers and bodies. From there we create our own reality day by day, moment to moment.


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