Metaphysics and Limited Beliefs

by Michelle Williams (Michee)-
Self-esteem, limiting beliefs, inner peace, self-improvement, spirituality
Truth is even more spectacular when it is expressed in the form of science, now Truth becomes beautiful and perfect!
As we discovered previously Creation is the sub total of energy vibrating at different frequencies. When there are two frequencies in close proximity, the lower frequency will always rise to meet the higher.
It is known as the Principle of Resonance and we can see it in the process of tuning a piano for example. The tuning fork has a higher frequency than the piano strings so when struck and brought close to the corresponding piano string, the string automatically raises its vibration and attunes itself to the same rate at which the fork is vibrating.
Lower Frequency automatically aligns to the Higher Frequency.
This is a very powerful concept which you can practice in your own life.
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Mind Over Matter For a Better Life

When atoms slow down as we have earlier discussed, a more dense matter is produced. It is sometimes called third dimensional matter.

When molecules in your body increase speed to a  higher frequency through thoughts of love,  joy,  happiness,  gratitude  etc, the higher dimensions of consciousness can be reached. When consciousness is raised to the highest levels, the realms of Spirit can be attained.
The road to creating the world you desire sounds pretty easy then if all you have to do is think loving thoughts right?
It certainly can be but for most, they are plagued with negative and limiting beliefs buried deep within. Without realising they become the intrinsic thought pattern which define your behaviour, choices, outlook, experiences and life itself.
What is a limiting belief?
Self-esteem, limiting beliefs, inner peace, self-improvement, spirituality
Limiting beliefs are the beliefs you hold to be true about who you are  which  limit  the development  of  your physical, emotional, financial, intellectual and spiritual  potential.They are a thousand times stronger and more compelling than your dreams and desires and reside deep within the crevices of your mind.
Limited beliefs are usually imposed on you from the very first day you enter the world, then systematically throughout childhood, sometimes unintentionally but often times very deliberately. They are sometimes the offspring of your parents own self-perception, which they consciously or subconsciously pass onto you.

The modern and demanding world we live in also plays a huge role in perpetuating limiting beliefs and has a major influence on what you think about yourself.

Even when your life is happy and full and all seems to be well, limited beliefs can raise its ugly head in the face of adversity, a new challenge or relationship or change to your familiar environment.

Where do limiting beliefs show up?
Limiting beliefs show up when:
  • You wake up one morning after 12 years in an unhappy and dysfunctional relationship, you look in the mirror as you get ready for work and say to yourself ‘even if I left this guy, I am so fat and ugly nobody else would even look at me’.
  • You are stuck in the same job that you’ve hated with a passion for 6 years but are too afraid to leave because you are plagued with thoughts of ‘I am way too stupid to go back to school and get a new qualification in the field I would truly enjoy’.
  • You have spent months and months developing a new piece of software that you know will take the technological world by storm.  You apply for a small business loan but remember your father who lost everything when he launched his business and never quite recovered. Thoughts of ‘best stick to what I know, failures are bad’ makes you instantly disregard the loan.
  • Your self-esteem is so low that being in an abusive relationship is less painful that being alone.
  • You cannot pay your bills, your car has just been repossessed and the refrigerator is empty, you are totally broke and wonder why you always end up in this kind of mess!
The suggestion of changing your thoughts to loving thoughts as a strategy towards happiness and success is only one part of the puzzle.
Developing You is Part Two
Self-esteem, limiting beliefs, inner peace, self-improvement, spirituality
By developing a deep, loving and unconditional relationship with the many aspect of your being, you begin to explore and enjoy the real you. You will instinctively begin to align yourself with the energies that bring forth balance and harmony.
The falsely imposed layers that surrounded you for such a long time can now be stripped away to reveal your True and beautiful nature.
Your new gained knowledge of the mind will help you identify limiting beliefs that may be buried deep within your subconscious mindNegative and destructive thoughts that no longer serve you can now be banished by changing the frequency because you know you have the power within to do so.
Identifying limiting beliefs and understanding their expression as your thoughts and behaviour is key to eliminating them from your life. When limiting beliefs no longer control or define who you are, you consciously make way for the abundant flow of all good things.
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What is the Matrix?

by Keith Varnum – 
The question alone invites intrigue and wonder. The Morphogenic Unified Field. The space-time continuum. The Wave. Oneness. Grace. Home. There are no barriers to the expression of this energy and there are no limitations for it. The limitations are in your own mind and with practice you transcend these limitations.

The Matrix goes by many names.

Some scientific. Some mystical. All magical. Why? Because the mere mention of the word opens doorways! Doorways that can’t be easily shut once cracked ajar. Not because you aren’t able to re-seal the portal. You just don’t want to. Once someone’s glimpsed the City of Light, you can’t get ’em back to the farm! The game is too exciting. The adventure too electric. The journey too enticing.

The Matrix is the master blueprint of the Universe.

The energetic infrastructure of the world we live in. Our human structures aren’t built with wood and nails. Our physical world is created with energy and beliefs. Condensed energy is the basic construction material. Our beliefs nail this energy in place. The result is the Matrix.

Find a way to enter the Matrix and you can re-construct your world!

Why would you want to do that? Well, your daily existence may not be all that you want it to be. You might want more abundance, ease, health or joy in some aspect of your life.

How do you enter the Matrix to change your world?

This is the main purpose of all scientific and spiritual endeavor. This is the focus of every complex experiment and ancient ritual. Cracking the entry code of the construction of the Universe is the goal of all modern technology and of all sacred tradition.


The scientist has found a break-in point via quantum physics! The mystic has discovered an entrance via deep meditation! And guess what, Dorothy? We aren’t in Kansas anymore!

These two vastly different approaches to the same goal bump into each other in the “middle distance.” Strangers in the night. Lovers in the Light. What a surprise. Dare I say shock! In fact, only recently have the two exploratory missions begun to recognize their similarities—in method and in result.

Time to Lift the Veil

We haven’t recognized the common elements between the scientific and the spiritual methods because of the core secret nature of the Matrix itself. The Matrix is veiled! Concealed. Hidden behind centuries of dusty and rusty beliefs! A Matrix explorer has to see through the misleading surface appearance of the way the Matrix shows up in the explorer’s world!
Once you can sense the true inner nature of life beneath the outer forms, you see the commonality of every effort to penetrate the Matrix. You feel the unity of all approaches to understanding life. You realize the oneness of all attempts to find human happiness, health and harmony. And you see that not only is everyone actually using the same fishing line, they’re catching the same fish! No matter how different the surface appearance of the catch.
You see all parties crossing the same finish line. No matter how distant the location in space. You see that they all value the same bottom line. No matter how divergent their expression of success.

You see Einstein and the Elders eating the same bagel. A round symbol of the movement of all life. A representation of the essential nature of the Matrix. – A spiral of free-flowing energy! Our intention to have a bagel focuses free-flowing life energy into condensed physical matter with the label “bagel.”

The Key to Unlock Miracles

The key to merging with the Matrix is becoming fluid enough to flow into the Matrix energy field. Once there, your experience is transformed into whatever your current harmony is. You can become this flexible and malleable by many means, modern and ancient. Your inner guidance or intuition can lead you to the perfect portal for you!

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Envisioning Your Highest Future

by Deborah Zeta – 
During this transformational time, you are free to tap into high-vibrational energies now flooding the Earth plane. The highest and best use of these energies is to build the vision for your highest future. Your highest future is fully accessible as you step more fully into your field of possibilities.

As you harmonize with elevated frequencies, you’re able to manifest from the greatly expanded feeling states of your higher self.

Fine-tuning Your Vibrational Frequency
Your feeling states and your “vibrational frequency” determine your level of abundance – not others and not circumstances out in the world. Those who believe the economy is responsible for any challenges they are experiencing around prosperity are perceiving “in reverse,” so to speak.

You are always the source and cause of your experience of reality. 

What you manifest directly correlates with the essence of your energy. Your feeling states are barometers for your thoughts, beliefs and spiritual understandings.

If you hold negative feelings toward anyone or anything, this pulls down your feeling state and your energetic resonance. When you manifest from a low-vibrational energy, you will experience roadblocks, disappointments, illness, accidents, and overall feelings of being out of sync with the universe. These experiences are not a “punishment”, but wakeup calls to help you see that you need to examine the beliefs, intentions, motivations, visions, and identities you currently hold.

By contrast, when you step into a place of taking 100% responsibility for all your experiences, when you have accepted the power and authority of your role as a Divine and infinite being, you open to receive all the joy and blessings the universe has to offer. You know that you are holographic to all that is.

As a spark of infinity, you contain the entire energetic spectrum. 

Because you contain it all, you can choose to focus on any aspect of yourself that exists along the spectrum of human potential. In other words, you can choose to focus on any aspect of your being and energize that into your physical reality.

Opening to a New Vision for Your Future
In order to wield cosmic energy to create realities, you will need to build the vision for what you wish to create. To move beyond what you have experienced, you will need to step into the unknown and surrender your consciousness to your higher self. Ask for clarity around visions of your highest probabilities.

Keep receiving and building the vision until you have a clear picture of what you wish to manifest. 

In this place of the unknown, you’re able to merge your energies with the vision for your highest future, programming it into your DNA. As you move forward, you will receive daily guidance and assistance to bring this vision into being.

Releasing the Need for Linear Progression
In the physical world, you receive programming that says you must manifest in a linear and incremental fashion. While this understanding may be helpful in certain areas of your life, it can also be a hindrance in manifesting your highest future. During this time, more than any other, you are able to step free of the need to progress in this way.
The greatly expanded energies accessible on the Earth plane now allow you to take great leaps and experience quantum growth. 

As you adopt new and expanded identities your energetic resonance “amps up”. It is in this way that you attract people, resources, experiences, ideas, information and everything else you need to step into new ways of existing. From this heightened state, elevated feeling states naturally flow. This allows you to align with the wealth and abundance of the universe.

Excerpt from ‘Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your Dreams’

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What is ‘Being Connected’?

In the modern world connectivity is used to keep us in touch with each other, to give and receive information. In the broader sense connection has always been about giving and receiving. 
Our “connections” are our places of influence, the internal and external messengers that are there to give and receive all the resources that are available to us. We acquire and maintain all sorts of connections during our lives: social, technological, emotional, spiritual and others.
How does one establish connection?
In the highest sense we are always deeply connected to our environment, our world and each other on all levels from the mundane physical world to our oneness in Spirit.  
It is how we manage our connections through our awareness of them that aids or impedes our progress on the path of peace, presence and compassion.
Being Connected requires being open. 
Without openness there is no giving and receiving,and our connections are essentially shut down. To be connected to the Source of Life is to be a broadcasting tower for the Heart’s Natural Love, easily sending and receiving from the Abundance of Life.
In this time of hyper-connectivity many people experience some sort of emotional overwhelm that leads to a shut down or disconnect. Feeling disconnected is often followed by reaction and fear of separation from our Source, our Creator. Disconnection from the five outgoing sense telephones is actually the first step in re-connecting with the inner resource of the Creative Spirit.
When the mind/body complex reaches a state of overwhelm it is broadcasting static. 
It is time to re-attune the senses inward, to be quiet and to listen deeply to the signals so we can receive the higher guidance that is always there for us and to re-Source or connect to the resources of the Self: Love, Gratitude and Infinite Abundance. 
When by attention and concentration we re-tune the inner radio to receive higher awareness through the practices of calmness and presence we return to a state of joyous expectation and respect for all life.

–David Wodtke
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Frequency, Vibration & Oscillation: Energy Patterns Affect Your Wellbeing

Frequency is all around us and can be found in all things. Whenever we take a breath, we are inhaling frequency. Whenever we listen to music, we are interacting with frequency. Even when we think, we are using the power of frequency to help us express our thoughts. Since we are always interacting with this invisible wave of energy, we should learn to understand it so that we can comprehend how it affects our life.
What Is Frequency?
Frequency can be expressed in many ways. However, at its core it is an expression of energy. This energy expresses itself in wave forms, but at its core it is actually made of cyclic patterns of scalar waves (standing waves) that flash “on” and “off,” causing it to pop in and out of existence. This state when energy flashes on and off is known as partiki phasing. The speed at which partiki contract and expand determines the frequency rate of scalar waves.
Vibration, Frequency & Oscillation
People sometimes use vibration and frequency interchangeably, but they both do have their differences. Vibration occurs when energy contracts toward the center point from which it first came out of. Oscillation happens when energy expands away from the center point. Frequency is achieved when one pattern or cycle of vibration and oscillation occurs. In other words, when an energy unit is done contracting and expanding, it has created one frequency pattern. How fast an energy unit contracts (vibration) and expands (oscillation) will determine the frequency rate of all things.
The frequency rate is what sets the rhythm of particle pulsation, which then allows the formation of wave spectra within dimensional reality fields. This process also determines the density levels of matter in the material realm. As the frequency rate of matter increases or flashes faster, matter becomes lighter and less dense. Since our body is made of matter, it will also become lighter and less dense as our frequency increases.
How Frequency Affects Your Wellbeing
Frequency has the ability to heal or harm you; therefore, if you want to stay healthy, you need to understand how it affects your wellbeing. For example, certain electromagnetic energies generated by computers, cellphones and electronic devices contain energy codes or frequencies that don’t synchronize and harmonize well with your body. When you surround yourself with these types of electromagnetic energies, they disrupt the natural flow of your body’s energy, causing it to flow out of order. If the natural flow of your energy is disrupted for too long, it could cause health conditions to manifest. This is why when you look at a computer screen for too long, you get eyestrain and sometimes headaches.
Eating food that contains very low frequency can also disrupt your energy levels. In the early 1990s, Bruce Tanino of Tainio Technology was able to build a frequency monitor that could determine frequency levels of certain parts of the human body. He found that a normal human brain’s frequency rate was precisely 72 megahertz (MHz). As for the human body, it was between 62-78 MHz.
Bruce also found that the human body becomes susceptible to colds and flu near 60 MHz. Furthermore, he discovered that junk food often has zero Hz and thus it does little to prevent the body’s frequency from dropping. In theory, if you can keep your body’s frequency rate above 60 MHz, you should rarely get sick.
The Relationship between Frequency & Matter
The true state of reality is made of energy that flashes on and off, creating energy codes and frequency patterns that are processed by our consciousness to give us the perception of time and the solidity of matter. In other words, matter behaves more like an illusion. However, from our perspective, this “illusion” is very real and is necessary to help us evolve, so we should take it very seriously.
Frequency gives matter uniqueness and characteristics, so that when the consciousness of our mind and body processes the energy patterns of an object, we see shapes, colors and textures. Frequency, vibration and oscillation are some of the major energy properties that organize matter into sacred geometries, giving matter “life” and the ability to structure itself into objects. Below is a video that demonstrates this amazing phenomenon.
–Pao L. Chang 
Frequency, Sound and Vibration – Sacred Geometry

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Cosmic Frequencies


by Peggy Black –

We greet you beloved being of Light. We once again embrace you with our deep appreciation and gratitude for the incredible energy shifts that you are anchoring by your conscious magnificence. We acknowledge that you are experiencing phenomenal downloads of cosmic frequencies. These loving cosmic energies will continue to be offered and the energy will increase in the days and months to come. These increased galactic vibrations are being felt by all as they herald the New Galactic Age.

Each individual is experiencing these enormous energy packets in their own unique way. However we would like to address the most common anomalies. Physically many are certainly aware of changes in their sleep patterns and their digestive system, sensations in their nervous system of twitches and involuntary movements, aching in their head, fuzzy thinking, even the loss of a thought or a memory. These energy downloads are also activating increased emotional reactions.

There are subtle and paranormal occurrences, where you might feel like you are experiencing two different realities or you see something out of the corner of your eye and then it is gone. You might be aware that a new talent is emerging – the true sense of knowing something without understanding just how this knowledge has come to you.

We would like to assure you that these experiences are all part of your expansion as a being of LIGHT. Each cell within the physical body is becoming more capable of anchoring and holding a higher frequency. Just imagine that latent codes and gifts are being activated within the DNA. As this occurs you will notice that any low, dense vibration held in the body’s tissues and cells is resurfacing in your awareness to be loved and then set free.

You may be having powerful and significant dreams while you sleep; dreams in which traumas and dramas are being released. You might also be aware that you are traveling to other dimensions in your sleep state. These are all aspects of the amazing shift and transformation that is taking place within you as your energy body, your celestial Self, is blending with your physical vehicle. While this is occurring there will be certain body sensations and discomforts as well as mental and emotional activations.


Waves of Energy

We invite you to ride these waves of energy, welcome these downloads of vibrations being offered from the star gates and portals. Be mindful of the care of the physical body; drink fresh water and eat natural foods, practice some form of conscious breathing and movement, make sure you rest and allow your body to integrate these new energies and these new codes.

Practice good energy hygiene; take care of your subtle energy body. Use your own techniques; however make sure you anchor the physical body since there is so much energy moving through this vessel. Also, imagine a protective force field of Light surrounding you at all times. Realize as you become more sensitive to the vibrations in the collective conscious matrix that it is important to practice sending all energy that does not belong to you back to where it does belong blessed and transformed, and to fill yourself with your own divine essence. This is a twofold gift of service. First, as a transformer of energy you have just shifted any dense low frequency energy that was in your field and sent it back transmuted and cleared. Second, you may now call back any energy that you have sent forth blessed and transformed and integrate it into yourself with grace and ease. This is spiritual alchemy at its best.

You are stepping into the true power of owning and recognizing that you are a multidimensional being. The energy and galactic downloads are stirring and activating codes of awareness of your true Self as a divine celestial being of light who happens to be in a physical body playing in this hologame on planet earth. You are here as a transformer of dense, dysfunctional energy. Your awareness and heart’s intention are the tools that bring about the uplifting and expansion of consciousness for the collective. Acknowledge this, own this and celebrate this…

Whatever you are doing, saying or emoting is affecting the collective. There are no mundane actions or moments here on this planet at this time; all moments and actions are sacred. Your true mastery is to recognize this and take action from your deepest core and divine code. Whatever dysfunction is before you is there to be transmuted and transformed by your connection to divine source and your awareness of your personal power and responsibility to the whole.

Imagine, if every step that you took was a step of light you would leave a light trail everywhere you went. Imagine that every thought, word or emotion you sent forth was also infused with your light vibration. Others would be blessed when your energy signature touched them in any way. Every action throughout your day would become sacred; every action would bless and uplift everyone around you.


Claim Your Divine Partnership:

This is what is being called forth for you to do, to honor yourself, love and forgive yourself of all imagined limitations or wrong doings. There is no more time to dwell in a state of mind or emotion in which you feel less than magnificent. It is time for you to claim your divine partnership and act from that awareness, knowing that you personally make a difference. Because you do!

Practice raising your vibrations each moment by being in a state of gratitude, joy and appreciation. These frequencies will allow you to shift, will allow you to anchor a healing vibration in your life and affairs. Practice owning your personal power to transform energy. Play with this, experiment with the idea. Visualize the possibility that you could call forth a new reality, that you could anchor the new galactic age, the age of expanded awareness in which all are respected and acknowledged for who they are as divine beings in unity and oneness.

Each time this planet and all humanity are bathed with a force field of energy, a download of cosmic stimulation which activates their individual energy field and consciousness, there is an opportunity for healing and wholeness. Each time you personally and consciously welcome this expanded awareness you become the anchor and the alchemical chalice for healing and wholeness.

We embrace you with our love and deep respect for the work that you are doing in this dimension and timeframe. Know that you are seen and appreciated. There is no small act of conscious kindness that goes unnoticed. We are always available upon request; this is true of all celestial divine beings of light and love. Know that you are loved beyond measure.