Limitlessness Meets the Material

by Meredith Murphy –

It is time for us to invite you to turn your attention inward, to place your attention and to orient to the flow of energy entering your field. To close your eyes and place your focus in your energy field so that you can allow yourselves to perceive, notice or sense … in whatever way arises for you, the vibration, the emanation, the flow of your being.
As you are placing your attention on this you’ll realize this is a subtle thing and that’s because higher frequency energies are more subtle. It is higher frequency energies flowing into you purely and directly. The more you turn your inner knowing and attention to perceiving and orienting to these energies the more your capacity to perceive them opens up.
With an awareness of the pure energy of you coming into your field and even if you feel that you are simply imagining this, take a deep breath and intend to open further.
Be available to receive more.
Be aware of the sensations within your physicality that indicate these very subtle shifts created by your choice and your focus and be aware of your capacity for allowing, your ability to soften and let things move more easily.
When you are tuned to this energetic expression of your being you will notice it feels delicate. This is not because you are fragile in any way. It’s because fundamentally your consciousness is this higher frequency subtle energy and it is this energy that is interpenetrating your physicality and creating your embodiment.
You are this consciousness that feels delicate and ethereal. You’ve been focused so much lately on embodying your human life we wanted to be in this space together where we returned your awareness to who you truly are and now to say: this is what you are bringing into form!
This energy that you’re sensing and orienting to, this is what you are bringing into form.
You are being encouraged to expand upon your allowing so this subtle energy can enrich your life and your world. This is the blending of which we are speaking.
Most of you are getting very relaxed right now and this is facilitating greater flow. So much of this ability to flow is accomplished by your state of mind. When you are excited or passionate, peaceful, enthused, blissed out, full of love or appreciation your energy flows easily, quickly, directly.

When you are feeling less well, you create resistance. You filter your own flow.
When you are feeling less well we want to point out something else to you – you’ve gotten disoriented. You’re not really in alignment with your own consciousness. You’ve kind of abandoned your own consciousness. 
In some way when you don’t feel well you are focused on the body you live in or the temporary experiences that arise in your awareness and you’ve got some story going about all of them and in fact you’ve gotten disoriented. You’ve made the temporary playground your “reality” and you’ve kind of disengaged from the truth of your being. You’ve given perhaps more permanence or meaning to the temporary uprisings in this experience of focus.
When you find yourself unhappy, stressed out or discouraged, in pain, we encourage you to do what we just did and re-identify with your own true self. Return to your own energy and the subtle field that is really who you are.
You are conscious awareness. 
You are conscious awareness that at this moment is experiencing a blended embodiment, an interpenetration of your awareness with this physicality and having the experience of your focus molding things.
When you return to the awareness that you are consciousness and that you are consciousness that molds to your focus and is eternally abundant you create a new relationship to this moment. One that again feels more powerful, peaceful, expansive and free.
You are the shaper of your experience so use this capacity to your benefit.
Remember when you love yourself, you love yourself. Not sometimes but all the time. In this state and the state into which you are evolving, you love yourself. We want you to feel good all the time.
  • Return to this blending which you are creating.
  • Reorient to the subtle energy which is the truth of who you are.
  • Let yourself as awareness expand from the center of your being.
We’re asking you to do this now. To return to this subtle energy that you are and then as you’re letting yourself expand as conscious awareness from the center of your being, do you notice how you can expand outward in all directions, endlessly?
Even though you might not distinctly perceive things beyond your physical state, without hearing or sight you still can have a feeling, a sense of your own expansiveness and you can have a sense of how your consciousness can just expand infinitely.
There is a limitlessness that is your actual awareness.
Do you notice the way it can expand outward endlessly and in this awareness, as we often say, everything arises. Everything that you experience arises within this vast awareness?
Your awareness is the host in which all experiences arise and this can be more real to you as you tune to the subtle energy you are. Then you can see quite clearly that all of the conflict and all the challenges are temporary arising within this awareness.
  • You can also see that everything can be resolved in your awareness.
  • Everything you want to be different can actually arise differently within your awareness.
  • All the beauty of life can be known within your awareness.
At any given moment there is so much going on and rising up which is beautiful and benefiting you and everything that is and that in essence all of it is rising and falling away and yet the perpetual thing is your awareness.
When we guide you in this way these are not tricks to distract you from what you see as problems. These are pathways to tap into the more accurate relationship to your existence, which shows you that what you relate to as a problem is actually a temporary experience and it’s most definitely not who you are.

We’re encouraging you to consciously maintain that awareness more often while embodied. 

Blending Your Being
Blending your being means embracing your humanity as we have been encouraging you to do and engaging and creating the most beautiful and expressive, free and elevated experience in your human life.
Blending your being occurs by cultivating an awareness that you are this subtle energy, this subtle, expansive, eternal energy flowing into this human life. As consciousness you and let the implications of this broader knowing shape your experience, become so fundamental to how you relate to life and yourself that they implicate fully.
To achieve this is an ongoing practice – to live as a blended being. It’s a practice that integrates light into form and energizes the material while liberating paradigms of love and wholeness. You are the ambassadors of this emerging paradigm of wholeness for human beings. Do you realize this is a brand new experience to be a human being and relate to your life as it is whole?
You are the first collective human experience that is seeing itself as whole. As already good enough. Already capable.
Although you’re identifying more fully with your nonphysical eternalness, and although some of you may struggle to maintain this state of mind consistently, you have tasted its truth. You have moments where you feel this knowing. You are developing an ability to be in your bodies more consistently with this knowing and you are using daily practices to reshape the habits of being human through creating your own experience.
As you live differently, as you behave differently, as you alter the lifestyle of being human by living with an orientation to your fullness rather than fully identifying with this temporary expression of you, you are also transforming the human DNA so that you will experience greater and different experiences through the capacity of your human body and future humans will have a far different experience. 
These future humans also include some of you. There’s a wonderful complex mind blowing co-creation occurring and it’s being facilitated by your conscious awareness opening up while you’re in this embodied human experience.
Practice being aware of yourself as consciousness, embodied.
We encourage you to combine these wonderful, active, doing, enjoying, being moments of humanity with this sense of yourself as this subtle, eternal, expansive consciousness and to play with finding a balance in relating to both of these such that you feel an awareness of the fullness of you more and more often, more and more accurately.
See how much of your limitlessness, your awareness can flow forth here. That is the game.

–Archangel Michael (abridged)

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Freeing Ourselves From Emotional Manipulation

by Paul Lenda –
Given the reality that we as human beings have a very strong self-centered aspect (even if it may not be truly ‘real’) of our beings called the ego, many problems arise when this aspect of the human experience goes uncontrolled. Manipulation has always been a favored tool of the ego in order to get what it wants.
This manipulation can come in either a physical form or it can be seen to work on the emotional level in order to break the psyche into meeting the manipulator’s desires. Properly identifying the ways in which people emotionally manipulate others can save us much suffering in the future when identified early enough.
By protecting ourselves from being manipulated on the emotional level, we are able to free ourselves once and for all from the violation of our universal right of free will. 

Just as we can shift our consciousness from the state of fear which is often imposed on us by emotional manipulators, we can shift away from any debilitating mind state.  

The following will be a detailed list of signs to look for in people that are trying to emotionally manipulate others and how to defend against these sinister tactics. Many thanks to Fiona McCall who wrote Eight Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation that is the inspiration for this article.

Identifying Emotional Manipulation

  • You make a statement that is turned around to be used against you in a negative way.
The person will speak with an air of honesty that is in fact a cover for their true intentions. An example would be that  you would tell this person something like,  “I am really angry that you forgot my birthday.” Their response would be that  “it makes me feel sad that you would think I would forget your birthday, I should have told you of the great personal stress I am facing at the moment, but you see I didn’t want to trouble you. You are right I should have put all this pain (by this point, persuasive tears may begin to appear in order to give more credence to this manipulation tactic being used) aside and focused on your birthday. Sorry.”
Your intuition may sense that this elaborate apology is not genuine. However, since they said the magic words,  you are essentially left with nothing more to say or you will find yourself trying to control their fake anger. When this scenario plays out, do not accept an apology that is as real as their true intentions. If you do accept the apology, you have just been emotionally manipulated!

If it does not feel genuine,  it probably is not. Do not allow yourself to me emotionally blackmailed because if you do that one time, the emotional manipulator will see that it can be used as a successful method of getting what he or she desires.

  • The person presents his or herself as a willing helper.
A person that acts as an emotional manipulator plays the part of someone who is willing to help out with any given task. If you ask for their help with something, he or she will be more than willing to agree. If you did not ask for their help, he or she will volunteer to help with any given task.

Seeing an offer for help looks like a wonderful thing but in the mind of an emotional manipulator, this is merely a tactical move in order to fulfill a selfish desire he or she has. If you accept their offer to help,  he or she will express their unwillingness to help by letting out several sighs that are loud enough for you to notice or some other non-verbal signs that let you know they actually do not want to help you with whatever it was they offered to help with.

You will notice this and tell them that it does not seem as if they actually want to help, and this is when he or she begin their main manipulation efforts. He or she will show their great will to help you and that you are being unreasonable. In order to bypass this manipulation, ignore the fake sighs and subtle cues that he or she is unwilling to help. You can also confront the individual directly and deliver an ultimatum (albeit in a civil manner).
  • They say something but later assure you that they did not say it at all.
This is one tactic that you can see being used in many aspects of society, perhaps the political sphere being the greatest user of this. If you constantly feel like there may be something wrong with your memory recall because you remember one thing and the emotional manipulator “remembers” another, then be cautious. Those who have mastered the “art” of emotional manipulation are experts in justifying their actions, turning things around against you, and rationalizing situations.
It is as if they have graduated The University of Lying and are incredibly skilled in passing off even the most ridiculous lie without giving any hints that he or she is being deceitful. They can be expert persuaders to the point that you begin to question your own memories and sanity. To combat this technique by the emotional manipulator, keeping a log of what he or she says is a good start to having definitive proof that he or she is lying right in your face. It does not matter how you go about doing this. It can be in the form of having another person with you when the manipulator is saying whatever it is they are saying, writing it down, recording it, etc.
  • They put you in a guilt trip.
Emotional manipulators are experts in the craft of guilt-tripping. They have the ability to make you feel guilty either for not speaking up, for speaking up, for not showing enough emotion, for showing too much emotion, for not giving and/or caring enough, and for giving and/or caring too much. There are no lines that the emotional manipulator will not cross in order to put you in a guilt trip. This person will very rarely exhibit any real needs or desires he or she has. Instead, emotional manipulation is the game they play in order to get these needs and desires satisfied. Combined with guilt, sympathy is a very powerful tool to manipulate your emotions.
The emotional manipulator is excellent at playing the victim. They stir up your will to support, care, and nurture them. These individuals very rarely do their own dirty work, so to speak. They are able to make you do it for them and when you do (through indirect means) they will say that they never expected or wanted you to do anything at all. Do not worry, you are not losing your sanity! Make it abundantly clear to them that you are not going to do their dirty work, which can be said by saying  “I am fully confident in your ability to work this out on your own.”
  • They are indirect.
By taking the passive-aggressive route, emotional manipulators are able to deal with things indirectly. Actions in this category include talking behind your back, getting others to say to you what they would not say themselves, and finding subtle ways of letting you know they are unhappy. They will tell you things that you want to hear, but then do something to undermine that. An example of this would be if the manipulator says that  “of course I want you to go back to school baby and you know I will always support you.” 

Fast forward to a night where you are either studying for an exam or perhaps finishing a project for work and your children (if you have some, that is) are throwing temper tantrums, the television’s volume is set really high, and your pets need taking care of  – all the while “honey” is sitting on the couch looking at you blankly.

If you were to call them out on this, they will likely say something like “well you can’t expect life to just stop because you have an exam or have to finish a project for work can you dear?” This is a difficult one to deal with and if an emotional manipulator pulls this one, the choices for response are very limited…even as much that I do not have an adequate method to combat this besides getting this person out of your life.
  • They always seem to have it worse than you.
This tactic is pretty straight-forward. No matter what problems you may have in your life, the emotional manipulator always has problems worse than you. They shift focus from your problems to their supposed problems (which almost never exist in the way they claim they do).
If you sense that they are not being genuine and are just trying to shift the focus of the conversation on themselves in order to satisfy an egoistic desire, they will display feelings of being deeply hurt and will call you selfish. Yes, they will call you selfish, when in reality it is they who are selfish. Every day is Opposite Day for this emotional manipulator.

It is difficult to combat this because it is difficult to prove that you are not trying to be in the spotlight, so to speak. However, a clear and effective solution is to simply trust your intuition on their genuineness and walk away.

  • They are able to lower the positive energy of others around them.
Given the interconnected nature of human consciousness, everyone affects everyone else. This reality is able to both benefit and hurt us. If an emotional manipulator is in a room with others who are feeling fairly content and positive, the manipulators’ low level of consciousness will negatively impact all the others around his or herself. If they are angry or sad, others will begin to feel these emotions creep up into their consciousness and bring them down.
The instinctual result of this is that others will try to bring the energy level back up by trying to make the emotional manipulator feel better. By staying around such a person for a long period of time, you will find yourself exhausted with always trying to bring them back up to the positive end of the emotional spectrum and become burnt out.
  • They have no sense of accountability.
Emotional manipulators do not take responsibility for their own actions. They always turn around a situation to see what others have done to them. An easy way to identify an emotional manipulator using this tactic is to see if he or she attempts to establish intimacy via the early sharing of what is considered very personal information that is the kind that makes you feel sorry for them.
You may at first feel that this individual is very sensitive, emotionally open, and perhaps even a little vulnerable. This is precisely how they want you to perceive their actions. Emotional manipulators have emboldened their ego to such great heights that they practically never feel vulnerable. The best way to combat this tactic is to identify it early on and cease giving these individuals an audience.
Free Yourself
Every one of us is bound to come across an emotional manipulator sooner or later. By understanding how they operate and what tactics they use on others, we can be well prepared for their attempts at using us for their own egoistic desires and can prevent much pain, sometimes even a lifetime’s worth. Spread awareness to others by educating them on emotional manipulation and with our collective efforts, we will no longer fall for their tricks.

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Fear Equals Freedom

by Egan Sanders –
So often, as we grow spiritually, we still encounter fear in various forms. It may be a belief, an old, repetitive pattern or just the fear of the unknown in the journey of expanding our awareness beyond previous boundaries. Fear of illness, fear of the future, fear of not getting what we want – or in getting what we want; does fear ever end? What do we do with fear? We can ignore it, avoid it, deny it, fight it or be controlled by it. 
If we could just get rid of fear, then we would be free – right? Maybe not. 

In the book, “Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things,” by William McDonough and Michael Braungart, a simple environmental concept is included that is revolutionary.

It is revolutionary in that while it is meant to be ecologically beneficial, it can also be applied to our spiritual lives. The concept is “Waste Equals Food”. This principle views all products as nutrients. Products are designed in such a way that after their useful life they can provide nourishment for something new. They either safely re-enter the environment or are used again as another product. Nothing is ever wasted.

If waste equals food, then waste is not actually a bad thing or a problem. Waste can actually be a good thing that can be put back into the cycle of life. What if the same thing could be done with fear?

What if “Fear Equals Freedom” was a concept we could apply in our lives? 

Fear drains us if ignored and most of it ends up manifesting as physical illness, emotional despair, mental constriction and/or spiritual disconnection. If we can re-use fear for growth, awareness, empowerment and liberation by choosing to work with it, then fear can be converted into a means for achieving freedom.
As we accept that we create our lives, our realities and our creations; is resisting fear a real solution? Perhaps a new approach can be integrating fear – working with it. 

Here are some ways to make fear equal freedom.

1. Observation

To apply the fear equals freedom concept you must first get into the habit of observation. Ignoring fear or attempting to run from it just tightens its grip. Action usually lessens fear and the act of mindfully observing what you are afraid of begins the process of investigation. What can be most helpful is to simply write down what your fears are. It is best to do this when you are feeling fear most intensely. 

Set the intention to allow yourself to fully experience your fearful feelings and thoughts and record them. Write down whole sentences or fragments of phrases – whatever comes up. It may be a past memory that triggers you or a future concern. The goal is to simply get it all on paper and bring it up to your conscious awareness. 

2. Belief

All feelings and thoughts are rooted in belief. If your heart races seconds after hearing a police siren or you experience total well-being while watching a pleasant sunset, both are reflecting a belief. 

The police siren may activate fears and beliefs of danger or perhaps getting a speeding ticket and not having the money to pay for it. Nobody wants to have points added onto their driving record and to pay a higher auto insurance rate! 

In contrast, the sunset can tap into beliefs about the beauty and harmony of the natural world, the colors connecting you to inspiring or peaceful feelings and thoughts.

When you observe that you are feeling fear, ask yourself why you are feeling it. What belief is creating the experience of fear? As you listen and watch what comes to mind, you may be surprised by what the answer is.

3. Enthusiasm

A bucket has a bottom and so do fearful thoughts and feelings. If you can develop and an attitude of enthusiasm when you feel fear, two things will generally happen. One, when fearful thoughts or feelings come up you will be somewhat more detached as you observe them.

It still may not feel that great but the role of being the observer empowers you. Two, you will move through the fears more quickly and be able to get down to the root issues. 

This is a good incentive and cause for celebration to actively engage your fears because a new meaning can be assigned to the fear. 

You do not need to resist fear. Enthusiasm about the process of discovery can turn fear into freedom. When you are conscious of the beliefs generating the fear you can then choose new beliefs that empower you. New beliefs will create new actions and a new reality.

4. Resolution

Emotional resolution comes from living your human experience and using every piece of it for something constructive, productive and positive. The most negative things can lead to the deepest realizations. 

Beneath the root of fear is a new foundation of well-being. 

Resolution is not a one-step action; it is a process of working with your thoughts and feelings, examining your beliefs and adopting new actions. 

We all want peace and harmony and if you can turn fear into freedom your path of joy will be smoother. Resolution does not mean the absence of all fear. Resolution means that you resolve to face your fears and handle them.


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The Field of Awareness

by Kip Mazuy – 

Awareness is not concentration. Concentration is narrowing your attention on one particular object, shutting out everything else. Concentration is something you do with effort.

Awareness is not fixating attention on a particular object but rather relaxing attention into attention itself as all-pervading consciousness. It is not a doing but rather relaxing back into what is already here. Awareness encompasses everything, allows everything and in that allowing, everything becomes one. Without the allowing of what is here, you cannot be fully aware.

The beauty of awareness is that anything that is in the field of awareness gets transformed back into its essential nature of peace. 

The sense of separation between object and awareness dissolves and the apparent object itself merges into consciousness. If you feel a particular emotion or a painful experience, in allowing that pain or emotion to rest in your awareness, it gets transformed into peace.

Whatever you resist, whatever you remain unconscious to or distract yourself from continues to hurt you, continues to dictate your life and lead you further into separation and stress. So if there is unhappiness, know there is something there you are unconsciously resisting. The moment you can be honest of its presence and allow it completely, then awareness transforms it into peace.

There might be a tug of war that takes place between the ego and awareness, between resistance, control and surrender. But if you persist in that allowing everything dissolves back into peace, back into its essence of unmanifest consciousness.

In this way, you feel fulfillment in the oneness of consciousness. 

Even outer situations can get transformed. And if you continue to rest in awareness in this way, then even the sense of me dissolves into consciousness. Even the body, the mind, all sense of self, even the flow of energy dissolves into consciousness, to a place of zero-point nothingness; an absence of everything.

This nothingness cannot be defined, described or understood except to say it is transcendent and free of everything. It is prior to everything. In this, you are free from all bondage. Recognizing this to be what you are, you live in freedom.

About Author: Kip Mazuy – After a profound spiritual awakening, Kip Mazuy created Ocean Euphoric, an audio CD that has been proven repeatedly to induce deep states of relaxation and meditation in the listener. For More Information and Free Samples Visit How To Meditate Deeply.
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Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

by Jeanette  Amlie – 
When one has a tumultuous transformation it is easy to isolate and become a recluse. The challenge is to find a way to step back out into the world….not as one who is all fixed and healed, but as an authentic being not afraid to let others see who we really are, wounds and scars and all.
In the beginning of my radical transformation, as I often call it, it felt like the ground within me was shaking apart, literally. 
My physical body, my emotional body and my mind were fragmenting in response to unconscious beliefs that were shattering without my conscious realization. I became afraid of myself and did not know what was happening to me. This is the point that many people become hospitalized or institutionalized as western medicine and psychology attempt to ‘treat’ their ‘condition’, rather than having the support they need to face this divine process and find resources to assist this disintegration of the old self. 
Yet however it unfolds, it is in divine hands.
During this time we can experience a plethora of unsettling symptoms that most people around us are unlikely to understand. For me it began with panic and anxiety that turned into powerful surges of energy attempting to move through my constricted body. Needless to say terror is an appropriate description of what I often felt. 

Yet there were others around me who saw and understood that this was indeed a divine process, which helped my little mind to trust it enough to allow it to unfold.
At one point in an attempt to dedicate the majority of my time to simply turning and facing my own darkness, I went up into the mountains and spent a winter in a remote cabin. During this time I utilized every skill I had learned to process what was seething up into my consciousness. Then, one day when I was deeply engaged in a process I called psycho-somatic journeying, I began to have visions and to ‘speak in tongues’. Actually, it was one tongue and it was both soothing and powerful. And somehow I was able to understand what was coming through me via the emotional content even though I could not understand the words themselves.
Soon after I received clear inner guidance to “come down out of the mountains and go into civilization”. 
This was accompanied by a directive to “go North”. Go North I thought! What was that about? Couldn’t I get an address or a finger on a map or anything!?! But no…..I had to get in my car and just start driving North. And on my journey I realized that my “somatic richter scale” was to be my guide telling me which way to go and when I had arrived ‘North’.
This is when it got really interesting, because I had gone into the mountains to find safety in the secluded wilderness. For my fear was not of lions and tigers and bears, my fear was of discount stores and turnpikes and the judgement of people who could not understand what I was going through. 

I was mortified of what would happen if I started talking to the apples and oranges in the super market or writhing with kundalini energy during a social gathering??? And I will admit that ‘coming out of the spiritual closet’ was far more challenging than being in the mountains alone with my dog and cat and bobcats and coyotes and mountain lions. Yet the calling was clear and so I followed it as best I could.
I know that is why I was called to bring forth ‘Blue Earth Awakening’ into the world, to be there for others like me who are scared senseless by their own process of transformation and just need others to help normalize the experience for them. For we don’t need others to ‘fix’ us necessarily, (although we may feel like we do), as much as we need to be reminded constantly that we are not in control and we never were. 
We need to see and hear others who have the courage to walk the pathless journey back to the original Self that has been waiting here all along. So come and share your journey with me and us here in the comments and on Facebook at For this is how we cultivate the trust we need to carry on and step forth out of the illusion of safety that our spiritual closet has given us.


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Live Authentically in a World Steeped in Illusion

Get Real: Live Authentically In A World Steeped In Illusion

by Alan Cohen – 
Sitting backstage at a network television studio in a large metropolitan city, I waited to go on the air for an interview. My segment was scheduled right after the noon news broadcast, which began with a gory account of a murder, then a rape, then war footage, followed by bad economic news and a political scandal.
I began to feel depressed, but consoled myself that the broadcast would get to more positive reports. It didn’t. The entire fifteen minutes was filled with gloom and doom, nothing anyone in his right mind would want to get up in the morning and face.
Eventually I just had to laugh. The news was beyond depressing. It wasridiculous. It was unbelievable. Finally, after the closing sortie of auto accidents and snarled traffic, the broadcaster announced, “. . .and now for a great new book by an author who is going to tell you how to live a happy life.”
The camera turned to me.

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Suddenly I became Neo in the movie The Matrix, in which wizard Morpheus extends two open hands, a red pill in one palm and a blue pill in the other. If Neo ingests the red pill, he will awaken to his true self and the real world. If he takes the blue pill, he will remain in a familiar but oppressive world of illusions.
I sat up straight and reached for the red pill. I told the audience that love is our birthright and fear the imposter. I took a stand for living authentically in a world consumed by illusions. I told the viewers that they deserved better than the world showed them, and they held power over their lives regardless of the insanity around them. It was the only news I knew how to broadcast.
After the program, the anchor, a highly-respected lifetime journalist, took me aside and told me, “I agree with you completely. I get depressed coming to this job. There has to be more to life than the world we are telling people there is.”

Is That All There Is?

The reality we have been shown by the media and other seemingly authoritative institutions has been twisted into the polar opposite of truth, championed by people more committed to bondage than freedom. 
You have likely told someone about a valued vision of yours, to which he or she responded, “Get real!” Suddenly your excitement was reduced to ashes and you either gave up your quest or you had to once again build up the courage and momentum to forge ahead.
Take care to share your sacred visions with people who will empower you, not attempt to gobble your hopes in the shredder of doubt. If you have even one or two good friends who understand you and believe in you, that is sufficient. If it seems that no one understands or supports you, Higher Power has your back. Even when you do not have faith in yourself, God has faith in you.
When most people say, “Get real,” they mean, “Get small. Get limited. Get stuck. I am trapped in my little fear-bound world and your expansive vision is threatening to me. So I demand that you grovel in the mud with me. How dare you rock my tiny world with greater possibilities!” The premise is that success and happiness are unattainable illusions, while struggle and suffering are realities we must adjust to and live with.

Step Into Your Greatness

Most planetary game-changers were told, “Get real.” They were branded insane, shamed, imprisoned, tortured, and killed. The Catholic Church sentenced Galileo to house arrest for suggesting that the earth revolved around the sun. 
Soon afterward Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno proposed that the sun was a star and that the universe contained an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by other intelligent beings. Giordano was convicted of heresy and burned at the stake. When the judges issued his death decree he told them, “Perchance you who pronounce my sentence are in greater fear than I who receive it.”
Jonathan Swift later noted, “When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him.” Einstein echoed, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
Every person is potentially great. Are you willing to step into your greatness, claim it, and live it?

Get Real and Be Authentic

The holiday season offers you many opportunities to get real in the presence of people who fear to get real themselves and call you to play small with them. Regard their resistance as a call for love and an invitation for you to be authentic.
When you stand for truth in the presence of illusion, you break the illusion for yourself and for everyone who subscribes to it. Your mission is to remain alive in a world preoccupied with death; to walk tall when others are compromising their integrity; to be who you are while others have forgotten who they are.
Reality is not for sissies. To live authentically in a world steeped in illusion is the gift of a lifetime, spreading light in ripples from your own life to the lives of everyone you touch.

About the Author:
Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen; author of  I Had it All the Time: When Self-Improvement Gives Way to Ecstasy. If you would like to become a professional life coach or incorporate life coaching skills in your career or personal life, join Alan’s celebrated Life Coach Training Program beginning in January 2015. For information about this program, Alan’s books, free daily inspirational quotes and his weekly radio show, visit

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Set Yourself Free

by Claudette Rowley

What does it mean to be free? How does one become free?
I believe that individual freedom starts from within and that we each would define it differently. What follows are some guideposts on the path to personal freedom.

Let go of judgment. 

Most of us spend a high percentage of our time judging ourselves and other people. We beat ourselves up for the smallest transgressions and have difficulty forgiving ourselves for the large ones. Our inner critics make up stories about what we “should” and “shouldn’t” be doing or being. They sabotage us through judgments like “who do you think you are?” or “you aren’t good enough” or “what a stupid thing to say”, and other equally destructive comments.

We project the same level of judgment on to other people. I know I’ve done it. Judged someone else, and felt just a little better. It’s the old tear-someone-else-down-so-I-can- feel-better syndrome. It’s the root of gossip and it feeds off of itself. We often judge others so we don’t need to look at ourselves.

Release the rules. 

We are all conditioned into maintaining a set of rules of behavior. This socialization begins in our families, continues in school, with our peers and filters in from society at large. We become adults with set of rules for behavior that sometimes hold us back – keep us chained into an existence that doesn’t work for us. It can be challenging to break free of these “rules”, albeit necessary to live a life of personal freedom.

Here are some examples: 

“Don’t brag.” Now I’m not a fan of bragging. The difficulty with “don’t brag” is that it can get translated in our minds into “don’t accept compliments”, “it’s wrong to say something positive about myself”, and for some people it even gets twisted into “It’s wrong to think highly of myself and my skills and abilities.”

“Be nice,” is another favorite conditioning rule. Again, there’s nothing wrong with being nice when nice is the authentic way to be. “Be nice” can morph into “Always be polite” or “Never, under any circumstances, act anything other than nice” or “Don’t ever express or address your true emotions.”

Sometimes we need to state exactly how we think or feel. The truth is that we are free to express ourselves in a way that’s authentic to us. At times, that expression may be assertive or angry or sad or exuberantly happy. 

Other situations call for us to ask for exactly what we need at the risk of someone else feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes, we just need to be truthful and the truth isn’t always nice.
Letting go of judgment and releasing your rules are two important elements of personal freedom. 
What will it take for you to set yourself free?
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