Conscious Ways to Help Others During Difficult Situations

by Evita Ochel –

Our planet is in the midst of various shifts and changes. This is bringing about turmoil in many areas. Some of the changes are geological, some political, some climate related and others yet brought about by the numerous systems on our planet that are collapsing as we speak.

Regardless of how they are generated, as with all sources of stress, it is never about what happens but how we handle it that matters most.

Create Consciously
Some of the most glorified events in the news have been related to the Earth’s climate and geological changes. It appears we feel most victimized when transformative events are nature generated. In our age and era of trying to control everything and everyone, nature is one aspect that we just cannot seem to be able to control (and for good reasons).

We continue to see numerous events on our planet bring about powerful changes, that are often labelled as “destructive” or “catastrophic”.

For example, a very powerful earthquake struck in the Port-Au-Prince area in Haiti, followed by numerous strong aftershocks. A powerful earthquake, along with a Tsunami struck the Tohoku coast of Japan. These are just two of the most powerful examples from the second decade of the 21st century and both resulted in numerous deaths, injuries and left millions of people homeless.

While such situations are far from desirable, the one thing that we can always notice happen amidst them is the amount of generated drama and negativity on top of them. Aside from the graphic images being played over and over on popular media, words such as disaster and catastrophe keep being drilled into all of our minds.

Many people accept that this is the “normal” way to act under circumstances like this. They consider it normal to gather around the office coffee machine and dwell over the poor people of the affected regions, not realizing that on a Global scale of consciousness, they are doing more harm than good.

Many people in our society consider it normal not only to negatively label such events but fuel them with negative emotions and thoughts in as many ways as they can (unconsciously of course). This is what many of us consider normal care and compassion.

However, the time has come when many of us are ready and able to see things in a new way. 

Many of us are stopping vicious cycles and old patterns of habit to adopt new, conscious ways of being. To inspire you further into conscious action, below are 4 ways to really help when difficult situations arise. No matter how big or small the situation is, there is a new consciousness shining through today in how we see and respond to so called difficult situations.


1. Avoid Labeling the Situation 

Whether it is an extreme weather event or a relationship break-up, avoid labeling the situation period, but especially with negative words. Using words like crisis, tragedy, catastrophe or disaster isn’t helping anyone. 

Words like these carry ample amounts of negatively charged energy, and they do not help you or anyone else for that matter effectively deal with or rise above the situation. 

So what should you do? 

Part of being human is feeling emotion, and in no way would I want to disregard that very precious aspect of ourselves. However, what I have learned based on the many masters that have walked the Earth is that any and every situation just “is”. 

Just as we can label it as bad for reason a, b and c, someone else can label it as good for reasons x, y and z. It all depends on the viewpoint or perspective through which we choose to see it. 

Hence labeling something, especially with negatively charged emotion, delays all parties involved from moving through a situation, especially in any kind of empowering way. I know as a society it is all too easy to get caught up in what the masses are doing and saying, but drilling into a person that their situation is bad or lamenting with them about just how bad it is, is actually not a way to effectively help at all. 

If you truly feel for the person or parties involved, this is a time to show unconditional compassion and help them feel empowered in as many ways as you can. 

2. See and Trust In the Perfection That Is 

It is suggested that over 90% of people in the world believe in a “God”. Out of that number, on a daily basis a large proportion of these people, especially if they are religious preach about being thankful for the wonderful things that God has given us. However, when some sort of a so called negative situation arises, many of these same people are very quick to judge and equally blame that same God. 

For those of you who have attained a level of understanding of the deep connection and oneness between you and God – Source – Origin – Creator or however you identify this entity, you most likely understand the profound ways that each and every single one of us is tied to all of the things that manifest in our lives. 

We are one with the creator, we are one with each other, we are one with all that is. 

I think it is safe to say that most people who believe in “God” would agree that God is perfect. Hence if God is perfect, everything that is created by God can be seen as perfect. 

As human beings currently here in physical form it is all too easy for us to get caught up in judging things as “bad” or “good” – however in reality all things are perfect. 

It is easy to see the perfection of all that is in easy moments but it is exactly in those not so easy moments that we are called to rise up to our highest version of who we are and see the perfection of all that is. 

Not a leaf falls to the ground, not a bone is broken, not a child is born, not a storm strikes that was not perfectly accounted for through the power of creation. 

Therefore trust and have faith – that even though you may not be able to see it at this time, there is a perfect reason for every single event that occurs whether in the physical or spiritual realm. Every event, every person, every creation is part of a perfectly orchestrated divine plan that has nothing but our best interest at its core. 

And know and trust this too – that if you are touched by whatever “difficult” situation, whether directly or indirectly, it is because on a deeper level for a bigger purpose you knew this was in your best interest and you willingly chose to be a part of it for your soul’s evolution. 

3. Set Positive Intentions 

With regards to setting positive intentions, I am not talking here about some wishful thinking. In the last decade especially, we have discovered that the power of our thoughts is immense. Our minds are capable of great things, and with them come our thoughts – energy patterns that today we know are capable of creating our realities. 

Therefore no matter what the situation may be, if you do nothing else, set aside some time to really focus on and send whoever may need it some positive, loving and empowering intentions. 

You can even offer healing, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional through your thoughts to a person or group who you feel can use it.  

Today, each and every moment, more and more of us recognize that we are co-creators in this world. Many of us have already come to acknowledge our gifts of healing – whether it be remote healing or in person. Many of us realize that through our thoughts, we can change the outcomes – we can change the world. 

Therefore, if there is someone or some group that you know can use your help, give them just a few minutes of your day. 

Focus your love, compassion and strength on them. Shower them with the gifts of healing energy. 

Don’t doubt yourself in whether your intentions are having an impact or making any difference. You don’t have to be a labeled healer or religious figure to help. All of us are equally special and able to help, you just have to believe in yourself and know that not one thought of love goes unnoticed in the Universe. 

4. Get Active 

No matter what the situation, whether you are ready to look more in depth at this world, our lives, our existence and all of the events in them, you can do one thing that is always of great help in any difficult situation – get active. 

Instead of sitting by dwelling on things, re-hashing things, lamenting over what was, go out there and offer your help in some way. Perhaps you can help financially if the situation warrants it, perhaps you can’t. But the one thing that most of us can do if we really want to help, is offer our time, talents, services or efforts. 

If an extreme weather event hits or a war breaks out, perhaps you cannot or choose not to go to the actual site, this however does not prevent you from helping out locally. There are numerous agencies that need help organizing aid. There are numerous tasks to be carried out remotely to help someone, somewhere else in the world. 

Whether you volunteer to take calls, organize a fundraiser, take care of your friend’s kids during a difficult time, or write a letter to the editor. There are so many ways to help – all of us can do it, if we of course choose to, that is. Instead of sitting back and feeling dis-empowered yourself. Instead of sitting back and sending out negative energy through worry, fear and blame, go out there and do something positive.

Be a proactive helper, instead of helpless bystander. 

No act is too small. No act is too insignificant. Even if you cannot help directly, helping indirectly another cause or situation still adds to raising the collective global consciousness. And most importantly remember, you don’t have to wait for any major difficult situation to strike in order to act. There are people in your community who can benefit from your help today. Some of them may be your family, friends and neighbors.

Through your awareness of your expanding consciousness, allow yourself to see and feel deeper and truly extend your support consciously where help is needed.

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When Worlds Collide

by Evita Ochel –

Understanding the Challenges of Life on Planet Earth:

Right now as you read this, you know yourself to be living on a planet called Earth in a physical incarnation that you share with about 7 billion other people and over 8 billion other living species. In this solar system that we are in, we think of ourselves as being one race of human beings, sharing one planet and one reality. But do we really?
When we examine this fact on a deeper level of awareness, we begin to realize that there are many more worlds within this one world that we envision ourselves to be living in. What is more so, is that there are numerous realities as well. And I am not even talking here about the heavy duty ideas of quantum physics, parallel Universes or multiple dimensions.

I am simply talking about the fact that each one of us, being a physical individuation of source energy, is its own world and reality.

This means that we have about 7 billion worlds sharing 1 planet.

Although the idea may be simple for us to grasp and know conceptually, the depth of this idea has major implications for understanding life here on this planet. It opens up a whole new understanding when we move past the concept, and actually apply it.
If we look at the state of the world today, 10 years ago, 100 years ago or even 1000 years ago, we see that although much has changed, one thing remains the same. We cannot seem to get on the same page of understanding when it comes to life on this planet. Why is this? Why is it so hard for us to apply concepts that should be so fundamental to increasing the quality of life for all, especially when we have the means to do so? 
Take the idea of peace for example. 

It cannot be argued that it would improve everyone’s lives, yet we choose not to apply peace on this planet, both personally and collectively. It can be done tomorrow worldwide if we really wanted to but we don’t. This is just one example of what happens when worlds collide.

We May Be One, But We Are Each Unique

In recent years the phrase “we are all one” has gained increasing popularity. It is used by many in spiritual and non-spiritual circles alike, often indiscriminately. I used to use this phrase too, and sometimes still do, but today in a very different way. What I have noticed is that many who use this phrase, often use it in a way that strips us of our unique individuation and diminishes the purpose of our individuality.
In my experience thus far, yes, we are all one meaning we have all come from the same source of creation, but this does not make us all the same. And although this may seem obvious to you, I feel it all too often gets lost in many spiritually oriented people who are trying to take on a conceptual “love and peace” view of the world, rather than an experiential one. We may all have the same general purpose of spiritual evolution, but our unique purpose and how we see or experience reality is very different.
This is not meant to divide us or make us focus on our differences, rather than our similarities. Instead it is meant to acknowledge the gift of uniqueness that we each are. 

In allowing myself to explore this idea, I have come to grasp why so much misunderstanding, chaos and confusion exists in our world today. We are simply trying to merge everyone into the same reality.

To do this however, goes against the basic law of free will. 

This is why people speak about love, but what the concept of love actually means to each person is so different. The same goes for similar concepts like peace, compassion, equality and so on. We each understand these concepts through our lens of reality, through our personal state of awareness and evolution to that point.
Similarly, this message is also not meant to depress us, but rather to empower us to be more understanding of the different levels of existence and concepts shared on this planet, as to why things are the way they are.

We may think we are all talking about the same things but more often than not, we aren’t. Billions of different worlds are colliding and the final outcome is a rather disorganized state of affairs, where most have to learn through life the hard way.

Artwork by Cameron Gray

You Are Your Own World and Reality

And so, as many of us think that we live in one world, the truth is we do. However, this is not the world we are thinking of. The one world we live in, is our personal world. Each of us comes into this life and physical incarnation at a different level of evolution, we are then conditioned by the various cultural, religious and political influences depending on where each physical incarnation takes place. 
This builds various biases, beliefs and perceptions about the world as we know it. Most of us continue life at this pace, possibly with some small bursts of various awakenings that may change some of these patterns. Others, may have major awakenings and drastically shift the course of their lives, sometimes even multiple times.
The most important thing to note here is that there really are as many worlds co-existing on this planet as there are human beings.

Each one of us lives in our own world, with its own perceived reality. Embracing our unique qualities and individual paths is not a bad thing that should be seen as separating, rather than uniting us.

In order to fully grasp the wholeness of who we are and really put the phrase “we are one” into action, rather than as just a concept, we have to embrace our own unique purpose and individuality first. Just as, in order for a seed to know itself as being part of the planet, it has to experience itself as a plant first. The same goes for us.
When we embrace our unique individuation, purpose and level of existence, we can then begin to see how we fit into the whole. 

This is where I feel many people in spiritual areas have skipped a necessary step. This being, to fully embrace yourself first, before you can embrace the totality of all creation. You get to know the whole by first getting to know the parts that make it so. Thus to understand the external world, we need to first understand the internal parts that make it up.

Spiritual Grades of Evolution

To best summarize what I mean by all of this, I’d like to use a simple analogy that all of us are familiar with based on the current model of education that spans from kindergarten through college. Through this analogy it is my intention to help you see and understand why our Earth is in the state that it is. And again, the state I am referring to is neither bad or good. It is simply a disorganized state, where we are not living from a state of high efficiency or coherence.
To illustrate this, I want you to imagine the following scenario. 

You have just arrived in a brand new country that you know nothing about. As part of your tour of their culture, you are taken to visit a local school. You walk into a classroom and you notice something odd that you have never seen back in the schools of your own country. This classroom is full of kids of all ages and they are all trying to learn together. You notice some kindergarteners, a high percentage of elementary school kids, some high school kids and a handful of college kids. 

All of these beings are trying to learn and coexist together. 

 The teacher is of course trying to do the best job they can by adhering most of the curriculum to the high percentage of elementary school kids, and so this leaves a lot of the kindergarten kids restless and getting into all sorts of trouble, while it leaves the college kids bored or frustrated. 

The older kids often try helping the younger ones understand the concepts before them, and while this works sometimes, other times it is a useless endeavor. The older kids soon realize that the younger kids can only grasp certain things at different levels of their development and there is no point in trying to teach them the same things they are learning themselves, or things they are not yet ready for.
Okay, so let’s come back from the visualization. I am sure you have guessed it by now as to the purpose of that scenario. This is the easiest way to envision very much what is happening here on Earth.

Planet Earth is like one giant classroom. 

It is fun, it is exciting, sometimes the lessons are easy and sometimes they are hard. But the biggest challenge in this classroom is being with kids of all ages and at all very different levels of learning. This is how I have come to see and understand planet Earth.

We may all be one, coming from the same source, but we are all at very unique levels of our personal evolution.

It is this, that poses the greatest challenges on this planet.

Akasha by Elreviae

When we begin to see our planet from this perspective, we begin to understand why there are those of us who like the kindergardeners are only interested in fulfilling their own needs and captivated only by their own existence. Then there are all sorts of elementary school kids who are each at very different levels themselves. 
Some just want to play, while others actually want to learn something. Some are causing themselves all sorts of trouble, not yet understanding how this “school” works but as they want to figure things out for themselves, as kids often do, they won’t hear from the older kids about how things can be done differently.
Then there are the high school kids who are starting to see through the system and rebelling against it in all sorts of ways. They are often the activists who want to make a change, who want to be heard, who feel like they must do something. Then there are the college kids, again all at different levels of their personal mastery and specialization, who are starting to understand that the only way to change the world is by changing yourself.
If we compare life on this planet to other planets where life forms exist, what we know of so far is that one of the biggest reasons why our planet is so unique is because it breeds such diversity. What we know about other civilizations is that they are much more aligned to being at a similar level of evolution. This naturally makes it much easier for their societies to coexist together in peace or work for a common goal.
On our planet, because there are such wide variations of beings, this is very difficult to do. As you can imagine a 4th grader wants very different things than a 10th grader, or even a 7th grader! And so we have those on our planet who want to play with guns, those who have no problem killing others whether it be humans or animals, those who want to create beautiful architecture, or those who are interested in learning all they can about their existence. 
Also, since there is a greater predominance of elementary school kids, just as the teacher in the above example, our society is geared towards these elementary “grade levels”. And instead of “a” teacher, we have a system put in place to keep the majority under control in various ways, be it political, religious, etc.
To make matters more complex, yet fun, we are not all at the same level or grade with respect to every area of existence. 

For example, a being may be at a college level when it comes to mastering personal relationships, but at an 8th grade level when it comes to living in harmony with nature. To add to this, when we speak of people having “spiritual awakenings” or experiencing “enlightenment”, this does not mean one awakening in a conclusive sort of way.

We may each experience a spiritual awakening when it comes to a specific subject or at a whole grade level, which we can equate with graduation from that grade. This would happen when we equalize all areas of existence to be at least at that level of evolution, as we proceed to the next. Even along these levels, as each child in the same grade, we too have different interests and preferences. Even when we reach the college level, we are still not done, for we are then involved in an eternal journey of specialization and further self mastery.
This is also why we can begin to understand why sometimes something as simple as trying to have a conversation with others about topics which we may think we would all understand similarly, proves difficult.

Let’s use some more examples to further understand on a practical level. 

Think about the topic of abortion for example, a 3rd grader will have a completely different understanding of this topic compared to a 9th grader, compared to a college kid. (Remember we are using complex human topics in the context of grade school analogies.)

What peace means to a 1st grader is very different than what means peace to a 5th grader, and more importantly what each is willing to do in order to have peace. And so we can take any topic, the so called economy, politics, ethics, health or nutrition and understand why we have the misunderstandings and miscommunication we do.

We may be talking about the same things but each of our unique abilities to comprehend the vastness of each topic totally depends on our personal level of evolution. Ultimately, I am not sharing this so that you may try to figure out what supposed grade you or anyone else is in. That is not at all the point of this dialogue.

The point is to realize that we are all at different levels of our learning, thus of our personal evolution and spiritual development.
Concluding Thoughts
Although we are currently part of a collective reality on this planet, we each construct our own reality, based on our personal perspectives, past experiences, biases and level of evolution.

Our personally constructed reality is the most influential force in our lives.
We are all at different stages of spiritual evolution, or in different grades. And a 3rd grader is no better or worse than a 9th grader. “Better” and “worse” are simply constructs of an unconscious ego-mind that lives in the world of duality.
We each need to be tolerant of the fact that we are sharing a planet with many other beings of every level, just as kids of all ages in one classroom. The older kids need more patience with the younger kids, for we were all once there. While the younger kids can save themselves a lot of hurt and pain, if they so desire, by taking example from the older kids.
In order to create most effectively, you must align yourself with those that share similar worlds to yours. This does not mean people of the same religion or same political party, but beings who choose to perceive reality and vibrate at a similar frequency to you.
In the end, I do not have a solution for you, because technically there is no problem.

We simply have to recognize and understand the challenge before us, to be able to better get along with each other and create the lives and world we most want to experience. We each came to this planet, this time and many times before, knowing this challenge very well. In fact, this is one of the reasons why we come here at all, as contrast can cause us to learn and evolve the fastest.

It is why we tend to pick the families we do, religions, cultures and such. It can therefore be seen as a very positive, rather than negative thing, despite the challenges that it presents.

As long as we don’t get caught up in other people’s realities but see the bigger picture of what is going on, there is perhaps no better playground or classroom where we can have the chance to spiritually evolve at a faster rate.

About Author: Evita Ochel is a consciousness expansion teacher. Her diverse passions and expertise include being a writer, speaker, holistic nutritionist, web TV host, and author of the book Healing and Prevention Through Nutrition. Her health oriented teaching focuses on natural, whole, plant-based and organic nutrition for optimal health and longevity. Her spiritually oriented teaching focuses on consciousness expansion and heart-centered living for optimal joy and inner peace. Evita is also the creator of several online publications: Evolving BeingsEvolving WellnessEvolving Channels and Evolving Scenes as well as Healthytarian — a lifestyle for the well-being of the mind, body and spirit.

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The Power of Vision

by Evita Ochel –
Living Out Dreams Through 
Conscious and Focused Intention

Sometimes when we are in the midst of change, we cannot quite grasp the potential, the impact or the grandness of it all. Sometimes, it isn’t until something is “completed” that we look back and marvel at our creation and our creative abilities.
This is a special week for me, as our new home is complete. Those of you who have been readers here on for a while, know that back in the spring, my husband and I made some drastic changes in our life, and embarked on a new journey.

This included building a home, living closer to nature (more in the wild), in a simpler and more natural way, and taking on an even more peace-filled way of life on all levels.

The last 2 years especially, have seen the most rapid flow of creation for us! Did I always grasp the potential of our creative power? I don’t think so. But fast forward to today and I am in awe of what we have created.

Today, I am free of any official workplace, I am my own boss, I am working my version of the 4-hour work week, I am married to the love of all my lifetimes, we work together from home, living in the middle of nature, in a newly built and custom designed home by us. And last but not least, I am happy, satisfied and filled with inner peace.
So how did all this happen? Was I born under a lucky star? Did I fall into favor with the “Gods”? Do I have some wealthy relative funding my endeavors? Did I win the lottery?
No, to all of the above. What has transpired in my life in the past two years, has little to do with external forces, and everything to do with conscious and focused creation. In inspiring more of you, to move towards and live out your own dreams, allow me to share more about my personal “ how”.
A Vision Was Born
I won’t go back too far, but I want to take you on a small journey of how dreams can and do come true. So without sharing the story of how I attracted my first dream job, found my husband and landed in our first dream home together, I will focus on the transformational power of the last 2 years.
When I first started working as a teacher (the job no one generally leaves until retirement), I never considered doing anything else with my life, but teaching. The furthest I got, was perhaps thinking of one day switching from high school to college teaching. But I thought I was set, secure and that was it, in a perfectly carved out, typical pattern.
So somewhere in the last 3 years, my husband and I allowed various fantasies to pop into our heads.

Key word here is “allowed”. We would think about being free of any workplaces and living life on our own schedules, anywhere we wanted to in the world. This was radical thinking but we did not dismiss it. We entertained it, welcomed it and enjoyed it.

Fall, based on many signs to proceed this way, we put forth the idea that I was going to leave my teaching job, to pursue my passions and creations of being of service to others, on my own terms.
Even though it still seemed like a far reach, I began to talk about it with others as if it was real and I was going through with it. June, the dream manifested.
Late Fall , upon my husband freeing himself up from his employer as well, we began to play with the idea that since we were both ‘free’ from a fixed workplace, we could live wherever we wanted. After some dreaming and envisioning we were called to nature, and thought we would sell most of our ‘big’ stuff, renovate/put a second floor addition on the cottage we had “up north” and live there.
Winter 2009/2010 we draw a picture on a little notepad of how our new upstairs space would look like. We clip the picture on our fridge and appreciate it with joy and excitement, every time we pass by the fridge. We envision ourselves living there and feeling what it would be like.
February 2010, we meet with contractors to find out that we are not renovating or adding anything. Our option is to build a brand new house from the ground up. On that same notepad, we draw what we want the downstairs and outside of it to look like. We clip in on the fridge. With joy and excitement, we appreciate our creation as if it was already real. We envision ourselves living there and feeling what it would be like.
March 23, 2010, we sell our old house in less than 24 hours. April 22, 2010, construction begins on our new house. August 13th, we move into our new house. This week – September 15, 2010 – our house is officially finished, and looks identical to the little pictures we drew that hung on our fridge.
Living Out Dreams Fully

Sometimes we get everything we want, and then some. And what do we do? While most of the time we do celebrate and enjoy it, sometimes we feel it is so good, too good almost, that we sabotage our happiness. We do one thing to lose the beauty of the experience – we don’t take the time to enjoy it. Either we deny its fullness, or move right into another creation.

My greatest challenge right now is really becoming one and fully enjoying my creations. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated and enjoyed my husband from the first day I met him, to this very second. We are both enjoying and celebrating the creation of our new home and life in nature. But the area I am falling short in, is the “work” area.
In the back of my mind, I hear society’s or perhaps my Ego’s voices: “what are you doing with your life?” – “why haven’t you written a book yet?” – “why aren’t you doing more speaking engagements?” – “why aren’t you working towards higher traffic on the site?” – “you are letting your education/talents/gifts go to waste” – and a few other things…
I sometimes forget that I have the freedom to ‘be‘ and ‘do‘ whatever I want. 

My husband and I have not attained financial freedom according to society’s standards but the way we structured our life is to tread lightly on monetary and material objects – needing nothing – and having everything we need – and enjoy – in the moment of now.

We all want various forms of freedom but should it come, we almost feel guilty about it. This is something I have finally decided to face and truly merge with, to be one with my dream of freedom. To focus on “being” and my “personal creative expression” when and how my being chooses, on my own terms, not society’s often confining and unnatural ways.
We Are Not Done Dreaming…or Creating
Having gotten to this point by no means indicates that this is it – that we are done dreaming or creating. Our life is a constant and never-ending creation. It is never done, whether we are in the physical or the spiritual, for we are forever ‘evolving beings‘. So what is next for us? For now simply to take some time, to just sit back, enjoy and take in our creations thus far.
Markus will continue moving more towards working on his own projects, while I will continue building my confidence in that I do not need to be “doing” something, that is defined by society as having enough value, status or worth. Learning “how to be” is perhaps one of the greatest “jobs” we can ever have, and one at which, most of us are failing. I want to learn how to integrate myself more with nature and the oneness that connects us all.
Another big dream of ours is to find ways and means to empower others to make their own dreams come true – to find their own abundance of love and inner peace, that we each so much deserve. We love traveling to nature-filled, warm and exotic places, so we will continue little spurts of creation by putting together new trip ideas.
Will I write a book? Will I go on my own tour of speaking to audiences across the world? I don’t know. I haven’t decided with enough focus or intention how I want that to play out yet. I know I love writing and sharing with all of you here and growing this space into an authentic, spiritually expanding space for all – to continue to reach those who would benefit from hearing what is shared here.
For those of you wondering if we are planning on any other “additions” to our life (hint, hint), we don’t know that yet either. But if we choose to, we will definitely approach it with some serious focus and intention.
So in the end, this sharing of my personal life is in no way meant to elicit any kind of envy or further yet jealousy or meant as any form of bragging. It is simply meant to serve as an example and perhaps inspiration, that everyday, dreams can and do come true.

That we are the creators of our lives. That life need not be “hard” or full of “suffering” to get something “good” or just because. That I am no different, no more or less special than you and that whatever one can manifest or create, so can any other.

We all have our personal dreams and goals. Find yours, and live them out.
All it truly takes is to have a vision of knowing what you want, sticking to it through conscious focus and intention and being flexible with the creative process along the way. Additionally, to also be open to the Universe’s delightful surprises for you, to continue to further your personal growth and soul evolution.
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