Life’s Paradox

by Dorothy M Neddermeyer PhD –

The Self is neither small nor big; it is both simultaneously. Your spirit is like a drop in the spiritual energy ocean, yet it is an integral and significant part of the whole.
You have a spiritual Self that animates your body and infuses your thoughts and feelings. Your language is limited to what you perceive and descriptions are one dimensional based on the perceptions people comprehended at the time. Thus, only metaphors approach the expressions that give a true sense of a spiritual nature.
The paradox lies in opposing concepts and perceptions, all of which are true at the same time other concepts and perceptions are operating. In the context of harmonizing the opposites, you begin to know the wonders of the spirit.
The Self is neither small nor big; it is both simultaneous. 

Although, your spirit seems small, separate or disconnected part of the whole, it is still comprised of the same things and can become part of the vast spiritual ocean. Your spirit seems to inhabit your body like a passenger in a vehicle, however, at the same time is not bound by your body.

Spirit can reach across the miles to touch the heart of past, present and future or expand to become one with all energies. You might feel small and insignificantly young when you look up at the stars, yet you are made of the same basic elements – Energy.

Looking at the stars is a mere reflection of what is going on within each atom and cell of your being. Your spirit is ever renewing, yet ageless and eternal. Thus, the Self is not new or old; both are simultaneous.

Your spiritual Self is neither small or big nor new or old. 

You may experience life as good or bad, right or wrong, happy or sad; however, this is the experience of the linear world of dualities, not the truth of your spiritual nature.

By going within to touch the eternal and changeless energy at your core, you can go beyond the contrasting metaphors to the experience of oneness. 

In that connection you can know big and small, new and old, movement and stillness. By accepting the paradox of life, you open yourself to the fullness of your whole being – Who you truly are.

About Author: Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD implements a highly effective protocol called ‘Transformation’ to discover the root cause of all issues both personal and professional. With more than 30 years of experience, Dorothy facilitates Transformation that is direct, focused and combines creating success while changing old habits. The results are precise, powerful, empowering and an accurate, sustainable way of changing the landscape of your life and business. 

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The Arrival of the New Normal

by Kingsley Dennis –

We have entered a time which I refer to as the New Normal, and we need to understand that things are never going to be the same again. We have to get used to doing things differently – for these ‘different things’ will become our normal ways soon enough. 
This shift from older patterns and structures that once served us well, into a space where some things are no longer working for us can be unsettling and disturbing. 
Yet don’t waste time with old energy patterns that are no longer working. 
We may feel frustrated in not knowing what to do – and yet this is only just the beginning. In terms of the longer time scale we still have a long way to go, for this change is going to be many years in the making.
Things may now change faster than they have ever done before – we are living in a reality that is on the move. It is likely that many of us have already experienced this – a sense of rapidity and uncertainty unlike previous years. There is no need for this feeling of ‘shifting ground’ to cause anxiety. Change does not mean something negative – people are only afraid of what they don’t know. 
The easy part in all of this is accepting the need for a ‘new normal’ – the more difficult part is to actively engage in change, in a way that is balanced, stable, and not strange. Being a part of the ‘new normal’ also means normalizing ourselves: there is no more need to stand apart; that is, to use ‘difference’ as part of your personality or identity. You cannot express your full potential when imbalanced. 
The ‘new normal’ is not here to alienate oneself and others – it does not support divisive energies.
Sometimes change needs courage – courage to accept this change as the new normal. Some people are more used to and adaptive to change than others – each person must find what is right and comfortable for them. However, we are not starting from scratch – arriving to where we find ourselves now is also part of the change.
In fact, it is stability which is the illusion as everything is in flux. 
Life is one complete flux-engine – if we can put it that way – and the human body is equipped for constant change. When there is imbalance in the body it naturally seeks to find balance: physically, emotionally, and energetically. 
Finding New Positions, Definitions and Tools
We already instinctively know this, and how to practice it. By re-adapting to change and flux we propel ourselves forward – it is a force of momentum within our lives. The new re-balancing is not about going back to the old – it is about finding new positions and definitions. We have to re-define for ourselves what is the new normal.
We have to learn how to operate the new tools we have and which we are expected to use. 
Religious belief and unquestioning faith were old tools, for example. Now we need to figure out what are the new tools we have and how to use them. And within this period of new learning we may also need to do some personal ‘clearing’ – to get our own personal house in order.
So let’s be clear: the new normal is consistent change – and this normal can change on a daily basis. 
Is this so difficult to accept and understand? It seems that many of the young people can work with this; it is not difficult for them to grasp the essentiality of change. For many young people, it seems obvious that change is an essential and necessary, part of life. It is only us, entrenched in our years of conditioned stability that fear such flux and flow.
If anyone reading this is feeling a connection to this theme it is also because they sense the need for change within their own lives. They sense it is right – that there is some urge within them that is telling them that something needs to change – there is intent to know more. 
There’s no better time than now for re-engagement – to reflect upon the question of ‘what is “life” for me? – and how can I participate?’
The following are some of what I consider to be at the basis of change:
  1. Release the fear conditioning
  2. Re-calibrate the definitions of what is ‘normal’
  3. Observe emotions and emotional responses and needs
  4. Get used to change – it is the only normal there is
  5. Be joyful with change and changing habits/patterns – learn to love it
  6. Don’t try to get back to the old ‘normal’ – adjustment is not a return, it’s a moving forward
  7. Waiting for the ‘old’ is not an option
  8. Change works better when you are pro-active so activate your engagement/participation. Get involved with your own changes!
  9. Trust your intuition and intuitive feelings
From Survival Mode to Creation Mode

It can be unsettling at first when trying to get used to something that is always moving! It is like a radio station that constantly shifts its broadcast frequencies – and every day you have to re-tune your radio to find the new frequency. Yet this constant shifting is also a way for us to find meaning and significance in our lives. 
We may find that many of the shifts that we choose to activate/act on will have a direct influence upon our need to find a renewed meaning in life. Another way to consider these changes is to view them as being part of the shift from survival mode to creation mode – creating a new way of living more suitable to how we wish to live life in creative and meaningful ways.
Conscious Participation
As we gradually (or even suddenly!) shift into the era of the new normal we may discover that we fall into one of the following categories:
  • Manifestors
  • Facilitators
  • Nurturers

Each role is equal in importance – and yet each is different in how it relates and engages with others in life. The new normal is going to have a strong influence upon the values of connectivity, communication, consciousness and compassion.
Our social, local and global networks will be ever more important for us. 
Whether we manifest things in life, facilitate for others or nurture others – each involves conscious participation. That is the core of the new normal – balanced, stable, conscious participation in finding meaning for ourselves and others; and to be creative and active in pursuing a positive future for all.

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What Kind of Energy Are You Putting Out There?

by Gwen Randall-Young –

Each of us emits “energy” into our surroundings. 

Think how easy it is to detect a change in the atmosphere when someone is angry with us or how positive the mood is when we are having fun, joking around with a loved one.

This energy is palpable and we have all experienced the energy of other people. If the energy is positive, it feels good to be around that person. If it is negative, we want to pull away because that energy affects us: we feel tense, irritated, it brings us down or we feel like we are walking on eggshells.

Just as we are affected by the energy of others, they are affected by ours. Therefore, we need to be aware of just what we are putting out there into the environment shared by others. Just as we take care of our personal hygiene so we do not offend others, we should practice good “psychological hygiene.”

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” 
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Negative energy can be toxic to others. 

It originates in thought and can affect others whether we voice it, show it in our behavior or simply keep it to ourselves. Negative energy is generated by thoughts that are critical, judgmental, belittling, rejecting, angry or polarizing.

One negative person can affect an entire office or unsettle an entire household. Being in a “bad mood” does not justify making life miserable for everyone around us. While you are shaking the dirt off your shoes before entering your home or place of work, also make a point of “shaking off” any negative energy you might be carrying. Others will appreciate it and you will feel better.
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Your Energy Body

by Steven S. Sadleir –

Your body is energy. Energy is absorbed through the air you breathe. It flows in your nervous system, like electricity flowing through wires, to all your extremities and vital organs. It flows in streams through channels of low resistance and high conductivity called chi or ki. 

Your central nervous system conducts it like a bar magnet, with the positive charge on the top of the head and the negative charge at your tailbone. Arching fields of bio-magnetism flow out from the top of your head, encircle your body and come up again at the negative pole at your tailbone in what is called an “aura.” 

Your thoughts are energy too, literally a movement of energy flowing through streams of neurons or brain cells, in your head. Emotions are a combination of neurological discharges and secretions of brain chemicals whose discharges create the moods you feel. All your senses are picking up energy: 

Light is energy, sound is energy, taste and smell involve energy discharges in your brain as well. Movement is energy, gravity is a form of energy, every state perceived is something changing…energy; perception itself is energy. 

Even the physical mass of your body is energy. Shrink your awareness down into the cellular level and you find the cells of your body are in constant communication with each other energetically; each cell receives and conducts energy. 

Shrink yourself down even further to the molecular level and you find systems of organizing intelligence conducting the energy to create the patterns we call molecules, elements, compounds-the building blocks of life. 

Shrink your awareness down even smaller to the world of atoms and you find that the ultimate constituents of your body are latent potential and realized manifestations of positive and negative energy, which we call protons, electrons, and neutrons. 

Your body is both receiving and transmitting energy. What you think and feel, is what you are creating. Create happy positive thoughts and those thoughts are transmitted into the fields of awareness that link us all together, like cells in the body of God. 

Negative thoughts are also transmitted into the field of collective consciousness and will cause you to attract the people, circumstances and situations that enable you to see whatever is diminishing the light of your own indwelling spirit. Spirit is consciousness in expression or Shakti. That which causes life within you is you. You are the light. Realize this. 

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How to Stay Connected to the Light

by Roswitha v. Andersheim –
What is this “Light connection” or the Source of the spiritual in relationship to the material? Awareness of the unseen gives us the opportunity to lay aside distractions. The near-silent modifier of our daily thoughts attempts to guide us to its source.
For untold millions, religion is a path prescribed by conditioning through familial or social pressure. Stepping aside from this imposition of beliefs, one learns to ignore incessant distractions, and arrives at inner silence.
The phenomena of our natural world parade by, but it leaves us with the questions: Where does all this come from — and who created this? Most importantly, why? Is all of this for the entertainment of the Source? Why, among this splendid and beautiful creation, is there so much pain?
A connection is a relationship between two sources of energy. Unfortunately, we rarely think of the unseen connection of consciousness, which unites all living beings — and most especially, humankind.
We are connected to the Source from the time we are born, until the hour of our release.
Everyday lives

It is difficult to find one person who is not connected to an activity. From when we awaken in the morning until — more often than not — late at night, we are busy with chores of one kind or another. We’re involved in mentally and physically challenging work. Our lives are arranged according to the choices we have made, or the choices that were made for us.

Our human connections are vital to our survival as interacting, contributing individuals of our society. We are a decidedly gregarious species and as John Donne said, “No man is an island.”
The demands of our days, more often than not, compel us to forget the other side of our connection: namely, the unseen, inner generator of all that moves us from one task, project or plan to the next one. Little do we reflect on our daily distractions, whether they range from work to background or foreground entertainment, as in TV programs, or the tingle-tangle of meaningless sounds.
When we recognize that a distracted world has us cornered, we may want to take a specific time twice a day to “take leave of our senses” — so that in silence, we may recover our equanimity. Ask the basic question: Why am I here, on this planet, at this time, in this condition?
What is purpose? 
We may conclude that human purpose is to share a contribution that will bring greater comfort, enjoyment, peace and relief from pain to one or many. After all, the essence of all desires is to derive pleasure, and to avoid pain.
Connect with Light

How, then, is it possible to connect our consciousness to Light? What Light? One way of defining the Light is: the Love who eternally creates all manifest consciousness.

To recognize that Light, seriously consider the heart of any living creature — especially our own. The latter often is a source of anxiety, because of health issues. Consider the heart of a chick embryo, under a microscope. It beats, non-stop, until the observer discards the yolk, upon which the embryo thrives — just as humanity discards billions of beating animal hearts daily, for a misunderstood need.
The observer or listener to a heart does well to enter into silence and contemplate the mystery of life. No course in history, no study of any science or art, will substitute.
If the mystery is so profound and constitutes an ineffable, unconditional and infinite Love, why is there such endless distraction of evil in this world? It is because we have failed to connect with the Light.
Those who are concerned enough, who care enough, will come together. 
The tool for such exercise is the cooperation of the Light-minded. It isn’t enough to say prayers on the seventh day in church or synagogue or mosque. We must wrap the evildoers into self-reflection by focusing our Light energy around their consciousness.
Our Light energy, united with other Light energies, will confer peace onto a world, on the cusp of emancipation.
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Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

by Christiane Becht –

Being Highly Sensitive can have its ups and downs. Author Christiane Becht explains and sets a quiz to help you discover if you are a highly sensitive person.

Many people suffer from being easily drained and depleted, feeling overwhelmed, being on an emotional roller coaster or running on low energy. They know that if this goes on for too long they risk burning out or becoming ill. What they don’t know is that these ‘symptoms’ are very common amongst highly sensitive people.

The majority of these people, though, haven’t considered themselves as being highly sensitive. The label ‘highly sensitive’ often has a bad reputation, being perceived as a weakness while the many gifts and talents of sensitivity are often overlooked. Or, even more common, they are taken for granted!

The type of intelligence and intuition that comes with high sensitivity is, by those who have it, often perceived as something ‘normal’, and highly sensitivity people assume thateverybody feels or thinks in the same way. And even those people who do recognize themselves as highly sensitive, don’t always know what to do with it. And there is a lot that can be done – and a lot that can be discovered!

My Story

I have only detected my level of sensitivity over recent years. I would frequently find myself feeling so exhausted or overwhelmed after so-called normal life situations that I would wonder how I would survive the next one.

I dreaded the next business meeting. They felt so harsh to me and I wondered why other people didn’t seem to feel as ‘bruised’ as I did. I started hoping I wouldn’t run into a particular, chronically negative, neighbor who would constantly complain to me because I would feel so drained after getting dumped on by her.

I started to avoid dinner parties where people would tease, gossip, complain or exchange shallow conversation because I would end up going home not feeling recharged, but depleted. It made me feel so lonely and I would ask myself “Why can I not just enjoy myself? Why am I such a weirdo??” 

When I started to pay more attention to how I felt during and after each meeting and encounter I started to become aware of my sensitivity and over time, I learned some quick and simple tools that made my life so much easier (and more effective!). 

Through this process, I discovered that there are gifts to being highly sensitive that can become such a joy and can truly enrich your life.

If my story rings a bell and has got you thinking about your own experience, why not take this short, 11-question quiz that will help you evaluate whether or not you, too, are a highly sensitive person.

Am I Highly Sensitive? The Quiz

Do the following things happen to you? (Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’)

  1. You feel drained after a conversation, even a casual one.
  2. You walk around feeling ‘unprotected’ and wonder how you can protect yourself better from the world.
  3. You walk around ‘very guarded’ as you deliberately try to protect yourself and not show too much of yourself.
  4. You find your job, your environment, your daily life ‘gets to you’ so much that you don’t know how to recover from it at the end of the day.
  5. You feel overwhelmed with information, emotions and energies coming at you from people, conversations, emails, news or movies on TV, maybe even background noise or electrical machines.
  6. You sometimes ‘hit a brick wall’, realizing you have let other people take way too much of your space and energy.
  7. You often have a feeling of what is going on in others – even when they try to hide it. You ‘feel’ everyone around you and sometimes feel overwhelmed by it.
  8. You sense when someone is pretending or lying.
  9. You find things painful that other people find normal, for example, while they talk aggressively or tease laughingly, you feel irritated or hurt.
  10. You feel stuck when people around you are being insensitive, harsh or energy-draining, and don’t know how to get away from the situation.
  11. You would love your relationships, work place, and the entire world to be more harmonious, joyful, peaceful and cooperative and you cannot easily be content with ‘this is just how things are’.

If you said Yes to seven or more questions you are most likely a highly sensitive person.

If you answered five with a Yes then you are probably a highly sensitive person but are maybe not as alert to it and the effect it is having on you. You could try taking these questions into your daily life and see whether you detect more of these in everyday situations.

Highly sensitive people might feel a bit lost in this world, and maybe even really desperate at times, thinking “I can’t cope with my life, it feels overwhelming. But what are my options? I can’t just stop going anywhere – and I don’t want to – but how can I survive in this world?”

So if you know that you are highly sensitive – or suspect that you may be – it is really important to learn about your sensitivity and what you can do with it. There are so many tips & tricks to discover that will help you live your life more easily and effectively. And once you learn to ‘survive’ better in your environment, you can then discover how your sensitivity can help you thrive in the world, be a lot more successful and also live your life more joyfully.

If you know (or suspect) you are highly sensitive, we have a lot more information and tips coming for you in future articles! If you want to learn more but don’t want to wait  you can buy our book, Your Energy in Action! ‘Energy Balancing’ for Daily Living, which talks a lot about how highly sensitive people can work with energy to recover quicker from irritating or energy-draining situations and encounters. 

Finally, we love to hear your experiences and thoughts so please do use the comments box to share your stories, thoughts, tips and questions about being highly sensitive. If you know (or suspect) you are highly sensitive, we have a lot more information and tips coming for you in future articles!

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  • About Author:CHRISTIANE BECHT is a writer, international seminar leader, coach and teacher for Essence Training and the Energy Balancing Institute. A native of Germany, she was a first league field hockey player and comes from a background in corporate marketing for Fortune 500 companies like Kraft and Proctor & Gamble.

    When she was a CEO of her own marketing research company, Christiane first started to notice how the energy of rooms affected people. This observation drove her to embark on the study of Feng Shui, energy healing practices involving chakras and auras, spirituality, mediumship and psychology.

    In 2005, she became acquainted with Essence Training and Energy Balancing. Passionate about these unique methods, Christiane went on to develop Energy Balancing workshops and courses. After seeing the rapid, positive impact this work had on her clients, she and three of her colleagues went on to co-author the book Your Energy in Action! Energy Balancing for Daily Living.

    In this work, Christiane brings her extensive practical experience in applying Energy Balancing to “real life” situations, along with her knowledge of how people quickly learn this simple and highly effective method, as a “fast track” catalyst to higher levels of living and personal transformation. 

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    Metaphysics and Limited Beliefs

    by Michelle Williams (Michee)-
    Self-esteem, limiting beliefs, inner peace, self-improvement, spirituality
    Truth is even more spectacular when it is expressed in the form of science, now Truth becomes beautiful and perfect!
    As we discovered previously Creation is the sub total of energy vibrating at different frequencies. When there are two frequencies in close proximity, the lower frequency will always rise to meet the higher.
    It is known as the Principle of Resonance and we can see it in the process of tuning a piano for example. The tuning fork has a higher frequency than the piano strings so when struck and brought close to the corresponding piano string, the string automatically raises its vibration and attunes itself to the same rate at which the fork is vibrating.
    Lower Frequency automatically aligns to the Higher Frequency.
    This is a very powerful concept which you can practice in your own life.
    Click here to read more on the Science/Mind relationship.
    Mind Over Matter For a Better Life

    When atoms slow down as we have earlier discussed, a more dense matter is produced. It is sometimes called third dimensional matter.

    When molecules in your body increase speed to a  higher frequency through thoughts of love,  joy,  happiness,  gratitude  etc, the higher dimensions of consciousness can be reached. When consciousness is raised to the highest levels, the realms of Spirit can be attained.
    The road to creating the world you desire sounds pretty easy then if all you have to do is think loving thoughts right?
    It certainly can be but for most, they are plagued with negative and limiting beliefs buried deep within. Without realising they become the intrinsic thought pattern which define your behaviour, choices, outlook, experiences and life itself.
    What is a limiting belief?
    Self-esteem, limiting beliefs, inner peace, self-improvement, spirituality
    Limiting beliefs are the beliefs you hold to be true about who you are  which  limit  the development  of  your physical, emotional, financial, intellectual and spiritual  potential.They are a thousand times stronger and more compelling than your dreams and desires and reside deep within the crevices of your mind.
    Limited beliefs are usually imposed on you from the very first day you enter the world, then systematically throughout childhood, sometimes unintentionally but often times very deliberately. They are sometimes the offspring of your parents own self-perception, which they consciously or subconsciously pass onto you.

    The modern and demanding world we live in also plays a huge role in perpetuating limiting beliefs and has a major influence on what you think about yourself.

    Even when your life is happy and full and all seems to be well, limited beliefs can raise its ugly head in the face of adversity, a new challenge or relationship or change to your familiar environment.

    Where do limiting beliefs show up?
    Limiting beliefs show up when:
    • You wake up one morning after 12 years in an unhappy and dysfunctional relationship, you look in the mirror as you get ready for work and say to yourself ‘even if I left this guy, I am so fat and ugly nobody else would even look at me’.
    • You are stuck in the same job that you’ve hated with a passion for 6 years but are too afraid to leave because you are plagued with thoughts of ‘I am way too stupid to go back to school and get a new qualification in the field I would truly enjoy’.
    • You have spent months and months developing a new piece of software that you know will take the technological world by storm.  You apply for a small business loan but remember your father who lost everything when he launched his business and never quite recovered. Thoughts of ‘best stick to what I know, failures are bad’ makes you instantly disregard the loan.
    • Your self-esteem is so low that being in an abusive relationship is less painful that being alone.
    • You cannot pay your bills, your car has just been repossessed and the refrigerator is empty, you are totally broke and wonder why you always end up in this kind of mess!
    The suggestion of changing your thoughts to loving thoughts as a strategy towards happiness and success is only one part of the puzzle.
    Developing You is Part Two
    Self-esteem, limiting beliefs, inner peace, self-improvement, spirituality
    By developing a deep, loving and unconditional relationship with the many aspect of your being, you begin to explore and enjoy the real you. You will instinctively begin to align yourself with the energies that bring forth balance and harmony.
    The falsely imposed layers that surrounded you for such a long time can now be stripped away to reveal your True and beautiful nature.
    Your new gained knowledge of the mind will help you identify limiting beliefs that may be buried deep within your subconscious mindNegative and destructive thoughts that no longer serve you can now be banished by changing the frequency because you know you have the power within to do so.
    Identifying limiting beliefs and understanding their expression as your thoughts and behaviour is key to eliminating them from your life. When limiting beliefs no longer control or define who you are, you consciously make way for the abundant flow of all good things.
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