Duel With Duality

by Dan Thomas –

White hats and black hats, heroes and villains . . . the forces of good against evil. Throughout our history we have been bombarded with the concept and existence of moral duality. The endless ebb and flow of engineered oppositions and social irrigation draw from dramatic examples a conceptualization of these polar frequencies. It spreads them through the channels of culture and control mechanisms to then be saturated in our hearts and wills and understandings. 
A grid is made, displaying a field of managed parameters, that remains self-sustaining by our unknowingly orchestrated actions. In gross contradiction to the very infinite nature of our souls, we become compartmentalized away by definitions that reveal only a partial truth to us while remaining convenient for the engineers. 
With some awareness achieved of this cosmic mechanism, we are inevitably brought to question and seek a fuller truth . . . a truth built off of what foundations may be sound yet able to reach higher than, and hopefully beyond, the warring patterns of the past. Here are the questions I ask: what truly is good and evil? What are we to learn from duality? Where do we go in our next step of spiritual evolution?
Good and evil are often defined for us from many sources. There is religion, media, family . . . science which tells us it is irrelevant, history which tells us it’s relative . . . practicality, necessity, laws and governments. With so many and so complicated a list of factors it’s no wonder that the issue of morality can be a fine-line subject. 
I feel that such a task can only be covered with generalities in an article of this size, and as well given the assurance to others that what is said is purely a matter of opinion. My attempt here is to be objective in the analysis of my own perspective, and by publishing it present it for consideration.
In my personal experience and observations, the most common societal subconscious program that we face might use some of the following descriptivism for defining good and evil. Good, despite its long and necessary sufferings, is always passive and without anger. It has no strength but to endure and no honor but in self-sacrifice. It is limited by rules which forbids the crossing of a boundary that would transform us into evil. Good does not judge, does not fear . . . loves all, but really isn’t much fun. Evil, on the other hand, is aggressive and takes what it wants. 
It is clever, mysterious and a powerful force that allows the few to dominate the many. It is often fearful, but yet is also prosperous and seductive. Evil is fun because it allows you the exercise any primal ambition without guilt, and therefore provides for more freedom than good. The choice we make between the two is simply a matter of style and image. 
It’s just a matter of preference between the balance of wants and the unwanted. If you choose good, things will be difficult now, but worth it in the end. If you choose evil you can have what you want now, but it might cause hardship in the end. What color do you like more- black or white -it’s as simple as that. Right?
There is surely far more that could be added to the descriptions in the above paragraph, but I feel it sums up this popular subconscious perspective fairly well. Some of these descriptions I would agree with, much of it I wouldn’t, but what I see is a perpetual game of circles, suffering, and conflict that ultimately only serves the engineers of this epoch by stifling any chance of true progression beyond this idea of “necessary” duality. 
To hold rigidly and forever to this narrow perspective will ensure nothing more than a continual repeat of the hard lessons of history. And what are these lessons? Is it that nice guys finish last? Is it that we “little people” are only here to serve as pawns to the kings and queens that mold our societies? Is it that this is simply the way things are and so we had better get used to it? I’m being cynical with these questions and yet many of our personal experiences will sadly suggest that there’s some truth to them. Unsatisfied with these depressing prospects, let us try to look a bit deeper into the subject.
In my opinion, one of the primary lessons we are to learn from duality is the responsible wielding of that powerful teaching aid known as freewill. The key word in that statement is “responsible”. What does responsible mean? It means that we need to be accountable for the effects and outcomes of our choices, thoughts, and actions. We, as human beings, are all connected by the invisible tether of our mass reality. We are multidimensional, holographic, and inter-connected in the way that one effects the whole. 
Although for most of us these effects may hardly seem perceivable, they are actually far more profound when we realize the infinite nature of our soul’s existence. With empathy, with respect, with an unyielding will . . . with love, with patience and understanding and righteous anger for injustice . . . with hope and faith in the reality of a better future we can as individuals help create that life that all should be blessed with. Duality teaches us that progress requires effort. Duality teaches us the vital importance of self-sovereignty . . . the value of freedom in its most positive sense, and it inspires us to reach beyond it to the realm of light without shadows.
I don’t have all the answers . . . god knows I wish I did. I, like everyone else, am still trying to piece together this huge and confusing puzzle called truth. In all likelihood it’s something that nobody in mortal form will ever fully understand, but that shouldn’t dissuade us from continuing to try. It’s one hell of a journey we’re on, and one full of surprises. 
My hope is that in time with the joining of wisdom we each gain from our experiences, that perhaps we can achieve a collective reality that can finally be prosperous to all. I dream of a life where hard lessons are no longer needed and where unity can bind us through a common good, regardless of our creative differences. Perhaps it is a lofty ideal, but if we never try we will never succeed. In the deepest sincerity of my heart I ask you all to share this dream with me, and have the courage to act to create it.

About Author: Dan Thomas is the author of Inner-Tech, a metaphysical, spiritual science fiction novel that takes the reader on an incredible adventure through space and time in a quest of questions and answers upon awakening to a desperate message given by a mysteriously ancient and alien library. Packed with action, symbolism, and an inspiring determination, the reader is engaged in a fascinating look at society, morality, and the mechanics of the cosmos. Download a free sample of this new and engaging novel here.
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The Ego: An Illusion Pretending to Be Real

by Paul Lenda –

 “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains. One man thinks himself the master of others but remains more of a slave than they are.” –Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Although Rousseau was mainly referring to human society as a whole, even 250 years ago he understood that humanity can upgrade itself and live in a golden age by returning to nature and living a balanced life at peace with ourselves and each other.

It’s almost hard to believe that, as a result of the ego (something that isn’t even fundamentally real), we can come to a point in our timeline where there is a probable possibility of species self-annihilation, whether by accident or by focused intention by the the most megalomaniacal of minds within our human collective. It’s is a very dangerous way to live and leaves the uncertainty of a bright future, if a future at all, at unsettling heights.

It’s time to finally come to terms with how big of a role the human ego plays in all the social and political issues we see all around us and that affect our daily lives. Putting band-aids on the symptoms will not cure the very deep causes of those symptoms.
Thanks to some wonderful luminaries of humanity, we can upgrade our understanding of what ego is from the rather simplistic Freudian view to a model that allows for more complexity. 

After all, the universe/multiverse as we understand it, is infinite in nature. Within this infinite reality time is irrelevant…the creation of a highly complex non-entity structure-process that has an illusion-generating nature is not an impossibility. The growth, metamorphosis and transformation of the energy of Infinity can concoct aspects of Reality (algae, poetry, entheogens, lacrosse, etc.), one of them being of such a high level of sophistication that it has influenced the sentient life cycles of entire species like the human race.

Yes, rather than being an actual entity, the ego is a structure-process that has an illusion-generating nature… something that has been backed by not only thousands of years of personal and direct experiences and eastern philosophies but also by the study of the nature of Reality and its various aspects through quantum physics and other forward-thinking sciences.

Having the understanding of what the ego is in this expanded view can help us understand that whenever the ego exists, we exist in a state of confused perception thanks to the generated illusions it creates. This is why activities such as meditation are helpful in the minimization of the ego’s influence over our lives.

Understanding the Illusion
The powerful emotions of anger, fear, envy and others can be seen as if they were mechanically following tiny signals…as if there was a switch that was pressed. The illusion is that we are seeing something that is an actual experience within an objective reality.

However, the fact is that it is mostly a replay of past experience that is modified a little to fit present circumstances. This replay is recorded again in order to add to the previous memory, which ingrains things even deeper, leading us to have a greater conviction in its real-ness.

The more we experience in this way, the deeper we get stuck in the illusion. 

This entire time, we stay in a state of confusion where we think that we are basing our actions on experience itself. 

The delusional ego has made us prisoners of something that isn’t even real.

Take a look at how prevalent this is in older individuals. The older a person gets, the more ‘experienced’ he or she is in this illusion that has essentially entrained the brain to think a certain way. The older a person is, the more sure he or she is that they “know” what they’re doing, making it very difficult for them to think differently or delineate from the path the illusion has trained them to go down. The essence of such a person’s life is now made up of a series of illusions.

Wouldn’t you like to be free?
Wouldn’t you like to be in control of your own life and not have it controlled by something that isn’t even intrinsically real in the first place? You can and you will…if you can over come the great obstacle of fear. This incredibly powerful tool of the ego is a reflex that is set in movement when something that’s identified as very necessary is seen as being threatened.

This reflex of fear causes a person to find every possible way of protecting what is felt as being necessary, or it failing this, to create illusions of escape from the approaching danger. In the strong words of physicist David Bohm, “fear confuses, corrodes and corrupts the mind.”

Minimizing Ego to Become Self-Realized

Many of us don’t realize that the question “Who am I?” is a much more difficult one that we put ourselves on to believe. The ego, the “I” or self that we feel we are is largely a figment of our self-created reality. Ultimately, our true self is not the ego which feels it is separate from others but a part of the undivided Whole that has the same spark of infinite love that is within everyone, even if it seems sometimes that this is not the case.
The ego can become so incredibly empowered at times that we may fall into the trap of believing that it is the real and genuine “I” that we should associated our awareness with. If we have such a belief we will be unable to become fully self-realized and live a completely liberated life that is guided by love. When we directly experience and are aware of the true Self, we find ourselves being aware of the reality that we are water drops from an Infinite Sea.
The ego is unreal in a way. We create it in order to cope with our social interactions. The ego is a false center, a smokescreen and a barrier to the true Self. 
It’s what gets in the way of experiencing unconditional love. It’s what gets in the way of directly experiencing the source of reality. It’s the deeply-buried but always-present intuition that we are the center of the universe/everything that gives rise to feelings and beliefs in our uniqueness and specialness. What we see ourselves as being, which is a perception that stems from our time-and-sense-bound consciousness is ultimately unreal.
All of our self-limiting activities grow out of this false picture of ourselves and because of this we conjure up an idea of a dualistic world of self and other, of things separated and isolated, of pain and struggle, birth and death, killing and being killed, etc etc etc. This picture of reality that we paint for ourselves is untrue because it’s not seeing reality for the way it truly is. A good analogy for this is that it’s like looking at the tip of an iceberg above the water and refusing to acknowledge the most of it is still underneath the water.
If we could see beyond the continuously-changing forms into the primary Reality, we would realize that fundamentally there is nothing but harmony and unity and that this perfection is no different from the phenomenal world of continuous change and transformation.
I’m not saying that the ego is inherently “wrong” to posses (we all possess it, after all). It can be likened to a tool that we have and can use and just like with any tool, if you don’t have it under control, it carries with it the potential to become dangerous, and cause you and others a great deal of harm, pain, and suffering. This is why I used the term ego minimization.
As you transcend lower levels of consciousness that are firmly rooted within the domain of the ego, you become less and less prone to falling into the grip of the ego and letting it sway you every which way it pleases. Through ego minimization, we are able to become Self-Realized and directly experience the true nature of who we are. The question of “Who am I?” becomes a much easier question to answer.
Self-Realization in its fundamental and most elementary meaning is the direct experience and awareness of the true Self (that luminous spark of the source of all that is that is all that is within itself). 
The higher Self is often masked by the false self, which by now you probably see is the ego. Both transpersonal psychology and psychosynthesis explore and unravel the nature of self-realization. In Hinduism, it refers to the experiencing the reality that one’s higher Self is a mirror image and spark of the the Source or ultimate reality. By becoming fully Self-Realized, enlightenment becomes within our grasp for being a state of existence we can finally attain.
So how can we get from an ego-dominated life to a self-realized one filled with harmony and unity? There’s many ways to go about it. 

Some ways are the following:
  • Kundalini cultivation
  • Meditations on higher states of consciousness
  • Letting go of all egoistic thought forms or ideas
  • Administering the principle of oneness in everyday life
  • Transcending emotions and mind states such as anger, greed, hate, jealousy, fear, shame and guilt
  • Brainwave entrainment
This is by no means an exhaustive list but simply a list of ways that have helped me in my own Self-Realization. In this day and age where the youth see a lack of true leaders to help them in their quest to answer the age-old question of “Who am I?” many turn to psychedelics in order to peel away the thick layers of false-self that the ego has hidden our true Self under. 
Although enlightenment doesn’t come on a piece of paper, a pill or a sugar cube it still is precisely what some who are now Self-Realized attribute their eventual Self-Realization, enlightenment and spiritual awakening to. Attachment to the technology that opened the door for us must too be left behind if long-standing Self-Realization and enlightenment are our goals.
Whatever methods you use for minimizing the ego and becoming Self-Realized it is ultimately the end-result that truly matters, not the path in which one took to get to it. 
Pay attention to how your ego is controlling your thoughts and actions so that you can reduce its grasp on your life. After identifying how its affecting you, you can minimize its influence on your being, paving the way to attaining an almost blissful enlightenment state of becoming Self-Realized. If you truly wish to become enlightened, Self-Realization is a fundamental step that must be taken towards attaining that blissful state of pure be-ing. Are you ready to peel away the layers of illusion?
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The Reality of Consciousness

by Peter Russell – 
Wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, the collapse of the wave function and entanglement all point to awareness being an intrinsic aspect of reality. Yet we are still trying to understand them in terms of a worldview that believes the real world to be that of space, time, and matter, and relegates consciousness to some artifact of brain processes.

Yet the one thing of which we are certain is that we are aware. And it is the one thing the current worldview cannot account for. is profound anomaly will ultimately lead to the full paradigm shift to which contemporary physics is, unwittingly, pointing.

With consciousness as primary, everything remains the same and everything changes. Mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry are unchanged. What changes is our assumption as to what they are describing. They are not describing the unfolding of a physical world, but the unfolding of a universal self-aware eld. We are led to the conclusion that the entire cosmos is a vast eld of knowing, knowing itself, and in that knowing creating for itself the appearance of a material world. Why then don’t we see it that way? Why does the material world appear devoid of consciousness?

From the deep pools of Eastern wisdom, to the fast-paced rapids of the West, Peter Russell has mastered many fields, and synthesized them with consummate artistry. Weaving his unique blend of scientific rationale, global vision, and intuitive wisdom, Peter brings a sharp, critical mind to the challenge of self-awakening. The next great frontier of human exploration, he shows, is not outer space, but inner space—the development of the human mind.

He has degrees in theoretical physics, experimental psychology, and computer science from the University of Cambridge in England, and has written ten books in this area, including The Global Brain Awakens, Waking Up in Time, and most recently, From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness.

Published on Nov 21, 2014


Peter Russell was kind enough to post his original lecture, The Primacy of Consciousness, on his YouTube site in full, not just a clip, by request.  It is such a powerful, ground-breaking presentation that the world deserves to hear it. https://youtube.com/watch?v=-d4ugppcRUE

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Why Is Life So Hard?

by Cyndi Dale –

Probably the most often asked question my clients ask of me is this:
Why is life so hard?
A few weeks ago I heard the question so often that I decided to take a poll. I first asked my eleven-year-old, only to be told this. “Well mom, it just is. Of course it would be easier if I had an IPhone4.” I asked my oldest son, who replied, “It’s not always hard, mom, except when you’re broke.”
My girlfriends pretty much said they have no idea, although men can sometimes make it worse and jewelry, better, while my men friends suggested women as the root of the disasters and toys, especially in the form of Porches or Camaros, as improvements worth noting. Jokes aside, life often does seem dark rather than light and the brightest of lamps can sometimes flicker, leaving you with smoke and mirrors.
Having spent the month reflecting, the answer I can now give might open Pandora’s box to more rather than fewer questions, but it is this.
Life, Choices and Reflections
We walk this earth to own the dark as well the light.
I think of the one time I took fencing in college. The instructor was masked and armored, I, not so much so. As he explained, I was the least trained. If anyone were to get pricked, it would be he. He then worked me until I dropped, a motionless ball of Jello.
I asked why he pushed me so hard, as I’d never done this before and he said that I had to learn that the “enemy” was not one. That which we fight is usually just a worthy opponent. In the course of the interchange, one’s sword arm develops but so does one’s ability to shield and dance, move and shift.
I don’t believe for one moment the true blackness of this planet is “supposed” to be here. Perhaps, as it is said in spiritual circles, we select our parents before birth. We do not, however, desire that they would be abused as children so that in turn become abusive to us. If there are choices, it is so we learn how to treat each other with love and care, no matter the circumstances.
There are different climates on this country and because of this, crops that grow in far-flung places. This is not so that the people of one area can starve, so another can thrive. It is so we learn to hold hands, form a distribution line and send food and compassion from heart to heart and country to country.
The Balance of Light and Dark
To own the dark — to recognize the hardships and the suffering — is to become a light within it. We can’t always see the light around us, nor perceive the light that we are. Sometimes we are looking ahead and the light shines on the side. Sometimes we’re at the bottom of a well or the thick of a tunnel and the light is hidden from sight. But sometimes our eyes are closed and we’ve only to open them.
Just for today, I am promising to open my eyes and my heart. I vow to see the light that is around and within all others and to share the light that I am. Perhaps this will make it easier for me to own the darkness and know that it is being restored to the place of grace it really is.

About Author: Cyndi Dale

She is the author of The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy and eight other bestselling books on energy healing, including The Complete Book of Chakra Healing. She has worked with over 30,000 clients in the past 20 years.

Unmasking Ego with Apples & Oranges

by Gina Lake – 
The mind is useful in making distinctions between things, finding differences and evaluating them. The ego loves to use that mental capacity to compare things and people. It loves numbers because numbers seem to give it a clear way of knowing where it, others and other things stand—what or who is better. The ego loves the ten-scale for that reason and it’s always seeking to be a ten or have someone or something that is a ten. The ego is just as happy to bask in reflected glory.
The mind uses comparisons to make wise, practical decisions: It chooses an apple that isn’t bruised over a bruised one. However, the egoic mind compares people in the same way the mind compares things. Comparing an apple to another apple is one thing, but comparing a person to another person is like comparing an apple to an orange. Such comparisons aren’t useful. They are false. When we compare ourselves to others, we always suffer, whether we come out on top or not.
Making comparisons is one of the ego’s favorite ways of causing suffering. 
The ego looks for ways we fall short so that we feel we have a problem and then the ego offers a solution. In this way, the ego keeps us tied to thoughts about how to improve ourselves and our life. 
It keeps us very busy this way and involved with thoughts about ourselves. We are the ego’s project and it takes this self-improvement project very seriously.
Notice how often your egoic mind compares you with othersIt does it immediately and automatically whenever it encounters someone. This is part of everyone’s programming. Once we realize that doing this is just our programming and that it only causes us suffering, we can more easily ignore this aspect of ourselves that loves to compare. It isn’t that difficult to ignore this programming. Comparing ourselves with others or comparing others with others is a habit that can be broken just by seeing how untrue and useless such comparisons are.
Nothing actually compares to something else because everything is unique. 
While there may be some usefulness in comparing an apple to another apple, there’s no usefulness in doing that with people. The ego pretends to be helpful by doing this with people but such comparisons only serve the ego, which is attempting to see itself as superior or find a way to get to the top. These attempts to be or just feel, superior leave us feeling bad. Feeling superior, especially by tearing others down is definitely not a route to happiness, although the ego believes it is.
Feeling happy and good about ourselves comes from being in Essence, which is a state of unity with others and life not separation. 
We are happiest when we drop into the flow of life and respond naturally to it without the interference, judgments, confusion, comparisons, and complications of the egoic mind. 
The ego separates us from others and listening to it removes us from real life. The ego doesn’t know how to make us happy or even successful.
Giving power over to the ego is like giving the steering wheel to a child. 
The ego doesn’t know how to get us where we really want to go, even though it pretends to.
Comparing people is as ridiculous as the following conversation:
“Apples are better than oranges because you don’t have to peel them.”
“No, oranges are better than apples because they’re juicier.”
“Apples are better than oranges because red is prettier than orange.”
“Oranges are better than apples because they are already in sections for eating.”
“Apples are better than oranges because they are crunchy.”
“Oranges are better than apples because you don’t have to wash them.”
You get the picture. The trouble with comparing people, as with oranges and apples, is not only that comparisons are often subjective and reflect a personal preference (e.g. “Red is prettier than orange”), but also that concluding something or someone is better based on one feature is ridiculous. How can anyone take into account or even know all the qualities of another human being and who is to say one characteristic is better than another? The ego, of course, is what thinks this way, and it will look for something in others that will make us feel either less than or superior because that is its objective. That’s what its comparisons are really all about.
Once we have seen how faulty the ego’s thinking is and how false comparisons are, we can be done with that way of thinking and the suffering it causes ourselves and others. 
Oranges are wonderful, apples are wonderful, we are wonderful and so is everyone else. Let’s just leave it at that and enjoy whatever is in front of us. Why waste this precious moment on comparisons? What’s left is simply gratitude for the uniqueness of every little thing in life. What a miracle!
The audiobook has just been released.
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In the Image of God Intimacy

The search for God is central to most world religions. Whether referred to as God, Allah, Brahman or Universal Intelligence, the yearning to feel the presence of a greater being is innate within human consciousness. Regardless of cultural, racial and religious biases, the desire to establish an intimacy with God is a universal urge. Indeed, it has existed since humanity’s dawning hour. Yet, a new understanding about our relationship to the divine is slowly emerging. We are discovering that the path to God leads to our own divinity. It is an awakening to the fact that the seeker and the sought are one.
In essence, there is only One Life. It is a living singularity and is what is meant when using the word God. From this oneness, all things arise. 
Whether we are considering a tree, an animal, or the entity that ensouls the entire Earth, the life essence within all forms is an aspect of the One Life in expression. And, if the One Life is the essence underlying all that is, then every human being must be an expression of that essence. 
At the deepest and subtlest levels of human consciousness is found a place of divine realization. It is a place where sacredness is touched. When this inner place is found we shall discover that the god we are striving to find is ourselves, in essence.
Ancient wisdom states that “as above so below.” This idea is useful when considering the divinity of a human being. It not only suggests that we are a part of God but that the attributes inherent within God are also found within every one of us. 
For example, the energies of will, love and intelligence are qualities we often attribute to God. If this ancient proverb is correct, it means that the will, love and intelligence that we experience are extensions of the same qualities emanating from God. Though these qualities are stepped down and greatly distorted when experienced by a human being, they are nonetheless of divine origin.
It may be asked: If we are made in the image of God, how can we live it more fully? 
To answer this, we must first remember that human consciousness is dual. The lower part is the personality (ego), and the higher division is the soul. Essentially, both the personality and the soul are expressions of the One Life. The essence behind both is divine. The difference is that the personality distorts this essence, while the soul does not. Inwardly recognizing this duality is therefore the first step when trying to live your divinity.
Once this internal duality is acknowledged, the second step is to commit yourself to more fully expressing the higher consciousness that you inwardly sense. It means to favor those psychological qualities that seem lofty and spiritual. Compassion, wisdom and purpose are just a few of the many attributes conveyed by the soul. These are the aspects of consciousness that need to find greater expression in our lives.
To live your divinity also involves the upliftment of humanity in some way. 
The soul is always governed by the law of service. Inherent in its nature is the urge to contribute to the betterment of the larger whole. When you begin to sense your divinity, you start to see it within others, as well. Indeed, you start to realize that the One Life is expressing through everyone and everything. From this realization the impulse to serve will surely arise.
Though we have many imperfections that seem to deny our godhood, this is only an illusion. Eventually, the divinity of every human being is realized as the intangible essence lying beyond day-to-day consciousness. It is found in the formless realms deep within. 
In truth, enlightenment is nothing more than becoming the divine light that you essentially are and always have been.
–William Meader 
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How The Ego Can Hijack The Spiritual Journey

How The Ego Can Hijack The Spiritual Journey
Our ego, which is that fearful, judgmental voice in our head, that never feels satisfied, that constantly feels inferior or superior to others, that always wants more, more, more in order to feel ‘happy’, well that ego can often try to hijack our spiritual journey. We know that this has happened when our goals and dreams are about fame, glory, status – or something else we think will give us ‘more’, so we somehow can get to be appreciated, loved and respected by others.
This ego can also try to make our spiritual journey into a me, me, me journey, and when we then start to use the Law of Attraction, it will do so in order to get ‘more’, instead of using the Law of Attraction in order to give more.

Knock, Knock, Who’s There? Ego or Soul Energy?

Please be aware of the ego, as we all have one and it talks to us constantly. 

It is really important we learn how to tame it, and understand the energy it carries. We can distinguish the energy of the Soul from the energy of the ego by looking at the energy behind every choice we make.

If the energy behind our choice was fear, judgment, criticism, arrogance, anxiety or helplessness, then we can be certain that we have listened to the ego. If the energy behind our choice instead was love, inspiration, gratitude, happiness and feeling of being of service, then we know it was our Soul that was speaking to us. When you listen to the ego, you will feel tense, empty, frustrated or negative, and when you listen to your Soul you will feel uplifted, happy, loving and peaceful.

Allowing Your Soul to Guide You

When you listen to your Soul and allow it to guide you, it will show you how you can create a happy life, filled with love, magic and miracles. 

Because that is who you are: you are a divine being of love, and you being here is a miracle, filling the world we live in with the most exquisite magical light. When you choose to listen to your Soul, you are giving to others the most amazing gift, because you are allowing your Soul to share its divine uniqueness with the world, giving others permission to do the same.

This does not mean we will not experience hardship, but what it does mean is that we will have the light-fueled energy from our Soul to guide us through these times of hardship. Our dreams are our Soul’s gifts to the world. We wereborn to bring these dreams to fruition.

How The Ego Can Hijack The Energy of Money

How The Ego Can Hijack The Spiritual Journey
There is a reason why, in the past, people on a spiritual path surrendered all their worldly trappings and lived in poverty. Because by surrendering this, they were able to let go of their attachments to money, success and worldly comforts. It was then easier for them to focus on being of service to God.
So how can we then be of service to the Divine, have inner peace and yet at the same time be financially abundant? By surrendering our lives to the Divine Intelligence, by surrendering our personal will to that which our Soul wills for us, by surrendering our money to the Goddess, by surrendering everything we do, everything we think and everything we feel to God.
Money is just an energy, a vehicle to be used here in the physical realm.

Financial energy is just meant to be a tool for your growth in wisdom – as a soul. You are, however, meant to be a wise caretaker of it and use this tool with wisdom, clarity and detachment. Then the money in your life will be used in service to your Soul – and not in service to your ego. And when it is being used in service to your Soul, the miraculous transformative spiritual manifestation energy of money can be used to its fullest.

Ego As A Tool for Connecting More Fully with Our Soul

It is also important to remember that the ego too is a tool, enabling us to connect more fully with our Soul by helping us awaken to the truth within us; that we are divine Souls and that the ego is not part of who we are.
The ego just forms part of the separation we experience here, in our physical existence and this separation is a vehicle for our growth, as it causes a pressure on us. 

This pressure has the ability of allowing us to grow quicker, because experiencing what we are NOT helps us to instead choose that which we are; and by choosing that which we are, we are developing our connection with our Soul even more – and this truly helps us grow strong, beautiful, divine wings of light.

Playful Take on the Ego: Which Dog Is It?

I love Sonia Choquette’s playful take on the ego. She says it is a constant companion, a bit like a dog, and you need to tame it! During one of the I Can Do It Conferences, she asked us in the audience:

If your ego was a dog, what kind of dog would it be? And what is its name?
When I closed my eyes I could see my ego was a Cocker Spaniel/Labrador mix, with a very happy-go-lucky attitude, just running around playing, not listening to anybody, and strangely very similar to my own dog Co-Co (albeit she is a Bernese Mountain Dog). My ego’s name was Maddie! I can safely say my relationship with my ego changed from that moment and I signed her up for some obedience classes where she could learn to listen to me, instead of running around like a lunatic…

The more you choose to be the source of love and happiness for others – no matter what your outside circumstances – the stronger your Divine Wings of Light will be and the easier you can bring  your Soul’s dreams into being.

article adapted from book: 
Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being: By Trusting Your Soul’s Inner Guidance  
by Cissi Williams | o-books.com

— Cissi Williams
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