Interconnected Creativity

by Molly McCord –
What You Create Within Yourself:

Whatever you create within yourself, you create more of in the world. It’s all interconnected and intertwined, a continual dialogue of energy of YOU with US and EVERYONE ELSE. So when you look at how you can be more courageous and loving and peaceful and happy within yourself, you’ve just created that same energy for everyone else to tap into, too. 
It’s never only about you; that’s not even possible. It always branches out to US.
So what do you want to create today?
What can YOU offer US that is uniquely, brilliantly you and it will connect with EVERYONE ELSE as part of our global story?
It always begins with energetic intention. 
Check in with your intention first and get that straight. Get it solid and clear. Then go from there.
I’ve watched MANY people with wobbly intentions experience wobbly results and get sidetracked by their Ego-Minds intentions. Doesn’t work. Things don’t line up. It all falls apart because the ground was shift-y. Back to the starting point you go.
The simplest place to start is with respect for everyone you connect with or simple kindness or joy – let’s pass around the joy! Maybe it’s creativity or positive energy. Whatever feels right for you, go with that for today and create more of it.
It absolutely matters more than you know. People are looking for the good vibes from well-intentioned energies.
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The Power of Visualizations

by Evette Gardner –
Are You Dressed Appropriately to Meet Your Dream Life?

I’m what psychologists would classify as an introvert. I live in my head talking to myself, contemplating curiosities, asking questions, going over my things gone wrong trying to understand how I could have made them right, imagining better and more fulfilling possibilities for my life experience (that one comes up a lot)… For as far back as I can remember I’ve had the effortless ability to involve myself so deeply in an imagined experience that I can essentially tune out the outside world. 
I have always been a very skilled daydreamer. So if all it took to turn my dreams into my reality was the steadfast visualization of the experience, I would have married Bo from The Dukes of Hazzard, been best friends with Jo from The Facts of Life and would have been able to fly after taking three steps like Ralf from The Greatest American Hero all at the tender age of six. And who knows what other extraordinary things I could have accomplished after that had I actually been successful at turning those visions into actual physical experiences at such a young age.

Imagination is the fount from which possibilities are drawn from. 
Visualization is very influential in shaping what finally emerges from this pool. The power of visualization to transform dreams into reality, however, is about more than an adept ability to immerse yourself in the visualized experience of a desire. 
Understanding what this something more is, is knowledge each of us should have because visualization is one of the many tools at your disposal which is particularly suited to calibrate the tone of the energy that envelopes you. 
We are all wearers of energy, so to speak. 
And it is this energy that you wear which determines what you attract into your life experience. Therefore something we all need to ask ourselves is am I dressed appropriately to meet my dream life? Unfortunately the answer for many of us is all too often no.
So why was it that I never married Bo Duke anyway? What got in the way (besides the obvious)? Well to put it quite simply, reason prevailed over imagination. This is because away from my fantasies I knew Bo Duke wasn’t a real person, I knew he was just a character on TV. 
I also knew that though, on the inside, I felt myself to be just as intelligent, mature and sophisticated as any adult, on the outside I was still six years old. And six year old girls didn’t go around marrying grown men. So while it was certainly fun to sometimes pretend to be all grown up and raising sand as Mrs. Bo Duke of Hazzard County, I understood that my dream wasn’t actually possible. And there it is. That’s what got me. I was a victim of my own doubt. 
My lack of faith is what got in the way of my dream’s fulfillment. 
And no I’m not succumbing to delusions when I say this because even though I know now, just as I knew then, that it was not literally possible for me to live in a fake town and marry a fictional character who was way outside the bounds of being age appropriate for me, but had I had faith (not in the specific storyline of my dream but) in the feelings that imagined experience inspired in me I could have attracted things into my physical reality (even at six years old) that would have reflected and reinforced the emotional experience of that fantastic possibility. 
I could have lived the feeling of that fantasy even though it was not possible for me to live the situation. The lesson to be learned, don’t be so literal about your dreams. 
Don’t get drawn into the belief that if it’s not possible for your physical reality to exactly mirror the circumstances of your dreamy musings that your dreams can’t come true. That feeling of adventure; that feeling of imagining myself to be loved by someone who I perceived as kind, decent, fun and really really cute, which to my thinking could only mean that not only was I so special as to be worthy of such a love but that I must also possess those qualities too for having attracted it. 
That feeling of high-spirited confidence could have been mine had I just had absolute faith in the feeling of my experience; had I worn the energy of that mindset away from my imaginings and had not simply dismissed it the instant my inner dalliances were over.
You wear the energy that your life experience reflects, so you need to be conscious of what you choose to put on. 
For example, you may dream of being a successful architect. How do you then turn this dream into a “waking” life experience? 
The answer is by wearing the energy of that reality; by running a narrative in your mind which is reflective of your imagined scenario. 
Meaning if you were a successful architect what kind of dialogue would be running through your mind right now? Picture that scenario then run that script. Think those thoughts. Evoke and wear that energy. And keep wearing it until it starts to feel not only plausible but completely natural to you because the more your wear the thoughts of your desire, the more convinced you will be that it actually suits you. 
Then as you become more comfortable with this energetic experience in your imagination you will be better able to assess what your idea of being a successful architect entails emotionally. You will be better able to assess if this feeling is something that you would like to keep for a while. 
If the answer is yes, realize and acknowledge that you are absolutely deserving of this experience. And even above and beyond that, you have the ability to treat yourself to its full expression in your physical reality because there’s nothing compelling you to take its energy off. 
You can keep it. Wear it as long as you like. And your wearing this energy is what creates its manifestation in your waking life experience.
The experiences you attract in life are a reflection of the tone of the energy you choose to radiate from your being. 
This choice is made with the type of thoughts you entertain and the degree of faith you assign to each of these considerations. That is to say that it is your thoughts, in combination with your beliefs, which work to calibrate the tone of the energy you wear. And it is the energy you wear that attracts to you the situations you experience in life.
So what are you wearing? 
Are you dressed appropriately to meet your dream life? Are you thinking thoughts which are consistent with the type of experiences you would like to attract in your life? Are you wearing the energy of your aspirations? 
If the answer is no, know that you have the power to change that. 
You have the power to imagine a different and more pleasing life experience for yourself and in that, draw to you that which you would otherwise find yourself chasing after.
Imagined reality is just as real as waking reality. All of what happens to you, whether in imagination or in waking life, is real to you because all of it is influential. You first design in mind what you later put into practice in life. 
Yet most of us tend to approach our waking experiences in the mindset of this is real and our imagined experiences in the mindset of this isn’t real. But this is wrong. Even if reality were just about what you can see or what you could touch, these standards would not exclude the realm of imagination from reality because you do indeed engage all of your senses even in imagination. You merely engage them in a different, often more subtle, way. 
Waking life, dream life, daydreaming life, it’s all a part of your experience. 
Each landscape merely offers a different type of experience. Yet and still each has the potential to be just as profound as any of the others. It all depends on you and your willingness to treat whatever is before you as if it’s real. 
The deeper your faith is in your experience, the more profound your experience will be. 
There is little more you could do that would be more powerful than to wholly acknowledge and accept that all experience, whether waking or dreaming, is but an inner construct, your mental projection. 
Everything happens in mind and nowhere else. So hush the skeptic within you that likes to proclaim that imagined experiences are less real, less valid than waking experiences. 
Embrace the understanding that even if you can’t touch your aspirations out there, that you can touch them here (in your imagination). This understanding gives you the power to always think of your dreams as happening in the present moment. So if what you want is not before you out there, you have the power to put it before you in here.
All you have is Now. 
The past is but a fleeting memory, the future merely a wealth of potentials and possibilities. The only thing of any real substance is Now. Now is where you create your experience. Now is where you live your experience. The only power you have is Now, so seize it. 
Be open to and accepting of all the levels of your experience. 
Value the realm of your imagination as the creative force behind all that happens to you in life. And make it your mission, therefore, to learn to be a good steward of your mental landscape. In order to do this you need to understand the tools available to you which design your inner scene and set the tone of the energy that emanates from you; both how these tools work and how to wield them effectively. 
Visualization is just one of these tools.
The purpose of visualization is not the mental rehearsal of the events you would like to transpire in your life. Understand that all events are merely a means to an end. The purpose of visualization is to get you thinking with a mindset that is reflective of the emotional experience you want to realize in life. 

Having achieved this, the rest is promised to take care of itself. 
But only if you place your faith in the feelings inspired by your visualizations, as opposed to the incidents you imagined to help inspire those feelings. Let that part of your fantasy go; the part that says, this, this and this must happen in order for me to realize this feeling. 
Keep your attention trained on the result you want to achieve, not the actions you think will lead to that achievement. Live in the space of the big picture. Give life the freedom to chart its own course on route to the destinations you have set for it.
Going back to our example, in dreaming of being a successful architect what might you be hoping to gain emotionally in realizing this dream? A sense of fulfillment perhaps. Maybe freedom from any hint of financial concern. The challenge and thrill of designing a space to meet a purpose. 
Whatever the emotional payoff, know that whatever imagined scenario you come up with in order to evoke these feelings is good. But don’t get attached to these imagined events. 
Keep your attention on the energy of your imagined experience and trust that whatever does play out in your waking life is in the interest of creating a physical expression of this same energetic feeling. 
Like attracts like. And as long as you have faith in the energy, the emotions, produced in your imagined experience, you command the power to replicate it in your waking experience. 
It may be that thinking of yourself as a successful architect is what evokes the feeling of fulfillment, freedom, challenge and thrill you crave in imagination, but life may have something else completely different in store for you which will inspire these same feelings. 
Leave yourself open for surprises. Have faith in the energy you have created. 
Trust the tide this energy has you riding on, it will always get you to where you want to be but only if you believe. There may be other ways of living the experience you desire for yourself than what you have imagined. Be allowing of those other possibilities. 
Know that as long as you’re wearing the energy of your aspirations, you will draw to yourself nothing less (actually it’s very often more) than the fantastic possibility of what you have dreamed.
So let’s boil all this down to a few simple points.

Now is all you have so think now; be now all that you aspire to be. And it’s okay if you have to pretend because imagined experiences are just as real as waking experiences. Both have the power to impact you. 


Envision the most satisfying experience you can imagine for your life right now, and then wear the energy of that experience by thinking the kind of thoughts you would think if it were fulfilled in this moment, and by thinking with a mindset that is grateful for the good fortune of your dream come true.  

There’s something about the spirit of gratitude that seems to accelerate the blessings we receive in life. So in adding gratitude to the fabric of the energy you wear you will increase your energy’s attractive power and thus draw to you the things of your desire that much sooner. 


The events and situations you imagine in your fantasies are significant only in the sense that they are what inspire the emotional experience of your dreams. Don’t get attached to these scenarios. Realize that they’ve serve their purpose if they’ve stirred you to feel like the person you aspire to be, then let them go.  

Place your faith in the energy (the feeling) inspired by your imagined experience, not the literal scheme of events you’ve invented. Always leave yourself open for whatever wonderous turns life may bring.

Energy, energy, energy; it’s all about the energy.  

Tune your energy (by evoking the emotional experience of your desire), wear the energy (by believing your experience is real), and trust the energy (by going with the flow of whatever comes your way in life).


If you’re ever in a space where you find yourself doubting that life is indeed unfolding in a way which will have you meet your dreams, consult your energy. 

Know that as long as you are dressed appropriately, bathed in the energy of your aspirations, that despite all appearances to the contrary you may rest soundly in the faith that everything is going to work out okay.
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10 Keys for Creating Your Extraordinary Life

by Jane Straus –

Recognize that you are enduring.

Do you feel that you never have time to stop? Do you distract yourself with eating, working, volunteering, cleaning, etc.? Do you resent that you never have time to do the things your spirit longs for? Do you feel resigned rather than inspired? 
If you wake up most mornings feeling anxious, bored or numb, looking forward to some imagined future time when you will feel happier – “when my children finally start school,” “when my bills are paid off,” “when I retire” – then you are enduring.

Release your self-judgments.

Your negative beliefs about yourself that are holding you back-you’re untalented, too fat, not smart enough, etc.- are probably rooted in your childhood. Why would you let your “inner seven-year-old” run your life?

These judgments are real but they are only as true as you have believed them to be. Give yourself compassion for having carried the burden of your self-judgments. Replace them with affirmations and find new evidence to support your willingness to believe in them. Affirmations are as true as you allow them to be.

Question your limiting beliefs.

When you tenaciously hold on to the belief that the world works in one particular way (against you), or that there is only one right way to do something (and you are doing it wrong), or that your actions will inevitably result in a specific and predictable outcome (bad), you are strapping on blinders.

Make a commitment to take off those blinders. It will take practice and patience to stay out of “limiting belief territory,” but eventually it will become second nature. You’ll quickly start to see that life no longer feels boring and predictable.

Drop your acts.

When you put on the armor of an act, you sacrifice your authenticity for protection. For instance, you think no one can hurt you if you’re tough enough…or that everyone will love you if you’re nice enough…or that everyone will respect you if you never admit to being wrong.

Your acts will become your prison. Instead, give yourself joyful permission to become more of who you really are. You will feel free and you will find that who you are is much more interesting than any character you could possibly play.

Face down your fear.

What fear is keeping you from living your extraordinary life? Whatever it is—quitting your unfulfilling job, leaving an abusive marriage, telling the truth about your past—you must face it head on. Recognize that F.E.A.R. means “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Think of the worst-case scenario and see yourself living through it with dignity. Get support from others. Create an affirmation, such as, “I am now courageous.” Then, just do it. Remember that no matter what the momentary outcome of facing down your fear brings, your worth as a person is constant and never in question.

Free your feelings.

If you feel bored, you are probably ignoring or avoiding something. Make an effort to connect with your feelings. Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths.

Check in with your body. Do you feel any tightness or pain? Give that pain or tightness a name, such as fear, hurt, anger, resentment, sadness.

If your body feels light and open, give that an emotional name such as joy, love, happiness. Whatever emotions you feel and name, just allow them to be. If they change, let that be. Let yourself be. Learn to honor your emotions. Give them an opportunity to inspire you.

Heal your anger and resentment.

When you can acknowledge that your resentments are fueled by your personal regrets, you free yourself to step out of the victim role. It is not that you are letting others off the hook for unkind or unfair behaviors; they are still responsible for their intentions and actions. But the moment you uncover your regrets, you are empowered to let go of resentment.

Forgive yourself.

Make a list of the wrongs you have done to others and to yourself. See them as results of survival strategies. Acknowledge the consequences of these strategies to yourself and others. Grieve for your losses and your mistakes.

Make amends with yourself and others. Create an affirmation to replace the self-judgments that drove you to using your survival strategies. And remember to treat yourself the way you would want others to treat you.

Know, speak and live your truth.

Commit to being truthful in all you say and do. Realize that being truthful is not synonymous with being honest. Truth is a complex blend of honesty mixed with compassion and vulnerability.

When you are “brutally honest,” you are expressing your judgment but not expressing your truth. Your spirit knows the difference between truth and honesty. When you express your highest thoughts and intentions, you are able to live a true life, not just an honest one.

Create your extraordinary life every day.

To live in your truth is to allow your spirit’s energy into every cell of your being and into every thought and action.

Here’s what this means in everyday terms: 

When you tell the clerk at the grocery store checkout counter that she has given you too much change, you make truth and spirit matter more than money.

When you hear gossip and don’t pass it along, you make truth and spirit matter more than your momentary desire to feel important.

When you tell someone you love him or her, unsure of whether he or she will say it in return, you make truth and spirit matter more than your fear of rejection.

Make these decisions every day. It takes courage and commitment to be your extraordinary self. You will be amply rewarded with a rich and fulfilling life.

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The Power of Vision

by Evita Ochel –
Living Out Dreams Through 
Conscious and Focused Intention

Sometimes when we are in the midst of change, we cannot quite grasp the potential, the impact or the grandness of it all. Sometimes, it isn’t until something is “completed” that we look back and marvel at our creation and our creative abilities.
This is a special week for me, as our new home is complete. Those of you who have been readers here on for a while, know that back in the spring, my husband and I made some drastic changes in our life, and embarked on a new journey.

This included building a home, living closer to nature (more in the wild), in a simpler and more natural way, and taking on an even more peace-filled way of life on all levels.

The last 2 years especially, have seen the most rapid flow of creation for us! Did I always grasp the potential of our creative power? I don’t think so. But fast forward to today and I am in awe of what we have created.

Today, I am free of any official workplace, I am my own boss, I am working my version of the 4-hour work week, I am married to the love of all my lifetimes, we work together from home, living in the middle of nature, in a newly built and custom designed home by us. And last but not least, I am happy, satisfied and filled with inner peace.
So how did all this happen? Was I born under a lucky star? Did I fall into favor with the “Gods”? Do I have some wealthy relative funding my endeavors? Did I win the lottery?
No, to all of the above. What has transpired in my life in the past two years, has little to do with external forces, and everything to do with conscious and focused creation. In inspiring more of you, to move towards and live out your own dreams, allow me to share more about my personal “ how”.
A Vision Was Born
I won’t go back too far, but I want to take you on a small journey of how dreams can and do come true. So without sharing the story of how I attracted my first dream job, found my husband and landed in our first dream home together, I will focus on the transformational power of the last 2 years.
When I first started working as a teacher (the job no one generally leaves until retirement), I never considered doing anything else with my life, but teaching. The furthest I got, was perhaps thinking of one day switching from high school to college teaching. But I thought I was set, secure and that was it, in a perfectly carved out, typical pattern.
So somewhere in the last 3 years, my husband and I allowed various fantasies to pop into our heads.

Key word here is “allowed”. We would think about being free of any workplaces and living life on our own schedules, anywhere we wanted to in the world. This was radical thinking but we did not dismiss it. We entertained it, welcomed it and enjoyed it.

Fall, based on many signs to proceed this way, we put forth the idea that I was going to leave my teaching job, to pursue my passions and creations of being of service to others, on my own terms.
Even though it still seemed like a far reach, I began to talk about it with others as if it was real and I was going through with it. June, the dream manifested.
Late Fall , upon my husband freeing himself up from his employer as well, we began to play with the idea that since we were both ‘free’ from a fixed workplace, we could live wherever we wanted. After some dreaming and envisioning we were called to nature, and thought we would sell most of our ‘big’ stuff, renovate/put a second floor addition on the cottage we had “up north” and live there.
Winter 2009/2010 we draw a picture on a little notepad of how our new upstairs space would look like. We clip the picture on our fridge and appreciate it with joy and excitement, every time we pass by the fridge. We envision ourselves living there and feeling what it would be like.
February 2010, we meet with contractors to find out that we are not renovating or adding anything. Our option is to build a brand new house from the ground up. On that same notepad, we draw what we want the downstairs and outside of it to look like. We clip in on the fridge. With joy and excitement, we appreciate our creation as if it was already real. We envision ourselves living there and feeling what it would be like.
March 23, 2010, we sell our old house in less than 24 hours. April 22, 2010, construction begins on our new house. August 13th, we move into our new house. This week – September 15, 2010 – our house is officially finished, and looks identical to the little pictures we drew that hung on our fridge.
Living Out Dreams Fully

Sometimes we get everything we want, and then some. And what do we do? While most of the time we do celebrate and enjoy it, sometimes we feel it is so good, too good almost, that we sabotage our happiness. We do one thing to lose the beauty of the experience – we don’t take the time to enjoy it. Either we deny its fullness, or move right into another creation.

My greatest challenge right now is really becoming one and fully enjoying my creations. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated and enjoyed my husband from the first day I met him, to this very second. We are both enjoying and celebrating the creation of our new home and life in nature. But the area I am falling short in, is the “work” area.
In the back of my mind, I hear society’s or perhaps my Ego’s voices: “what are you doing with your life?” – “why haven’t you written a book yet?” – “why aren’t you doing more speaking engagements?” – “why aren’t you working towards higher traffic on the site?” – “you are letting your education/talents/gifts go to waste” – and a few other things…
I sometimes forget that I have the freedom to ‘be‘ and ‘do‘ whatever I want. 

My husband and I have not attained financial freedom according to society’s standards but the way we structured our life is to tread lightly on monetary and material objects – needing nothing – and having everything we need – and enjoy – in the moment of now.

We all want various forms of freedom but should it come, we almost feel guilty about it. This is something I have finally decided to face and truly merge with, to be one with my dream of freedom. To focus on “being” and my “personal creative expression” when and how my being chooses, on my own terms, not society’s often confining and unnatural ways.
We Are Not Done Dreaming…or Creating
Having gotten to this point by no means indicates that this is it – that we are done dreaming or creating. Our life is a constant and never-ending creation. It is never done, whether we are in the physical or the spiritual, for we are forever ‘evolving beings‘. So what is next for us? For now simply to take some time, to just sit back, enjoy and take in our creations thus far.
Markus will continue moving more towards working on his own projects, while I will continue building my confidence in that I do not need to be “doing” something, that is defined by society as having enough value, status or worth. Learning “how to be” is perhaps one of the greatest “jobs” we can ever have, and one at which, most of us are failing. I want to learn how to integrate myself more with nature and the oneness that connects us all.
Another big dream of ours is to find ways and means to empower others to make their own dreams come true – to find their own abundance of love and inner peace, that we each so much deserve. We love traveling to nature-filled, warm and exotic places, so we will continue little spurts of creation by putting together new trip ideas.
Will I write a book? Will I go on my own tour of speaking to audiences across the world? I don’t know. I haven’t decided with enough focus or intention how I want that to play out yet. I know I love writing and sharing with all of you here and growing this space into an authentic, spiritually expanding space for all – to continue to reach those who would benefit from hearing what is shared here.
For those of you wondering if we are planning on any other “additions” to our life (hint, hint), we don’t know that yet either. But if we choose to, we will definitely approach it with some serious focus and intention.
So in the end, this sharing of my personal life is in no way meant to elicit any kind of envy or further yet jealousy or meant as any form of bragging. It is simply meant to serve as an example and perhaps inspiration, that everyday, dreams can and do come true.

That we are the creators of our lives. That life need not be “hard” or full of “suffering” to get something “good” or just because. That I am no different, no more or less special than you and that whatever one can manifest or create, so can any other.

We all have our personal dreams and goals. Find yours, and live them out.
All it truly takes is to have a vision of knowing what you want, sticking to it through conscious focus and intention and being flexible with the creative process along the way. Additionally, to also be open to the Universe’s delightful surprises for you, to continue to further your personal growth and soul evolution.
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How to Bring Conscious Change

by Neenat Merchant Syal – 

Pause a moment from whatever you are doing… Be with this moment…Take a slow, deep breath and breathe into your belly… As you read these words notice your breathing… Notice your body… What are you thinking ?… How are you feeling?… Is there any tension in your body?… If so, where ?… Take a moment to breathe into that tension… Relax… Let it go… Just Be.

You are constantly changing. 

Until more recently inner change occurred without much conscious awareness. Now many people are awakening and with this comes a new POWER, the power to change consciously, with your intention.

No longer do you have to believe that you are a victim. As you learn how to co-create with Spirit, you will become more attuned to the laws of nature and the universe. This knowledge will help you navigate through life more skillfully even in times of change and turmoil.

There are many tools to help you make positive changes. Being mindful as in the opening relaxation is one of them. The following are four more of my favorites.


Learn How to Manage Your Energy
Are you highly sensitive? Do you feel what others feel? In today’s world your life gets bombarded with a myriad of outside stimuli, from toxins in the air to the daily stresses of life. Learn what your body and spirit need by finding ways to nurture your inner self.

This means recognizing when your energy system has become overloaded or depleted then taking time to relax and rejuvenate. There are different ways you can do this such as scheduling regular massages, taking healing baths, meditating, practicing yoga and going on retreats. Taking time to recharge your energy will prove to be an efficient tool to help you maintain health and wellness while in the midst of inner changes.

Transform Negative Self-Talk
Become aware of self-doubt, self-judgment and other types of negative thinking that erode your self-esteem and keep you from actualizing your potential. Your thoughts exert a powerful influence on your well being. Consistent negative thinking dampens your spirit and keeps you from manifesting your heart’s desire. It has also proven to lower your immune system thus contributing to health problems
Learn to balance negative thinking with self-acknowledgment. If you catch yourself entertaining negative thoughts, simply acknowledge the awareness, then replace with a positive affirmation. Over time you will find that your negative self-talk diminishes resulting in increased self-esteem, improved health and a better outlook on life. All will ease the process of change.
Add Light to a Situation
You can transform a situation by adding light to it. Light accelerates your growth and attracts your higher good. If you are not sure what you want or how to solve a problem create a symbol for it. Then surround your symbol with a ball of white light.

Imagine the light illuminating your symbol and smoothing out any rough edges. Adding light in this way will bring clarity and ease the process of change.

Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude
Finally, be grateful for every beneficial change no matter how small. You can even begin by appreciating all that you have right now. Expressing gratitude promotes awareness, increases your connection to Source and expands your ability to receive from the Universe. It is one of the best ways to bring more good into your life.

Try incorporating these tools into your daily life. Change, even conscious change, often happens subtly over time. You will need to have patience and perseverance. However, the rewards are great.

About Author: Neenat Merchant Syal

She is the founder and writer of Positive Provocations, which features writing on positive thinking through healing the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. She holds degrees in, and practices counseling psychology, motivational psychology, spiritual counseling, motivational speaking, holistic health and naturopathic medicine. Zeenat Merchant Syal is a spiritual traveler by passion, an eternal student and researcher in the school of life and all of its realities, including the fields of metaphysics and New Age thinking.

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The Conscious Creation Equation

 Manifesting Success:

by Jackie Lapin –

Someone recently asked me why I know that I will be successful when I undertake something, and the answer popped into my head so clearly that it astonished me. My response to him was, “Because of four key factors. . . ”
  • I can envision the project in advance and see how I want it to unfold. I see it succeeding as I perceive it;
  • I am willing to put in the effort that is required to bring it to fruition;
  • I have faith in my intelligence, my intention to do something of value, my commitment to achieve it, and my good judgment that this fills a need;
  • I have faith in the Universe and its willingness to respond to my desires and bring me what is in my highest good.
Or simply put:
Vision+Initiative+Faith in Self+Faith in Universe=Your Desired Outcome
I call this the Conscious Creation Equation for Manifesting Success.
If you are practicing each of these concepts when you embark on a new endeavor, you will succeed. I have spent my life creating successful businesses, forming alliances, doing nonprofit work and so on, by operating with these four elements as part of my day-to-day mindset. Let’s look at each of them a bit closer.

If you conceive a vision of something you want to start, you must have a passion for it—or else why do it? So you already begin with the high vibration energies of “birth” and “passion.” This gives any idea or project a great jumpstart.

But as you visualize it, you also place your focus on it. And as we know about the Universal Laws, what you focus upon is what you will manifest.

By creating the high-frequency image in your mind and investing it with your emotion you are generating that “express mail package to the cosmic post office.”


When I first mentioned this equation to my friend, I used the term “hard work.” But then, I took that back and rephrased it. Why work hard?

That’s absolutely not a necessity in the Universe that I am experiencing today. I can work smart. I can work with commitment. I can work with enthusiasm and passion.

What I was trying to say was that I was willing to put in the initiative and the effort to make the project successful. But I can do that without “working hard!” There is no reason to make anything “hard,” when we can work effectively and still work easily.

Faith in Self

This is a big one! People who believe in themselves tend to be very successful in all their endeavors. Each of us has great gifts, but to allow them to flower fully, you must appreciate and honor them with your belief.

This is where you must actually take for granted how talented and smart you are—because the minute you start doubting, that’s when you allow failure to creep in.

Now we are each evolving spiritually at different rates, so you may feel confident professionally but have lower self-esteem in your personal self-view. Where you feel confident is where you will likely see your success. So start taking stock of your assets and being grateful for them. These are the beacons that shine on the path to your success.

Count up your past great achievements—don’t overlook them. Build faith in yourself so you can use this as a springboard to future successes. Where are your skills—in your intellect, your creativity, your problem solving ability, your facility with people, your skill with numbers, your diplomacy, or perhaps your persistence? Keep your faith in yourself and you will be well rewarded.
Faith in the Universe

If you start from a premise that you are supported and that the Universe is just waiting to assist you in your success, you cannot fail.

By demonstrating your faith, you are enabling the Universe to line up all the elements in your favor, unblocked by your own doubt, fear or feeling of separation from the Source. What this also does is tell the Universe that you are open to guidance.

If there is a flaw in your plan, the Universe will let you know; it will either tweak it on its own or steer you in a different direction. This high-frequency energy is a powerful ally that streamlines the path to success.
So this Conscious Creation Equation for Manifesting Success is very simple and unencumbered. You don’t need to make it any more complicated than this if you want to ensure the success of your endeavors. Do the math—then toast your achievement!
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Keys to Practical Conscious Creation

 The Key to Becoming a Better, Faster Manifestor:

by Jackie Lapin – 

By now you are no doubt familiar with the principles of Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation, and have seen or read The Secret—and you are aware of using the power of positively directed thought to improve your life.
But let’s be honest…How often do you remember to apply these? Maybe once or twice a month? Or when you come across something you really want to manifest—so you get busy visualizing? Have you really made it a way of life? Are you impatient to see things become reality, but the slowness of the process is making you crazy?
Well I have news for you. Transforming your life through Conscious Creation is not a sometime thing… it requires rewiring your thinking and your lifestyle–and it requires consistency.
It mandates becoming proficient at Practical Conscious Creation, applying the principles of Conscious Creation to everything you do—in decision making, energy management, relationships, attitude, mindset, rituals, activities, habits, communication, self-care and daily chores. When you do, the reward is in becoming a better, faster manifestor, day-by-day and ultimately, enabling you to live a life of YOUR choosing.
In writing my first book, The Art of Conscious Creation, I began to apply “frequency management” to my life—managing the frequency level of my thoughts and emotions so that I would increase my success at manifesting—and indeed I could directly see the correlation between that and the realization of positive, successful developments in my life. But, I often got caught up in daily activities and let my vigilance slip. Lo and behold, so did my consistency of manifesting what I wanted.
So I realized that there had to be a way to inculcate the key principles in daily life, so much so that it would become a WAY OF LIFE…not an occasional thing, when you just happen to have time for a little meditation. And so Practical Conscious Creation was born!
Practical Conscious Creation isn’t a system. It’s simply applying the wisdom of the process to your daily activities.
Key elements in Practical Conscious Creation

  • Setting Intentions/Visions – In starting any project you want to clear a smooth pathway. Setting an intention is like laying your Yellow Brick Road. It gives you and the Universe a shared direction and destination.
  • Being Clear on Where You are Heading or What Outcome You’d Like to See – You can’t get there from here if you don’t know where you’re going. Be very clear about what you want — and that your heart and head are in alignment. (i.e. your subconscious beliefs aren’t undermining your forward motion.)  True clarity allows the molecules to form into a specific reality related to your intention.
  • Checking Your Mindset for Negative Thinking – You’ve got to root out any vibrations (thoughts, emotions) that are sabotaging your pathway. Negative thinking comes in a whole rainbow of colors–fear, anticipating all the reasons things won’t happen, limitations, distrust, lack of self confidence, feelings of unworthiness, blame, remembering the past experiences, needing to control, anger, etc.)
  • Selecting Your Energy and Applying It – Once you’ve recognized your negative thoughts, you have the ability to choose an alternative vibration. What’s it going to be? Optimism, Trust, Assuming the Best, Faith in Self, Faith in the Universe, Cheerfulness, Love, Compassion, Willingness, Acceptance—or a combination of these?
  • Being Cognizant of Your Words – You must be vigilant about the words you use both in your mind and in the world because these have a tendency to become your reality. As you go about your project, what are you saying to yourself, to your colleagues, to your partner, to your friends, to your family and to others you’d like to influence?
  • Opening Yourself to Assistance – Too often we think of ourselves as loan wolves, everything falling on our shoulders, but if we only open ourselves to assistance, or call it forth, it can be ours. This can be in the form of tangible aid from others–people pitching in–or the Universe putting exactly what we need in our path to help us.
  • Being True to Yourself – We must be honest with ourselves and others, and be true to our desires and our values in order to fulfill our goals and our destinies. We can’t live a life of compromise for others, because that diminishes our true passion. It is the energy of passion that manifests and moves us in the direction we seek.
  • Allowing What Happens to Be OK and Being Flexible – Where many aspiring Conscious Creators fall down is in their rigidity of holding to a chosen outcome or expectation. While setting intentions and visions is important, being flexible with what manifests is even more important. Learn to adjust, accept and flow. Without resistance you can maintain a positive, gracious and happy outlook.
  • Accepting the Wisdom of the Experience – Find the gift in the experience, no matter how it turns out…what lesson, benefit, positive spin can you derive from the experience?
These are just some of the key elements, but there are so many ways to apply them. You can apply Practical Conscious Creation to money, to relationships, to love and romance, to work, to family life, to health and healing, to all of the things that hold you back, to living life more deliciously—to anything.
And here’s the fun part… You can feel the difference in the FLOW of everything. If you are like me, you’ll soon start seeing things manifest far more quickly for you in all phases of your life—small daily things, large achievements, wishes, hopes, dreams.
There is something so delightful in thinking you’d like to see someone you’ve been missing and the next minute they are calling you to say they are coming for a visit. Or pondering where your next client might come from to fill the gap in your cash flow and you meet someone at a party who has the perfect project for you. Or, as in my case I asked the Universe for a FREE vacation—and a month later a girlfriend invites me to stay at her new house in the Bahamas for a week!

Practical Conscious Creation is the key to fast-tracking your manifesting. Make it a lifestyle and you’ll be astonished at the change in your fortunes!
About Author: Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Practical Conscious Creation. She is the bestselling author of “The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World” and “Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires.”  Filled with specific and imaginative practices, Practical Conscious Creation offers 70 articles with step-by-step actions to achieve greater empowerment and a more satisfying lifestyle. To learn how to become a better, faster manifestor, secure a free chapter of “Practical Conscious Creation” or receive Jackie Lapin’s daily manifesting tips. Jackie is also the founder of, the Virtual Village that is the Marketplace, Directory and Information Resource for the fast-growing Consciousness and Transformational World .A place where mind/body/spirit entrepreneurs and self-help experts connect with their next customers and clients worldwide.

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