Consciousness Creates Reality

Physicists Admit Universe Is Immaterial, Mental and Spiritual

by Arjun Walia –
“Consciousness creates reality,” a statement that has gained a lot of attention across various alternative media outlets around the world. Make no mistake, consciousness has (and has been for quite sometime) been studied by numerous scientists, especially in its relation to quantum physics and how it might be correlated with the nature of our reality.
What is consciousness? 
Consciousness includes a number of things. It’s how we perceive our world, our thoughts, being aware, our intentions and more.
“Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking in the radio for the announcer.” – Nassim Haramein
The statement that “consciousness creates reality” comes with a number of different questions. Does this mean we as individuals (and on a collective level as one human race) can shape and create whatever reality we’d like for ourselves? Does it mean we can manifest a certain lifestyle, and attract certain experiences? Does it happen instantly? Does it take time? How do we do it?
Although we might not be able to answer these questions with absolute scientific certainty, we do know that yes, a correlation between consciousness and our physical material world does indeed exist in some way, shape or form. The extent of that correlation (again from a modern day scientific point of view) is still not well understood but we know of the correlation and we know it must have some sort of significance.
“A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.”  
R.C. Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University,  “The Mental Universe” ; Nature 436:29,2005) (source)

The Science Behind The Statement “Consciousness Creates Reality”

The quantum double slit experiment is a very popular experiment used to examine how consciousness and our physical material world are intertwined. It is a great example that documents how factors associated with consciousness and our physical material world are connected in some way.
One potential revelation of this experience is that “the observer creates the reality.” A paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Physics Essays by Dean Radin, PhD, explains how this experiment has been used multiple times to explore the role of consciousness in shaping the nature of physical reality. (source)

In this experiment, a double-slit optical system was used to test the possible role of consciousness in the collapse of the quantum wave-function. The ratio of the interference pattern’s double slit spectral power to its single slit spectral power was predicted to decrease when attention was focused toward the double slit as compared to away from it. The study found that factors associated with consciousness “significantly” correlated in predicted ways with perturbations in the double slit interference pattern. (source)
“Observation not only disturbs what has to be measured, they produce it. We compel the electron to assume a definite position. We ourselves produce the results of the measurement.” (source)
Although this is one of the most popular experiments used to posit the connection between consciousness and physical reality, there are several other  studies that clearly show that consciousness, or factors that are associated with consciousness are directly correlated with our reality in some way. A number of experiments in the field of parapsychology have also demonstrated this.
Sure, we might not understand the extent of this connection and in most cases scientists can’t even explain it. However they are, and have been observed time and time again.
Below is a video  demonstration from the film “What The Bleep Do We Know.”

Other examples that we’ve written about are government sponsored psychokinesis experiments, the global consciousness experiment, intelligence agency remote viewing experiments, thoughts and intentions altering the structure of water, the placebo effect, teleportation studies and more. 
You can find more details about those specific experiments HERE. Some other related CE articles that relate to this subject are listed below:

How We Can Incorporate This Information Into Our Lives AND Use Consciousness To Transform The World

Change requires action, but the place within which that action comes from is most important.
Modern day science, especially quantum physics, has been catching up to ancient mysticism and concepts that are/were so deeply ingrained in various cultures throughout the ancient world. One great example of this is the fact that everything is energy , and nothing is solid. You can read more about that here.
“We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.” – Gautama Buddha
“Broadly speaking, although there are some differences, I think Buddhist philosophy and Quantum Mechanics can shake hands on their view of the world. We can see in these great examples the fruits of human thinking. Regardless of the admiration we feel for these great thinkers, we should not lose sight of the fact that they were human beings just as we are.”Dalai Lama (source)
A great example of quantum physics meeting ancient wisdom is seen in the fact that Nikola Teslawas influenced by Vedic philosophy when pondering his ideas of zero point energy. You can read more about that here.
So why is this relevant? It’s relevant because new physics, as mentioned above, is pointing to the fact that the observer shapes the reality. The way we think and perceive could be responsible and play a vital role in the physical construct we see in front of us.
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” -Unknown
If we look at the world and examine it on a collective level, what do we see? How do we perceive it? Right now, the masses perceive it as being born, going to school, paying bills, raising a family and finding a “job” within the current paradigm to support yourself. No judgement here, but many people on the planet are not resonating with this experience.
They want change. We’ve been repeating and perceiving our reality this way for a very long time, with very little information about what is really happening on and to our planet. It’s almost like we are robotic drones that are trained and brainwashed to accept things the way they are. To not question what is happening in our world and to continue on with the status quo, only caring for ourselves and our own lives.
As Noam Chomsky would say, our consent has been manufactured. If we continue down this path and continue to perceive and view reality as “this is just the way it is,” we will, in essence, prolong that type of existence and experience for the human race without ever changing it.
In order to create and manifest a new reality for ourselves, our thought patterns and the way we perceive reality must change. 
What changes the way we perceive reality? 
Information does. When new information emerges it changes the way we look at things and as a result, our reality changes, and we begin to manifest a new experience and open our minds to a broader view of reality. Not to say that we can’t manifest a new physical form in the blink of an eye, and that we are not capable of doing that, but it appears to be something that takes time, something gradual, something we don’t quite understand yet.
What’s also important about teachings from new physics is that, if factors of consciousness are associated with the creation of our reality, that means change starts within. It starts with the way in which we are observing the outer world from our inner world. This touches on the earlier point of how we perceive our reality. Our perception of the external world might very well be a reflection of our inner world, our inner state of being. So ask yourself, are you happy?
Are you observing, perceiving and acting from a place of love? From a place of hate or anger? From a place of peace? 
All of these factors are associated with our consciousness, with our observation, the one (or the many) who are doing the “observing” might play a large role in what type of physical world the human race manifests for itself, what do you think?
We are indeed the observers, can we create change and break patterns to open up new possibilities, change our direction, all through the way in which we observe ourselves, others and the world around us?
I believe that the human race is in the process of waking up to a number of different things, simultaneously. As a result, the way we perceive and “observe” the world around us (on a mass scale) is starting to drastically change. So if you want to help change the world, change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”Mahatma Ghandi
“There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.” Lord Kelvin
This statement (worldview statement) was by Lord Kelvin in 1900, which was shattered only five years later when Einstein published his paper on special relativity. The new theories proposed by Einstein challenged the current (at that time) framework of understanding. This forced the scientific community to open up to an alternate view of the true nature of our reality. A great example of how things that once were regarded as truth have changed.
“Lord Kelvins statements bares with it the voice of paradigms past…We knew that the Earth was flat, we knew that we were the center of the universe, and we knew that a manmade heavier than air piece of machinery could not take flight.
Through all stages of human history, intellectual authorities have pronounced their supremacy by ridiculing or suppressing elements of reality that simply didn’t fit within the framework of accepted knowledge. 
Are we really any different today? Have we really changed our acceptance towards things that won’t fit the frame? Maybe there are concepts of our reality we have yet to understand, and if we open our eyes maybe we will see that something significant has been overlooked.”Terje Toftenes (source

About the Author: Arjun Walia – I joined the CE team in 2010 and have been doing this ever since. There are many things happening on the planet that don’t resonate with me, and I wanted to do what I could to play a role in creating change. It’s been great making changes in my own life and creating awareness and I look forward to more projects that move beyond awareness and into action and implementation. 

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Principles of Conscious Reality Creation

By practicing conscious reality creation, you are able to align with the Law of Attraction and energize new fields of probability. As you come into resonance with your desired creation, you begin to transform your reality, often entering a reality that exists parallel to your present moment. By bringing all your selves into alignment and practicing the Steps of Conscious Reality Creation, you can begin to practice the principles of conscious reality creation. 

They are:

1) Maintain focus on creating joy in the life, which implies a readiness to release all that is not aligned with joy. This intention will begin a clearing of all emotional states that stand in the way of living at the vibratory level of joy.

2) Practice radical self-responsibility. This involves accepting responsibility for all creations in all time. It is impossible to create the reality of your highest dreams when you are holding thoughtforms of negativity, blame and victimhood. Look at every situation in your life to see how you created it, and how it is assisting you in your growth and evolution.

3) Express openness to all existing realities. This means you are willing to observe and consider alternate and parallel realities.

4) Trust that the universe is always bringing you experiences to help you grow. In this way, nothing is bad or good, just what is needed in the present moment.

5) Cultivate an active imagination and believe that whatever your imagination brings you is real.

6) Believe that you are already whatever it is you may imagine creating. Some aspect of you is already in vibratory resonance with the images your imagination brings you.

7) Be willing to become the person who can bring your desires into being.

8) Align your desired creation with your spiritual (life) purpose.

9) Study and understand the Law of Attraction.

10) Unite all your selves in creating reality. When you have inner unity, you are able to create from a place of clear focus and inner peace. The realities you enter from this place will carry the vibration of clarity and peace.

Excerpt from Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your Dreams 
–DL Zeta

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Wholeness, Interconnectedness & Co-Creativity

Co-intelligence can be defined as

the ability to use wholeness, interconnectedness and co-creativity to collaboratively guide the evolving coherence of life and understanding towards greater wholeness, interconnectedness and co-creativity.

To get a better grasp on what this means, let’s explore how we would deal with intelligence differently if we took wholeness, interconnectedness and co-creativity seriously…

If we took wholeness seriously…

We’d include more of what was involved — and more of who was involved — in any situation we were dealing with. We’d try to consider anything that might be relevant, and we’d make sure all stakeholders were involved. Ideally, we’d include anything and anyone related to the situation — as much as we could tolerate. Of course we all have our limits, but we’d continually stretch our ability to embrace more and more reality — more and more viewpoints and approaches and diversity and nuance and complexity. We’d want to get a sense of the whole picture — or as close to it as we could get. The experiment in Canada — in which a dozen extremely diverse citizens thrashed out a powerful consensus vision for their country — is a good example of this.

We’d recognize there was more to whatever we were dealing with than we could articulate and analyze. We’d sense into it, looking for hints of the bigger story, the underlying feelings, the growing edges of the situation, the mystery. We’d make sure our intelligence involved more than our own logic and individual smarts — that it involved things like emotion and intuition and each other — so we could embrace life more deeply. At its best, science is like this — collegial, passionate, humble, intuitive, awed and curious, as well as rational.

We’d realize there is much more to us — as whole individuals and groups — than any particular label, role or aspect of who we are. Everyone is bigger than their name or function or our estimation of them, and therefore worthy of respect — even when we don’t like them. This is true of every thing, as well. It requires constant vigilance, in my own life, to not slide into judgments and stereotypes so I can really see the unique person or thing before me. Practitioners of permaculture (a system of “permanent agriculture”) try to design productive ecosystems in which each element — each animal and plant, each piece of land or water — performs multiple functions which utilize its unique qualities.

Our feeling and thinking would be broad and deep — about the long term, about system dynamics, about the oneness of humanity and nature. And we would, whenever possible, move beyond “either/or logic” and “win/lose conflicts” to explore the larger picture painted by “both/and logic” and “win/win possibilities.” This long-term, integrative, healing impulse is exemplified in the Native American search for solutions that benefit the seventh generation after them. 

We’d explore the role of circumstances, environment, culture and other contexts as factors influencing outcomes. We’d recognize that taking things out of context is one of the best ways to miss the whole point. We see this in our criminal justice system, in which the community takes little or no responsibility for the misdeeds of its members, removing them to isolated cells instead of healing the damaged community with reparations and mutual efforts to help the damage never happen again (as is done in many tribal communities).

We would ground our ideals in wholeness. For example, since the words health, healing, wholesomeness, integrity and holiness (sacredness) all refer to wholeness, we would give these values high priority in our personal, economic and community life. The work of people like Gandhi and Rudolph Steiner embody this effort to nurture wholeness at and among every level of life. They provided paths to develop whole people who could sustain healthy communities together, with a sense of sacredness, in harmony with nature.

If we took interconnectedness seriously…

We would recognize that we are not alone in the world, but are embedded in human and natural communities. We share our fate with these communities. Global weather and finance are teaching us this, catastrophe by catastrophe.

We would seek to understand the relationship between people, things, life forms, fields of study, approaches, etc. — considering the relationships between them as important or more important than their individual characteristics. We would use that understanding to establish peer, synergistic relationships wherever we could. More often than not, we’d find that healthy relationships were the solution; and where they weren’t, they were powerful resources for finding the solution. Individual solutions for addiction, for example, do not succeed as well as solutions that utilize the peer support of recovering addicts collectively.

We would realize the power of shared realities, shared stories, shared experience and the sort of communication systems that support such sharing. One of the most powerful techniques for creating bridges between ideological enemies is to have each person share the story of how they came to believe what they believe. Common humanity almost always shines through the differences.

We would appreciate (and use) webs of relationship and system dynamics as major factors in whatever happens, and not focus on trying to control (or blame) individual people, situations, problems, etc. Family systems therapists work from this perspective, attending to a family’s patterns of interaction.

If we took co-creativity seriously…

We would realize that we all have roles in whatever happens. We would try to make our roles more conscious and positive by working together to understand and shape our individual and collective lives. This factor showed up in an experiment demonstrating that groups of female executives were better at solving hypothetical wilderness survival problems than groups of male executives.

We would support participatory decision-making, collaborative problem-solving and co-operative activities of all sorts. We would support social equity, opportunity and access so that all voices could be heard and all contributions brought to the table. We would advocate the sharing of co-created benefits — and of co-created consequences. Instead of focusing on opponents, we would seek out all actual and potential allies. The wiser we were the more successful we’d be at finding and engaging allies. William Ury’s and Roger Fisher’s Getting to Yes is a classic how-to manual to help those of us in adversarial relationships see each other as allies in meeting our separate and mutual needs. 
We would avoid nailing down blame or isolating single linear causes for any condition or event. We would try to understand and address as much as we could of the many causes and fields of influence at work in any situation — and to get clear on our role in all that, so we could improve it. This is very similar to items described under “wholeness” and “interconnectedness,” above, which serves to demonstrate how all three of these are facets of one reality.

We would acknowledge the dance of order and chaos which is inherent in a co-created reality (since no one’s actually in charge) and learn to let go of attachment, certainty and our need for control. In fact, if we were really good, we’d use letting go of control to enhance productive self-organizing systems; we’d use lack of attachment to enhance serenity and responsiveness; we’d use lack of certainty to enhance openness and ability to learn. All of this would enhance our ability to co-create as partners with the life around us.

Co-intelligence involves stretching our sense of what’s needed, of what’s relevant and of who’s involved in any given situation. It involves stretching in the direction of wholeness, interconnectedness and co-creativity.

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Deeper Into Love

morning sunshine Pictures, Images and Photos

by Chrissie Blaze –

Awaken every morning and remember that today is the day. It is the day when all that has passed before you is gone and all your future dreams can be created anew. It is the day when you can choose to embrace love with your every thought, word and action. This is the most important day in all your life, for it is now.

First we should awaken to a life that is richer and more filled with love than the life we have now. This awakening comes through realizing that we are not physical beings trying to find spirituality; we are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies. Spirituality is our true home; our destiny is not about materialistic pursuits but to awaken to our innate spirituality. 

This journey is the spiritual path. To live fully in the moment, awakened to all life’s challenges and opportunities and filled with love, is easier said than done. However, every journey starts with a single step and it begins the moment we awaken from our slumbers each morning.

Each day is a blank canvas.
At this time, there is stillness and quietude in the ethers as the new dawn of each day arises. There is a feeling of possibility, of optimism, of hope and of expectancy. Perhaps this day will be better than the last. Perhaps our time will come; our true destiny will finally be revealed. This could be the day of our lifetime. The day stretches out before us, as yet untouched by our desires, our choices, our mistakes and our achievements. There is a feeling of purity about the new day – and a freshness of hours and minutes as yet untouched. To live more fully, let us regard each day as an opportunity for deeper love.

As we awaken more fully to the divine spark within, we begin to glimpse our true strength and power. This is the same spark that we also share with the Sun, the stars and the galaxies. It is limitless in nature and fueled by the great preservative force of love. Within every life-stream, human or otherwise is this same spark, urging for expression; dimly in some and with great strength in others.

There are twenty-four hours in each day; a living dimension with cycle of choices, growth and evolution towards love if we choose. Time is not a linear thing that just measures twenty-four hours in each day. Each day is more than the number of hours it contains. 

It is a blank canvas upon which we can choose to paint the masterpiece of our own becoming or muddy it with the coarse tones of our ungrateful and unbelieving spirits. 

To live fully in the moment requires self-awareness. It requires mindfulness of our thoughts, emotions and actions, realizing that these have power to injure or heal.

As we awaken, even our mundane routines shall become as sacred rituals. When we raise our hands and hearts and offer a prayer of thankfulness for the day ahead, we help set our lives in harmony with the great Laws of Creation in which we live and move; think and feel; love and evolve.

excerpt from ‘Deeper Into Love: 7 Keys to a Heart Based Spirituality’

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Divine Matrix

by Gregg Braden –

There is something “out there.” Just beyond our perceptions of the everyday world there’s a presence, or force, that’s at once both mysterious and comforting.

We talk about it. We feel it. We believe in it and pray to it, perhaps without even understanding precisely what it is! A series of groundbreaking experiments in the last decade of the Twentieth Century unveil dramatic and undeniable evidence of a previously unrecognized form of energy, a Divine Matrix, that appears to link each member of our global family, creation, and the events of our lives in unexpected and empowering ways. From the success and failure of our careers and relationships, to family health and the peace of our world, these studies add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that we may actively participate in the outcome of the personal, as well as global, events of our lives. Reported by leading research institutions of our day, the experiments shake the foundation of traditional science, documenting that:

* All of creation is bathed and connected through a field of subtle energy.

* We “speak” directly to this field through emotion, beliefs, and prayer.

* Through this field we are part of the healing in our bodies, and the peace in our families, communities and nations.

Calling it by names that vary from the Web of Creation to the Spirit of God, ancient traditions knew this presence exists. They also knew how to apply it in their lives.

In the words of their time, they left detailed instructions to the people of their future describing how we may use this invisible force to heal our bodies and relationships, and bring peace to our world; they are all part of the same force. Today we know the language connects all three as a “lost” mode of prayer.

Unlike the traditional prayers that we may have used in the past, however, this technique of prayer has no words. It is based in the silent language of human emotion. It invites us to feel gratitude and appreciation, as if our prayers have already been answered. Through this quality of feeling, the ancients believed that we are given direct access to the power of creation: the Spirit of God.

In the 20th century, modern science may have rediscovered the spirit of God as a field of energy that is different from any other form of energy. It appears to be everywhere, always, and to have existed since the beginning of time. Just as the ancients suggested, the Field responds to human emotion!

Regardless of what we call it or how science and religion define it, it is clear that there is something out there—a force, a field, a presence—that is the “great magnet” constantly pulling us toward one another and connecting us to a higher power. Knowing that this force exists, it makes tremendous sense that we would be able to communicate with it in a way that is meaningful and useful in our lives. Ultimately, we may discover that the same power that heals our deepest hurts and creates peace between nations holds the key to our survival as a species.

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Intentions for a Better World

by Tony Burroughs –

*Support Life – I refrain from opposing or harming anyone. I allow others to have their own experiences. I see life in all things and honor it as if it were my own. I support life.

*Seek Truth – I follow my inner compass and discard any beliefs that are no longer serving me. I go to the source. I seek truth.

*Set Your Course – I begin the creative process. I give direction to my life. I set my course.

*Simplify – I let go so there is room for something better to come in. I intend that I am guided, guarded, protected, and lined up with the Highest Good at all times. I trust and remain open to receive from both expected and unexpected sources. I simplify.

*Stay Positive – I see good, say good, do good. I accept the gifts from all of my experiences. I am living in grace and gratitude. I stay positive.

*Synchronize – After intending and surrendering, I take action by following the opportunities that are presented to me. I am in the flow where Great Mystery and Miracles abide, fulfilling my desires and doing what I came here to do. I synchronize.

*Serve Others – I practice love in action. I always have enough to spare and enough to share. I am available to help those who need it. I serve others.

*Shine Your Light – I am a magnificent being, awakening to my highest potential. I express myself with joy, smiling easily and laughing often. I shine my light.

*Share Your Vision – I create my ideal world by envisioning it and telling others about it. I shave my vision.

*Synergize – I see Humanity as One. I enjoy gathering with light-hearted people regularly. When we come together, we set the stage for Great Oneness to reveal Itself. We synergize.

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Soul Work Serving Your Cause

by Charlene Proctor Ph.D. –

Whether negotiating a huge vendor contract, writing books, organizing volunteers, or making dinner for our families, women have always expressed their higher self in the form of service to the people they love. In a nutshell, that is what “soul work” really means – to create something of value from the deep space within and flavor it with a unique talent. It’s about exploring your limits and maybe bringing the bottom line along for the ride.

However, achieving personal growth through work means being consciously aware of serving a cause without losing yourself in the process. How do you continue to remain positive in the workplace? Here are four important reminders that will help you feel good about what you do:

Ways to Serve Your Cause with Heart

*1. Work with a Loving and Generous Heart. It’s good for the soul – Spiritual teachers spanning across many mystical traditions already noted our biggest work challenge. It is to demonstrate our authentic self in our work – no matter if we’re at home with five kids or running a Fortune 500 corporation. In terms of specific tasks, have good intentions for your organization and the people involved. If you cook with love, the person who eats that meal energetically receives the benefit of your positive attitude and thoughts. I think that applies to any form of work!

As a form of self-expression, work allows us to re-create ourselves as a form of living art because we are the channel for the Divine. Although that concept might be difficult to digest when we are pulling a sales call after being up all night with a crying baby, know this: when we achieve conscious awareness of what we do well, we are instruments of a higher power. We can change the world into exactly what we see fit – a vision crafted from the best of our emotions such as love, healing, forgiveness, compassion, and faith. We can educate someone, lend a hand, or teach self-sufficiency in any number of venues. Or simply create a beautiful object. No matter our job, as long as we are aware of our power to do it with loving-kindness, we are contributing to the formation of the world and the values of those who will follow after us. Never underestimate the benefit of any form of work that is done with a generous spirit.

*2. Remember your Source. Know your true C.E.O. – No matter our wisdom tradition, when we take a moment to remember our spirit and pull light into ourselves, we experience a connection with divinity. Often, it is our individual awakening to service and the human condition. God or Goddess… there are a thousand names and flavors by which we summon our inherent power. Power is a choice. We don’t fall into it by accident, nor is it given by a secret society where only a few key members are invited. We are born empowered, as we all are individual sparks of divinity. The only difference is everyone is in different stages of awakening.

When we consciously co-create our reality with this spiritual partnership, we inevitably inspire others to open their hearts as wide as possible to the energetic fusion called “embodied spirit.” Yep, hopefully you got the memo – we are not the body. We are eternal, energetic, infinite, empowered beings, with all the tools from the get-go. Our career objective? We are here to remember it all over again in a physical setting. It’s soul development school from the minute we arrive until our last day. We’re supposed to spread the light! So, when the going gets tough at the office, look at the bigger picture. Know who really does your employment reviews and what you are really here to do.

*3. Appreciate your unique specialty – Be thankful for what you bring to the world – whether it is creating jobs for others, sharing visual beauty, enhancing communication, or helping others move from crisis and poverty to self-sufficiency. Whatever your work, know that the world needs your voice. You matter, because you are an expression of a higher power. Your soul work is needed in the world, no matter the pay scale. Celebrate your calling and march proudly, wherever you spend your day.

*4. Have a Cause – Career success has paved the way for women to champion today’s most exciting causes. Women now constitute 46.6% of the U.S. labor force and hold 50% of managerial and professional specialty positions. Consequently, they are beginning to hold a great deal of purchasing power, especially in business ($1.5 trillion). Women purchase 83% of all products and services – a huge market force. Success and control over the checkbook has translated into a new form of independence called strategic philanthropy.

Whether at the office or at home, this collective spending power has an interesting effect on creating new pathways to peace and healing. Women have developed a strong voice and a big resource base to address causes that matter specifically to the female gender, such as sponsoring a sister overseas, helping homeless mothers, or creating specialty rooms for sick children. They’re translating their soul work in diverse ways and shaping the world with hands using feminine values that make sense.

Remember, doing our soul work moves us beyond our careers. We can participate in a collective spiritual partnership spanning the globe. At that empowering moment, we are taking a turn being Divine, by celebrating our path in exactly the way we see fit. Think from the heart and make certain your work is evolving into a personal truth. May you bloom and grow today, no matter where you work, and always be filled with the brightest light imaginable!

source –