A Connected Life

by Clive A Wilson

With the advent of the Internet and sharing of wisdom across the world, we have reached a stage where dialogue is pulling us in two different directions. One is apart and the other is together. The fundamentalist view is that “my way is right and your way is misguided”. However, there is another way. 

Becoming More of Who We Truly Are

There is a great deal of commonality between faiths and even with those who claim to have no faith. The commonality is our shared consciousness and love for our fellow man and for everything that makes up what is good about our world.

Spirituality is this simple; to lead a connected life we must move around the following four-stage cycle consciously or unconsciously:

1. Connection 

We need to take time out away from the noise of the material world to be alone, in touch with our deepest sense of self, with the universe, some would say with God. This connection is achieved in stillness, in meditation, in prayer, and in nature.

2. Presence

Taking time in quiet connection allows us to live our lives in a state of presence, remaining aware and connected even in the busy times. This is much more fulfilling than being blown by cares of past or future.

3. Action

Or perhaps “right action”. By being present, we intuitively know what to do in any given situation.

4. Reflection

Having taken action, at least once a day we should reflect. This is to check our level of presence, celebrate our successes and to give thanks for the life we have been able to share with others. Of course this cycle isn’t necessarily limited to any single day. Rather it is the cycle we should travel at least daily if we intend to lead a connected life. 
Leading a connected life is exactly the essence of all faiths and of everyone who has ever glimpsed the divinity that is within us all.