Transformational Energies

by Cathy Olsen –

As the new frequencies of light continue to make their way onto the planet, their task is to lovingly dissolve all that no longer serves your highest good. 
As these energies of transformation move within and through your personal and collective systems, all that has been held in unconsciousness through eons of time is shaken loose and begins to emerge into the light of day. As the shadows begin to make their way to the surface there may ensue a sense of emotional chaos and underlying fear.

Whether you are consciously aware of what is rising from beneath the surface or not it becomes apparent that all is not as it once was. As a result of the inner shake up it may feel as though you are witnessing the aftermath of an earthquake, where pieces of your former life lay strewn about you like debris which is now unrecognizable to you.

This scenario can leave you feeling out of sorts with yourself and your world. It may leave you feeling anxious and disconnected. As a result, you may begin to question who you are and what ground you stand upon at present. But know that all is well in the Grand Design. It is time to release all that has held you captive in the illusion of this reality. It is time to release all that has held your light from you.

As foundations of limitation begin to crumble under the pressure of the light of love, what remains is your divine essence; the aspect of you which is sacred and unchanging. 

And so we ask you to place your focus not on what is dissolving around you but on that which remains in its place; the light that is you. Have no fear, for all is as it should be. Release the need to understand exactly what is happening in your world and in your life. Release the fears that would keep you from the truth of who you really are.

It is by design that change is upon you now as never before. 

It is by design that all that you are not is being removed from your countenance so as to release you from the past. Do not cling to outmoded structures as the process of transformation continues. Know that they have served you in the past, but your task is now to bless and release them. In so doing space is made available to house more of your divine essence. The structures of your body matrix are now being made ready to house the crystalline nature of your expanded being. Do not cling to the temporal.

Know that you are a being of light whose time has come to shine. 

Your divine purpose is now upon you. Do not fear that which you are. We see your true magnificence and are here to remind you of all that you are. Remember that you are not alone in this. We love and support you as you shake free from the illusion that has played upon you for eons of time and stand ready to celebrate with you the freedom that is now upon you. Be still and know yourself in fullness. We stand in witness to your unfolding light.


Foundations of the New Reality

by Cathy Olsen – 

As you stand at the edge of transformation, we ask you to connect even more fully to Spirit and to the universal helpers who would aid your world in releasing all that is not in alignment with the creation of the new reality. 
As the old structures continue to give way in economic, political, religious and cultural realms know that it is with great joy that we stand in witness to the remarkable shifts we see taking place in human consciousness. For external change comes about only after such changes have become rooted in the minds and hearts of individuals. 
Transformation is an inside-out process.

Your Attention 

Though the state of your world may appear to be unchanging or on a downhill decline, know that there is tremendous change happening within the hearts of individuals which will eventually tip the scales, until you begin to see outwardly what has been created within. 
Know that where you place your attention; where you hold your attention is of great import in these times. For the combined energies of like-minded thoughts move to strengthen or weaken the grid of light which now surrounds your dear planet. The vibrations which you put in to play on a daily basis become the foundations of the world to come. So we ask you to be conscious of the thoughts you think and the words you speak in each new moment.

The New Dawn 

Remember as well that all is not as it seems. From our perspective we see cities of light forming beneath the fissured foundations of the world you have come to accept as your reality and as outmoded foundations crumble, the new will rise into place like the first rays of the new dawn. 
The old must and will make way for the new. 
We ask you not to hold your attention on that which is receding but look to that which is forming in its place. For what we behold from our perspective is a cause for great rejoicing in the heavens.


Know that all is well as in the Grand Design. Align yourselves with Divine Will and become the teacher, healers and wayshowers of the new world. Your time has come. Step firmly upon the path before you even as you cannot see clearly where it will lead. 
You yourselves determine the path with each new step you take. You are creating the new reality with your forward momentum. Hold to the faith that is yours. Do not despair at what you see around you.
Move in Rhythmic Flow 
Feel the energies of her expansion and allow yourself to move in rhythmic flow along with her. Do not resist the energies that are upon you, for they are here to support you as well. Open to what is to come; knowing in your heart of hearts that the long awaited time is now. 
You stood in line to be present in this Now Moment upon your planet. Embrace it as a gift of love which will move you toward all that you have been seeking for eons of time. Let go of fears and expectations and open to the miracles that await you. Your time has come. Rejoice and be glad!