Glowing from Within

by Carrie Hart

Today, be aware of the energy you are projecting. Be aware of its effect on others and its effect on you. You are, at all times, projecting an aura of energy that affects your health, your attitude and the way others perceive you and react to you.

If you are overly critical of others, you will be surrounded by critics. If you are judgmental, you will be surrounded by judges. If you are overreacting emotionally, you will live in a world of drama. If, on the other hand, you are peaceful and centered, caring and compassionate, you will find that the others around you calm down and move into a more peaceful state along with you.

Today, be consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions and how they are translated into energy. Then take your energy out of your mind and center it in your heart and your solar plexus. Find there the light that is burning, the storehouse of energy that you are generating. Then open and allow yourself to glow.

From your center, glow with peace and a deep understanding of your personal truth. This is who you are and you can learn to project it out energetically. And from your heart, glow with love. Take your truth and move it through love, compassion and tolerance before presenting your truth to the world.

Consciously cease reflecting energy from others and instead move to your own storehouse of self-generated energy. You will find that the supply is endless. And the more energy you project from these centers, the more powerful and energetic you will feel. The more you glow from within,the less exhausted you will be from trying to fend off other energies you do not care for. Make your glow so strong, that you are never concerned with what others project. You are glowing with self and truth, love and peace, and it is enough.

Here is a little prayer for today:

Today, I quiet my mind and move my conscious presence down to my solar plexus and my heart. I open my heart wide and allow all of the love of the universe to flow in and to flow out. I am love and I feel it completely. I move my focus to my solar plexus and find my light there. I am glowing with an inner light, with a truth and purpose which stem from the very highest and best that I am. I am lit from within and I stoke these fires with every thought and every action. I am at peace. I am centered in peace and Love. Every choice and every action stems from this center of peace, this heart of Love. I am calm and centered. I am deeply peaceful and at one with myself and all that is. I am.

♥Angel Love♥

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Release Your Wonder

by Carrie Hart –

Your day lies before you like a pond of water. Create a beautiful thought and drop it into the pond. See how your thought causes ripples that reach out across the pond. Take an action, full of love and wonder,and watch the ripples go across the pond of life. Call in loving, benevolent assistance and see how the golden ripples reach further and run deeper than ever before.

Every time you drop in your action or thought, the pond is different, full of the ripples sent out by others as well as the changing energies of the pond itself. It is never the same twice, so what you do today may have an entirely different effect than the same action did yesterday.

Create your beautiful ripples and then release them; let them go. Continue to broadcast your beauty and wonder, over and over, no matter the result. One day, that beautiful and wondrous ripple of yours may release at just the right moment to change the entire world.

Here is a little prayer for today:

Today begins like a still pond into which I may drop my beautiful thoughts and actions. I am clean and clear, light and unburdened. Life is easy and effortless. I am full of love, full of gratitude, embracing the day which begins.

I fill my heart with love, think my beautiful thoughts, take the actions I choose, and then release it all into the world and let it be.I am relaxed and at peace. I am full of loving acceptance. I am.

♥Angel Love♥

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Let It Be

by Carrie Hart –

The perfection of all things lies not in your judgment of what should be; it lies in your acceptance of what is. And by acceptance, we do not mean apathy and resignation; we mean an active involvement in what is, a joining in, but yet within the guidelines of what truly is. Your goal is not hope, not a denial of things as they are and a wishing for things to be other. Acceptance is an objective state, a deep and complete understanding that this is the way this moment is, this is how things are, but without judgment that they should have been otherwise.

Now is. You are. All is as it is. And that is the beginning and end to truth. Life is not about what might be in the next moment; it is about what is right now. And now is the only truth, the only place of action, the only place you ever truly are. And it has a contour, it has its ways. It is as it is and no other.

And if you accept it as it is, without blame or judgment, without criticism and condemnation, without hope that it may change, then it will open to you. It will open in beauty and peace. It will open in wonder. And when this moment opens to you and you fully step in, you will understand its perfection. For at the heart of each moment is a deep beingness, a oneness with all that was, is and will be, for at the deepest heart of this moment, there is no time. At the very heart of this heartbeat, there is only all. And all encompasses. And all simply is.

Give yourself permission to let things go and let things be. You do not need to fix everything you think needs fixing. You can let things be, in their disarray, in their uncontrolled states, in their confusion and apparent lack of direction. You can do things without having a purpose to your action, simply because it crosses your mind to do it. You can let other people be as they are, even with all of their so-called faults. And you can allow yourself to be a person who tries new things and inevitably makes mistakes, sometimes big mistakes, in the process of learning.

Life is much easier when you are not a critic and a judge, when you are not on a program of self-improvement with specific goals and deadlines. For what is the end goal, the ultimate purpose of all of your activities? Peace of mind and happiness. That is what you think love, money and security will give you. And yet they lie before you, ignored and pushed aside, hidden deeply within the folds of this moment. And they ask only that you dip down and become one with the tick of life, to tock of being, the slow and subtle movement of one little moment pushing up against the next. Yes, yes, let it be. Let it all be as it is. How easy this truly is.

Here is a little prayer for today

I stand quietly and breathe deeply, pulling myself down into this moment just as it is. I feel the peace enfolding me. I feel the love pouring into me as the moment opens to me, like the heart of a flower unfolding to the sun. I drink the sweet nectar of this moment just as it is. I feel myself becoming deeply one with all that is, just as I am. I am this moment. I am each moment that passes, deeply one and connected. I am love that transcends time. I am time itself. I am all that is. I am.

♥Angel Love♥

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The Angels’ Song

by Carrie Hart –
Deep inside you, a light shines, the light that was born within you as you entered this life. This light is the beacon in the darkness, the warmth in the cold, the harbor and the refuge. And this light is yours, always there, underneath the emotions, underneath the fear and doubt, always there, shining brightly.

Take a deep breath, now. And then another and then another. Close your eyes and see within you the light in your center. Watch it expand. Watch it expand and expand until it fills your body completely. And as it expands, feel how it contains love and only love. Feel how that love is stronger than the fear and doubt. Let it expand and fill you completely and then, let it expand even further out, so that you are like a lantern that casts its light far out into the night, glowing and bright, filled with love, filled with light, a bright energetic presence.

And now, see that there is a ring of angels around you. See them shining out in a bright, white light. They sing of love. They sing of light. They sing of the wonder of this life and send you the courage to live it and live it well.

Listen to their song. Listen as they sing of your soul’s intention for you, how you yearned for this gift of life and received it, how you were given a spark of life, the same spark that shines in your center now. How you were born and how you have been loved and treasured ever since, how helping hands have been right out before you to encourage you to take those steps toward freedom, how the angels have guarded you and protected you, even as they allowed you to live your own life your own way. And they are there for you now, singing this song, your song, the song of your life, of all the wondrous love that is there for you, now and always, if you will allow it to shine for you, and all the guidance and wisdom that is flowing your way each and every moment of every day.

Listen to this song and choose. Choose certainty and belief over doubt. Choose courageous action over fear. Choose to go deeply into your connection with your soul, with these angels and with God, to find yourself and lift yourself into wisdom and joy.

Choose to shine out with all that you are, in all of your wonder, walking in deep faith like a lantern shining out for yourself and others. Choose to love and embrace this precious life and every blessing that it brings you, every moment. Give thanks and be glad. You are alive and it is good.

You Are an Original

by Carrie Hart

You are a deeply creative person. You are an original, with things to be said and done in a way which no one else could say and do them. You are unique in all the world, and yet you are deeply connected to all that is and have something important to share with the rest of the world. Yourself. Do not ask whether you are creative. You are. Ask only for the courage to shine out with all that you are.

Push away the shadows of fear and doubt from your life and open up to yourself. Shine out with all that you are. Dig deep and find the courage to say what you believe, to live your life in full integrity, to be a walking, talking representation of your truest self.

There is a price paid for each time that you suppress your truth because you are afraid someone else will not approve of it. Imagine if you were to live your life in full expression of your deepest truths and talents, letting your original self shine through. What a joy that would be! What freedom!

Here is a little prayer for today:

Today, I ask that my higher self flow into me and cleanse away all fear and doubt. I invite my higher self to be present consciously within me, filling me with my own truth and being

Today, I ask that I may find the courage to be myself. I ask that I may reach into myself, discover my unique talents and abilities there and then bring them out for full expression. Today, I ask that I may find the way to shine.

I am creative. I am unique in all the world. I am powerful and bright and I can shine out with the wonder and glory that I truly am.

I am full of creativity and power. I am.

Love Flows

by Carrie Hart

Love flows. Love flows like a great unending river and even if you cannot feel it at all times, so is it there, endlessly flowing, endlessly supporting you, holding you aloft. For you and your life are like a lotus blossom floating on this river of love.

Sometimes the river runs quickly indeed; sometimes there are rocks that crush one of your petals. But still it is love, love, that is the foundation of it all, the force that keeps you floating and moving, the force that drives your very life.

When the darkness of fear descends, know that the river still runs and keeps you afloat. For the darkness will pass, the sun will shine again, and then you will see once more the full glory of the beauty around you, within you, a part of you.

For you and the river are one, endlessly flowing, and when your life as a lotus blossom is over, you will simply become a part of the river of love, to flow and flow, until the next seed of life is born!

The Air of Freedom

by Carrie Hart –

There is freedom all around you. It blows through like a fresh breeze, cleansing the house in which your mind dwells, rippling the curtains as it moves. And a part of you yearns to follow it, to fly out the window, to catch that breeze of freedom and leave the worries and burdens of your life behind.

And this you can do. You can climb out of that dusty attic, full of the relics of your childhood, newspapers piled up to the rafters, old toys discarded on the floor, corners piled high with the stones you carry on your adult back.

Leave this and step outside on this lovely balcony where the air of freedom blows fresh across the land, down from the hills and out to the sea.

Breathe in the beauty of life in this moment, right now. Breathe in the wonder of fresh and new possibility. Smell the air coming from the fertile soil, rich with promise. Smell the salty air blowing off the sea, fresh with adventure. Breathe in the perfumed air coming from the garden, full of the wonder of each perfect rose.

All of this is there for you. All of this opens to you. All of this is yours to embrace, simply by stepping out of that attic and out here, outside, into the fresh air of being.

Let us then stand here together, enjoying the view and breathing in the freedom of being. Let us embrace this day from the pink-streaked sunrise through to the deep orange and golden sunset, each moment unique and full of beauty.

This day is yours to own, to embrace, to inhabit fully.

Love it. Love yourself. Love your life. Take a deep breath and open your arms wide, inviting the full force of life to enter you and be one with you now.

Give thanks for the blood that flows through your veins and the breath that fills your lungs. What a privilege to be alive!