Blueprint for Emotional Balance

by Lillian Moritz –

Even in the best of times, life can be challenging. Sometimes failing health or loss of a job may be at the root of our concerns. Other times it may be smaller things, such as feeling left out, being criticized or feeling judged by others, that send us for a loop. And that’s the focus of this piece.
Disapproval may feel uncomfortable but it can also be instructive and helpful. When someone reacts negatively to you or doesn’t respond at all, it may actually be their issue and have nothing at all to do with you.
If you receive a criticism that is valid, this is an excellent learning experience and opportunity for you. It offers the chance to see things you may not have been aware of before, from which you can learn. I’ve found that the most painful criticism is often self-inflicted and usually off base. Becoming more aware of these kinds of situations early on can help you nip them in the bud, so to speak. 
This allows you to stop the downward emotional spiral before it gets into full gear.
An important part of our natural maturation process is a gradual shift in our sense of ‘self’ from a perspective that is based on what others think or say about us, to a self-image that is based on our inner values and personal awareness of who we are at the deepest level of our being. Another way to perceive this inner sense of self is to think in terms of our soul essence, rather than just our human-personality self. 
As we gradually deepen the inner relationship with our soul essence, we become less vulnerable to criticism directed toward us from others. However, there is still value in this external feedback, as we strive to become more the person that we want to be – in alignment with and an expression of our pure soul essence, or essence self.
There is no shame in criticism that is directed at you by others or even by yourself. Both present opportunities for awareness, insight and growth. Self-criticism provides a unique opportunity to forgive yourself, get over old programming and become more self-accepting and self-loving.
Just because someone doesn’t acknowledge you in a positive way, or ignores you outright, or disapproves of you in some way, doesn’t mean you’re at fault, much less a failure. Other people’s biases are often reflected in their actions and judgments, and that is fine. Everyone is entitled to their point of view and belief. It doesn’t make it right or mean it’s an accurate assessment.
Even a series of events where you are not acknowledged – involving different people – doesn’t equate to your being less good, less valuable, less lovable or less cherished. Think of the millions of things you’ve done well, beautifully in fact or ‘above and beyond the call of duty.’ Do you uphold and value these positive examples of yourself anywhere as close to the few blips on your personal radar? Probably not. Isn’t it time to look at the true and accurate balance sheet that mirrors the beautiful person you are?
Your worth is evident to yourself and others but others can’t really judge your true value. Rather, they can only provide their opinion of you based on things you say or do – a small sampling of who you really are as expressed by your outward behavior.
Rejection happens to everyone, to one degree or another. 

It doesn’t mean there will be a contagion of rejection flowing from a single disappointing experience. Try not to take it to heart. Accept the comments that come to you and see if you resonate with them. Then grow from each and every one of these learning experiences, reflecting on those that don’t fit or apply to you for what they are – opportunities to become more aware and learn from it.

Lack of acknowledgement can be uncomfortable and push your buttons, but this feeling can and will pass. Brush yourself off and move on – doing one of many simple yet effective wellness exercises that will help you raise your vibration and lighten your emotional load. Using any of a number of simple techniques can help you put things in perspective and get back to a place of emotional balance, smoothly and quickly.
A good reminder is to not magnify other people so they become larger than life. Everyone has his or her own issues, biases and blind spots. And we know that nothing stays constant. Others will change, modify and even forget things, just like you.

We’re all human. Bask in the knowledge that you are beautiful, whole and perfect, just as you are!

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The Secret to Finding Your True Path

by Gwen Randall-Young –

I have worked with many clients who experience frustration and even resentment upon realizing they have been pleasers all their lives. It may have begun when, as children they realized that life was more pleasant when you did what others wanted you to do.
This pattern can persist into adulthood, particularly for those who are very sensitive or have low self-esteem. The sensitive one cannot tolerate the thought of an angry or hurt reaction coming their way. They will go to great lengths to avoid conflict or even disagreement.
For one with low self-esteem, it has to do with approval. They do not want others to disapprove of them (they do that well enough to themselves). To avoid risking the disapproval of another, they will go out of their way to anticipate the needs or wishes of others, and will act upon those without even being asked.
Over time, the pleaser gets out of touch with what he or she really needs for the self. The approval or good opinion of others has superceded fulfilling one’s own wants and needs. The pleaser will often express the view that it is “selfish” to put one’s own needs ahead of those of others.
The truth is that there must be a healthy balance. 

If we are not in tune with ourselves and do not honor what we know we need, health and wellbeing will ultimately be affected. Depression or anxiety may result, as well as physical ailments.

If you notice there is a discrepancy between what you think and feel inside and what you say and do on the outside, it is time to take stock and correct the imbalance. Harmony comes when there is alignment between our inner and outer worlds .
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The Chakras and the Planets

by Lynn Claridge – 

Each chakra and planet corresponds to how you interact on a daily basis with others and the environment. 

Below gives you each chakra and their corresponding planets.
The first chakra is better known as the base chakra and the planet that it represents is Saturn. Saturn refers to the body’s structure. Your skeleton is a structure that holds your body in place, it acts as a foundation. 
Your bones are the security and structure these are the keywords for the 1st chakra. It represents the structure that you need to survive physically when dealing with life.
If you are unable to deal effectively with outer social structures, that can be a very common problem in western culture of today, it could be that you have forgotten how to ground yourself with the energies of the earth. 
If you are a grounded person you will have a strong sense of who you are, and you will know how to acquire what you need in order to survive comfortably. Nervousness and anxiety are conditions that result from not being grounded. Psychologically, it indicates that you are operating too much from your head, your ego.
To open this chakra you need to take a deep breath relax and look around you. Are you safe where you are at this time? This chakra awareness puts you in the mode of fight or flight. This awareness is a serious energy that requires you to make tough decisions. To help you strengthen this chakra you need to establish healthy routines, drink lots of fresh water, eat healthy foods, have a good night’s sleep and exercise.
The second chakra is better known as sacral chakra and the planet it represents is Pluto. Pluto gives you the ability to change and transform. Once you change and transform you start to become creative. 
Doing this in your everyday life, helps you to meet your needs this in turn allows you to focus on what your life has to offer.
To open this chakra you need to honor yourself by finding something that gives you pleasure, so that you can express who you are to others.
The third chakra is better known as the solar plexus chakra and the co-rulers are the Sun and Mars. This is the chakra of personal power. Think of the symbolic energies of the sun. The sun radiates its essence; it can either blind you or enable you to enjoy its presence by honoring your own inner essence. 
Mars becomes the warrior that enjoys pushing others around or responds to life challenges with inner strength. If you lack the will to take risks, it normal means this chakra is blocked, it can show you are afraid to express yourself because you have not learned how to set limits.
To open this chakra you need to practice personal courage. Do what makes you feel happy, not what makes everyone else happy. When you fail to do so, you waste too much personal energy blaming others for not being able to do what you would rather be doing. 
Do it, be yourself! When you do so, others will recognize your individuality, and they will know what your limits are. They will respect you more because they will know what to expect of you. As long as you are allowing others to also be themselves, do not allow yourself to be swayed by accusation of selfness.
Before we move on to the next four chakras I would like to point out that the first three chakras deal with self-awareness. It is also important to point out that these chakras need to be balanced before you can move on to the higher spiritual realms of awareness.
The fourth chakra, better known as the heart chakra is ruled by the planet Venus. Your ability to love (both loving to others and being able to receive expressions of love from others) acts as a fulcrum between the lower three chakras of self awareness, and the upper three chakras of awareness. 
This chakra of balance is the first place where you are able to perceive higher spiritual realms. If you have suffered emotional hurt, you would tend to block the fourth chakra. This is because you are afraid to make yourself vulnerable. This is a deliberate act of creating an emotional wall as a method of self protection.
The way to open this chakra entails having to go beyond who you are. At this level, you need to become aware of the vibrations, magnetism or resonance that you feel when you are around others. Spirit will start to provide you with synchronizations that will attract and direct you to people or events that are beneficial for your evolution as a soul.
The fifth chakra, known as the throat chakra corresponds to Jupiter and Mercury as its co-rulers. When this chakra is, open it makes you very persuasive and charismatic; often you can be a great teacher, a good speaker or a good writer. 
You have a natural ability to sense what others are thinking, and you can put it into words. Once this chakra is open and functioning correctly, you will be able to speak your personal truth with conviction. 
Once you are able to speak your own truth, then you are able to create your own reality through power of words. If this chakra is not working smoothly, you tend to limit your conversations to superficial concerns and when someone asks you for a serious opinion, you may respond with. “If you really want to know”
To open this chakra you need to pay attention to all your thoughts specially the ones you do not express. How often do you bite your tongue? You need to understand that it is OK to speak your mind. Sometimes you do not speak the truth because you fear you will appear foolish. This chakra allows you to speak words that come directly from the heart, and to express your innermost beliefs.
The sixth chakra is known as the bow chakra, however, most commonly it is known as the third eye. The planet that rules this chakra is Neptune. Once this chakra is opened you will become highly imaginative, you will come up with original and insightful ideas. 
This is because you are allowing this chakra to feel incoming messages, intuition and dreams. Usually, the whole concept appears suddenly, and then you become driven in an effort to share and express your message with others. If this chakra is blocked you can have a lack of imagination.
To open this chakra and in order for the energy to function smoothly you must have an awareness of yourself as a spiritual being. For this chakra to work you need to have all the other five chakras balanced, otherwise the incoming visions create a chaotic disturbance of images. Live a lifestyle that has support and a healthy routine. 
Attend to your dreams (keep a dream journal) meditate at regular times and listen to your unconsciousness. Being intuitive is nothing more than paying attention to the subtle flow of energy. Allow yourself quiet moments so you can hear that inner voice, everything you need to know is right here inside your mind. However, it does not and will not scream at you.
The last and seventh chakra is known as the crown and it corresponds to the planet Uranus. At this level of awareness, you are able to see all events as a reflection of spirit. 
When it is out of balance trying to express yourself can be extremely depressing and confusing. Because this chakra operates at such a high vibrational frequency, you must become selfless. Hanging onto your ego awareness brings up images of bleakness.
To open and strengthen this chakra you must become empty to become full. Many spiritual writers refer to the body as an empty vessel that best expresses its spiritual potentials when it allows itself to be moved by spirit. In order for this chakra to function effectively, you need a clear understanding of your purpose on this planet.

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Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

by Christiane Becht –

Being Highly Sensitive can have its ups and downs. Author Christiane Becht explains and sets a quiz to help you discover if you are a highly sensitive person.

Many people suffer from being easily drained and depleted, feeling overwhelmed, being on an emotional roller coaster or running on low energy. They know that if this goes on for too long they risk burning out or becoming ill. What they don’t know is that these ‘symptoms’ are very common amongst highly sensitive people.

The majority of these people, though, haven’t considered themselves as being highly sensitive. The label ‘highly sensitive’ often has a bad reputation, being perceived as a weakness while the many gifts and talents of sensitivity are often overlooked. Or, even more common, they are taken for granted!

The type of intelligence and intuition that comes with high sensitivity is, by those who have it, often perceived as something ‘normal’, and highly sensitivity people assume thateverybody feels or thinks in the same way. And even those people who do recognize themselves as highly sensitive, don’t always know what to do with it. And there is a lot that can be done – and a lot that can be discovered!

My Story

I have only detected my level of sensitivity over recent years. I would frequently find myself feeling so exhausted or overwhelmed after so-called normal life situations that I would wonder how I would survive the next one.

I dreaded the next business meeting. They felt so harsh to me and I wondered why other people didn’t seem to feel as ‘bruised’ as I did. I started hoping I wouldn’t run into a particular, chronically negative, neighbor who would constantly complain to me because I would feel so drained after getting dumped on by her.

I started to avoid dinner parties where people would tease, gossip, complain or exchange shallow conversation because I would end up going home not feeling recharged, but depleted. It made me feel so lonely and I would ask myself “Why can I not just enjoy myself? Why am I such a weirdo??” 

When I started to pay more attention to how I felt during and after each meeting and encounter I started to become aware of my sensitivity and over time, I learned some quick and simple tools that made my life so much easier (and more effective!). 

Through this process, I discovered that there are gifts to being highly sensitive that can become such a joy and can truly enrich your life.

If my story rings a bell and has got you thinking about your own experience, why not take this short, 11-question quiz that will help you evaluate whether or not you, too, are a highly sensitive person.

Am I Highly Sensitive? The Quiz

Do the following things happen to you? (Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’)

  1. You feel drained after a conversation, even a casual one.
  2. You walk around feeling ‘unprotected’ and wonder how you can protect yourself better from the world.
  3. You walk around ‘very guarded’ as you deliberately try to protect yourself and not show too much of yourself.
  4. You find your job, your environment, your daily life ‘gets to you’ so much that you don’t know how to recover from it at the end of the day.
  5. You feel overwhelmed with information, emotions and energies coming at you from people, conversations, emails, news or movies on TV, maybe even background noise or electrical machines.
  6. You sometimes ‘hit a brick wall’, realizing you have let other people take way too much of your space and energy.
  7. You often have a feeling of what is going on in others – even when they try to hide it. You ‘feel’ everyone around you and sometimes feel overwhelmed by it.
  8. You sense when someone is pretending or lying.
  9. You find things painful that other people find normal, for example, while they talk aggressively or tease laughingly, you feel irritated or hurt.
  10. You feel stuck when people around you are being insensitive, harsh or energy-draining, and don’t know how to get away from the situation.
  11. You would love your relationships, work place, and the entire world to be more harmonious, joyful, peaceful and cooperative and you cannot easily be content with ‘this is just how things are’.

If you said Yes to seven or more questions you are most likely a highly sensitive person.

If you answered five with a Yes then you are probably a highly sensitive person but are maybe not as alert to it and the effect it is having on you. You could try taking these questions into your daily life and see whether you detect more of these in everyday situations.

Highly sensitive people might feel a bit lost in this world, and maybe even really desperate at times, thinking “I can’t cope with my life, it feels overwhelming. But what are my options? I can’t just stop going anywhere – and I don’t want to – but how can I survive in this world?”

So if you know that you are highly sensitive – or suspect that you may be – it is really important to learn about your sensitivity and what you can do with it. There are so many tips & tricks to discover that will help you live your life more easily and effectively. And once you learn to ‘survive’ better in your environment, you can then discover how your sensitivity can help you thrive in the world, be a lot more successful and also live your life more joyfully.

If you know (or suspect) you are highly sensitive, we have a lot more information and tips coming for you in future articles! If you want to learn more but don’t want to wait  you can buy our book, Your Energy in Action! ‘Energy Balancing’ for Daily Living, which talks a lot about how highly sensitive people can work with energy to recover quicker from irritating or energy-draining situations and encounters. 

Finally, we love to hear your experiences and thoughts so please do use the comments box to share your stories, thoughts, tips and questions about being highly sensitive. If you know (or suspect) you are highly sensitive, we have a lot more information and tips coming for you in future articles!

More articles from Christiane:

  • How to Survive as a Highly Sensitive Person in Today’s World
  • How to Be a Better Communicator in Personal Relationships
  • Finding yourself when you no longer know who you are
  • About Author:CHRISTIANE BECHT is a writer, international seminar leader, coach and teacher for Essence Training and the Energy Balancing Institute. A native of Germany, she was a first league field hockey player and comes from a background in corporate marketing for Fortune 500 companies like Kraft and Proctor & Gamble.

    When she was a CEO of her own marketing research company, Christiane first started to notice how the energy of rooms affected people. This observation drove her to embark on the study of Feng Shui, energy healing practices involving chakras and auras, spirituality, mediumship and psychology.

    In 2005, she became acquainted with Essence Training and Energy Balancing. Passionate about these unique methods, Christiane went on to develop Energy Balancing workshops and courses. After seeing the rapid, positive impact this work had on her clients, she and three of her colleagues went on to co-author the book Your Energy in Action! Energy Balancing for Daily Living.

    In this work, Christiane brings her extensive practical experience in applying Energy Balancing to “real life” situations, along with her knowledge of how people quickly learn this simple and highly effective method, as a “fast track” catalyst to higher levels of living and personal transformation. 

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    Keys to Unlock Your Well-being

    by Anne Naylor – 

    Do you ever feel stuck? Maybe you feel stuck right now. I have heard it said that our greatest problem is a lack of awareness about how to handle a situation. When we start to take action, we are motion and begin to feel better.
    The action we take may not produce the exact result we are looking for but it will take us nearer to it. Actions that seem ineffective nevertheless teach us something – possibly about what NOT to do.
    Keep taking action. There is a story of two frogs in a bucket of cream. One is despondent, does nothing and well, sinks. The other keeps kicking. Sooner or later, he surmises in a froggy kind of a way, the cream will turn into butter and he will hop out.
    A simple formula for success I use is:

    1. Do more of the things that work for you.
    2. Do less of the things that do not work.
    3. Experiment and be creative in finding new approaches that will be successful for you.

    Keeping a positive focus, knowing your direction and destination, will keep you in touch with possible next actions to take. Do not worry if they do not produce the answer. Keep going! Stay engaged in the attempt. Endure until you get there.
    This guided visualization will assist you to lift above any stuckness you may be experiencing and encourage you to take that one next step.
    Getting In The Flow
    Begin by taking in a deep breath and letting it go. Drop your shoulders. Be aware of your breath. Let it be.
    Think of a river… Observe the sounds, the sparkle of sunshine on it, and imagine yourself in the river, being carried by its natural flow. Notice the refreshing coolness of the water, the ever changing scenery as you flow with it, the plants, other life – fishes that brush past you – the rocks and pebbles that tickle you and make you come more alive.
    As you flow with the river, become aware of the destination, of your magnificence, the great ocean of love and mercy that is waiting for you, a greater life, that you are one drop among many and that you do count. Feel the quality of expansion fill you as your joy and enthusiasm grow and bless every cell of your body.

    Creating Space
    You become aware that you can open the floodgates through your service to others, asking for the support you need and giving it to others, giving away that which you no longer need, value or have use for. Creating space for greater flow in your life.
    You find yourself joining the stream of life, flowing with what you want in your heart. 
    You are seeing the wealth of who you are as a blessing to give, to receive more fully and to share with others. 
    In this is an awakening of your heart – that which gives to you and sustains you. With this too, an awakening of love, an awakening to the magnificence of who you are…
    And you love it all.
    • Love the waters that flow
    • Love the rocks that make the journey interesting
    • Love the lessons that the rocks provide
    • Love the depths
    • Love the shallows
    • Love the still moments
    • Love the torrents
    • Love it all.

    Take in another deep breath. Let it go. Allow yourself to come more present in your surroundings now. Notice what is immediately around you and the peace that is within you. Make a note of any insights you received and the practical action you can take to unlock your greater well-being.
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    10 Coping Tips for Emotional Empaths

    by Krishanti Wahla – 

    When I first started becoming aware of the world of energy and I heard about “emotional empaths,” I thought they were a rare breed of super-psychic, sensitive people who were different from everyone else. It turns out, that’s not necessarily the case. 
    Empaths, you see are highly affected by the energies around them.  

    Often referred to as “sponges” and they get thrown off by other people’s moods and emotions, sensing their joy and excitement (which can be ok to feel) but also their anger, depression, sorrow and pain (which is awful to feel – especially because a lot of empaths have a hard time discerning whether these feelings belong to themselves, or someone else). 

    Nowadays, I’m almost starting to think it’s more strange NOT to be an empath than to be one because most of the people I meet for readings and healings are emotional empaths to some degree or another. 
    If you find your emotions swinging all over the place for no apparent reason or start to feel overwhelmed, weirded out or bombarded by energies in different places or spaces, you might (like a lot people) be empathic. 
    The following techniques can help you to get grounded, centered and back to your own vibration.

    1. If a place feels off to you, leave it. Don’t hang around for any “logical” reason – just get out.  

    There’s a shop near my home that has amazing clothes but every time I go in there I get a headache and leave feeling crappy. I’m not going there again anytime soon – unless I’m really ready to risk a potentially amazing fashion find for feeling bad for an afternoon.  

    2. Do certain people make you feel “off?” If so, create distance between your body and theirs. 

    Don’t keep interacting with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. Get the heck away from them! If any of these people happen to be your boss or co-workers, it’s time to get a new job. 

    3. If you’re stuck sitting somewhere and you can’t stand it anymore, get up and start walking around. 

    Leave the building and walk around the block if you can – just start moving. 

    4. When you’re feeling down or not yourself, listen to music. 

    Trust your intuition to tell you what you need – soothing, classical music, upbeat, fun music, or mellow, chill-out tunes. The notes will shift your vibration and bring you back to center.  

    5. Feeling totally burned out? Retreat in solitude for a while. 

    Take a bath, hide out in your bedroom and watch movies or read books or magazines, or go by yourself to your favorite place in nature. If you can, get out of town for a weekend. The distance will recharge your batteries. 

    6. Create an Energetic No-Fly Zone around your aura. 

    Envision your aura as it surrounds your body. Imagine it stretching to 10 feet (or more) in every direction, up above your head, down below your feet, and all around your body. Then see a strong, unbreakable, bullet-proof shield around the edges that keeps all foreign energy out. 

    If you’re feeling super bombarded and threatened, make the shield into iron and put sharp thorns or spikes in it. The more you reinforce this imagery, the more you’ll find that people respect your space, and your vibration will in turn become less sponge-like and absorbent.   

    7. Did you just get slimed by someone? This shamanic/witchy routine may help.

    This technique should be reserved for when you really super need help with clearing. It’s called an “egg cleanse.” Take a raw white egg, hold it between your hands, and pray, pray, pray that it will absorb any negative vibes from your body. 

    Run it all over your head, down your arms, and circle it around each of your chakras, envisioning at all times that it’s absorbing any and all negative energy from your body. When you’re done, throw it into the toilet so it cracks, and then flush the egg – and the bad vibes – away forever. 

    8. Get creative with crystals, oils, and amulets.

    There’s a reason these tools have been in existence for ages. Black tourmaline is great for empaths. Hold it in your hand or over your solar plexus chakra and imagine it protecting you from unwanted stuff. 

    Lemon essential oil cleanses other people’s vibes from your body, and rosemary, lavender, and cedar help strengthen your personal vibration. Any amulet in the form of a ring, necklace, or bracelet will remind you of your own strength and help you from soaking up, and being affected by, other people’s stuff.  

    9. Go into child’s pose. 

    This yoga position always helps you regain your own energy. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths and ask your guides to help you release any energy that’s not yours so that you can stay centered, focused, and grounded.  

    10. Ask yourself what you need right now and then do it – immediately! 

    It could be as simple as petting your cat, going for a run, downing a glass of water, eating some chocolate or watching something that will make you laugh out loud. Try this experiment in tuning in to your higher self, and you will definitely receive guidance that is good for you at any given moment.

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    5 Tips for a Well-Balanced Life

    by Tim Gasser –

    A well balanced life is essential for personal effectiveness, peace of mind and living well. Whether we work, go to school, are retired or not, we all have responsibilities. There is always someone or something to answer to. There are things we want to do and things we must do.

    The challenge is to balance what we must do with what we enjoy and want to do. This is not always easy. If however, we are unable to reduce stress and manage a well-balanced life there can be physical and/or emotional health consequences.


    1. Take care of and nurture yourself.

    You cannot accomplish anything if you’re unhealthy. Get plenty of rest, exercise and eat properly. Many people think they can burn the candle at both ends, eat junk food, get very little exercise, and still function adequately. You may be able to get away with this for a while if you’re quite young, however, at some point this type of life style will catch up with the best of us. Burnout is a real possibility. 

    You may want to set aside time each day for an activity that you enjoy, such as walking, working out or listening to music. Or, allow yourself to unwind after a hectic day by reading, meditating or taking a nice hot bath.

    2. Know what your priorities are.

    Balance doesn’t mean do everything you can. Examine your values and decide what’s important to you, then set your boundaries. You may be in the process of building a career, starting a family or going to school. Depending on what stage you’re at in your life, your focus and energies will be different.

    Try not to become overwhelmed by juggling too many big projects in your life at once. Maybe planning a wedding is not a good idea when you’re studying for a law exam. Perhaps, neither is starting a family when you are unsure about your career direction, or relationship status.

    Not knowing what you want and trying to do everything at once can be a recipe for disaster instead of the road to leading a well-balanced life. Try not to bite off more than you can chew.

    3. Create an efficient mind-set.

    Be organised and plan ahead. Take time at the beginning of each week to assess what needs to be done. Make a to-do list in a planner or calendar for upcoming appointments, exams to write or study for, or meetings to attend. Be sure to assign recreation and quality time for yourself and your family as well.

    Taking time to connect with family and friends will recharge your batteries and make you more efficient in the long run.

    4. Expect the unexpected.

    Rather than get stressed and upset, allow yourself to roll with the punches when something you have no control over happens. You may get stuck in traffic, your computer could crash or your child could get sick with the chickenpox. Stuff happens. We’ve all experienced the unexpected.

    If you accept that anything can happen at any time, it’s less likely it throw you off your stride when it does. Be able to adjust your game plan. 

    Note also … that there are times when achieving balance may not be possible. For instance, you may have a family or career crisis that needs your immediate and undivided attention. It may require an exceptional amount of your time and resources. When that happens, do whatever it takes and when things go back to normal take time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself.

    5. Maintain a positive mental attitude.

    Begin each day with the intention of making the best and most of it. It may not always go as planned, but it can go more smoothly if you put it in perspective. Part of living a well-balanced life is learning how to deal with adversity, unforeseen events and uncertainty.

    If you practice not letting things get to you, you will not only learn to live a well-balanced and less stressful life, you will learn to live in and savour the moment. Once you’ve done everything you can within your control, let your life unfold. Be prepared for the future, but don’t worry about it.

    While we can’t anticipate and plan for everything in our lives, we can decide how, where and when to concentrate our energies. This may require some critical thinking and problem solving but in the end it will lead to much less stress and a well-balanced life.

    Live Your Life – Love Your Life.

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