Patience Brings Blessings

by Ann Albers –

I passed a “Don’t Walk” signal today – you know the kind with a red hand for don’t walk and a green hand that signals when you can cross the intersection. However, this one was different – it actually had a counter, counting down the seconds until you could cross the street. And I thought to myself, “Good grief! We have become so impatient in our society that we have to know the number of the seconds until we can cross the street.”

What happened to taking time to smell the roses, appreciate the blue sky or spend time in some quiet contemplation. What happened to time spent talking to friends? Why do our to do lists become so almighty important that we forget what truly is?

I have been working very hard the past several years to appreciate each moment I get rather than rushing to the next. And still I am learning that. Instead of bemoaning the things I have to do and rushing through them so I can get to what I want to do, I’m learning to look for the opportunity in all things. On the way home from tai chi, my car told me it needed its oil and air filter changed. Technically speaking, Zippy, my car angel told me. I’m no mechanic but when Zippy talks, I listen. So off to the repair shop I went and it turns out that it was a good thing I did. Sitting there waiting for my car to get fixed, I had a blast.

I’ve been eating so well that the free coffee and chocolate doughnuts were a real treat. Then, miraculously, class material for Heaven and Earth began to pour into my head and since the angels had suggested I bring a notebook and pen, I captured it. Next I had time to meditate and there in a waiting area, surrounded by people, cars, and you name it, I slipped into bliss.

Two hours later I had the energy rush of a lifetime. Something in me popped and heat like fire flamed through my entire body. It felt AMAZING. This was the rush of God energy I’ve been waiting for to move through old gunk stored in my body. I laid down immediately and let it run through me. My knees were so weak I couldn’t walk. When the heat finally subsided, I downed half a can of Pringles, a banana, some Emergen-C, a quesadilla, and dark chocolate, which felt wonderful – earlier I had wondered and wondered why I hadn’t been able to think of lunch. It grounded me.

I am convinced it was embracing the time in the car repair shop, with both patience and gratitude that gave me the opportunity to allow God’s energy to move within me. I have learned over and over and over again to let go, and let God manage my time.

I am STILL learning to embrace each moment more fully without rushing to the next. I still have an old habit of letting my mind get ahead of my ‘now.’ But with practice, each day it gets easier to embrace what is in front of me – to say this is what IS now, and this is what I can make of it. Patience, which used to be the bane of my existence is becoming a dear friend.

Message from the Angels

Be patient with yourselves. You want so very much and this is wonderful for it is the very nature of the soul to want to grow, expand and learn from new experiences. And yet as surely as a rose must patiently await the season to bloom, so you too must allow God time to work with the universe to bring all the forces required into alignment to make your dreams come true.

There are times when you are called to wait for a reason. Perhaps you want something such as money to calm your fears, but God wants you to learn that eternal security rests in trusting the Divine light within yourself. Perhaps you will have to dig deep into your spirit to find gifts and talents you have been wanting to bring to the surface. Perhaps you will learn to live with less material pleasures so you can focus on what is truly missing in your lives and begin to pray for that to come about.

Imagine a two year old throwing tantrums because he wants a cookie, all the while his mother has the most beautiful meal and the most delicious dessert awaiting him. He doesn’t know this and so he insists he gets his cookie now… and yet patience proves to be the best course, allowing him greater pleasure than the ‘quick hit’ provided by the cookie.

Lessons that Patience Brings

So too, God dreams dreams for your soul that are grander than you can imagine and sometimes you will wait for your heart’s desires to come about, not because you cannot create them instantly but more often because there is something greater awaiting you if you learn the lessons that patience brings.

So if you want something or some change or some situation in your life, by all means intend it, pray for it, and ask that you receive this or better. And then, in the process of awaiting guidance, live your lives. Drop into your hearts and see what you want to do now, in this moment, given the resources, time and people in front of you. These baby steps of living right now, in each moment, using what you have in front of you and giving thanks for that will increase not only your joy in life but also your capacity to appreciate and value even more.

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Love and Guidance

by Ann Albers – 

As you continue on your quest for love here upon this planet earth, remember that everything you seek is to be found within you first. You can choose to continue playing this game of life by man’s rules. You can continue to seek happiness in the things and the situations of life around. You will feel worried or upset when you don’t have what you want and temporarily happy when you get what you do. 
But the cycle never ends, dear friends, for you will find that no person and no thing will satisfy your ultimate craving which is to feel God’s love moving into you you and flowing through you outward into the world.

This is what you seek – to know yourself as part of the loving flow of creation – to receive what you need, to share from your abundance and to experience a never ending flow of love.

If you play by God’s rules, you put love first. You choose loving words and actions towards yourself first. You choose to acknowledge that God does care about your heart and your dreams because He put those dreams in your heart to begin with. You choose to sit in silence and receive this love, and to sit in quiet contemplation of that which your heart seeks.

In giving yourself this time and in giving your heart this attention, you will receive the love, guidance, energy, and resources that you need. 

Yes, you will have to take action when you feel compelled or guided to do so. This action may not be what those around you feel you should want for your life. It may not be what you thought you wanted for your life, and yet when the call to action comes – when God plants a seed of guidance in your heart – everything will feel right about taking this step.

You may have fears. You may wonder if you are worthy. You may worry about what others will think but the action will appeal to you. It will feel as if you want to say, “Yes, yes, yes God, this is what sounds intriguing, interesting and compelling in this moment!” So dear friends, choose God. Choose love. Choose to sit quietly a few minutes a day and receive love and/or guidance. 

Know that when God is ready to guide you He will find a way to get through to you and you won’t miss the wisdom what you need to move forward.

God loves you. God loves you so much that He is the breath that breathes life into you. It is His love that makes your heart beat and your lungs open for life giving air. It is His love that beckons you behind all material things and situations that you seek. 

We are not asking you to renounce material desires but rather to acknowledge that the true desire is to feel God’s love and when you sit still and feel that, you will be guided in your material life towards deep and true satisfaction as well.
Message from the Angels

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Reach for the Light

by Ann Albers – 

If you get clear in your hearts what it is you are seeking whether it be as specific as a new career or as general as inner peace, then God will join you in your request to create whatever it is your heart truly desires. You must own your dreams. You must realize that you are taking part in the creation of the unfolding universe. 
You must realize that you are powerful beings and your thoughtforms affect the template of reality here upon the earth.

By thinking thoughts in alignment with your dreams you propel yourselves forward, become more open to assistance, and notice the opportunities when they arrive. By expecting help, miracles, healings, and support along the way you become open to receiving it. By looking for the good you will see it.

Seek and ye shall find.

When you only expect trauma and drama dear ones, these are the things you find. When you expect support, then it comes even in the smallest of ways. Patience is required but you will find that angels come to assist you when you become clear on whatever it is your heart truly desires. 
The heart never desires to interfere with the free will of another. The heart wants true love, whereas the mind might project that intent and think it must come from a specific person. The heart wants feelings of God’s abundance and security whereas the mind might project that onto a dollar amount in the bank. The heart wants to experience other cultures via travel, perhaps, but the mind says the trip must happen at this time in this fashion. The heart of a child wants a shiny new red bicycle, and the mind says I must have it right now. 
You must learn to surrender to your hearts desires, while releasing the control of the mind in order for your dreams to come true. 
The heart wants experiences, feelings and above all the experience of God’s love in all areas of life. The mind contrives ways it believes this must happen in order to prove to itself it is loved.

God, dear ones has a view of creation that is far more vast than any one human being. God can answer prayers in ways you cannot even imagine. So dear ones, assume your prayers are heard. Assume your dreams will come true. Assume you are cared for, loved and cherished in the heavens and that your heart matters. Then practice patience, surrender, trust and faith and know that miracles and magic await you around every turn. This is your birthright and if you can accept it, the universe is more than willing to give.

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Kaleidoscope of Creation

by Ann Albers – 

Celebrate your existence dear friends, for to be alive upon your planet earth is a blessing. So many souls desire this experience and adventure. Where other than on your dear planet do you have the opportunity to learn so much! 
Earth is truly the greatest school in the universe, admittedly also one of the toughest schools but the one in which you can learn the greatest faith, the deepest love, the most profound clarity about the diversity and wonder of God. 
Your earth is a rich kaleidoscope of creation. 
Look all around you and witness the miracle of God’s love. Look at the sunsets, the mountains, the oceans, the rivers, the birds, the creepie crawlers, the animals. Look at your own two hands, your eyes, your miraculous bodies. Look all around you, below you, above you, and within you – for that is where you will find the presence of God’s love. 
God’s love is not only experienced in your next paycheck, the sale of your house, the perfect mate, the reassurance of a savings account, acceptance, understanding and appreciation of others … 
God’s love is available with the very air you breathe.

Each of you wants to feel loved. Each of you wants to feel secure. Each of you wants desperately to dissolve the illusions of separation and know that God is with you. Look around and seek out expressions of God’s love in the smallest ways. 

BE the expression of God’s love so that others may more easily see it. And in doing so you will see truth, be truth, and experience truth. Truth dear ones, means that you are always loved.

Mastering Your Thoughts

by Ann Albers – 

At this time upon your earth, the energy for manifestation is very strong. It is important therefore that you continue to work on mastering your thoughts so they will not master you. There are massive negative thoughtforms present upon your planet – financial fears, fears of security, fears about the future of the world, and unfortunately they are so strong that the minute you have a negative thought, you tend to tap into these vibrations and amplify your own fears or concerns. 
God’s love and God’s grace is always available to you, no matter what your outer circumstances – as surely as the sun is always shining whether the skies are grey and cloudy or the storms rage upon the surface of the earth. The light is always there. 
If you take time to rest, take time to be present to your here and now, and take time to pray for God’s love to enter your hearts and heal any situation that causes you concern, then dear ones you will feel peace amidst chaos, abundance in a shaky economy, security amidst uncertainty, and above all, love in the midst of a world that sometimes forgets how dearly every single one of you is cherished.

Mind your thoughts as if you are tending to a very beautiful garden. 
When you notice one that is negative, acknowledge its right to be, then choose a better one. For example if you feel worried about money, say to yourself, “Ok, I love the part of me that is worried,but I choose to acknowledge that God loves and supports me.” if someone hurts your feelings or acts in an unkind way, say to yourself, “Ok, I acknowledge that they have a right to act in any way they choose, but I also have a right to want kinder treatment. I will forgive them but choose kinder company, or choose to speak up with love, or choose to simply turn away from the unkind words. “

We understand it is not always easy to choose loving and kind, abundant and peaceful thoughts… and yet the rewards are plentiful if you do. Change your inner world dear ones, and watch the reflections in the outside world begin to change as well.