The Arrival of the New Normal

by Kingsley Dennis –

We have entered a time which I refer to as the New Normal, and we need to understand that things are never going to be the same again. We have to get used to doing things differently – for these ‘different things’ will become our normal ways soon enough. 
This shift from older patterns and structures that once served us well, into a space where some things are no longer working for us can be unsettling and disturbing. 
Yet don’t waste time with old energy patterns that are no longer working. 
We may feel frustrated in not knowing what to do – and yet this is only just the beginning. In terms of the longer time scale we still have a long way to go, for this change is going to be many years in the making.
Things may now change faster than they have ever done before – we are living in a reality that is on the move. It is likely that many of us have already experienced this – a sense of rapidity and uncertainty unlike previous years. There is no need for this feeling of ‘shifting ground’ to cause anxiety. Change does not mean something negative – people are only afraid of what they don’t know. 
The easy part in all of this is accepting the need for a ‘new normal’ – the more difficult part is to actively engage in change, in a way that is balanced, stable, and not strange. Being a part of the ‘new normal’ also means normalizing ourselves: there is no more need to stand apart; that is, to use ‘difference’ as part of your personality or identity. You cannot express your full potential when imbalanced. 
The ‘new normal’ is not here to alienate oneself and others – it does not support divisive energies.
Sometimes change needs courage – courage to accept this change as the new normal. Some people are more used to and adaptive to change than others – each person must find what is right and comfortable for them. However, we are not starting from scratch – arriving to where we find ourselves now is also part of the change.
In fact, it is stability which is the illusion as everything is in flux. 
Life is one complete flux-engine – if we can put it that way – and the human body is equipped for constant change. When there is imbalance in the body it naturally seeks to find balance: physically, emotionally, and energetically. 
Finding New Positions, Definitions and Tools
We already instinctively know this, and how to practice it. By re-adapting to change and flux we propel ourselves forward – it is a force of momentum within our lives. The new re-balancing is not about going back to the old – it is about finding new positions and definitions. We have to re-define for ourselves what is the new normal.
We have to learn how to operate the new tools we have and which we are expected to use. 
Religious belief and unquestioning faith were old tools, for example. Now we need to figure out what are the new tools we have and how to use them. And within this period of new learning we may also need to do some personal ‘clearing’ – to get our own personal house in order.
So let’s be clear: the new normal is consistent change – and this normal can change on a daily basis. 
Is this so difficult to accept and understand? It seems that many of the young people can work with this; it is not difficult for them to grasp the essentiality of change. For many young people, it seems obvious that change is an essential and necessary, part of life. It is only us, entrenched in our years of conditioned stability that fear such flux and flow.
If anyone reading this is feeling a connection to this theme it is also because they sense the need for change within their own lives. They sense it is right – that there is some urge within them that is telling them that something needs to change – there is intent to know more. 
There’s no better time than now for re-engagement – to reflect upon the question of ‘what is “life” for me? – and how can I participate?’
The following are some of what I consider to be at the basis of change:
  1. Release the fear conditioning
  2. Re-calibrate the definitions of what is ‘normal’
  3. Observe emotions and emotional responses and needs
  4. Get used to change – it is the only normal there is
  5. Be joyful with change and changing habits/patterns – learn to love it
  6. Don’t try to get back to the old ‘normal’ – adjustment is not a return, it’s a moving forward
  7. Waiting for the ‘old’ is not an option
  8. Change works better when you are pro-active so activate your engagement/participation. Get involved with your own changes!
  9. Trust your intuition and intuitive feelings
From Survival Mode to Creation Mode

It can be unsettling at first when trying to get used to something that is always moving! It is like a radio station that constantly shifts its broadcast frequencies – and every day you have to re-tune your radio to find the new frequency. Yet this constant shifting is also a way for us to find meaning and significance in our lives. 
We may find that many of the shifts that we choose to activate/act on will have a direct influence upon our need to find a renewed meaning in life. Another way to consider these changes is to view them as being part of the shift from survival mode to creation mode – creating a new way of living more suitable to how we wish to live life in creative and meaningful ways.
Conscious Participation
As we gradually (or even suddenly!) shift into the era of the new normal we may discover that we fall into one of the following categories:
  • Manifestors
  • Facilitators
  • Nurturers

Each role is equal in importance – and yet each is different in how it relates and engages with others in life. The new normal is going to have a strong influence upon the values of connectivity, communication, consciousness and compassion.
Our social, local and global networks will be ever more important for us. 
Whether we manifest things in life, facilitate for others or nurture others – each involves conscious participation. That is the core of the new normal – balanced, stable, conscious participation in finding meaning for ourselves and others; and to be creative and active in pursuing a positive future for all.

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10 Keys for Creating Your Extraordinary Life

by Jane Straus –

Recognize that you are enduring.

Do you feel that you never have time to stop? Do you distract yourself with eating, working, volunteering, cleaning, etc.? Do you resent that you never have time to do the things your spirit longs for? Do you feel resigned rather than inspired? 
If you wake up most mornings feeling anxious, bored or numb, looking forward to some imagined future time when you will feel happier – “when my children finally start school,” “when my bills are paid off,” “when I retire” – then you are enduring.

Release your self-judgments.

Your negative beliefs about yourself that are holding you back-you’re untalented, too fat, not smart enough, etc.- are probably rooted in your childhood. Why would you let your “inner seven-year-old” run your life?

These judgments are real but they are only as true as you have believed them to be. Give yourself compassion for having carried the burden of your self-judgments. Replace them with affirmations and find new evidence to support your willingness to believe in them. Affirmations are as true as you allow them to be.

Question your limiting beliefs.

When you tenaciously hold on to the belief that the world works in one particular way (against you), or that there is only one right way to do something (and you are doing it wrong), or that your actions will inevitably result in a specific and predictable outcome (bad), you are strapping on blinders.

Make a commitment to take off those blinders. It will take practice and patience to stay out of “limiting belief territory,” but eventually it will become second nature. You’ll quickly start to see that life no longer feels boring and predictable.

Drop your acts.

When you put on the armor of an act, you sacrifice your authenticity for protection. For instance, you think no one can hurt you if you’re tough enough…or that everyone will love you if you’re nice enough…or that everyone will respect you if you never admit to being wrong.

Your acts will become your prison. Instead, give yourself joyful permission to become more of who you really are. You will feel free and you will find that who you are is much more interesting than any character you could possibly play.

Face down your fear.

What fear is keeping you from living your extraordinary life? Whatever it is—quitting your unfulfilling job, leaving an abusive marriage, telling the truth about your past—you must face it head on. Recognize that F.E.A.R. means “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Think of the worst-case scenario and see yourself living through it with dignity. Get support from others. Create an affirmation, such as, “I am now courageous.” Then, just do it. Remember that no matter what the momentary outcome of facing down your fear brings, your worth as a person is constant and never in question.

Free your feelings.

If you feel bored, you are probably ignoring or avoiding something. Make an effort to connect with your feelings. Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths.

Check in with your body. Do you feel any tightness or pain? Give that pain or tightness a name, such as fear, hurt, anger, resentment, sadness.

If your body feels light and open, give that an emotional name such as joy, love, happiness. Whatever emotions you feel and name, just allow them to be. If they change, let that be. Let yourself be. Learn to honor your emotions. Give them an opportunity to inspire you.

Heal your anger and resentment.

When you can acknowledge that your resentments are fueled by your personal regrets, you free yourself to step out of the victim role. It is not that you are letting others off the hook for unkind or unfair behaviors; they are still responsible for their intentions and actions. But the moment you uncover your regrets, you are empowered to let go of resentment.

Forgive yourself.

Make a list of the wrongs you have done to others and to yourself. See them as results of survival strategies. Acknowledge the consequences of these strategies to yourself and others. Grieve for your losses and your mistakes.

Make amends with yourself and others. Create an affirmation to replace the self-judgments that drove you to using your survival strategies. And remember to treat yourself the way you would want others to treat you.

Know, speak and live your truth.

Commit to being truthful in all you say and do. Realize that being truthful is not synonymous with being honest. Truth is a complex blend of honesty mixed with compassion and vulnerability.

When you are “brutally honest,” you are expressing your judgment but not expressing your truth. Your spirit knows the difference between truth and honesty. When you express your highest thoughts and intentions, you are able to live a true life, not just an honest one.

Create your extraordinary life every day.

To live in your truth is to allow your spirit’s energy into every cell of your being and into every thought and action.

Here’s what this means in everyday terms: 

When you tell the clerk at the grocery store checkout counter that she has given you too much change, you make truth and spirit matter more than money.

When you hear gossip and don’t pass it along, you make truth and spirit matter more than your momentary desire to feel important.

When you tell someone you love him or her, unsure of whether he or she will say it in return, you make truth and spirit matter more than your fear of rejection.

Make these decisions every day. It takes courage and commitment to be your extraordinary self. You will be amply rewarded with a rich and fulfilling life.

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Even On Your Worst Days

Dear Human,

Even on your worst days life is still life.

Even on your worst days you still get to see the sun rise and set and the moon wax and wane.

Even on your worst days the earth still spins on it’s axis and the planets still continue their voyage around the sun.

Even on your worst days you still get to marvel at the beauty of the snow and rain and mud and mountains and oceans and stars and so much more.

Even on your worst days you can do one, some or all of these: you can walk, talk, smell, taste, and/or touch.

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Our Divine Original Blueprint

Stefanie Miller –

I have had a recurring vision of a life I embodied as a Monk. I see myself in a long white robe kneeling on the ground praying over a single blade of grass. Such an overwhelming feeling of peace, gratitude and love washes over me. The message I intuit is that all of life is sacred and precious. When we send out positive vibrations to even the tiniest and seemingly least significant form of life it matters and impacts the Whole.

We are all interconnected at the cellular level in the vast matrix we call life.

The past few years have been anything but easy. If anything it has shaken us to the core and left us feeling uprooted. This lack of stability is to allow us to feel vulnerable and open to the possibilities.

We are being brought together with individuals and groups that we normally wouldn’t choose but we are gravitating towards them for a higher purpose of connecting and assisting each other in completing lessons we are finally ready to overcome once and for all. 

Those who tend to isolate are being pushed to reach out to help others and lend support. Those who tend to only give and feel uncomfortable receiving are being prompted to accept assistance.

We are awakening to the fact that we are all One under the same Central Sun.

The trials and tribulations we’ve been going through have been an initiation into the higher realms. 
As we finally “get it” and really begin to let go of the ego, things become less complicated and more open ended. All that we’ve experienced has lead us to finally see things in a new way and forgo limiting creations, repeating the same behaviors that have gotten us nowhere, and forge a new experience. It’s like taking the same route all the time and one day noticing things that have always been there but we failed to see.

We are being challenged to face our fears and look at, acknowledge, face, deal with and release each and every one of them. 

Let me tell you this is no easy task! Once we finally realize they are only illusions created by our past experiences and fostered by our egos we can finally let them go once and for all.

We can no longer endure the agony of living in fear of the unknown. This is when we finally reach a point of total surrender. Our choice is to accept the present moment and find contentment with what is or endure living in discontent. As an empty vessel we are able to find peace. 

From this still point we can open our hearts to receive our Divine Original Blueprint and be filled with what will serve our highest good and greatest joy.
This is the scenario we are all undergoing in one form or another. Those who are resisting the process have it the hardest. We are being squeezed through the birth canal into a new way of life. We are awakening to see and experience the world through fresh eyes. The pathway is through opening our hearts. We are learning how to express love from a genuine place of self-acceptance and non-judgment.
This is a time of integrating all the lessons we’ve learned and applying them in our lives. We are being prompted to take risks and approach things in a way that is out of our comfort zone. Our lives are being revamped.

When we give up trying to control things and do things the way we “think” we should, we allow Source to work some magic in our lives. By giving thanks for unknown blessings already on their way to us, we are saying we expect good things to happen. Do you see the difference? We may not know who, what, when, where or how it is coming, all we do is focus on the positive. Now is about surrendering our will and saying yes to life.

The energy is much more free flowing and creative once we are released from our old stories and belief systems. 

The only thing necessary is a willingness to change. Once we make up our mind that our past doesn’t have to join us in the future we can leave it behind. That is the freeing aspect of Creation.

We’ve done so much inner and outer work. For those of us who’ve already jumped through hoops and done back flips in working on ourselves the hard part is over. This is the time of allowing a gentle unfolding. We simply give permission to be free and it is so. It is that easy.

Relationships will continue to go through some major transformations as many new people come into our lives. Those who leave are just not on the same pathway as we are. Relationships are meant to uplift and raise us to a higher plateau, not drain or bring us down. Once we choose what we want, we only get more and more of that.
Creating abundance becomes easier and easier when we are not bogged down by limiting thoughts or repeating self-defeating behaviors. We create not only monetary abundance but also a wealth of good things by knowing that all things are possible and feeling the many blessings around us.
Best of all and most of all our hearts are opening to deeper and more profound levels of love. 
I find love just bubbles up inside of me and all I want to do is express it. Our relationship with animals, nature and the cosmos is deepening. As we nourish the connection it heals Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants.
Now is a time of gently honoring our process and being kind to one another. It is about releasing the past and holding a positive vision of the future. It is our choice to choose LOVE and embody it at the cellular level.

P r a y e r
Dear God, I show up today as a vessel of pure love. May my presence bring joy and comfort to others. I believe in miracles and I know a miracle is on its way to me right now! I am grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. 

Thank you for all that is and all that is to be. I surrender any lingering fears, doubts or worry that I may be carrying inside of me. I know that everything is working out for my highest and greatest good. I trust and know that life is good. And so it is. Amen.
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Energetic Intentions

There is so much energy inside you that you give out all day long. It goes to thoughts, to people, to activities; this is wonderful if you are in harmony with where you are focusing your energy. 

If your energy is going to a place that is not so joyful for example to a person who is demanding the heart starts to become heavy. When the heart becomes heavy, abundance does not flow. Abundance is everything not just money, so often you do not need money. You can be given items of monetary value for example. You do not always need the cash in your hand to create the item you need.

When you open to the flow of life, that which you need and desire can come to you effortlessly. Many have misunderstood this, it is a powerful principle and one that does not come from an ego or a mental desire but the truth of what you need in any moment.

Energetic intentions are so much more powerful than physical intentions. For example, if you say, “I wish to open to more love, more joy or more abundance” and then allow the Universe to send the details of these energies to you, you will not only manifest quicker but you will have some nice surprises along the way. Life is supposed to be surprising.

–Zapharia through Lee, from Earth Meditation – Abundance in ‘Energy Speaks – Volume Two’

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Money 101: The Missing Link to Your Abundance

Money 101:  The Missing Link to Your Abundance

Money 101: The Missing Link to Your Abundance

[NOW IN SYNDICATION]  It’s time to have a talk—a serious talk about money. It’s been a couple of years since 12/12/12 and many awakened ones are still struggling financially, still trying to figure out how money fits in within their expanded spiritual views.
Recall, prior to the frenzied run-up to the “twelves,” rumors ran rampant that the “Forces of Good” would finally extract control of trillions of dollars from the “Forces of Evil” to be distributed to lightworkers globally, along with the revaluation of several currencies. Many people put their lives on hold or lost everything investing in and waiting for these events to materialize, or are still waiting for invitations to live in cooperative community.

blog-money2TO BE OR NOT TO BE

Fundamentally, the only thing that has changed, is that we have heralded in a higher consciousness collectively—a glorious thing for all of humanity. Prior, only a handful of enlightened ones walked the Earth, now thanks to the Grand Awakening, many do. We realized that we are the Second Coming of Christ, as a state of consciousness—Christ consciousness, or Unity Consciousness.
Those of us that were industrious before enlightenment continue to be so, chopping wood and carrying water, as the saying goes, transitioning from competitive separation consciousness to working together cooperatively—though your occupation may also have evolved.
You are now aware that the all of everything is God, including you, as love itself. As part of God’s perpetual existence, God/Creation loves and supports Itself as the One, meaning Creation loves and supports you, the caveat being—your participation is required.


Let’s examine how money energetically fits into the Big Picture. In dimensions higher and lower than the third, money is not found. But, as a multi-dimensional being, you also live in the third dimension where money exists as a means of energetic exchange within Creation for the purpose of perpetuating more of itself. Creation/God is its own power source, perpetually making love.
As you appear to have a physical body that arises out of third dimensional energy, the metaphor of money represents is an inseparable part of living in third dimensional consciousness and always will be, unless one wishes to live like an animal or be totally dependent on others for their basic needs.
When in the physical body, no human escapes vocation. Jesus was a teacher with so much money coming in, Judas managed it for him. Even a beggar with a begging bowl works hard as a beggar. Many spiritual teachers/gurus are masters in marketing higher consciousness, attracting devotees happy to handle the third dimensional aspect of their vocation for them. The beggar begs, the spiritual teacher markets concepts, the student studies, the artist expresses… Everyone works at something.
Dependence on others is not interdependence, the natural order of things. Though the true teacher teaches out of compassion and not for money, he or she realizes money is part of the package of being human and does not oppose it, therefore it flows freely. Even the honeybee and the flower have a symbiotic relationship, the flower bearing the pollen for the bee to cultivate. Those living in caves in the Himalayas are brought food in recognition of the “work” they are doing on behalf of all of humanity on a much higher plain of existence because the third dimensional aspect of physicality must still be handled. And you must handle yours. Like the yogis, you are not asked to do so alone. The Universe is synergistically offering you abundance and means now, in this moment. In the third dimension, it takes two or more.


The belief that money is not “spiritual” or the rejection of money is actually a belief born out of separation consciousness. To reject money is a form of rejecting love itself, and/or creating separation.
Let’s go deeper briefly by understanding that the human is always doing both—creating separation and unification as part of the ebb/flow cycle of the physical world. When you become fully conscious, transcendence of your own habitual looping ebb/flow patterns occurs as you uncover them, but you are still subject to the ebb and flow of the physical world.
You may not be interested in money other than your daily bread. We could possibly speculate that 99% of the planet would be quite content to simply receive their daily bread without struggle, preferring to live a joy-filled life with no need to amass fortunes for fortunes’ sake, however, in 3D, action must still be taken.



So many awakened are suffering from such poverty, it’s time we collectively address the matter. As stated previously, many reject money believing that austerity leads to even greater depths of spirituality, that money is no longer required, or they are waiting for someone to hand them money, gifts, resources and opportunities without having to take any steps on their own behalf.
These imaginings, now a full-blown collective fantasy also derived out of separation consciousness, have taken on a life of their own. As Christ consciousness is within, so too, is your abundance. Do you see how rejecting any aspect of life, including the human part of existence is to reject yourself? Money is spiritual.
As we do live multi-dimensionally, there is no choosing money or not choosing money—it’s all you. This is the missing link: We transcend the paradox by accepting and living our lives from both the physical world and from above.
Energetic exchanges and “free” occur simultaneously. (There is actually still an exchange occurring in the “free” economic model.) We give freely of ourselves—our time, talent, skills, knowledge (and yes, money)—which creates the opportunity for others to give to us. We also accept gifts/donations and set prices for materials good—no avenue more or less holy or “spiritual” than the other. Giving is receiving is giving… This is the Circle of Life.


In the third dimension, DOing is the physical expression of the BEing. So go creatively chop wood. Launch exchange systems where money is not compulsory, if that is your calling. If you wish to live in cooperative community, find others and construct one, or start one on your own. Do not wait for an invitation. Allow the creativity and the money to flow.
Giving and receiving is the Universe in perfect balance, meaning you are in perfect balance. If you don’t wish to handle the busywork of money once you receive it, delegate it to those who enjoy it. The fun of receiving money is not in furthering accumulation, but in the joy of giving it away again!
–Christine Horner
About the author: NOMINATED FOR THE 2014 DAYTON LITERARY PEACE PRIZE — Founder of What Would Love Do Int’l, media arm, In the Garden Publishing and educational arm, Bodhi UniversiTree, Christine Horner is dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness and awakening the miraculous in you. Christine is the author of the acclaimed and ground-breaking WHAT IS GOD? ROLLING BACK THE VEIL, merging science and spirituality. 
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