Every Answer and Solution

The answer to every question is Love. The solution to every problem is Love. The response to every request is Love. Surrender yourself to the power of Love

Be consumed by its raging fire. Throw yourself into its ocean. Love everything and everyone at all times, in all places and in all ways.

Awaken to the only true reality. Bow before its alter. Every song is a song of Love. Every dance is a dance of Love. The message of every prophet, sage and avatar is Love. When afraid, Love. When in doubt, Love When confused, Love.

Embrace the healing power of Love for Love is the only way. All ways are the way of Love for ultimately every cry is the cry of Love or the cry for Love

Love, Love, Love and then Love some more. Love eventually catches everyone, no matter where you are. It is simple yet so profound, just Love

Let Love flow through you. Let Love consume you. Let Love become one with you and you become one with Love. Allow yourself to be woven into its pattern until you and Love are One.

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