Gaia News Brief 4.12.2014 by Reiki Doc

Sirian Heaven

You Never Know…

This morning it was pouring rain, and I was only just a little bit late to work (fortunately my surgeon is always SUPER late), so we got breakfast burritos from Drive Thru.  Anthony made a joke about spilling hot sauce on his shirt, and I teased him back saying, ‘Did you take a bullet for me?’

I thought about our life, and our ‘treat’ of eating breakfast burritos in the car on the way to school right when it opens, and I was sad. I apologized to Anthony because it wasn’t how I was raised, and didn’t seem a very nice way to live. I apologized because I couldn’t provide for him the structure I had while growing up. I apologized for our life we live that is so hectic we routinely eat in the car!

And he turned to me–LOL–Ross was giving us Reiki while we…

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