A theory of consciousness worth attending to

The Elusive Self

There are multiple theories of how the brain produces conscious awareness. We have moved beyond the stage of intuitions and armchair ideas: current debates focus on hard empirical evidence to adjudicate between different models of consciousness. But the science is still very young, and there is a sense that more ideas are needed. At the recent Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness* meeting in Brisbane my friend and colleague Aaron Schurger told me about a new theory from Princeton neuroscientist Michael Graziano, outlined in his book Consciousness and the Social Brain. Aaron had recently reviewed Graziano’s book for Science, and was enthusiastic about it being a truly different theory – consciousness really explained.

I have just finished reading the book, and agree that it is a novel and insightful theory. As with all good theories, it has a “why didn’t I think of that before!”…

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